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Birthday Weekender

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Birthday Weekender

I really don’t know what possessed me to take this trip. I know it was Josh’s 16th birthday and bringing his younger brother Simon was a given, why on earth did I let them invite 4 of their friends as well. Driving from our home in Hertfordshire UK to our Spanish villa was long enough without having a car load of excited teens.

I suppose after the last year when my husband had decided to leave us they both deserved a break, and lets be honest just having your mother to celebrate with, is not really what a 16yo would call a great time. So having his 15yo brother and a few friends around the same age would at least make it a party. A couple of the boys I knew quite well as they were regular visitors but the other two I had only seen a couple of times but they all seemed to get on well so I was pretty sure they would have a good time.

I had been driving since the early hours of the morning so once we had settled in I told the boys I was going to have a siesta. “There are drinks in the cupboard but don’t drink it all or you wont have any left for the party tomorrow.”

“Ok mum.” Josh said, “We will just chill and be quiet so you can rest.”

I went to my room and closed the door. Thankfully I was in the front of the villa and the swimming pool was at the back which is where the boys congregated. So even though they made a bit of noise I was insulated against the worst of it and managed to get some sleep. When I woke up it was very quiet so I assumed the boys were either asleep or had gone into the village or down the beach which was within walking distance. I had a quick shower and put my bikini on. I had worn this bikini many times when we were here, basically it was just three triangles of material tied together with string. I intended making the most of this break and get as much sun as possible. As the villa was going to be part of the divorce fight I didn’t know if I would ever be here again.

I had been sunbathing for about ten minutes when I heard the boys return. “Wow Mrs T you look hot.”

I opened my eyes. “Well thank you Darren but I think we both know that isn’t true.” I said with a smile.

“Well I gotta agree with Darren Mrs T.” Eddie said, “I wish my mum looked as hot as you do.”

Eddie was one of the boys I didn’t know so well. “Well judging by the beer in your hands I would say you have had too much to drink.” I laughed

“Come on guys lets put our trunks on and take to the pool.” Josh said smiling down at me.

Even though I had brushed off the compliments I have to say they did make me feel good. At 38 I have to admit I didn’t look too bad. With regular exercise I had a toned body with a 36 23 34 figure and shoulder length black hair. I dressed well and since my husband left had changed my wardrobe to suit my figure not my age. So yes I enjoyed the compliments, even if they were from young boys.

I knew once the boys came out I would never get in the pool so I slipped into the warm water while I could. A moment later they all ran out and jumped in almost landing on top of me. I spluttered my way to the surface and wiped the water from my face.

“Thanks boys.” I said laughing, “For nearly drowning me.”

“That’s ok Mrs T” Colin said, “I know CPR.” He laughed.

As I cleared my eyes of water I saw the boys all looking at me. It suddenly dawned on me that a white bikini was not the most sensible colour in a pool with a group of hot blooded teens. I looked down and the material was clinging to by boobs. My areola were on full view and my nipples were standing out like a pair of buttons.

“Nice bikini Mrs T” Keith said. The others all laughed.

Red faced I get out of the pool. I knew if I got changed it would just give them ammunition for more jokes so I got myself a strong drink and went back to my sun bed. Leaving them to play, or look, whichever they preferred.

After a while they got out and continued drinking. “Is that right then Mrs T” Darren asked. “You usually sun bathe topless?”

I almost choked on my drink. Josh had obviously been talking. “Not when we have guests.” I said trying to sound calm.

“Awww come on Mrs T.” Eddie laughed, “We’re not guests we’re family.”

Now that was a low blow as I always said to Eddie and Darren that they were like family when we were at home. I looked up at them and it was plain to see that at least two of them had rising erections. Surprisingly this included Josh. I was shocked. They all looked on expectantly.

“I don’t think that would be wise.” I said.

“See I told you she wouldn’t.“ Simon said. Simon, my baby boy wanted me topless. In front of his friends.

“Simon!” I said shocked.

“Sorry mum, but you do.” Simon said “You always sun bathe topless when we are here and lets be honest you have a body to be proud of.”

“And it’s not like we ain’t seen your nipples in the pool anyway Mrs T.” Darren said, “And now come to that.”

I looked at my boobs and was shocked to see my nipples fully extended. Even worse my pussy was beginning to throb at all the attention. As I looked at these boys they looked like they expected me to take my top off. Even my own son’s.

I should have gone into the villa and got dressed. I Ankara escort should have done a dozen different things but I didn’t. I dropped my towel at the edge of the pool and slipped into the water to cover my body and hopefully cover any scent of arousal from my pussy. I made sure I kept my shoulders under water.

A moment later all six boys bombed into the pool splashing everywhere and making me lose my footing. By the time I surfaced I was naked. I don’t know how but my bikini had gone. Then Josh moved in behind me and waved my bikini top in front of my face. But that was not the most worrying thing. Josh was naked, I could feel his cock rubbing against my buttocks and it was getting hard. Bubbles appeared in front of me and a head appeared above the surface.

“Naked pussy guys.” Keith shouted, “Gorgeous tits.” He looked me straight in the eye.

My hand automatically did there best to cover my breasts and pussy but even I had to smile at the stupidity of that move. “Ok boys that’s enough.” I said trying to be the adult.

“No need to hide anymore Mrs T.” Darren said, “We are all naked so no problem eh?”

I walked over to the edge of the pool but they had moved my towel, so, I pulled myself out of the pool amid comments about my cute bum and then I stood for a moment steadying my breathing. “Ok lets get this over with.” I said. I turned round. My arms spread wide. “Take a look and then we can get on with the holiday.” I stood for a minute or so and, well you can guess at the comments. Some were really crude others were a little more polite but all, even from my own sons were sexual in nature. They all got out of the pool before I had time to face away from them and I knew I had made a mistake. They all had hard or semi hard cocks. I took a deep breath. “I am going to get some dinner. You lot get dressed and we will eat in half an hour.”

I made my way to my room. Ignoring my towel. I had a bottle of vodka in the room and took a long swig from the bottle. Sitting on the bed I couldn’t get the picture of six hard cocks out of my mind. I took another couple of swigs and then took a very cold shower. Before starting dinner.

I made a cold meat salad for dinner and, as expected had to endure some light banter from the boys. I decided it was all just a laugh so went along with it. As they jibed about my body and my experience with men I jibed about there ‘boy’ bodies and total lack of experience. After dinner we played a game of monopoly which lasted over an hour and the wine and the beer was flowing freely. So when Josh suggested we play something a little more interesting I asked.

“Like what?”

“Truth or dare poker.” Darren suggested.

“How do you play that?” I asked. I knew of truth or dare of course but how did you get poker into it. Well from what they told me it goes as follows.

You put 12 tickets into a bowl. Written on the tickets is ‘truth’ or ‘dare’ six of each. In another bowl you put the name of each player. Each player is dealt five cards the same as in draw poker but without the draw. You make the best possible hand and the winner then pulls a ticket out of the truth or dare pot and a ticket out of the name pot.

So for example if Josh wins and pulls out ‘Truth’ and ‘Darren’ he asks Darren a question to which he MUST give an honest answer or pay a forfeit. If it’s ‘Dare’ then Darren would be dared to do something which again he must do or pay a forfeit. Simple really. Well it sounded simple to my wine soaked brain so I agreed.

The first couple of hands went quite simply. A simple question with a simple answer. Hand three however changed the atmosphere slightly. Keith won and pulled out ‘truth’ and ‘Josh’

Keith smiled, “Josh did you get horny when you saw your mum naked today?”

To my amazement Josh didn’t even hesitate. “Yes.” He replied. Looking at me shyly. The other boys all cheered and agreed with him. I went bright red. For the next few hands items of clothing were removed, only shirts but I could see where this was going and I only had one item of clothing on. A button up shift dress. I drank some more wine.

Colin won the next hand and pulled out ‘truth’ and ‘Mandy’. This was the first time my name had come out of the pot so I was surprised to hear ‘Mandy’ instead of Mrs T which is what they all called me. “Mandy.” Colin said looking at the other boys. “Have you ever sucked cock?”

My mouth dropped. The boys cheered and I could see in their faces they were daring me to answer. “Yes.” I said. They all cheered and jumped about like, well, like boys I suppose.

The next hand passed another barrier. (I wont bother saying who or what just the question or dare) “Simon would you like to play with Mandy’s tits.” Eddie asked.

“Oh yes.” Simon replied.

The next hand Darren had to remove his shorts. As he was opposite me I stared at his semi erect cock came into view. The next hand Colin removed his and the next Josh removed his.

The next hand, “Mandy does being surrounded by all these naked cocks turn you on?” Darren asked, shuffling forward to make his cock more visible.

“That’s unfair.” I said.

“Well you don’t have to answer you can always pay any forfeit we decide.” Eddie said, hopefully.

“No Ankara escort bayan I don’t think so.” I said quietly, “Yes it does.” I answered. Knowing that I was sunk. Again the huge cheer and Darren even stood up and waved his cock in the air.

The next hand was the one I was truly dreading. “Mandy I dare you to remove your dress.” Josh said. Smiling. My own son had fired the bullet with a smile.

“Go on mum I dare you.” Simon cheered.

I stood up. “Ok if this is how it’s going to go I want all mobile phones and tablets locked in the safe.” I said

I have never seen any teenager so eager to lose their phone but there was no way I could have any photos of this night getting out. As they all returned I undid the buttons on the dress and let it fall to the floor. I stood for a moment with my eyes closed letting them have a good look at me before I sat back down.

Three hands later and we were all naked. The next hand. “Mandy have you ever been fucked up the arse?” Eddie asked

“Oh this is so unfair.” I said, “My sons are here listening to this.”

“Mum, Simon and I have heard you and dad fucking many times. Your not exactly quiet.” Josh said with a laugh.

“Grrrr.” I growled, “Yes I have.” I said.

Next hand. “Simon suck your mums tits for one minute.”

I was going to protest but the look on Simons face was total joy. I suppose at this point I knew how the evening was going to end up so I could stop it now, or just make the most of it. That decision was taken away the moment my baby boy sucked my distended nipple into his mouth making me moan loudly with pleasure.

I was disappointed when his minute was up but it seemed that some of the rules had changed without me realising it. The next hand and the next dare.

“Josh I dare you to let your mum suck your cock.” Darren said. Then suddenly the coffee table that had been between the two settees was pulled away, giving me space to get between Josh’s legs and lick his erection. I don’t even think there was any discussion or hesitation I just knew I wanted to do it so I did, and that was when it all came together.

I felt someone climb behind me but I pulled away. “Simon is first.” I said, “After that you can all do whatever you want with me but remember pleasure is a two way thing.”

Well it’s just as well I didn’t expect too much from these boys for a first time. Josh filled my mouth quickly and Simon hardly got inside me before he shot his first load. I did have an orgasm when Eddie, who certainly had a thing about fucking arse, rammed his cock into my shit hole and lasted five minutes before he shot his load So while it wasn’t earth shattering sex I knew that there was going to be better to follow.

Josh pulled me into his arms.” Are you ok mum?” He asked.

“I’m fine.” I said.” Kissing him softly. “Do you think badly of me?”

“No mum.” He gasped, “No way. I am so proud of you. Look at them. I think you are going to have a very busy weekend. If that’s what you want.”

In reply I kissed him softly on the lips and pulled him on top of me. “This is your birthday present.” I said softly as I slid his erect cock into my pussy. I made love to my son. I taught him how to control his orgasm till I was ready to come and, finally we came together. I know it has all been said before but it truly was the best orgasm I had ever had. Not because it was powerful but because it was my son who I loved dearly. We drifted off to sleep.

I was woken in the night as Darren pulled me on top of his erection. I smiled as I felt another cock, which had to be Eddie, drilling at my arse. And then another cock appeared in front of me and I saw Simons smiling face.

I told them to stay still and let me do the work. As I rocked back and forth I took Simon deep into my mouth and pushing back Eddie went ever deeper into my arse and of course Darren was in heaven as I rode his cock while he licked and sucked on my dangling tits. Simon was the first to come so he sat on the pillow and watched me as I fucked the other two. My orgasm was rising and I could tell that both the boys were also close.

“Don’t you dare come till I say so.” I moaned and increased my movements, pushing back harder and faster till I reached that critical point. “Yes do it fuck me fill my cunt you fuckers fill my arse with your sperm fuck me, do it ooohhhh fuuuuck yeeeeeees. Oh shit nnnnnggggggg.” I was gone, pumping faster and harder just screaming in orgasmic pleasure. I felt them both shoot there loads into me as my orgasm went on and on. I was disappointed when their soft cocks slipped out of me but as Darren and Eddie moved away I felt another cock ram up my vacant pussy and Colin pushed his cock into my open mouth. My orgasm continued and I was wailing like a stray cat. The cock in my mouth put a temporary stop to that as it shot it’s load deep into my mouth quickly followed by another load up my throbbing pussy. Finally I collapsed on the bed totally lost.

Totally exhausted I said, “Now all of you let me get some sleep.” A moment later I fell into a deep sleep.

I was woken in the morning by Josh, gently shaking me. “Mum,” He said softly, “Mum. Are you ok?”

I opened my eyes and looked at him smiling, “Mmm. Escort Ankara Yes fine honey.”

“We have made you breakfast.” Simon said quietly.

I looked round and saw all six of them, dressed and looking worried. I sat and pulled the sheet up to my chin. Simon put a tray in my lap with coffee and toast. “Are you ok mum?” I took a moment to think, eating some toast and sipping at the coffee.

“So what on earth happened last night.” I asked feigning concern.

“We’re sorry Mrs T.” Darren said quietly, “We sort of got carried away. It won’t happen again honestly.”

“Well that’s not good enough.” I said, “ I was fucked by six young studs and if you think that your going to get away without repeating it your sadly mistaken.”

“Wha…” Josh said, shocked. Then they all just breathed a huge sigh of relief and started jumping about, on and off the bed excitedly.

“Calm down.” I said smiling. “There has to be rules.”

“Yes Mrs T.” Colin said.

“First. If I say no I mean no.”

A group of ‘Yes Mr’s T and ‘Of course Mrs T.’

“Most importantly. What happens here stays here. This cannot get out under any circumstances is that understood?”

This time they were all in unison. “Yes Mrs T.”

“And as it is Josh’s birthday today, happy birthday son. I am his for the day. He can do as he wishes with me, keep me to himself or share me. And lastly as I have no doubt we are going to be very busy for the next two days we need to go into town to by enough provisions to last us. Away from the villa you will behave.”

“Yes Mr’s T.”

“And I think as you have fucked me stupid once already you can drop the Mrs T. My name is Mandy, that includes you and Simon as well, at least while we are here.” I said looking at Josh. “Now piss off and let me get showered and dressed. Josh get the phones out of the safe in case anyone has any messages then put them all back except mine.”

I had a hot shower and put another skimpy bikini on with a short wrap round skirt that was split right up one side. We bought enough supplies to last the weekend and then once back I removed the skirt and the bikini top. Josh pulled me to one side. “Did you mean what you said about being mine for the day?”

“Yes of course,” I said brushing his face softly.

“Would you mind if we just sort of let the day go by and, well whatever happens happens. But I would like to sleep with you tonight, just me and you.”

“Ooohhhh that’s nice.” I said, “Of course we can. Let them know ok.” I said kissing him softly on the lips.

When we re-joined the others there was an apprehensive feel in the air, like they were unsure what to do or say.

I took a £20 note from my purse and waved it in the air. “A prize.” I said. They all looked at me. “Your going to line up and I am going to give you all blow jobs. Whoever lasts the longest wins.”

That certainly blew away any apprehension or fear of how to get things going. A torrent of ‘I’m first’ and pushing and shoving. “Pull a name out of the cup.” I said pointing to the cup from the previous night. “Josh you can use my phone to keep time. And take some photos. I will edit and share them when we get home.”

It may sound like I was calm and collected but believe me I was not. If a slight breeze had wafted past my pussy I would have been in instant orgasm. The thought and sight of six rampant young men with solid erections put me on such a high I was flushed.

It took a while and couple of breaks for my aching jaws but I did manage to blow all six loads not losing a drop and even had two of them deep in my throat by the end. Surprisingly Keith, the quietest and youngest of the boys lasted the longest. From this point it was a free for all for the rest of the day. It seemed to go in phases of rampant sex, pussy eating and cock sucking to silent rest until late in the evening when I think we were all shattered. The boys had all come at least three times during the day and I had lost count of how many times I had orgasmed, especially when they took it in turns eating my sopping cunt. Finally I had a long shower and took my birthday boy to bed. Where I made soft tender love to him, finally falling asleep in his arms.

The following day was a repeat but maybe a little less rampant. That last night we put all the cushions and mattresses on the lounge floor and with one final orgy. The boys had already taken it turns to eat my pussy. Now they took it in turns to fuck my arse and then my pussy. With young come juice flooding from every hole I was exhausted and we all fell asleep where we lay.

Before we left I got the boys together. “Remember boys what happened here stays here. But I have enjoyed this weekend more than I can say. So when we get home you are welcome to come round anytime you want to. But there must always be at least two of you including Josh or Simon in the house. That way nobody will think anything is going on.

And that’s how it was. Once we were home Simon or Josh or both would share my bed every night The others would frequently visit and the boys concocted a story of meeting a Spanish girl who fucked all of them at once in case anyone saw the photos I had carefully edited my face out of. With my tan it was believable as I was supposed to be out visiting friends that day. Due to a good lawyer I got the house and the villa, and the boys and I spend most summers there. Life is good.

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Ara 01

Double Trouble? Part IV

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Double Trouble – Part IV

When we got to their house, Ellen was busily working away putting things in order and getting the moving trash organized for the trash pickup tomorrow morning. She was also in a great mood….having gotten a call from an old girlfriend, Pilar, who was coming to town for a few days to visit and wanted to spend some time with Ellen and Jennifer. When Jennifer heard the news she was in orbit….so excited to see their friend Pilar again. Pilar was from Spain and had become Ellen’s best friend and Jennifer’s godmother when Ellen and Pilar were attending classes at our local university.

We settled into a comfortable Sunday afternoon routine….I think everyone was pretty much drained from the last few day’s activities. WE fixed a light supper….piled up on the couch and watched a movie. At about 9:00, I took my leave, kissing both my girls a fond goodnight and headed for home. I was scheduled to work the next three days….opening the store at 6:00 am tomorrow….and I really needed a good night’s sleep.

The next couple of days I gave Ellen, Jennifer, and Pilar some space….wanting them to enjoy their reunion. Apparently they were having a great time as I heard little from them for the next two days. On the third day I arrived home to find a note stuck in the screen of my side door….inviting me to join the ladies for an evening of “food and fun.” While I was hungry…I confess I was much more interested in the potential for “fun” than the dining possibilities.

I took time to take a shower and change clothes…then I headed next door. I decided to walk as it was just a few hundred feet so I didn’t make much noise when I arrived. I knocked on the side door….and when nobody answered I let myself in and went down the hallway in search of my girls and the lovely Pilar.

Given that Pilar was best friends with Ellen, I tried not to be too obvious about checking her out. But good god…there was soooo much to look at. Pilar was a complete contrast to Ellen and Jennifer….where they were fair and blond…Pilar was tall, dark and sultry….with breasts that seemed to be alive inside whatever top she was wearing, and legs that seemed to go on forever. Dark haired and brown eyes, she was the type of woman that makes you hard at first glance. Pilar seemed to ooze sexuality without trying…and with her world class, heart melting smile…well…she was “all that!”

As I moved quietly down the hallway toward Ellen’s bedroom I began to hear sounds that told me that the girls were involved in something that they were enjoying a lot! The closer I got to Ellen’s bedroom door the louder the sounds and the harder my cock grew. I stopped at the doorway and carefully looked inside, trying not to interrupt the goings on. As took in the site before me I was simply blown away. I had to look twice to be sure of what I was seeing.

The first thing that caught my eyes was Pilar” tanned ass….facing toward me…her cleanly shaven cunt swollen and shiny with her juice. Her ass was in the air…and her mouth was panted squarely on Jennifer’s pussy….Jennifer had her eyes squeezed shut and was trying to push Pilar’s face even deeper into her sweet little cunny. I groaned softly….remembering the honey like taste of Jennifer in heat…and wished it was my tongue instead of Pilar’s that was harvesting her sweet nectar.

Perhaps the most exciting site was that of Ellen, standing at Ankara bayan escort the foot of the bed, stroking a large, pink, rubber cock that was strapped to her slender hips by a black leather harness. Ellen was wearing a strap on….and judging from the open black leather bag lying in the floor I was sure from where it had come.
As I watched….Ellen got onto the bed on her knees and moved behind Pilar. Ellen rubber the dildo against Pilar’s dripping pussy….parting her labia, and then slipping the tip of the rubber cock into her cunt.

When Pilar felt the dildo slip into her pussy she looked back over her shoulder at Ellen….and that’s when she saw me, standing in the doorway….cock in hand stroking it steadily. Ellen, sensing my presence also looked around and found me with her lust glazed eyes, flushing in mixture of intense desire and embarrassment.

“Go ahead Ellen….fuck her…..I know you want to and Pilar wants it too… it baby!”

I then moved into the room and watched as my lover Ellen assumed the dominant role with her friend and slid the thick pink dildo into Pilar’s bald cunt. As Ellen began to thrust her hips back and forth….fucking Pilar, I stoked my cock in time to her thrusting… a way it was almost like Ellen’s strap-on was an extension of my throbbing cock and it was me that was fucking the sultry Pilar.

I was so focused on Ellen and Pilar that I almost did not hear Jennifer calling to me…”Daddy…come here Daddy…pleeeaaasssee!!!!”

I tore my eyes from the juncture of Pilar’s cunt and Ellen’s dildo finding my darling Jennifer….eyes wide….holding her arms out to me. Removing the rest of my clothes I moved toward the head of the bed, my passions further enflamed by the beauty and wanton appearance of my teen aged lover. I leaned down and kissed her as Pilar…now fully captivated by Ellen and her strap-on….moved away from Jennifer….revealing a small vibrator protruding from Jennifer’s asshole.

As I sat on the edge of the bed…I took the humming vibrator in hand and began moving it in and out of Jennifer’s ass….as she leaned over toward me and sucked my oozing cockhead into her small mouth. I groaned loudly as Jennifer cupped my balls in her hand and began to knead them…as Ellen whispered “take her Daddy…she’s been waiting for you all afternoon!”

I climbed onto the bed, withdrawing my drooling cock from her mouth, and turned her onto her stomach….lifting her ass high….as her blond head pressed against the mattress.

It was then that I becam aware of the tube of lubricant on the bedside table…I grabbed it and began lubricating my cock as I pushed the vibrator deeper into Jennifer’s ass than ever…..she moaned loudly in a mixture of pain and pleasure.

“Daddy…fuck my ass Daddy, I want it so bad!”

“Oh baby, Daddy wants it too….are you ready for my big cock?”

“Yyyyyeeeesssss” Jennifer hissed!

Pulling the vibrator out of Jennifer I was pleased to see how gapped open she was…..ready for me to take her anal cherry…I was shaking with pure lust as I placed my gooey cockhead against her puckered hole and thrust sharply….causing the head of my cock to “pop” through her anal sphincter and into her ass for the first time.

Jennifer cried out and I could feel her anal ring clamp down….tensing against the invading monster. I remained perfectly still…reaching under her to caress her slit and telling her to relax….that Escort bayan Ankara Daddy would never hurt her.

“I know Daddy….it’s just so big” she sighed.

I began slowly rocking back and forth….my big hands on her slender hips guiding her as I gently worked more and more of my rigid cock into her rear entrance. After a few minutes I could feel her relax and a few minutes later Jennifer began pushing herself back on her Daddy’s cock. At that point I became aware of Pilar and Ellen….watching us intently …Ellen’s dildo still buried inside Pilar….the two of them slowly, sensually fucking as they watched me take Jennifer’s anal virginity. God….I was fucking going crazy! Wanting on the one hand to fuck Jennifer like an animal and on the other wanting her to really learn to enjoy anal loving…just as I had taught her mother to do.

Finally I could not hold back any longer and I began to fuck Jennifer’s tender young ass with long hard strokes….the feeling on my cock gliding inside her bowels was so sensual…..I knew I was going to cum….and cum very very hard….very very soon!

“Ohhhhh fuck Daddy…..yeeesss….fuck my ass…fuck me hard Daddy!”

At that point Jennifer’s words were all it took to drive me over the top….I dug my fingers into her flesh and shoved the full length of my cock into her ass…..exploding with incredible force, pumping her ass full of my hot cum!

Jennifer howled her release and squeezed my cock hard as I gushed ropes of cum, shoving my throbbing cock into her ass over and over.

Finally I collapsed on top of her….both of us spent….my cock still in her ass….as we were serenaded by the sounds of Ellen and Pilar reaching the own climaxes as Ellen pounded her dildo into Pilar as they came screaming and thrashing on the mattress beside us.

A few minutes later I opened my eyes and looked up to find Pilar smiling at me. She then crawled over to me, her eyes locked with mine, licking her pouty lips sensually and kissed me deeply.
“That was so beautiful to see, you are such a good Daddy” she whispered. “I wish I had a Daddy like you.”

I kissed her back.

“Thanks, you and Ellen are pretty exciting to watch, too.”

“Maybe with the little one asleep…the three of us can do more than watch each other.”

“I think I’d like that idea a lot Pilar, sinking my tongue in your gorgeous pussy sounds very appealing, if Ellen is okay with it.”

Ellen chimed in “Ellen is fine with it, as long as you fuck me like an animal afterward!”

“Ummmm, is that a challenge” I asked?

“Bet your ass it is Daddy!”

Then Ellen grabbed me around the neck, and kissed me passionately.

Life was fucking perfect! How lucky can one horny old guy get?

A little later I carried Jennifer to her room and tucked her into bed. I stood beside the bed and looked at her for a long time….she looked so innocent…..and was such a little slut….but she is my slut….and that’s all that Daddy cares about. I kissed her softly and returned to her mother’s bedroom and the waiting arms of Ellen and Pilar.

As I entered Ellen’s bedroom the two girls were spooning…with Ellen behind Pilar and the large pink dildo protruding from between Pilar’s legs. Both were looking at me in a way I can only describe as the way a hungry cat looks at a mouse…trying to decide if they were gonna play with me before they ate me… or not?

Frankly, I Bayan escort Ankara figured there were worse ways to die so I jumped into bed beside Pilar and began exploring her breasts and pussy with my hands and lips. Pilar and I were kissing passionately while Ellen was stoking Pilar’s fire by rubbing the dildo back and forth between her pussy lips allowing her juices to lubricate the rubber toy. I slowly began working my lips down Pilar’s squirming body….stopping long enough to suckle her nipples and bite them hard enough to make her suck in her breath and then whimper in delight, before crossing her heaving stomach and making my way to the top of her slit, flicking and licking her clit as Ellen “dry fucked” her from behind. I flipped around on the bed….allowing Pilar to deep throat my aching cock. I then repositioned Ellen’s gooey dildo between Pilar’s ass cheeks as I began to lash her pussy with teeth, tongue, lips and fingers.

Ellen’s hands were squeezing Pilar’s breast tightly as she whispered passionately in her friend’s ear “want Daddy’s cock in your cunt slut…is that what you want?”

Pilar pulled away from sucking my cock long enough to choke out “fuck yesss, I need Daddy’s big hard cock in my little pussy!”

“Daddy…this little slut needs a real cock now…are you gonna fuck her Daddy? Pleeeaaasseee?”
What was there to do besides roll onto my back….help Pilar on top of me and smile happily as Ellen took my dripping cock in hand and guided it into Pilar’s gushing cunt!

Pilar immediately impaled herself on my rigid pole and began bouncing up and down at a furious pace…screaming “fuck me Daddy….fuck this little girl’s pussy….fuck it good Daddy!”

Ellen, who was by this time about as sexually frustrated as is possible quickly moved around and straddled my face, settling her dripping pussy onto my mouth while begging me to eat her ‘til she couldn’t stand it anymore.

I did my best…I licked, tongue fucked and with a free had massaged her clit roughly until I thought she would break the sound barrier with her screams of “harder Daddy….harder plllleeeaasseeeee!”

At that moment I felt Pilar land on my cock harder than ever…driving my throbbing swollen cock into her balls deep as she climaxed and flooded my crotch with her cum. Her cunt was contacting like a vise on my cock and when she began pulsing her muscle contractions, I simply exploded into her shooting a huge load of semen up and into her womb. I wondered for a second if Pilar was “safe” but quickly decided that I really didn’t care if she was or not! That thought alone seemed to make me cum even longer than usual.

One of the things I love about fucking is watching a woman’s face as I make her cum. The display of raw sexual energy and passion is thrilling to see and if I haven’t cum already, always sends me off, big time!Unfortunately, due to having Ellen’s cunt in my face I couldn’t watch Pilar cum….that was the bad news. The great news was that as Pilar came….Ellen did too and I was treated to a cum bath from my lover’s pulsing pussy. I never tire of drinking Ellen’s juices…or causing them for that matter!

The next few minutes are a bit of a blur. I’m not sure who did what but when things began to make sense again we were all in a pile of interlocking arms and legs, Ellen was kissing my face softly and my cock was still buried in Pilar’s incredible silken pussy. We were all adrift in that glorious post coital bliss that I never seem to get enough of.

I chuckled to myself, kissed the girls, told them goodnight, and then fell exhausted into a deep dreamless sleep.

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Ara 01

Changing Pt. 1

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This is my first full length erotic story. If it is well received I will add more parts to it.

Part 1: The drug that started it.

It was the end of the school day… December 22nd… The start of winter break. I came from my classes, carrying my khaki messenger bag stuffed of school books, pens, pencils, etc. Within no time at all, one of the usual… nuisances of my school day came to my side, like me, the boy was a senior, John was his name… he stood 6 feet and 2 inches tall, his shaggy brown hair fell into his eyes, though today he had it all stuffed into a flat brimmed hat with a psychedelic pattern that covered the surface area of the hat. John had somewhat tanned skin and hazel eyes as well as a slim figure. He had dressed himself in a v-neck, green t-shirt, a pair of snugly fitting blue jeans, his usual black shoes, and a zip up brown hooded jacket. He placed a hand on my shoulder and stepped up to my side before speaking in a noisy voice.

“Why are you rushing? Trying to run away from me?” He chuckled before breathing into his palms, the air filling with a cloud of warm vapor from the heat contacting the frozen air. “Brr… Fucking cold…” He complained.

“Why wouldn’t I try to get away from you…” I murmured to myself, turning my gaze to the ground as I turned to walk through the school’s wire fence, around the back. It was the route I usually took, the route that would lead off to a busy road that led into downtown. The road had shops and food places on both sides that were popular locations to visit. I ignored the other students that we walked passed as they were all standing around, smoking, bullshitting.

“Hey, I’m coming over tonight just so you know!” John leaned on my shoulder.

“Who says…?”


I sighed. I wouldn’t bother to fight him, since he wasn’t someone i’d win in an argument with.

I wish I could say that the rest of the walk was silent, but John went on about…. whatever the hell it was that he was talking about. I simply reached into my bag and buried my face into a book as we walked. I was used to walking while reading… I could watch the ground and I knew my way home….

We finally made it to my home… more like my apartment… My only parent, my mom, was away on business until the 30th, so it’d only be John and myself for the evening… I unlocked the door, swinging the painted door open for John and myself to enter the living room. The apartment was fairly simple, white paint on the walls… a blue couch, a single Television set with cable box, 4 TV trays that we ate at, a small kitchen, 2 rooms, and a single bathroom. My Ankara escort room was in the far back, my mother’s the master bedroom on the right. I set my messenger bag down on the single couch then walked back into my room where the walls were painted blue, my queen sized bed in the back right corner, covered with a blue comforter, the bed facing a small TV on the back left side of the room, and a laptop on a TV tray sat next to my bed. I then sat on the bed and laid back on it, closing my book after folding the corner of the page and setting it aside. I then felt a second weight on the bed, John. He stretched a bit, setting his backpack by his feet before turning to me.

“Hey… I got something I want you to try.” He smirked and poked his index finger against my cheek. “It won’t hurt but it may be a little weird to experience.”

I sat up and glared at him. “You’re not going to rape me are you…?” I joked.

“Pff… that’s not in the plan.” John chuckled and reached into his bag before pulling out a bottle of pills, 30 of them to be exact, each pill about the size of a bean. “I just want you to take these for a month.”

“Uhh….. why….?” I looked at the bottle, skeptical to taking some random bottle of pills.

“Well… rather… you’d HAVE to take them for a month… if you started taking them and stopped… There are supposed to be…. side effects… such as insanity, depression, suicidal thoughts, so on.”

“So you just want me to take some random drugs… for a month… no sort of explanation… no… nothing.”

“Pretty much. Don’t worry, I’ll reward you for it, and you might even like the pills!” He grinned like a moron.

“Is there any chance I’ll win this argument….?” I sighed again and stared at him, still quite reluctant.

“NNNope..” He smirked and tossed the bottle to me at which point I caught it and looked at the pulls with a concerned expression. They had no description, just an odd logo written on the side and top.

I opened the bottle of pulls and took out a single pill, staring at it.

“Go on, take the pill!” John grinned and watched carefully.

I then tossed the pill back in my throat and swallowed it down, feeling it slipping down my esophagus and into my stomach where it began to dissolve at an unnatural rate. I suddenly felt a pain in my stomach and gripped it, gasping a bit. “Ouch, fu– You said it wouldn’t hurt!”

“Don’t worry. It’ll be over soon!” John smiled as the pain grew until I simply couldn’t take it any longer, my body falling back as I fell into unconsciousness. my dreams were… odd… it was like I was floated before I felt Ankara escort bayan a warm… pleasurable sensation fill me, cover me… consume me… Everything felt… moist…

I slowly opened my eyes, my body trembling and twitching. I noticed it was dark.. though, the light was on… I felt a chill that was rather… unusual… a chill that I only felt when I was… naked…

These thoughts floated around in my head until I felt a familiar weight sink onto my bed just behind my curled up form, then a hand, a warm hand begin to touch my side.. My bare side. It moved in a slow manner, up then back down my ribs. I felt the hand begin to touch between my legs, fingers touching my penis… It felt… overly sensitive. I wanted to move, to stop the unfamiliar touching… but my body simply wouldn’t react. I then tried to speak, by my throat felt dry… my lips not moving… my tongue not moving.

The hand then left my body, allowing me to relax.. at least for a moment before I felt something moist begin to spread my anus… fingers were penetrating me, moving around my insides before I felt them withdraw. I heard John’s voice as he sat behind me, spooning me as he began pressing something hard against my ass, pressing in passed the ring of muscle. “Now that you’re all clean and lubed…” Cleaned..? What did he do before this??? H-he couldn’t be.. I tried to turn to look at him, but it was no good… I suddenly felt him wrap his arms around me as he suddenly and quickly thrust his hard dick into my rectum, shoving deep. the size was… incredible to say the least. “God damn it… you’re so damn cute when you sleep… I just can’t resist…” He spoke softly into my ear, kissing my neck softly. I felt his tongue licking along my neck, up to my ear and down to my shoulder. He then blew cold air where he left my skin moist, causing me to shiver a bit before I felt his hips begin to withdraw before thrusting his cock back all the way in and withdrawing again, repeating the process over and over again. I could feel him beginning to sweat as this went on… the minutes ticking away… it must have been an hour of his abuse of my anus before he groaned and thrust one more time. I felt a flood of warm fluid pumping into my ass, as well as an intense tingling from his cock pressing against my prostate, leaving my own penis twitching and cum pooling down onto the bed. Finally, he withdrew from my ass. I began to prey he was done until he grabbed my shoulder and turned me to lay on my back. Finally I could see him. His face glistened with sweat, his chest heaving as he panted. He noticed I was awake and smirked.

