Ağu 05

Girl Friday

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Hi my name is Rose but people call me Rosie. I am 26 years old, single and still looking for that illusive long term boyfriend. All my past relationships seem to last for a few months and then fizzle out. I just cannot keep a boyfriend happy.

I am currently boyfriend free and live alone in a rented bedsit apartment. Sometimes I honestly believe that if I disappeared tomorrow no one would notice.

The only good thing in my life is my job in the accounts department at FACE TODAY fashion and beauty magazine. It is a great place to work, my work colleagues are friendly and the cherry on the cake is the owner and CEO of the company Mr Steele is really quite dishy although he is a little elusive and something of a mystery.

It is that time of year when the company holds its charity month and all employees are encouraged to think of new and innovative ways to raise money for local charities.

My idea although not exactly unique was to hold a sponsored haircut.

My hair is very long and reached past my bra strap and I would guess that it is 18 inches long from scalp to tip. I could happily lose a few inches of hair no problem.

I distributed the sponsorship forms amongst friends and colleagues and hoped to raise a decent amount of money for my chosen charity.





As the big day approached the sponsorship was going well and had reached the grand sum of £6000, a little more than I anticipated. The loss of six inches of hair would take it to shoulder length but I could handle that and it was for a good cause.

The day of the big cut arrived and a further £1000 had been added to the total. Seven inches of hair, no problem, my hair would still sit just above my shoulders.

1.45pm on Friday afternoon and the workforce gathered in the dinning hall where a makeshift stage had been erected.

I took my seat on the stage as a hairdresser from one of the local salons covered my body in a striped barbers apron and fastened it securely at the neck.

The hairdresser measured 7 inches of my hair from its tip and sniped the required 7 inches separating it from my long auburn mane. The women clapped and the guys wolf whistled. The hairdresser continued to cut the required length of hair from around my head and my fund raising effort was given a load cheer as the final length of hair hit the stage floor.

“Ok everyone let’s give Rosie a big cheer for her sterling fundraising effort.” declared Tom, my line manager as the hairdresser untied the apron from around my neck.

“Wait.” came a voice from the back of the crowd. The crowd turned and parted like the Red Sea to allow Mr Steele to walk towards the stage.

” I haven’t made my contribution yet.” he said standing in front of me.

” I would like to donate £15000.”

The crowd gasped and then cheered.

“But that’s all my hair.” I said.

“Exactly.” declared Mr Steele.

The hairdresser retied the apron around my neck and the crowd cheered.

This cannot be happening, this was not part of the plan. I looked up at Mr Steele, my eyes pleading with him to stop this humiliation.

Mr Steele smiled and leaned into me and whispered, “You will look stunning bald.

“Please sir, don’t do this to me.” I begged.

“A contract is a contract and your hair now belongs to me.” he whispered.

Mr Steele stood back to give the hairdresser the space to strip me of my hair and my dignity.

The atmosphere in the room changed and the baying crowd, my work colleagues and friends chanted aloud.


My eyes filled with tears as the hot chattering teeth of the hair clippers touched the skin of my forehead.


The vibrating teeth pushed back from my forehead towards the crown of my head leaving a path of short stubble down the centre of my scalp in its wake. The women in the crowd gasped and the men cheered and all I could do was watch as my beautiful auburn hair fall across my body and onto the floor beneath me.


I looked across to Mr Steele, his eyes transfixed on the spectacle being played out before him.

The tears now flowed from my eyes and down me cheeks. This only seemed to please and excite him more.

Having stripped the hair from the top of my head the hairdresser worked the clippers up my nape and around my ears. The mountain of hair around the chair grew as the amount of hair on my head dissipated with each pass of the clippers.

“SHAVE HER, SHAVE HER.” The crowd cheered louder.

The clippers fell silent as I reached up and touched my scalp.

I felt nothing but a covering of short sharp stubble.

My head sank into my hands as my body trembled and floods of tears rolled down my face.

The men in the crowd cheered and many of the women cried at the spectacle they had just witnessed only content in the fact that it wasn’t them that was altındağ escort sat on the stage being stripped of their hair, dignity and pride.

I felt the hairdresser release the apron ties from around my neck.

“Wait, Miss Cartwright still has hair on her head.” declared Mr Steele.

I raised my head and stared back through teary eyes at him.

His eyes transfixed on me but now all I could see was a look of lust and wanting staring back at me.

I could not escape the fate that lay ahead of me. I sat up straight in the chair and stared back at Mr Steele as the hairdresser covered my scalp in shaving cream.

Our eyes fixed on each other, neither of us blinking.

The cold steel of the straight razor touched the crown of my head and glided forward striping the cream and what remained of my hair from my scalp to leave a baby smooth patch of skin.


The touch of the cold razor’s edge as it glided across my head, up my nape and around my ears only added to the feeling of excitement building inside me.

I sat in front of work colleagues and friends, some of the men I had even dated and made love to. I was at Mr Steele’s mercy. My pride and dignity was being so brutally stripped away from me. I felt humiliated and degraded but I felt alive, every nerve in my body reacting to the touch of the razor’s edge.

Our eyes never left each others stare. The passion, the lust, the excitement emanating from his eyes bore into my very soul.

“SHAVE HER, SHAVE HER.” the baying crowd chanted.

They could shout as loud as they wished because as far as I was concerned the only two people in the room were me and Mr Steele as our eyes and minds made love, beautiful sexually charged love.

My loins ached for him, my vulva swelled and moistened as my clit throbbed beneath my panties.

I wanted him, I wanted the man who had humiliated me in front of my friends and colleagues to penetrate me, to explore and use me as he wished.

My shaving complete, the crowd cheered.

” Wait.” declared Mr Steele. ” To my reckoning I believe we are still owed £4000 worth of hair and I would consider Miss Cartwright’s eyebrows fair game.”

“SHAVE THEM OFF, SHAVE THEM OFF.” The crowd bayed.

The soft shaving cream covered my eyebrows.


Mr Steele’s stare touched my very soul as I released my sex into my panties.

The razor’s edge striped my eyebrows as the crowd cheered and clapped.

Finally released from the cape I stood as members of the crowd pointed towards the wet patch around my groin and laughed.

My excitement on view for all to see.

I had never felt so humiliated and degraded but something inside me stirred. I wanted more. I wanted him. I needed him.

I ran to the staff bathroom and stared at my reflection in the wall mirror. All my long auburn hair had been shaved off and my dome was completely smooth with the glow from the harsh bathroom strip light reflecting from my scalp’s glossy surface. My eyebrows now gone my head was completely devoid of hair allowing my ears to stick out making me look like an alien lifeform.

I ran into a toilet cubicle, locked myself in and sobbed.

A knock on the door.

“Miss Cartwright, Mr Steele wishes to see you in his office now, please follow me” said the feminine voice on the other side of the toilet door.

I steadied my self and did as requested.

“Miss Cartwright because of your rather immature behaviour and your inability to control your sexual emotions I believe your position at FACE TODAY is untenable, you cannot possibly work with other members of the accounts team.” said Mr Steele.


Mr Steele interrupted me “Please let me finish. By sheer good fortune a vacancy has arisen for the position as a maid at my private residence. My old maid has retired and moved on to pastures new. Are you interested in filling that vacancy?”

No job, no money, no rent, no home. It was a no brainer. I had no choice.

“Yes please Mr Steele.”

“In that case, my driver awaits you at the main entrance, he will drive you to my home.” He replied.

After a short journey the limousine pulled into the driveway of a very large country house set in its own private grounds.

The driver escorted me to the front door.

A female dressed in a black and white French maids uniform opened the door.

The uniform dress left nothing to the imagination. The bust of the dressed was cut very low and only just covered the maids more than ample breasts. The skirt was extremely short and filled out with numerous net and lace petticoats. The only reason the maids backside was not on show were the very frilly ruffle panties she wore. She wore sheer black fully fashioned seamed stocking supported by no less that six suspender straps on each leg. Her shoes were black patent leather 4 inch stiletto heels.

One blatantly striking feature of the maid was that her head was shaved completely bald and shone ankara anal yapan escort like a billiard ball. Her eyebrows were non existent.

“Miss Cartwright, we have been told to expect you, please come in.”

The maid turned and walked into the entrance hall.

Tattooed across the back of her head in black gothic writing was the word


I was shown into a room that looked not dissimilar to a beauty salon where a further two women dressed in the same French maids’ uniform stood waiting.

“Miss Cartwright, this is Monday and this is Saturday.” She said waving towards the two maids.

“As you may have gathered from my tag, I am Wednesday.” she continued.

“Please undress and take a shower.” Wednesday instructed.

I did as I was told and after showering I found myself lay on a waxing table being worked on by the three maids.

On completion my body was totally devoid of hair.

“Now please sit in the salon chair where Tuesday will shave your head.” instructed Wednesday.

A forth maid entered the room.

“But my head was only shaved this afternoon.” I said.

“But now how we shave it, Mr Steele likes us to wear our scalp in a certain way.” she said as the ceiling light reflected from her perfectly smooth and shiny dome.

Tuesday shaved my head no less than three times, each shave punctuated by my head being covered in a hot damp towel.

After the third shave a richly scented wax was applied to my scalp.

I watched in the mirror as Tuesday buffed my waxed head with what appeared to be a soft lambs wool cloth.

“There we go, as shiny as a new car in a showroom. Tuesday declared.

My head shone like a beacon reflecting the light from the salon strip lights. The skin on my scalp was like a mirror.

Tuesday shaved my non existent eyebrows again and I was finished.

As I stood from the salon chair the door opened and a large man covered in tattoos entered.

“This is Tom, he is the tattooist from the local town, he assists us whenever a new member of staff needs tagging, please return to the chair” instructed Wednesday.

Tagging? New member of staff? Does she mean me?

Tom’s heavy hand steadied my head as the needles impregnated my scalp and permanently inked my new tag to my head.

Wednesday held up a hand mirror to the back of my head. I looked at the reflection and there it was tattooed across the back of my head in black gothic writing.


“Now there is no time to waste, as you are probably aware today is Friday so you will be accompanying Mr Steele to his club so we need to get you dressed but before we do go to the bathroom an have a wee.” said Wednesday.

“But I don’t need a wee.” I replied.

“Trust me, just have a wee because when you are dressed in your outfit there is no place to go.”

Although I didn’t need a wee I had one just the same.

As I returned to the salon two further maids, Sunday and Thursday had appeared carrying my outfit for the evening.

Seven maids in one room, Sunday through to Saturday all dressed identical apart from me who was still naked.

The six maids oiled my body apart from my head. Why on earth are they oiling my body and then I saw my outfit. It was a skin tight black latex body suit.

I slipped my feet in through the neck opening and the maids pulled and tugged, twisted and stretched the suit until my whole body was covered in black latex.

The suit covered my whole body including my feet and hands. The neck opening finished just below my chin.

“Now do you see why I told you to have a wee? asked Wednesday.

“But if I do need a wee, what do I do?” I asked.

“Just do it where your standing, no one will notice, it’s locked in there with you.” replied Wednesday with a giggle.

A pair of black patent leather thigh length boots with a 7 inch stiletto heel were pulled up my legs.

“How on earth am I expected to walk in these?” I asked.

“You will get used to it trust me.” replied Wednesday ” It only becomes a problem when Mr Steele asks us to wear the ankle shackles.”

Tuesday applied my make up and gave me bright red lips and dark dusky eye shadow.

“Now for the final touch.” said Wednesday as she secured a bright red dog collar around my neck.

“Finished.” She declared as she led me out to the entrance hall to wait for Mr Steele.

Mr Steele descended the wide sweeping staircase dressed in a black tuxedo. He looked so handsome.

My stomach did a somersault and I felt the my loins begin to ache for him.

I do hope I meet his expectations.

Mr Steele approached me.

“You look stunning Friday.” he said as he clipped the gold dog chain to my collar.

He leaned into me and kissed me on the lips. His hands touching and caressing my freshly waxed dome.

I could not control myself. My vulva swelled as I released my sex into my latex suit. The warm feeling of my juices sitting in the groin area of the suit with no escape excited ankara escort me but did I really want to do that? I would be wet for the remainder of the evening.

After a short car journey we arrived at Mr Steele’s club. The club was located on a busy street in the centre of the city and it was still busy with last minute shoppers and people returning home from work.

“I’m afraid I cannot get any closer to the club sir, I will have to park here.”

“That’s fine Parker, we can walk, it’s only fifty yards and I’m sure Friday will enjoy her walk. I will call you when we need picking up.” replied Mr Steele.

It was a beautiful June evening as Mr Steele led me on my dog lead along the footpath towards the club.

People stared in disbelieve at the site of a shaven headed woman dressed in a body hugging latex suit being led on a dog lead by a handsome blonde hair haired man dressed in a tuxedo.

Some just pointed and stared, some laughed. The worst reactions came from the women.

“How could she sink so low?”

” I would never let a man treat me like that.”

“She’s nothing but a cheap slut.”

They were right, I was a cheap slut but the comments did not upset me, they only fed the inner warmth I was feeling in my stomach and between my legs.

We entered the club and I truly believed that I had walked into a scene from hell.

Naked men walked around with their penis either swinging freely or worse still sticking out erect looking for their next female victim.

Women dressed in sultry and sexy underwear, suspenders and stockings, latex body suits with open an crutch.

Some walked freely around the club offering their wares whilst others were spread eagled and chained to wall shackles ready and waiting for any passing man. I noticed that some of the older women sported hair free domes and clearly displayed a gothic head tattoo, Monday, Thursday and I spotted at least 2 Wednesdays.

Then I saw her, a shaven headed women shackled by her wrists and ankles to what looked like a padded vaulting horse, she was bent over ready to offer her pussy to the line of men waiting in turn to fuck her.

On the back of her shaved head was a tattoo


Mr Steele stopped and spoke to her whilst she was being used by a naked man from behind.

” I do hope your settling in to your new role at my club?”

The poor woman was unable to reply due to the bright red ball gag secured firmly in her mouth.

Mr Steele led me through the club and to his office.

He unleashed me and sat behind his office desk.

“Wait over there in the corner.” he commanded.

I looked but could only see a large wicker dog basket.

“But there is only a dog basket in the corner?” I said.

“Yes and it is for you, you may sit, kneel or even lie down and have a sleep if you wish the choice is yours, I am not an unreasonable man.” he replied.

“And if you was wondering, the woman I spoke to in the club was your predecessor. Unfortunately for her she reached the grand old age of 30 and when women reach such an age they are no longer useful to me personally so I redeploy them in my club.”

My god, is this what I have to look forward to in four years time.

My throat ran dry as I pondered my fate.

“Could I please have a drink of water, my throat is dry?” I asked.

“Yes certainly, there is a bowl of fresh water just by the side of your basket. Now be a good girl and let me do my accounts.”

I knelt on all fours and lapped up the water from my bowl.

Mr Steele looked across at me and smiled. “Good girl.”

My Steele was pleased with me, I was so happy that I had made my master happy.

I curled up in my basket and fell asleep.

“Wake up Friday it’s time to go home.”

Mr Steele clipped my dog lead to my collar and led me from the club.

It was still light outside with the sun low in the sky.

“You have been such a good girl I will take you for a walk in the park before we go home.” he said.

The park was still quite busy with groups of youths, courting couples and people enjoying the late evening sun.

I did my best to keep up with Mr Steele as he walked in front of me but it was difficult in my 7 inch stiletto heels.

My stomach began to ache and I just knew I needed a wee. I slowed down.

Mr Steele stoped walking.

“You need a wee, don’t you?”

“Yes sir.”

