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Bbc Slut

Subject: Padraic Lubes The Way – chapter 3 Encounters, Adult Friends Nifty survives on your charitable support. Throw 50 cents in a jar every time a Nifty story gets you off. It’s going to add up fty/ When you purchase from Amazon, don’t forget to use their Smile.Amazon program. For every purchase you make, they will donate to a non-profit of your choice. Just select the discreetly listed Nifty Archive Alliance as your preferred 501(c)3 deductible non-profit organization. Fuck am I looking forward to this. Paddy and my neighbor Jason should be here in the next half hour. Jason wants to watch while Paddy breeds my hairy ass. Then, if he doesn’t chicken out, straight Jason is going to move in and fuck a dude’s ass for the first time. First time for him, is obviously what I mean. It’s not going to be the first time my beefy ass has been railed. Fuck, it’s not even going to be the first time today. In fact, in a crazy turn of events, when Jason climbs into the saddle later, he’s going to be my fourth dick since I woke up this morning. Paddy provided fuck number one. Load number two is a little surprise for him. He doesn’t know about it yet. By the time these two finish with me, that’s four awesome dicks in about twelve hours. Today’s naughty adventures started with twenty-two year old Paddy stopping by to fuck me with his big, ginger, Irish dick on his way to class. He’d already flooded my hole before we realized that he hadn’t closed the door when he came in. At the time, I had hoped no one happened by as he was fucking me. What I didn’t find out until later is that, not only did Jason from next door see us; but what he saw triggered something in him. I love it when a dude is open to trying something new. His wife is just about ready to have their first kid. He’s not getting any lovin’ at home. We decided on meeting up here at my apartment at 9:30. I already had dinner plans with friends and Paddy had a night class. Jason said it was going to take all his willpower not to jerk off before then. He’s been on the bone since he caught our little show this morning. He was particularly fascinated with the huge load of jizz that he saw going into my ass earlier. He doesn’t dare raw-dog me, not yet anyway; so the plan is for him to rubber-up so he can fuck Paddy’s sperm into me tonight. I’m glad I thought of that. I’d better make sure I have some condoms on hand. I find an unopened box and I’m just checking the expiration date when my college-boy breeder shows up. He’s changed clothes since he knocked me up this morning. “Long pants tonight, stud? What happened to those sexy shorts?” “Fuck you, old man! When I went home to eat before my night class, my da pointed at my crotch and just shook his head. I’d been drooling so much thinking about tonight, I had a big wet spot down the front. The smart arse asked if I’d run outta underpants. I think the old man’s just jealous ’cause he’s getting too old to get laid.” “You’re kidding me, right? Your father is only a few years older than I am, twerp. I seem to be getting laid plenty.” “Yeah, well I guess he’s not a slag like you. Not that I’m complaining. I love how you’re always itching for my big cock. Did you have to go buy condoms just for this? Seems like a waste.” “Just checking the expiration date. They’ve been in the back of the toy drawer forever. Go ahead and have a seat, son. You want a Coke or something? You know where they are. Help yourself. Jason’s not due to be here for another thirty minutes.” “How’s about I kick back and let you nurse on my cock ’til Jason gets here? Get me in the mood.” “When you have not been in the mood? How about this: why don’t I kick back and you can give me some head? You haven’t sucked my cock since that first night I met you. While your mouth is full, I have a couple of stories for you.” “I guess I could do that.” “You can play with my ass while you’re down there.” “Now you’re talking. You get down to your jockstrap. I’m gonna grab a Coke. Want anything?” “Just your tongue on my balls, kid. Make it snappy.” I shuck my jeans and spread out on the sofa. Before he comes back into the room, I reach down to check on Paddy’s surprise. My hole is leaking a bit. As he comes through the kitchen door and sees me playing with my ass, he pulls his phone out of his back pocket and snaps a couple of pics. “I love that you’re such a fucking pig. When folks see you out in public, you seem so respectable and normal. No one would guess what