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Original Stunt QueenBernadette McGee was an original stunt queen. During her lifetime, she had run games and cons on all manner of people and companies while remaining conviction free. The 57 year-old transsexual had been arrested a number of times for simple misdemeanors usually with the charges being dropped. Bernadette swore she had found Jesus and was working for the good now. She was born in rural Mississippi in May 1962. Her parents, a farmer and a seamstress, named their second c***d James. It was evident to everyone very early on that little James had sugar in his tank. As soon as James graduated from high school, he hitchhiked out of the Delta and ended up in Chicago.Bernadette spent years on the Southside working as an escort and scamming insurance companies. The woman was intelligent, but never had the family support to thrive emotionally. She spent the vast majority of her adult life as a side chick for men of various backgrounds – teachers, gangsters, athletes, d**g dealers, doctors, judges, plumbers, handymen, engineers, soldiers, and the like.Her skin was a warm sepia displaying a lovely earthy, orange undertone. Other than the Windy CIty, Bernadette had spent time in Seattle, Vancouver, L.A., Birmingham, and Jacksonville.Two of her most serious relationships were with Fyodor Denisovich Mukhov and Otis Warren.Bernadette met Fyodor, or Fedka as close friends and family called him, at a bar one night in Vancouver. She was 34 at the time. Bernadette was drawn to the five-eleven Russian national that played left wing for the Canucks. She and the twenty-nine year-old fucked like crazy for over a year. She would scream as the hung Soviet pummeled her ass. His ice blue eyes saw right through her pain and hurt. Fedka enjoyed sucking Bernadette’s cock and fucking her pumped up ass. He was a b**st in bed. Their relationship ended when he was cut from the team and returned to Mother Russia.Otis Warren ran into Bernadette at a truck stop outside of Los Angeles. He was a tall, handsome, man with golden-yellow-brown skin. At that point, she was 39 and he was 44. They became almost like best friends. Otis carried her all over the U.S. with him for almost two years. He loved her big 38DD tits and cartoonish ass. They fucked nightly in his truck. Eventually, Otis’ wife decided to take him back. He left Bernadette in Birmingham to rush back to that woman.Now, she’s back home in Mississippi running her business. That’s right. Bernadette is now a business owner. About eight years ago, Bernadette reconciled with her family. Both of her parents and her older brother are deceased. She had the good sense to purchase and keep up life balçova escort insurance policies on each of them. With the money she received, she started Redeemed Roofs for Vets, LLC.Bernadette applied for and won a grant from the V.A. Department to start a low-demand housing facility for homeless veterans. Each micro-apartment had 320-square feet with a living area, bedroom, microwave, slim refrigerator, and full bathroom. The building had an equipped kitchen, laundry center, and a common area on each floor where the residents could cook meals if they chose and clean their clothes. The purpose of the program was to get veterans into safe housing and then assess their medical and mental health needs.The money stream was steady since the billing was coming from government funding. But, there was another benefit for Bernadette. All 16 of the residents in her complex were single Black men. They ranged in age from 45 to 64. She also employed a couple of part-time workers, Bean and Taffy, to take care of administrative duties and transportation. Bernadette’s cell phone rang.“This is Bernadette,” answered the 57 year-old woman.“Bernadette,” started the man on the other end of the phone. “My brother said he need a place to stay. You know anywhere?”“Where is he located, Clarence,” she asked.“Birmingham, but he wanna come here.”“Well, we’re full right now. Has he been to the V.A.?”“Could he stay in my apartment?”“I don’t know. I’ll come over when I get to complex and we can talk.”“Okay, then!”“Bye, Clarence!”“Okay, Bernadette! Don’t forget to stop by!”“I won’t! Bye bye!”Bernadette hung up and brought her black 2013 Mercedes-Benz S-Class sedan to a stop outside of the cafe. She went inside and ordered a cream cheese muffin and a large black coffee. She ate inside the shop.Over at the complex, one of the residents was in the office laughing with Bean.“I told you dat muthafucka funny,” chuckled the 49 year-old man.“He’s hilarious,” giggled Bean’s short chubby ass.“I told you. What time you got lunch,” inquired the Desert Shield veteran as he watched Bean’s boi titties heave instead of the internet comedian.“It don’t matter,” lisped the pudgy, cool-brown-skinned bottom with a pinkish undertone.“Come to my apartment then.”“Why, Tracy?”“Cause I need some ass.”“You’re silly.”“I ain’t playin’. Come on!”“Fine!”Bean locked the office and followed Tracy Jones to his unit. Inside, they went straight to the bedroom. The five-foot-nine, beige brotha took out his uncircumcised, 9-inch dick. “Suck it, faggit!”Bean worked his mouth over the head and down the shaft. Tracy smacked the sissy’s ample butt cheeks and remarked, “Look karabağlar escort at dat ass shake! Damn!”“You like that, nigga,” the eager bottom checked.“Hell yeah! I wanna fuck you so bad!”