“Well I am reliably informed by the other girls that it is easier and more satisfying if you get down on all fours and spread your legs slightly.” he said.

I did as advised.

In the middle of a public park with young courting couples walking by, still attached to my dog lead I squatted on all fours, parted my legs and relieved myself. The warmth of my wee flooding around my groin and inner thighs encapsulated within my latex suit felt strangely warm and comforting.

I had reached a low point in my life and it felt wonderful. I had finally found a man who would take care of me and treat me for what I was.

His pet.


Parker picked us up at the entrance to the park and drove us home.

The other girls were waiting to greet us as.

Mr Steele entered his private study and the girls whisked me off to prepare me for Mr Steele’s pleasure.

It took 3 of the girls to extricate me from the body suit.

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Ağu 05

Bad M.I.L.F Vol. 04 – The New Batch Ch. 02

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“I need to know you can go the distance; we need to be on the same page from here on out. So, is this path a go or not for you?”

“What are you getting out of this?”

“That’s not important for you; are you ready to take another slice of humble pie to those snotty bitches or not?” Her voice changed sounding strained and intense as she chided me.


“Read the text and look at the photo but get some sleep. You don’t have to be there right away, so hit it up at one.” Malaya hung up without a word leaving me to my own thoughts. I checked my phone finding a photo of this black girl with a huge frizzy mane of hair. Inspected the photo realizing that she looked familiar but couldn’t place the face. There was an address attached but I couldn’t keep my eyes open. I dropped off into deep slumber.

BAD M.I.L.F Volume 4-The New Batch Ch. 2

I woke with a start almost feeling like I’d been smothered in my sleep. I looked around the room finding nothing but the flashing light on my phone. I studied the photo left for me earlier in the AM, still unable to place the face. I googled the address finding that it was another hotel, not as expensive as the one where Carry Anne was staying. I arrived at what was little more than a glorified motel still puzzled at the reason I’d been sent, finding another text that listed the girl’s name and room number. Capri Johnson was an enigma to me as I walked over to the house phone in the lobby dialing her up. The call went straight to voicemail as I panicked checking my phone finding that I was almost an hour earlier than suggested. Urgency lent speed to my efforts as I ran over to her outside facing room, finding the girl from the photo emerging from her room in a one piece swim suit with towels and a large plastic looking satchel bag draped over an arm.

“Let me guess, my mother sent you, right?” She scowled as I stopped just short, almost bumping into her.

“Uhm, how’d you know?”

“Because of the way you were running over here like your life depended on it.”

“Yeah, well you got me.”

“You were supposed to be here at two; I wanted a swim before we went to dinner and I need a dress too.” She sounded annoyed with her vocal cadence reminding me a little of Courtney McIntyre, but this girl was a little older and more relaxed sounding.

“O-kay, we can do that, Ms. Johnson.”

“Geez, you don’t have to be so formal; wanna join me at the pool?”

“Huh?!” I scratched my head not knowing how to answer. I still hadn’t figured out why I was sent to meet this girl.

“Well, just be a shame if you had to go back home and make a turn around trip; come on, keep me company.” Capri smiled warmly handing me the towels turning to lead me over to a modest outdoor pool bordered by a white fence and city streets. She was tall, probably all of five eight or nine with a decidedly curvy frame enhanced by what looked like baby fat. I didn’t mind the little jiggle noticing that she had a very large, slightly squarish pear shaped butt that sat out from her back like a little shelf. Capri continually tugged at the bottom of her suit when the material rode up exposing the slightest bit of cheek.

“Stop peeking at it or I’ll send you home.” Capri seemed to have eyes in the back of her head admonishing me, but the lightness of her tone suggested playfulness if nothing else. She picked out two chaise lounge chairs poolside motioning for me to place her stuff on one.

“Thanks, you don’t have to stay or anything; unless you want to watch me do a few laps.” She turned to me revealing a really nice set of full, perky breasts outlined under the material of her one piece.

“Uhm, oh, wow-sorry.” I felt like an idiot looking away figuring that I was still “punch drunk” from the night before. Shame flowed in when I realized how fucked up the previous night had been and the multiple hookups I’d experienced. I wondered if I was supposed to have sex with this girl or something. Malaya Padilla was turning out to be quite the puppet master.

“I don’t know if I should be flattered or worried.” Capri was still smiling at my reaction, tying the giant frizzy mane of hers off into a ponytail. There was no way she was fitting all of that hair under a swim cap. She was like a tall, thick version of Amandla Stenberg for lack of a better comparison.

“Sorry ma’am; uh, Ms. Johnson.” I nodded in deference.

“If you weren’t so cute, I’d probably be pissed; I’m going to take those laps now.” I watched as she innocently stretched and rolled her shoulders before jumping into the pool. I watched her do a few laps before worrying that I was projecting a creeper vibe checking my phone to break up the unintended voyeurism. Surprisingly, I found a few missed calls from my ex-girlfriend Chrystal. There were two video files connected to one message. I walked away from the pool area clicking one and finding a second long advertisement for some reality cooking show. The other clip predictably had a twerking clip in some hotel room ankara üniversiteli escort as wads of cash were tossed at her thong clad butt. I face palmed finding it pathetic that she thought this would upset after all we’d been through. The link led to some social media page I was unfamiliar with that had some comments linking her to that goof, Big Ham. I could’ve cared less uploading the clips to my cloud for later use.

“Oh, you came back; I thought I’d run you off by swimming too much.” Capri swam beside me walk adjacent as I entered the pool area.

“I was just checking some messages; besides, you didn’t want me to stay and watch you do laps, did you?”

“I wouldn’t have minded; help me out.” I dutifully retrieved her pool towel as she emerged up the short steps to the poolside. She turned her back giving me another view of her sloping, shelf-like butt which was barely on par with my ex and her assorted family members. Capri looked back at me with an easy smile as I wrapped the towel about her shoulders backing away.

“Not going to dry me off?”

“Stop it.” She chuckled turning to me using the towel on her face and midsection. I watched enjoying the soft, subtle curve of her figure wondering if I was really here to bed her. I stared at her face still finding it familiar in some as yet unknown way.

“You’re staring again, like what you see or something?”

“I honestly don’t know how to answer that ma’am.” Her big, brown eyes widened as her mouth opened in surprise at my answer. This young woman was undeniably cute with an innate sexy aura that was infectious. Capri reminded me of Gen, making my face drop a bit at the comparison.

“I don’t know how to take that; you shy or something?”

“Not usually.”

“I’m flattered whether you meant that towards me or not; score us some drinks from the vending machine. Flavored water, any kind; can’t do soda, it’s bad for my waistline.” She playfully motioned towards her midsection, but I knew better than to comment. I stalked off still confused a bit as to the reason I’d been sent noticing that Capri pulled her phone from the satchel bag. She looked upset at whatever was in the face of her phone as I ran back with several flavors of the requested water. She smiled at the armful of bottles making me feel uncharacteristically elated at being the reason for her smile. We ended up lying side by side on the chaise lounge chairs, which was little weird for me since I was fully dressed.

“Hey, can I ask you a few questions?” Capri asked after downing two bottles.

“Guess so, shoot.” It was the only answer I could give.

“Uhm, like what’s your sign?” Capri asked awkwardly, sounding like some nervous teen.


“Whoa, I didn’t peg you for being a fire sign; you don’t seem like the outgoing type and most Aries guys are players. They also drive people crazy with their intensity and don’t care what they say to people. I-I mean some people say they can be verbally abusive, but it’s really their way of being honest no matter how raw it comes out.”

“Gee thanks.” She giggled girlishly covering my hand with her own for a few seconds before drawing it back like it had been burned or something.

“What kind of car do you drive?” I rolled my eyes at the question.

“I have a Ducati Scrambler, but I rarely drive it anymore; so, I use Lyft most of the time.” She looked a little disappointed hunching her shoulders at the table looking off towards the adjacent street.

“Don’t like bikes?”

“No, I like ’em just fine but you aren’t thinking of taking me to that uptight, stuffy dinner full of bluebloods on a bike, are you?” I didn’t have a clue what she was talking about.

“Of course not; you will be ferried to the dinner in the vehicle of your choice; there are a number of luxury vehicles to choose from on the app.”

“My mom’s paying for it, right?”

“Yeah, sure.”

“For some reason, I don’t believe you; ready for my third and final question?” Her mannerisms were a little exaggerated like she was trying to look cool or something. Capri struggled a little getting to the question, twisting in the wind as it were be just going for it.

“Do you have a girlfriend?” I facepalmed laughing into my own hand for a few seconds.

“Stop laughing, it’s just a question!!” She looked embarrassed swatting at me a couple of times before I managed to get the humor under control.

“I’m uh, tragically single.” I admitted taking a swig of flavored water from my own bottle.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Exactly what I said; I’m single for a shitty reason.”

“You cheated?”

“No, not even; I was happy.” I remained vague not knowing her connection to my troubles. Capri was interested leaning in further looking for more details.

“She cheated.”

“She was fake the whole time; I didn’t matter to her enough. “She looked confused pondering what was said before taking another drink.


“So, yenimahalle escort why’d you want to know if I had a girlfriend?”

“NUH-NOTHING, NO REASON-uhm, just making small talk.” Capri blurted out nervously nearly spilling her water.

“It’s okay. I don’t mind answering questions.”

“Sorry, it’s just that I’ve been away at girl’s school; didn’t see too many boys there because it was kind of like a Catholic thing or something. Nuns, the whole nine yards until I graduated two months ago; so, mom brought me here for a little vacation.”

“Girls school, nuns?”

“That was truly tragic too; no guys you’d wanna see, more of the monobrow, hair lip variety around that place. Definite shortage of cute guys; now weeks later, I meet you.” This girl was undeniably cute as a button.

“I’m flattered.”

“Don’t let it go to your head, you’re only medium cute.”

“Medium cute, thanks again.” We’d somehow found our way into full on flirting, laughing together.

“Oh crap, it’s getting kind of late. We’ve got to get me a dress!” She replied suddenly looking at her phone. Capri bounced up half sprinting back to her motel room and I found myself following with her stuff matching her cadence. She stopped abruptly turning with a hand in my chest at the door.

“No boys allowed.” I shrugged handing back her things receiving a pinch to the cheek for my efforts. She disappeared behind the door of what was a basic economy room with a large picture window facing out towards the pool and streets. I initially leaned against the door frame looking at my phone before curiosity got the better of me seconds later. I peered over finding the curtain on the other side of the window cracked a bit. It allowed me to look into Capri’s room with some effort. She was standing a few feet away from me separated by the wall. She was staring into the face of her phone appearing to be texting before tossing it on the bed. Capri peeled the one piece off her shoulders shimmying the thin material down to her waistline. Her light cocoa skin tone had been affected by the afternoon sun judging from the hard tan lines mimicking the shape of her suit. Her tan extended all the way down as the beginnings of her gluteal cleft came into play. Suddenly that supposed third eye came into play again as she glanced back in my direction. I nearly hiccupped sliding away from the window as fast as possible. The weird gravelly finish on the outside walls scarped against the back of the shirt I’d been wearing.

“Hey.” The door opened as Capri’s head popped out at an angle looking in my direction.

“Uh, yeah?”

“You peeking at me?”

“No, uhm, I did kind of look for a second.” Her expressive eyes rolled darting back and forth.

“You’re not supposed to admit that.”

“You want me to lie?” Capri chuckled continuing to stare at me for a few seconds as if deep in thought. She suddenly ushered me into her motel room with a frenzied waving of her hand as if someone was watching. Capri was a bit clumsy clipping my arm as she shoved the door closed behind me. I found myself up against the wall directly behind the door as she stood nervously before me picking at the wild curly, fluffed out mane surrounding her pretty face.

“Well, I was always just in some girl schools like I said; so, uhm, I never really got a chance, you know?” I understood the awkward expression on her face, just nodding.

“My mother has been on my butt nonstop since I arrived, calling and taking me places to shop, but I just don’t wanna be handcuffed to her and her stuffy friends. I uhm, want- I want to have my own life now. I’m twenty one you know and the lack of actual life experience I have is-ASTOUNDING!!”


“Yeah, I know I’m babbling; I’m really not good with guys-I MEAN-Uhm, I don’t have a lot of talking experience…with boys, you-know.” I just stared raised eyebrows and all, when Capri suddenly cupped my cheeks giving me a kiss, quickly backing off.

“Okay.” She was nodding her head happily having got over some mental hurdle.

“Good right, I mean, you liked it, right?” The thick, cutie was standing there awkwardly with her arms tightly folded making her impressive cleavage surge forward. I noticed slight freckles and minute stretch marks around her breasts. I wanted to kiss them and more as she bit her bottom lip looking for a response. I didn’t keep her waiting, softly returning her affections with a kiss of my own that seemed to steel her nerves.

More kisses followed as I let her find her pace until her tongue timidly found its way into my mouth. Something about this girl made me want to please her as she stopped, staring up at me drawing the straps of her one piece down letting her cleavage blossom until the tops of her areolas started to appear. I stopped her with another deep kiss that nearly made the inexperienced girl swoon. I went on my knees taking her suit with me freeing her breasts. The ankara zenci escort slightly pendulous mams were topped with enticingly tan cookie sized areolas. There were more light freckles on Capri’s skin with little bumps surrounding prominent nipples. Larger than they initially appeared, a portion of her torso and the top of her abdomen was obscured by her abundance. I didn’t relieve her completely of her suit leaving her sex covered as I kissed and stuck my tongue in her round navel.

“That tickles.”

“Right, how about this?” I pried the crotch of her suit to the side finding a lightly furred muff. I ran my tongue over it making her shudder and tremble uncontrollably. Capri chuckled nervously as I continued making overtures to her sex.

“Yeah uhm, that feels…tickles too.” She admitted sheepishly.

I directed her to the edge of her bed like I was asking her onto a dance floor returning to my knees between her legs. Her exposed muff was puffy, inviting in the worst way as I teased her prominent clit. Her shapely legs jerked involuntarily every time I touched her button as she became visibly wet. Her taste filled my mouth, running freely as I licked her slit finding entrance between her folds. Her little cries and whimpers gave purpose to my actions. She flopped around on the bedding like she was receiving little jolts of electricity as I parted her thighs licking her snatch with abandon. The more she squirmed the more intensity I added to my actions.

“Oh wow, that feels so good; Oh shit-um, sorry but it’s AW-AWW-AWWWWNNN!!” Her cute little stomach flexed as she began feeling it.

“AAAWWW, YEH-YEEEAAAHHHH ITS FEELING SOOOOO, AWWWWNNNN!!” Capri’s legs sprung up bent at the knees as she struggled not to wrap them around my head. I reached under her cupping her cheeks raising her up off the bed.

“OOOOHHHHH, OOHHHHH FUH-AWWWNNNN, AAAAWWWWNNNN FAWWK!!” Capri’s back arched, pushing her muff into my mouth as I let my tongue twirl around inside her tightness. Her sex was drenched, her inner thighs moist clamping around my head.

“YEEEAHHHH, OHHHHH YEEAHHHH; FEEELS-FUH-FEELING SO GOOOD!!” I reached up rubbing and caressing the outsides of her thighs. My fingers squeezed and pinched her haunches luxuriating in pillow softness of her curves.

“AAAAAWWWWWWW YEEAAAAHHHH, I’M CUMMING!” A light burst of her essence sprayed the inside of her mouth. Capri’s body curled almost unnaturally around my head. Her knees were locked in place, I could feel her palming my head. The only thing I could see was her undulating abdomen and muff wedged against my face. It felt good to make this cute girl climax. I wanted to do it again and again until she was unable to walk. Capri fell against the bed fanning herself with a joyous half laugh. Her large breasts were heaving impressively as I caught my breath, covered in her scent.