a fucking whore you are. So let’s hear those stories you promised. Am I in any of them?” He unzips his jeans on the way over and lies on the sofa with his face above my jock. He just hovers there, waiting for me to start. “Okay, first I have a confession to make about Diego.” “Noooo. I was going to share you with him this weekend. Did you see him without me, you fuckhead?” Diego is the hot fucking Latino doorman in Paddy’s building. That first night I met Paddy, I’d actually gone to hook up with an older daddy whose apartment is on the same floor as the one where Padraic lives with his father. It’s a long story, but the older guy, Nico, ended up inviting Paddy over and we had a threesome. After they had taken turns loading up my ass (two turns for the youngster); Diego fucked me in the lobby on my way out. He was thrilled to know he was stirring up the young Irish stud’s cum. To top it off, the other doorman who was supposed to keep watch while we screwed, joined in the fun and made his own contribution. Jeff, the other doorman, had never messed around with a guy before. That night, he got so caught up in the moment that he grabbed hold of Diego’s uncut dick and guided it into me. Then he topped off the night by dumping his own three-day load up my ass. That was a couple months ago. I still get horny whenever I walk by that building. “Last weekend while you were in Boston with your dad, your neighbor Nico called to see if I was available for some fun. If you remember, Nico had shoved that butt plug up my ass after the two of you filled me up.” “Fuck yeah. Jesus that was hot. He told you the next time you showed up, you were supposed to have a cunt full of spunk with that big ol’ butt plug holding it in. I guess I’m not too mad at ya, then. Nico can be a mean son of bitch if you don’t do as you’re told. I learned that the hard way. My pale Irish ass isn’t used to getting beat like that. So Diego lubed you up for him then? Was Jeff there?” “Nope. They should both be there Saturday if we get there when they change shifts. But last weekend, I had already agreed to meet Nico before I remembered his butt plug instructions. When I did remember, I texted Diego at the last minute to see if he could help me out. He told me his balls were so full, he’d fuck me kocaeli escort on my way up to see Nico; but only if I agreed to stop on my way out and let him get a taste.” “Nasty fucker! So tell me already, you sleaze. Ya know, I didn’t get laid once while we were out of town. My father never let me out of his sight.” “I was in a hurry on my way over there. I didn’t want to be late for Nico; so Diego and I didn’t even go into the mailroom, like before. It was late and there was no one around. Diego was hard as a rock when I showed up. In fact, when I walked around the front desk, he already had his cock sticking straight out of his fly. He had me bend down; he spit on his dick; and he fucked me right there behind the desk. He was nutting in three minutes. The trade-off was that he wanted to take his time when I stopped to see him on my way out.” “Fuck yeah! Would it have killed ya to have texted me some pix of that? I spent Saturday night jerking off in the dark in my hotel room with my da asleep in the next bed. I’m definitely jealous, but it sounds hot as fuck.” “It was an amazing night. I got upstairs right on time. When I got there, Nico was wearing his leathers. I wasn’t expecting that. I also didn’t know about the sling in the back bedroom.” “Fuck! Now I’m really jealous. Ya know I helped him kit out that room. Fuck, I helped him christen that sling, along with one of his aggressive old leather buddies. That’s the night I got my arse beat so bad. I fuckin love Nico but he brings out something dark in me, mate.” “It was fucking amazing, Paddy. He kept talking about that first night with the three of us while he was fucking me. Then he had me tell him about what you and I have been getting up to. That made him even hornier. You know, he’s fucking proud of you, Paddy. Said he’s watched you grow up.” “That sounds pervy when you put it that way. I’ll have ya know I was twenty before we started messing around. Even now, we really don’t see each other that often. Damn. I wish I’d been there. Again, you guys didn’t send me pix either. What the fuck, dude?” “Funny you should say that, because we did video most of it. He said he was filming it for you, bud; since you couldn’t be there.” “Fuck yeah!” “Hey. Aren’t you supposed to be sucking me off while I tell the story? C’mon