“Did you Escort Ankara enjoy that?” He then brushed his finger against my face and grabbed my jaw to open my mouth as he straddled my face to press his dick against my mouth. I finally felt my muscles falling under my control and immediately closed my mouth, turning away. “N-No! Stop…” My voice was strained. It was difficult to speak. I tried to push him off but couldn’t quite find the strength to do so.

“Stop? You didn’t complain before. Hell you even came.” He smirked as he rubbed his dick against my cheek. “Don’t you want to taste your ass on my dick, taste my cum? Besides you can’t move… and if you don’t… I’ll just fuck your ass again. See, that medicine is to change your gender, turn you into my perfect girlfriend. If you stop taking it, your mind will stop working. The pill is already effecting you, though will take about a month for the hormonal changes to be complete, and when it is, you’ll fully be a woman, even able to bare children. the secondary effect of the pill is to keep your mind stable during the process, without it, you may end up whoring out your body even if you don’t want to.”

I didn’t know what to say, just staring up at him…. How the hell would any of that even be possible… and… why…? Why me???

“You’re so fucking cute… I just had to make you mine… make you my little girlfriend… make you my wife. I made a wish and the gods sent me an angel with this drug, just for you. So, you can suck my dick and do what I ask, or I can take the pills and you can turn into a slut.”

I stared up at him, wanting to just cry… I then turned to face him again before reluctantly opening my mouth again.

John smiled before stroking my cheek again. “Good girl~” He then pressed his penis into my lips and against my tongue. it tasted sweet and salty… an odd combination… It didn’t take any time at all for him to grab my hair and thrust his cock down my throat, beginning to fuck my throat like he had fucked my ass. The muscles in my neck were still relaxed enough that I somehow managed not to gag. It surprised even me, causing me to stare at him in surprise. He moved his hips quickly in his cock sliding almost out of my mouth before slamming it’s way back in to the depths of my throat. I heard him moan and groan, seeming to enjoy it. I felt dollops of salty sweet precum drip onto my tongue before being painted down my throat with his next thrust. Again, time ticked away until finally… another half hour passed and he slammed into my throat so deep my eyes rolled back and his balls pressed against my chin before I felt more warm fluid begin to dump into my stomach, my eyes closing slowly the lingering taste of cum filling my mind before a rolled back into unconsciousness.

Part 1 end.

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Ara 01

Dirty lil girl

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They were a happy couple, with a healthy sex life. Maybe a bit to healthy of a sex life. Any little thing they saw on porn or heard talk of they wanted to try. Wanted to try it all, who knows if you’ll like it or not if you don’t at least give it a try right? They had done a lot of things but the one that stuck in his head the most was yet to be tried out. And it was one that they had talked over many many times. Just waiting on the day for it to happen. Finally that day had come and both their minds would remember it for a very long time. Talk about it in bed very often and cum to the picture in their heads many nights. This is the story of how it all happened and how she made them all cum for her. They both liked to go to the club and do some dancing and flirting. He loved seeing her in her little sexy clothes and know all the men were drooling over his sexy wife. Watching her shake her sexy ass on another man’s crotch on the dance floor made him hard enough that he had to hold make from pulling it out right there. After a few drinks in her the show always got really good, the more drinks the more her hands tended to roam. As the walked into the bar they noticed quite a few big Ankara escort tall dark skinned men standing to one side. Just the thought of her flirting with them made his cock start getting hard. As they walked past the group of guys they both saw them watch her ass wiggle by. They grabbed a table close by them and whispered about how their biggest fantasy may have a chance of coming true that night. Seeing all three of those big black guys on her pale skin had them both wanting to start something then and there. She began making eyes at them and you could tell they were trying to flirt back, just didn’t know what to think with the husband right there. After a few drinks she headed to the dance floor with hubby in tow. After a few dances, knowing the men where watching her he left her on the dance floor alone. Give them some room to see if any of them would come join her. Within no time one of the men headed her way. She moved a little closer so she could back up on him. She rubbed on his chest and let her hands roam his body. When the song was over she whispered to him that her husband would love to see his cock deep in her. She gave his cock a little squeeze and returned to her table. It wasn’t long before all three of the guys joined them at their table. After a few drinks and Ankara escort bayan some chatting the guys all agreed that they would love to fuck his wife for him. That sentence was all they needed to hear and gathered up and walked out. They headed to the closest hotel and got a room. Once in the room her husband took a seat in the corner and told the big black men to have their way with her. One of them started to undress her and squeeze her ass and tits. Once they had her fully nude she laid on the bed and all three of them men began licking and sucking every inch of her body. Her husband began rubbing his cock thru his pants, feeling it harden already. While two of the men were working on her body the other stood and undressed. He released his huge cock and slid it into her warm mouth. She sucked on his cock all the while feeling like it was to big, feeling it hit the back of her throat. His hands holding her head so she couldn’t back away from it. Feeling the huge cock in her mouth and the fingers pinching her nipples and the tongue flicking her clit she couldn’t help but cum all over that talented tongue. Once she had filled his mouth he stood and undressed, moving up to her mouth. Replacing the one that was there. He slid in as the other spread her legs to enter her dripping pussy. She let out a little scream as he slid into her. Escort Ankara It was so big it felt like it was going to rip her open. By this time her husband had done released his awsome piece of meat and began stroking it. As she felt one big black cock slide in and out of her tight wet box and another in her mouth she watched her husband. She could tell he was really liking it but she also knew what he really wanted to see. So she stopped it all and sat up. The guy that hadn’t been touched yet undressed and laid on the bed. She climbed up on his cock and rode while one of the others slid his finger in and out of her ass. Once she was feeling really turned on she took another in her mouth and braced herself for the one that was about to slide into her ass. When he entered her ass, she screamed and her husband came. Knowing that was what he waited all this time to see just made it so much better for her. She began to ride harder and suck as much of that cock as she could. Once she had had her nut a few more times, the men were ready for there turn. They all pulled out and she sat in front of them, mouth wide open and felt all three of those big hard black cocks cum on her face. Face covered in cum she looked over at hubby and smiled seeing he had cum again. Once the guys had cleaned up they left her and hubby alone. Going over and over it, about what it looked like and what it felt like had them both cumming over and over again all night long. They finally passed out feeling fullfilled and couldn’t wait for more fun.

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Ara 01

Coworker and her Daughter

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This all took place way back in the mid 80’s back when I was young early 20’s in my first full time real job since leaving college.

I had not had the job very long trainee account at large double glazing firm. Pay was Good back then as double glazing was the in thing at the time. I also was given a company car ok not a new one. But with free fuel, servicing and insurance it made a huge difference. As well as a new found freedom and independence.

This kind of all began one day at leaving off time. The weather was typical British summer time … It was raining hard. Jane the receptionist a good looking in her early 30’s I had spotted several times walking home was getting set to leave as I was heading out .

She wasn’t looking thrilled at the weather situation and was sitting on her office chair changing her footwear from smart office heals into a pair of zip up boots . As I glanced through the reception window to say goodbye to her as I always did . I was given a pleasant surprise a glimpse of stocking tops and a flash of her sparkling white panties I was slightly tongue tied ‘ high….. Er … Night Jane ‘

She looked up .. instantly put her foot down and slight colour came to her cheeks . She smiled and gave a little laugh ‘ night Alan you made me jump’

We had never really spoken much. But I stopped by her window that night. ‘ Jane it’s raining hard out there . Will you let me give you a lift home ‘

She turned more to face me. I think it was the first time she truly had looked at me more than a fleeting glance . ‘ that would be by far the nicest thing that has happened this week honestly . But I will be a few minutes yet getting sorted so if your in a hurry don’t put yourself out ‘ she gave me a real smile then.

‘ what kind of gentleman would I be if ….. I left a damsel in distress ‘ I could see her smile widen so feeling good added ‘ a beautiful one at that… Can I assist you my lady ‘

Her smile had spread to a grin ‘ I can see I may have trouble with you and your silver tongue ….. You know it could lead you into trouble young man and quite easily by the looks of you actually ‘ she started to stand up laughed looked at her feet one boot on one shoe on other ‘ see you are already leading me into distraction already” she sat down again.

I lent on the hatch ledge ‘ I hope I’m a pleasant distraction ‘ I smiled at her

‘ hum that remains to be seen I guess ‘ she studied my face as she unzipped her boot once more then lifted her leg this time a little higher ‘ from where your eyes fell to and your expression I see potential in you yet fine sir ‘ she took a few extra moments putting her shoe back on than needed but I got a clear picture of both the reason and her up-skirt image captured well in my head.

‘ Thank you…. You have improved my week as well now ‘ I said with what felt like a goofy grin on my face.

Jane stood up to close the hatch … But lent forward slightly first I couldn’t help but to glance down her top .. her eyes were looking Down so she hadn’t noticed but had noticed something else ‘ hum it shows ‘ she said ‘ nicely actually ‘

I glanced down half guessing what she was referring to .. I was rising to the occasion it seemed . I flushed red ‘ sorry ‘ she stopped me there

‘ don’t spoil in Alan …. You can’t fake that visual compliment and it nice to know you still see something about me you like at my age ‘

‘ Jane you are stunning and age dosnt come into it .. I don’t know your age … I do know beautiful though I am looking at it ‘

She laughed … Looked me in the eyes and studied me ‘ I can see potential here … So maybe if you kidding you should run now before it to late ‘

I looked her straight in the eye’s ‘ if your the one chasing then I will not be running Baby ‘ I gave her my best wink .

‘ Oh god … I’M so glad you started working here come on let blow this joint ‘ she grabbed a umbrella from stand shut the hatch and joined me in the corridor ‘ come on trouble ‘ she took my hand

My car was close to the door I opened the passenger door for her taking the umbrella ‘ my lady ‘ she got in the car looking at my face and giving me a juicy eyeful at the same time.

‘ Thank you trouble now get in … Or do you need a cold shower already ‘ she gave a cheeky little giggle ..

I ran round to drivers side collapsed the umbrella and tossed it on back seat getting in ‘ A shower hum only if you will join me’ stuck my tongue out at her…

‘ do that again and I will sit on it ‘

‘ is that a promise ‘ I stuck my tongue out again .

Her hand dropped to my lap and gave me a gentle squeeze ‘ come on let’s move not in this car-park please.

I started out of the lot not a clue where she lived or wanted to go but happy after hard week’s work . We haven’t gone 100 yards when Jane said turn left and few hundred yards later asked me to turn right into another car-park on the industrial estate this one deserted and had a alley way leading around the back of the unit she sent me down I parked around the back.

She looked me directly in the eyes and took my right hand and guided up her skirt ‘ you got me all wet by talking to me … Think you need to finish the deal now ‘ she opened her legs and placed my hand on the front of her warm moist panties and yanked me over towards her ‘ sorry babe but you must be quick my daughter will be home shortly ‘ we started kissing, her hand shot between my legs and had my dick free in seconds and she started wanking me off hard with one hand lifting her skirt high with her other .

I took my cue from her haste and yanked her nickers to one side freeing her pussy to my fingers and shoved to straight into her her right arm hugged me tight her left hand pumped me harder and she pulled me over more clearly wanting me on top of her she whispered in my ear ‘ come on stud show me you meant you words fuck me fast ..’ she let go of my dick and yanked her wet panties off I climbed between her legs and without another word thrust my rock hard cock straight up into her without hesitation ‘ Yessssss god Bless ‘ Jane shouted grabbing me tight ‘ fuck me hard big boy ‘

I was by no means a virgin by then but I had never basically been asked by a girl on first fuck to all but rape her before … I will admit it felt kind of oddly like being used … But then again fucking a lovely lady as hard and fast as you desire soon becomes a total distraction and I basically just went for it for my satisfaction and after a few minutes Jane hugged me to her tight in her first orgasm ripped through her of the day … I carried on pounding her hard …. She was still clutching me tight whimpering contently as her muscles kept trying to grip me and hold me still as her body wanted to control what was pleasuring her … I put my lips to her ear still pounding her like crazy and growled ‘ I’d love to shag your arse like this later on .. if you let me ‘

‘ yesssssss …. Yes oh god yes …. Hurry darling I need to …. Oh fuuuuuck ……..’ she stopped talking as her second wave ripped through her I think brought on by bucket load of spunk shooting out of me fully embedded cock in great spirits and even then I was still lambing into her at full speed as hard as I could for another half minute or so before I stopped thrusting and pushed down hard with my feet under dash board hence pushing with all my force on me dick into her actually sliding her higher up the seat and holding there, as from my side it felt like my biggest ever ejaculation spurt took place it felt like a hot spurt of thick custard leaving me with several shots following … Jane screamed out and sank her teeth into my neck to quietened her .

A full five minutes or so last in that position . I relaxed the pressure . Jane released her bite and grip on me ..

I looked down and could see she was crying ‘ I my god im sorry .. so sorry ‘ I kissed her forehead and gently hugged her’ sorry ‘ I repeated quietly and made as if to roll off her …

Jane threw her arms round my neck ‘ Don’t you Fucking Dare… ‘ She was clasping me to her like a life preserver ‘ I loved every second of that and want it often .. you often … Oh Fuck .,. I wish I met someone like you years ago ….fuck fuckerty fuck ‘ I could still feel her shudder a few times as she slowly regained her composure she kissed me with a first Passion ‘Thank you so much kind sir ‘

I started to relax and feel better about myself again I kissed her back gently ‘ Thank You … I love you Jane ‘

I felt her tense up at that ‘ Thank you Alan for saying that, but honey you don’t .. you don’t know me at all but yes you love what just happened like I loved what you just did to me … And I assume, well i hope may well do many many more times …. But now sorry we need to sort our selves out a bit I got to get home ‘ she gently pushed me away from he.r

I straightened my self out as fast as possible Jane done the same to herself using her panties and tissues to mop up between her legs and stuck them in her bag as they were soaking wet …. She looked at me worried ” how do I look”

“Totally beautiful and as sexy as hell ” I hugged her and gave her a kiss

We drove most of the way to hers in silence .. just before we got there she got me to pull over …

” Alan . I know this short notice but will you stay for dinner….” She looked down ” and the night or weekend if you like ”

I took her hand and gave it a squeeze ” I’d love to if that’s what you want and it won’t upset your daughter”

” I would like that very much …. And don’t worry about my daughter I already know she is going to like you a lot that I can guarantee” she looked me over once more pondering something over ” humm maybe like you a little to much intact ” she laughed ” drive on take the next turning 4th house on the right park on the drive please Parker ”

” Yes my lady, will that be all my lady ” her hand dropped to my lap and gently grabbed me there

“Yes Parker that will be all for now ” she gave a little squeeze ” but not for today so don’t go anywhere” I lent over and gave her a lingering kiss as we separated she looked me directly in the eyes again ” humm trouble BIG trouble huge ” she laughed again. “Go on drive before we end up at it like rabbits on the street “

I pulled into her drive I small semi detached house the front garden wasn’t large but was impeccably tidy and we’ll tended. I knew little to nothing about Jane other than she was the company receptionist and Good at her job but was an even better piece of eye candy and just seeing her each day at work in passing had always brightened my day .

It was still tipping it down so I grabbed the umbrella jumped out ran round the car to open the door for her holding it over her head .,… As she got out she said ” some one has trained you well fine sir … Or your after something”

” I’m thinking maybe the latter angel ” once again catching a visual memory of her tan lines and a glimpse of her bra top black Lacey I wanted to see her out of it but controlled myself trying to behave.

We got to her porch out of the rain ” hang on just check me over see i look ok will you ”

” You look perfect and beautiful angel turn round ” she did all looked good back there as well but I just had to touch her so I made as if I was brushing some dust off her skirt then gave her firm bum a squeeze ” stunning”

She giggled ” latter maybe but behave yourself ” she then did a visual appraisal of me gave me a quick peck on the cheek ” Ok you will do, come on in she looked down and kick your shoes off please “

As we entered the house she called out ” hi honey I’m home ” (at that second it crossed my mind OK a bit late in the day maybe Was Jane married or maybe living with a guy i knew nothing about her other than she was a sexy lady that liked a hard fucking)….from upstairs came a loud clunk and what sounded like a elephant at full charge bashing down the stairs. ” Look out here comes trouble ” she grinned at me and winked …

Then a young girl in school uniform came to a skidding halt about 6 inches in front of me her long black hair obscuring most of her face ” Oops sorry ” she looked me up and down from head to toe then up to my waist again, for a few seconds then back to my face gave her head a flick so her hair was out of the way and gave me a smile .

” No worries ” smiling at her and side stepping out of her way .

Jane laughed ” trouble meet big trouble aka Alan. Big trouble meet trouble aka my daughter George aka Georgia aka G “

Georgia gave a small neat curtsy ” I’m pleased to meet you find sir ” and offered me her hand

I bowed and took her delicate hand ” the pleasures all mine princess ” I brushed my lips to back of her hand

” Oh f’s Huge trouble ” Jane laughed she opened her lounge door ” take a seat Alan I’m just pop the coffee on back in a second ” she headed the other way with her daughter close behind her. They entered the kitchen and closed the door behind them . I took my jacket off checked my shirt was tucked in and looked out the back window at the garden . Like the front one it was nice and neat and the rain was still bucketing down.

They returned to the room ” ok coffee is on you two is it ok if I just go and change ”

I started to reply but was cut of by Georgia ” what into mum a human ”

” Someone dosnt want there pocket money this week I guess” Jane replied she took my jacket ” I’ll hang it by the door if you need to make a run for it ” she stuck her tongue out at me and winked.

” No I’m good” I replied winking back

I had noticed in the short time they had been in the kitchen Georgia had smartened her self up tucked her blouse into her skirt neatly and I think pulled the waist line up several inches as not only could I see her legs above her long white soaks but a great deal of her thighs she plonked herself down in the chair “so how you know my mum then ” she asked indicating the sofa for me so I sat down on one end of it .

” I just started working at the same place as your mother & as it was raining I ……”

” Oh yawn I don’t want a life story you know. ” She stood up crossed the room and flicked her skirt out behind her as she sat down beside me. Her undies were white cotton and snug fitting and I felt a twitch . She clearly knew what she had done because she grinned at me.

So what music you like?” She asked

” 80’s mainly rock elo genisys …. You ?”

” I ask zee questions not you mine capitan allritzs ” she smiled and rubbed her leg hence sliding her skirt up a inch or so ” so via IST you here ”

” It was raining so I gave your mum a lift and she inv…… ” She cut me off again

” It not raining in here is it ……” She looked at me grinning ” so what’s you intentions then for my mother ”

That one was harder to answer I hesitated I guess to long she laughed ” I like you you are funny .. wanna play on my sega ” she bounced up dropped to her knees in front of the telly to pull the machine out . Thus doing this offing me a full rear end view of her panties tightly stretched over her perfect and tiny bum …. I felt more than a twitch that time more like a bong down there .. she passed me a control smiling ” your tails ”

I looked up blankly ” huh what!”

She grinned ” concentrate BT you are tails I’m sonic”

” Sorry , I got it now ”

” Don’t apologise you is cute ” her eyes flicked to my crotch “Very Cute” she grinned and started the game up

I could see a huge personality and some strong visual similarity’s between mother and daughter both could tease and flirt hard but both wanted to be in charge the made that clear …. But also both were beautiful and in truth sexy as hell but in different ways like a Milf and a st Trinian’s sexy school girl …. At that moment I to could see trouble ahead as well.

Just at that moment Jane came in blue jeans tight and a strappy halter top small and also tight she put the coffee on the table looked at G ” scootch missy ” she did without a word ” and you or she will sulk …. Anyhow can’t see that you will mind to being the filling in a sandwich ” both of them giggled at that

” What you guys want for tea I not been shopping yet so it freezer diving or chippy or sumink ”

” I will take you both out Ankara escort for meal or what ever if you like Jane as long as you not mind me in my works clothes”

Jane laughed long at that ” think that’s a little irrelevant that question don’t you BT ” seemed that handle was going to stick ” well what you think George”

“as long as I don’t have to wear a dress where we heading I’m happy”

” Where ever you two would like to go im easy and it’s my treat ” it took a few seconds for me to realise why Georgia nearly wet herself laughing

” That’s good to know mum can we keep him ” tears were running down her face as she was still laughing.

” Alan you don’t need to waste your money we can get chips or something and eat in ”

” It would be my pleasure to take two lovely ladies out for a meal and honestly would make my week .. month .. er year ”

” Ok ok we will go ok ”

The had a few minutes squabble about where to go and finally picked a carvery the both liked ” I better go and change again I guess” Jane said and started to get up .

” Why I think you look amazing ” I said it before thinking and kind of expected it to be the wrong thing as her young daughter sat beside me ..

” Think he wants something mum….. But he telling the truth though you do look Dam hot in that …. Oh heck I’m on the turn …. ” She gave a fake scream.

” I think your mad but thank you both anyhow ok I will just brush my hair then and you little miss better chuck something on to cover your bum a bit ok ” they both headed out the room Jane wiggled her bum and Georgia lifted her skirt for a full bum reveal … two ways about it I had more than a semi on down there ….

Jane returned a few minutes latter shut the door behind her and sat on my lap gave me a lingering kiss . ”

Im sorry George is like this at times, the only males that have been in this house in years are my brother’s or her school friends …. You being Boy Band Hot …. Her words not mine and she being a randy little bitch …. I kind of guessed might cause friction …. But I see you holding your own with her….. ” She hugged me again then whispered to me ” don’t worry she is actually 18 just and is on the pill … The school uniform is her fashion statement because she is small for her age she’s at college don’t tell her I told you that …. Me and you are good friends, I hope, and we now have sex so what… The best bonk I’ve had in ages and want more ok but you are not my property, and the same refers to my kid so if you both want it and need to, honestly it ok … And yes won’t change my wanting you to ok just so you know it not a choice of one or the ot……”

I had to stop her there so i stuffed my tongue in her mouth and kissed her long and hard and grabbed her cute arse tightly … ” Ok darling I get it … No strings like Pinocchio … But it isn’t my nose that’s growing again ” well i heard the words coming from my mouth ok but my head was spinning … Jane had basically offered her daughter to me on a plate (was it a test ??? )

Jane giggled ” I noticed ” she slid off my lap and sat beside me again

Georgia came in few minutes later … And gave a twirl ….. Trouble (that word didnt cover it … anymore than her outfit did) I now understood why Jane had made her speech her hand gave my thigh a squeeze ” you ok ”

I swallowed hard ” yep…. i think” gulp

Jane laughed then whispered again in my ear ” you wouldn’t think she’s still a virgin would you… Seriously”

I gave another gulp ” you did warn me i guess so thank you ” it had stopped raining by now but I still opened the car doors for the ladies and almost needed to cross my legs by the time I got to the driver’s seat ….. Georgia was wearing a orange and gold cheerleaders uniform and this to go out in yikes….

We got to the pub carvery shortly and it was still early but as the three off us walked in I could feel all the guys heads that were there turn towards us most eyes were on LTs sexy little arse…. My hand went to Jane’s bum and her hand fell to it and held it there happily.

We went to the bar to order carvery meals and drinks ” what would you like to drink lady’s “

” White wine please ” Jane said

” Can I have wine to please daddy ”

I glanced at Jane who smirked

” She can’t unless she has ID my friend ” the bar tender said . I knew that but I also realised by now this was all a act .

” Sorry honey but you know you not allowed to yet untill you are . If your a good girl maybe when we get home ok”

” I will be a good girl daddy I promise .. I’ll be daddy’s good girl ….. Coke please daddy with ice and a straw”

” Two Coke’s please one with ice and a straw ” i was driving and my head was cloudy enough

He poured the drinks pointed to a table and told us to help self to the carvery and he would take the drinks over for us

We started away from the bar…and one of the guys who had had a few drinks I guess stood up in front of Georgia ” I will get you a drink little lady if you want come sit with me ”

Georgia looked him up and down appraising what she saw ” mummy taught me never to except anything from strangers sir ” and tried to walk past him

” We are all strangers sweet thing till we get introduced ” I could see a fight coming and reached for my keys as a weapon not to run away …. Jane’s hand fell to mine

” Wait ” she mouthed to me .,.

The guy then put his hand on Georgia’s shoulder to stop her. ” Remove it or loose it ” LT said

” I’m just trying to be nice ” he leaned in-towards her.

Her voice changed ” so was I I gave you a warning” she grabbed the hand off her shoulder twisted it perfectly and bent it back at the wrist ” how old do you think I am. … And I warn you every year you out by will be a broken finger you peado ”

She had said this loudly and was almost breaking the guys wrist by lifting him with it he started whimpering he was sorry etc total gibberish two of the bar staff came over to help her.

She flipped back to her younger voice ” well thankee kind sirs I warned this Varmint to unhand me . Daddy I was being good girl wasn’t I ” she stood on tiptoes to hug me round the neck and kiss my cheek

” Yes honey you were being a very good girl … Till that nasty man grabbed you” hell I had only left work less than 2 hours ago this weekend was going to give me grey hairs….. But must admit that was as hot as hell to witness we collected are food and sat in table in the corner of the room.

” Now you understand my nick name I guess …. You okay daddy” LT asked hand squeezed my thigh for a second

” Did you break anything ” Jane asked her hand squeezed my other leg

” No mummy not this time …. I was being good girl for daddy ”

” Yes honey you a very good girl .. daddy’s girl ” I looked from one to the other of them as two hands slid up onto my bone hard prick they shook hands and laughed

” There maybe trouble ahead ” Jane started singing the old song

” But while there’s moonlight and music and love and romance ” i continued

” Lets face the music and dance” we all finished together and laughed.

During the meal i managed to find a few real details out about Jane’s life and Georgia. Married 11 years single for the last 4 years and according to Georgia had only had a battery powered lovers since then. Jane did reiterate that part of the story raising a precocious teenager on her own and working in a place where married sales folk kept always hitting on her she wasn’t interested in being used and abused like that after a abusive drunken hell of a marriage. So it was just her and her daughter and yes they were very close more like sisters or best friends than mother and daughter.

” So you must be something very special you realise ” she looked at me enquiringly …. “i think i can see the potential buried in there young Skywalker is the force with you have you a light Sabre ” Jane laughed and blushed at the same time

” the force is strong with this one Georgia that’s all you need to know ” Jane winked at me

“Well it could have been a light sabre i felt earlier in his pocket mum you realise it was hard enough ” Georgia looked at Me ” think we broke him mum or the cats got his tongue “

” Nope i’m fine Thanks, Just thinking how lucky i am today is all. Being with the two of you and trying to keep up ” i decided to stop there because i had nearly said two sexy lady’s and i was still unsure of things to be honest although my little brain was already the happiest he had been in ages and was wanting to do a Ta Da moment in both of these lady’s at any given second.

they went silent for a minute or so i could see Jane was thinking then Georgia muttered something quietly ” is he house trained mum …. can we keep him as a sex toy for now “

She had timed it perfectly i had just taken a swig of coke and choked on it … they laughed ” we will see love don’t scare him off”

i took Jane’s hand not feeling concerned any more ” i am not running anywhere … unless im chasing you …………. ”

” What about Me ” LT asked ….

I looked at Jane she smiled back at me and shrugged ” If that’s what you would like Georgia and its ok with your mother … “

Jane gripped my hand ” No that’s between you two im no pimp ” …. ” But please don’t forget me if that’s ok ”

I looked from Mum to Daughter … Daughter to mother …. still unsure of things but decided possibly now was a good time to fined out . I lent over and kissed Jane long and hard . ” that’s a promise ” i then turned and spotted Georgia slightly pouting lent towards her put my hand gently behind her head and gave her the same kind of kiss …. As i broke the kiss she murmured a long drawn out WOOOOOWW

the room was deadly silent Jane looked round at them all ” is there a problem here ” she looked at me and winked cant a father kiss a daughter ” …

she was still holding my hand gave it a little squeeze and winked at me

” Thank you Daddy that was nice …. This a great Birthday surprise” she winked at me and checked my pocket for my light sabre ” Will he need batteries Mummy” Jane let out a loud laugh … “god i hope not” she said

We finished are meal and as i went to pay i whispered in her ear ” you ok with Champagne ”

“God no lambrini or some cheap sparkling crap sounds good, Thank you” She smiled at me ” and i guess batteries if you need some by the sounds of it “

“Nope im the energiser bunny….. i hope ” then realised what id said

She laughed hum we will see i guess wont we ….

I paid the bill the Bar man was decidedly quiet got two bottles of finest el cheapo plonk as requested and we walked out together and drove back to Jane’s home. Jane turned the cassette player on and ‘ Bryan Adam’s Heaven” track started up she grabbed my hand “ginormous trouble that’s what you are you know that don’t you “

“i think i could be in it but a little late to leg it now i guess” her head fell on my shoulder

“you know what you said earlier ” i kissed her forehead and put my arm around her

“Yes angel ” she looked up at me

” you know that could be so easy .. you are really big trouble and tugging at strings i broke years ago ” those words made me feel warm and fuzzy inside but even more confused in my head . We pulled into the drive it still wasn’t raining so i got out and held the doors open for the girls …. My girls for this evening at least … i picked up the wine and we headed in .

Jane locked the door behind us and drew the drapes ” well you cant escape now you realise she said ” gave me a hug and a kiss then whispered in my ear ” don’t rush her let her decide please ” Back in a min just need the loo and will fetch some glasses … She left the room closing the door behind her

Georgia took my hand and dragged me to the sofa put her hand behind my neck similar to the way i had then kissed me long and hard i put mu hand behind her and slowly let it slide down to her tiny firm bum. i could feel her breathing change but she kept with the kissing i caressed her cute behind and could feel her trembling at my touch and her tiny breast pressing against me, She broke the kiss ” oh god she murmured trouble indeed ” she stood up a little unsteadily just as Jane returned ” perfect timing back in a jiffy need a pee ” she gave a little grin and flounced out

Jane plonked down beside me ” sorry this must be hard on you Alan , I guess “

I put my arm around her ” Not really confusing yes but in a nice way “…. i took her hand guided it to my lap ” this is hard though “

She gave me a squeeze “Sorry we need to sort that out soon before you turn blue or something ” she giggled ” who would you like first i guess is the question ”

” Can i be honest Angel ” she nodded “always its the best policy” i continued ” i could so easily fall in love with you i mean that i have feelings for you i haven’t had in ages so i don’t want to hurt you and blow my chances …..” her finger went to my lips to stop me there

“Ditto very much a big Ditto to that but you can only ever win me over if you win George over. This seemed so easy before we went out but i feel now the same but i think she kinda feels the same way …. God this got messy fast didn’t it” i kissed her gently and was still kissing when Georgia came back in …

She opened the Wine ” OK you two are confusing the issue you realise making things difficult ” we both looked at her… “Why chose …. we have the floor … mums bed is huge …. Mum you’ve lent me your toys before cant we share him for a while at least ” she pored the wine out handed us both a glass

I looked at Jane who looked me back in the eyes ” Well that may be true LT but do you want to break your duck like this “

“mum do you not realise why i haven’t broke it yet, my friends have all said its been a let down , a quick fumble then after 30 seconds its over and the boy loses interest for a while and they leave a mess between your legs … my battery buddies do a far better job and you don’t have to be nice to them just ram them when you want them .. need them … ” she turned to me “you are the first person that don’t need battery’s that have given me that sensation BT and you haven’t even touched me there “

Jane’s mouth dropped open ” yes mum Alan just got me off with a kiss … on my mouth not down there ok i just had to change me undies i will go get them if you want to check it out “

Jane downed her drink “No that’s ok … erm it up to Alan i guess ” all eyes turned to me

I downed me drink before speaking as well … it was a solution maybe not perfect for some but i was having a lack of blood flow to my head at the time so couldn’t say no short of blowing my internal fuse board out ” If that what you two beautiful lady’s would like i’d like that as well ”

Jane laughed ” humm ok i thin the floor sounds safest first LT can you grab that sheep skin throw off my bed and get your butt back down here PDQ” she stood up as George tore out of the room and stormed up the stairs ” help move the sofa Alan , You honestly ok with this ”

I nodded ” in truth i think if this wasn’t a option i could never have chosen because if i picked you you would not have felt good for Georgia and if i had picked her then Ditto again … and i think in truth that would be exactly the same for her as well … don’t you “

She grabbed my cock kissed me hard ” you are kind of clever for a guy you realise that makes you even more trouble ” she let go and bent over to move the little coffee table … i shot my hand between her legs “yelp” she spun round take it easy big boy you got all night “

” 3 nights and 2 days i think if i play cards right” i stuck my tongue out at her .

” Oh Fuck i forgot that ” she looked at me ” be gentle with her please ok i like you a lot but please don’t hurt her”

I took her in my arms ” i cant angel i love you to Much ”

She hugged me ” i love you to i kind of think you know that though” in truth i guess even then i did as we stood there holding each other Georgia walked in i beckoned her over and we had a three way hug my right hand caressing Jane’s bum my left slid down Georgia’s slender back lightly down her skirt and up beneath it to her tiny pant’y covered ass

Georgia Ankara escort bayan whimpered and her knees started to fold , Jane looked at her a little surprised “god shes got it bad … or your bigger trouble than i realised ” she took the throw and but it on the floor . then helped me lower LT gently to the floor .

just doing that Jane’s hand brushed her daughters inner thigh Georgia groaned and raised her hips to her hand Jane pulled back a little startled .. i shock me head and gently took Jane’s hand and placed it on front of Georgia’s panties and looked her in the eye … She nodded ok and gently started to touch her daughter there i layed my arm under LT’s head and then cupped one of her tiny pokie’s in my large hand and caressed her while placing delicate kisses on her neck ” Oh God” she mumbled and her hips started to thrust against Jane’s hand .. Jane rolled her over and parted her legs so Georgia was actually shagging my leg . She then moved her attention between my legs yanking my cock out and placing her daughters tiny hand around it .

She then lay down behind Georgia ” that’s all for you when you ready angel if you want it ”

” i want it Mum … mum help me ” her little hips thrusting her pussy onto my leg much like a dog would do Jane looked at me a little lost then undone her jeans and pulled them off and her nickers

“Ok honey Mum will be there in a second hold on ” Jane then lifted Georgia’s skirt and basically ripped her undies off her “Roll towards her Alan as i roll her back ok LT’s hand was slowly working my dick as i rolled towards her after a few shuffles and Jane lifting of her daughters right leg again my cock was touching the lips of Georgia i wanted to thrust in but couldn’t without hurting her ” OK angel its up to you know just slide towards Daddy like a good girl “

Georgia’s eye flew open at that ” i am good girl mummy ” the baby voice had returned ” im daddy’s good girl ” she didn’t ease forward but shot forward on to me. I think i gasped the loudest God it was tight in there she held still for a few seconds panting then started pumping her hips and cunt at me realy fast .. ” is this right daddy is it good for you ….. I love you Daddy” she then screamed yessssssssss at top of her lungs and fell back in ecstasy her body humping towards the ceiling and her calling out to god and other un known words rolling about on the sheep skin.