“Ah man, I don’t think I’m gonna be able to walk right for a minute.”

“Want me to get you a wheelchair for dinner?” We both chuckled sharing a moment as Capri picked at her shock of curly, unkempt hair. She absentmindedly caressed my head prompting me to go down on her again.


Sudden loud knocking interrupted our little interlude nearly giving us both heart attacks. Capri panicked jumping up into the bed pulling some of the bedding over her body. I slid up behind the door as the knocking continued getting even louder. Capri motioned for me to hide behind the door as I stole a look through the peephole.

“Shit!” Carry Anne McIntyre was standing in front of the door knocking incessantly as Capri ran over cupping a hand over my mouth. She called herself silencing me with a finger over her lips before slowly opening the motel door. She made sure to wedge her body into the opening so that nothing else was visible.


“I’ve been calling all day, I wanted to take you shopping for a nice dress and maybe a little brunch. You’ve been fucking around this whole time?”

“No, it’s not like that, don’t be mad, mom. I just went for a swim and then, stuff kind of happened.”

“Stuff? That shit more important than hanging out with your mother, huh? Even though you flaked out on me, I still got you this dress and its pretty expensive too!!”

“Don’t be mad, I didn’t mean to flake out on you, it was an accident!”

“What’re you doing; you got somebody in there or something?”

“MOM!!” Capri was twisting in the wind in front of me. I was close to having a coronary worrying that she’d force her way into the room and discover me.

“Look, you’re a grown woman; you don’t have to sneak around. I’m a little disappointed because we talked about taking that Caribbean tour together; you out on that, too?!”

“Of course not, we’re definitely going. It’s just that I want to have some experiences on my own, know what I mean, mom?” Every time Capri referred to Carry Anne as “mom”, I felt like somebody was dancing on my grave.

“I’m gonna fire that fucking Malaya person; she was supposed to be watching you! Said she needed the job but ditches you the first chance she gets!! You don’t want to go to Barbados?!!” The elder McIntyre was ranting drawing closer to the door.

“Mom come on; you said I was a grown woman but then you turn around and hire somebody to watch me like a kid, huh?!! I thought you trusted me!!”

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Ağu 05

Dan Reclaims My Wife

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Tonight was going to be a great night. I was giddy with excitement. My wife had a girl’s night planned. I was going to meet up with my good friend Dan for some drinks. I haven’t seen him in a few weeks now, mainly because he’s been spending a lot of time with his new girlfriend, and my wife has been really into Mark lately.

Since her last visit with Mark, which led to her first gangbang, she’s been very mild sexually. It was two weeks ago now and I was getting concerned. This girl’s night out couldn’t have came at a better time.

My wife looked absolutely stunning in a simple black dress. It had a single strap over her left shoulder, leaving her right arm bare. It was not a mini-fit by any means, but it was barely covering her cute, petite ass. This left almost all of her legs exposed. With my confirmation earlier, she wore a pair of black pantyhose with a diamond pattern. Topped off with her favorite pair of black 4″ heels.

To my knowledge, she was meeting up with her closest group of friends. There were six of them total. Their friendship dated back to high school for most of them and even grade school for a few. A new bar/club had just opened recently in the town of two of the friends. Tonight was ladies night, drinks were buy one get one for all women. I knew they would have a blast dancing and drinking. I also knew there would be plenty of guys there enjoying the scene and trying to get lucky.

My wife had given me a quick kiss on the lips and hurried out the door. She was running behind slightly. I went upstairs and got dressed. About twenty minutes later, I was ready. I wore a pair of black dress pants and a black dress polo shirt. Black, casual-dress shoes finished my outfit. My wife was unaware, but Dan and I were planning to check out the new bar/club after a few drinks at a bar not far from there.

The Uber driver was waiting for me in the driveway. I arrived at the bar before Dan. I ordered a rum and coke and sipped it slowly. Dan walked in about ten minutes after me.

“Damn Uber guy drove so slow,” he complained.

I was happy to see Dan listened and dressed accordingly. He was wearing tan dress pants with a royal blue polo and black dress shoes. We embraced with a handshake and a huge hug. It was great catching up with him. He filled me in on his girlfriend, saying they have had a few fights recently. It seemed Dan still had his high sex drive but his girlfriend was sort of a prude, as he put it. I think he was looking forward to “running into” my wife as much as I was.

We ended up having five drinks and a shot each of tequila as we waited patiently to head over. Dan made mention a handful of times that it had been two weeks since he busted a load. I laughed a bit, telling him that I was sure tonight he would get lucky. We took the last gulp of our drinks and checked the time, 9:00pm. We decided to make the ten minute walk.

As we got closer we noticed a line of people waiting to enter the new place. I counted eighteen, mostly guys. We hopped in line. It moved rather quickly and we got in by 9:30. Dan and I made our way straight to the bar and ordered a drink each. We looked around, impressed with both the crowd and the atmosphere. It was definitely a younger vibe.

There on the dance floor was my wife, dancing in a circle with her friends. Kristen, Kristine, Sarah, Liz and Nicole were there. All were married but recently Kristen was having some issues with her husband Jon. A group of younger guys, had to be in their mid-20’s, were dancing on the outside of their circle watching them.

To my knowledge, my wife has never mentioned to her friends about our open marriage. It was still our little secret, which is just the way I wanted to keep it. Dan and I watched on as they danced for a few more songs. The DJ was playing all of the old school hip hop songs. The younger guys tried a few times to dance with the group, but the ladies were content with just each other’s company.

As the girls made their way off the dance floor, they walked towards a large table. Dan and I ordered a round of shots for all of us and walked over. My wife was shocked to see us. She immediately jumped up and gave me a big hug and kiss on the lips. Then she did the same with Dan, but the kiss was on his cheek. I made my way around the table, hugging each of her friends. Once I was done, my wife and I introduced Dan to everyone. My wife never left his side. I could feel my cock stirring in my pants as I took in what my wife’s friends were wearing.

They were all wearing a dress of some sort. I always have had a slight crush on Kristen. She was very similar in her look as my wife. She was taller at 5’5″, with dark brown hair and blue-green eyes. We always got along great as well. Tonight she looked gorgeous in her flowing heather green dress. What I loved even more was she was wearing tan open-toe heels, showing off what looked like a fresh pedicure. I thought I saw Dan taking a look or two as well. It was hard not to notice the abidinpaşa escort bright pink polish peeking through.

We all toasted and took down our shots. I told the group we weren’t going to stay and intrude on their girls night, but the all insisted it was no big deal. I figured the least I could do, was to open a tab and cover everyones drinks to pay for us crashing. My wife and her friends thought it was a sweet gesture. The drinks continued to flow.

I slowed down drinking quite a bit, knowing I would be driving my wife’s car home later. I urged them all to have a great time. Dan and I joined them on the dance floor for a few songs. I mixed it up dancing with my wife, then dancing with her friends. Even Dan was getting a twirl with the whole group, but I did notice him grinding a little closer when he was with my wife. They all seemed to be enjoying us being there. Kristen pulled Dan and I together and danced between us for a song.

It was hard to hide my bulging appreciation each time she swayed her hips and her ass rubbed against my hardening cock. I was relieved each time she turned back and faced me, pushing her ass into Dan. I’m also certain she caught me more than once looking down to check out her hot pink toes. This was another secret only my wife knew about.

We took a break and returned to the table. I ordered one final round of drinks and a shot for everyone. Dan and I thanked the group for allowing us to join them. Kristine ordered the UberXL on her phone. Everyone made their way towards the door pretty tipsy. I was feing the last shot of tequila, though I skipped the last few rounds of drinks. My wife seemed to be her normal, fun self which made me feel good. We made eyes several times at the bar/club.

When the minivan pulled up, we all began piling in. The only problem was the van had room for six, and we had eight. My wife decided to hop on my lap for the short ride. Kristen followed her lead and hopped on Dan’s lap. This caused the group to give her a hard time, all joking of course. About five minutes later, we were at Kristine’s house. We all removed our shoes before entering, Dan and I grinning ear to ear. Everyone seemed to need to use the bathroom. The women paired up and went to the master bathroom and the half bath off the kitchen. Dan and I went upstairs and used the third bathroom.

I went first, followed by Dan. We returned downstairs as my wife and Kristen came out of the half bath together, smiling and giggling. Kristine was kind enough to offer drinks. My wife passed, saying she was tired and wanted to head home. She then told me Kristen would be coming with us since we lived closer to her house. She reached in her purse and handed me her keys.

We said our goodbyes, hugging everyone before leaving. My wife and Kristen both grabbed their heels off the floor but opted to walk to the car without wearing them. I unlocked our sedan and got in the driver’s seat. I was a little surprised when Kristen sat up front by me, with my wife and Dan in the backseat.

My wife placed her stockinged feet up on the middle console, mentioning how they ached from dancing in her heels. My cock stiffened when I noticed the white polish peeking through her black pantyhose. Then Kristen lifted her feet, setting them on the dashboard, agreeing with my wife. I noticed the windshield just above her toes steamed up slightly.

Dan spoke first, “Well maybe you ladies would like a nice foot rub when we get back to your house?”

“Why wait?” my wife asked, “Why not start now?”

My wife moved her feet from the console to Dan’s lap. I knew then my wife was feeling playful, I just wasn’t sure how far she was planning to go with having Kristen with us. I did my best to focus on driving, ignoring the ooh’s and aah’s from my wife as Dan rubbed her little feet. We were about halfway home when the car got really quiet. Then, I thought I heard a slurping sound.

I checked my rearview mirror but I couldn’t see anything in the dark. I heard it again. I looked to my right as Kristen looked over at me. We both made a face, as if we were asking each other if they heard that too. Kristen peeked over her left shoulder into the backseat. I watched her face for a reaction. It didn’t take long to get one. Her eyes widened and her jaw dropped open.

I knew immediately that my wife was back there sucking Dan’s monster cock. Kristen just stared. A few more slurp sounds before my wife noticed she had an audience.

“He’s huge isn’t he?” she asked her friend.

Kristen nodded in silence.

“I’m sure my husband would like a little blowjob too,” she suggested.

Kristen looked over at me as I smiled her way. She pulled her feet down from the dashboard and turned to face me. She rubbed my hard cock through my pants before unzipping them. She fumbled for my cock, finally freeing it. I could hear my wife sucking and slurping on Dan again. Kristen’s hand felt great stroking me.

“You’re aktepe escort bigger than Jon,” she whispered to me.

I felt relieved to hear this, knowing I am not the most gifted down there. Last time my wife measured me, I was 5″.

Kristen then leaned forward into my lap and swallowed my cock. Her mouth felt incredible. I could tell it’s been a while since she gave a blowjob but I was far from complaining. I reached with my right hand and pulled her dress up over her ass. Kristen’s ass was a bit bigger than my wife’s. I was grabbing handfuls of it as she sucked me.

Dan reached up and rubbed both of my shoulders as we were enjoying the attention.

“How is she doing baby?” my wife asked me.

“Mm, she is doing great,” I was able to say.

“You’ll have to help me with this monster when you’re done with Chris,” she said to Kristen.

Kristen took a quick break from sucking me to look in the back. She continued stroking me with her right hand as she saw Dan’s cock for the first time.

“Oh my God!” she exclaimed, “That thing is huge!”

“It feels so good once you get used to the size,” my wife responded.

“I can’t even imagine,” Kristen said.

“Girl, you won’t have to imagine, you’ll feel it for yourself!” my wife teased.

Kristen returned to sucking me, but with more passion. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to last much longer. Luckily I was able to work my fingers inside her panties with my right hand. Her pussy was soaking wet. I used my middle finger and it sunk right in. Her body jerked as she moaned on my cock. I fingered her slowly as she slowed her sucking on me.

“I wanna taste your cum,” she said to me, “It’s been so long since I’ve done this.”

“I’m really close,” I said.

I pulled my finger out of her and focused on enjoying her mouth. My balls began tingling. I gently moved the hair on her head off to the side so I could watch her sucking me. She looked up and we locked eyes. Her eyes were begging me to feed her my cum. I lost control and began spasming, filling her hot mouth with my spunk. She continued sucking me until my body stopped convulsing. Kristen sat back up, cutely wiping the corners of her mouth with her fingers as if she just ate a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

I made the final turn onto our street. Again, Kristen and I shared a look. She playfully opened her mouth to show me how she swallowed every drop. I gave her a big smile, knowing my payback to her was on as soon as we walked in our house.

I pulled into our garage and closed the door behind us. Dan and my wife hopped out first. He didn’t even bother pulling his pants back up. Rather he pulled them off and carried them inside, his cock swaying side to side. My wife carrying her heels leading the way. I walked around to to Kristen’s door. I grabbed her heels for her and extended my hand to help her out. She placed her right bare foot on the cool cement floor. I stared too long.

“So your wife tells me you have a thing for feet,” she said.

“She would know,” I replied, smiling.

“This should be an interesting night,” she teased.

“We’re just getting started,” I teased back.

As I escorted Kristen inside, we could hear Dan and my wife upstairs. My wife was screaming playfully. I imagined Dan was already undressing her. We stopped in the kitchen to get a few glasses of water.

“So how long has Dan been fucking your wife?” she asked me.

“Umm, it’s probably been going on for a few years now,” I answered.

“And you’re OK with it?” she pressed.

“Yea, totally. I love watching her being pleasured,” I said matter of factly.

“You don’t get jealous at all?” she continued.

“Not anymore. I still have some little moments, but the pleasure always outweighs the jealousy,” I said.

“Let’s go join them,” I continued, “I owe you one.”

I took Kristen by the hand and led her upstairs. By the time we reached the top, my wife was moaning. We turned the corner into the bedroom. My wife was spread out on the bed, laying on her back wearing just her black pantyhose. Dan was kneeling on the floor, head between her legs. He was licking her pussy through the nylon material. Kristen seemed hesitant, stopping in the doorway to watch. I gave her arm a little pull, snapping her out of it.

We continued until we got to the far side of the bedroom, sitting on the chaise lounge. I sat on the far side, Kristen was closest to the bed, to my right. I reached down and took hold of her left ankle, bringing her foot up to my lap. This forced her to turn towards me. I began kneeding my thumbs into her sole. I focused on her heel, arch, and the ball of her foot. She seemed to enjoy it as much as I was loving having her size 7 foot in my hands.

They were one full size larger than my wife’s, but seemed to be about the same width. Her toes perfectly aligned in length from her big toe to her smallest toe. Kristen’s sole didn’t have a single blemish on it. She was switching akyurt escort back and forth from watching me rub her aching foot, and watching Dan continue his oral treatment on my wife.

After a few minutes I reached for her right ankle. I raised it up to my lap, setting it next to her left foot. This sole was also blemish-free. I massaged her right foot in the same manner.

As Dan ripped a hole in the crotch of my wife’s pantyhose, I got bolder. Kristen’s head was turned, taking in the action happening on the bed. I lifted her right foot higher, until it was even with my mouth. I leaned forward until my lips touched her toes. I kissed her big toe softly. Then in order, kissed each toe individually. My eyes were closed as I did this.

I briefly opened my eyes when I switched to her left foot. Kristen was now watching me intently. I looked back her as I kissed each toe. When I got to her little toe, I took it into my mouth. My tongue swirled around it as I sucked. Her mouth opened in response. I continued to suck each toe separately as she watched on. Her right foot started to move and rub my cock through my pants. I couldn’t believe I was getting hard again. Her toes tasted like a sweet mix of her raspberry lotion and a very light natural foot odor. It was mesmerizing.