kid. Lick my balls for me.” He does as he’s told. With my nuts hanging out the side of the jock, he starts to make long swipes with his tongue. “You need a shave, daddy. Hairy or shaved smooth. That’s the rule. Your big old balls are a little bristley. Now keep talking, old man.” “I don’t want to say any more about Nico. It was just a nice fuck. He likes to be in charge; but it wasn’t dungeon-master crazy. Anyway, I don’t want to spoil it. We can watch the video together.” “Fair enough. I’ve never noticed how big your balls are. I can’t get them both in my mouth, bro.” He’s stroking my dick now and trying his best to make them both fit. Then his finger is at my hole and starts to tease me. “What the fuck, mate. Is that my nut still leaking out from the morning? How is that possible?” “Nope. That would be Sean’s. I thought I’d surprise you.” “Who the fuck is Sean?” “Just hold on, I’m not done with last Saturday’s story.” I’m looking at the top of his head now as he moves down and starts to lap at my crack. I moan my way through the rest of my story. “Now back to Diego. He was fired up by the time I got back down to the lobby. Like I promised him, I wasn’t in a hurry this time, so we took it slow. We were in that little mail/package room just off the lobby, for the most part. It was late enough that no one came in or out. Fuck, can that wiry little fucker kiss. We made out for twenty minutes while he played with my cummy hole.” “Speaking of cummy holes. Whoever Sean is, he left an awful lot of jizz up there. Your cunt’s all puffy, dude! He must’ve been packin’. Was he bigger than me?” “Not quite done with Diego, tiger. Pull on my nuts and suck the head of my cock, would ya?” “Jason better get here pretty soon or I’m gonna jump this sloppy cunt of yours.” “Patience, lad. Anyway, Diego had me lick Nico’s cum off his fingers; but he didn’t go down for a taste until after he had slid in and pumped his own load into me. All the time he was fucking me, he was telling me how he bad he wants to get in your skinny, ginger ass. I told him you were planning on being on top, but he’s a persuasive fucker. He’s also got a dick made for reaming ass, Paddy. I don’t think Diego will bend over for ya; but maybe you could fuck my ass while he pounds yours.” “I dunno, mate. We’ll have to see how it goes. I see him almost everyday. I don’t want him to get the impression I’m going to be his pussyboy.” “Like I am for you?” “You know what I mean, dude. So did Diego eat all his nut and all of Nico’s?” “Not all of it; but he did clean me up pretty good. He did feed me a couple of mouthfuls.” “Your both fucking pigs. Can’t wait til Saturday. Now who the fuck is Sean? And how big is that fucking cock?” “It’s not a competition, Paddy. Are you really that insecure? Your cock is fucking huge, man.” “I dunno, mate. He must have been fucking thick. Where did you meet him?” “You know I was going to dinner tonight with my friends, Ben and Jerry.” “Yeah. That still fucking cracks me up!” “It’s their names, bud. You get used to it. Anyway, we ended up having the sexiest fucking server.” “Really, dude? Is there anybody you won’t fuck?” “I’ll have you know this is the first time I’ve ever been fucked in a restaurant. It might not be the last, though. So our waiter is this flirty, beefy, black guy. Handsome as fuck. He had a really short cropped beard and little short dreads. He was one of those guys who knows how good he looks and he works it to his advantage. He was not just a server; this guy was a charismatic salesman. He had on the tightest fucking black slacks and his white shirt had the top couple buttons open showing his hairy chest. I guarantee I wasn’t the only one chubbing up over him. ” “But you’re the one who got him in the end, didn’t ya. See what I did there? In the end?” “I’m going to ignore that. So Ben and Jerry had tickets to a movie. It was my turn to pay anyway, so they took off and I stayed behind to pay the tab. Sean got extra flirty once I was on my own. When he brought back my card and the receipt to sign, he stood so his leg was touching my side. He made it a point of telling me he was going on break, as he took off his short little wraparound apron. He was turned toward me so all the other diners couldn’t see that he was fucking boned underneath. Fucking boned! He was hard as a brick and bulging. He watched my eyes as I took it all in. Then leaned down and in this sexy fucking voice, he kocaeli escort bayan told me to meet him around the back.” “I know damn well I’m supposed