Jane eased my hand from under her daughters head and knelt down on all fours slapped her but ” don’t you want to do what you mentioned earlier” … i did it seemed and got behind her my cock was already slippery from LT but i still spat on my fingers and slid one all the way in… she slapped my hand away ” No not your Finger”

I got in position behind her and pushed my way in slowly Jane’s hands stretched out behind her and as soon as she grasped my hips pulled me sharply towards her ” FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFuckkkkk” she screamed her face pressed into the rug” Fuck yess “

i grabbed her hips and started to fuck her in earnest Georgia had recovered herself looked at me fucking her mothers bum and sat up ” god mum doesn’t that hurt ” she asked but got in closer to see better she stood up removed her skirt and top then straddled her mother facing me i carried on ramming Jane’s bum like a man possessed and used one hand to pull Georgia to me and started sucking and licking her tiny nipples she started to moan instantly

” slightly kiddo but he makes it feel like heaven … oh god … noooooo ……….fuck yes ” i could feel she was starting to collapse away from me as she started to orgasm i rammed in as deeply as i could forcing myself to let go and jettison inside her second hole of the day my cock had been off and on rock hard for the last two hours i came a lot inside her both times i knew that … i held myself in there for a while and moved my attention and hand to between Georgia’s legs soon as i touched her lips she screamed

her arms flew round my neck ” oh Daddy mm yes oh god Daddy ” i slid my middle finger gently in her all the way ” of Fuck Daddy” she started covering me with kisses and fucking my hand hard Jane slid down to the floor freeing my shaft it popped out and sprang up touching LTs tiny ass she clutched me to her and whispered in my ear ” Alan will you bum fuck me to sometime please”

i put my mouth to her ear and replied ” yes sweetheart as soon as you are ready if that’s what you want”

” I love you Alan ” she whispered

” I love you to Honey” …

she then came once more and slid to the floor beside her mother and grabbed hold of her in a hug ” i love you Mummy … “

” I love you too pet ” Jane replied …

” well can we keep him now mum pleaaaase “… i lay down between them Jane’s Tit in one hand and my other gently caressing Georgia’s little but crack her little hand was holding my semi stiff dick

“OH God take 5 everyone ok ” Jane said ” Thank you BT … that is a line i never thought i would say you know …. I kinda sure about it now honey I Love you “

Before i replied Georgia cut in ” Ditto from me Guess that means we have to keep him mum “

” i think we are all mad But i love you both As well … one hell of a lot in fact …” then a thought struck me ” Jane can i ask a question darling ”

Jane gave a little groan ” Ok if you must “

” Jane … Sweetheart … i know this is soon to ask this …” i could feel her tense up ” Will you do me the great honour of MMM”

” Don’t you dare ask that … stop it … stop it now ok ” she looked me in the face noticed i was laughing ” What what is funny ”

” i was only asking if you’d make me a cuppa tea… but OK ” she rolled over fast and punched me hard

” not funny “

“yes it was Mum” Georgia said and lowered her mouth to my cock and started sucking it and enjoying it .

“Honey you know where that’s just been don’t you ” Georgia stopped suddenly looking shocked …. then shrugged

“by the end of the weekend i may much there as well Mum you already fingered me now Alan’s had his cock in me … Next time i will hold on i promise i want you to be the first to spunk in me in all my holes ok i need you to train me Daddy ok ” the baby voice returned again during that sentence she returned her attention to lick and sucking my cock back to life in truth it looked like a large ice cream cone the way she was going at it and her tiny hand

I sucked my little finger making it well wet and slimy and slid it between her cheeks circling her tiny hole she shuddered Jane spotted where my hand was and looked surprised.. “she asked ” i mouthed silently to her

” Be gentle ” she mouthed back

” promise ” i replied

i pushed the tip in less than nails length

Georgia’s hand grasped her mothers her eyes wide open ” OH GOD … Dooo “she started breathing hard

Jane hugged her to her “Stop thats e”

“No Mum please it just different … ive never thought of putting anything up there before is all ”

“OK but say when you want to stop ok hun “

” OK” Georgia actually pushed herself back onto my finger a lot further than i would have pushed in straight away

Georgia without any warning thrust a finger straight up my ass and wiggled it … my first response was a gasp and tried to pull away Georgia started to finger fuck my bum hard …. i felt my cock go harder than it ever had gotten before … i started ramming my finger in and out of her and slid a finger in her cunt at the same time hence a mini DP i guess within seconds the only way to describe it was she started cumming her brains out i kept my hand still but as she couldn’t lay still thrusting her hips up and down she ended up kind of fucking herself “OHHH God help me mummmyyyy Dont stop Jesus ” jane went over to her to try calm her

Georgia grabbed her with her free arm pulled her tight and started kissing her mother passionately tongue in her mouth and jane soon responded Georgia slid off my fingers and grabbed my rock hard cock once more …. with no assistance this time threw her leg over me shuffle in close positioned her self on it then holding on to both my hip and her mother that was snogging her … Pulled me inside all the way it was very tight but well lubricated and she proved her stamina that time … For a tiny girl she fucked me mercilessly for 20 minutes solid the fact she was still snogging and groping her mother most of that time was amazing the sweat glistened like gems all over her body and still she kept thrusting away …

“Im about to come” i had to say it just to warn her she pushed her mother away and managed to get me on my back her astride me still and lay on me her little body fucking me frantically as fast as she could … jane shuffled round behind her realised what the response had been early reached in to a draw grabbed something silver and about as thick as middle finger and 8 inches long at least spat on it then thrust it not to gently up her daughters tiny but flicked a switch and a buzzing sound started Georgia let out a tiny Scream but kept thrusting away even faster her cunt muscles tightening Jane started pumping the toy in and out of her little bum as fast as she was able trying to get in time with her daughters hungry needs … i had lay there as still as i could but now on the brink of shattering her Duck and me impregnating her i grabbed hold of her and started hard thrust up to meet her downwards ones 10 hard thrusts threw me over the edge and i spat my load way up inside this little girl she cried out and collapsed onto to my chest panting hard hanging on to me tight Jane had left the toy buried in Georgia’s bum turned on but held it still… She suddenly looked up ” Kids are fucking Liers god that was good …. wanna go again she asked then all but passed out on top of me trembling and her cunt muscles still in spasm squeezing me and milking my last drops out …. My cock didn’t start to wilt it was in heaven … ten minutes later she was asleep ….

Jane eased her off me and managed to lift her on to the sofa…. My cock was still as stiff as a post ….” hum waste not want not” she said and climbed on top ….” lay still and relax you’ve been a busy let mummy help you ”

Slowly and gently at first she rode me her tits getting lots of attention from me… i cant recall how long it went on but she knew when i was getting near and then fucked my like a pro so we could come at the same time rolling me on top of her for the ending ” i want it to flow into me as far as it can” she whispered i wasn’t going to argue and let another load go

She looked up at me smiling ” Well ?”

” Well what ” i replied …

” can we keep you … can we keep you please Daddy i been a good girl haven’t i ” she said in a babyish voice

” you both have been very good girls indeed … yes very good girls …. Angel for as long as you need me or always and forever …. ive fallen big time you realise “

” you tripped us both over as well you know not sure i will ever walk straight again after today “

“Thats cause he fucked your ass Mum” Georgia’s head popped over side of the couch…. ” You ready to go again Alan ” i wasn’t but wanted to be so kind of groaned but agreed Jane climbed off me as George slid down onto the rug ” its ok don’t panic i need some rest “

Jane laughed ” kids no stamina … time for bed Missy … that means he can bang me all night ”

Georgia’s lip dropped ” it ok angel im teasing you come on we all need some sleep ….. Erm i trust you are ready for some sleep Alan ” i looked from one to the other and back … ” well i was planning to take you bent over the sofa at least twice each before calling it a day “

“WHAT ” Georgia exclaimed

Jane laughed ” he is kidding if i could stand up id prove it …. think we have emptied the tank tonight “

We finished off the bottle of wine sitting in a line on the rug with backs to the sofa.

” Georgia . Be serious for a moment please ok …….. What’s your thoughts of tonight and Alan”

Oddly no instant comment returned “Mum it’s hard is it ok to say In-front of him I only known him for “she glanced glanced at the clock ” well about 6 hours I guess “

“Angel unknown that ……..but i have not really known him a lot longer …….and no we haven’t been at it at work… This all new to me like it is you……. And yes I think after the last few hours …. We should be ok talking in front of him…” She looked at me to get a sign I nodded she smiled.

” Ok ….. He’s good-looking…. Presentable… Funny….makes me feel special…..broke my duck… kind I think and was gentle with me ” she looked at me ” Thank you for that it was painful but brill at same time Thank you….and Mum if it ok with you I would like …. Like him ERM I want him to teach me everything and be around when I need him …you know…ERM and yes I think i may be falling for him ……. OK what’s your views mum”

Another long pause…” Well mostly ditto …..if being honest …. And afraid a bit……it’s been a long time since I’ve been with a man ….. And this wasn’t planned yet oddly….it all feels genuine honest relaxed and ……” She looked me directly in the face ” I know there are pot holes and dangers in this…but i trust you …. You actually have proven that so perfectly without trying tonight…….I would also like more of the same ……”

” Your thoughts please Mr .” Lt poked me in ribs.

I didn’t need to think…” You are BOTH very beautiful ….funny lady’s as hell…I to can see there could be issues and dangers in the road ahead…….but I trust you because I can see you love each other very much and neither of you wants to hurt or be hurt……”…I looked down at my hands” I’ve never felt anything so potentially right before don’t take this the wrong way ….I feel for first time in my life I’m where I should be and want to be ….. I genuinely love no I’m in love with you both ok”

” George… serious still …..would you like him to move in ….ERM if he wants that is ”

Baby voice was back ” mummy if you let me keep him I will feed him water him and clean up after him I promise. …… Please let’s keep him please mum ”

” Alan I know this is all sudden …..heck I don’t even know where or who you live with…. But …..” She looked down ” I’m in love with you as well …..I would like us to take t’s head fell e leap the chance and see where it leads us to …… Alan we would both like….love you to move in with us….it’s ok you can say no we would understand and would be best to be straight from the beginning if it not what you want…..”

I put my finger to her lips to hush her ” I’d like … Love that so much angel ..angels ” Georgia’s head fell to my lap and she kissed my dick it gave a large twitch ….

” Mummy I think you wrong he not empty yet it seems” she sat up and giggled ” improve you Da…. Alan ” she hugged my arm gave a huge yawn …

” Leave the room as it is I think we need bed now we can sort it tomorrow “

We all headed upstairs I was shown where the bathroom and toilet was on the way and Jane opened her bedroom door and led me in Georgia headed Futher down the landing to another door

” Go get her Alan she should be in with us tonight at least …… That is if you want ”

Interesting Jane hug ” yes I agree we should get her ” I kissed her .. and walked to Georgia’s room and appear on the door

” Enter”

I walked in Georgia was leaning against her wardrobe I could we get shoulders hitch and realised whereas crying walked over and gently kissed her shoulder ” what’s up LT ”

She jumped and spun around three her arms around me mixed my chest ” I ….I thought you’d find to bed ”

” We will …but not without you sweetheart …. I need you” … She grabbed my hand dragged me as fast as she could to her mum’s room…

Stood looking at her mum ” can I”

” Yes angel we want you in here both of us ok ”

” Cool ” Georgia dashed out..

” Alan if you said during night …please be gentle with her and yes do her first she will love that”

I hugged Jane tight..” your a very special lady …. And a great mother you know ”

She laughed. ” A good mother wouldn’t let you within a mile of there daughter. But thank you for saying it ‘

” You are Escort Ankara a good mother. Is it not better that she was safe and wasn’t in some kids car or bike shed and being hurt”

” Ok see your point ”

Georgia entered just as we were kissing. ” Not In-front of the kids please” she laughed

She had slipped into lose fitting silky t shirt that came down low enough to just about cover everything..

” Really Missy that fools no one ” Jane laughed ” your in the middle where I can keep a eye on you” Jane slipped a black silk nighty on and slid in the right side of the bed …” Take your boxers of Jake we all know what you are packing ”

I picked them of as LT slid into bed giving me a eyeful even though I was tired I could feel my package grow

I did in on the left. Jane kissed LT and beckoned me to joined the hug basically putting Georgia in my firing line her sexy bum to me knowing my tool would press against her there….she kissed me long and hard then breathed in my ear ” try it but don’t force her” I rocked my hips gently

A small hand took my cock and actually positioned it to her tiny bum…oddly I instantly noticed it was well lubed up I slid my hips forward a little my helmet slid in …Georgia sucked in air loudly grabbed my right hand and pulled it to her tits her nipples were rock hard and she gasped and started caressing them through her silk top Jane’s eyes opened wide and she gasped I didn’t realise why for a moment then spotted Georgia was sucking her mum’s fit and was trusting her hand rapidly between her mother’s legs ..

By now I was about three inches inside her it was very tight but ultimate bliss more so in some ways as I wasn’t moving Georgia was as fucking her self backwards onto my cock taking it at her own pace hence not being hurt more than she was willing to stand I slid my left hand under her body so I could play with both her tits at the same time and stared kissing Jane over her head… God this felt so dam good.

Suddenly Georgia let out a stifled scream and yanked herself away from me (that hurt in two ways physically because my cock was tight inside her little bum … But equally if not more so the fact i had hurt her ) she grabbed on to her mum hugging her tight ” Sorry …. sorry so sorry “she was crying again and burying her face into Jane’s breast ….

Jane hugged her to her and was looking at me … i couldn’t see anger in her expression thank fully but i felt like a heel all the same

LT’s was sobbing … ” I wanted … i it hurt so much but i wanted to … im sorry but it felt good as well and …. i spoilt every thing … ” i touched her shoulder gently she pulled away …. ” I’m sorry ok ” she buried her face into the pillows her little body heaving as she wept ….

I looked at Jane for help … She gave me a small smile and mouthed “hold her” silently to me

i edged away a little so there was space for Georgia to roll over and gently pulled her over into my arms facing me she was tense,stiff and pulled away at the start…” Angel its ok you have done nothing wrong i said gently to her ” and tried again. This time she didn’t pull away but was still stiff in my arms and the instant she was facing me buried her face in the pillows once more sobbing.

No pretend voice now she sobbed ” I’m so Sorry i wanted to … For you … to … to make you happy a… and like me “

i hugged her ” Don’t be sorry Sweetheart ” i kissed her head lightly ” You never need do anything just to please me you know …. you should never do that for anyone … and as for liking you … I honestly Love you” i kissed her head again ” Please angel don’t worry i swear you have nothing to be sorry about ” i could feel her relaxing in my arms and as i kissed her head again she turned her head up to kiss me back …

” I love you to Alan ” she hugged me back and quietly in my ear ” it felt so good .. I’m still sorry but can we try it again some time …. Please …. if you want to that is ” She kissed me again …

” Trust me Pea … He more than just wants to and you have a lot of time so its ok ” Jane said she put her arms around her daughter to both hold her and at same time gently finish me off by hand.

Georgia noticed this and raised her left leg over both of mine So my cock was massaging her Cunt at the same time She started to moan Quietly.

“see Georgia Daddy isn’t upset if he was he wouldn’t have such a stiff prick ” Jane said.

Georgia took her tongue out of my mouth just long enough to say in her babyish voice” Daddy is that for me ” giggled and started humping against me … Jane put me in place then hugged me pulling all three of us closer together my cock slid easily inside Georgia this time she gave a sharp intake of breath “ohhh …. that’s gooood sooo Good ” her little hand fell to my arse and tugged me tight towards her … her muscles in her pussy even though she was holding still she kept tightening and relaxing perfectly as she started to purr against my chest …

Jane kissed her daughters shoulder …. “Do it slowly this Time baby … its not a race and you have all the time in the world so enjoy … your new toy ” She looked at me and giggled ” And Alan you can enjoy it as well i guess ” …

I reached behind Jane to slide my hand to her sexy Bum .. She slapped it away … “No Stud not this time … you can do me in the morning … concentrate and Making my little girl happy … Mum’s old bones need a break … so does my bum after earlier i must admit “

she leaned over Georgia’s body and kissed me hard ” as i said Darling we have all the time in the world now don’t we … Good Night” she kissed Georgia ” Night honey …. Don’t break him ok “

” I will try not to Mummy but that may be Hard ” Jane mouthed to me silently ” Thank You”

i pulled her towards me both to kiss her and whisper in her ear ” Why you thanking Me … I love you and you letting me not only love to beautiful lady’s … But shag your daughter its a dream come true ”

She laughed … ” i pegged you rite earlier Alan …. You is huge trouble and i thank you fort that as well ” with that she shoved Georgia hard on her bum basically ensuring we were fulling connected Georgia yelped happily Now good night both of you she rolled over .. Im not sure how soon she fell asleep or even if she was pretending .

But during the Next Hour of gently passion Georgia came a few times and i deposited two loads inside her without ever pulling out of her … she fell asleep in my arms with me still embedded deep her last coherent words as her sweat soaked body fell asleep Was ” I love you ” …

“I love you to Angel ” … i greyed out myself then sleep or coma i never have worked out BUT i know i was smiling ….


Here I jump forward to the next morning we were all up showered dressed and I admit slightly worse for wear …. My tribal cage and lower back …. Jane basically every thing she said felt like she had run a marathon …. And Georgia sadly though her bum was on fire and wouldn’t sit on a dinning chair as it hurt…..


At the breakfast counter over coffee OJ and toast ….and more coffee…. The mood was quiet yet polite as if there was a elephant in the room and after about half a hour Jane mentioned it …..

“About last night guys ….. It was unexpected brilliant and wonderful and I loved it no regrets at all….” You could hear there was a but or cloud on the horizon from her tone …… In my head I was trying to brace for it (because sad though this may sound and for the first time in my life I had totally fallen in love …. With both of them to me they were one entity part of the same package….. How and why I don’t know but I guess it true about love you can’t control who or what you fall for it happens )…. Jane took my hand ” But .. I’M so sorry I … We can’t do this …. You know nothing about us like we know little about you….” A year was running down her face ” this wasn’t intended I wasn’t wanting or looking …” She looked lost ” the two of us T and me I referring to …. Are all we have …. It’s been that way for years and I can’t risk it ” it was only then I realised Georgia was silently crying looking down at her hands they had obviously talked while I was in the shower…

..My brain was in top gear trying to adjust but the way I felt at that moment inside made it impossible to put into words back then….. I never had experienced heartbreak before and it felt like mine was being torn to bits…

” I’M sorry …. I ” I gently Took one of Georgia’s hands ” I’m so sorry I hurt you last night …. I didn’t mean to ” Georgia lifted her head tears streaming down her face ” I love both of you so much I would never hurt you either of you intentionally..” unmanly as I know this is and hard to admit i started to cry myself … ” Im so sorry”

Even though I think it hurt Georgia she jumped up and threw her arms round my neck crying her eyes out …. ” I love you … You didn’t hurt me …. Im sorry Alan …..” Her arms were tight round my neck ….

” Hush angel don’t be sorry ok …..I love you …. ” I kissed the side of her head I looked at Jane ” Honestly I love the both of you with all my heart ok …. But i understand what your mum is saying ….. She is protecting you sweetheart that’s all …..that’s what great parents do…. ” In truth I had not understood the way I felt inside at that moment I don’t think ever would understand but I wanted her to feel better about herself …. ” I love you Georgia” I started to rock her gently like a child .

Jane squeezed my hand I looked up at her and she was crying openly ….” I’m sorry ….honestly ….i hate myself …. I love you Alan …..I shouldn’t but I do …… I just can’t …. The risk …. It’s to high….. You must hate me I know ….”

” No Jane … Never I love you honestly I do but I understand…. putting your trust in some is hard when there’s others ” I kissed Georgia on the head ” when there’s another Person at risk is different ….don’t be sorry ….I actually love you in a way more for that ”

” What how why how can you possibly…… You should hate me ” Jane blurted out

I smiled even though I was still in tears….” I do darling …. You actions prove how much you love your daughter ” Georgia hugged me tighter ” you are protecting her ….is all …. Protecting your family…. Putting her safety first ahead of your needs ….”

” Please stop Alan….” She looked down ” it’s …..I…..we ….. ” She shook her head hard ” what would her friends think…. The neighbors….god your family even ”

LT raised her head……” It not there bee’s mum you know that ……he could be your boyfriend to the world ….or mine ….please mum” she hugged me even tighter she kissed me ” you told me you love him one hell of a lot ….. Please mum please give it …. No ….. Give us a chance ….. A trial period …. Marry him …. Don’t continue mum …. You know you will regret it ….”

” If you get hurt and I lose you I would regret that more”

” Mum …. If you try and it works out there will be no regrets… have always told me that to try something and fail ….is better than to give up without trying it haven’t you “

Jane laughed at that….” That’s it use my mother’s quotes against me ” she looked at me long and hard ” do you honestly think this can work Alan … think you can cope in this mad house…” I was finding it hard to breathe LT was strangling me

” I’d like to try angel…..and my sanity has yet to be proven I admit but I know I would regret not trying “

” Missy … Let go of him and come here”

LT kissed my ear ” don’t you leave I love you” she whispered

” I won’t angel ” I missed her head once more and pealed her arms from around me ” I love you to”

She sat beside her mom looking so small and frightened ” Pea are you sure you want to do this ……it would be easier now than in a month if you change your mind” Jane said

” Mum you work with him ….. Are you going to change your job or get him to on Monday ….. If you honestly love him like you have told me you do ……” LT let that hang in the air …..” See my point mummy dearest”

Jane looked at me ” Other than the obvious…. In bed last night…. Did you two plan this …this little routine I mean ….. By the way if it truly what you both want it worked….. ” She smiled at me ….” I wouldn’t be able to work with you Alan …. Not if we didn’t at least try and see this through …. So abandon ship now if you need to ” she looked at Georgia ” ok I surrender you win ok ….. Just don’t blame me if this all goes wrong is all …….. But thank you trouble you talked me out of a mistake” she turned to me ” Alan I do love you …… ” Her face went red” i’ve fancied you from my first glance but assumed you had someone and I was to old anyhow …. But your gentlemanly conduct and your compliments yesterday just caught me by surprise …. And the journey home and what you said kind of shocked me yet when I reflected on it knew ditto even then but could not say it or really think about it..I love you with all my heart Alan …..try not to break it please”

I stood up rounded the counter and hugged them both to me …. ” I promise to do the best I can but I swear I will never hurt either of you …… This morning has proven to me just how much I am in love with you both I never want to lose either of you ….. Ever ….I’ve never been in love before I now realise actually ”

” Ditto …” The said at the same time ….. Giggled ….and shook hands

We all hugged and kissed and things were better once more…


To round this off without all falling asleep that have read thus far.

in the year of 1991 I was now a fully qualified Accountant and was working as a Group Financial Director for a national hotel chain

Georgia became a accomplish Artist who dose graphic design for Advertising campaigns

Jane who had been made redundant as the Double glazing company Sold up and shut the branch down we had worked for as we had financial stability and a much larger house We all jointly decided there was no need for her to work Full time or any time if she wanted this was due to planed we had made for early in 1992

I married Georgia in February 92 and she had her first child a Daughter Late that November

June Had her second child Early that December

Both planned and totally wonderful Kids My kids they both have 1 dad and 2 beautiful mothers and as of 2007 have never asked the tricky question i just prey they both find as much happiness and joy in there life as the three of us have

OK the threesomes are few and far between now with kids about it makes for less time. But yes i’m one of if not the luckiest man alive i know that clearly …

My father sussed it out within a very short length of time after only seeing the pair of them @ 5 times with me hence i gained yet another nickname Lucky … My mother only worked it out just before the wedding and said as long as every ones happy she thought it was great and gaining 2 grand kids that they spoilt rotten from day one helped.

One last thing .. i did find out why trust was a huge issue in the early days … Jane’s first husband was a alcoholic womanising abusive husband and father who used to knock them both about. How anyone could hit anything as beautiful as either of them still makes my blood boil IF i had ever met the guy in his life time knowing what i know he would never have lived as long as he did.

Finally …. This is totally fact based. Dates may be a little hazy sketchy in places and names are changed. odd relation ship maybe but to my mind no harm or abuse of any kind sexual or otherwise took place Every one was willing me i guess more so in some ways i still think of that first day as the day i arrived home for the first time in my life …. Jane claims i rescued them … i know they both saved me … and LT well she still has her babyish voice when ever she wants something and is only 2 inch’s taller than she was then still fits into her uniforms perfectly BUT not in front of the kids … i guess she will still look jailbait maybe when retirement age rolls around at this rate (OH and yes she likes Anal like her mother as well) think that’s it enjoy.

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Ara 01

Bondage Club

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The Bondage Club

My husband is a raunchy stud whom I love dearly, especially with my vagina. We’ve never pretended that sex was not the best part of our relationship, though we can keep ourselves somewhat in control under most circumstances. We also have what goes way beyond a merely open marriage.

That’s something we keep secret from our neighbors and the other parents. Things may get complicated when the kids get old enough to figure out what’s going on. But for now that isn’t a problem.

I’m ten years younger than Frank, his child bride. My parents are in their fourties and mom loves taking care of the kids. She loves it when I leave them at her house for the weekend. Nor does she get tired of them when Frank and I go for a week long vacation. “Next time” she tells me, “take two weeks.” I guess she’s almost as young as some of the other parents we know. She has a lot of energy.

Mom knows I have kinky tastes and married a guy with similar inclinations. She never asks for specifics, but I’ve volunteered some. I tell her we usually vacation in nudist resorts, but not the fact that the ones we go to cater to swingers. She knows that before I married I often dated two guys at the same time and was probably having sex with both. But I never told her about the times I had both lovers in bed with me at the same time, nor that I had both of them inside me at the same time. DP is one of the kinky things I keep secret from her. But genital and anal sex have many risks, some I’m no longer willing to take now that I have children. If I do have sex with a man other than the three I trust, I insist on rubbers, for health reasons. I will have unprotected oral sex with any guy I’m willing to have an affair with. So that’s sometimes all I do with a man.

And then there’s the club.

We live in a big city. Actually the suburbs. New York City. We have to drive into Manhattan for most club activities, but sometimes they rent a place in Queens. A lot of things about the club are kept secret from the rank and file. I don’t know how many people are in it, though I’d guess the number is less than one hundred. I call it the Bondage Club, capital letters, but it has no official name. At least none that I know of. I heard once that there is an official corporation. But we’re not encouraged to ask those types of questions. I think the whole thing is probably legal, but this isn’t the type of activity that tolerates a lot of publicity. As a participant I love the way it works. I certainly don’t want to rock the boat.

It’s possible that the club makes money, but not much. There are no membership dues. You get notified and invited to events by e-mail. I imagine if you stop attending for a while, you’d get dropped from the list.

You pay to attend an event, but the fees seem to just cover the expenses. Another rumor I heard is that we have a secret benefactor, that one of the board members is so rich that he underwrites the additional cost just to keep things going. Perhaps the corporation is listed as non-profit. Ankara bayan escort Everyone at a club event is on a first name basis. Only. Mentioning last names is discouraged. Even the couple that recruited us we only refer to there as Bob and Nancy. We come seperately, leave seperately, and tell no one else that we know each other outside of club events. Nor do Bob and Nancy know that I recruited Karen, Sally, and Georgina. I have this collection of kinky girlfriends.

The club’s main activity is providing a forum for females to entertain publicly doing the lewest things they can imagine not involving having intercourse with men. That doesn’t mean she can’t have intercourse with a dildo or someone’s fingers. Sometimes there are men involved in a skit, but they never undress, so no bare cocks please. In fact, both on stage and in the audience the men are always required to stay fully clothed, while nudity is the most common attire for women. The difference is exciting. The audience is interested in my naked body, not that of a naked male beside me. The club would have no interest to homosexual males and probably very little to lesbians. The main reason women are there is so they can flaunt themselves either on stage or on the dance floor. The men are there to enjoy it.

If you’re not actually getting fucked, if you don’t have a naked lover available to wrap your pussy around, then the best way to get an orgasm is in bondage. The main skits don’t always involve a woman tied up in a most compromising poses. Sometimes she just assumes the positions without the restraints. But usually she’s cuffed or roped, made delightfully helpless while a master, male or female, abuses her sexually into having a number of orgasms. It’s embarrassing and wonderful to feel your body suddenly let go, spraying the floor with your juices while half a hundred people watch you. When a girl has a climax with a man inside her, it feels so right, like going to church. With your genitals wide open and on display it feels delightfully naughty.

I remember my last time on stage perfectly. I remember every time perfectly. This last time I was once again lashed to the pole. This time Hank was my lover tormentor. One is never assigned a master she knows well. I’d met Hank only a few of times. After you’ve been a man’s victim, you never again think of him as just a man. If he does a good job you’ll remember him with more fondness than most of your lovers. Not that he hasn’t become your lover. He just hasn’t stuck his dick inside you. I think this is the main reason we aren’t allowed to know other members outside. If I’d even known Hank’s last name I’d have been on the net the next day trying to contact him, trying to get him to fuck me in private. After an episode with a male the girl really feels like her pussy and anus belong to him, and it’s frustrating that she hasn’t had the opportunity to prove it.

The pole is not bare. It has attachments, pads and rings and phalic protrusions. You can be strapped to it with your wrists and ankles pulled backwards, opening Escort bayan Ankara up your body much more than happens with a simple spread eagle. Hank made me push back first against a small disc with a dildo protruding from it’s center. The dildo was lubed and impailed my anus with no effort at all, especially on my part. It was neither deep nor wide. I had no trouble accomodating it while positioning my derriere so that much of my weight was supported on the disc. The disc, however, was slanted slightly forward which pressed the the top side of the dildo against the upper sidewall of my rectum. It wasn’t uncomfortable, except that I felt like a hooked fish, hooked by my asshole.

As Hank attached and pulled tight my arm restraints, I felt my arms being forced to support increasingly more of my weight from the well padded cuffs, my wrists now above my head, but wide apart and slightly back. I have medium size breasts, still shapely even after nursing two babies. At the club you don’t discuss children. But I’m always naked, my belly usually on display. Anyone who knows what stretch marks are can see that I’ve had babies. In a very real way, I feel like letting people see my stretch marks makes me more naked than showing off my pussy lips. Seeing my pussy lips tells a man little about me, except that I like showing off my pussy lips. All women have pussies. Seeing my marks tells a man that I’ve had babies, that not only have I had sex, but I’ve also allowed myself to get knocked up, that I’m a mother.

At first my legs are straight below me. It is my tits that are being offered up, forced to protrude helplessly and erotically for the benifit of the audience. My benifit also. The position with everyone watching makes me intensely aware of them. My nipples feel like they want to swell up even more than they already have. Impossible. I feel my pussy warming up even more, my clit hardening with excitement, my pussy shaking like I could have an orgasm without anyone even touching me down there. Possible, but not desirable. In these games you want to offer your master at least a token bit of challenge. Squirting cume out your cunt just because your titties have been put on display is too slutty for words.

I read once that the average woman takes twenty minutes from initial penetration before she can orgasm. That’s assuming she can orgasm. But why penetration? What about simple foreplay. Or not so simple foreplay? How about bondage like this? Nothing’s been stuck inside me yet. But if Hank so much as tickles my clit once with a feather, I’ll explode. It’s all I can do to avoid a “premature” orgasm, one that occurs before my master has given me permission to enjoy myself.

I amend that statement. Nothing has been stuck inside my pussy. My anus has that dildo I’ve already gotten so comfortable with I almost forget it’s there. But the people in the audience can see it very clearly sticking inside me. Even if you count the anal penetration it’s only been about three minutes. I wonder if the women interviewed were all prudes. Or their lovers Bayan escort Ankara inexperienced in the ways of sexy foreplay. I doubt I’m the only girl around who can cume simply from clit stimulation. In fact I cume very easily when a guy sucks it. But lets suppose my lover enters me from the back. He thrusts himself into my pussy or anus but doesn’t touch my clit or breasts. I can’t remember this ever happening but I’d probably enjoy it. I can imagine myself just resting there letting him do what he wants waiting patiently for him to really turn me on by touching my erogenous zones. Of course, I’d only refraim from touching my clit myself if I’d been instructed not to. But this is the way dominance and bondage games are sometimes played. In the club the man would not be allowed to actually fuck me with his penis. But using other things to excite me while keeping me short of having a climax is often done. Hank, however, wasn’t playing that particular game. He was letting me build toward a climax, perhaps too quickly.

Hank has now attached my ankles to the floor out to the sides and slightly back of my hips. It doesn’t hurt much, but feels like it should. My pelvis protrudes in front of me. The ropes keep me from falling forward. My pussy lips are pulled apart, my clit popping out from under my hood. Hank walks around to inspect me. I am so helpless and open and empty, I could feel no more naked or exposed. I look at him with carnal lust and my pussy explodes. He is unprepared and only misses a hosing because he is standing slightly to one side.

Yet this is our secret. Hank smiles and acts like I have responded as he wishes. Part of the performance is for my benefit, part for his, but mostly for the audience. A slave in bondage is only supposed to cume when her master wishes. We both pretend this was his wish.

Hank is holding the feather I mentioned earlier. He touches it to my sensitive clit. Perhaps five minutes have passed before he does this. It feels to me like no time has passed. But some must have because my body responds again, my chamber refilled is now emptying again on the floor. I have no sense of time but Hank can tell when I’m again ready. The third time it only takes a touch on one of my nipples. But both of these times I have his permission, so I eagerly deliver my cume when the stimulus is applied. I couldn’t be happier.

My lips are swollen, cume soaked, and ugly. Frank would say beautiful. Apparently the other men looking at me agree. I’m glad men think so.

Hank releases my ankles, pops my ass off the anal dildo, turns me around and pulls my wrists down to the floor draping my bent body over a padded “horse”. I am told to keep my legs wide spread. I thank him for allowing me to do so. I don’t know what I will enjoy more, displaying my open orifices or feeling them filled with various toys. Hank could skip the toys, since their use is very common. But there’s a reason they get used so often when a girl is forced to assume this position. I smile and think of Frank’s erection as I feel a large, rubbery object enter my pussy. Frank has told me that seeing me abused like this is more of a turn on for him than when it’s other women because he’s still as much in love with me as ever.

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Ara 01

Church Encounter

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Mel and mom had decided to attend church every Sunday. I dont know why peobably to repent or something.
‘Ellen dear wake up Church today!’ Mel said.

I slowly arose from my slumber and entered the shower. Not being very fancy, i put on my full black mini dress that was kinda see thro. I had no proper dresses so i guess this would do. We arrived at church and we took our seats. I was bored as hell in this death trap. The Church couir slowly assembled onto the stand and started to sing. My ears couldnt believe! A nice voice came ringing into my ears. I looked up and noticed a cute 13 year old standing doing a singing solo. She was Blonde haired and brown eyes. My eyes opened wider each time i heard a syllable she was that amazing.

Each sunday i heard that beautiful voice. The whole church was invited to the Fathers 48th birthday and ofcourse i would have to attend.

We arrived at the local park nice and early to ensure we wouldnt be late. I rocked up in a white tank top and denim mini shorts with my LA hat. It was 1 in the evening and everyone had turn up. I was alone on the swing just sitting there twittering and on facebook.

‘Hello im Samantha.’
When i heard the nicest voice ever i looked to my right and saw her. She was my height and nice small body.