I took a peek at the bed as I stuffed two, then three toes into my mouth at once. My wife was pulling Dan’s head into her pussy as she moaned in ecstasy. She was closing in on her first orgasm of the night. I slid off the lounge, managing to keep Kristen’s toes in my mouth. She got the hint and laid back. I reached up with both hands and pulled her dress straps off her shoulder. She was kind enough to hold her feet up so I still had access to taste them. Kristen shimmied out of her dress as I pulled it towards me, laying it on the floor. I now had her in just her bra and panties, a matching black set.

I began to work my way up, placing small kisses from her ankles to her thighs. I kissed her pussy through her panties a few times, each kiss lasting longer than the last. Her panties were wet with anticipation. Just as I pulled her panties to the side and made the first direct contact with my tongue, my wife erupted on the bed. She was orgasming as Dan happily licked it up. This made Kristen really let go.

I licked at her pussy with long, wet licks. She tasted amazing. Her pussy was completely shaved. After a few licks, I zeroed in on her clit. I pinned it with my tongue first, then used my lips to keep it from escaping. Round and round my tongue swirled, then left and right repeatedly. Kristen was moaning loudly, her body bucking with each lick. I slid my middle finger into her sopping pussy and she came instantly. It was such a sweet tasting cream. I wore it all over my face.

After she stopped jerking, Kristen sat up. She placed a hand on each side of my face and pulled me towards her. We kissed deeply. She was tasting her own orgasm from my mouth. As we kissed, I heard my wife and Dan moving around. When I looked over, my wife was straddling Dan. She was bent down, kissing him, as she worked his huge cock up into her. My wife started to ride Dan with long, slow strokes.

I managed to pull my pants and boxers down as Kristen and I kept kissing. Kristen unclasped her bra, revealing her 34C breasts. Her nipples were rock hard. I slid down, taking her left nipple into my mouth. My hands were mauling her bare breasts as I rotated sucking each nipple. Kristen reached down with her right hand and took hold of my cock, stroking it.

“Do you have a condom?” she whispered as she stroked me.

“No, I don’t wear them. I’m fixed,” I said back.

“Mm, fuck me please,” she begged.

I let her breasts go and grabbed my cock. I aimed it at her opening and pushed forward. About halfway in, I backed out. Then pushed forward again. Her pussy had a firm grip on my cock. Her husband must really be smaller than me, I thought. I thrusted hard and fast. Kristen lifted her legs, resting her ankles up on my shoulders. This allowed me to fuck her deeper. My right thumb found her clit and toyed it as I thrusted.

I looked to my left and locked eyes with my wife. She was still riding Dan but watching me fuck her friend. The lust in her eyes was clear. She was making such sexy facial expressions, I knew how good Dan’s cock was making her feel. We continued looking at each other as we fucked someone else. With my left hand, I grabbed Kristen’s right ankle. I stuffed all five toes into my mouth as I continued to fuck her and play with her clit.

My wife’s face grew into a naughty smile as she watched me sucking Kristen’s toes. My wife shuffled slightly, placing her stockinged feet up onto Dan’s thighs as she rode him. Dan immediately moved his hands, rubbing all over them. My wife raised an eyebrow at me, as if to say ‘your move.’

I pulled Kristen’s toes from my mouth. I ran my tongue the entire length of her foot, from her heel up to her toes. I did this four times, until her sole was wet from my saliva. She seemed to really like when I worked her arch with my tongue.

“God…that feels amazing!” Kristen said, snapping me back to focus on her.

“Your feet are so sexy,” I said, “I’ve wanted to suck these toes since the first time I saw them.”

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Ağu 05

Nigel’s Pet Ch. 03

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Ali slowly rubbed the folds of her wet teenage pussy making the ring in the clit hood rock back and forth. Every time she touched her self she now thought of the master that had placed the ring there. She reached over to her night stand and got her favor toy. A nine inch black penis shaped vibrator.

With one slow stroke she buried it deep inside her pussy. She fucked the wet hole with the thick black toy as her fingers teased her erect clit.

Master Nigel really knew what he was doing to her that day. He had trapped and trained other women to serve him and his friends. Ali had never been fucked by two men like that before. As soon one man was done and had spent his load. The other one moved up and took his turn fucking her young body. Now she was longing to feel their hands on her hips again. Being tied to the bed and not being able to move away from their probing fingers, tongues and cocks made her feel extra naughty and wild. She was no more to them then their fuck toy. She was a slut for them and she loved it.

Her thoughts of the wild sex she had with those men was now pushing her closer and closer to cumming.

She was always the student and Nigel was the teacher. She was going to learn so much that day. But it was only the start of a very exciting year for the college freshman. He took her farther then she had ever dreamed possible.

She let out a loud moan and squeezed her hand tight between her thighs. Trapping the long black penis deep inside her wet teenage love hole. Wave after wave of pleasure made goose bumps all over her young body, her legs quiver and whole body shake.

Just then the door burst open. “Come on sis its 6:30…”

“You know its time to get chores done. ” Steve said to his sister

Steve stood there in his sisters doorway with his mouth wide open. There on the bed lay his cute older sister( Ali )clutching her hand between her thighs. They were still quivering from the hard cum. Her breasts were heaving up and down from her fast, shallow breathing. The smell of her sex filled the room. He now knew what had been keeping Ali from breakfast. His older sister was fingering and fucking her young cunt.

As he still stood in the doorway Ali teased him by spreading her legs wide and slowly pulling the long toy out of her hot wet cunt. She held it up so he could see how wet and slick the hard shaft was. She then cebeci escort placed the tip to her lips slowly licked it clean of her cum.

Steve was not sure what to do next. It took all his will power to turned around and walked back down the stairs to the kitchen. He wanted turn back and jump on the bed. Then plunge his hard cock into his sister’s wet pussy.

He could not get over how sexy his sister looked laying there with her hand covering her young pussy. “Man!” he thought “She really coated that vibrator with her cum.” It had almost made him cum in his pants when she took that black cock into her mouth and cleaned it.

Over and over the pictures appeared in his mind of what she looked like as she played with her pussy. “She must be one horny bitch to have to masturbate right away in the morning like that. ” he said to himself. “I want to fuck that wet pussy”

He quickly walked across the kitchen and sat down behind the table so Mom won’t see the tent his sexy sister had caused in his pants.

“Where your sister?” Jean Shanhan ask her son.

“Your father is waiting for you two. “

“She will be right down. ” Steve replied

Ali walking in at that moment and moved behind the table with her brother. She drug her hand over her brother hard cock and said” Good morning Steve. It seems you are up early this morning. ” With that she let out a little giggle and kissed her brother on the cheek.

” Mom… I am just going to have some juice… Daddy is waiting… we better get outside before he comes looking for us…” Ali replied

“You feeling ok Ali? Your face looks kind of flushed?” Jean ask her daughter

Ali and Steve just looked at each other and smiled.

“No Mom I am fine. Lets go little brother. The calves are hungry and waiting. ” Ali said

Daddy Shanahan (Rich) had hired hands to feed and milk the cows. But right after birth the calves are taken from the cows and kept in another barn and fed dry milk substitute.

It was Ali’s and Steve’s first job of the morning to mix the dry milk with warm water. Then place it in the feeding buckets.

Steve could not take his eyes off his sisters ass as she bent over the pail of warm water and milk mix. Stirring the mix around and around with a stick made her ass dance in circles in front of him.

“Dam” he thought. If she wasn’t çukurambar escort my sister. I would bend her over and fuck her right here in the barn. “

He could see the out line of her pussy through her jeans… Her hair was pulled back in a long flowing pony tail. It swung back and forth as she stirred… just like a horse tail does.

He walked up behind his sister with his hands extended. Ready to grap those beautiful cheeks through her tight jeans.

Then it happened.

He had careless tipped over one of the buckets of milk Ali had just mixed.

“Hey watch it you almost got me soaked. ” Ali barked at her fumbling brother

“Sorry sis. I am not with it this morning. “”I am not sure what’s up with me.?”Steve said back

“Maybe next time you will watch where you are walking instead of watching my ass wiggle around. ” Ali said with a laugh

She looked down at Steve’s tent in his jeans.

“I see that I have made your cock hard brother.”

“Is it being close to me now? Or was it when you walked into my room and watched me playing with my pussy that has you so hard?. ” Ali quizzed her brother

She reached over with her small hand and squeezed his hard cock and pulling him closer. Steve first reaction was to pull away. This was his sister for god sakes pulling on his hard tool.

“Oh no you don’t.” Ali said. Her grip became tighter on his shaft. “Come here Steven… I did this to you with my teasing and now it is my job to please you. I was trained to take care of all my men. “

“Come here you and give your sister a kiss. “

Her lips felt so warm and soft next his. Their tongues explored each others mouths as Ali’s hand unzipped Steve’s pants. She quickly had his naked cock poking out the frontof his jean. Stroking it firmly with her hand. She was making him buck his hips and fuck her hand as she gently pulled. Ali could feel the heat building in her pussy. She needed to be fuck and fucked now.

“Oh god Steve… I need that cock in my pussy. “

Ali pulled away and pulled her jeans down over her ass to her knees. She placed one hand on the wall and the other on her ass. As she leaned ahead Ali parted her legs slightly and thrust out her ass in front of brother. Giving him the correct angle to mount her. Steve moved up close behind Ali. She reached back and grabbed his demetevler escort cock. Pulling it close to her wet hole.

” Steven fuck your sister’s wet cunt. ” Ali ordered her little brother”I need that beautiful cock inside of me. “

Steve looked at his sister with new eyes that moment. She was a woman. Asking to be fucked.

She could now feel his hands on her hips and the pressure of the tip of his fat cock as it parted her shaven pussy lips.

“Holy shit you are tight sis. ” Was Steven first words as he inched his way into her teenage cunt.

The thoughts started running through his mind… ” I am fucking my sister. ” Out in the barn where any of the hired hands or worse yet their father could walk in any second and see the siblings fucking. “

She was so tight it was like a warm velvet vise on his cock. He knew he wasn’t going to last long the first time with his sister.

Ali started moan louder and louder as Steve piston his cock in and out. He reached around and covered her mouth with his hand and whispered in her ear… “You love my cock in your cunt don’t you.”

“Oh Steve.. Fuck me… fuck me.. with that cock… but don’t cum inside of me… I want you pull out and feed your cum to my mouth. “

Her saying that pushed him over the edge.

“SISSSSSSSS I am coming.” he yelled out.

Ali dropped to her knees and the first blast hit her on the cheek. Quickly she gathered her brother’s cock deep in her mouth the next two waves of her brothers cum hit the back of her throat. As Steve became soft in her warm mouth. She gently licked and cleaned her brothers cock and balls for him… just as she was trained to go.

Her fingers were between her thighs fucking the hole where her brothers cock had just been.

What if Daddy walked in to see his princess on her knees sucking her brothers limp, fresh fucked cock?Maybe Daddy would want to fuck her too?

The thought of Daddy fucking her was too much… “AHHHHHHHHHH… fucckkkkkkkk.. I am cumming Steven. “

Ali’s soaked hand was trapped between her legs as she enjoyed wave after wave of her hard orgasms.

She slumped over in a pile on the floor and lay there for a moment as Steve placed his cock back into his pants.

“Come on sis… we better get those calves fed before Dad comes to check on us. “

Steve warned his sister.

She slowly tried to stand on her weak quivering legs. Steve put his arm around her waist and helped her pull her tight jeans back up and over that great white ass of hers.

She lean in and kissed her brother and said. “That was so great Steve… we need to do that every morning…”

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Ağu 05

Naughty Spot Ch. 03

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This story concerns characters who are well over 18 and has some bodily function play as well as spanking occurring amid erotic coupling, so if any of this offends you, don’t read the story.


I woke up and felt my life had evolved a lot in only one week. After I had returned home and taken a good job, I decided to save some money by living at home. I had not included in my planning the prospect that my mother would resume treating me as she had before I had left for university.

She kept scolding me for not keeping my room clean or putting my clothing away. I even was subjected to her having me pull down my panties so she could see if I had stained them. I had forgotten about some of this childish treatment while I had been away at school because my home visits were infrequent.

Fortunately, as I’ve related earlier in this series, my persecution at the hands of my mother, as well as my Aunt Charlotte and her daughter, my cousin Pamela, has come to a grinding halt. My mother amazed me by arranging to have first my cousin and then my aunt submit to being disciplined by yours truly in partial recompense for the nasty way in which they had treated me.

My mother had designated a place in our living room near the entrance as my “naughty spot” which was a circle in red where I would be told to stand with my skirt raised above my waist and my panties down at my knees when she had decided that I had earned some kind of punishment. This normally featured my being spanked over my mother’s lap.

This all changed when I had a heart-to-heart talk with my mother. I found that she first was upset at how Charlotte and Pamela had behaved. My mother is the older sister to Charlotte and apparently she made it quite clear to Charlotte that she and her daughter had been out of line and needed to be taken down a peg. I was given the opportunity to discipline them and ever since those two have been quite friendly and have acted like one would expect close female relatives.

I remain wary of them because I do remember when they showed such disdain for me and even suggested extra ways in which my mother might humiliate me. I had warmed up in my contact with my mother, something it seemed she wanted to happen. She no longer scolded or even gave me any advice.

I had been focusing my hours away from my office at putting together a decent social life. I still had some friends in town and went out with a few of them for drinks and music frequently. Soon I found that I was being sought after both by my friends to go out as a group and to attend their parties, along with two or three men with whom I enjoyed going out.

In view of my mother’s controlling behavior, I had not brought them home but that did not prevent me from occasionally spending the night at one of their places. My mother had cast a dim eye when I told her I probably would not be home that evening but she now did not bother to raise any question much less opposition.

Lately I had been spending one night each weekend with Brad Landseth, a litigator with a large law firm with whom our company had some contacts, as his firm represented us. I was pleased that we had not had any direct business interactions because I found Brad a very pleasant companion. It would be better, I felt, not to mix a business and a romantic relationship.

Moreover, Brad was becoming more than a companion. I found him to be very sexually compatible with me. We would go out to some informal place for dinner and maybe dancing or some light drinking, and then repair to his place where he made love to me in exactly the way I had always desired.

In addition to his treating me with a great amount of affection, his increasing ardor manifested itself in his applying his oral talents to my quim. He would chuckle when he would get down between my spread legs and find that I was already quite wet with anticipation. He would bring me off with his tongue and then I only wanted that charming cock to plunge into me.

I thus was a well-fucked woman and enjoyed it a lot. Brad did seem to like to give me a few spanks on my panties now and then, and with my bringing up which had featured that as a punishment, I didn’t mind it at all. I even grinned at him and told him that if he wanted to play that way, he should be prepared to get across my lap.

“Are you quite serious about that?” he asked with a whimsical look on his face.

I said yes with a laugh and then decided to be more direct in responding to what was likely not a searching inquiry.

“Brad,” I began, and saw that he realized I was being more serious in dealing with this subject, “I was brought up in a home where my brother, sister, and I were spanked by my mother on our bare bottoms in front of each other until we went away to university. Until beşevler escort recently, before some events occurred into which I will delve should we need to proceed in that direction, I was being spanked regularly by my mother as if I were still a naughty teen.”

I took a breath and continued, “I am delighted to be able to tell you that this has all changed. My mother essentially backed off. I’m now able to stay on there and be treated like a grown woman. Part of this change resulted after my mother actually arranged for me to discipline my aunt and my cousin who had treated me abominably since I had come home.