to be blowing you. But you better finish this goddamn story. Then I’m going to go knock on Jason’s door. I don’t care if his wife answers. I want in your fucking cunt now, bro!” “It’s just 9:30 now. That’s when Jason said he’d be here. Just chill. I’m almost finished anyway. So I went out the front door of the restaurant and walked around to the back. Sean was waiting for me, holding the door open. As soon as I stepped inside, he pushed me into the walk-in cooler. There were several people working in the kitchen. I just kept my head down and went along with it. I asked what the chances were of someone coming in there. He said no one is going to come in to the cooler; because he’d already told them we were going to be fucking in there. How does someone do that? ‘Hey guys, I’m gonna smuggle that chunky white guy in here and fuck him in the cooler. You all stay out.’ At first I was worried about the walk of shame when I left. Then I dismissed that thought in a hurry. This hot stud thinks I’m fuckable. I’m gonna own it!” “He sounds hot as fuck. Hope you got his number so you can share. A hot black guy, huh? So his dick was bigger than mine?” “Shut the fuck up, Paddy. His dick wasn’t as long as yours. Okay? That’s not the point though. You know how many guys would be over the moon to have a dick your size. Let it go, bud. You’ve probably got an inch on him. Does that make you feel better? It was fat as fuck, though.” “Okay. I get it. So did he kiss? Did he eat your ass? Did he shove your head in a box of lettuce? See, I’m letting it go. Just tell me about all that nut going in your cunt, dude.” “Kissing? Definitely. No rimming; but we were on a deadline. He had a bottle of lube with him. I assume with a pole that thick he knew what it takes to wedge it up an ass. He took a couple minutes to get all the way in; the he went fucking ballistic. At first I was bent over on a wire shelf. Then he fucked me up against the door. He was working my nips hard while he pounded me from behind. Then he sat on this wooden crate and had me ride him. We were in there for maybe ten or fifteen minutes, and then he started to shake and moan. We were both trying like crazy to be quiet. He blasted so much cum in me. For a full minute he kept pulsing and gritting his teeth. When he was finally done, we both burst out laughing after trying to stay quiet for so long. We straightened ourselves out; and then we walked out, heads held high. Two co-workers were right outside the door, hauling out trash. One gave me a smile and a big thumbs up. The other patted Sean on the back! I left there gaping and leaking; but I had Sean’s number in my phone.” Paddy doesn’t say anything. He just takes another lick up my crack and moves up to lay on top of me and kiss me. With perfect timing, there’s a light tap on the door. Paddy stays on the sofa while I let Jason in. He’s wearing some threadbare gym shorts and a baggy tee shirt; barefooted since he had just come thirty feet down the hallway. When I look him up and down and nod my approval, he pushes the elastic waistband of his shorts down just enough to show he’s wearing a jock underneath. “Sorry I’m a few minutes late. I’ve only got about fifteen minutes before she’ll wonder where I went. You just looked so hot getting your ass fucked in that jock, figured I’d dig this one out. Haven’t worn it for years; but it’s hugging my junk so tight, I might start wearing it all the time.” “You are a total stud, Jason. Let’s get those shorts off so I can see your ass framed by the straps of that jock.” “I got a big head earlier when you said you liked my ass; but just so we’re clear, I’m not looking to have stuff done to my butt tonight, dude.” “Just get in here and get naked. Just because I want to check out your ass, doesn’t mean we’re gonna rape you. Just relax, Jase. Tonight’s about exploring and having fun.” Paddy’s kneeling on the sofa watching us. He’s pulled his shirt off and he’s stroking his cock as it sticks out the side of his briefs. The lad has a shaggy mop of curly ginger hair. The hair on his chest is trimmed and lighter. It gets darker as it goes down his body, ending in a very red bush. I can feel Sean’s load starting to trickle out of my hole. Paddy must have got things stirred up down there with that magic tongue of his. I help Jason lose the tee shirt. As he lifts his arms to assist, it’s the first time I’ve seen those hairy pits in their full glory. I hold his arm up with one hand and lean in to stick my nose in his pit and inhale. When