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Out with your master

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Out with your masterI have finally got you in the UK for a week so I can use and abuse you properly like the good sub cum slut you are, and the first thing I am going to do is make you change in the toilet after your long flight in to a tight boob tube and short skirt that when you sit down shows yhe top of your sexy pussy lips. The collar in the bottom of the bag will add to the look and leave you in no doubt as to what we are going to be doing for the next week.You came out of the toilet and looked fit to burst from the top as I wanted and I could see your hard nipples poking through the material a you walked through the terminal towards me. I smiled and told you that you looked ready to play and from now on will do as I say when I say it, you nodded and replied yes sir, as we went to the car I gave you a drink and told you to finish it all you could see plenty more bottles in the car and as I drank too I encouraged you to drink more till you felt like bursting/We drove to my place you had never been before but had flown thousands of miles to let me control you and I was going to make sure it happened, I could see your sweet pussy lips showing from under your skirt again this was just as I had designed it and smiled as I slid my hand towards your pussy and began to slide my finger slowly up and down between your soft pussy lips parting them ever so gently with my finger before sliding it deep inside you.Straight away your pussy was soaking and I told you that I wanted you to be wet all the time so when I was not fucking or fingering you you must keep playing yourself but never cum till I allow you release. You promised to try like a good sub but I warned you if you did not then you would be bound hands behind you and I would keep you like this while we played so I was the only one who could make you cum.I kept making you drink as we drove in to the night and as we got closer to the house I slowed in a nice wooded area, the car park was a local dogging area and although we were early I was esenyurt escort not going to let that stop us having fun. You were fit to burst by now and I could see from your swollen tummy you needed to pee badly I grabbed your collar and pulled you from the car, without a word I pulled your top down exposing your sexy tits for anyone to see. Even though it was empty, the thought of getting caught just made it hornier I then pushed you back on to the car and eased your legs up so that you were lying on my bonnet. Without a word I slid my fingers and my tongue in to your wet pussy and licked and sucked for all I was worth your juice was flowing and sweet to my tongue I knew that you would come soon as I carried on and as I licked and sucked on your clit I slid a finger in to your tight ass and began to fuck it hard. You begged me to let you cum as I sucked and fucked your holes but I just kept going and then it happened you climaxed and all I could hear was you saying sorry as you squirted in to my face I told you to keep squirting and as you tried your tummy full of drink emptied o and a warm steam of piss flowed from your pussy in to my mouth. My top had already been removed so I was bare chested a you pissed on me and I drank as much as I could, with a mouth full of your sweet warm piss I moved up your body to your mouth and as I kissed you I emptied your hot piss in to your mouth so you could swallow it like a good slut. I ordered you to drink it all and then as I moved your legs high I angled your body so that as your piss gushed from your hot pussy the stream went towards your mouth and I ordered you to swallow it.This was a very sexy sight watching you piss in to your own mouth on my car and all the time my fingers as I had two in you now were pumping in to your tight ass. As the final streams of piss came from your pussy my mouth fell back on to it sucking every drop up before kissing you again long and deep with our tongues entwined. My avrupa yakası escort cock was hard and rampant now after that show and I unzipped and forced it in to your soaking pussy hard and deep, and as I slid in and out of you I could feel your pussy juice coating my shaft. I ordered you to pinch and twist your nipples hard for me I wanted you to moan and cry out as you punished yourself for cumming without permission.As you did this you let out a whimper and I said harder slut and grabbed one for you and twisted it in my thumb and finger almost lifting you from the car as I did it and leaving a nice mark on your tit to show you were mine and there would be plenty more of them as the week went on.As I was pumping in to your pussy long and hard I enjoyed watching you squirm as you punished your nipples it had been ages since I had cum as I had been away working so after only a few minutes of fucking your hot pussy I shot my cum deep into your pussy and you moaned as you felt it squirt deep in to you. I pulled you down off the car by your lead and on to your knees so that you could suck all my cum and your juice from my cock as you kneeled before me, and as I hit the back of your throat with my cock I knew I had to piss too and you were going to be my urinal. So with your mouth wide open and your hand fingering your cum soaked pussy I began to pis in to you filling your mouth and then all over your body your tits had warm piss running down over your hard nipples and between your legs as you fingered my cum from your pussy and fed it in to your mouth to mix with my piss before swallowing it all.I told you to cum as I pissed on you and in seconds your fingers had your pussy quivering as you gushed on your hand and it looked like you had pissed yourself again. I smiled and bent down to kiss you once more before standing you up, my fingers slid in to your cum filled pussy and came out sticky and wet anadolu yakası escort I fed them in to your mouth and as I did said this was not the last cum for you tonight. You looked at me and smiled as you sucked on my fingers standing there covered in piss like a total sub slut and knowing there was more to come.I sat you in the car and Left the interior light on to indicate to anyone wanting to play to come over I had your legs spread and a huge dildo inserted in your pussy so you could play for me and as it squelched in and out stretching your pussy wide I stroked my cock. There was a knock on the window and you jumped but I told you to keep the dildo inside you and to wind down the window, as you did a large cock flopped out from a pair of Jeans we could not see the top half but it didn’t matter I ordered you to suck his cock for him like a good slut and as you turned and opened your mouth he thrust his cock deep into your mouth. It was big and you struggled to get it in as I pushed on the back of your head to make sure it went in to your throat I wanted you to make him cum and shoot his hot cum deep inside your mouth and as you sucked him using your hands to hold his fat cock I carried on thrusting the dildo in to your dripping pussy.There was another knock on my window and as I opened my window the guy you could not see indicated he would like a go in your pussy, I smiled nodded and without a word slid out of the car and got you on your knees the guy slid in already hard and cock in hand he wasted no time in feeding it in to your hungry pussy, I moved to the back seat and as I leaned over I groped your tits hard as you liked them treated and pinched your nipples as the spit roasted you hard. It was not long before the man in your mouth was spunking hot cum deep down your throat and as a god cum slut you drank it all down just as I told you tom I could see you were close and I told you to cum for me as the man behind pounded deep in to you and right away you climaxed gushing juice out of your hot pussy covering the guys cock and balls as he fucked you. That was to much for him and he emptied his hot creamy cum deep in to your pussy as you slumped forwad with your head out of the window fighting for breath.What a nice way to be welcomed to the UK and we were not even at my place yet and you had three loads of cum in you we were going to have a great week.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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