“You should understand, sweetie,” I smiled, “that in being able to punish them, I realized that I enjoyed being in the handing-out role in that kind of relationship. So yes, I might indeed enjoy putting you through your paces over my lap with your pants down. But I also feel an occasional need to be taken charge of by someone of the male persuasion who would take down my panties and apply some kind of implement to my cute little bottom.” (I figured that it wasn’t the moment to talk about my equal—or greater—desire to be taken charge of by someone of the female persuasion.)

Brad held me tight after that and applied his talented fingers to feeling me up in the way he knew I liked a lot. I felt them massaging my breasts beneath my bra and then move down my back right into my panties and into my crack with the fingertip poking into my anus. This was just the kind of turn-on that pleased me immensely. This man knew what got me going and he realized he didn’t even have to concentrate on my quim. Time enough for that when we both had stripped.

We then proceeded to do just that. He unbuttoned his shirt and unzipped his trousers, followed by his slipping out of his shorts and his undershirt, followed by his socks. I unbuttoned my blouse, slipped my nice pale blue hicuts down and off, rolled down my thigh-his, and unhooked my bra, placing it on the side table.

He opened the bed and lifted me lovingly into it, laying me on the crisp white sheets. Then he clambered in right next to me and began fondling me all over, using his finger to tease my clit very very gently after he had slipped it right through my plenteous pubes. I was finding being in bed with him to be completely delightful apart from looking forward to having fantastic sex.

He must have purposely not moved his hands directly to either my quim or my rear. And he even stayed away from my bare breasts. Instead we cuddled and held each other. He nuzzled my ears and kissed me all over my face. I did feel a hand softly caress my lower thighs and I spread them to convey my intimate welcome.

Soon Brad begin to kiss my nipples and they responded as only that part of my body can. He was now down between my legs and as he licked my split from top down and then let his tongue tip tickle my sensitive anal opening, he pushed my legs up so that my split and my holes were all together there for him to lavish his tongue in pleasing me.

It was so nice not to be in a hurry. It was also wonderful not to have felt I ate or drank more than I needed. While we had been out, I made sure to go to the ladies at the restaurant and clean up totally while in the stall attending to that business. I allowed myself to interrupt my own reverie by turning my own attentions to him.

I began caressing his body and softly and gently ran my finger up from under his scrotum to the very tip of his warm cock. It responded even more promptly than my nipples had. He seemed to respond when I just softly ran my nail down his shaft. I then pressed my finger down below into his anal opening and in far enough to reach that marvelous male erogenous zone: his prostate.

He moved himself in that subtle way to convey to me that the prostate stimulation made him more than ready to be received. I was delighted that I didn’t have to invite him inside. He felt me lie back and spread my legs so he could easily be there and I did reach down to point him into my outer folds and then he slowly pressed as my wet hole readily expanded to speed his entry and I was now starting to feel that fullness that is what keeps me bi.

There’s no such thing as pure, uncomplicated fucking. It is always different and this time I was very very highly stirred by our fabulous foreplay. It just felt so good to have him sliding in and out with a motion that awakened every sense in me through all those nerve endings. I was so happy, too, that his finger went into my rear so that I was being filled both ways.

I know that some people like rough thrusting but I’ve found that doing it gently makes the pleasure last that much longer. That’s not to say that having my vagina plumbed to its depth by a large long member can’t büyükesat escort turn me on in a major way. It can. But I now cherish long and gentle—otherwise it won’t be long because the roughness or the fast in-and-out will make me sore.

This was perfect and as if it were proceeding on its own, my orgasm came upon me and he felt it coming just as I did so he pressed just a bit more and as I crested, I felt him spurt into me as I went into a succession of cums. It wasn’t exactly simultaneous and that doesn’t really matter anyway, it was beautiful.

We grasped each other as he receded from my warm interior. He spent some time kissing me deeply and we held on to each other, not wanting the juncture to end. The fucking had lasted just the right time and now I felt so loved as he held me and I him. We were finally lying side by side and he was kissing me softly around my face and running his fingertips lightly around my breasts and up to the nipples.

I felt his now flaccid member, with no particular aim of rearming him because what we had experienced was enough, it was what we both must have been hoping would happen.

It was early enough so that we didn’t fall asleep or even feel like it. I did love the fact that Brad didn’t fuck my brains out only to pass out once he came.

“Susan,” he said quietly but in that steady tone I was coming to cherish, “what you’ve told me has stirred my senses. I can’t remember any time that we’ve had or that I’ve ever had that was so marvelous as what we just had. I’d like to try something if you feel like you would, too.”

I didn’t know where this was leading but there was something in his tone that made me anticipate what was on his mind.

“I’d like you to take charge of me just to see how it plays with us both,” he ventured. “Your telling me how you spanked your cousin and your aunt made me feel that it might be yet another dimension of everything I adore about you.”

He smiled that winning happy look that is irresistible to me.

“This is sounding,” I said as I employed what he would hear as a sterner voice, “like someone feels he has been naughty and needs to be brought in line.”

He nodded and then said what he knew had to be said right then, “Yes, Miss.”

I smiled a very happy smile and we both sat up on the side of the bed. I managed to stand and then sit down in a straight chair adjoining the bed. I patted my lap and he knew that that meant he would assume the position across my lap. It was fun that we both were bare.

No clothing to get in our way. I felt him drape himself across my lap and I opened my thighs so that his now firm cock easily slipped down between my waiting thighs and I clamped them shut softly so that his member was securely locked between my legs but was not being pressed more than it needed to be.

“So you’ve been naughty, have you?” I questioned in a very probing kind of way, expecting the right kind of answer.

He nodded affirmatively as I gave him a hard stare.

“You were looking up the receptionist’s short skirt, weren’t you?” I posed my leading question to him.

“You were imagining what color her panties were under that yellow skirt as you followed her sheer hose right up her fetching legs,” I continued. “And then you started to think about what she looked like under those tiny panties—she probably had a thong on, right?—and you hoped she shaved because you wanted to see her cunt and be in her cunt, right?”

I reached down and ran my nail up his hard shift between my thighs. “You were thinking with this, weren’t you, darling?”

“Yes,” he said calmly, “yes, that’s all correct, exactly. So yes, I deserve to have you punish me, darling, for being so naughty.”

We both recognized the special character of that word “naughty” which conjures up so many images, most of them from years before when we were told that we had done something naughty and would be punished accordingly.

“Boys who behave like that, who have those naughty feelings and let themselves get carried away like that, have to be punished,” I said in a soft but firm voice. “So you know that you have earned a good spanking, one that will keep your head focused on me and on my cunt. You made such lovely love to me now and that’s what I love about you. Now we will deal with this other behavior of yours.

“How would you feel if I called you into my office tomorrow?” I asked him in a very threatening way. “You would enter and you would see Gwendolyn there, in her short yellow skirt. I would say to her that I was aware that Mr. Landseth had been staring at her, especially at her legs and trying to see up her skirt, and that I was very disappointed in how he had behaved.

“I have asked you to join me here in my office, Gwendolyn, çankaya escort because I know that Mr. Landseth is sorry about how he was—let me be clear about it—he was stalking you when he was out there trying to see what was beneath your skirt. Am I right? Isn’t that what you felt?”

Our receptionist seemed frozen at first by this situation but managed to nod at me. Gradually, she let a smile emerge on her pretty face and she said, slowly, “Yes, Miss Susan, he was trying to see my undies, I’m sure.”

“Well, now he’s going to pay the price for being so naughty,” I said sternly. I looked directly at Brad now and resumed, “You will take down your trousers and shorts and come over here and get across my lap right now.”

“I would watch as you did what I ordered,” I told Brad now, “and then when you were across my lap, I would start spanking you with my right hand, starting slowly and gradually increasing the tempo until the slaps would be strong and steady and coming faster. Soon you would be starting to plead to me that you would be good, that you were sorry and that you hoped that Gwendolyn would accept your apology for embarrassing her and discomfiting her.”

Now I started to spank him, just in the way I had described in the scene I imagined for him in my office. I spanked him on alternate cheeks and aimed low, at the sensitive place between his cheeks and his thighs. I squeezed his cock still between my own thighs.

“You have to stop thinking with this,” I lectured him as I squeezed his member.

“Now stand up,” I told him. “Imagine the receptionist is really here and I ask her if she would like to have you apologize to her now.”

“She answers in a high-pitched voice that she would like to hear you apologize,” I intone. “So you will do just that.”

Brad is willing to play. “Miss Gwendolyn, I am truly sorry that I disturbed you and made you so uncomfortable by my staring. I hope that Miss Susan’s spanking me in front of you makes you feel that I have been punished for my behaving like such a naughty boy.”

I smile at him and decide that he should be given a final tease that might humiliate him just by having him think it could happen.

“You don’t know that I have discussed this whole situation with Gwendolyn to find out what she would like to see happen and so what happens next would occur directly after you apologize,” I tell him.

I look over at Gwendolyn, who gives me a tiny smile which you don’t see, and then she says, “I want him to apologize to me very very personally in a way that shows he knows how bad he was when he tried to look up my skirt. Miss Susan, I think he’s one who wanted to see more than my panties.”

“So you think he wanted to see more, Gwendolyn?” I continued.

“Yes, Miss Susan,” Gwendolyn now had regained her ability to assert herself. “He was wanting to see my little cookie. You know what I mean. That’s what these boys want these days.”

“Go on, Gwendolyn,” I say, to encourage her as you start to wonder just what she may have in mind. Just so you get the idea that this will shame you, I squeeze your cock between my thighs hard enough for you to feel it.

“Miss Susan,” Gwendolyn says in her high-pitched voice, “I want Mr. Landseth to get down on his knees and then I will squat down over his face and I want him to give me a big deep kiss with his tongue inside my bottom, right in my hole back there.”

You are taken aback by what she is demanding but I answer, “That sounds perfectly fine to me, Gwendolyn” and I look askance at you and tell you to get down on your knees.

Then Gwendolyn walks over and squats over you so that your head disappears up under her short yellow skirt and of course it becomes clear to you instantly that she is not wearing panties. It flashes through your mind that maybe she wasn’t wearing panties when you tried to peek up her skirt, but now your face is between her legs and she is pressing her bottom on your face so that your mouth is up against her anal opening and you know that she is waiting to feel your tongue push into her little anal opening.

“Get that tongue up her back channel!” I order you from my seat behind my desk.

Then your tongue passes through her anal ring and you taste her full, acrid taste as well as the musky flavor made by the small traces of Gwendolyn’s poo that are inside her bottom.

“That’s right, naughty boy,” she coos as she enjoys the feel of your tongue touching her sensitive nerve endings inside her anus. It doesn’t take much for this to bring her to a speedy climax and when she cums, she emits some liquid from the heat liquefying the small amounts of shit that were inside her rectum. It’s as if she let out one of those silent but deadly farts that well-bred women can do, because we know that real ladies never fart.

For a moment you wonder if you will be able to keep breathing but as her orgasm fades, you hear me telling you that you can now remove your head from between her cheeks and come out from under her pretty, sexy skirt.

“How’s that for a first roleplay?” I ask Brad.

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Ağu 05

Margarite’s Special Night

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I had begged and begged Margarite for the anniversary present I wanted most, and finally she agreed. She’d know I had a fetish for watching women puke, but she had never agreed to do it herself. But finally after weeks of begging, she decided it might be interesting to see what it was like. She had watched some of my videos- all those beautiful women emptying their stomachs- and figured there must be something fun or hot about it.

So on our special day, we spent the afternoon at an all you can eat buffet. She certainly did eat a lot- I guess if she was going to do it, she wanted to make it count. Then after an entire day of stuffing herself, we checked into a hotel for an evening of fun. She moaned the entire way there, complaining about how full she was. “After eating so much,” she admitted, “I wont mind getting sick. I actually want to get it out. Some of it, anyway.”

I could feel my hard-on bulging against my pants.

We checked into our room, and Margarite immediately laid down on the bed. “So how do I do this?” She asked as I brought in our bags. She had already told me she didn’t want to use her fingers. She wanted it to feel natural, like she was getting sick all on her own.

“Well,” I said. “You could keep eating until you can’t keep anymore down.”

“No,” She said. “I can’t possibly eat anymore. I’m in too much pain. I want to get all this food out of my stomach as soon as possible, and I definitely don’t want to put anymore in.”

“Yes,” I agreed. “The other problem is that if you overeat, you might just throw up a little bit, until your stomach can hold what’s inside. The rest will just stay in there and you’ll be bloated and swollen all night.”

Margarite sat up slowly. “And you wont get the fun of watching it all come out,” she said. “That would be a waste. If I stuffed myself this much, I don’t want to waste all this discomfort on throwing up half a glass of water. I already feel awful, I at least want to get really sick, like those girls in your videos.”

I opened my duffel bag. “I think the best way would be a glass of soap water.” **(DO NOT try this. I have no idea if it works. I just made it up. Could be dangerous.)**

I held up a bottle of dish soap. “We’ll mix this with some warm water, you can drink it, and it should do everything we’re hoping. It’ll soak into the food in your stomach, and in about ½ an hour, it’ll make everything come up.”

“Alright,” Margarite said. “Lets get started, if its going to take that long to work.”

I took a glass off the sink and filled it half way with water. Then I squeezed in a generous amount of soap, and mixed it, until the water was tinted deep blue. I added a little more water so it would be easier to swallow, and gave it to Margarite.

“Now, you have to get it all down,” I instructed. “If you just vomit up the soap water right away, you wont throw up anything else. You have to get it into your stomach so it can mix with your food, and then you’ll throw up everything. That’s what we want.”

Margarite nodded. “I guess I should just gulp it down as fast as I can?”

“Probably,” I said. “It will taste awful, so drinking it fast will help you get it down.”

She tipped the glass back sakarya escort and swallowed the liquid quickly. She gagged and sputtered a bit, but managed to drink it all.

“And now we wait,” I said, as she laid back down on the bed.

“How long will it take?” She asked.

“Half an hour, if not sooner.” I said. “You might even start to feel intense nausea in a few minutes.”

“Oh no,” she groaned, and rolled onto her back. She stroked her hand over her round, full belly.

“This is going to be so hot,” I said. “Just knowing that you’re going to get sick soon is turning me on.”

Margarite nodded. “It’s kind of exciting, knowing that it’s inevitable. It’s sort of disgusting, but I guess that makes it exciting in a way.”

I pressed gently on her full belly. “Tell me about how it feels,” I instructed.

“Hm… well right now I just feel really full. I can sort of feel my stomach gurgling and churning, and it’s almost like I can feel the soap in there. Like, I can almost feel that there’s something that’s not supposed to be in there, and that its going to come out eventually. But I don’t quite feel sick yet.”

“You will,” I explained. “Really soon you’ll feel extreme discomfort. I’m sorry for that, but it wont last very long and it wont cause any permanent harm. There’s no way to avoid it though. You stomach has to get really irritated before it will finally resort to emptying itself.”

“Of course,” She said. “That makes sense. It should all be over quickly anyway.”

“Plus, that’s part of the fun. Watching you get really, really, sick… That’s part of what I like about beautiful girls puking. Seeing a girl in pain as her stomachs prepare to force its contents up out of her mouth… watching how horrible she feels as her vomit spills out of her… its all part of the excitement.”

Margarite writhed on the bed. “When you talk about it like that, I’m actually getting sort of turned on thinking about… how I’m going to barf everywhere.”

I stroked her belly with one hand and rubbed her crotch through her pants with the other.

“I’m feeling worse,” she said. “I’m actually feeling very nauseous. My stomach is sort of churning. It’s like its rejecting the soap…”

“Good,” I said. I pushed down on her stomach a little. “Does that help?”

She moaned. “Help how? Make me feel better, or help me get more sick?”

I pushed down again, a little harder.