I start to lick, he lets out a low moan and lets his head fall back. “Oh my god. You’re licking my fucking armpit? Why the fuck have I never even thought about that?” Thank god he skipped the deodorant. I can tell he’s recently showered; but he has a nervous sweat going. I move over to sniff and nuzzle his neck. Even though he seems to be loving the attention, he turns his head when I try to brush his lips. “I want to watch you two guys kiss. It looked so damn hot this morning. I might have to work up to that though.” “Let’s go into the bedroom, Jason. Paddy is getting impatient to get his big cock in my ass. If we don’t have much time, we better get down to it.” “Your fucking right I’m impatient. You’ve been teasing me with your slutty stories for the last half hour. I’m dying to see just how slippery Sean has got that arse!” Paddy leads the way as I pull Jason by the hand. When we get to the bed, the eager lad has stripped off with the exception of his briefs. He’s kneeling in the center with his long, uncut dick standing out at a ninety degree angle. I let go of Jason and quickly shed everything but my jockstrap. I climb on the bed to see Jason frozen in place. I’m not sure if he’s more enthralled with the youngster’s cock or my exposed ass. When I catch Jason’s eye and motion him to come closer, he smiles and slips his hand inside his own jock. After a couple of hidden strokes, he lets his perfect cock escape out the side. “So who’s Sean? Did I miss something?” Paddy takes control. “Come over here closer, sexy neighbor Jason. Get up on the bed next to me. I’m dying to show you some things. I’m eager to check out that meat of yours too, stud” I drop my chest to the mattress and hike my butt in the air. The mirrored doors on the closet are only a couple feet from the bed. I have an awesome view as Jason kneels next to Paddy. Paddy reaches down and gives Jason a stroke or two, before putting a hand on each of my cheeks and pulling them apart to expose my hairy crack. “He is gonna love that fat dick, mate. Before we start fucking though, get a close izmit escort look at that arsehole. That’s a cunt that has been properly trained. Now watch how he responds to my finger. See what happens when I rub around the edge of that pink little pucker. See how he winks his cunt at us? And when I slide a finger in deep, then pull it out real quick? See that. That jizz dribbling out is all you need to know about Sean.” “I don’t get it. Did he just leave before I got here? I would’ve come over earlier, if I’d known.” “No, he wasn’t here mate. It looks like your neighbor went and got his arse fucked at dinner tonight. Fucked and bred. I hear this Sean dude was an 11 out of 10; in both his looks and his package. But all you and I are going to see of him is all that frothy, creamy spunk. Get in here, close, mate.” I watch in the mirror as Paddy drapes his arm over Jason’s shoulder. Jason looks on, mesmerized, as Paddy rubs his cock head on my hole, then quickly slides in. After a couple of rapid thrusts, he yanks free of my ass and I feel Sean’s cum splatter my thighs. “I don’t fucking believe it. It was hot seeing your cum on him this morning. I was worried it would be gross when I saw it up close. But look at my prick, Paddy. This is as big and as hard as I’ve ever been.” Deciding there are better uses for his arm, Paddy takes it off Jason’s shoulder and starts to stroke his newfound buddy’s cock as he prepares to fuck me in earnest. “Watch my knob, mate. Watch as I pull my foreskin back. Then I just position it against that cummy hole. You’ll have to take over your own stroking for now, Jase. We don’t have much time. And this fucker has been telling me about his filthy exploits, so I’d wager that I’m about three minutes away from having him all lubed up for you. Ready, stud? Here we go.” And Paddy was off to the races. He starts pounding into my ass like he owns it. I guess in a way, he does. Or at the very least, he has squatter’s rights. Then he unexpectedly gives me a hard slap to the ass. Hard enough that his hand print will linger for a bit. I fucking love the way he slams his big dick all the way in my ass before pulling all the way out. Each time his knob pops in and out of my hole, I let out a grunt. I watch Jason in the mirror. He is jerking on his dick, but carefully. He knows better than to blow his wad too soon. His other hand moves to my ass. He rubs my hairy cheek, probably feeling the heat from the slap. Then his fingers encircle Paddy’s cock at the point it