‘Im Ellen.’
‘Can i swing with you?’
‘Go ahead.’
Samantha went to the swing and we started talking about how are lifes were going and girl talk. It was Ankara escort 3 and it was time to leave. Me and samantha exchanged moble number so we could hang out more. It was a wednesday and i got a text from Samantha saying ‘Hey Ellen, i was wondering if you might want to stay over this saturday and come to Church with me? Xx Sam’

Of course i responded with ‘yes i would love to!’
It was saturday morning and i quickly woke up packed my stuff up and waited for Sam. Sam knicked on the door, i opened it and we left. She lived 20 minutes away from me but i didnt care we kept walking. We arrived at hers and she amiddently asked ‘Want to go for a swim?’

I went to the bathroom and put on my black bikini. I went to the pool and saw that Sam was wearing a white bikini. ‘i little revealing!’ i thought to my self. We were in the pool allday swimming and taking photos.
‘Time for showers!’ she hopped out of the pool and turned to face. Looked directly at her slit and felt wet.
‘is it ok if we share a shower we only have one?’
‘Thats fine’ i replied.

We went into the bathroom and locked the door. Samantha turned to face me and took off her bikini top. She had wonderful perkyl Bcup breasts and small pink nipples. Then she took off her bottoms and revealed her hairless virgin pussy. I followed suit and took off my bikini. We hopped in the shower and washed eachother all over. She rubbed her hand over my pussy a couple times and over Ankara escort bayan my breasts. We hopped out of the shower and dried of and put on are clothes.
‘Sam where are your parents?’
‘Their out till tomorrow so this place is all ours!!’

I went to my bag and popped out a bottle of bundie and coke.
‘What are you doing Ell?’
‘Getting drunk, what you doing?’
‘Drinking underage is against the law!’
‘Who cares babe have some.’

We drank the whole 2 bottles i packed and we were completly drunk.
‘Hey Ell come here!’ she said slowly
I managed to walk over to her and saw her sitting on the toilet. I knelt down and she kissed me.
‘ive wanted to do that ever since i first saw you!’

I stood up and took of my shirt and skirt and kissed sam back. She felt my boob and forced her tounge down my throat. I stood us up and dragged her to her room and we layed on the bed voilently pashing. Sam took of all off her clothes and since she was ontop she thrusted her pussy into my panties. I hopped up and took of my clothes and sat on Sams stomach forcing my tounge in her throat while rubbing my pussy on her. I moved down towards her naked pussy and stroked it. I then put a finger in her and inserted another. After i fingered her to her first orgasm i started to lick her.
‘Baby let me lick you to.’
I slowly moved into the 69 position. I kept licking her while she licked me. To be honest it was tge greatest feeling.

Sam Escort Ankara pushed me of and went to her mom an dads room and i followed. Sam searched all around the room untill she turned around with a box of sex toys.
‘Why has your parents got all of these, arnt they christian?’
‘no,’ Sam said ‘I am becuase every weekend they have sex with different people and thet are happily married.’
‘Is there thing i can do?’
‘Can we try this?’ Sam pulled out a red 12 inch double sided dildo.

I gasped and she said ‘Mom sometimes had mates over and so did dad so…’
We both layed down and put are legs over eachothers an i inserted 1 side easily.
Sam opened her mouth wide and said
‘how did you get it in so easily!!??’
‘well, a couple weeks ago was my birthday my dad came and visited and Mel and mom left and me an my dad had sex.’
‘Wow! I wish my dad was like that!’
Sam soonly got the dildo in her virgin pussy and we thrusted all the way till are pussys touched. We were both moaning untill we were brought to orgasms. No matter, we kept thrusting.

I pulled the dildo out of my pussy and into my arse. We still kept moaning louder and louder and shouting ‘oh yes!’

We pulled the dildo out and started sucking it. We went back to her room and hopped in bed nude next to each other facing eachother. We fell asleep kissing and fingering one another

I woke up drenched in my own pussy juices and i put on my Mini skirt and tank top and woke Sam up. I licked her pussy once and told her i had to go. When i got home i ammeditly went to my room and fingered my self. Best sleep over ever!

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It took the entire ride to a parking garage but by the time he parked I was a little more coherent again. And it was mostly thanks to that hotter than hell sports car he had that I started coming back to reality. Otherwise I might have just stared at Flatline some more, like a fucking idiot. But when I saw his car, my eyes went wide. “Woah. Bitching ride. What made you decide on it?”

He grinned and then I was talking to him easily because I wasn’t looking at him, instead distracted by the smooth as silk interior. His car was one of my favorite models for my own reasons but I wanted to hear his. And it was easy to talk about that because Flatline and I had enjoyed many conversations, both sexual and not. Distracted by something else to look at, it was easy to talk with him and as the conversation went on while we disagreed on engines and talked older cars and newer cars and sports models, it started to sink in that this was a man I knew. He had fucked me in perverse ways, cut me, made me fear for my life, kept me safe, lecherously licked my tears, castrated me from orgasms for days at a time, and always, always taken care of me with every game.

He took a second to kiss me in the parking garage, smiling again. “There’s my Tuesday again. Come on, baby, let’s go see a show.”

“A show?” I trailed after him, my heels a little strange for me but not uncomfortable. He hadn’t been cruel with those and they were small kitten heels. “What kind of show?”

He laughed at that. “Dearest Tuesday, you haven’t broken my rule about questioning my games yet. Don’t start now.” He pulled me beside him, shaking his finger in a tsking motion. “No ruining my fun surprises.”

I was smiling, still staring every now and again, and even more dangerously enamored than before. God, he was beautiful in a way that screamed sin, with that dark hair and the way his entire demeanor shouted warning and danger. It wasn’t just his massive stature or his obvious muscle build. It was his gait, the way his eyes sharply noticed everything, the way he didn’t ask any questions but seemed to know exactly what he was doing. And the way he glanced at me every now and again when he felt me watching….

Dear God. Even on a date and without the collar there was no way I could forget I was his sexual object to hurt and fuck at will. Even dressed like a princess, I was his slutty masochist of a princess, and any glance he gave me just underlined that fact in bold.

He guided me to a theater, covering my eyes with a flirtatious whisper in my ear, “Just a little longer.” And I had to laugh at his insistence on his surprises but I’d never fight him with those. He only kept my eyes behind his palm while we walked through the door.

The place was gorgeous, but also currently had a strange vibe in the exotic sense of the word. Just like some of the people I saw were… slightly strange. A few of them anyway, the ones that stood out. Most everyone was actually pretty normal, but the attire was definitely formal. Flatline led us to a box overlooking an auditorium, making sure I couldn’t see any kind of indicators as to what was going on. He was in high spirits too, tugging me along with a playfulness like the night he collared me and said he had to kill his private room coordinator.

Was that playfulness… wait. Was that Flatline’s form of being nervous? It was way different than anyone else’s brand of nervous if it was. He was so smooth and easy and of course to him there was nothing unusual about talking to me when he saw me all the time, most often naked.

“My God, you are unfair to look at.” I watched him in our mostly private seating, glad for that privacy. It felt like a chance to breathe and take him in. He had buttoned his suit up and put on a tie, fixing it in his car mirror and it was a deep red one that matched me. To me, female formal attire had so much variety and men’s seemed almost boring, but he for damn sure didn’t make it look boring.

He laughed, talking with me softly in our seats, his arm easily around my shoulder. And I realized that almost naturally I was leaned into him, my body aligned towards his to speak to him. It was all totally feeling based but so subconscious too, a side effect of having felt him while blind for so long. “If you’d look in the mirror a little more often, you’d realize that you are too.”

Amazing. My belly tossed with butterflies. He didn’t apologize for looking gorgeous and didn’t deny it, but I knew he wasn’t a narcissist either. My God, he’d been dating me without even using his good looks so he obviously didn’t need to delude himself about it. He was just confident, in a way that made me remember three goddamned days of his edging torture. “That might be true.” But I laughed. “But I like my sleep a lot too, so I end up rushing past the mirror. Also I can’t see hair colors when I try them and end up with tiger stripes.”

“Dear lord, you tried to dye it yourself? You are not one to let a physical setback stop you from adventure at all, are you?”

He was smiling in a way that made me smile, a way that made me love my impulsive antics. Some people I’d tried to date before I knew myself well enough had always treated that recklessness like a failing, but not Flatline. He approved and it was clear that he did. Of course he might have been biased since that same behavior led me to date him. “Not at all. I could give a little more effort in something like styling though, it’s true. I don’t even have a color excuse for that.”

He stroked a stray hair behind my ear gently. “Oh, I don’t know. I have dreams of those French braids you wear like a little Million Dollar Baby and that Osgood hockey jersey with nothing else beneath it while you serve me scotch or coffee.”

I laughed. “I started buying his jerseys after the octopus thing because he really was bloody brilliant. Okay, what’s your favorite cookie?”

He lifted an eyebrow. “Favorite cookie? Peanut butter chocolate chip, I suppose.”

He would choose a difficult bloody cookie. I jumped when the lights went down, catching a glimpse of the wicked little smile on his face before it was dark and the stage was lit. I buried my face in his shoulder, blushing but delighted, when the introduction said the phrase “annual burlesque show”. He nudged me, his whisper insistent. “Really? I release you from months of blindness and you hide your face? Not on your life, Tuesday.”

I grinned and turned back to watch what he wanted me to, knowing it was to tease me all the more. When he got a chance he disappeared for a moment and came back with two small glasses. “Tell me, have you ever had absinthe?” Sparks danced in his eyes, sadistic sparks, and I shook my head.

He lifted a glass to my lips and I obediently drank. It hit my tongue like licorice flavored fire and my eyes went wide with delight. Much like any other intense sensation, it killed any hope of taste for the rest of the night. He fed me both small glasses after that and the night seemed to grow more and more magical with every sip.


He had a penthouse suite – but what else would he have – and after our foray of high class, jazzy sex fun – my bad, the proper word is obviously sensual – that’s where he took me, taking me up an elevator and laughing at whatever ridiculous shit I was spouting off. Maybe it was the absinthe, maybe it was that my body was starting to catch up with my eyes and I was getting used to the beautiful sight of him. I wasn’t sure but after watching a burlesque show with him, it was impossible to not feel amped with the sex he had injected me with over the past three days.

He closed the door and turned to me with a predator’s look, taking off his jacket and tie and throwing them over a chair while his eyes stayed on mine, his smile wicked. It reminded me of the absinthe all over again and I shivered, horny and eager. “Now it’s your turn.”

“My turn?”

He winked and lifted a remote until music played throughout his wide living room. But his music wasn’t jazzy, no. It was edgy and dark, industrial rock that pulsed both sex and violence. “Your turn to tease me, baby.” He lifted the dress over my head, his hands stroking down my sides, his gaze hot when it moved over the sheer bra. I turned with his motions when he manipulated me and my body was forced into a dancing rhythm to the beat from his surround sound, but it was a kind of dancing rhythm that brushed my ass against his cock and I moaned, feeling the length as hard as it was. My body took over from there, arching erotically in his arms because fuck, was I riled up to insanity. It was so easy to tease him like the slut he obviously wanted when I felt so slutty and needy. “More,” I moaned when he pulled away.

He chuckled and came back, but he didn’t grind his cock against me again. Instead I felt my collar at my neck and he clasped it and locked it, having already removed the necklace to place back in its beautiful box. It was mine, he’d said, but I asked him to hold onto it because he could match it while I couldn’t and I was terrified of having something like that, terrified of hurting it. “Such a horny fucking girl you are. But I want a nice tease for me and my little slave serves, isn’t that right?”

“Yes, master.” I practically purred those words while he pulled me to the middle of the room where a chair was and sat down. If it were anyone else I would feel stupid and find a reason to stop. But I didn’t dare stop with Flatline, didn’t dare rebel anything he demanded. I was eager and hot all over, my pussy alive with need, and it was impossible to not feel like a sex object. And then the last reason I couldn’t feel stupid like this?

Flatline never let me have control, never let me take any reins, and he didn’t start with this. Like with everything else, he took over and he didn’t ask. He just did, taking of my body as he willed. His hands moved me to the rhythm and he purposefully arched up so that I felt his cock brush me, which made me whine and grind and tease him as he wanted. When he wanted me bent forward he reached up to stroke over my tits in the bra. I moaned with greed and arched to his touch while he spoke, low and encouraging and fucking filthy. “That’s it. Be a horny little whore for me. My little set of holes to use as I want.”

When he turned me to face him I was insane for him, actually out of my mind. I couldn’t think past the pure need that screamed in me and now that I could see his eyes, had permission to look on his face? I moaned and straddled him like he guided me to, my ass lifted like an animal in heat. I arched the way he wanted and, oh yes, I teased. I licked my tongue across his lips while he growled, his eyes holding me captive. He raised me higher, his gaze traveling down my body with hunger in it, until my pussy was right at his face, the rhythm shaking me. His nose skimmed my sex so that I cried out, breaking. “Please! Please!”

He snarled and undid his suit pants beneath me, pulling them down even while he impatiently pulled my thong off, leaving me in the garter and heels. And he switched up from the chair to his couch, throwing me back onto it, sideways, while he crawled over me. One hand locked over my wrists on the armrest and held them still while the other stroked up my back first and then reached down to guide himself inside of me.

His cock head against my slit made me arch with cries of desperation. I writhed upward, a wild thing in heat, and I thought that after his cruel edging and the show and the absinthe and the pure sexual sensation of getting to see his face and my God, dancing for him? I thought I might have attacked him. As it was my hands made clawing motions in his grasp and my body fought his, but not to get away.

He laughed above me. “Aw, look, you’re like a little cat caught by the scruff of its neck. Are you my horny little pussy, baby?”

I moaned up at him, arching for him, and I was in pain. Actual pain. Everything hurt with anticipating need. “Yes, master, I’m your horny little pussy!” I would agree to anything, do anything he asked, for his cock.

And he knew it. He held still above me, his eyes watching in greedy pleasure at my mindless agony from his build. “You seem to want some cock. And yet…” He mock sighed. “I haven’t even hurt you yet. Let’s make a deal then.” I moaned in fear and dread because I was going to bow to whatever it was and regret it later. I was too far gone to think past anything but the burning need. “I’ll be a kind master and give you this orgasm for free, but each successive one is going to cost you a compounding interest of pain. And needless to say, I’ll be deciding how many you pay me for.”

“Yes! Yes, master!”

He laughed above me. “You’re going to regret that, horny little slut. By the end of the night, you’ll wonder why you didn’t beg for weeks more of denial and edging instead.”

I shivered at the deliciously ominous words and stared up into his eyes as they glinted with twisted deviancy at seeing me brought low, to this point where I would have agreed to anything, absolutely anything. He might as well have been a god-king of my world right then. And I did agree.

He watched me struggle for one more minute and then grinned evilly, thrusting inside of me so abruptly I squealed with the sudden feeling of being impaled on his massive size. But I ignored the pain and thrust up against him. It took two strokes and I howled with release while he grunted, my pussy constricting and milking his cock with my hunger.

And then came what he’d promised. The pain. He stopped his thrusts to bend down and bite my nipples between his teeth until I keened under my breath, hissing from the way he continuously worried the peaks. He alternated back and forth in a circuit until they were sore and then he still kept going until I wished it were the clover clamps instead. But then his next thrusts were bliss that sent me spiraling again. I tried to make it last as long as it could, whimpering in fear even when I finished, knowing that the next pain would be worse and now I was able to think clearly and realize that he was going to make this go for a long, long time. It was a special night, our first real date, and he’d shown me his face.

This was going to be torture.


I woke up in his bed the next morning with a moan and he actually had to wake me up. He was as bad as his word, putting me through orgasm after orgasm after orgasm. The last one had been so expensive that he’d had to cock gag me to muffle my shrieks while he caned candle wax off my pussy and tits, pierced my breasts through with needles again, and all while a spreader bar held me open. The spreader wouldn’t have been so bad, except he had placed it on me hours before and held me at the widest setting in his bed. After so long it hurt, a continuous discomfort that quickly went to pain. From the orgasms leading up to that? My ass was bruised and my shoulders had markings from a short stock whip while my thighs had taken the tawse. He would torture me and then deliberately hold me down for a wand vibrator while he said, “Time to cum for me, baby, so you’ll owe me more pain for the next one.” And I dreaded the orgasm build. I started to fight them for fear of what followed, but he was relentless and a sexual god and I always ended up crying out in bliss. And then instantly sobbing in terror when he grinned wolfishly.

He shook me awake a second time and I moaned again, never wanting to move from his bed. It was the black sheets and covers I had seen in his photos and my God, it was more comfy than anything I’d ever felt. Fuck me, but I was willing to even try the continuation of a relationship for the hope to one day sleep with him in that bed. His sheets were like Egyptian cotton or something I didn’t indulge myself in because I once upon a time thought it would be dumb. But laying in it with my body throbbing all over from his torture and sex spree made me seriously reconsider what had been missing from my life.

He chuckled. “I would be a very bad master if I let you continue sleeping, lovely. You have a few extra things to do this morning, little Tuesday.”

Goddamnit. He was right. I had a fucking life and bullshit. I opened my eyes to see him standing above me and he smiled in approval when I nodded up to him unwillingly. “Grr.”

He laughed and took my hand. “Come on. Shower is this way and I have clothes for you. I can spend some of the morning with you, too, and keep you company.”

No. Fucking. Way. How perfect was he? He wasn’t going to do it. No one was kind enough to do that after a sex spree when they could stay in that heaven of a bed.

He fucking did it. He drove to work with me and helped me open the store. He’d even given me a gamer shirt and jeans, which made me cringe to put on over the marks he’d left all over me. And oh God, the marks were torture through the day, a constant source of arousal.

He even hummed. In the morning. He hummed. I didn’t know what to do with him. What, he just woke up with all that sexual energy he continuously had with me? How? I mean, granted, I had the sexual part too because I was a horny fucking slut, but the energy? No, that took coffee. Which I made as soon as I was in the store.

With the coffee came my mental ability. “Master?”

He looked up from one of the tables where he looked out of place going through Magic cards. “Yes, lovely?”

“Does this mean… um, is the routine going to change? You know, how you call and tell me what to do and all that?”

He smiled. “Oh, it will, but I think you’ll enjoy the changes. Just keep telling me your schedules and following my lead. I’m sure you’ll do just fine, my little relationship phobic sub. In the meantime, how do you play this?”

I laughed, but it gave us something to do so I set across from him with some of my decks and showed him, going through the rules and how each card changed those rules. Flatline was a delight to show games to, I soon discovered, and he adored anything with strategy. It wasn’t an accident that he had beaten me at chess that one night. He was good. I let him look through all of my Magic decks, both current and past expansions, to see how they worked.

“Mine mostly suck or are beginning learners’ decks because I sell the truly rare cards from my packs. If it’s a lotus or anything else coveted, I’m not keeping it when it pays for the pack I opened multiple times over.”

He laughed. “Ah, the decision between being a gamer or a businesswoman.”

“Business wins for me,” I answered easily.

I stood up when I saw one of my regulars, glancing back at Flatline when he looked thoughtfully at the door to watch the man pause and then leave. Which didn’t shock me. He was a strange one, not that I could judge that at all. He was overly shy. Usually nice enough, always polite, but he didn’t stay around when other people were around sometimes.

He would either call or come back later, though, because for some reason he got along well enough with me.

I went and sat back across from Flatline, who studied me. “That’s who saw us that one night.”

“Him? Are you sure? Don’t answer that. Dumbest question I ever asked. Of course you’re sure. It’s just weird. I’ve never had him come in at night before. It’s too busy then and he’s too introverted.”

He smiled at my monologue, chuckling when I instantly struck doubt from him. “I’m just telling you. Be careful for me, little Tuesday. I’m becoming a bit fond of having my own personal torture toy, so if you have problems, you are still to come to me. If you end up in danger and I find out it’s some fault of your own, I’ll have to introduce you to some real punishment, baby.”

I shuddered at the thought of his punishment when he’d done everything last night as mere sadistic playtime. The thought of his wrath truly terrified me, so I softly said, “Yes, master” in the meekest voice I was capable of. And then I blinked, watching him go about my store, picking things up. “W-what are you doing?”

“I have to go soon so I’m getting what I want to buy from you.”

I watched in awe. He picked up the only copy I had of the Blackgrave and Darkgrave pack – the one I’d gotten shipped literally the day before – picked up Death of the Family, picked up an MTG starter kit. He also got the first graphic novels in the Sandman series. And I watched, shaking a little in a sudden terrible realization, a little bit of panic choking me.

He nodded. “That’s all for now, I think. What’s wrong, baby?”

“I don’t know how to…” I gestured at the register and then him and then felt really stupid because goddamnit, this was my job.

But… He chuckled and circled around the desk where no one had ever trespassed because I had made the last person who dared to try cry. And where was my assertiveness now? Where was any of me now? “Little slave heart. Come here.” He wrapped his arms around me, going to the POS, his voice slow and methodically soothing. “You do it like this. Go to your transaction start.” I obeyed that mechanically, quivering a little, because what the actual fuck? At the same time my body thrummed all over from what he’d done to me the night before. “Now type in the password to start it.” Again, I obeyed. And he wrapped his hand around mine, moving it like I was his doll again to lift up the scanner. He rang the game and the books… and the cards… using my hand while I leaned into his arms. And then he pulled away to get his card and I shivered once at the absence before he held me again, clicking the manual card option. And he used my fingertip to type in the numbers, finishing it.

And it was over. He left from behind the counter and leaned over to kiss my forehead. “You do it just like that.”

God, I was fucked where he was concerned. Those three words got trapped painfully in my throat and it felt fucking stupid to not tell him when he had to know by now. But he never once pressed it. And he didn’t that time either. He merely winked and helped me bag what he’d gotten before he said his goodbye with one last command. “Get online tonight and play with me.”

“Yes, master.” And I was smiling again, easily.



My bond with Tuesday turned into something almost too much for me to bear after I showed myself to her. Jesus, the look in her eyes when she turned to me. I’d never forget it. It was singularly adoring and worshipful all at once, with awe all over her features. It was the kind of expression that every dominant soul both hoped to see and never expected to actually see. Almost like movie romance and how real life never played like that.

That’s how Tuesday looked at me. And then after our first date she had asked that one question that almost made me laugh at her, and not in my usually controlled sadistic way, but a way that might have hurt her feelings. Because she’d asked me if things were going to change, if the routine was going to change.

And damn straight it was going to change. After that date I realized what I’d been missing and that was more of her company which I instantly started to demand more of. I made her get online to play a game with me at nights or to make her masturbate while I listened. But then two days later when she had a day off I made her come to the address for the jewelry store I was working at. It wasn’t the one closest to where she lived either but I was in charge and fuck me, but I demanded more of her. My possession was a raging force far worse than it had been with anyone else I’d ever tried to date. I wasn’t for sure as to why that was, but thought it likely the beast inside me recognized Tuesday as the first person who could handle his bullshit, who might be able to take it even when I finally took her to my dungeon where the worst would wait. And he didn’t want her out of sight with that hope. It was driving me a little crazy with the hope and I was terrified I was becoming suffocating, that it would only drive her away.

But Tuesday didn’t complain because she was a miraculous goddamned angel. She laughed when I sent her the address with an easy, “Yes, master.”

And another thing? Remember how I didn’t usually dig on commanding a slave’s dress or appearance or eating habits and all that? I damn well discovered a new fucking fetish. With her and after having her closer, I got all over it, burning for every kind of more control. “Wear your short black uneven skirt with the stockings, your furry boots, and long sleeve leotard that I like. And hair in French braided pigtails.”

I partially waited for a protest to these kinds of things. She hadn’t signed for this bullshit so she had every right and yet still she didn’t. “Yes, master,” she answered easily instead. Yes, master. Always those two words. I didn’t deserve her, would never deserve her, but she obeyed anyway and I was grateful. I was almost scared that I had lied to her when describing how her slavery would go with me, that I would start to command where she slept and shit, but then remembered when she’d been in my bed and how happy she’d been. And I breathed a little easier. Because that’s exactly where I wanted her, right beside me, exactly where the monster inside of me wanted her too so he could roll over and take his advantage whenever we wanted.

She opened the door of my jewelry store, carrying a box and two coffees, and stared in wonder. “So this is another of your businesses.”

I smiled at the sight of her, wearing exactly what I commanded her to. Deepest satisfaction filled me and I took the coffee she kindly handed to me. “This is my main one. It’s a chain actually. You’ll notice I rotate between stores when I call you to visit.”

She laughed in delight and it wasn’t the fake laughter I’d gotten before when showing off my stores. No, Tuesday was the exact same cloth from me in every way so she was interested. “Is this another one co-owned with your brother or just yours? And are there any others?”

I smiled and leaned against a window, watching the workings in the store with her. “These are solely mine. The club is mostly my brother’s and my interest is mostly capital and accounting work there. There is one other, however, that I do own by myself and that’s a fetish wear and toy store, but this one is my main life. Well, in a way. I put so much time and effort into its first few years that it almost runs itself now. I spend my days rotating the stores each week for visits, choose one day a week to go to the fetish store and take calls with the person I have managing it while I’m here. Then I choose some nights or weekends to go to visit my brother at the club and make sure it’s good. My management here, though, are amazing. Heh heh. They’re gems, if you will.”

She laughed at me, her facing shining. “No! I don’t will.” But she was grinning. “Wow, that actually doesn’t sound bad to have multiple interests and with two under your sole ownership, the taxes would actually be decently straightforward.”

“They are, believe it or not, which is why I think you would enjoy branching out. You would just need to train Tate to manage and he knows his shit. I’ve heard him and how well he does and my God, he’s definitely loyal to you.”

She considered that. “A vape store, huh? It does actually interest me.” And her eyes were shining with thought and intelligence. She knew how to open and operate, had done it before, so I knew she was considering where to begin. “Let me do some google work. The clientele would be easy to traverse from the gaming store. You were right about them having the same bloody demographic, but I would have to learn the ordering really quick, which shouldn’t be a problem and-“ She grinned at me. “I’ll see how it goes.”

I kissed her forehead. “I would love to help you, baby. Come on. Let me show you my office. And what’s that?”

She blushed and looked down at the box. “It’s… it’s for you.”

I chuckled at the shy look on her face, the way she wouldn’t quite meet my eyes, and the awkward way she fidgeted with the box. I took it from her and smiled, opening it while she followed me to my office.

She’d baked me chocolate chip peanut butter cookies. I smiled my pleasure down at her because the way to a submissive’s heart was partially through her pain tolerance and partially through the words “good girl”. “Thank you, little Tuesday.” And I knew my expression was enough when she beamed, the smile transforming her face into pure angelic beauty. I closed the office door behind us and went to my desk. “Now, come here.” When she was beside me, I pointed to the space beneath my desk where my feet would go, the spot that was hidden by the back. “It’s just Tuesday sized, isn’t it, baby?”

Her eyes went wide in lust from the thought of kneeling and I smiled, pushing her down. No one would see us and this was where I craved to have her while I worked. Well, when she had the day off, that is. I didn’t think I could ever take my Tuesday’s life from her even for my deep selfishness of her. But I could take what was free, and did. She crawled beneath the desk, curling up like my slave should, as if she were a kitten afraid of the people outside this room.

But I had another surprise for her that day. I had finally chosen the perfect leash for her and this moment. It was one I already owned, though I had never used it, a little clasping leash that I wrapped around my desk handle and then clipped to her collar before taking my seat.

My mind was clearer with her at my knees. I fed her bits of the cookies she’d made me while eating the other parts and closing my eyes in pleasure because they were freaking amazing. Whenever I wanted a burst of satisfaction, I looked down to see Tuesday curled in obedience and she lifted her head to meet my eyes each time, smiling in her own satisfaction.

The next time I had her visit I refrained from doing that, instead letting my other employees meet her and talk with her about her own business because she wasn’t just my mistress or fucktoy or something. I might tie her under my desk with a leash but I wouldn’t fuck her in my office, which sounded hypocritical when put next to all the times I’d violated her in her own back room. But my office had other people around and I was too proud of her to reduce her to a sexual creature where they could see. I wanted them to respect her and they quickly did.

But of course I had zero problem turning her into a sexual creature between the two of us. And just because my thoughts were of respect and romance? Oh, it still didn’t mean I suddenly got the dom sentiment of wanting to protect her from myself or wondering why I wanted to hurt her. Whatever created that seemed to be missing entirely from my being because if I ever would have felt it, it would have been with her.

But I didn’t. And I didn’t get kinder. I got worse and worse. The more of her tears I tasted, the more intensity I craved for. Like a vampire, I took of her and took some more, allowing her reprieve only so she could replenish that force to let me feed on it again. A week after our date, I took her back to my penthouse again after work and in my luxuriant bathroom I filled her bowels with uncomfortably warm enema water until her belly bulged from it and the pain of cramps spasmed in her eyes. While she cried in misery I held her gaze with my hand on her jaw and hissed in her face. “You hold that in your asshole until I say otherwise or you’ll be in denial for a week while you sleep with vibrating chastity belt toys in this penthouse.” Her eyes went wide with my cruel voice and she nodded frantically because I’d fixed her with a thick cock gag.

I cropped her thighs while she shook beneath me and she somehow pulled on enough control to manage to not release her bowels.

The next night I made her stand before me warily in my bedroom. “Well, little Tuesday. I think we learned something about you yesterday, about just how terrified you are of the chastity belts and denial training, so I thought we might play a fun little game together. It’s called ‘How high can we take Tuesday in one night? How much of a slut can we make her and what all can we make her suffer in exchange for an orgasm?’”

She groaned and I laughed, starting to fit her in her toys. First was the chastity belt with adjustable attachments. I got a nice thick vibrator for her pussy and a fun little anal toy that not only vibrated but would have weight inside of her. I fitted her to that and then a spreader bar on its widest setting at her ankles. I ignored her cuffs, using a different set to bind her just above her elbows, and those bindings were the ones I roped up to the carabiner from my bedroom ceiling. Lastly, I fitted her with the cock gag that was becoming my favorite. It muted every sound to an arousing amount, reducing her to a body that was to suffer at my delight. And she was that. When I was done, the view was such that my little fae was turned away from my king bed and facing my doorway. I deliberately went and got my book from the dresser where she could see, carrying the controls to both of her toys in plain view as well. And then I lay down and turned them on, flipping to the page I was on.

I left her there for a truly cruel amount of time, turning the vibrators off and on to torture her while small little whimpers of distress escaped her. She danced in her strict bondage and I saw tears when they fell on my bedroom floor. She shifted in her dark hell, poor little Tuesday.

When I finally took her cock gag out, she was begging instantly. “Please! Master, please!” I stroked her between her legs, teasing her around the metal of the chastity belt so that she sobbed even louder.

“What will you give me in return for an orgasm?” I asked it so calmly while she was falling apart, clothed where she was naked except for constraints. Each little thing was another fuel for my power imbalance delight.

“Anything!” She cried it desperately and I smiled. I loved her this way, ready to take whatever torture I would give and so hot that she could take more and more pain.

“Anything? That’s not persuasive at all, Tuesday. You’ll give me that anyway or I’ll just take it from you. Your past doms may have enjoyed your willingness but you’ll find that I don’t need, or sometimes even want, it. Now that I think about it, you don’t really have anything at all to offer me in return.” So cruel, so mean, and I said it in the most condescending Ankara bayan escort and disdainful voice I could. She broke, her cries and tears coming in full and I smiled at the sight. “You’re just my little slave and if I never wanted you to cum at all, if I only wanted you to suffer, then you would.”

“Y-yes, master,” she whimpered.

“And if I didn’t want you to feel any pleasure, you wouldn’t, would you? You would stay in bondage just like this and wait for me to whip you or cane you or clamp you or do whatever I wanted to hear your screams. And you could try to fight me, but let’s be honest, I’m bigger and you would have restraints to make it so very easy for me. Isn’t that right?” Her sniffles were pathetic and it was turning me on something fierce. A sense of hopelessness was crossing her face even when she still shuddered with the horrible arousal I’d put her through.

“Yes, master.” It was a small little mouse sound, so broken and defeated.

“And every orgasm is a gift from master, isn’t it? And it’s one you should gratefully suffer for, while thanking me for every whip stroke, isn’t it?”

“Yes, master.” Again, so quiet with pain and torture.

I was hard as fuck. I unlocked her chastity belt and casually eased the toys out of her while she whimpered, but then she moaned when I unhooked her cuffs from the ceiling and shoved her over my bed, manhandling her in her spreader bar. She squealed when I thrust first into her pussy and then forced my way into her tight asshole, delighting in every pained, delicious quiver she gave me, her hole squeezing on me with protest. “And if I want you to be a set of filthy little holes for me to fuck when I get aroused off torturing you then you’re just going to take it in whatever way I say. Because whose little asshole is this, Tuesday?”

I barked it at her, slapping her ass while she writhed helplessly. “Yours, master!” She arched to me, taking me deeper. I lifted my hands to cinch her nipples so that she cried out in sexual need.

And then I leaned over her when every stroke of mine ignited a whine from her, when every whimper was of desperate madness on her part as she still held back her orgasm. My hand seemed to automatically move to her hair and I clasped the smooth column of her throat, pulling her back so that my lips were at her ear. “Cum for me, Tuesday.”

Like a firecracker, she gasped with shock… and then screamed with pleasure so that I laughed, covering her mouth and punishing her asshole with my cock. “God, you sick little fuck. You loved the thought of that.” And she did because her orgasm was as hot as any she’d had with me.

I made her do things like go to lunch with me but at nights I abused her so she couldn’t think too much about her relationship phobia. She was never without the marks of my love on her. Cane tracks, whip licks, crop bites, scratches where I clawed at her. She ate it up like candy when I gave it to her while I whispered in a cruel voice in her ear that she should learn to like those marks like a uniform. I hissed that she should get used to feeling the bite of pain on her ass every time she sat because it made me horny. And she was fucking mine to do with as I pleased.

There were other games too, where I called her work phone when she was finishing her close off and purred in her ear. “Take the subway to the park and when you reach the entrance, run, little Tuesday. And you’d better give me a thrilling chase or I might have to find other ways to amuse myself.”

She would laugh in my ear. “You’re a bloody fiend!” And she would be excited with the game, but invariably whenever she reached the destination I commanded her to she would have fear in her eyes and be looking over her shoulder because I stayed out of sight and watched the emotions crest in her. And then she would start running, going to different trees to hide herself. I chased her with a grin through the ?24/7? park and when I reached a hard surface where she was near? I tapped a cane on that surface, threatening her out loud as if I didn’t know where she was. “I don’t think I’m nearly satisfied, baby. You might want to try harder.” And by then she’d learned terror at the sound of the cane in my hands so she did absolutely try harder, sprinting while I laughed. But when I caught her? Nothing bad ever happened. We had a late night snack. Don’t give me that look. I’m damn well aware it’s a fucking park and I’m not out for a sex offender record, believe it or not. We ate fucking crackers together and talked about ICP, Jesus.

But I never crossed that line that we both approached with baited breath. I never offered to show her my dungeon and she never asked, perhaps with some instinct that the dungeon was where we’d pass a bridge and burn it. I already had ideas about her in there, all of them extreme and brutal. It wouldn’t be a light little play session that she would just get to walk away from. It’d be something special and terrible. So we didn’t talk about it, but it waited for the both of us, an event that made my heart race. Don’t get me wrong. I didn’t have a problem with admitting my love for Tuesday. But I wasn’t sure about her and wanted to give her a little more time.

But that “little more time” was fast becoming ridiculous when she showed me every day how much she loved me with her messages wishing me a good morning and the delicious cookies she would bake me. It thrilled me because it seemed more and more clear that I would have to be the one to cross that line and it would be far more interesting if I did.


