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Out for a run part 14

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Out for a run part 14It has been awhile since I last wrote, but it has been very busy and I got a new job that has been keeping me out of a lot of trouble, but into some new stuff. I have started to work as a registered nurse in the intensive care unit at a very large inner city teaching hospital on the night shift. Orientation was 3 weeks, and than I started doing 2 twelve hour night shifts a week. So, for the past month, I have not been able to meet my guys in the park, or meet up with Kim, or see my park ranger. I have been so horny, that I was going to go out of my mind. After doing my first 2 night shifts I was very tired and slept most of the days following those shifts, I just got up to pee, eat, and veg. But yesterday I was off the previous night and would be off tonight, so I thought it would be fun to have a get together at the park. My bad luck, it was storming, lots of rain and thunder, I called Kim to see if she wanted to come over and we could play, but she was out of town for a few days. This left me home alone and extremely horny. What should I do, I could go to the mall and try shopping, but usually this just heats me up, and does nothing for my hornyness. I laid back on the couch watching one of my favorite porn DVD’s, running my hands through my nice dark curly bush, with one finger just touching my swollen clit as another finger dipped in and out of my very moist cunt. I played like this for about 30 minutes, bringing myself close to a hard cum and backing off, up and down, but I needed more. I have some toys in my bedroom, but I was in the mood to experiment. I pushed myself canlı bahis over the edge and came using my fingers, and got up and went looking around the house for something to satisfy my hot hairy pussy. If you remember, I never wear cloths around the house, so I got up and went hunting for something to use to get me off. First stop the kitchen, and opening the refrigerator I didn’t see much that was promising, the hot dog wieners were to small, I didn’t have much in the way of vegetables ( going to have to correct this next time I am at the store) there was a nice wine bottle – nice shape, a bite on the large size, but may feel good. I pulled it out and put it on the counter as a possibility. Nothing in the cupboards looked like it would workout well, so on I went into each bedroom and den hunting like a mad women. Nothing, last place was the garage, I do not have an dettached garage, it is about 30 feet out the back door, so out I went into the rain and across the yard to my garage. I got pretty wet on my way, because it felt so good being in the rain – naked that I just stayed out there soaking it all in for about 10 minutes before a scary bolt of lightening and the thunder that goes with it sent me running into the garage. Dripping wet, I looked around the garage for something, anything that would help me make it through this day. I checked out all my husbands tools, most of them looked like they would tear me apart if I tried anything with them, I even checked out the lawn tools, the handles had good shape, but were made of wood that could splinter and cause me some serious damage. bahis siteleri I did try out the end of one of my husband’s tree cutting shears – I needed something, and decided to see how it felt. God, it wasn’t too big around, maybe 2 inches in diameter, but it was hard and as long as I wanted, it was easy 2 feet long total, so if I wanted 2 inches or 8 inches I had control. There I was standing on the cold garage floor, dripping rain water off my body with one of the ends of the handle my husband uses to cut our trees with up my pussy working it in and out. I worked that handle like it has never been worked before, until I had a nice cum. I pulled out the handle, and put it back in its place, still slick with cum juice on it. My mission was not complete, I was still horny and looking for something else, new to try out. You know, when you are super horny and need something to help you through the horny time you can never find something that works. I looked all over the garage, but nothing else jumped out at me as being right for the job. My husbands prized MG was parked over to one side of the garage, top down, looking real good. I looked inside to see if there was anything in there that may help me out, and I saw it, the gear shifter – nice hard black ball at the end about 3 inches around, on a nice 12 inch stick, between the 2 seats. It would take some work, but I thought I could get it to work for me. I climbed into the passenger side and facing the seats, one knee on each seat, I was able to slowly lower my dripping pussy onto the ball, it took some effort to slide the ball into my pussy, güvenilir bahis because it was bigger than I thought, but it was slowly engulfed into my hairy pussy – as it slide in, it felt wonderful, I started rocking up and down and side to side , bringing the ball just to my pussy lips and back down I went, I was really getting into it, I was grunting, moaning, and just on the verg of having one big organism, when I hear the automatic garage door start to open, I couldn’t stop myself, and I came. As the garage door finished opening I was able to see it was my husbands car, him staring at me facing him in his MG, tits swinging in the wind, he didn’t know what else was going on until he drove into the garage, closed the door, got out of the car and looked into the MG – I still had the gear shift firmly in my pussy. He just smiled and grabbed a handful of tit and put his mouth on my very sensitive nipple and started sucking – this got me going again and I started moving up and down on the gear shifter, fucking it like there was no tomorrow. I came again rather quickly, and my husband helped me up off the gear shift – he told me not to clean up the slimy mess I left on it because he wanted to think about how I had used it as he drove the car. I practically ripped his cloths off, and took him out into the back yard in the poring rain and we fuck each other silly on the lawn chair, the grass – we kind of tore up some of the grass, I will have to have the gardener fix that, and than we jumped into the pool to get all the mud and cum off our bodies. We went into the house, holding hands, walked through the kitchen, when my husband asked why was there a bottle of wine sitting on the table – I grabbed it and figured I had better show him before we drank it – but that is for another story.. Please write comments….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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