“Ohhh….” She whimpered. “It feels so awful, but in a way it feels good. It makes my insides tighten up and I know I’m going to throw up soon.”

“You still have a little time.” I said. “I know it feels bad, but you’re not ready to vomit yet.”

“Can I have some water?” She asked. “I think that might help the pain…”

I brought her a glass and she drank it down, and set the empty cup on the nightstand. “That might slow things down, but I guess it means I’ll have more to throw up when the time comes,” she said.

I traced my fingers over her glistening lips. Her mouth was filling with saliva as her body prepared to vomit, and it coated her pink lips. “Try to suck on my fingers,” I said.

She swallowed roughly. “Okay, I might gag though.”

“Even samsun escort better.”

She slipped my index finger between her lips, the deeper, over her tongue. She trembled as she sucked on it, and as she tried to swallow a mouthful of saliva, she gagged violently and regurgitated it into her mouth.

“I can’t swallow my spit,” she said, her eyes tearing up.

“That’s okay. Just open your mouth and drool it out. Let it flow out your lips.”

She obediently parted her lips and allowed a mouthful of saliva to dribble down her chin.

“That’s so fucking beautiful,” I said. “Makes me think of other things that are going to be flowing out of your mouth very soon.”

She chuckled and tried to smile. “I can’t believe you like to watch me drool on myself. Do you like to see me being fucking disgusting like this?”

I nodded and traced my finger over her glistening lips again.

“Do you want to watch me gag some more?” She asked.

“Ugh… fuck yes.” I moaned.

She opened her mouth and pulled her tongue to the back of her throat as though she were trying to swallow it. After a moment of wide eyed silence, she released the most violent gag I’d ever heard.

“Sick…” I muttered.

“Yeah?” She smiled, wiping her watering eyes. “You like that? Want me to gag for you a little more?”

She opened her mouth again, and managed to make herself gag. Her throat forced out the deep, wet, violent choking sound.

“Ugh…” she shuddered. Her face was flushed, and she was sweating. She kept swallowing roughly, trying to swallow down the growing nausea. “I think its coming soon.” She said. She placed her hand nervously on her stomach. “Not yet, but soon. Where should I…”

I handed her a trash can. “If you can, I want you to just hold this in your lap, and get sick into it. Don’t hold it up to your face. Just lean over it so I can see your puke coming out.”

“Okay,” she said shakily. “It shouldn’t be too long. I feel really… ugh. My stomach keeps clenching and trying to… its like its getting ready to force everything out of me.”

She sat up and placed the trash bin on her lap.

“Oh, God…” She groaned. “It’s so awful. I can feel everything churning in me. It feels cold almost. Like it needs to come out.”

I gently stroked her back. “It’s okay. It’ll all be out soon, and you’ll feel so much better. Think how much a relief it will be to just vomit it all out.”

“Yeah… that’ll feel so good…”

I slid my hand under her shirt and rested it on her stomach. I felt it churn and clench and contract and a wave of pleasure washed over me.

“It hurts so much…” Margarite muttered. She leaned over the basket and held it in her trembling hands. “It’s going to be very forceful vomiting, isn’t it?”

“Yes, probably.” I said. “But wont that feel good?”

She nodded. “I wish it would come.”

“Don’t worry,” I pat her back. “It’s going to happen very soon.”

She gulped roughly again, and leaned over slightly, and gagged a little. Breathing deeply, she said, “Okay… I think I’m ready to throw up…” She panted heavily. “Yes… It’s happening. I’m going to throw up now…”

“Okay,” I said. “Hold ankara sarışın escort the trashcan steady, and just relax.”

“Okay…” She said, nervously grasping her stomach. “Okay…”

I rubbed her belly and said “Take a deep breath.”

Margarite choked and belched, and threw up a disgusting gush into the trash can. I felt her abdominal muscles tighten as they forced her vomit out of her mouth. She gasped and choked, then spewed out another gush.

“Errrrrrruuuuuuuupppppp!!!!!!!” She vomited violently into the trash can.

“Good girl.” I whispered, stroking her belly.

She got a momentary break, and she panted heavily.

“You’re so hot when you vomit,” I reassured her. She couldn’t bring herself to speak, so I continued. “I’m sorry but you’re nowhere near done yet. You’ve got a lot more in there.”

She wiped her mouth, and shuddered.

“Come on. Keep going. Vomit again for me.”

She heaved and gagged, but managed to swallow it down.

“Its going to come up even if you swallow it,” I pointed out. “You’ve got a lot more for me.”

Suddenly, she spewed again, and a stream of puke launched out her mouth. I pressed gently on her belly to help things along.

“Uh!” She struggled in discomfort as I put pressure on her sick stomach, but I held my hand in place.

“This will help you vomit it all out,” I said, pressing down again.

It did. Before she could say anything, Margarite got sick again, ejecting a thick wave of sick into the trash can.

“Good girl… puke it up.”

She had lost control. She couldn’t stop vomiting. Gush after gush poured out her mouth as tears streamed down her face.

“BLEERRRRRPPPPP!!!!” She made the most, loud, disgusting noises as she forced up to contents of her stomach.

I repositioned the basket and guided her onto her hands and knees. “Good, kneel over the basket and get sick” I directed her.

She opened her mouth and vomited another gush.

“Look up at me while you throw up,” I said.

Margarite tilted her head up, and let the vomit stream down her chin so she could lock her teary eyes with mine.

“Doesn’t that feel good?” I asked, rubbing her back. “Getting all that out of your stomach? I bet it feels really good to puke that up…”

She nodded hesitantly.

Finally all she could get up were dry heaves.

“I think I’m done.” She said, looking down into the trash can she had filled with vomit.

“There’s one more thing.” I said. “You should drink some water, and… if it doesn’t come up, you should probably force it to come up. You don’t want to leave any soap inside you.”

“Great… So I’m not done yet.” Margarite mutered.

I brought her a glass and she drank it down.

“Here,” I said, sitting next to her. “I’ll help you.” I guided her over the trash can and put my fingers in her mouth. “I’m just going to put my fingers down your throat to make you vomit the water. Then you’ll be done.”

I slid my fingers down her esophagus, and began thrusting them in and out. After a moment, she went, “BLERRRRRRRRRPPPP!!!!” and burped up a large gush of warm water all over my hand. I kept thrusting to make her regurgitate the rest of it, and after a few more moments, she tensed and her stomach clenched, and she forced up another wave of warm, clear water.

“Good girl. You got it all out.”

She panted for a moment, and then sat back on the bed. “You know what?” She said. “That felt amazing.”

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Ağu 05

Letters: Something’s A Bit Queer 16

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Brent’s apartment was downtown, not very far from the bar. Soon after arriving Brent retrieved both men a cold Miller Lite from the fridge. “So, was that chick at the bar really your girlfriend?”

“Well, I wouldn’t say girlfriend,” Scott began. “We live in the same apartment complex and not long after I moved in, I met Anna. She had been through a rather tough divorce and I had just broken up with my college girlfriend… and we sort of hit it off. Neither one of us were looking for a relationship or even romance — just good sex! So I guess you can say we were fuck buddies.”

So, you two are still hooking up?” Brent asked sipping on his beer. “I thought you were gay. What are you? Bi?”

Scott looked at him a minute trying to figure out where to go with it. “Actually she may be the reason I’m gay!” he joked taking a swig of the beer. “She pointed out this guy at the pool who she said was queer and had the hots for me. After she left to go to work, the guy made his move. I had never been with a man before. I was just looking to get my rocks off. Maybe a blow job. Next thing I know I’m back at his place sucking his cock and he’s fucking my ass,” Scott answered.

“Damn!” Brent shot back. “That’s fucking hot. So you still hooking up with her?” he kept on.

Truth was, Scott really didn’t want to talk about Anna. Since seeing her, he couldn’t get the image of her dressed in that black leather outfit off his mind.

“No, not really. We were all together a few days ago – me, her, that guy I mentioned and a T-gurl Marc introduced us to. We had a fucking party, the four of us. Marc, the guy I told you about, fucked me in front of her and it really turned her on. But no, I’m into guys now. Matter of fact…” he paused sitting his nearly empty beer on the table, as he made his way over to Brent “want me to show you just how into guys I am?”

“Sure,” Brent said with no hesitation. “Go for it!”

Scott knelt down and unsnapped Brent’s leather pants, pulling down the zipper and exposing Brent’s gorgeous cock. Unlike Scott, Brent wasn’t shaved, as Scott took the flaccid member in his warm hand, studying it before placing soft kisses on the head.

The crown of Brent’s cock was warm and smelled of leather as the young man placed it in his moist mouth. Scott had really come to love the taste and texture of a man’s cock. The way it grew hard in his mouth.

Brent’s cock was slightly larger than Scott’s, perhaps six inches and thick and it swelled as he moved his mouth up and down on the shaft. Brent continued to drink his beer, holding the bottle in his right hand as his left steered Scott’s head.

“Fuck, yea,” he groaned as Scott now pulled the leather britches further down his legs. “Let’s loose these,” Scott said without waiting for a reply. He bent down and untied Brent’s boots and removed them one at a time leaving the man in white socks. He then pulled the pants down each leg, then free, taking them and tossing them to the side.

His prey was now naked from the waist down save the socks which stood in contrast to his tanned hairy legs. Scott held Brent’s balls with one hand as he moved his mouth up and down the shaft, letting his tongue glide over the soft pink head. Brent’s dick was now rock hard as Scott let it slip from his mouth and slide across his face leaving a wet coat of his saliva.

He took the member back in his hand, jacking it, as he stared back up at Brent.

“Suck that cock,” Brent moaned as Scott opened his mouth and plunged back on it, letting his lips wrap tightly around the shaft. He moved his head up and down, savoring the taste he had grown to love. Scott let his hands wrap around Brent’s muscular thighs – sliding them up and down.

“I want you to fuck me. Fuck me please,” Scott pleaded looking up at Brent. “Get naked,” was Brent’s two word response.

Scott stood up and slid the leather briefs down his legs. Then removing his own boots, he slipped them off and his socks leaving just the black leather harness that he also removed from his chest leaving him completely nude standing before his new lover.

Brent slipped off the socks he had been wearing along with his own black leather harness and rolled a condom onto his hard cock. “Let’s go back to my bedroom,” Brent requested as the two had never made it out of the spacious den.

Scott walked down the hall toward the bedroom and quickly laid across the bed on his stomach as Brent removed a bottle of lube from the nightstand and slathered some on his hand as he moved it to Scott’s gorgeous ass. He allowed his hand to dip between his ass cheeks and he took a little and coated the rubber sheath. “You ready?” he asked.

“Please, I’ve been wanting this all night,” Scott begged.

Brent allowed his hard cock to slide between Scott’s cheeks as he lay across his back. Scott’s ass eagerly accepted the invading flesh as it easily slid in. “Damn, that feels so fucking good. Your cock is filling me up. Yea, fuck me,” encouraged Scott as Brent pushed in, taking in that hot ass that pushed back.

“That’s Disney plus izle right, take that cock, take it bitch,” Scott coaxed as he thrust harder and harder letting his abdomen slap loudly against Scott’s firm ass.

Scott’s legs, bent at the knee, with his feet in the air, as Brent pounded into him.

“Give it to me, use that ass. Fuck me,” he continued to encourage.

“Turn over on your back,” Brent ordered as he withdrew his cock. Scott turned over and pulled his legs up by his chest as Brent aimed his member back at Scott’s gaping hole. He moaned as the cock returned to his ass, sliding in.

While Scott had topped a few guys himself since Marc turned him onto cock, including Marc himself, he loved being fucked. The feeling of a nice hard dick sliding in, filling him. Marc had called him a natural bottom and he was. He knew that. And while he was mindful he and Brent needed to be safe using a condom, Scott really loved it bareback.

That’s how Marc always took him. “Daddy” liked to breed his boy. Shooting his load deep into Scott’s bowels and he loved it. There was nothing compared to having Marc cum deep inside him and the feeling of his passionate kiss as the cum seeped out his ass.

They were face to face as Brent worked his shaft back and forth. Leaning down he gently bit Scott on the shoulder, tasting the salty sweat forming on his soft skin. “Tell me before you cum,” Scott intoned. “I want it! I want to taste you.”

Brent kept up his rhythm, moving, pushing as he felt his orgasm approaching. He pulled out and knee walked up to Scott’s head. “Open your fucking mouth,” he barked as Scott complied sticking out his tongue, eager to taste his warm load.

Jacking his cock, Brent let loose the first load across Scott’s face and then taking aim shot two more loads into his mouth, splashing against his tongue. Taking his finger he scooped the remnants of the first load and dipped it into Scott’s hungry mouth.

Scott took it, savoring the taste. “Damn, that was hot man,” Brent confided.

Brent settled down beside Scott as the two rested for a minute. “That was some good shit man,” Brent sighed. Eventually Brent rolled over and allowed his hand to stroke Scott’s cock that began to swell in his hand. Now it was Brent’s turn to go down on Scott as he moved his head to Scott’s cock and allowed the head to slip between his lips.

Scott merely groaned as he moved his head into the pillow. Brent swirled his tongue around the head of the shaft. He jacked Scott’s cock as he bathed Scott’s balls with his tongue, allowing the sac into his mouth. Brent could sense Scott was close to cumming and encouraged him as Scott began moving his hips up and down.

Brent clamped his lips firmly around the shaft as Scott released his load, bucking into Brent’s mouth several times before coming to a stop.

Brent was smiling, licking his lips, when he took his position next to Scott. “So, you staying the night or want me to run you back to the club?”

“You mind if I stay?” Scott asked.

“No, happy to have you. I’m gonna’ grab a water. Need anything?” Brent inquired.

“No, good here,” Scott replied.

Brent went into the kitchen and Scott reflected on the night. While the sex with Brent was beyond hot, he couldn’t get the image of Anna out of his mind. Those thigh high leather boots, the mini skirt and black leather bikini top. She was smoking hot for sure. He’d never seen her look that way. She had told Brent she was Scott’s girlfriend. He hadn’t thought of her that way in the past — not really. But apparently she did — maybe still does? Turning over and facing the wall of the apartment, he closed his eyes — and wondered.

The sun once again lit up Vickie’s bedroom as Anna stirred in the bed. She looked over at Vickie whose eyes were tightly closed. Little breaths escaping between her plump lips as she continued to sleep. Anna simply looked on admiring how beautiful she was, even the first thing in the morning.

Vickie slowly opened her eyes seeing Anna’s steady gaze. “Are you watching me again? You were doing that yesterday!”

“I know. But you are so cute the way you breathe when you’re asleep. Just little baby breaths,” Anna gushed. “Stop it!” Vickie shot back.

“So what are we doing on our last day together,” Anna inquired.

“What makes you think I’m going to give you up,” Vickie shot back. “Have you given any more thought about coming to work for me?”

Anna looked at Vickie for a moment. “You think I’d be a good realtor?” she asked. “I think you would be awesome. You can work at the bar while you study for your license. We could use another manager,” Vickie answered.

“Yea, I think I’d like that,” Anna smiled. “Fantastic. What kind of notice do you need to give,” Vickie asked.

“Well, I have a couple, of weeks’ vacation coming to me and there’s been some downsizing anyway. Perhaps none. I’ll check tomorrow. Susan and I are pretty close and she does the scheduling.”

Vickie had already moved Exxen izle to the bathroom as Anna finished her sentence. A quick trip to the toilette and then the familiar whir of her electric toothbrush.

“So, you know what you haven’t done with me yet?” Anna said loud enough to be heard into the bath.

“What’s that?” Vickie inquired as she spit out the paste and rinsed.