“What are you doing?” Tuesday giggled against where I held her on my love seat. We’d rented a movie and made dinner together, having a lazy date night.

I kissed her again, turning her face to mine and this time I teased her lips open with my tongue, smiling. “Movie turned very boring. But fortunately I have a slave to entertain me during my boredom.”

She giggled up at me and purred, kissing me back for our make out session. Like two teenagers, we nipped at each other, tasting each other curiously. I held her away from my cock since she would have jumped me for it and that wasn’t allowed just yet. I just wanted to be playful for a minute. “You taste like cinnamon now,” she whispered with a giggle.

I chuckled, biting her lower lip. “So do you.” Because we’d had a dessert of cinnamon rolls and shared a few shots of cinnamon Jack afterwards.

She laughed, breathless and so happy against me that it made my heart soar with amazement. “Wait! I have to go get something from the car before we keep going.”

I sat back against the love seat with a grin. She’d told me she’d left something even when we’d gotten to my door and she was smart to bring it up now before I got started. Once I did, she would be mine until my dominance was satisfied. “Alright, go on. I wouldn’t take too long though.” I stroked my cock thoughtfully through my jeans while she swallowed. “Who knows what I might come up with if given the time?”

She giggled and threw a Twizzler at me from the coffee table while I laughed. “You’re absolutely satanic, you know that?”

I grinned, watching her go to the door and delighting to the fact that she both felt comfortable enough to tease me and was scared enough to run from me. “Laveyan belief is actually just atheism and sexual intercourse has 17 letters, Two,” I called after her.

She turned around with a bemused but laughing look. One might even say it was bemused and amused. Heh heh. “What? Okay, you’re just spouting random shit to keep me longer so you can be more cruel and that’s wrong of you.” She turned and left, hurrying while I jumped up and waited by the door for enough time to pass that she would be out of sight. And then I still looked left and right to make sure.

True facts? Stalking someone is definitely not a glamorous thing. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I had absolutely tons of fun doing it but it required some quick and not very graceful work every now and again. Like those times when I’d had to make sure that Two was distracted in her store and wouldn’t see me hiding her blindfolds in the book. I had to both stay out of her sight and not get Tate’s or Jackson’s attention. And using binoculars to watch her masturbate? There’s no way to hold those to your eyes and not feel like Jack Nicholson just led you from your cell for a fishing trip. But it was fun and it had led to even more fun.

Even after she saw my face I liked to play ridiculous games. I darted down my stairwell after her, snickering to myself. And when I reached the parking garage I had to skirt around a long ass way to get to my designated parking spaces, but it kept me out of sight, and I stayed back, grinning when she walked into view. She was already looking over her shoulder with laughter in her eyes because she knew me that fucking well. I had every intention of waiting for her to unlock my sports car and then grab her from behind while she squealed in laughter behind my palm. And then I’d fuck her in the back seat where the tint would hide us while I growled in her ear that her teasing me had made me too hard so this was all her fault and she didn’t get to cum. She was just to take it and service me because she was a filthy little slut of a tease and deserved it.

Of course later I’d take her upstairs to my bed and make her scream while I ate her out. Maybe I’d make her lay on my table while I licked chocolate off of her. Two hated feeling sticky, I’d learned, and it made me happy to hear her beg for a shower, saying she felt gross even when she clearly didn’t quite want to get up because she wanted to cum all over my tongue some more.

I never got the chance to do any of that. The smile quickly faded from my face with a sense of foreboding running up my spine. Something wasn’t right and I didn’t know what made it feel that way for me, but Two leaned down into my sports car and I didn’t jump on her. She stood up with the papers she’d needed for work, still with a sense of wary playfulness in her eyes and it unfolded in front of me like a trainwreck happening.

I knew we’d been watched when we kissed in her store one night. And I knew I’d seen the figure other times too, but people being at her store late at night wasn’t an odd occurrence. She operated those kinds of hours because it was smart for her business. But it had struck me as strange when she knew the person who’d seen us, when it wasn’t someone who came in late at night.

In an ironic, terrible twist, I saw the garrote around her throat and her eyes went wide with first laughter and fear, and then just fear when her body knew that something was very wrong. The guy who’d seen us was not my size and she clawed at her neck instantly, so hard I saw blood even when I ran forward. And also ironically, where I had once been so aroused and incited by her blood and the sight of red anywhere on her body, I was aroused again at this in more ways than one. My cock was half hard, yes, but there was a more dominating sense of arousal burning through me.

It was the kind that a bull had where I felt like I could kill instead. Somehow I had the presence of mind to remember that murder is bad and we don’t cross that line, but for a brief second it was a near thing. My fist hit the side of his head and he dropped and that was it. It was over as quickly as it’d started and I was looking down at his prone form, wondering how the hell I had managed that kind of restraint. My gaze lifted from the man, taking in the sandy hair, my guess of his height and weight, and then lifted to Two who stared down at him as well.

She shuddered, a single, full body shudder that made me scared to see. Her eyes lifted from her assailant to mine and she choked and her eyes scared me even more. They were wide and dilated and she choked again, as if she might throw up. I grabbed her shoulders, shaking her gently. “Hey. No, look at me, Two. No! I said look at me, Tuesday Holter. I didn’t say to look back down.” Her nostrils were flaring with her panicked breaths and I held her tighter. “Tuesday. Listen to me. It’s okay, it’s all okay.” She whimpered and tears fell from her eyes while she just stared at me with a bereft expression that I wasn’t going to forget for a long time. “Goddamnit Tuesday, don’t you dare do this on me. You’re my girl, my brave girl, and you don’t let anyone get to you like this.”

“What the fuck just happened?” It came out of her in a panicked yelp, a shrill sound that was too hoarse to be terribly loud.

There we were. Some words. I smiled gently at her. “I don’t know, baby, but we really need to go inside and call the police and wrap you in a blanket. Come on. Let’s get away from here and go somewhere safe. Can you do that for me?”

She nodded, eyes shining with her frightened tears and I discovered that I hated the sight of them when they weren’t for me or safely for a game. These weren’t the tears for me to lick. These were tears I rubbed away with the pads of my thumb and I hated them all the more because it felt like such a waste when her tears were gems more precious than my diamonds and tasted like decadence.

When I had her back in my apartment, I settled her into my loveseat, rubbing her shoulders while I did what any sane person would do and called the police for possibly the first time in my life. It was an interesting affair when they showed up because my attention was mostly on Two. I managed to pep talk her a little bit before they got there so that she was coherent. I introduced myself at the door while she stayed in the background of the apartment, as if she were hiding behind me. But when the two officers approached her, she had her voice under control and answered quietly. They noted the marks around her throat and she told what we had worked out together about who it was. I didn’t touch her during these recantations because if I did I would end up stroking her hair soothingly or touching the back of her collar in a silent encouragement to be brave. And these were the kinds of things I liked to keep private. They were my things with Tuesday and no one else’s.

But when they left? I let it out then. “Very good, baby. Now, you heard their recommendations to have a doctor look at those, right? Are you sure you don’t want to go to an emergency room? I won’t make you, Two, but I don’t want a hurt friend because you were too goddamned stubborn and something was actually wrong.”

“Please, no.” She whispered it in such a broken little voice that it tugged at my heart. “I just want to stay here and for you to t-tell me what to do. I don’t want anymore decisions and I’m scared and-“

“Shh.” I stroked her hair. “Hush. Pretty girl.” She would get herself worked up again and I didn’t want that if she refused to let someone check her vitals.

But I also had an issue with her request. I was absolutely capable of being nurturing for her, but my nurturing came with the dominance and my dominance came with sexual desires and that came with my harsh roughness. I could certainly refrain from cruelty but the harsh part? The part that was so strict and stern it was terrifying even when I tried to pull back on my sadism for submissives who couldn’t take as much pain? That would bark out in my voice and I couldn’t keep it entirely in check.

So I made an effort to compromise. We both needed to reassure ourselves of her safety after that. “How would a nice bath sound with some hot chocolate?”

But her eyes were still distressed when she looked at me. “I… that sounds good, I think.”

God, I hated the events that would take my brazen fae and turn her into this scared little girl. She looked so lost and unsure of everything and I could understand that. I remembered that look on her face. First the fear and pleasure that was so quickly replaced with nothing but the fear. “Come on, Two. Let’s keep you calm and clean up your neck.”

I went through the motions, starting her water and getting a few things from the medicine cabinet. Things like antibiotic cream and gauze to cover her through the night. She hadn’t cut herself very deep at all but it was in a visible place and I wanted to make sure that it would heal well so it wouldn’t come back to haunt her.

When I turned back around Tuesday still stood where I’d left her, watching me. “Come on, baby. Strip. Now.” I snapped my fingertips before I could even think about it, flinching even while she inhaled sharply and instantly scurried to obey, pulling off her shirt first. I’d had to let her wear bras every now and again with the good sense that support was a good thing but they were always of my choosing and underwear? She rarely wore that unless I was in the mood to have her message me with pictures of all the cum that collected in her thong.

Normally I would remind her of that, circle around her and massage that pretty pussy, asking her why she was bare for me. And she’d say, “Because I’m to always be available for you, master.”

No. Bad. That was the sexual inserts in my day to day dominance. Not the kind we’re going for right now, jackass. Take a bath, Tuesday, and take as long as you need.” I needed to give her space or I’d start doing that shit automatically.

“Don’t leave me,” she whispered.

Ah, hell. Of course I couldn’t give her space. “I won’t.”

Still she stared at me, not looking at the bath. I waited for her to obey me, and yes I’m fucking capable of patience especially when I’m in love and she’s traumatized. And sure enough she finally voiced a little of her pain. “I got turned on.” Tears filled her eyes. “Even when I knew it wasn’t you, it still didn’t go away.”

“And I got hard off seeing you struggle, baby. But I still felt rage and I still wasn’t okay with it. Your body reacts to fear, Tuesday. That’s not something you can control and it’s not a psyche problem. It’s who you are.”

She still stared at me for a little while but then she nodded. “I… I could see that. You can’t even control it?” She asked it with a shy grin and I smiled.

“Fuck no. Come on, Tuesday, before the water gets cold.” Somehow, hearing that from me seemed to do a little bit of the trick and I was abruptly very glad that I was the first person Tuesday went to. There were a lot of other people who wouldn’t see it that way and a lot of other jackasses who would throw her under the bus for the games we played.

She settled down into the bath water, her expression still a little shellshocked but more alive and aware and she’d given me that grin. I didn’t touch her, just sat beside her and thought about how strange the events had been. Had I somehow inspired or had something to do with this? The coincidence of my games with Tuesday and this event seemed too great. And then there was the fact that movies were complete bullshit when it came to dramatic events. They were both not as dramatic as they were portrayed while being more dramatic in a different way. For instance there hadn’t been any screaming or sobbing, no breakdown during police questioning on Tuesday’s part. As for the police interrogations, they had been procedural, pre-written instructions that worked.

But then there were the subtle things that were more dramatic, like that wary look in Tuesday’s eyes when she glanced at the bathroom door. Like the way she touched her neck when she saw her reflection in the water, knowing the marks were there, and the way she sat still so stunned in the water. I sighed when my attention turned to her. She was swirling her fingers in the bath absently, but not entirely present and not washing off. I hadn’t wanted to exert even this kind of control but my hands were reaching for her before the thought even finished in my mind. “Come here, pretty sub.”

She obeyed so naturally and readily, leaning forward and lifting her legs for me to bathe. When I reached her hair, I spoke with a little more command, too much of it. “Head back, Two, and don’t move.” It was as natural to me as obeying was for her now.

But still I flinched from commands and tried. So hard, I tried. But then I went to bed with her. Whenever we got ready for bed before now I would give her some demeaning order, something like telling her to bend over the foot of the bed with her legs spread. But I wouldn’t fuck her that way. I would merely stand behind her, touch her little pussy every now and again to see how wet she was, comment on it, and then I would ask her why I made her bend over if not to fuck. And she would be so aroused by then, just by the actions and questions and she would say, “For your viewing pleasure and my availability, master.”

“Good girl. You bend over like a little slut because you are my little slut.”

That night, I did none of that and I got her silken pajamas that she never wore anymore. For a moment she blinked but then dressed and curled into the bed. I thought the crash of adrenaline would be more than enough to make her sleep. It wasn’t.

She woke first with a soft cry until I wrapped one arm around her and caressed a few lingering marks from a previous session with the other. But then she woke again, tossing beside me, and I hesitated, but then tried my hand curled around her throat. And that worked for a while too, like a charm, enough that she stopped shivering and went still. But again it didn’t last. She shook all over beside me the next time and I sighed. Because I had a feeling I knew what would work. “Be right back.”

I got her cuffs and another matching set and some rope. I worked quickly when I went back to her, cuffing her wrists first and loosely tethering them together and to her collar’s O-ring. There was carefully not a lot of stricture but enough that she would feel the tug when she tossed. I did her ankles the same way while she stared up at me. “I’m sorry,” she whispered.

For her answer, I kissed her forehead and curled beside her again. “Don’t be.”

And after that, she didn’t shift at all.


No matter my intentions, the only thing that soothed her random little shocks of terror was dominance. When she was scared to leave for her store, I commanded her on what to wear and the route she was to take, telling her to call me when she got there. And, like an angel, she nodded and said, “Yes, master” and obeyed gladly. A few days afterwards she did something she’d never done before.

She tested me. I had taken to giving her small commands when she left to make her feel safe and we had silently fallen into the routine of her staying at my penthouse. And through anything she was to call me if something held her up or if anything at all happened. And then one night she was thirty minutes late.

It was just thirty minutes, but the problem was it was exactly thirty minutes. So I knew exactly why she was doing it. Beyond that, there was fear and anticipation in her eyes as soon as she walked in the door. She looked right at me as if in expectation and stood dead still while I smiled thoughtfully, setting my scotch aside and studying her. I hadn’t touched her since it’d happened, hadn’t had sex because I thought it was too soon. But that, too, posed a problem. Our sex life had exploded together and I had taken to indulging in her and her pain so much that three times in a night was a lazy movie date night. Now that had come to an abrupt halt and she was getting more and more restless.

“My, little Tuesday. This is the first time you’ve ever put me to trial, by my count. Which leads me into a predicament. I could either be a bad master or a bad boyfriend at the moment, since adding strain is not, theoretically, a very good way to help you right now.”

She swallowed and shivered, but then stayed silent, staring at me as if waiting. I studied that look for a long while, noting that it was both wary and held a smallest bit of defiance. Not so much insolent defiance. No, this was more like the defiance of someone craving a little structure. And that was what made me decide. “Come here, little Tuesday.”

She obeyed. “Yes, master.”

I stood up from my chair and gestured to it while taking my belt off with my other hand. “That look in your eyes says that’s enough of a break for the both of us. I miss our playful nights together. Take your jeans off and bend over with your hands in the seat.” Again she obeyed quietly, but now there was a serenity in her eyes that made me satisfied to see. “Why am I doing this, Tuesday?”

She practically sighed the answer in the way a submissive would push her boundaries and then be reassured when they were, in fact, sturdy. “Because I didn’t follow your safety rules, master, when I trust you to keep me safe.”

My God, it was like a transformation before I even did it. Her entire stature was relaxed and waiting and pure happiness seemed part of her even though she had to know my punishments would be rough when everything about me was rough. “Count,” I commanded. “I want it nice and polite, little slave.”

She counted obediently and I gave her a nice, strict belting followed by time in the chastity belt with nothing in the anal toy attachment. I left that open instead so I could fuck her there while she suffered, and then left her in chastity while tying her down to a chair for dinner, feeding her to make her hotter.

After all that, even though it was punishment and because we both needed it, I took the belt off and fucked her pussy until she came. Three times.


That event turned out to be a stupid one, a freak bullshit incident, but the effects would reverberate in both of our lives. For instance, we didn’t talk about the fact that she lived with me after that. She just did for both of our peace of mind. And the police did eventually get back in touch with us. The man had been caught and there was a story and that story did suggest that I had a slight influence on what had happened.

The guy had a mental disorder was the short answer, and had gone off his medication. It was part of the reason why he was so reclusive and why he got along with Tuesday alright. Not well, but alright. The mental disorder wasn’t disclosed but it sounded awful close to what I knew of schizophrenia. Tuesday was sweet and patient and talked to shy people every day, so naturally he had been okay to talk to her.

But then he’d seen us together – and some of this was pure speculation on my part – but it seemed likely that he had seen me accost her outside her work a few times when I was being frisky and wanted to jump scare her. I would grab her from behind and have her in a choke hold while we grappled playfully. So the guy hadn’t been bad at all. My personal theory was that, in much the same way of a disconnected child, he had been merely copycatting, thinking that it was a forgivable action. As for why he had gone ?after Tuesday?? No one really knew that, but he was getting the help he needed and Tuesday was safe again.

We still didn’t separate our lives from where we had become so intertwined. We started playing again and I felt myself come back into my old happy, almost sociopathic, playful version. I would visit her at work all the time when I got done with my day, especially when she held tournaments or dungeon campaigns. There was a fun joy in those nights and I loved watching Tuesday work. She joked with her workers and had a biting sense of humor, but it was so funny and charming that no one cared when it was sometimes assertive. Like when Tate was having a rough week and had evidently made a couple of mistakes that had cost Tuesday some time to fix and then messed up a ring on the tournament night? Tuesday had rolled her eyes at him with a fae grin. “Dear God, Tate, do me a favor and just don’t touch anything expensive in the store. I feel like it’d just break by some naturally assumed collateral damage at this point. And I’ll just clear my schedule for, like, two weeks just in case.”

To which he had put his face in shaking hands with shame, but he was still laughing and he made it through the night with Tuesday’s encouragement.

She was more than anyone deserved and there was also a bit of a bitch resting in her heart. She both naturally encouraged due to her submission and still had room for disdain for things like puppies. It amazed me how much she hated dogs. Seriously, who hated dogs? It wasn’t even fear, I learned. She just couldn’t stand how needy and clingy they were, according to her explanation. Not that it mattered since I didn’t have time for a dog, or the inclination to get one. It just made me laugh.

Things went back to normal in a way, even while some things would never be the same. My life, for instance, would certainly never be the same. With Tuesday living with me I learned that I was irrevocably in love with her and that I was going to marry her. One day I would. I didn’t know how the proposal would go, didn’t have a date, didn’t even have any plans at all on how to breach that subject. I knew it would require care and also knew that convincing her might be the most difficult thing I’d ever bloody well done, but I was determined.

First, I had to get her to admit that she loved me. And that was the pivotal point in everything really. That one thought. I gave her chance after chance and enough time for her heart to ever desire. She made me cookies and her eyes would shine with my pleasure. She would get me small gifts with a shy grin, would ask me how I liked her outfits. One morning she woke up before me and waited until I got out of my shower. For a minute I didn’t know what to think because her job was a later start than mine so there was no reason for her to be up. “Good ?morning, Tuesday?. To what do I owe this pleasure?”

She grinned when I asked. “Oh, nothing. Just serving you your coffee.”

And she did have it. And that’s when I realized she had her hair in those French braided pigtails and was wearing that Osgood jersey… with nothing else. I laughed so hard because it made me that happy. And I gave her a kiss that ended with my hand around her throat while I bit her neck. “Do it again tomorrow,” I said in a horny growl.

But there came one night where I finally tired of giving her chances and decided enough was enough. Tuesday got home, having warned me that she would be late, and she was carrying a box when she walked in the door.

“Now, what’s this then?” I said it teasingly, knowing all the best ways to get a smile from her when she got me a surprise.

She did grin and she blushed furiously. “A present. For you, Flatline.”

Flatline. I was suddenly jarred by the name and realized that she hadn’t heard me say my name to the cops that night. Somehow, someway, she still didn’t know what it was. How? I hadn’t told her yet? I thought through and realized that no, I hadn’t. And she had never once asked, never once broken that rule I’d given her. “A present for me.” I laughed, but I was having, dear God, feelings. And a lot of them. She still didn’t even know my name and hadn’t even placed a damn bit of value on it, instead going beyond all that pretense and bullshit to love the man beneath it. And the monster too.

I opened it while she stood back and watched, lifting the lid. And I stared down and blinked.

One night we had played a drinking game together and I had confessed that my favorite silly game to play for hours was Spyro. Don’t judge me. There’s something damn well addictive about hearing the sound of gems collecting in that game. And Tuesday hadn’t forgotten that I said it. She had learned how to cross stitch and completed a massive poster work with the first three Spyro game covers all connected. And she had done this, somehow, without me seeing it when we fucking lived together. Jesus, it was huge and it must have taken her so much time to create it.

“What do you think, Flatline?” She was bouncing on her toes anxiously, but already smiling because she knew I would love it more than anything. “I had to choose something that had the colors predesignated for me, but it turned out really well and-“

I shut her up with a kiss, one of my deep ones, forceful but with all the feelings I had for her in it. I had rarely ever kissed before her and now wondered why the hell that was. They were delicious things, intense and heated. “My name is Ivory,” I said when I finally pulled away from her. “And I think that’s been enough time for you to come clean about how you feel for me. Since you won’t say the words, I will, and you’ll find my language is rather interesting, baby.”

She stared at me, still grinning, but then my words seemed to start to sink in. First my name and then the rest of it. And she knew me so well that the implicit threat was well received and well feared. She swallowed and backed away from me while I watched her and bared my teeth in predatory amusement. “Wait, but I… what do you…”

“Where are you going, little Tuesday? Haven’t you been waiting for me to show you one specific room for a while now? Hasn’t there been only one room that has stayed locked to you, the most important room? Isn’t it the same room that goes with the feeling in your heart, the one that you’re too much of a coward to vocalize?”

My voice was the key indication that I was going to do something excessively terrible, at least for her. She turned and ran for the door but I barked out laughing and caught her before she could make it. Just like old times she struggled frantically, terrified in my arms, while I was calm and amused. “No, no, little Tuesday. It’s time to see your pretty new home. Did you know that I’ve been touching it up here and there to make sure it’s ready for you? Hush, my love. I can give you enough pain to erase that fear so you can tell me the words you wish to. Time to take a nap, Tuesday.” I held her in a stranglehold while she tried and failed to speak, my arms cutting off the oxygen and blood supply while she scrabbled at my hands and I made gentle shushing sounds.

When she went still I worked quickly. She wouldn’t be out for so very long and it was going to be a fun night now. A very fucking dark night, too.



I tried to shout awake only to find that I couldn’t and that made me panic all the harder. He had both placed a mask over my eyes and placed me in the cock gag that made me the most afraid. I had learned the cruel purpose of that gag and that was to block as much sound as possible and turn me into nothing but his vessel.

I heard his humming behind me and made to move my arms, only to discover he Escort bayan Ankara was tethering them behind me in an uncomfortable, yet loose, reverse prayer position. They felt encased in something like a single glove, or wrapped in leather, and my slim day collar was replaced by something much taller and restrictive.

He chuckled at my movements, but didn’t say anything. Nothing at all. He just kept working and the more he added, the more afraid I got. When he was done with the gloves and my arms were encased, the spreader bar was next and he adjusted it to its widest setting while I whimpered through my nose a little. The spreader was torture after enough time. But I couldn’t think of that for very long because I felt his anal hook pressed into my asshole and then felt it threaded up my collar and that toy was recognizable because he loved the hook, loved to control me with it and watch my pain when I didn’t move quickly enough. But this time whatever he used to tie the hook was also tied up the gloves behind my back. He made me stand and then it got even worse with the pull and I was forced up, presumably connected to a ceiling attachment.

There was the tickle of a permanent marker writing on my tits and then nothing for a little bit while I danced on my toes and tried to alleviate some of the pull from the hook. But I forgot about all of that too when he came back and I felt the board lifted to the bottom of my breasts.

I screamed, actually screamed behind the gag, panic rising in me. I hadn’t felt this yet but he had already mentioned it before and it scared the hell out of me. The sounds were laughable behind the gag and I don’t know how he kept the board held up beneath my breasts and didn’t care. I felt the tip of something sharp in a thin strip of flesh of the right breast and tried to shake my head, only to scream again when the motion tugged on my anal hook.

But he didn’t have any mercy. He started nailing, using a hammer that was viciously loud, and I screamed again, the pain exactly how I would have imagined. It seemed to last an eternity, especially when every struggling movement twisted the already tight anal hook. And that was just one nail to the board. He did the second one while I tried to focus and stay still, sweating from the effort. There were four nails barbarically placed through each breast, which wasn’t a lot, but it might as well have been fifty. I shook all over by the time he was done, my throat raw from the most dissatisfying screams. The soreness wasn’t even worth it with how muffled my shrieks were. And he didn’t stop there. The board I was nailed to was pulled up until I shrieked again, and stood on tiptoes desperately with the spreader bar.

And after all of that he finally spoke, his hand stroking through my hair around the gear straps. His voice was low and ominous and menacing, more terrifying than ever. “Welcome home, little Tuesday.”

I heard a door open and close and sobbed more tears behind my already soaked mask, completely helpless. His leaving was probably the worst part of it. I wasn’t even wearing any toys and he hadn’t even sexually touched me except to fill me with the hook. I struggled to keep my position on tiptoes and when I failed, torture shot through my breasts, which felt like they’d never be the same. He had done it. He had actually nailed them. Had I been silly enough to think he would ever joke about anything like that? Or that he might change his mind when I knew he got worse and worse with the more feelings he developed?

He left me there with that gag because I wasn’t even his sex slave at that moment. I was what he called a pain slut and my only job was to suffer for his amusement. The fact that he hadn’t said a word beyond those last four made me cry even harder. He hadn’t given a command, hadn’t asked me to do anything, had only forced me into this torturous position. Because there was nothing he wanted me to do.

Except suffer.

Maybe it wouldn’t amuse him to make me suffer for very long? He always loved my sex. Maybe he would want that instead. His words had been romantic and maybe he wanted me to break and tell him I loved him and that would be it.


Minutes passed. I think it was minutes. It felt like hours where I lifted painfully on my toes and cried and did nothing else while he didn’t even watch me.

I jumped in a mix of hope and terror when the door opened again. But it fast just turned to terror when he didn’t speak again. He lowered the board my tits were nailed to but didn’t remove the nails and I shook at the weight hanging from my breasts.

And then I heard the whip and choked, shaking more. He was evil, more evil than any other game, like this. It was the whip from his videos, or one like it, and I knew that when he abruptly cracked it by my ear, not hitting me, but scaring me. It worked and I screamed behind the gag again, forgetting to not move and snorting when the hook caught me. The next stripe actually did strike me and I jumped again, swallowing frantically as best I could around the gag.

I learned something. The cane was generally the more painful implement, but nothing followed the rules with Flatline – Ivory, I amended to myself – and he made the whip somehow even worse than the cane. I don’t know how, but he utilized it to full effect with every lash, the hiss and crack turning into nightmarish sounds. He made every strike even, too, so that the tail snapped across my back in something like a roll of pain with every little bit of fire being on a narrow strip like the cane.

Something else? It was terrible, but it was also like a song across my back and thighs. Every now and again I would feel a soft tickle of blood and he moved in a rhythm that was almost lulling. I quit counting at ten and he kept going and behind the mask my world felt strangely surreal, as if I were just this side of unconscious. And perhaps I was. I kept seeing that first video of his dungeon replay in my head, where he’d cracked the whip against the post and I had been so horny for it. This was every bit the next level I could have ever hoped for, too, so terrible that I was drowning in pain.

I was quiet near the end of it, though, and he rehung the board on my tits so that I was forced to wait in more pain again. Okay. The whip. He had shown me his whip and it was a horrible thing that I already wanted again, but not at the moment. And maybe that was what he’d wanted to show me? Maybe that was his way of breaking me into saying I loved him and if I just did it he would let me down from this hell? My breasts throbbed and I felt like I was hanging from them and the hook in my asshole alone by now, but it was hard to stay standing on my toes for so long. It hurt so bad.

But… as my whip lashes throbbed I considered how beautiful he was when I couldn’t even see him. Just from the feel of him dancing with that whip, he was beautiful.


When the door opened again I squealed at the sound, trying to turn to him, tossing to get his attention. How long had he left me again? I felt as if I were dying by then. Each second was more than I could bear and I needed to beg. I’d give anything just for the gag to be removed so he could hear my voice and maybe understand that I couldn’t take anymore. He chuckled at the sight of me and I must have been a mess. But I didn’t care because he undid the straps of the gag and it was the only hope I had now.

“Please!” I screamed it, howled it. “Please tell me what to do! Please, I don’t know what you want!”

But then he laughed at those words and I sobbed out miserably because my hopes were dashed to fucking pieces at the sound of that laugh. Every one of them evaporated, vaporized like so many useless delusions. “What I want? Whatever do you mean, Tuesday?”

His voice was so pleasant, goddamn him, and I remembered how much I hated his laugh all over again, that laugh he so casually gave while my world was agony at his whim. “How do I p-please you, master? P-please tell me what to do.”

“Oh, but I thought you understood. You are doing it, Tuesday. I don’t want you to do anything, exactly. I just want to see my pain slut tortured some more. That was your last chance to talk. Open your mouth back for the gag.”

“No! No, please!” I squealed it, panicked and shaking and dying a little.

For an answer, he slapped me and I broke down into sobs. But when he spoke, it made me cry all the harder because it was absolute menace. “Open your fucking mouth or I’ll sew your cunt closed too, and you’ll stand here for another hour.”

I screamed but it was a different scream than my others. This one was a wildfire scream from… something. I say that because I don’t even know exactly what it was. My body was in agony and it was far too much for me to physically orgasm to. And yet my mind shot so high into mental arousal that it was something like an orgasm. Maybe it even was a fucking orgasm. I don’t know but it was more intense than anything I’d ever had, even the night he’d raped me, and it was from pure masochism and the humiliation of being brought this low.

He was laughing when I came back into any kind of coherent thought, and the gag was locked back in place. “Well, I was going to save it for punishment but that was such a strong reaction. I can’t resist that when it just begs for me to follow through my threat, can I?”

I shivered once, but didn’t make another sound. I didn’t deserve to make another sound because he had heard that hidden, terrible desire as much as I had felt it. There was no hiding whatever had happened to me at his threat, at how my body craved him to do what he said.

Only small, hopeless whimpers escaped me when I felt his hands, clad in talc gloves, at my sex and felt the needle pierce me to start his stitch work. I shuddered with each pull and my face flamed when I heard him laugh. “Such a messy fucking cunt for being tortured.” But still, I didn’t make a sound. I was broken, his agony having done what he liked it to do, having taken me to that place he spoke of where there was only darkness. We had never been to this level of dark before, though, had never been so deep in it that I felt like I would never see the light again, that there was truly no hope for escape and he would hold me imprisoned this way forever.

My body shuddered violently again midway through, though this time I no longer screamed. He still noticed and had to clean me again before he could continue. “I know you’re a little maso whore, but try to control yourself.”

His words made me cry and he laughed at it in his amusement.

Each stitch took me both deeper and higher. I was floating, flying, my tortured tits only amplifying the effects. By the time I heard him pull his gloves off and the door opened and closed again, I was like an ethereal ghost of a creature, ready for more. My body felt opened to his pain in the same way he forced it to open to his cock. I felt empty, completely dead and cold, but it wasn’t bad. It was an amazing kind of peace where he was my cruel god and master and my existence was simple.

“I don’t want you to do anything,” he had said. No, because I had one task and it wasn’t something I had to work at or do anything for. That was to suffer. I let the pain swallow me, giving up any hope because he had seen my reaction and it had pleased him and now he would use it against me.


I didn’t even react when I heard the cane tap beside me after the door opened again. I just waited for it to coat my whip marks or stripe the insides of my thighs under my stitched pussy. But the cane didn’t fall. There was just more small laughter and the blindfold was removed instead. I blinked, taking in the dungeon that I had only seen in videos and my first real sight of it was with the eyes of hopelessness he had given me. “Welcome home,” he had said. I wondered where he would take me next when he tired of this. The rack, perhaps, where he could make me stand and hold the bars with weights hanging from my tits? The throne of a chair where he’d drive me insane with edging? Maybe he would take orgasms away entirely and I would be left only to whatever bliss I had found in his torture. Or maybe he would tie me to the padded bed and make me serve him sexually, with his cruel electro toys that he sometimes used, upping their intensity while making me blow him. When I wasn’t quick enough in pleasuring him, I suffered so much wild pain.

Finally, when I considered all of this, my gaze fell on him where he stood to the side of me, his face smiling in intense satisfaction. My screams had obviously been his delight and whatever look he saw in my eyes gave him incredible pleasure. Somehow, in this state, he was more beautiful than I’d ever seen him. My sadist god. I didn’t know what had started the thought of him like that but he was almost too much for me to look on in the moment. My gaze lowered, but he lifted the cane he held and tapped it against my cheek. “No. Look at me. I want to see your eyes some more.” When I obeyed, he purred and abruptly licked the side of my cheek obscenely, turning his face to whisper. “Such delicious fucking tears. My God, that look. Smile for the camera.”

He stood back and I couldn’t smile around the cock gag even if I wanted to. But he did indeed have his phone and he took the pictures. He went to my pussy as well, stitched as it was, and I spasmed at the thought of it again, which made him laugh. I felt his fingertips stroke me and he paused while he was trying to get a certain picture image. When he had it to his liking it was obvious. “Would you like to see how much of a filthy little fucktoy you are, how goddamn foul you are?”

He lifted his phone to show me the picture, watching my reaction.

My eyes went wide and I moaned around the cock gag. Fucking hell. Holy God fucking hell. He laughed at the look of horror I must have had that instantly became the hottest arousal I had ever known. Because he had gotten a picture of his fingertips, held slightly away from my pussy, with cum stranded all over them and dripping from me. The black stitches were covered in my cream.

I snorted and tossed my head and Flatline’s eyes went fucking satanic with his heat. “There it fucking is,” he growled.

He cut through the rope above me that held my anal hook through my gloves and collar and pulled it out of me. I snorted in shock and a lot of fear, dancing on my toes because I didn’t know what this switch of his mood meant.

I learned when he disappeared behind me for a moment and then came back and I realized he had been lubricating himself. He thrust into my asshole, as brutal as brutal could be, and I screamed around my gag, in both misery and ecstasy. He snarled behind me and thrust again, his sounds so fucking feral it made me feel even hornier. And he didn’t stop there.

He grabbed the rope that held the board and cut it as well, pulling the rope tails to hear me squeal. He fucked me like he hated me, with more intensity than ever, and his cock was so damn hard with the pure lust ride he got from torturing me so hard. Without the ropes holding me, my body threatened to collapse but Flatline wasn’t having that shit. He held me by the gloves that still bound my hands behind me, jerking them like reins and pulling me back to fuck me even harder.

I squealed behind my gag and thrashed with desperation, my whole body alive and so hot that it was a transforming moment to tie my trust to him all the tighter. The memory of those strange mental orgasms screamed through my head and there was so much pain still and he had me bent forward with the spreader bar holding me wide, my body nothing but nerve endings that he commanded.

I threw back my head with the force of the orgasm that ripped through me, shrieks of shock and bliss and humiliation and all the best things. This was the most intense he had ever taken me and he punished me on his cock as violently as he ever had, turning me inside out.

And then my world went black while he was still using my only free hole like his toy and I floated in heaven.