enters my body. That’s enough to push the ginger over the edge. “Fuckin’ hell! How’s that big knob feel, Jase? You see all that spunk foaming up out of his cunt? It’s all been Sean’s so far; but not anymore! You ready down there, bitch? Fuckin’ take it, baby! Take this fuckin’ load!” I love to watch the way Paddy’s whole body shivers while he drains his balls. Jason’s eyes keep going from my ass to Paddy’s face, then back. It looks like he’s going to kiss him, then he just nuzzles against his neck. As his spent prick softens, I can feel it start to slip out. Then in one move, Paddy scoots over a foot as he pulls Jason within reach of my hole. Just when I realize I left the condoms in the other room, I watch Paddy grip Jason’s cock and place it at the opening to my gooey hole. Jason puts up no resistance. He gently inserts it a half inch, then pulls it back. Then again; and again. Has he tried this before with his wife? It’s excellent technique to introduce someone to anal sex; but that idea is laughable when you consider what I’ve allowed men to do to my ass today. Far from being impatient now, Paddy sees this gentle start as an opening to expand Jason’s experience. Moving behind him, he pushes down on Jason’s shoulders so he’s lying against my back. Then in a flash, Paddy has crouched down and starts to lick Jason’s crack. Jason squeals and slams into me hard and holds steady as the sensation washes over him. “Aww fuck! What are you doing to me? Oh fuck. Wait! I didn’t clean out my ass.” Paddy comes up for air just long enough to let Jason know he isn’t stopping yet. “Smells like ya showered, mate. I’m not climbing all the way in there, just licking the outside. Tell me that doesn’t feel fucking amazing.” “Fucking amazing is right. Don’t stop, dude. Lick my fucking ass! Oh my god. I had no fucking idea!” “What a sweet fucking hole, bro. I’m going to need to check that out when we have more time. But for now, you have an ass to fuck.” Still lying on my back, Jason starts to really fuck me. He’s also kissing and biting at my neck. Jason’s a pretty big guy and I love feeling his weight on top of me. Not to be left out, Paddy moves up and starts to kiss on me, too. I have a perfect view in the mirror as I see their faces get closer together; then Paddy initiates the kiss and Jason goes into overdrive. He starts slamming into me. I’m assuming this is his first time making out with another guy. For a minute, it looks like they’re going to eat each other alive. Then Jason raises up on his hands. He panting like crazy and railing into my ass like a madman. I can feel Sean and Paddy’s loads spraying out and running down my balls. Then he reaches the breaking point. “Oh my god. I’m going to fucking come! I can’t stop. Fuck! Do I just keep going? Do I come in your ass?” Paddy and I both urge him to let it go. “Fuck yeah, Jase. Shoot that big load up my ass. Mix it in there with the rest. Fill me up, stud!” “Jason, you fucking animal! Breed his hole. Shoot that sperm in him. Mark him, stud!” He morphs from words to sounds as his jizz starts to fill me up. Animalistic noises. He groans and growls as he keeps coming and coming. The room smells like sweat and sperm now. As he slows down his thrusts, my ass starts to make a squishing sound. So much fucking cum. I realize too late that I should have thrown a towel or something down. Cum is fucking everywhere. To highlight the point, Paddy squeezes his hand behind Jason and I and slides it around, mixing all those loads together. Jason finally pulls his cock out of my ass. Unlike most guys who slowly soften until they slip out. When Jason withdraws, he is still as hard as when he first went in. He flops out on his back next to me on the bed; his fat cock pointing to the ceiling. Proving the point that he is my favorite pig, Paddy is down there in a flash, engulfing Jason’s cock to lick it clean. I watch Jason’s expression carefully; looking for any signs of guilt or regret. When he catches me looking at him, he leans over and kisses me, beaming. Then he dispels any fears I might have had. “Fuck yeah! I just fucked your hairy cunt. dude. I’m definitely doing that again!” Paddy reaches out to rub his furry, cum-soaked belly as he praises him. “What a fuckin’ stud! Welcome to the team, Jase!” Hey! I saw you jerking off just now! Wipe down your electronic device and send me an email. It’ll only take 3 minutes and it’ll motivate me to write something else. Talk dirty to hoo

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