“You’ve talked about fucking my ass but you haven’t done that yet. I’m still an anal virgin,” she smiled as she walked into the bathroom with Vick. “Well, we’ll have to fix that then, want we?” Vickie laughed.

As Anna took up a toothbrush herself, Vickie pulled a package out of the cabinet.

“This is a fleet enema. Clean yourself out real good, shower if you like and come downstairs. I’ll see if Greg’s up and get him to make us some pancakes. You like pancakes?” Vickie asked.

“Love them. Haven’t had any in a while but sure…” Anna replied.

“Great, see you downstairs.” With that Vickie was off leaving Anna to read the instructions on the package.

After giving herself the enema, she slipped into the shower. The warm water felt great as it cascaded over her face, neck, and back. She simply let the warm water coat her face, wetting her thick blonde hair.

She was lost in her thoughts when the shower door opened. “Greg’s downstairs getting breakfast ready and I thought I’d join you. I brought you a mimosa. Here, let’s shampoo your hair,” she said as she took a bottle off the shelf, coating her fingers and worked it into Anna’s wet strands.

Anna just let her head drop forward as Vickie’s fingers moved through her hair, lathering it as she massaged her scalp. It felt absolutely divine. The suds slipped down Anna’s back as Vickie allowed her body to slide against the young girl’s. Anna dipped her head under the shower head wiping away the suds as she turned and faced her lover.

Their eyes met as Anna moved in and kissed Vick deeply, allowing her tongue to slide into Vickie’s warm wet mouth, their tongues doing a dance, lips sliding together. Vickie allowed her fingers to wander to Anna’s freshly shaved vagina. She dipped in a finger, gently massaging her clit as Anna moaned her approval into her mouth.

Vickie pulled Anna back by her hair and looked deep into her eyes. “Yes, baby. I’m gonna’ fuck you today. Most of the day. I’m going to fuck you over and over and over. I’m going to take that virgin ass. I’m going to make you cum harder… longer… than you have ever cum. I’m going downstairs. I left you a couple of things on the counter. There’s a plug I want you to slip into that gorgeous ass of yours. That will get your little ass ready to play. And there’s a set of nipple clamps. I want you wearing them when you come downstairs. That’s all I want you wearing. Those and your collar. I want to see your pretty little nipples adorning them as we dine together.”

Vickie gave another tug of her hair, pulling Anna’s head back further.

“Do you understand pet?” “Yes mam,” Anna meekly replied. “I am yours to use. To bring you pleasure. I belong to you,” she responded.

Vickie smiled. “Yes, you do. You are mine and I’m not done with you yet — not by a long shot,” she added.

Vickie stepped out, dried off, and went downstairs leaving Anna alone to absorb what lay in store. As she exited the shower she saw the butt plug on the vanity. She had never used one before but she knew what it was. Vickie had set out some lube to allow the bulbous head to slide into her tight ass.

She had selected a silicone tear drop plug for Anna. Dispensing with a small plug for beginners, she set out a medium plug 1 3/4 inches in diameter. Anna picked it up and marveled at how soft it was as she lubed up her back door with her finger and then worked the soft bulbous head into her ass with the plug slipping into place filling her anal cavity giving her a filled sensation.

She then pulled gently on her nipple and took one of the nipple clamps and fastened it in place. She gasped at first with the intense feeling. They were much stronger than they appeared. Taking the other nipple, she clamped it as well.

Anna looked in the mirror looking at the two clamps now hanging from her hardened pink nipples. She smiled as she took the leather collar from the counter and placed it around her neck. The cool black leather against the nape of her neck. She loved the look. A symbol of her complete submission to Vickie. She loved belonging to her. In just a few days she was closer to Vickie than any woman, any person, she had ever known. Not just a best friend, Vickie was her mistress. She owned her body and soul and she loved it.

Just as she was instructed, she went downstairs nude except for the collar and nipple clamps that adorned her beautiful body and the mimosa Vick had made her.

Entering the kitchen, she spied Greg at the stove flipping pancakes that he stacked neatly up on a plate on the counter. She walked straight over to him as he turned taking in her glorious body. Anna leaned into Gain tv izle him and kissed him softly on the lips.

“Good morning master,” she cooed as she pulled away. Greg’s eyes were wide and he appeared somewhat taken back. “Well, that’s a fantastic way to start the day,” he shot.

Anna walked over to Vickie who was leaning against the kitchen wall, drink in hand, taking in the scene. Anna, with her mimosa still in hand, leaned into her mistress and kissed her as well. Their kiss lingered, soft, wet, lips moving together as Vickie let her tongue slip ever so softly, barely, into Anna’s. Stopping to trace gently over her lips, and then pulling back. Their eyes mating. “Good morning mistress,” Anna said softly.

“Good morning baby,” Vick replied back. “Hungry?”

“I’m hungry for your pussy,” Anna replied. Vickie smiled and pressed her soft lips to her nose in a light kiss. “We’re gonna’ get to that but first Greg’s made all these delicious pancakes.”

“I think I’d rather feast on that juicy pussy of yours,” Anna pressed.

Greg listened to the two lovers bantering. “Well, whether you two eat any any at all…they’re ready,” he offered.

The three decided to eat on the outside patio. Greg in his t-shirt and pajama bottoms, Vickie wearing a pretty yellow kimono robe, and Anna nude except the leather collar fastened around her neck and the two nipple clamps still hanging from each nipple.

“You may remove them now dear,” Vickie instructed as Anna removed each clamp leaving a hardened white nipple in their wake. She could feel the tingling sensations as the blood rushed back in, filling the little nubs. The plug still firmly imbedded in her ass.

It was a delightful breakfast of eggs, sausage, and pancakes with fresh fruit and plenty of mimosas as the three basked in the morning sun. “Anna and I are going downstairs to play dear,” Vickie informed her husband. “I’m going to take her little anal cherry today. Would you like to join us? You seemed to really enjoy yourself yesterday.”

“Would love to if you two would allow a guy to join in,” he responded. “Oh, I think there’s enough of her to go around” Vick responded.

“We’re going to have your master … as you called him … join us,” she smiled looking over at Anna. “I would love that mistress,” Anna answered. It wasn’t a lie. Anna was so horny. The thought of them both using her made her tingle. Either that or the plug buried up her ass.

Within minutes they were all downstairs in the Romper Room, the downstairs sex room Anna had come to love. “Why don’t you give your master another blowjob like you did yesterday. He really liked that,” Vickie instructed.

Anna walked over to Greg. She knelt down on her knees and pulled down the pajama bottoms that he allowed her to remove altogether. Greg’s cock was already semi hard having stared at Anna all during breakfast. Greg’s head rocked back as Anna’s soft lips wrapped around his shaft. It was rare that Greg received a blowjob from a woman. Usually it was another guy he met at the club outside of the occasional oral sex he had with Vickie, but here he was getting head two days in a row from a gorgeous young woman. His wife in the meantime was busy strapping on a cock. While she intended on fucking Anna’s ass for the first time, she had to have that pussy first. She selected a nine inch black cock that slipped into the harness.

She had also removed her robe leaving her naked except for the huge cock hanging from her strapon harness.

After lubing up the cock, Vickie had Anna assume a position on all fours as Greg slipped to his knees as well, feeding his hard dick to Anna who devoured it, allowing her tongue to wash over his cock and balls. Vick slipped the silicone member into Anna’s wet pussy that eagerly accepted it. Anna loved the feeling as the cock moved in and out, back and forth as she sucked Greg’s cock.

Greg let his hands and fingers move through Anna’s soft blonde hair as she allowed his shaft to slide between her lips. The couple were using her body – mouth and pussy and she loved it. She had never experienced a three way before — but it was awesome. Vickie pushing the cock back and forth in her pussy while the plug was still embedded in her ass.

“That’s it baby. Suck Greg’s cock, show me what a little slut you can be,” Vickie instructed.

Anna loved being called a slut. She felt like a slut — used like this. Greg removed his cock from Anna’s mouth and smeared the slick member over her face. “Stick out your tongue,” he commanded. Anna complied and he took his cock and slapped his cock against it and then rubbed the head against her soft lips before slipping it back inside her warm wet mouth.

In the meantime, Vickie continued ramming the large dildo in and out of her pussy, filling it completely. Anna could feel some of her own juices running down her thigh as Vickie slammed into her ass. She felt Vickie withdraw and stand up, signaling what was about to happen.

Vickie slipped the large cock out of the harness and selected a smaller 5 inch and thinner dildo to use for her anal pleasure. The older woman then knelt back down and withdrew the plug. She squirt more lube between the cheeks of her ass, and using her expert fingers, gently pushed and probed at her opening causing Anna to moan.

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Ağu 05

CDG Airport Problems Pt. 06

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Female Masturbation

This piece is set in a fantasy world where COVID and STDs are not a thing. Part 1-5 exist, so if you want continuity, go check them out first.


I wake up to the eerie glow lighting up the dark bedroom.

“What happened?” I ask.

Ahaan sits on the bed facing away, the glow a halo around him. I see the light raised skin on his back and smile, savoring the reminder of gripping him hard, dragging my nails across his back as he came inside of me in the shower.

Ahaan turns, a smile and the light from his phone brightening his face.

“Work issue. I’ll be back, go back to sleep.”

I smile at him, as he pads away. I close my eyes as I take in the rhythmic motion of the ceiling fan, the warmth and humidity of the weather. I hear his feet approaching.

“Is everything okay?”

“I had a meeting for work, but my colleague’s flight got changed so he needs to come over and work at 6a.”

Well, that’s awkward.

“I can be out of here before that.” I reach for my phone so I can reset my alarm, mentally assessing if I can get an auto or uber that early.

He swats my hand away and crawls into bed, snuggling into me, “No, stay.”

“You sure?”

“Yeah. We won’t work long — he has a morning flight.”

I push my body back into the curve of his, loving the feel of his cock between my asscheeks.

“Remember when you wanted a cock in your mouth while I fucked you?”


“Want me to ask Ranjith if we have time before his flight?”

I turn my head slightly towards him and we kiss, lazily.

“Is he single? And do you trust him? I don’t help people cheat.”

“Yeah, he’s single last I heard and a decent guy.”

I smile in the dark, and pull Ahaan’s hand to my mouth, slowly sucking one of his fingers. As my eyes close, I imagine being fucked simultaneously, and it’s hot. I wrap Ahaan’s other arm around my breasts and grind onto him.

I can feel his cock getting harder and Ahaan pulls away.

“I need to sleep so I can be up early, Aish.”

Reality is a pain sometimes. I suck his finger once more, and smile, communicating I’m okay with the pause.

I begin to play with my clit, imagining the threesome coming to life. And more reality hits — the boundaries of navigating the dynamics of a threesome.

“You can’t call me slut though in front of him. I don’t know him like that.”

“Okay,” Ahaan whispers as he gently tugs at my nipples. “Slut.”

I turn around, retracting access to my nipples and smile at him.

“I thought you needed to sleep.”

“I changed my mind.”

As Ahaan leans in for a kiss, I slide down towards his cock.

In the dark under the soft cotton bedcovers, my mouth finds him and I suck, letting my saliva lubricate this mouth fuck.

I respond to his thrusting body, feeling wetness bloom in my cunt.

With this angle, I can go in deep, his cock completely in my mouth. I run my fingers across my labia and drip pussy juice onto my clit.

“Does this feel good, Aish?”

I spread my legs a little, and start to rub my clit with one hand. His fingers grip my hair, holding my head in place as he fucks my mouth Disney plus izle hard.

I moan around his cock, loving the feel of his cock against my lips, the way my jaw opens up for him.

I shove two fingers into my pussy and pound myself. With each thrust from Ahaan, my fingers go into myself deeper. My other hand strokes my clit and I fuck myself into my first orgasm of the day, clamping my lips around his cock.

Ahaan groans as he cums, salty slightly thick liquid fills my mouth, going straight into my throat. I swallow and continue to suck, feeling him slowly soften in my mouth.

I pull off him and he unfurls the covers off me — we make eye contact in the dark and both laugh.

“Don’t you need to go to bed?” I tease, as I untangle my fingers from my pussy.

“Yeah, why are you keeping me up, Aish?” Ahaan’s tone is calm, his body leaning back against the headrest but I feel him devouring me with his gaze, taking in my now naked kneeling Vajrasana form on the bed.

I slowly lick my fingers clean, my nipples hardening again with his attention.

“That sounds like a you problem.”

Ahaan lunges and grabs my wrist, pulling me close on top of him.

“I can’t wait to fuck you again.”


I wake up to murmurs in the living room, soft sunlight, and the smell of tea. I’m tangled in the sheets, sleeping diagonally, a hallmark of my singlehood “take over the bed” pattern.

I check my phone and see a text from earlier this morning.

-Ranjith’s single and in if you still are. Are you okay with anal? –

I grin at my reflection as I brush my teeth. I grab Ahaan’s kurta from yesterday and pull it over my head. I could wait but I want to get a sense of Ranjith now.

I open the door, and see two heads buried into a laptop. They turn together, and I see smiles, Ahaan’s beaming, a little obnoxiously proud, and his friend Ranjith looks more tentative, taking in my thigh revealed through the slits in Ahaan’s kurta.

“Aisha, this is Ranjith.”

“Hi,” I say as I reach for his hand. I stand a little closer, trying to get a feel for him. He smells of mint and tea.

“Hey, it’s nice to meet you,” Ranjith says, his smile deepening, his bright teeth a strong contrast to his deep brown skin. His hair is curly and jet black, and he seems younger than us.

“Want some tea, Aish?” Ahaan asks.

“I’m just going to get some water, you should keep working.”

I walk to the kitchen, feeling my hips naturally sway more as I think about running my palms along Ranjith’s thighs, wondering what his cock might feel like.

The water drips out of the water purifier and I take a gulp. Out of the corner of my eye, I can see them both observing me.

Ahaan’s hands pull down the laptop screen and I know we’re ready to start.

I walk back towards them with my glass of water, thighs flashing with each step.

I run my hands across Ahaan’s beard, smiling at his kind eyes.

“Yes to your text,” I say as I turn to gently place a kiss on Ranjith’s lips. Ranjith responds quickly, mint and tea mingling with my own breath, as his hands grab at my waist pulling Exxen izle me close.

Ahaan slides up behind me, and I can feel his cock again hard between my asscheeks. He takes away my glass and grinds into me as Ranjith presses up against me, his cock against my stomach. His kisses are soft, tentative, getting to know you kisses and I realize need more. I grab Ahaan’s hands and place them on my breasts. He squeezes hard as he nips my neck, and I shudder through an orgasm.

“Lets go to the bed,” Ahaan says, pulling his arms away.

I smile, disentangling from Ranjith, and begin to follow him. As we walk, Ahaan drops clothes onto the floor.




I’m loving this.

Ahaan graciously pulls the curtains closed, and the room turns a soft bright yellow, as Ranjith turns on the overhead light.

I jump onto the bed and face both of them. Ahaan’s almost naked and I pull his cock out of his boxers, slowly sucking his hardness like a lollipop.

Best breakfast.

As I suck, I gesture to Ranjith, who joins us on the bed. His clothes fall to the floor, and I let go of Ahaan, opening my mouth to welcome Ranjith’s cock into me. He’s beautifully shaped, and unlike Ahaan, has no foreskin.

Ranjith moves slowly in and out of my mouth, being gentle, maybe testing me, testing us. I respect that. I caress his thighs, his ass, taking in the stretch marks, the stories of growth along his hips. I have my own.

Just as I notice a birthmark on Ranjith’s thigh, Ahaan moves behind me. His wet tongue caresses my pussy and he slides in deep, and I moan loudly around Ranjith’s cock. I hear the bottle of lube being opened.