I moaned, turned over, and then moaned again. All of me felt so sore, so used, so… replete. I grinned into the big fluffy comforter that was my favorite, nuzzling it, and grinned wider when a whip mark on my back throbbed. A hand stroked my hair and my eyes snapped open.

He was staring at me with a smile that made me feel whole and treasured. Deep satisfaction filled me at that smile, a terrifying kind of it. And I remembered nights of restlessness, when I’d been panicked, where he tied me in his bondage and settled me. And I knew now that it wasn’t because of the bondage and never had been, but it had always been because of him.

“How dare you,” I said softly while he laid beside me and watched.

He lifted an eyebrow, lips rising, and stroked his fingers down my cheek. “How dare I what, mouthy little slave?”

I stretched and moaned and flinched at the pain. The wounds of his nails and stitches brushed lightly against the blanket and it felt like sandpaper, no matter how soft it was. “How dare you let me wake up all free and not in hopeless hell anymore.”

Ivory laughed and it was musical to my ears because I was in love with him. I was so in love with this dark god of pain that it hurt my chest. “That is truly terrible of me, isn’t it?”

I giggled and nodded. “Without any bondage at all and everything. I’m filing a management complaint.”

“I’ll have to send it to the owner.” He winked and I wanted to curl closer to him but didn’t dare move from where he’d put me.

So instead, I said those words. Those little words that were so damn terrifying. “I love you.”

“Too,” he said softly.

“Huh?” I tilted my head, as if he said my name.

He smiled. “Your phrase now is ‘I love you, too’.” I tilted my head curiously and he rolled over, getting his phone. He opened a picture up and showed it to me.

On my tits, in marker and before he’d nailed me to the board, were the words “I love you”.

I launched myself to his arms, fear or no fear, and he growled with delight at my response, turning onto his back so I was straddling him. I was wet, so wet and ready for him still, that he filled me easily now. And I got to do something else for the first time. When he filled me so full and the world turned to bliss, I cried out his name. “Ivory!”

He thrust up inside of me, the kind of hard thrust that hit me with painful delight while my pussy still felt tender from where he’d sewn me. “Yes, my love?”

His smile was wicked when he went still while I stared down at him, wide eyed and frantic for more of that exact kind of movement. “Please, Ivory, please.”

He obliged, thrusting again, and I squealed. “Yes, baby?”

“Ivory, master, Ivory, Ivory, please, please, master!” I cried the words in a list and he laughed, lifting me in that punishment rhythm I loved so much. “Oh my God, oh my God, I’m so sore, it’s so good…”

He purred beneath me and held me down to grind into me while I shook with orgasm. “It’s such a good thing for you to be nice and hurting, isn’t it baby?”

“Oh, yes, master. I love how you hurt me.”

“Oh, I noticed. I should have left that pussy sewn shut and used your asshole instead to remind you what a little pain slut you are.” He laughed when I squealed, milking him with the pleasure his words gave me. All I could think of were those strange paingasms and how much more intense they were than orgasms, how much I wanted more of them and didn’t want more of them at the same time. “Christ, Tuesday. I love you.”

“I love you, too.” I smiled, breathless, flushed with pleasure and the words came easy when I was in that state, though when I came down it seemed mortifying how cheesy he had fucking turned me. Seriously? I not only met his eyes while we fucked but also confessed to love while looking in them? What kind of sappy ass movie shit was that?


After he crossed the “I love you” line with me, he started to have romantic moods every now and again. I learned to dread them.

On the first occasion, he sent me a bouquet of roses that were carved out of wood because he had discovered than I didn’t like real flowers or balloons. I cried like a child when they wilted or went down, which he had learned with the rose from his collaring me. At first I was delighted, clasping a hand to my mouth when they were delivered to my work midday. And then I was wary because I didn’t know this mood of his.

He was already home waiting for me when I arrived and he wasn’t drinking scotch which usually meant he wanted a rough session in the dungeon and intended to get drunk on me instead. “Hello, my pretty love. Did you have a good day?”

I grinned, still wary, but nonetheless in love with my flowers. “It was amazing. But I’m sure you already know part of it.”

He chuckled and gestured to the table, where I obediently placed the beautiful fake flowers in the center. “It was the least I could do after my rose, pretty girl. And I’ve been in a rather romantic mood the past couple of days.”

I blinked and trembled because he was clipping my leash to my collar and grabbing a pair of scissors from the drawers. He casually cut through the pretty shirt he had gotten me, this one a graphic tee, while I watched and waited. “I thought I would enjoy this one on you, but there’s no red in it, pretty little fae.” He had me take off my skirt while he watched, his eyes appreciatively going to my pussy since he had commanded me to no underwear. “Why do I have you wear skirts without panties, little slave?”

I obediently answered, instantly, and my arousal was already climbing. “To be available for you, master, whenever it pleases you.”

“Such a good girl. Come with me, little pet.” He rattled the leash and I went to his side, hesitantly, but that caused him to frown. “I see the collar isn’t enough tonight. Move faster when I say, Tuesday.”

I whimpered when he switched the leash clip from my collar to my nose ring and now I definitely jumped at his command, eager to avoid anything pulling on that sensitive ring. The first time I hadn’t moved fast enough, he had left me tethered in the dungeon with the leash tied through a hook in the ceiling. I was forced on tiptoe for an hour and, like the night with my tits and the board, I learned quickly the pain of it and jumped when the leash was clipped to it. But he mostly didn’t do that anymore so long as I scurried like a mouse to follow him.

This time he did. He took me to the archway rack, tapping the side while I looked at the whipping post once and shuddered. His smile was odd, something that made me nervous until I figured out which mood he was in.

This time it didn’t take long to figure out his mood. He started with my cuffs, pulling my wrists apart so that they were down at my sides but stretched out. The ankle cuffs were next and he cuffed those as wide as he made the spreader bar. He used the leash attached to my nose ring and tethered it above me in a humiliation hold. I trembled because that humiliation made me sure his romance would be… harsh.

And then he approached me with the cock gag and the blindfold harness and I felt tears in my eyes already. He hadn’t even started yet but I knew what the cock gag meant. He had burned it into me.

“Ah, such pretty tears. I haven’t even done anything, baby.” He lifted the gag. “Is this why you’re crying?”

“Yes. Yes, master.” My voice was scared and pathetic.

“Why cry at the gag, lovely? Is something wrong with it?”

He knew there was nothing wrong with it. Our exchange was a lead up to one moment where he would ask a specific question. “No, sir. Nothing’s wrong with it.”

“Is it because of what the cock gag means, baby?” I nodded slightly, the motion pulling on my ring, and waited for the next question which lit me up like a flame with its twisted answer. “What does the cock gag mean for the night, little Tuesday?”

“It means that I’m your p-pain slut.”

“Very good, pretty girl. Some nights I prefer my little whore but I’m feeling too romantic tonight. I prefer my sweet pain slut instead. Open for the gag, Tuesday. Behave yourself. You know you don’t need to talk for this and you know how I prefer you to make less sound.” I opened helplessly, my face feeling stretched with the gag and the taut leash in my nose ring. He fit me with the blindfold next. “All you need to worry about is suffering for me.”

I trembled all over already, scared because when he said the phrase “pain slut” he meant dark experiences like the first night I’d been in his dungeon. This time was no different. He always ceased speaking because he didn’t want anything from me and said he had no reason to talk to a little torture toy. He didn’t need to when he wanted me to hurt.

The cane was first this time. Sometimes he liked to torture me all over with it, but this time he evidently decided he wanted to focus on one specifically tender area and that was my thighs. I squealed behind my gag when he started with the insides of my thighs. He flicked his wrists in efficient, brutal stripes, alternating between my each leg. He worked his way down too, going low to my knees where the marks would show when he made me wear shorts and walk in the park with him. He paced around me and eventually made it to the backs of my knees and thighs and here, it was obvious that he could have a much better swing with the cane. I felt the intensity of the stripes that I knew would be bloody. He had trained me with the cane so hard and well that I could tell now when my body would show my blood. I was screaming with every flick, each line like a paint of pure fire. It was as if he had brushed over my flesh with kerosene and then struck a match. And my screams and tears didn’t stop him. He kept going until I had that raw feeling in my throat like the first night, that feeling of screaming so much for so little sound to make it through the cock gag.

I sobbed when he stopped, shaking, my head held all the way back because I couldn’t find the strength to even stand, let alone stay on my toes. My master decided to help with that. By “help me” I mean that he got a standing beam and attached a thick dildo to it. When he had it positioned beneath me, he used a crank pedal to fit it inside me, forcing me still with the toy and that steel beam that was so heavy and sturdy that I couldn’t carry it. Impaled and held up, with my ankles still pulled so painfully apart, he tilted my head even further with the leash attached to my nose ring so that everything was stretched and painful and sore. Next, he came back with a leather harness that he fit even over the gag and he spoke for the first time with it, slapping my face. “You make too much fucking noise even through that cock down your goddamned throat.”

I whimpered once, through my nose, but then went still like I had that first night, my ass and thighs throbbing with so many stripes. And there would be no sound escaping from that second strip of leather gear covering. It was wide, going up to my nose, and cinched tight.

When he placed something sharp at the tip of my breast, I moaned and there was only the smallest escape of any sound at all this time. A nail again? I quivered. No, it was the needles again, not that that was much comfort. Where the nails were through the edge of my breasts, the needles were something he always applied into a nauseating area. He didn’t use those like surface play piercings, preferring to lynch them a little deeper in the flesh, and this time he didn’t just play with the small amount of four needles he had before. He made something that felt like half circles around my tits that broke into lines down my stomach. And the lines, blessedly, were play piercing style. It was a small mercy when there were so many needles that I lost count and only knew the feeling of sweat breaking over my flesh with the soreness and the pain. I tried to make some sound partially through his working, tried desperately to get through to him that I wasn’t sure how much of this I could take.

In answer, he stopped his pattern and went up to my nipples, making me squeal with the application of needles through those. My desperate sounds were always only ever met with pain and more pain, my body his torture toy. His punishments for my sounds were always long too. This time he didn’t stop after he placed three needles through each nipple. He went down to my pussy and I squealed the most silent shouts while he skewered above and below my clit, that swollen bit of flesh around my piercing. And with those I felt something like a cork placed at the ends of the needles so they wouldn’t pierce my thighs.

After that I lost hope again and he kept going with his pattern, whatever it was, and I didn’t even care because if he wasn’t satisfied by the end of the needles, it would be the whip or something else. I just cried, suffering. And then I spasmed in that feeling of horrible pleasure, pure humiliation from how I enjoyed what he did to me. “Filthy little fuck.” He growled it and his voice was right by my ear. “Maso fucktoy.” He licked up my face in the obscene way he had and kissed my lips over all the leather keeping me quiet. “Smile for the camera.” It was a laughable command. I was in agony and my lips weren’t even visible. He laughed at his own sick joke too while I spasmed again on the shaft impaling me, my body betraying me with the amount of mental pleasure this gave me.

“Don’t cum.” He snarled it in my ear when he finally surged into my ass. “Don’t cum from me fucking you. This is for me, understood? You got your pleasure from the pain like you should but a fucking, even in your little asshole? No, that’s too good for a degraded little masochistic whore like you.”

I obeyed, easily holding back orgasm after those spasms had rocked me. There was something about them that made them so intense even orgasms paled in comparison. He used my body like his toy. And then he left me there to sit on my cock, held in painful bondage while my whole body throbbed and I couldn’t do anything to rub it away.

I waited… and waited. But he didn’t come back. My body started to burn with the stretch of his horrible bondage and I shifted on the toy, hurting. And it was only getting more intense. Once more I spasmed in one of those tormented mental orgasms, milking the toy. Finally I heard him again and he pulled off the leather harness cover for my gag. I felt him remove the hollow inside of it, pulling my head even farther back my hair.

And then something was poured down my throat and I moaned because I recognized the taste for what it was. How many times had I been in my bathroom and drank my piss because it made me so goddamned hot? But it was nothing, fucking nothing so good as being degraded by Ivory while he poured his own piss down my throat. My body went off like a firecracker to this fantasy, so that I was shaking and trying to swallow through my chokes of pleasure. I got it down, swallowing the massive amount he fed me.

And then I passed out, body still pulsating around the wide toy that had become the center of my world.

When I woke back up, I was chained to his bed spread eagle and when I turned my head to the side, he had taped a picture of me up, one of the ones he had taken after what he’d done. Because he had made a heart with over a hundred needles. “Romantic, isn’t it, little slave?”

I turned to see him in the doorway of our bathroom. “Yes, master,” I whispered. Because it was. “I love you, master.” Because I did.

He crawled over top of me for an answer and was inside me in a second, riding me hard and slow while the sheets chafed across the soreness in my ass.


There was also another proclivity he had. He, of course, knew when my period started or was about to start. For a while he left me alone on these days, except to make me hot cocoa or something comforting. Mine weren’t bad or anything but they made me sore and he studied me during this like he studied my reactions to everything. And then one day my soreness started the night before I would start, like it always did, and he was waiting for me when I got home, his eyes excited in a way that made me shiver. That gaze aroused me even though my pussy felt sore and raw at the moment and my body was weak all over. The night before was always the worst for me and he knew as much.

He circled around me right inside his door, kissing my temple. “Do you know there’s something I’ve never gotten to take advantage of and indulge in? You see, I had most of my forays in sex clubs and females are there for sex. Needless to say, I haven’t gotten to enjoy torturing a submissive while she’s already so nice and sensitive from this time. It seems like such a waste when there’s so much pain, so much feeling, to be capitalized. But now it occurred to me that I have a little slave whose purpose is to serve me in these ways. And I’m feeling a little romantic actually.”

I moaned, staring up at him in dread, knowing this was going to be bad. And oh, it was.

He let me wear boy shorts and a sports bra, telling me that during days like this it was what I would always wear, both red. And his reasoning was ominous. “First, I value the cleanliness like you. And second, well, I don’t think I’ll need access to piercing needles through these tits or this cunt in order to have you in satisfying amounts of agony while you’re like this.”

And he knew that. He knew that because he had studied me this whole time. I trembled while he tied me to that throne of a chair, using rope to tether me down with my ankles apart and my arms on the slats that served as armrests. More rope wound through the back slats, holding my torso in place with the figure 8 pattern he wound around me. I whimpered up at him when he brought that cock gag, but it wasn’t much of a protest. I was too bowed by basic biology. Ivory chuckled and pat my hair. “There, there, little pain slut. We’re just going to experiment a little. Well, I’m going to experiment and you’re going to suffer for me.”

Horribly, he also dispensed with the eye mask, opting to let me see and for him to see me instead. I watched him warily while he smiled in pure sadism and got an entire range of toys, from the crop and the tawse to the short whip and the small dowel he used for a cane occasionally. “Let’s Bayan escort Ankara see what reactions we can get from this oh, so very sensitive body.”

I quivered but then just waited. There was no fight at the moment, just resignation.

He started with the crop and I jumped in my ropes, whimpering, because he licked it against my lower belly. He worked me over that way and he knew what to do, of course he did. By then he had seen me curl up with a pillow when I slept because it felt nice during that time. He knew where every sensitive part of me was.

And he used it. The crop was torment with even just the small licks he gave me. I lowered my gaze, miserable, and unable to even feel the general sexual pleasure I usually got from his sadism. No, this was all pain and discomfort in nothing but the bad ways. Ivory touched the crop to my chin, forcing my gaze back to his. “Look at me,” he said softly, in his intense voice. “I want to see it.”

I obeyed, staring into his eyes as a way of coping, his wildly green eyes. My face flamed when I felt tears at the corner of my eyes and I didn’t know why the hell they were there. He was being more gentle than ever, though that wasn’t saying overly much. Even so, I had suffered so much worse at his hands. He smiled wickedly and switched to the tawse. “Let’s see what else we can pull.” The tawse made me shiver a little. Now that could be true pain, if applied correctly, and Ivory for damn sure knew exactly how to apply it correctly.

He cracked it on the tops of my legs and I squealed, staring up at him and whining, crying. And his eyes made me feel even more hopeless with the amount of excitement those reactions so obviously gave him. He snapped the tawse down while my nerves screeched with protest at his assault. My head fell back against the chair and I stared up at Ivory. After a few hits, he smiled evilly…. and slapped it against my pussy. I screeched instantly, shaking and whimpering and then the tears really fell. They fell even harder when he moved on to the dowel, stroking the cool strip down my legs once before he flicked his wrist and I moaned, my eyes fluttering. And then I felt the horrible mental arousal that came from the fact that this was pure torture. Of course his other nights of agony had been too, but this was somehow even worse since everything already hurt in such a way that I wouldn’t be having even one of those mental orgasms. Somehow that knowledge gave me even darker masochistic pleasure than usual. Besides that, there was the pleasure of how effective this was, of being brought so terribly low and having my body turned against me so thoroughly it was almost an art form on his part. The horrible thought of no pleasure or any kind of release at all gave me just enough arousal to edge me for him. “So much feeling you have, pretty girl. So much to take advantage of. I’ve always admired your gender for the fact that you are made to feel more in every way. More physical sensation and, yes, more emotion.”

I stared up at him while my tears fell in those ridiculous, desolate amounts when I didn’t even know why. All I knew was that my body had been tired and aching all day and I had dissatisfied a customer which would raise my anxiety on a normal day. And suddenly I knew what he was doing.

Oh, it was partially for his deviance, for certain. He was, indeed, cruelly capitalizing on how much my body could hurt at the moment. But, while that kind of game was generally the only reason we played, there was an ulterior logic this time.

He knew how much I hated being a female, how much it irked me to feel such bullshit emotions that didn’t make sense when this time started to occur. He knew also that I shoved those emotions almost angrily aside as best I could and anytime I could. There were things that would normally make me shed tears that I wouldn’t break for during this time for fear that it was female bullshit. He had seen it.

And he was giving me an excuse that would be acceptable in my own eyes, an excuse to cry all I damn well wanted. I broke beneath him in the best kind of way, tears pouring down my cheeks in a catharsis that was so much relief. It didn’t matter if he saw me cry. Or rather it did matter because he loved my tears, wanted to bathe in them sometimes. He chuckled above me and snapped the dowel against my pussy. Then down my thighs. He struck my tender abdomen so that I squealed the loudest and suddenly I was much more animated and alive and… weirdly happy. It might not have made sense but his breaking me down gave me more energy. It was like I had been so cold and dead all day and his pain was a fire to heat me until I vibrated again.

Oh, it still hurt like hell. I stared up at him to let him see what he obviously wished to see, which was that every strike, no matter how gentle he made it, was far worse during this time. And he loved it, his smile growing with greater and greater satiation at every little reaction. “My God, what a waste to not take advantage of this and use you as a pain slut this way. You can’t even get off on one of those masochism orgasms you have, can you?” I shook my head frantically, my eyes wide but I stared into the depths of his and adored him. His gaze darkened and he approached me, his hand curling around my throat. “Take it,” he breathed. “Horny little victim. Look at all this pain and it still arouses you, doesn’t it? But you can’t have any release at all.” I’ll be damned if I didn’t almost reach that point just from his words alone, but my body was just too sore and he was snapping the dowel against my pussy, thighs, and abdomen in sharp, militant snaps. He laughed in my face when he saw that I still couldn’t quite reach the point of tortured pleasure, even when my eyes snapped to those strict motions of his wrist and that sight always turned me on. Especially when he was wearing short sleeves like he was now. I moaned around the gag, lifting to the dowel now to try to deal with the tease of pleasure. And I knew that action damned me by the look in his gaze, the sudden excitement that appeared there.

He leaned over the chair, his left hand holding mine in the chair arm while his right stroked the dowel up my thighs. “Have I ever told you that what you just did is one of my most favorite fetishes? The way you just lifted to the dowel to try to chase the masochistic pleasure in your mind away since you won’t be getting relief? It’s my favorite game to deny orgasms for a week or more until my submissive comes to me begging me for the cane with tears in her eyes because the torture is preferable to the maddening edging. Imagine it Tuesday. Imagine all that fiery lust inside you that I can build up with you and imagine how desperately you would bow to me and beg. Imagine coming home when I’m so casually reading or watching something and you’re burning alive and the only mercy you have hope for is for me to torture you.”

Oh, I could imagine alright. He had been complete hell when he’d edged me over a three day period, making me hold vibrators to my pussy until I was crying. He hadn’t done that lately with my living with him, but I couldn’t keep from reacting to the dread and high octane lust it gave me just thinking of it.

He laughed, grabbing me to lick my face. “No more orgasms until I say otherwise. Since it’s this time of the month, the first little bit should be a nice, easy start to your denial. I want to see you break for me, Two. I want to see you an insane animal for me.”

I moaned but went still so easily, thinking of how he’d given me an out to cry, even around the pride that made me hate my own gender. God, I loved him. But more to the point, I trusted him with my life by that point. I knew it would be a horrible trial, but I also knew that every game we played, no matter how long, always ended up being worth it.


Not even three days later, I thought I was already insane. The first day of my period I was bleeding too badly to play much but it was the only day like that, which he well knew. So he used that day to torment me with commands and so soon after his very effective torturing I would obey them and turn heated for him, thinking of his threats and what was in store for me. The second day was a little less of a respite day. He had me stand in the bedroom where he tied me in my boy shorts and held a vibrator over them. He had me fitted with the cock gag and one command and that was to not cum. And the worst part was it wasn’t actually a hard command to follow. He used a mercifully low setting and it was over clothing so I had enough control especially after his previous denial training periods. But it was effective, a low humming tease of pleasure that I readily fell to after all of his torment on my overly receptive body. In the way of his usual use of me as his pain slut, he didn’t speak to me, didn’t give me any other commands past the one. I went to bed restless.

And the third day was when he upped his ante. He woke me early to shower with him and in the shower was when he used my asshole, placing his hands over mine against the wall and growling his reminder in my ear. “Don’t cum.” I moaned at that, the soreness having left my body, and pleasure was fast in its assault. It rose like a storm, my sexuality hating even small two day breaks from his sex. I was more than ready to ride him to an anal orgasm, but his command held me fast, and I whimpered pathetically instead while he filled me with cum. He dragged me from the shower only to paddle me, but that was so gentle that it only fed me more hot arousal. He left with a satisfied look in his eyes while I shook and shivered. “I want you to go to the room after I leave and hold the vibrator to your pussy for ten minutes. Make sure to get up early to get ready for work and do it again for another ten minutes.”

I stared at him in horror even while my mouth opened and said the words, “Yes, master.”

He was smiling sadistically when he left and he gave me one last terrible thought to consider. “Once you stop bleeding, I can start fucking your pussy while you’re in denial, have fun eating it out, and then we can really watch you spiral to hell.”

I moaned in dread, shaking and wondering what game I had gotten myself into. It was as if Satan had leaned over me and purred out his idea of the worst kind of torture for a damned soul and I had agreed to it. I ended up calling Ivory before I even left, just to hear his voice and to beg him for something to distract me with. There was deep pleasure in his words at the sound of my desperation. But he still didn’t hurt me. He fucked my ass again as soon as I got home and then again before we went to bed, leaning down to whisper, “I’m going to need to use you all the more for this. God, it turns me on to watch you suffer.”

And he did. He woke me up again in the morning to use me and in the shower I whimpered it out. “Please strap me, master, please.”

He laughed in disdain. “No, because that was a pathetic excuse for begging. Hold the vibrator to yourself for two twenty minute sessions instead of ten since that was obviously too nice.”

I started crying. Denial was true hell. What was worse about it? His casual use of me without my own pleasure being allowed at all made me so fucking hot to think about that it alone would have made the denial hell. My masochism reveled in that type of use and if this was a head fuck, I would have been able to get off from the thought alone. And even worse? His dick turned so fucking hard at the sound of my misery and he growled with delight. “Get to work after I leave and I’ll know if you disobey, little slave.”

After that I was definitely going insane with it. I edged myself obediently while sending him the video I knew he would want. Then edged again before work and when I left I was antsy and whining, throwing myself into work like before. This time he called me during lunch, purring cruelly in my ear. “I can’t inspect my little cunt at the moment so I want you to message me and describe how badly that pussy aches.” I did. I messaged him with begging and pleading.

“Please hurt me!” I threw myself at his knees that night and he laughed, placing his boot on my head to make me bow lower.

“Good girl. That’s more like how my slave should beg me. It’s a pity you already ruined it this morning. No, and you can try again tomorrow. In the meantime, that turned me on.” He lifted me and bent me over to chair again, fucking me so violently I would have cum three times if I’d been allowed to. Instead I took it, shivering and whimpering when he whispered menacingly in my ear after he came, “Good little fucktoy. And that’s what you are right now. Your pleasure doesn’t matter and it’s mine that does, isn’t that right, little slave?”

Heat and fiery arousal sizzled through me at those words but he knew that and it’s why he said them. “Yes, master.”

God, I felt like a slave. I woke up to his touch the next morning and my head was bowed in terrified defeat. We both knew my bleeding was over. He took me to the shower again, his eyes eager and intense and I knew what was coming. It was torture when he fed his cock into my pussy and he prolonged it with soft, horny growls in my ear, stretching me deliciously since I hadn’t taken his cock in a week. I whimpered with each inch and shuddered around him when he was seated as far as he could go. “Don’t cum.” He snarled it like an animal. “Don’t you dare.”

My voice was defeated. “Yes, master.” I spread my legs wider, so submissive and in such a headspace with his denial. I let him have me for his enjoyment, opening myself wider, arching myself even while I whimpered soft, pathetic little sounds of unrequited need. He switched to my asshole at the last minute and that was to cum inside of it. And then he knelt in front of me with an evil little smile and lapped my pussy in the shower, laughing when I whimpered in pleasure, delighting in my torture. That didn’t last as long but it served to amp me into madness. “Twenty minutes twice again, little fucktoy. Understood?”

“Yes, master.”

And it went like that. He fucked me three times a day while I cried. Although that night when I threw myself at his knees and begged for pain, I was sobbing, actually crying and pleading with him, and it made him pleased enough to fetch his cane. “Over the chair, Tuesday. This is mercy for you so I’m not going to help you. We can keep going until you decide you’ve had enough.”

I had to close my mouth tight to keep from begging him to stop when he started, knowing that he’d oblige as soon as the words left my lips and I needed the pain to focus. Each stroke was torture that took the edge off a worse torture and I arched up as a coping mechanism. “Good girl.” He cooed it over me, stroking me when I curled into his arms and whimpered. He didn’t get any easier with his gentleness.

He made me sleep in the chastity belt with both the anal and vaginal toy attachments instead, making it far worse. Six days became nine where I begged for more and more pain, where he started to make me reverently kiss his cane, where he pet me with that terrible strip of agony. Nine became twelve where my body started to get so confused in the worst ways. I sank into any torment he gave me, readily and eagerly, and our dynamic had turned into something with less talking between us but with far more depth. I started to turn fiendish at the thought of the cane because… here’s the thing.

It hurt like hell and at first it was to save me from my own arousal. But then, horrifically, it became tethered with that same arousal it was supposed to be saving me from. I had to start to focus on the pain for it to work at all when I was becoming so goddamn turned on by what he was doing and how effective his conditioning was.

Twelve turned to fourteen and when I went home, my head was bowed in defeat. I was broken and didn’t have any hope that he would ever let me up from this because he made it clear time and again that it aroused him so much, as much as it aroused me. And while the defeated feeling was dark, it wasn’t a miserable dark. It had transformed me, like every other dark thing he did to me, so that this was just hopeless desire.

He was waiting for me when I walked in the door and he had me in an instant, his assault rough and horny. He pulled my shirt over my head and threw it while I gasped up at him and then just as quickly fucked his fingers inside of me. The only times he spoke were to torture me with word porn and he did that while I whined desperately. “God, you’re always wet for me now. I don’t even have to work to make you ready for me when you’re this desperate. Taste how wet this pussy is for me, baby.” He shoved his fingers into my mouth while I suckled, my eyes closing because there really was so much cum it was obscene. He shoved my skirt down while barking at me to get out of my shoes and then I was lifted against the wall and his cock was free and-

“Mmmmph!” The sound was slutty around his fingers and my mouth parted with desire. Every motion he made brushed against my clit and I shook with the effort of holding off orgasm, of not climbing that ladder of pleasure, and I had practiced so much that it was becoming terrifyingly easy so long as I didn’t think about the cane and my wicked relationship with it. Even so, my clit felt swollen, engorged, dying for just that one touch and his permission… but I had lost hope for either of those things and I focused on his pleasure instead, opening for him to use.

Ivory purred against my ear, his hands forceful around my waist. “Who do you serve?” He whispered it, voice intent in my ear.

“You, master.” I cried it when he took his fingers from my mouth.

“Good girl. Look at me. I want to see it when you suffer for me.” Obediently, I did, meeting his eyes and staring into them for a bond that hurt. Pain giver and pain bearer. Depraved pride and pleasure radiated from his gaze and it gave me strength, made me stay sane. I shuddered when my body climbed up a notch of pleasure against my will and had to breathe to get control again. Ivory held me by my hair so I couldn’t look away and he could drink in every spasm and desperate fight I had to hold back. He chuckled at my pain. “Pretend your clit isn’t there. Just relax and take it.” I did that and this time was different than his other times using me. He moved slowly, making me feel every inch in a way that made me dread this. Had he masturbated before I got home? I didn’t know but if he had he could make this last for a long time.

“Yes, master.”

“Poor girl. You were begging me in your sleep, a little slut for me even then.”

I moaned because I didn’t doubt him. “I dreamed about the cane again,” I whimpered. Again, because he had made me tell him every terrible transformation he was putting me through, made me recant every dream and desire.

“Did you? You beautiful little pain slut of my toy.” He reached around me to smack my ass and I moaned. “It doesn’t even help anymore, does it? It makes you so fucking hot that even the cane can’t save you at the moment.” I cried into his neck but he grabbed my hair again, growling. “No, look at me.” And I obeyed because I’d do anything he asked after what he’d done to me.

“Are you pleased?” I finally asked it softly, whimpering it like a dog begging for a shred of approval.

His grip tightened and he growled, biting my bottom lip in a vicious tease of a kiss, as if he were too afraid he’d hurt me if he indulged in the real thing. “Am I fucking pleased? God, look at you. You’ve been bowing on my leash for a week now, you’ve licked my ankles without even being told when I sat down, and you’d lick my shoes clean if I told you to. You bend over even farther for me to use you easier and you let me see your suffering because you know I love it. You’re so covered in cane tracks and welts that I don’t even have a place left to torture you anymore until you heal and you’re begging for more like a wanton in your sleep. My God, am I fucking pleased?” He snarled and pulled out of me, taking me to the floor in the doorway instead, and I gasped with wide eyes when he thrust back inside me. He was on his knees over me, pulling me up at a strange angle that was nonetheless torturously deep and I moaned with a shocked sob of desire. “Let me show you how beyond pleased I am. Let me show you how goddamned ecstatic you make me.” He forced me back, impaling me as deep as he could in one fierce stroke while his other hand slapped my pussy right on my clit and I jolted, my body contorting as he ripped my control straight out of the stranglehold I’d had it in for two fucking weeks.

And then he said the magic words that released me and made me blind for hours. “Cum for me, Tuesday!”

I arched, too blinded by pleasure to see straight or scream with it. Instead all that came out was a soft squeaking whine and my body pulsated around his. He laughed at whatever my face must have looked like and fucked me so fucking hard while I rode out every last tidal wave of halcyon bliss. I don’t even remember much for a while after that except for pure, hedonistic ecstasy. I do remember that when he made to pull away, I launched myself at him like an animal in our foyer floor. Because he had the only cock I wanted anymore and, goddamnit, now that he released me from that control, I shattered and he was going to fill me and make me whole again if I had to claw him raw to force him.



She went wild, absolutely crazed. I had riled her into a tortured bundle of subspace energy so bright it was like a supernova, and had forced her to control and contain all of that. They had been two of the hottest weeks I had ever participated in but when I released her?

God. There wasn’t anything like that.

I remember one time hearing the theory of the biblical flood coinciding with the breaking of the super continent. Supposedly, the people of biblical times had never seen rain before that and Pangea had been intact, but then God ripped open the gates and it didn’t just rain. Water burst forth through the land itself and broke the single continent straight the fuck apart with its force.

That’s what she was like. Pure masochistic energy burst from her and she was savage with it. She clawed her hands through my hair and bit me and I didn’t even care. I threw the dominant rules straight the fuck out the window and let her ride me. I had to turn her over and fuck her doggy style right in the goddamned floor while holding her hair like reins on an untamed thoroughbred. And that was just so I could get her calm enough to lift her and take her to the table where I could eat her since she’d made me cum with all that feral, frantic energy.

She spread her legs over the table nice and wide, the way I’d commanded her to when I would lay her in the same spot to torture her over the previous two weeks. That’s how cruel I had been to her. I had been lapping her pussy for thirty minutes at a time while she couldn’t cum and the sight of the automatic obedience, even when she was an animal, made me growl. I used my nails to pull the protective hood of her clit back and stroked my middle fingers over it so that she arched so hard I thought she might break my table. When I stroked that magical little button that I had previously told her to pretend didn’t exist? She thrashed and I had to have more, had to taste more, so I thrust my tongue deep inside of her, making her squeal and writhe around me. I punished her on my tongue so that her legs shook again… and again… and again… I didn’t want her able to walk when she next tried to stand. I wanted to see her collapse to her knees before me while she still begged for more cock.

And she did. I forced her up and over until she was shaking all over and then lifted her and got to see my wish. She whimpered and staggered, then fell, her legs weak with pleasure even while she stared up at me, her eyes delirious, and her lips mouthed the word “please” over and over again.

I thought I’d take her to the bed but didn’t make it, settling for the love seat and snarling over her while I sucked and laved and bit her nipples.

And then I finally made it to the bed. Where the cane was. I lifted it just to watch her spasm to the sight of it, and then laughed with vicious elation because I’d ruined her and she would keep craving the cane after this, even when it made her cry in misery.

My beautiful Tuesday. My angel Tuesday.


That hadn’t been the end of our spree. I woke her in the night after she was finally fucked out and exhausted and coherent again. And she’d come awake eagerly, eyes going dark with lust at the feel of my cock. “Again?”

“Yes. Fucking yes, again. And again after that.” I’d used her and used her. But it wasn’t using anymore. She was riding back on me no matter how I took her.

It was hotter than hell and if I was slightly less of a sadist, I might have considered it even hotter than the build up where she had been so desolate with need. But I was that sadist and would always prefer her pain in all its forms. I had taken the sickest glee off of her reactions when she was hurting and sore from her period and couldn’t wait to indulge in it every single month. I was an asshole and I was more terrible than ever while in love with her. Two weeks of denial while I spent evenings lapping her pussy while she lay on my table and spent nights with her shivering in chastity belt toys? Where I forced her to hold the vibrator to herself to make it worse? I hadn’t been so evil to anyone.

But she’d lapped it up like candy, hadn’t she? She’d cried and whimpered and begged and sobbed in anguish and she’d taken it, taken me. And there was more to her two weeks than just those highlights too. I had crafted a continual torture for her, every message sent another way to make her hot. I had made her send me pictures of her dripping cunt. Some nights when she walked in the door, I had made her sit in a chair and pulled up the pictures she’d sent me. Then I would stand behind her with one arm over her shoulder and hold the pictures up to study with her, cruelly whispering in her ear. “Look at how red and swollen those pussy lips are, baby, how needy you are. And see how engorged and full that clit is, how it’s begging to be touched? I bet it’s buzzing for you right now.” Christ, I had been a terror and she had followed all of that through with me.