“Well, give it to me,” Bean said bending over.Tracy went inside of the punk. “Fuck! Dis shit tight!”“Open it up, daddy!”Tracy pumped. Bean moaned seductively. Tracy commanded the femboi get on his back.“You built just like a bitch,” remarked the former seaman.“You like these titties, nigga,” purred Bean.“Hell yeah! Big ole breast-a-ciz!”“Fuck me, Tracy! Fuck me harder!”“Love givin’ you dis dick!”“I love it too!”The man piston fucked the soft, fleshy faggot until he nutted.“I gotta get back to work,” Bean admitted.“Okay,” huffed Tracy.Taffy was driving back from the V.A. hospital with three of the residents. They were in the company metallic mocha 2013 Honda Odyssey minivan. Taffy was a touch over six-feet tall with a slim waist and silicone-enhanced booty. The Negro who had paid for the ass shots, Z-Mane, was now on death row at Parchman for killing a cop. Taffy was still loyal to convict, but several of the veterans wanted to feel those cheeks twerk on their dicks.The resident riding in the front passenger seat was Tyrone Dinkins. He was 45, in decent shape, and had rich brown skin. Tyrone had served in the Army and spent time in Iraq before an IED exploded on his convoy. He lost his right leg below the knee and now had a prosthetic limb. In the middle row captain seats were 64 year-old Jerry Burns and 60 year-old Wayne Butler. They both had on earbuds. Jerry was listening to smooth old school R&B and dozing off. Wayne, the de facto ‘woke’ resident, was tuned into a progressive urban talk radio show.Tyrone grinned, “You talked to yo’ man?”“Couple of days ago. He’s okay.”“You miss him?”“Yeah!”“I can tell y’all loved each other.”“We still do.”“He be accusing you of cheatin’?”“He get in his feelings sometimes. But, I mean, I’m not really his bae any more. He’s not ever getting out,” Taffy’s eyes welled.“I’m sorry. I ain’t mean to make you sad.”“It’s okay! I need to move on. It’s been four years.”“You ain’t had none in four years,” Tyrone asked in amazement.“I didn’t say that,” grinned Taffy.“So you got another man now then?”“No. I’m single.”“So, when was the last time?”“I don’t know. Like 5 months ago.”“Who with?”“You ask a lotta questions, Tyrone.”“I’m inquisitive,” he smirked.“I see. ““So who was he?”“Just a guy I been knowing for a minute. Why?”“Like I said I’m inquisitive.”“Okay,” giggled Taffy.“Them two niggas back there be wantin’ to smash.”“You’re silly.”“I’m for real. I might would give you this D.”“Might,” izmir escort Taffy buzzed.“Maybe,” Tyrone emphasized.“Maybe?”“Yeah! You got a big ol’ ass.”“You think,” Taffy chuckled.“Hell yeah! I’d never known you was a dude if I just seen you from behind.”“You are a fool!”“I know, Taff,” opined the man. “Come to my apartment and I’ll show you how crazy I am.”“But, Bernadette won’t…”“Hell, she ain’t gon’ mind. She done got fucked by almost every nigga here.”“Seriously?”“Yeah! Plus she got some young buck dat be fuckin’ her on the regular.”“Oh my goodness.”“For real! Come to my place when we get back.”“Okay,” Taffy replied.Bernadette arrive at the complex. She got out of her Benz and strutted into the office. She saw Bean and said hello. She set down her brown leather Hobo bag. She big tittied, generous assed transsexual headed to Clarence’s apartment.“Hey,” Clarence grinned as he opened the door.“Can I come in,” she questioned.“Yeah, sweetie! You lookin’ good in that green dress!”“Thanks! So, what’s up with your brother?”“His ol’ lady kicked him out. He need somewhere to stay.”“Give him my number and I’ll see what I can come up with. I was looking to buy a house that’s for sale soon.”“That’s cool,” the 62 year-old, chocolate man with the slight beer belly said.“You just wanted to fuck me, didn’t you?”“You know I did!”Clarence led Bernadette to the couch. They sat down and started to kiss. She sucked his old, sagging balls and his long uncut dick. “Ooh, baby,” hee moaned. “I’m gon’ fuck you real good. Suck that dick, baby!” Clarence played with her large breasts and spanked her ass. “Get on this dick!”Bernadette straddled Clarence. Her gigantic ass cheeks shook as he bounced on his tool.“Ride that dick, gurl,” Clarence encouraged her.“Oh, daddy! Fuck my tranny ass,” Bernadette whined.“Yeah, baby! Love this tranny pussy!”Clarence let his head tilt back as she rode him with fury. He gripped her butt and slapped it repeatedly. “I’m gonna cum,” he announced.Bernadette smiled as she felt the big cock erupt inside of her. Taffy arrived back at the complex. He went to Tyrone’s apartment. The veteran wasted no time with conversation. He pushed Taffy onto the bed. He pulled down the yoga pants the sissy was wearing and began eating Taffy’s asshole. Taffy whined, “Oh my god, Tyrone!”Tyrone stood up and shoved his 8-inch rod into the globular butt cheeks.“Owwwwwww,” screamed Taffy.“Take dis big dick, bitch,” ordered Tyrone. “You my bitch!”“I love it, daddy!”“You better, you fuckin’ sissy ass fag boi!”“Fuck me, nigga!”“Yeah, sissy! Gimme dat good bussy!”“You like it?”“Yeah! Love this big ol’ fake ass! Twerk it on my dick!”Taffy shook his donk. It shook like crazy. Tyrone continued pushing his meat in and out of Taffy’s anus. Taffy farted. Pffffffft. Pffffffft.“Dammit, Taff! Yo’ pussy talkin’ to me!”“Yes it is, daddy!”“Got-damn! I’m finna nut!”Tyrone grunted and collapsed as his semen flooded Taffy’s boipussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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