And the sex spree afterwards… Holy fuck.

When I woke beside her I was so exhausted that I knew she’d be out for another hour or so. It was a Sunday, one of the few days we had off together more often than others, and we could be lazy. I smiled at the sight of her beside me. She lay on her side, curled up almost in a fetal position with her hands tucked together at her cheek. Her breathing was so deep and even, so relaxed. God, she had been such an animal and it’d been so beautiful. I was already eager for the next denial build. I would have to push even harder, be even worse. Maybe I would make her stand for hours with a vibe taped right against her clit while I trained her in control, flicking a cane when she started to show signs of being too close to orgasm, and stopping the vibe until she regained safe discipline. And then we would start again, over and over. I would fuck her while she was forced to hold back, so horny for me, and do it even more than I had this time.

God, my fantasies already went rampant again. She shifted, a soft purring snore escaping her, and I smiled, reaching slowly to my nightstand to grab the piece of jewelry this whole thing had really been about.

She would still be exhausted in total satisfaction when she woke and after our wild intensity, after the gift of trust she’d given me in the denial build, I could safely ask her my question, the question. I opened the jewelry box with a smile.

She had been staring at my onyx cut ring for months now, the strange heart shape I always wore. It was my sole piece of jewelry besides things like cuff links and I have no idea why it had become the only piece I wore and never took off. It had absolutely zero meaning to me, none at all. People asked all the time. Was it given to me by a family member? Nope. Gave it to myself. Symbolism? A fucking heart, are you stupid? No one puts symbolism in a gay ass, widespread picture like that.

Well, alright, except for now when I was the idiot putting symbolism in it. Tuesday’s ring was a ruby – I wasn’t settling for goddamned garnet in her engagement ring so I found the perfect ruby with the right depth and shine – and it was heart cut just like mine, except hers had small diamonds creating an outline.

“Yes.” The whisper made me blink and then turn to her. She stared up at me sleepily, still stretching. My heart thundered and I swallowed nervously, but she grinned shyly at me. “The answer is yes, but you have to give me one of those massage things you do.”

I beamed. “It wasn’t going to be phrased as a question anyway.”

She giggled and held out her hand while I took the ring and fitted it perfectly on her finger. Her eyes went a little wide at the sight of it when she wore it though. “It’s huge.”

“Get used to wearing red,” I answered and she laughed while I obliged her request and kneaded her shoulders, stroking away all the tension that I had created.

“You’ll have… have to… match the clothes…”

I didn’t bother answering because she was already out again, this time wearing my ring as well as my collar. I had every intention of finishing her well earned massage and then getting breakfast and coffee ready, but I never made it that far. The feel of her so relaxed beside me made me feel relaxed and I ended up tucked back in beside her, holding her close to my chest. My right hand rested close to her left, the black heart shining beside red. 

I smiled and decided that I didn’t even feel the need to push her for a wedding. This was enough for as long as it took her to feel comfortable. She could have the rest of our lives if she wanted, although I hoped she’d agree fairly soonish. If our businesses were intertwined through marriage it could give her more benefits and we could build other interests for her together. Both of us being business owners also meant she could comfortably keep all of our bank accounts separated without torturing herself in guilt over it, like I knew she would if given half the chance. She was brilliant with the accounting work, too, so she could take over all of my own accounts, and just give me the end of the month records, eventually. It would be an act of trust that would draw her out of her relationship phobia and give her some power over me. Power that I knew she wouldn’t do a thing with, except keep my books for me. My mind went through all of it, ways to coax my little Tuesday out in hopes for her to set a date.

It turned out I didn’t need to even overthink all of that. She had an idea when she woke up and it was actually soonish. Tuesday really impressed me with it because she asked for a logical two years of engagement and then we could start to plan the wedding. It was actually more than I’d dared hope for from her skittishness, although she seemed to be worried that she was asking for too much. I replied to that by grinning and shrugging, telling her that two years was 24 times I would get to torture her during that sensitive time of the month and I wasn’t upset with that. “Ivory!” She laughed though, throwing a pillow at me and running from me through my apartment.

And later that night we played Scrabble. Because we’d bonded over games, we played games in every aspect of our lives, and I safely knew that we would keep playing games together as we grew. It was why I was so certain of marrying her. So long as there was a Breakfast at Tiffany’s topic we could go back to when things seemed rough and so long as she never tired of taking my kinks, we would be just fine. And our kinks were soul songs to each other.

Once upon a time, I had craved for more thrill at nights and that’s how I found her online. My Tuesday, who’d been named that because she was born on Tuesday. My Tuesday who was so real and down to earth.

And now I didn’t crave for anything else except for more of her.

Oh, one last thing. The key to her apartment? Don’t worry. I used it. I had to send her to get her things from her apartment when we decided to move into mine together. And no, we didn’t decide on my apartment for a sexist reason. It was just because I had the dungeon in my penthouse and Tuesday loved my bed. Also because she didn’t give a fuck.

But I had her go and start packing when she thought I was out of town with my brother. The night before I had taken the Beretta apart, stripped it down and removed the firing pin, kept it unloaded, and put the safety on. I held it with me while I hid in her closet. 

She definitely wasn’t expecting me either and I had to clap my hand over her mouth to muffle her screaming, wearing a ski mask just for old time’s sake. At first, I didn’t say anything, just lifted the 9 mm threateningly, keeping it right in front of her eyes, pointed away from both of us. “Are you going to be a good fucking girl for me, Tuesday? Because here’s what’s going to happen. I’m going to rape your little asshole and when I’m done, you’re going to tongue bathe my cock clean of how filthy you are and it might take a while. You see, I want to make sure you taste yourself off me and get the full flavor of it. And then you’re going to wash that down with all the piss I’m going to give you straight from my cock and you’re not going to spill any. And you won’t give me any problems, will you?” I nuzzled her temple while she couldn’t take her terrified eyes off the gleaming Beretta. When she didn’t immediately answer, I shook her with the hand that still covered her mouth. “You give me a fucking answer when I ask you a question, you little bitch. Are you going to give me any problems, Tuesday?”

She trembled, whimpered, and finally shook her head no. For a moment, she shook with a body spasm that made me worried I’d thrown her into the bad kind of panic. But then it subsided too quickly to be that. So I lifted her little skirt to feel her pussy and make sure she was okay that way instead.

She was more than okay. She had cum coating her thighs, that spasm having been her orgasm from this setup alone, and I could feel it dripping from her. “Horny fucking whore.” She groaned to my foul degradations and I smiled, inhaling the scent of her hair and her fear.

God, I loved Tuesday. I loved her more than dragons loved jewels and fire.

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Ara 01

Captured in Ajikistan 3

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Captured in Ajikistan 3 – Sexual Servitude

In the war-torn republic of Ajikistan, two captives, both former humanitarian volunteers, were now at the mercy of a scar-faced rebel soldier. Musad relished the scene before him. The two girl captives were completely naked. A slender, beautifully curved brunette with medium-sized breasts lay on a long table, tied face-up in a spread-eagled position. This was Mira, and she had the most exquisite-looking face Musad had ever seen. Kneeling between the girl’s legs, having just brought Mira to orgasm, was a busty young Latina girl, a little shorter, with slightly larger hips and dark, mesmerizing eyes. Her name was Arianna.

The naked soldier’s cock saluted both girls. He was hard and eager after watching the forced lesbian-love show. Earlier he had put a strap-on cock attached to a gag and stuffed it in Mira’s mouth, forcing Arianna to ride her friend’s face until her juices coated the shaft and trickled down its length for her girlfriend to taste. Now he had new plans in mind. Sadistic plans.

“Very good, girls. Now we get really NASTY,” Musad growled. He walked over to the girls, his huge, vein-throbbing cock bobbing menacingly.

“Please no more. You’ve already raped me,” Arianna begged. Ignoring the girl’s pathetic plea, Musad undid Mira’s bindings. He let the lithesome brunette sit up with a groan. Slowly blood circulation returned to her wrists and ankles. The two naked captives sat facing each other on the table now. Fear and bewilderment shone on both their cute faces.

“Wh-what are you going to do with us?” Mira whimpered.

“First, you two sluts need to kiss each other. Show me how much you love each other. Mira, lick your juices off of Arianna’s face.” When the girl hesitated, Musad’s palm landed with a loud SMACK on Mira’s well-sculpted right butt cheek.


“Are you hard of hearing, bitch?”

“No, Master. Please, we’ll do whatever you want,” Mira squealed. She leaned forward, licking at her girlfriend’s chin. Arianna closed her eyes and groaned as Mira slurped up the glistening fluids around her lips, smeared along her jaw. Unbidden, Arianna reciprocated. She licked at the remnants of her own fluids which had streamed down the dildo when she’d fucked Mira’s face earlier. The two girls continued to clean off each other’s faces. They then proceeded to kiss. Their tongues lovingly intertwined as the two girls embraced until their breasts were pressed together – with Musad cheering them on.

“Yes, keep kissing like horny little lesbian sex slaves. That’s a good show. You nasty American whores are all the same, aren’t you? You have secret desires. I can see you LIKE what I am making you do, yes?” Musad had picked up a gun and now he waved it for emphasis. The tent became charged with tension as the girls froze with the pistol pointed in their faces.

“That’s enough. I tire of this.” The Arab rebel looked down at his elongated prick. “It is time that my cock joined the action. I know the perfect way to do it, too.” He motioned for both sexy girls to slip off the table and come toward the far side of the tent with him. He then sat on the edge of a mattress and had both girls kneel before him, sitting up with backs arched, breasts thrust forward. So enticed, he marveled at the two pairs of tits that tempted him like mouth-watering treats…

“Very good, sluts. Now, here is the next game we are going to play.” He waved the gun slowly, almost like a metronome, back and forth…back and forth. “One of you lucky bitches gets to have her ass raped.” Arianna and Mira’s eyes widened with shock and horror. “Yes, little cunts. I know. Neither of you has had the pleasure of a cock reaming your tight ass. Well, soon enough one of you will have the distinct privilege. Your sweet infidel ass will be blessed by a hard Arab dick. Which one, though?” Musad looked back and forth, enjoying the interplay of emotions on each girl’s face. Fear…hope that it would not be them…that the other girl would get chosen…He saw those thoughts flit across both Mira’s and Arianna’s face.

“You,” he said to Mira. “Come here and suck my cock. And you,” he continued, pointing at the big-breasted Latina, “you come here to lick and suck on my balls while your friend takes my shaft down her worthless throat. Come, you two work like a team now. Whichever of you pleases me MORE, I’ll spare her ass from being raped. There, is that not a good reward?”

As the rebel fighter’s awful promise sank in, both girls sprang into action. Mira spread her hands on the soldier’s thighs and leaned over, vacuuming up his penis so fast she made a loud slurping sound. She created a powerful suction with her lips, her head bobbing rapidly as she took him into her mouth. Her jaw rippled with effort as her pretty face impaled itself on his musky-scented manhood.

“Ahhhh! You’re a good cocksucker, bitch. Keep up the good work.” Musad kept the pistol trained on Mira’s head with one hand. With the other hand he gently gathered the flowing tresses of Mira’s hair away from her face, the better to help her pleasure his dick. Mira’s groans and gurgles filled the tent as she smothered his cock with fervent dedication. Pre-cum began to trickle onto Mira’s tongue. The lubrication made it even easier as the brunette slurped noisily along the length of his penis. ‘Oh god. He tastes awful,’ Mira thought. ‘Please let me just suck him off and make him cum. Maybe then he won’t have enough juice left to fuck one of us in the ass,’ Mira dared to hope. Meanwhile Arianna strained to twist underneath Musad’s pair of cum-filled testicles. Her tongue began to flick daintily at his sac.

“Is that all you can do, bitch? At this rate your friend will easily win the reward,” Musad jeered at Arianna. The busty Latina responded by taking one of Musad’s testicles into her mouth. She sucked hard on it, caressing it with her tongue as it lay nestled between her lips. Between Arianna’s attentions and Mira’s face pumping up and down his slickening penis, it was all Musad could do not to shoot his load of jism right then and there.

“OOoohhh FUCK. You sluts know how to please a man. You are learning to be eager fuck-slaves. This is good. Very good. The General will be impressed when he returns with your two slut friends…if they still live, anyway.” That had a chilling effect on both of his young captives. Soon, the slender brunette’s face was pumping so hard on Musad’s shaft that she was bottoming out, her nose almost to his pubic hair as she gurgled loudly, fighting off the urge to gag. Musad’s free hand fisted in her hair, holding her face flush against his crotch as he felt her tongue cradle his shaft, her desperate choking adding fresh sensation to his manhood.

“AHHH fuck. Just like that, bitch. Yes!” he groaned. Meanwhile Arianna was sucking frantically on one of his testicles, then the other, alternating as she pleasured him.

Suddenly Musad growled, “Enough. Turn away, little cunt. I will have YOUR ass. That is your reward,” he jeered at Mira as the girl’s face went white.

“No. Please Sir! B-but you said the one who pleased you most would be spared. I’ve been pleasing you more than she has.”

Musad’s scar quirked sideways with the skin on his brow as he smiled viciously. “I know, bitch. And guess what? I’m a violent, ill-tempered soldier who likes to kidnap sexy young sluts. And guess what else? Sometimes I LIE.” He forced Mira to turn around until her sexy young ass faced up as she crouched on her hands and knees. Then he grasped Arianna by the nape of the neck and dragged her over just behind her friend’s buttocks.

“W-w-what?” Arianna croaked. “What does Master want me to do?”

The Arab soldier pointed at Mira’s tiny, puckered hole. “You can start being useful, bitch – by spitting some of your saliva into your girlfriend’s tight hole and spreading it Ankara bayan escort around with your tongue.”

Arianna blanched. The Latina’s pretty face contorted into a look of dismay. “Y-you can’t be serious.”

Musad pressed the barrel of his pistol against the Latina’s pubic muff. “You want me to pull this trigger, cunt, and put a bullet in your pussy?”

“No! Please, okay. Okay,” Arianna whimpered. She spit a big globule of her saliva into Mira’s tiny hole and then leaned forward. Trying to stifle the urge to retch, the gorgeous Latina twirled her tongue inside Mira’s star-shaped hole. She spread her saliva inside Mira’s ass as the brunette shivered. Mira prepared for the worst. Her skin prickled with fear. Her breasts swayed as Arianna’s face pressed against her bottom. Arianna licked feverishly, her tongue prodding at Mira’s anus until the sensation was almost…pleasurable.

“Please Master, don’t do this,” Mira wailed. “My ass can’t fit a cock your size. It’ll tear me open.”

But the scar-faced captor ignored the girl’s pleas. He waited until Arianna had licked for a good few minutes. He watched as she slurped, her tongue swirling inside Mira’s anal crevice until she finally sat back, took a deep breath. A thin strand of saliva hung from Arianna’s lips to Mira’s anus.

“That’ll do, bitch. Now go over and comfort your friend. I want you to suck on her nipples while I rape her ass. Give her a little relief like a good girlfriend, yes?”

Arianna’s saddened eyes said it all. She nodded. “Yes Master.”

Now came the moment of truth…or agony, at least for the female captive. Mira bit her lip as she felt the huge, bulbous-shaped crown of Musad’s cock prod at her anal opening. The girl groaned as she felt it worm its way inside – at first just the tip. Then Musad sighed, pushing his hips a little until the first two and a half inches were inside her, shoving past her anal ring. The girl stiffened as she felt him inside her. Her sphincter muscles couldn’t keep him out. Mira’s hands clenched on the floor. Mira’s forehead beaded with sweat as Musad began thrusting – short, violent bursts of pressure that made his shaft snuggle deeper and deeper into her ass. The girl was soon grunting with the pain of each thrust. Abruptly she felt Arianna craning her neck upward from underneath, her lips fastening around one of Mira’s nipples as the girl sucked hard. Mira moaned, the zing of pleasure in her breast more than offset by the pain of the huge cock violating her most delicate hole. The lithesome brunette let out a shriek as the last few inches of Musad’s penis embedded itself in the depths of her ass.

“Ohhh god! Please take it out, Master. Please stop, it hurts so much!” she squealed. Distantly, Mira was aware of Arianna sucking harder on her other nipple as graceful feminine fingers petted her clitoris. The sensations were like much-needed healing salves as Musad brutalized Mira’s ass. The Arab fighter spread Mira’s ass cheeks wider with his hands as he watched his cock spear deep into her narrow, all-too-fragile anal passage.

“Damn, slut. You’re so tight. How does it feel…my cock deep inside you, ready to spew my spunk in your bowels? Tell me, bitch.”

Mira’s groans filled the tent. Her body trembled with the attempt to accommodate the girth of his cock. She felt as if something had torn inside her, but the girl couldn’t be sure. ‘Will this psycho kill us both? He doesn’t even care if his cock tears out my ass and hurts me. Oh god…what will we do? How will we survive this maniac? There’re two of us. Arianna has to do something. If only we could steal his gun and use it on him,’ Mira thought.

Sure enough, Musad had temporarily put the gun down. Now he had both hands occupied stroking Mira’s sides. Occasionally he swatted Mira’s beautifully sculpted ass cheeks as he raped her.

“Oooohhh, please stop. It hurts Master. Please take it out!” Mira cried.

“How does it FEEL, whore? Tell me again,” Musad grunted.

“It hurts. Please stop. It hurts so much!” Mira whimpered. Then something happened. Like a switch going off, suddenly the awful pain dimmed to a dull ache. Meanwhile the Latina’s skillful fingers rubbed Mira’s clit and fondled her pussy. Arianna’s mouth gently teased her nipples, licking, sucking, caressing with just the perfect amount of pressure. Suddenly the pain eased. Mira was so grateful she almost sobbed with relief. Instead she felt herself doing the impossible. She gently ground her hips back, helping her captor fuck her own ass.

Musad’s eyes widened as the girl let slip a tiny moan. His hands slid around to cup her breasts. He felt the hardened nipples. He could sense her arousal as she relaxed, despite his throbbing dick thrust deep in her ass. He gently squeezed her supple cones as she moaned louder.


“What are you moaning about, little cunt? Are you starting to actually LIKE it? My cock in your ass? Raping you where you’ve never been fucked? Tell me how much you like it and I’ll be gentle. Hmm?”

Mira sighed, saying the words before she was even conscious of it. “Please Master, I love your cock in my ass. Please…fuck….fuck my ass,” she said, appalled at her own words, but not knowing what else to do. She felt Musad’s hands tweak the sensitive tips of her breasts before they disappeared, reappearing against the smooth skin of her butt cheeks as they kneaded her flesh like dough.

“Mmmm. I love watching my cock pumping inside your sexy little ass, you whore. I’m going to fill your bowels with my seed soon. Very soon.”

Mira wiggled her bottom and ground it against Musad’s crotch. “Fill my bowels with your seed, Master.” She couldn’t believe she’d said those awful words, but there it was. She had no choice. As his captive, if she didn’t please him in this, what worse things might he think up? At least if she cooperated, maybe he would tire out. Maybe THEN she and Arianna could think up a way to escape. The slender brunette continued to pump her ass backward to meet Musad’s thrusting shaft. She felt him plunge into her anal crevice and the dull ache vanished, replaced by…something else. An odd mixture of discomfort and pleasure dovetailed with each of Musad’s subsequent fucks. Each time his balls smacked against her butt, Mira felt a tiny thrumming of pleasure blossom in her core. It was as if her body was acclimating to Musad’s obscene shaft, despite everything. And all the while Arianna’s agile fingers stroked and caressed Mira’s clit until her pussy was quivering with desire.

‘Oh god. This is so insane,’ Mira thought. She felt herself actually building to orgasm. She knew it. Musad sensed it.

Their captor grunted. “I can feel you getting excited, slut. Your ass clenches around my shaft like you want to take a shit. Now just relax, bitch. I want my cock as deep as it can go. I want to fill your bowels with so much cum. Ahhh fuck. Ahhhhh! UHHH!!!” Musad began pumping faster, spearing his hips forward as his balls slapped against Mira’s cheeks with a much harder rhythm. The girl felt his cock pierce her ass like a baseball bat. The feeling of fullness sent her reeling. Then it happened. Musad roared as he grasped her by the shoulders. He pulled her bottom hard against his crotch as his shaft erupted. Like a geyser, his cock fountained cum, spurt after spurt which he emptied deep inside her ass. He shuddered as his hands gripped her slim shoulders with white-knuckled intensity. Mira moaned as she felt his hot, sticky fluids shoot inside her. Her pussy convulsed with pleasure. The intense fullness inside her anus had sent the poor girl over the edge. Her chest heaved as her juices spilled onto Arianna’s fingers. The surprised Latina withdrew her hand and licked the fluids until her hand was clean.

‘Oh god. As painful as this is, I’d almost rather he come inside my ass than my pussy. I don’t want to Escort bayan Ankara get pregnant,’ Mira thought. Even now, in the midst of a nightmare, there was a sliver of a silver lining – assuming she wasn’t already pregnant from the multiple times her pussy had been raped. Either way, she didn’t have long to be thankful. Soon Musad’s penis was softening. It popped out of her ruined anus.

“Come here, Latina slut. I have a new job for you.” Arianna crawled over to just behind Mira’s buttocks. She gasped in horror at Mira’s gaping anus, which was oozing cum and a thin stream of blood.

“Look at this poor, bitch. Being ass-raped isn’t easy, is it? Why don’t you show her some love? Get in there and clean her up,” Musad growled.

With a face wrinkled in disgust, Arianna reluctantly obeyed. She tasted the coppery flavor of Mira’s blood, but the overwhelming taste and scent came from Musad’s cum. She licked up the flavorful spunk. She licked around the rim of Mira’s anus before flicking her tongue inside to lap up the final globs of seed. The taste made her want to gag, but she swallowed it all. She licked her chops as she closed her eyes with a groan.

“Please Master, I did what you asked. Please, may we rest?” Arianna begged. Mira had collapsed and huddled up in a fetal position on the floor. There were tears in her eyes. Arianna thought ‘Hang in there, sweetie. We’ll find a way out of this somehow.’ The Latina’s gaze surreptitiously slid over to the gun lying just behind Musad.

But just then the tent flap opened and a dark shadow fell across the naked captives as they turned to see the newcomer – hoping against hope that it was someone come to rescue them.

The two girls were disappointed to see a tall, dark-skinned man enter the tent. He wore military fatigues and sunglasses. His face had a scratchy expanse of stubble. He took off the sunglasses immediately when he stepped inside.

“Uh, General Nabatu. You…were not expected,” Musad said with some dismay. The foreign general smirked.

“I am here to see the General Aamir. Will he be back soon?”

“In a few hours.” Musad shrugged uncertainly.

General Nabatu smiled. “In the meantime, perhaps I can join your festivities here? You seem to have one cunt to spare,” he observed, eyeing the two girls like pieces of meat.

Musad nodded quickly, not wanting to anger a potential ally of General Aamir. “Take whichever fuck-meat you prefer.”

General Nabatu shrugged out of his uniform, revealing a torso rippling with muscle. A skull-and-crossbones tattoo stretched across his chest. The African general undid his belt, pulled down his pants, and then took off his boots and socks until he stood naked in all his masculine glory. His cock sprang to life, a finely chiseled rod of elongated flesh. He walked over to Mira and knelt down, cupping the girl’s chin in a deceptively loving gesture.

“I’ll take this fuck-meat. In fact, your General Aamir owes me a slave girl. This one’s pretty. She’ll do fine as payment.”

Musad licked his lips, not wanting to argue. “That is for you and General Aamir to decide. I am but a humble soldier of the caliphate.”

Nabatu’s handsome face returned to a grin as he patted Musad on the back. “I’m glad you see it that way.” He turned his attentions back to Mira. “What’s wrong, girl? Don’t cry. Nabatu has a nice, big cock for your pussy…and ass.” He grasped Mira by the hair and tugged upward. The girl cried out as he forced her to her feet. Then he pulled the naked girl over to the mattress and sat down on the edge of it. His finger began to probe the girl’s ass.

“You may want to hold off on ass-fucking the slut. I just broke her in,” Musad confessed.

The African general cursed. “The bitch will take at least a week to heal from this.” He drew his finger away. It had a tiny trace of blood. He patted his lap, from which his obscene cock sprang up like a phallic monument. “Come here, slut. Hop on and fuck yourself. At least if your ass is worthless, perhaps I can get better mileage out of your hot little pussy.” Mira eyed the African’s huge cock with fear. It was taller and thicker than any of her previous partners – by a lot. She gingerly straddled the general and moaned as his cock slid up into her sex. The sensation of a cock filling her snatch felt so good compared to her ass-rape earlier that she found herself automatically grinding her crotch against Nabatu. The pink buds of her breasts hardened with newfound libido as she felt his cock rubbing against the walls of her cunt.

“Ooohhh… Please fuck me, Sir. I love your cock. I’ll worship your cock, Master,” she crooned. The General smirked.

“You’ve got her trained well, Musad. I am impressed.” He leaned down, giving Mira a passionate kiss as his hands caressed her finely shaped buttocks. The hands glided upward, stroking the soft, silky skin of the girl’s back. The brunette’s hair swayed as she gyrated on his lap, her ass wiggling as she fucked herself like a sex-crazed slave. Her moans joined his grunts, forming an odd kind of symphony. The smell of sex hung thick in the air as her pussy moistened around his shaft.

“Ahhh… this one’s pussy is like a little treasure. I’ll fuck it every day until I tire of her,” the general growled. Musad stood up and watched the action. He leaned over, peering at Mira as she rode the general’s cock. He noticed the poor girl’s distended anal ring. He also noticed the blood still glistening in her anal hole.

“You spoke wisely, General. I messed up her ass but GOOD. She won’t be shitting properly for a week. Best leave her ass be for a lengthy stretch. It will take quite a while to heal,” Musad admitted.

The General drew away from Mira’s lips. His arms enfolded her as he nipped at the girl’s ear lobe. “I already knew that, idiot. Yes, she’ll take time to heal, but I have no doubt that this slut’s tight ass will be more than worth it. Now leave me in peace with my new fuck-toy.” As Mira’s sex continued to slide up and down Nabatu’s throbbing manhood, the brunette’s pleas for mercy and fawning over her captor mingled together.

“Please be gentle with me, Master. I love fucking your big, manly cock. Stretch my pussy with your dick. Please cum inside me. Fill me with your hot, sticky seed. I need it deep inside me,” she implored. She licked his shoulder and then laid soft kisses along the side of his neck as he growled and thrust his pelvis upward, fully impaling the girl’s quim with his mighty cock.

Arianna gaped in horrified fascination. ‘Either they’re finally getting to Mira or she’s playing along and just hoping he’ll treat her better than our previous captors. Oh god,’ Arianna thought, wondering…daring to hope. ‘But that won’t help me,’ she realized. ‘Musad is a maniac. I have to get traded somehow or given to another man. I don’t want him to own me. At this rate, I won’t survive.’

The busty Latina quailed as Musad returned his attentions to her. He yanked her over near the mattress where Nabatu and Mira were fucking like rabbits. His cock had re-grown to a semblance of rigidity. It still glistened from a mixture of pre-cum and blood from Mira’s ass. “Why don’t you lick me clean, slut? You can taste your girlfriend’s ass on my cock. Won’t that be a treat?”

Arianna wanted this nightmare to just be over. But she did as she was told. Her beautiful mouth smothered Musad’s cock. She slurped lovingly, her tongue tenderly stroking the sides of Musad’s penis as she tasted the odd mixture of fluids. Her heart-shaped face strained with effort as she pumped her mouth up and down, up and down, with louder and louder slurping sounds until Musad was groaning with delight. His hands had gathered the shiny, black hair back from her face as she impaled her mouth obediently. Her lips pressed in a tight seal around his shaft until a new batch of pre-cum oozed in strands Bayan escort Ankara from her pretty lips down to the tips of her breasts.

Musad abruptly slapped her across the face and pulled out his dick. “Not so fast, little whore. What are you trying to do, make me CUM prematurely? We wouldn’t want that.” He forced her onto her hands and knees facing the mattress and walked behind her. He knelt. He positioned his cock near the entrance to her pussy. He teased her by gently rubbing his thick, engorged penis in the cleft of her ass.

“Please fuck my pussy, Master,” Arianna begged. ‘Just please, not my ass!’ she thought in panic. ‘Anything but that, I don’t want to be injured like Mira.’ Fortunately, the gorgeous Latina could almost groan with relief as Musad’s reinvigorated shaft nudged past her labia, seeking the heat of her sex. She felt his hands cup her breasts as he began to fuck her in earnest. The sound of Musad’s balls jostling against the smoothness of her thighs joined the sound of Mira’s body and Nabatu’s joining as one. Mira now impaled her wet snatch on General Nabatu’s manhood with a squelchy sound that spoke of their sexual fluids mingling, intertwining, a cocktail that filled the tent with the pungent aroma of sex…

“Yes! Yes! Fuck my pussy. Fuck me! Oohhhh!!!” Mira wailed.

In response General Nabatu nipped at her shoulder and cupped the smooth curves of her ass cheeks, rocking her back and forth on his dick. “Tell me how much you love getting raped, little cunt. TELL ME.”

Mira could still feel the dull ache in her ass. She didn’t want to think about what Musad had done to her. To be taken by this African general instead – to have this man want to OWN her body and soul – it might be her only hope. So she responded to Nabatu’s touch, to his words, like the perfect sex slave. The slender brunette cupped his face with her hands, and just before bringing his lips down for a passionate kiss she moaned: “Please Master, rape my pussy. My cunt belongs to you. Fuck me. Fuck my brains out.” As their lips joined, Mira’s moan reached a new apex. Nabatu’s cock vanished completely inside her moist depths. One could only see her impaled cunt stretch around to accommodate his incredible girth, the tight seal of her cunt lips leaking rivulets of pre-cum which glistened in tiny white streaks whenever her pussy lifted up part-way off his towering slab of man-meat – only to come crashing back down for a jarring impalement. Nabatu’s balls churned with cum as Mira’s slit continued to pump up and down, bouncing violently on his dick as if she hoped it would puncture her cervix and come out her throat.

“Yes! Fuck me, Master. Destroy my pussy with your great, glorious cock. I want it inside me. Fuck me to death! Fuck my slave-pussy and make me scream!” Mira crooned. The African general ate up his captive’s debasing words like candy. He growled appreciatively. He gripped her by the chin and stared into her lust-fueled gaze as her tits bounced with the force of her impalements. She busted her pussy with the wild abandon of a true sex-crazed girl. To General Nabatu, it was a thing of beauty words just couldn’t capture.

“YES, little cunt. My seed is bubbling in my balls. I’m ready to explode inside your sexy slit. Are you ready, whore? Are you?”

Mira’s breathless words chased his. “Yes, Master. Cum inside me. FILL me, please. I need your cum inside me, inside my worthless fuck-hole. Please, Master. I beg you!” As the beautiful girl pumped her cunt one last time down on his shaft, as his entire cock vanished into her tight folds with only his testicles visible beneath the snug sheath of her sex – the African general came. He spewed what seemed a gallon of hot, pungent cum straight up towards the girl’s unprotected womb.

Little did Mira know, but at that exact moment one of Nabatu’s swimmers penetrated her defenses and impregnated her. She was now a fully conquered sex slave. She just didn’t know it yet. Mira’s pretty brown eyes fluttered as she felt herself seize up on Nabatu’s lap. Her pussy clenched convulsively around her rapist’s cock. The orgasm took her breath away as she felt her hardened nipples rub against the general’s chest. Nabatu had encircled her with his arms. His embrace now crushed her lithesome figure against his as he rode out the rest of his orgasm too. As the last spurts of cum shot with all their potency up her snatch…

“Uhhhh…” she groaned, sagging against his chest. Nabatu kissed the top of her head with surprising tenderness.

“Come, little pet. Let us go down to the river. You are all nasty, your cunt filled with cum and your ass still bloody. We will go get you cleaned up, good as new. Smelling fresh. Come.” He gently lifted the dazed girl off his lap and led her towards the tent flap. Mira risked one last glance backward before her new owner thrust her into the blinding light of the desert sun.

The fleeting image Mira saw stuck with her forever after; the image of Arianna’s breasts swaying back and forth while Musad raped her from behind. His thick cock slammed into her cunt as his hands gripped her by the waist. He grunted savagely with each thrust. Each time he pulled his engorged manhood out of Arianna’s pussy, it glistened with not just his pre-cum but also the beautiful Latina’s aroused fluids…

“Uhh! Uhh!! UHH!!” Musad growled. “Enjoy your new plaything, General Nabatu. Shall I have my General Aamir come to call upon you, or will you return after you have… UH! …refreshed yourself in the river?”

Arianna’s face contorted with an odd mixture of pain—or was it shame?—and reluctant pleasure. The tips of her breasts pebbled into aroused little buds as Musad slapped her ass roughly yet affectionately and continued to spear her cunt with his dick. The loud sound of suction that came each time he pulled out of the helpless girl told Mira that Arianna’s pussy was greedily clenching up around her rapist’s shaft. ‘She’s totally lost now, just like me,’ Mira realized.

General Nabatu poked his head briefly back inside the tent.

“Ah, indeed. Tell your General Aamir that I will be relaxing with my new slave girl down by the river. Tell him to take his time. After all, I do so enjoy spending time with a new toy.

Meanwhile, with a bizarre mixture of relief and hope, Mira could only focus on one train of thought:

‘With any luck this General Nabatu is not a monster quite as bad as the others. Perhaps if I serve him obediently, like a good sex slave, I will at least know some pleasure. Some semblance of safety. I’m sorry, Arianna. We couldn’t break out…it’s hopeless. It’s every girl for herself from now on. Sandy, Layla, I hope wherever you end up, you somehow find a way to stay alive.’

Mira let those thoughts drift away. Mira wasn’t sure what was going to happen to her other girlfriends, but that didn’t matter now. Life was brutal, but survival was instinct. Sometimes it was everything. As the alluring brunette let herself be led away by her new owner, Nabatu’s fingers slipped between her labia, gently petting the inner walls of her snatch as she moaned at the unexpected sensations.

“Come, little bitch. Let’s get you cleaned up. Never forget it, now—your gorgeous face, those perky tits, that sexy ass, this perfectly shaved pussy, every naked inch of you – it all belongs to me. You are MINE.”

“Y-yes Master,” Mira groaned. As her new Master’s fingers stroked her just-raped love-hole with shocking tenderness, the girl’s thoughts scattered into a hundred different directions, replaced by a surge of the unthinkable. Lust.


THE END…for NOW (Coming soon: Parts 4, 5, and 6, the ultimate conclusion).


I hope you enjoyed the story. Remember, life is short, so indulge your fantasies, the darker and kinkier the better.

Disclaimer: I do not in any way support or condone the fictitious acts depicted in this story. This is a fantasy based on countless desires…. Check out more of my stories, and I hope you like what you find…


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Ara 01

Editing Reailty Book 3, Chapter 13: True Names

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Editing Reality

Book Three: Naughty Fantasies Unleashed

Chapter Thirteen: True Names

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2019

Note: Thanks to WRC264 for beta reading this.

Linda Davies

Elation rushed through me. My husband had it. He would edit Sandalphon. We just had to make it to Midnight. Nine hours to go, and then our family would have all the power in the world. I shuddered, squirming on my husband’s lap.

I shifted how I sat on him, straddling him. I pressed my breasts into his chest. My nipples throbbed and ached. I slipped my arms around his neck and pressed my forehead against his head. I squirmed, my pussy juicy, eager to fuck him and ride him.

“You’re going to do it,” I moaned. “Oh, yes, yes, you’re going to change the world.”

I kissed him, my pussy on fire. This was so hot. He was going to be the most powerful man in the universe. My twat burned and ached. I pressed my pussy against his dirty dick. He’d just fucked JoBeth up the ass. His cock needed to be cleaned.

I was so damned horny. My tongue dueled with his as I smeared my pussy across his dick. I rose up, the chair creaking, echoing through the empty classroom. I felt the tip of his cock nudging into my cuntlips. This wild rush shot through me.

I slammed my pregnant twat down my husband’s dirty cock. I squeezed my cunt as I engulfed his dick. My hot flesh polished his dick as I went lower and lower. My butt-cheeks jiggled as I bottomed out, smacking into his thighs. I took him, savoring that moment of being full of his cock.

Then I squeezed around his dick. I lifted up him, my cunt buffing his cock clean. He groaned into the kiss, his hands sliding down my back. His touch felt amazing. I gasped as he cupped my rump. He squeezed me, kneaded me. His fingers dug into my flesh.

It was incredible.

A rush.

Exhilaration surged through me, mixing with the pleasure.

I slammed down him again and again. I worked my cunt up and down his dick. It was this amazing rush. I’d done it. I’d saved our family with my illicit edit. My tongue darted around in his mouth, caressing him as this pleasure surged through my body. It built me towards my orgasm.

I would cum so hard. I would explode on his dick.

I couldn’t wait for that moment. I hungered for it. My pregnant pussy gripped him. I shuddered as I bottomed out on him. His cock reached so deep into me. My butt-cheeks smacked into his thighs on every downstroke. My nipples rubbed into his chest.

I broke the kiss and stared into his eyes. His fingers dug into my rump. He groaned as my naughty pussy cleaned his dick. My juicy flesh gripped him. He grinned at me, his nose nuzzling into mine. I whimpered, the pleasure growing and growing.

“We’re going to make the world into a paradise,” he groaned.

“Yes!” I gasped, her twat squeezing around my dick. It was the greatest feeling in the world. A rush. “We’ll remake it in our image!”

His fingers dug into my flesh. He gripped me. He squeezed and kneaded me. The pleasure surged down my body. An amazing delight. I groaned, feeling dizzy. My hips wiggled from side to side. I squeezed around him. This juicy heat grew in my pussy wrapped around his dirty cock.

My nipples ached and throbbed. I slammed down his dick. My orgasm built faster and faster. This heat rushed through me. My hair swayed about my shoulders. I whimpered, staring into his dark eyes. I took his cock to the hilt.

“Yes!” I gasped. “We’ll change everything!”

“Everything,” he growled.

His fingers dug into my rump. He squeezed and kneaded me. He dug his digits into my butt-cheeks. He thrust up into my pussy, bouncing me. The chair groaned. I gasped as he lifted us up. He stood. I gasped, impaled on him. Then I was on my back on his desk and he was fucking me.

My large breasts bounced and jiggled, pillowed into two lush mounds as I lay on my back. He slammed his cock deep into me. His heavy balls smacked into my rump. I gasped, my cunt squeezed down on his shaft.

Pleasure raced through me. His dick reached to the hilt in my pussy. He planted his hands on either side of my body. He rammed to me. He fucked his cock hard and deep into my cunt. He plowed me with mighty strokes. A man fucking his woman. It was this incredible rush. I whimpered, biting my lower lip. My cunt squeezed around my twat.

“Yes, yes, yes!” she howled. “Oh, my god, this is incredible. We’re going to rule the world!”

“Yes!” he growled. His balls smacked into my taint with his every plunge. He drilled his cock into me.

I climbed towards my orgasm. He slammed so hard into me. He fucked me. His pubic bone ground against my clit. Pleasure sparked through me. This amazing treat that rushed through me. My dick buried to the hilt in me.

“Steve!” I moaned, clutching about my husband’s cock. “Oh, my god, Steve! You’re going to be a god! Yes, yes! We’re going to rule everything!”

“Nothing will stop me! Us!” he growled. He rammed into the hilt in me and drew back, my cunt clinging to his dick. The friction was incredible. His confidence was intoxicating. “Nothing!”

“Yes!” I howled and came.

My pussy convulsed around my husband’s cock. The rush of our power mixed with the surge of rapture flooding out of my cunt. I bucked on the desk, my tits heaving. My breasts smacked together. My cunt spasmed around his cock, buffing his dick clean of all of JoBeth’s asshole.

He slammed into me as the pleasure drowned my mind. Stars burst across my vision while a wave of darkness fuzzed before me. My back arched. My breasts jiggled. I whimpered and bucked, my mind melting.

“Steve!” I moaned. “Oh, yes, yes! We’re going to rule it all! I love it! Love you!”

He slammed to the hilt in me. He grunted and I felt that wonderful moment. His seed flooded through me. Our union complete. Our essence mixed. My pussy spasmed harder, writhing around his erupting cock.

“Linda!” he growled. His jizz pumped into my cunt. It flooded my pussy. He grunted and growled. I whimpered, my breasts jiggled. “Oh, damn, Linda. We’re going to do it.”

“We are!” I moaned and grabbed the back of his neck. I pulled him down to my hungry mouth. I kissed my powerful husband.

His weight was on me. His seed was in me. We would fix the world. Today, everything changed. My breasts ached and throbbed. My tongue danced through his. I kissed him with a hungry mouth. He stroked me. My breasts rose and fell, pressing against him.

It was just a rush. An exhilarating delight.


Steve Davies

I pulled into my parking space at City Hall. My Anime girls had brought me my sedan to drive from the college. They’d taken the rest of my family home, my children and concubines, in the mini-van while Linda and I headed to do my job as mayor.

Linda was bubbling with joy. She was so glad that I had figured out Sandalphon’s real name. It was a lucky stroke that I came across it in the book. When I saw Eden, it had clicked in my mind. Luckily, we had it.

I just had to wait until Midnight.

My stomach had that anticipatory twist. That desire to speed up time. I needed to distract myself. I had already planned to do my mayoral job after work. Rainier was a small town, so the mayor didn’t need to be a full-time job. The city manager, a gorgeous woman named Kalie Fairclough, ran the day to day details.

I walked in the back door into the employee section. The various civil workers were bustling around. They smiled at me, murmuring, “Good day, Mayor Davies!”, “How’s it going, Mayor?”, “Hey, Mr. Mayor!”, and so on. I nodded at them. They were all focused. Bustling. They wanted to make Rainier a better place.

It was such a rush knowing I had changed this town. I had improved it. Having this power was amazing.

My wife and I took the elevator to the fourth floor where the executive offices were. Imogene was waiting for us. My sexy secretary, edited from that plump girl with the ear expanders and too many piercings, stood before us in this low-cut blouse, her skirt hugging tight to her lithe legs. The tops of her thigh-high stockings appearing from beneath the hem.

“Good day, Mr. Mayor,” Imogene said brightly, her brown hair swaying about her shoulders. “I’ve been getting calls all day about you.”

“Oh?” I asked as we walked down the hallway. I nodded to the comptroller sitting in his office, his door open. Richard Lawson, city attorney, smiled at me before he looked back down at the legal pad before him. “What sort of calls.”

“They want to know if you’re running for mayor of Seattle,” she said. “Or SeaTac and Olympia. And even as the Governor of Washington.”

I smiled and glanced at my wife. “We have to pick some good people to fill those roles.”

“Ooh, you’re going to endorse the candidates?” Imogene asked. “I know I’d vote for whomever you nominate as governor. It’ll be better than the current asshat.”

I laughed as I opened the door to my office. The two women swept inside. They immediately began stripping naked. My wife stripped out of the business skirt and blouse she wore. She’d changed out of her nurse scrubs into an outfit more appropriate for coming to City Hall. That brief time walking through the halls had to make an impression. She opened her blouse, her large tits coming out.

Imogene had her own tits popping out. Nice and perky. Her nipples thrust hard and pink from atop her breast. I tweaked one, making her gasp and giggle. My wife gave me a fond look as I joined them in stripping, removing my tie.

“So, let’s start figuring out who we should endorse not only to be governor of this state, but all of them. We’ll need mayoral candidates and even presidential candidates.”

My wife glanced at me. “You’re not going to make yourself president?”

“Maybe,” he said. Steve sighed. “It would mean giving up being a teacher at Rainier. Part of me wants to stay. And, no, not just because of my nubile students. I like being a teacher.”

“Mmm, but we’re changing the world. Can we let anything stop us?”

Her words resonated. I shifted and said, Ankara escort “No, no, you’re right. We have to go all in. Nothing can stand in our way.”

My wife beamed at me, her breasts swaying from side to side. They were lush and beautiful. My dick throbbed. I wanted to fuck her, but we had work to do. I would make myself president and then slowly began editing the world.

How long before I ruled it? A few years to edit enough major cities around the world. All centers of power and economics: Beijing, London, Paris, Singapore, Moscow, Tokyo, Berlin, Mecca, Delhi, and so many more. Every world capital in the end. It would take the rest of my life to edit every individual city, but I just had to hit those major population centers.

Maximize my efforts.

First the U.S.

“Let’s start planning,” I said as I headed naked to my desk, my wife and secretary following.


James Davies

Classes were out for the day. I sat on a wooden bench in Lewis Park in the center of town, near the bronze statue of the explorer. I shifted as I stared out at the people moving around, enjoying the lovely day. Mount Rainier loomed to the southeast, the peak a majestic, glacial-capped cone soaring high into the air above the rest of the Cascade Mountains.

I wanted to draw something in pencil. Not bring it to life, just something meaningful and beautiful. The urge to create had been on me all day. There were so many different ways to create. Drawing was my favorite.

Well, second favorite. Creating a baby in a girl’s womb was an exhilarating experience.

My two girlfriends set beside me. Orihime hummed absently, her head darting out as she people watched, her breasts jiggling. Ruri had her eyes focused on the book she read, a boring book on physics. She loved it, her eyes moving as they swept down the page.

“Ooh, ooh, look at them,” Orihime said. “You should draw them.” Her voice went lower. “You could make it naughty. They look like mother and daughter.”

My eyes glanced over to the two figures approaching. I smiled in delight at the sight of the two women. The older of the pair had blonde hair that swayed around her shoulders. She wore a tank top that stretched around her round breasts. She had a pair of white shorts on, her legs toned and delightful. The girl was eighteen, her sandy-blonde hair in pigtails. She wore a baby doll t-shirt, the purple cloth hugging her chest. Her breasts looked small, lovely handfuls.

My dick throbbed.

“Mmm, mother and daughter,” purred Orihime. “Ask them to pose for you.”

“Yeah,” I groaned, my mouth dry. “Hi, excuse me.”

The pair of figures stopped and glanced at me. The older woman had blue eyes and the younger green. They both gave me quizzical looks, glancing up and down. Did they recognize me? I knew the town was edited so women would let me sleep with them. Or did they recognize that if they slept with me, they would find their soulmate?

“Would you mind posing for my drawing?” I said. “You and your daughter are beautiful.”

“Oh, really?” asked the older woman.

“Definitely,” I said, nudging Orihime. “Don’t you think so?”

“Big time,” my busty girlfriend said, her orange hair swaying around her shoulders. “You’re both so beautiful, you should do it naked! Mmm, yes, that’s what James wants.”

“Idiot,” muttered Ruri. “We’re in public.”

“Yeah,” I groaned, my dick swelling hard. “Would you do that for me. Pose naked with each other so I can capture the beauty of mother and daughter together.”

“Oh, sure,” the mother said. “You up for it, Kathy?”

“Sure, Mom!” said the daughter, delight dancing over her face. I didn’t recognize her. She didn’t go to my private Christian college. Her hands pulled off the hem of her t-shirt, exposing small breasts clad in a white bra with pink lace.

“Everyone in the world is idiots,” Ruri groaned.

“How do you want us to pose?” the mother asked, setting down her large purse. She had a blanket peeking out of it.

“You here for a picnic or something?” I asked, nodding to the purse.

She frowned then glanced down. “Oh, the blanket. Well, I hate sitting on grass.” She pulled off her tank top. She had a gray bra on underneath. Nothing fancy. “You know, it’s so itchy and I don’t want to stain my clothes.”

“True, true,” I said. “Spread it out. I think you and your daughter should pose naked on it. Cuddled up.”

“Ooh, that sounds fun,” said Kathy. She unsnapped her jeans and wiggled out of them, her panties a soft yellow. She shoved the jeans down and used her feet to pushed them off of her, taking her shoes off in the process. Then she peeled off her socks. “Let’s do that, Mom!”

“Sure,” the mother said. She shuddered, her hands stroking her body. “We’ll have a fun time.” She unhooked her bra. Her breasts were soft and round, not as firm as a younger woman, but still delicious. Her blonde hair swayed as she unfastened her skirt.

Her daughter worked off her panties, exposing a landing strip of blonde down to her tight slit. I liked that. She would make an interesting subject to draw. I gripped my pencil, my dick growing hard and throbbing. Orihime squirmed beside me while Ruri stared intently at her book.

She hadn’t turned the page once since the women started stripping.

The mother stepped out of her shorts and panties, now down to just her flip-flops. She kicked those off and grabbed the quilted blanket. She unfurled it, the various segments of purple, white, and pink seemingly stitched together at random. She sank down on it as her daughter slipped her arms out of her shoulder straps. She spun her bra around, her small breasts coming into view, the clasp now located beneath her breasts. She unhooked it and then sank down with her mother.

“Okay,” I said, “lay down on the blanket with your feet in my direction. Kathy, snuggle up to your mom.”

The pair obeyed, stretching out. The mother’s breasts made two delicious mounds as she lay on her back, her blonde bush adorning her pudenda. A breeze ruffled through those curly hairs. The eighteen-year-old girl snuggled up against her mother, pressing her small breasts into the older woman’s side.

“Now, uh, what’s your name, ma’am?” I asked.

“Sally,” she purred, her cheeks flushed.

“Okay, reach your right hand across your stomach and cup your daughter’s breast.” I smiled, nodding. “Yes, yes, just like that. And Sally, nuzzle your head into your mother’s breast. Your mouth right by her nipple like your about to suck on it.”

“Ooh, kinky,” purred the girl, her eyes glowing.

My dick throbbed as she moved her head. Her mother’s nipples were hardening, poking up dark-red from her areolas. Kathy rested her head on her mother’s boob. Her tongue flicked out, caressing her mother’s nipple.

“Kathy!” groaned Sally. “Ooh, I haven’t had anyone do that in a while.”

“You should get back to dating,” Kathy said. “It’s been two years. Dad would want you to be happy.” She licked her mother’s nipple again, making the plump tit jiggle.

“Okay, Kathy, throw your right thigh over your mother’s left leg and push your knee up against her pussy. Ooh, just like that.” My dick throbbed hard. I could see her delicious twat now. That tight, virginal slit surrounded by her plump vulva. “That’s perfect.”

“Oh, yes,” Orihime said. “Right, Ruri?”

“I’m reading a book, not participating in this sordid behavior,” Ruri answered. “Idiots.”

I smiled. She still hadn’t turned that page.

My pencil whisked across the drawing paper. I stared at the mother and daughter and loved having them as models. It was always nice to have a living example to make sure you were still drawing realistic bodies. I sketched them out first as rough ovals. Then the details. The pencil was light, hardly appearing on the page. Then I did more sketches in darker graphite. Limbs. The flow of their hair.

It was wonderful to draw. I worked fast, bringing to life their features. The quivering delight on Kathy’s face, her lips poised to suck on her mother’s hard nipple. The awed passion on the mother’s face like she’d never realized her daughter could be such a passionate woman.

I loved it. My dick twitched and throbbed.

Their hair came alive. The curves and line of their bodies, their entwined legs. I captured the tight slit of Kathy’s pussy. I savored drawing in those details. She looked virginal even though she was shaved. My dick throbbed.

It didn’t take long to do the pencil sketch. Maybe ten minutes. I paused, staring at it. I loved the sight. I took out my eraser and cleaned up some of the guidelines that weren’t hidden by the detailed drawing. I showed it to Orihime.

“Beautiful!” she gasped. “Oh, that’s perfect. You captured them.”


Her eyes flicked from her book. “You have… captured something enticing, James.”

“Something hot?” Orihime asked. “Something that makes your nips hard and your pussy wet.”

“Nips?” Ruri asked. “Eww. My nipples are not hard.”

“You sure?” I asked. “I can check right now.”

Ruri’s cheeks went flaming, contrasting with her soft blue-purple hair. “That is not necessary. Your drawing is… erotic and arousing. My nipples are hard because of that. No other reason.”

“Right, right,” I said, nodding my head. “Thaaaaat’s it.”

She narrowed her eyes.

“So you’re done?” Kathy asked. “Because… this is kinda nice being snuggled to you, Mom.”

“Your, uh, knee is rubbing on my pussy,” Sally said, her cheeks blushed bright.

“So, you’re the guy that if you fuck us, we’ll find our soulmates, right?” Kathy asked. “Because my mom could use that. She could use getting laid and finding love again.”

“Kathy!” gasped the mother, her cheeks scarlet.

The girl shuddered. “Come on, Mom. Dad would want you to be happy. I want you to be happy. So let’s do it. Let’s make you happy.”

“And what about you?” purred Orihime. Her hand slid up and down my hard cock through my pants. “Do you want a soulmate, Kathy.”

“Well, yeah!” the girl said, her body undulating, humping against her mother’s Ankara escort bayan side. “But I have my whole life before me. Mom’s like forty. She’s going to die soon.”

“I have another thirty or forty years left,” her mother muttered.

“Right,” the girl said. “You’re getting old.”

“Little brat!” The mother pinched her daughter’s nipple.

Kathy giggled in delight.

“Mmm, why don’t you slide on top of your mother and press your pussy against hers,” Orihime purred. “My James can love you both. You both can find your soulmates and your happily ever after. He’s good at that. He found Ruri and me.”

“My dad made you two for me,” I muttered.

Orihime leaned against me, her large breasts rubbing on my side. “Does it matter how you found your soulmates?”

Ruri looked up from her book, her eyes focusing on me.

“No,” I said. “I’ll help you two out. I’ll make sure you both find your soulmates.”

“Yes!” Kathy moaned and slid atop her mother with eager delight. Her legs settled between her mother’s thighs. That hairless slit pressed into her mother’s bush. I shuddered, watching them trib, my dick throbbing hard.

“Mmm, enjoy them.” Orihime moaned, her hand stroking my cock through my jeans. Then she found the fastener. She popped it. “Bring them happiness.”

“Here?” Ruri asked. “In the park?”

“It’s the perfect place,” said Orihime. “Our father-in-law changed Rainier, so it’s okay. No one will care.”

“Father-in-law?” I asked, amused.

“We’re not James’s wives,” Ruri said. “Idiot.”

“We are,” said Orihime. “We just haven’t had that little formality.”

“Little? Until we sign the marriage license, we’re not wedded. Do those big tits of yours steal all the blood so your brain doesn’t get any?”

Orihime cupped her tits and squeezed them. “Maybe. It’s the price to pay to have the best pair of tits in the world.”

I smiled. They were a gorgeous pair of tits. I stood up and let them squabble over the perfect size for breasts as I stared at the mother and daughter. My dick twitched and throbbed, aching to be in them. I pulled off my t-shirt and shoved down my jeans. I had my college’s school uniform stuffed in my backpack, glad to be free of it.

Should have asked Dad to edit away the boys’ college uniforms at Rainier Christian. The girls could keep theirs, though. Ruri and Orihime both looked hot in them.

Naked, I advanced towards the incestuous pair squirming on the bed together. The mother stroked her daughter’s back, the pair kissing. Kathy ground her clit into her mother’s pussy, the girl’s rump flexing as she worked, tribbing into her mother.

I fell to my knees behind them, my cock smacking into Kathy’s rump. She broke the kiss with her mother and threw a look over her shoulder. Her green eyes smoldered, grinding her clit hard into her mother’s snatch.

“Do it!” she moaned. “Fuck us! I want to find my soulmate. I think I know who it is, but… I need confirmation!”

“Who is it?” her mother asked.

Kathy just kissed her mother in answer. I heard their lips smacking together. The naughty sound rippled through the air. I groaned at it. This wicked heat swelled through my body. My dick throbbed and ached. I wanted to just slam into them both. I wanted to fuck them both hard.

Which one should be first?

Kathy looked like she had a virgin twat. The idea of ramming into her first and enjoying that treat surged through me. But then her mother had a cunt just begging to be fucked. That blonde silk was coated in pussy cream, some dribbling down from her daughter’s shaved snatch.

I should soak my cock in lube before taking a virgin’s cherry.

Sally squealed into her daughter’s kiss as I rammed my cock into her mature pussy. I sank into her, feeling her hot cunt clench down on me. Around us, the people of Rainier enjoyed the park, not caring what we were doing. My father had edited this place into paradise.

The MILF’s pussy clenched around my dick. Her tight, hot twat gripped me. I groaned and drew back my hips. I slammed into the mother again, my bush rubbing into the daughter’s shaved, wet twat. I felt her juices soaking into my hair before I drew back.

“Ooh, yes, yes, fuck my mom!” Kathy moaned, wiggling her hips from side to side. “That’s it, stud! Let’s find her soulmate.”

“You need one, too,” I panted while the mother squeezed her cunt around me.

I ripped out of the MILF’s twat and switched to the daughter’s. My cock thrust at her tight slit. I pressed into her folds, her vulva parting. I felt the barrier of her hymen immediately. But lubed by her mother’s juices and from the force of my own plunge, I ripped through her cherry.

Kathy gasped, her back arching as I sank into her pussy coated in her mother’s juices. I shuddered, mixing mother’s and daughter’s passions around my cock. It felt so wicked. A naughty treat. Kathy’s deflowered cunt gripped me tight.

I slid deeper and deeper into her. I penetrated to the hilt in her, my balls smacking into her twat. She gasped, shuddering on me. Her cunt squeezed around me as I drew back. Her pussy felt amazing, almost sucking at me.

“Oh, my god, yes!” she moaned as I rammed back into her. “Oh, that’s hot. Ooh, yes, yes, James! You’re driving my clit into Mom’s pussy.”

“Yes, yes, fuck my daughter and help her find true love!” moaned the mother.

“I’ll find you both your soulmates,” I groaned and ripped out of the daughter’s cunt.

My dick streaked in pinkish pussy juices, I shifted down and plunged into the mother’s pussy. Sally wasn’t as tight as her daughter, but she still felt amazing about my cock. My dick drank in the silky massage of her walls. My tip throbbed and pulsed. This amazing pleasure surged through me. This hot delight.

I drew back my hips and slammed into her again and again. I fucked her three. Four. Five times. Then I shifted. I brought my pussy-soaked shaft back to Kathy’s deflowered cunt. I rammed into her. She squealed into her mother’s lips.

They were kissing, shuddering together as I fucked them. My balls smacked into the mother’s bush as my dick plundered the daughter’s cunt. I buried hard into Kathy’s once-pure snatch again and again. I reveled in the feel of her deflowered pussy.

“Fuck them hard!” Orihime moaned. “Ooh, yes, yes, fuck them hard while Ruri sucks on my titties.”

I threw a look to see Orihime on top of Ruri, my busty girlfriend’s blouse open and her tits smothering Ruri’s face. Orihime had Ruri’s hands pinned above her head as they lay stretched out on the bench. I had missed their argument over perfect tits. But that didn’t matter because I knew Ruri was in heaven right now.

Even if she would pretend she hated it.

I shuddered and ripped out of the daughter’s twat. I buried back into the mother’s mature pussy. I sank into her, my bush rubbing into Kathy’s deflowered cunt. They both moaned into their kiss, squirming together. Kathy ground on her mother’s clit, Sally’s hands sliding down to grip her daughter’s rump.

“Oh, yes, yes,” Kathy moaned, her head lifting up. “Fuck my mom! Find her soulmate! She needs someone to love her again like dad! Give her a big, strong man to love!”

“I don’t decide!” I panted, thrusting into the MILF’s pussy. Three strokes. Four strokes. Five. As I ripped out of her cunt and readjusted, I groaned. “I just set you on the path to find your destiny.”

I rammed into the daughter’s cunt.

“Yes, yes! Set my mom on that path!” moaned Kathy, her cunt squeezing around me. “Oh, Mommy, he’s in me.”

“I know,” purred Sally. “Isn’t that such a delicious cock? Ooh, it’s been so long. He fucks so hard.”

“Uh-huh,” Kathy moaned. “He’s—”

I ripped out of her cunt.

“Oh, I want him to keep fucking me!”

“I know!” gasped the mother as I buried back into her mature pussy, my dick throbbing in her depths. “But he’s going to help us both find a strong, sexy man to love. Or a boy, for you.”

“Mmm, or a girl!” gasped Kathy. “Yes, yes, fuck my mom and—”

I rammed into the girl’s cunt.

“Fuck me! Find us our true loves!” Kathy’s pussy clenched around me. “This is so hot. He’s back in me, Mommy!”

They kissed again, their passion echoing through the park. It was so hot. It swelled the lust in me. My dick throbbed hard. It pulsed and ached with my need to cum in them both. The ache built at the tip of my cock, that swelling pressure.

I went back and forth from mother to daughter. I fucked them hard, savoring the differences between their pussies. The thrill of giving them both this delight as they reveled in their incestuous tribbing built the pressure in my nuts.

My balls, smacking into the MILF, ached more and more.

I was getting closer and closer to erupting in them. To spilling all my jizz in them. I shuddered, pumping hard. Fast. I buried to the hilt in them. I fucked them hard. I reveled in the wicked things I did to them. In the naughty, kinky, hot things.

I pumped hard and fast. I buried into their cunts over and over. Their juices dripped off my dick when I switched between them. Sally squeezed her daughter’s ass. Kathy ground her clit into her mom’s twat.

“I’m going to cum!” whimpered Kathy. “Oh, my god, Mom, this is better than masturbation.”

“Yes, yes, cum on his dick!” whimpered the mother. “I’ll join you. His dick… Oh, god, his dick is driving me wild.”

“Yes!” howled the daughter.

I buried into her twat and groaned, her pussy squeezed down around me. The girl’s cunt increased the friction. I was so close to my orgasm. I grunted as I plowed into them. As I drew back, she squealed and shuddered atop her mother.

Her pussy writhed and convulsed. That wonderful spasm of a cumming twat engulfed my dick. I buried back to the hilt in the cumming girl, reveling in her massaging grip. The pressure in my balls swelled.

“Oh, Mom, I’m cumming!” she squealed.

“Yes!” the mother groaned in delight. “Thank you, James! You’ve given my daughter her first pleasure.”

“And her soulmate!” I grunted and erupted.

My cock spurted hot cum into Kathy’s pussy Escort Ankara as I ripped backward. It was so hard to pull out of her. I wanted to unload every drop into her eighteen-year-old twat, but I had to find both their soulmates. I ripped my dick out, my jizz splattered her hairless twat and Sally’s golden bush. I adjusted and buried into the mother.

She squealed as my cum fired into her cunt. She bucked and her pussy spasmed around me. I had the thrill of feeling the mother now convulsing around my dick. I shuddered as my balls fired. My cum pumped into her.

“Mom!” gasped Kathy. I heard the sounds of their kissing. They both were cumming, squirming, writhing.

Sally’s mature pussy drained the last of my cum from my balls. My orgasm hit that peak. A heady thrill rushed through me. I panted and sat back on my rump on the quilted blanket. My cum bubbled out of both their pussies, mixing together, staining the MILF’s bush.

In the background, I heard my girlfriends moaning.

“Oh, Mom,” Kathy whimpered.

“Yes, yes, my little kitty Kathy!” purred the mother. “Oh, it’s you.”

“I hoped it was!” the daughter moaned. “I’ve wanted to love you since Daddy passed. Oh, Mommy, I love you.”

I blinked at the mother-daughter soulmates kissing, sharing their newfound incestuous passion. Kathy had her crush, but now Sally understood the depths of her daughter’s affections. I smiled, glad I did something nice.

I stood up, the pair making out with passion, and turned around. My two lovers were in a sixty-nine, schoolgirl skirts bunched around waists. Orihime’s panties adorned Ruri’s head like a hat while her panties dangled off her slender anklet, her leg hanging off the side of the bench.

They were soulmates, too. All three of us were. I was glad to deliver that passion to the mother and daughter behind me. I picked up my sketchpad off the grass and penciled in at the bottom: Mother and Daughter find True Love.

I signed it and dated it, feeling like I had created two things of beauty today.


Steve Davies

My stomach twisted and churned. 11:59.

One minute to go.

I had my wife on one side of me and Tonya on the other. The petite girl held me tight while my daughter Becky held her. They were spooning, in a tight embrace. My girls and concubines would have to rotate who got to sleep with me.

My bed just wasn’t that big.

Marissa had been kidnapped by Sam to party with the concubines. Marissa didn’t look too sad to have to entertain a bunch of horny, college-aged girls all ravenous to devour her pussy. The look of hunger in her eyes gave proof she would be doing her share of the feasting.

I stared at the clock. Linda was beside me. She wasn’t asleep. Her eyes were open. We weren’t speaking. The tension was mounting in the room. If Tonya and Becky weren’t sleeping so peacefully, I’d be pacing through the room. I just needed midnight to hit. Then everything would change. I would gain such power.

Ambition burned through me. I would remake the world. If this worked… I smiled, my chest rising and falling. I couldn’t let anything hold me back. Not fear. Not concern. No worry could dissuade me. My course was clear.

Sandalphon was a threat to my family. He was a limit on my power. He could appear at any moment and take off my head. I just had to outlast this eternal minute. It seemed to never end. The red lights never flicked over to…


My phone beeped. An app notification.

Linda stiffened beside me. She sat up, her breasts rising and falling. I could hear the ragged sound of her breath. She turned over and snagged my phone off the nightstand, plugged in. It should be fully charged.

No chances.

She slipped it to me with trembling hands. I gripped it. My heart pounded with a frantic beat. I felt an immense weight pressing down on my chest. I struggled to breathe against it as I swiped the screen on and put in my passcode.

The home screen appeared. The row of neat apps. My eyes focused on the most important one. The one that looked like Glorification of the Eucharist painting by Salimbeni, a globe of the earth with two styli pressing down on it, representing God and Jesus rewriting the world.

Only I could do that now.

I tapped the app. Anael and Jophiel appeared at the foot of the bed, kissing. Did those angels do nothing else to pass the time when I wasn’t editing? They broke the embrace and stared at me. My finger descended to the editing button.

“Good luck,” my wife whispered.

I tapped the screen.

Time paused.

“So, are we doing Washington D.C. now?” asked Anael. She hopped onto the bed, kneeling at the foot, her small breasts quivering. Her topaz eyes fell on me with such intensity. “Make yourself president!”

“He can’t do that,” said Jophiel. “He would have to edit more than a city. If he could edit himself, he could have done that, of course. However, taking Washington D.C. will get the process started. People will start to want him. Especially the powerful. Get D.C. and New York, and you shall have the media on your side.”

“I’m doing something else,” I said, typing in Sandalphon’s name in the search. I found the angel’s profile. The password came up. I typed it in. Those four letters that would change everything. I didn’t hesitate.

I had no doubt on this path.

“What are you doing?” Anael asked, cocking her head.

I didn’t answer. Sandalphon’s menu appeared.


• Physical

• Mental

• Spiritual

• Unlock New Editing Features

I put in the password: EDEN.

He unlocked.

“Fuck me,” I groaned.

My heart pounded as I edited him. In his Relationship Sub-Menu, I put myself first above even the Most High. Then I edited our relationship, deleting:

• Sandalphon is ready to deliver the Most’s High judgment upon Steve Davies if he edits another angel. Sandalphon will not hesitate to deliver destruction.

• Sandalphon has no pity for Steve Davies. He is a mortal. Nothing special

I replaced it with:

• Sandalphon serves Steve Davies whole-heartily. He understands that Steve Davies is his Lord and Master. The one entity in the universe that Sandalphon obeys without hesitation or remorse.

• Sandalphon sees Steve Davies as the greatest being in the universe.

• Sandalphon will give everything he has, including his existence, to protect Steve Davies from harm.

• Sandalphon is eager to see Steve Davies executed and will be a fervent instrument in seeing that it is done. He will never hold anything back when obeying Steve Davies’s commands.

I switched to Sandalphon’s relationship with the Most High and deleted all the parts of loyalty. There were so many. Sandalphon worshiped the Most High, which only made sense. I took that away, just like I had from Anael and Jophiel. I made Sandalphon mine.

“You are doing a lot of typing,” said Jophiel. “If you are editing a city, please, rely on me, Master. I will ensure that you put in every variable. I have already analyzed the best places in Washington D.C. to place the reactors.”

“He’s doing something else,” Anael moaned. “Something naughty. Look at him. He’s almost ecstatic.”

“Because I’m about to have freedom,” I said, grinning. I hit the COMPILE button.




appeared, asking me to confirm what I was doing. How I was changing reality.

I didn’t hesitate.

Reality rippled, that strange distortion as I changed things. As it swept over the foot of my bed, right behind Jophiel, Sandalphon appeared. My busty Jophiel felt his presence and gasped in alarm at the sight of him.

Sandalphon stood as powerful as before, a naked man with sculpted muscles. His hair short and black, his eyes like diamonds. He gripped his flaming sword in hand, the point thrust downward. The Angel of Death fell into a kneeling position.

My phone vibrated in my hand. I had used one of my 11 charges, six each from Anael and Jophiel. The number updated. I had thirty-five. That meant I was getting twelve each from my three angels.

“Master, I am ready to serve,” said Sandalphon. “What is your will?”

“You edited Sandalphon?” gasped Jophiel.

“Master, this is reckless,” Anael whimpered. She crawled forward up the bed and straddled me. “What have you done?”

“What I have to do to protect my family,” I said.

“But you were against this!” she said. “You said it wasn’t necessary. Why did you change your mind?”

What was she talking about? This was always necessary. I would have done this sooner, but I’d only found out the name today. “Anael, this is fine. I know what I’m doing. We’re going to change the world. Do you trust me.”

“I do,” she said. She hugged herself to me, her small breasts rubbing on my chest. “I love you, Master. I’m your servant. You know that.”

“Yes,” Jophiel said. “I just wished you had discussed this strategy with us since you have reversed your position so suddenly. We could have… advised you.”


I ignored that question. I couldn’t let anything stop me. “Sandalphon, you know the true name of every angel in heaven.” I’d already checked this out when I was poking around in his profile. Under the Knowledge Sub-Menu it said he knew them but it wouldn’t reveal them. “Tell me them.”

“Of course, Master,” he said, straightening. “You should also know you can edit whole countries now that your phone as upgraded. It takes twelve charges.”

“We can deal with that later,” I said. I had a feeling he would be an upgrade to my phone. “Begin listing their true names.”

“Yes, my Lord.” Sandalphon stared me in the eyes. “Michael, Lord of the Heavenly Host, true name is Righteousness.”

I began editing. It would take forever and yet not even a second would pass. I began making my changes. One by one, I modified them. Angels appeared, more and more swearing fealty to me. I smiled.

I had won.


It has begun. Accuser, give my compliments to Lilith. She has performed her task to perfection.

Your will, Shining One. Shall I bring your petition to the Most High?


To be continued…

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