“How much time do we have?” I ask Ranjith, as temporarily drop him out of my mouth. My hands enjoy the warmth of his erection as I stroke him.

“I need to leave in 20 minutes, let’s have fun. We don’t have to push too hard.” Ranjith says, running his hands through my hair. He’s tentative, respectful, which makes him thoroughly sexy.

I lock my lips around Ranjith’s cock again, and move his hips just a little faster. He gets the message and ups his rhythm. A wet glob of cool lube finds my anus and a muffled moan escapes me as the nerve endings around my anus tingle, awakening to Ahaan’s finger slowly pushing in.

I roll my hips towards Ahaan, bearing down to give him more access. Ahaan adds another finger into my ass as his tongue continues to explore my cunt. I push back onto Ahaan’s fingers letting him know it feels good. Ahaan pulls out and I feel his cock line up against my ass.

We slow just a bit, as I bear down to take Ahaan into me. Once he’s in, I feel so full, so aroused, and so turned on.

His colleague starts fucking my mouth, and he’s behind me fucking me in the ass. They pound together, each push deepening my experience on the other end.

I feel my pussy leaking juices onto my inner thigh, my nipples are so hard. Ranjith grabs at them and comments, “You’re so aroused.”

I want to tell him what to do, to make me more aroused but my mouth is occupied.

“Squeeze her nipples between your fingers gently at first. She likes Gain tv izle that.”

Ranjith obliges – I gasp around his cock, as my body goes limp from the power of the orgasm that rushes through me. I feel satiated, tired, barely able to hold myself up from the fucking. Luckily, they are doing their part — steadying me while they fuck me, in fact moving harder as though my orgasm was pushing them over the edge. They both slam into me, and I felt Ahaan come in my ass.

He gently pulls out.

His colleague pulls out as well, asking, “Can I fuck your pussy?”

I nod, knowing how wet I am, and wanting desperately to be filled again.

“There’s condoms on the table,” I say nodding in the direction of the sidetable. Ranjith grabs one of them and I watch as he pulls it onto himself. The sound of rubber on a cock is so fucking arousing.

He slides into me with ease, and starts pounding me hard while I continue to play with my clit. I’m no longer supporting myself with my hands, instead I’m dropped down with my ass and pussy up in the air, feeling my tits and head move roughly against the bedsheet as he fucks me. I find myself getting close to an orgasm, wanting him to slap my ass so I can get there faster.

“Spank me please, Ranjith.”

“What did you say?”

“Spank her.” Ahaan says. I turn my head and watch as he lays himself on the bed, lazily stroking his cock into hardness. He had briefly disappeared into the bathroom after cumming into my asshole earlier.

My smile changes to shock, as his friend slaps me across my ass. I cum hard onto his cock, and he surprisingly doesn’t cum. Usually that throbbing of muscle pushes my male lovers over the edge.

“Can I fuck you in the ass?” Ranjith asks, desperation in his voice.

“Yeah. Use a lot of lube though.”

I hear the cap opening again and feel his hands spreading my ass before he slowly pushes in.

“Sit up, Aisha” Ahaan whisper orders, and I move onto my elbows and then my palms.

“Want some cock in your mouth?” He asks.

I nod, continuing to bear down as Ranjith pushes deeper into my ass. Ahaan has opened me up already and I want my ass to be filled again. I feel the push of cock against the rim of my asshole, and his friend slowly and steadily moves in. Once he’s in, Ahaan pushes his cock into my mouth. Ahaan, I notice is setting the pace, letting our familiarity lead all three of us. We slowly up the pace until I’m being fucked hard, each thrust shoving me harder and deeper onto the other cock.

With each slap of Ranjith’s hips against my ass, I feel closer and closer to orgasm. I moan, in full sensory overload, and just when I don’t think I can take anymore, Ranjith’s hand reaches for my clit. A few strokes, and I groan more, now moving my body faster between them, hoping they keep up. The stars align, cocks hitting the right spot, Ranjith’s fingers finding the perfect rhythm and I orgasm hard.

Ahaan comes too, and salty thick liquid fills my mouth. I swallow what I can, feeling my body vibrate while also feeling my ass become full from his Ranjith’s.

We slowly start to disentangle, and I lay down on my stomach. Ahaan’s fingers stroke my shoulders, a tenderness that is soothing.

“Can I take a picture of your asshole? It looks beautiful.” Ranjith asks, while gently kneading my ass cheeks.

I laughed. At least he asked?

“Only with your mind, baby,” I say.

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Ağu 05

Valentines for Adam

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This story carries on the Will and Jesse series, and intersects with electricblue66’s ‘Floating World’ series, where Jesse and his character, Adam, meet for the first time in ‘The Floating World Part 04’.

At this point in the timeline Jesse is twenty-eight, and has just been picked up by another goth at a concert; this time, a girl.

Thanks to electricblue66 for lending me his character, and for adding his own touches. Shoutout to holiday1960 for beta reading and feedback.

#threesome, #gay male sex, #dominance play, #older man/younger man, #older man/younger woman, #anal, #blowjob, #dominance and affection


Jesse staggered through the apartment door and turned back to the blonde girl behind him, holding a finger to his lips, which were closed around a lollipop stick; ssssshhhh.

She giggled as she followed him into the silent apartment. Moonlight lit the room, painting the pale leather couches blue.

Jesse stopped and the girl bumped into him. “What?” she hissed.

There was a man on the couch, the moonlight picking out his silver hair and stubbled beard. He was wearing a pair of rectangular, expensive looking headphones, and seemed to be asleep.

Jesse gave him a panicked look and turned drunkenly to the girl, pointing towards the door.

“No,” came a voice from the couch. “You’re here now; you might as well stay and explain why you’re here.”

Jesse slowly turned back to face the man, and the girl wound her fingers through his, sensing Jesse’s nervousness.

“Nate gave you a pass card, didn’t he?” Adam asked him, taking off the headphones.

Jesse took the lollipop out of his mouth, his lips stained red. “Well…”

“Fucker. And you’re here because?”

Jesse had to process the question before he could answer it.

“I thought the apartment would be empty. I didn’t think you’d be here.” He put the lollipop back into his mouth.

Adam gave him an incredulous look.

“So, you thought, if I wasn’t here, it’d be okay to use my apartment without my permission?”

Jesse’s eyes slid off to one side.

“I’ll take that as a ‘yes’. And who’s this?”

“Corinne,” said the girl. She was chewing gum. She looked to be in her early twenties, nearly Jesse’s height and athletic-looking, her hair a mass of short feathers cut in scene-girl style, her breasts small and tight against her chest, her eyes pale.

Adam ran his gaze over the girl’s short blonde hair and black denim jacket. “You remind me of someone.” He gave Jesse a pointed look.

Jesse had the grace to look embarrassed.

“Still, Jesse, it’s nice to see you with a girl.”

Corinne glanced sideways at Jesse. “What does he mean?”

Jesse sucked the last of the lollipop off the stick and crunched it.

“He’s just been encouraging me to go out more. It’s been a while.” He gave Adam a pointed look, and put the bare stick back in his mouth, his jaw still working.

Although he was twice Jesse’s age, Adam knew enough to guess both of them were high on something. In Jesse’s case, probably a cocktail of whatever he could get his hands on.

Both the girl and Jesse were dressed in black jeans and t-shirts. Both were wearing heavy eye makeup, and had leather bracelets wrapped around their wrists. Both wore leather boots. With Jesse’s slim figure, long dark hair and feminine features, and the girl’s small breasts, her black denim jacket hiding the curve of her hips; if he hadn’t known Jesse well and heard the girl speak, it would have been hard for Adam to tell either of their genders.

“So, who are you, strange, good-looking man in the dark?” Corinne asked. She let go of Jesse’s hand and dropped down on the couch next to Adam. “And why do you care about Jesse’s love life?”

“Get the light, would you Jesse?” said Adam.

Jesse stumbled as he reached the wall and fell against it, swiping his hand across the switch.

Benzos kicking in? Adam wondered, as blinding light flooded into the darkness.

Jesse let out a groan and gripped the dimmer knob, spinning it down to a quarter intensity.

Adam stretched forward and set the headphones on the coffee table. “I, my dear, am Adam Cain. I own this apartment, which lover boy here seems to think he can break into whenever he wants somewhere close to the city, to shag some bird he’s just met.”

Corinne gave him an amused look.

“I’m right, aren’t I?” Adam asked. “You’ve just met him tonight?”

“Yeah. But, how can you tell?”

Jesse dropped down in a chair and gave Adam a sulky look, then dropped his head back and stared up at the ceiling, the lollipop stick still in his mouth.

“You haven’t known him long enough to know you’re an anomaly in his life. A good one—” Adam added, “but I’ve not seen him with a nice girl in—” He glanced over at Jesse, who gave him a pissed off look. “Well. In forever, really.”

Jesse leaned forward, almost rolling out of his chair, and said to Corinne. “We should go.”

Adam shook his head. “Where? To a hotel for a few hours? That’s just a waste of money. No, you’re here now, london escorts you might as well stay. There’s a spare room.”

He looked at Jesse’s glassy eyes and decided it might be a good idea to sober the kid up.

“Would anyone like a very early breakfast?”

“Sure,” said Corinne brightly.

Jesse just gave him a bleary look.

“Right. I’ll put on some music, then,” said Adam, ignoring Jesse’s lack of enthusiasm.

“You got anything decent?” asked Corinne, teasing him.

“Yes,” said Adam bluntly. “Better than anything you two have got stored on your phones, by the looks of you.” He nodded towards the rows of albums on shelves that lined the walls, kept behind glass doors to keep off the dust. “Having my privacy invaded at four in the morning’s put me in the mood for some Texas. You know how to use a turntable, Corinne?”

She laughed. “Ah, yeah. My parents just bought a Marantz fifteen-S-one to replace their old sixty-three hundred. They’re audiophiles like you.”

“Oh?” Adam was surprised. Clearly she came from good stock. “Then you know how to handle vinyl, I assume. Texas should be on the fourth shelf. Jesse, you’re with me. You can give me a hand whipping up some food.”

With a sullen look that said he thought he was about to get chewed out, Jesse dragged himself to his feet and joined Adam in the kitchen.

“I don’t know whether to congratulate you or slap you across the head,” said Adam quietly as he opened the fridge. “How long have you been back on the wagon?”

Jesse gave him a cool look as Adam handed him a bunch of parsley and a couple of tomatoes.

“Just tonight.” He set the ingredients on the bench, and Adam filled his hands again.

“I must have a chat with that brother of yours. He’s taking liberties again, handing out key cards to my goddamn apartment.”

Jesse took the lollipop stick out of his mouth.

“He said it was in case you had a heart attack, and someone had to get in to save you.”

Adam sighed. “Logic isn’t your strong suit, is it, Jesse? How would you know if I was having a heart attack?”

A look of confusion went across Jesse’s face as he considered this. “I guess—you’d call me if you thought you were about to have one?”

He dropped the stick into Adam’s rubbish bin, gently weaving in place.

“Right, pan.”

He bent down to search for a frying pan in the cupboard, nearly unbalancing onto his arse on the kitchen floor as he did.

“Have you done this before?” Adam asked, as he watched the younger man root through his cupboards.

Jesse froze. He gave Adam a guilty look. “Ahhhh—once or twice. Just when I’m in town.”

Adam shook his head. “Christ, you and Nate. You’re as bad as each other.”

The sound of a needle crackling as it settled in the first grooves of a record came through the speakers, followed by sliding guitar chords.

“You know, I think you’ve got a keeper there,” said Adam, as he sliced into an eggplant.

“Maybe,” said Jesse, and Adam glanced up at him.

He put a hand on the kid’s shoulder. “Look. I’m not going to cock-block you, but you did break into my apartment. He squeezed Jesse’s shoulder. “I’ll be out of here at eight, if you can wait that long to consummate; but until then, you can use the time to sober up and get to know the girl.”

Adam finished making the food, and handed a plate to Jesse along with a handful of cutlery, while he took the other two plates through to the dining table. Corinne slid into the seat next to Jesse and grabbed her knife and fork.

“What have we got?” she asked. She seemed, to Adam, to be a good deal less off her tits than Jesse.

Not surprising, he thought wryly. Jesse had probably had to work himself up to the challenge of exchanging Will for Willemena.

“Omelettes,” he said. “It’s all Jesse knows how to cook, and I didn’t want to tax his brain at this time of the morning.”

Jesse glared at him, while Corinne loaded up her fork.

“Mmm, this is really good.” She turned to study Adam. “So, how do you two know each other? You’re… not his step-dad are you?”

Adam paused, with a glass of water to his lips. “No. Why would you ask that?”

Corinne shrugged. “He seems like he has daddy issues.”

Jesse turned his glare on her.

Corinne ignored him, smirking as she asked, “His uncle then?”

Adam grinned, and took a mouthful of food. Oh, the stories he could tell this girl. But it wouldn’t help the kid get laid, so better to keep his own counsel.

“He and his brother have been treating my home as their hotel for a while now, it seems; and recently they’ve taken to involving me in their dramas.” He pointed at Jesse with his fork. “This one wanted to write an article for Vice, on my life story.”

Jesse sipped his water and watched Adam warily, wondering if Adam would give him away.

“Oh—you’re famous, then?” Corinne asked, as she loaded up her fork again.

Adam chuckled. “Not precisely, no. But one thing to know about Jesse, is that he has a fantastic imagination. He can make a story out of a trip to Maccas, Escort Girl Dubai if he’s short a few bob for rent-day.”

“I’d love to read that,” said Corinne, grinning at Jesse. “His story on you. Might be enlightening.”

Oh, you have no idea, thought Adam.

“I never finished it,” Jesse said quickly. He gave Adam a look, urging him to stop talking. “We just sat around and talked, and smoked weed in the end.”

Corinne finished her food, scraping her knife across her plate in a way that set Adam’s teeth on edge.

“Weed, you say? You got any?”

Adam took another mouthful. “Mind if I finish my meal first? Some of us don’t eat a mile a minute. Some of us don’t usually eat at four in the morning.”

Corinne looked at him with a smile in her eyes. “Thanks for that, by the way. That was really kind of you, given we kind of ambushed you.”

“My pleasure. It’s no bother, really. I’m getting used to waifs and strays.” Adam held Corinne’s gaze. “I wonder which one you are?”

Corinne grinned at him. “What’s the difference?”

Adam held her gaze with a smile of his own. “One’s ownerless and unclaimed. The other’s domesticated by someone else, and wandering where it doesn’t belong.”

He watched her for a long moment, then turned back to his food.

Corinne considered the table for a moment as she put her fork in her mouth, then cast a sidelong glance at Jesse.

He gave her a minimalist shrug. He had no idea what Adam was talking about half the time, either.

When they were done, Jesse collected the plates and took them to the kitchen, while Adam went into the bedroom and fetched his stash.

Corinne stood in the middle of the room, and pushed her hands into the pockets of her jacket. “Can I smoke on your balcony?”

Adam glanced up at her as he ran his tongue along the edge of a rice paper, preparing to stick it to a second. He pointed to the ranch slider. “Help yourself.”

As she stepped out into the predawn cool and lit a cigarette, Adam put the finishing touches on his joint.

Slumped in a chair, Jesse watched them both. Adam could see something going on in his mind, and wondered what the kid was thinking. He looked as if he was up to something.

At least the food had, as Adam had hoped, taken the edge off whatever he’d ingested, and the kid looked as if he was slightly more present than when he’d turned up.

“Pretty girl,” Adam remarked to him, as he put a flame to the end of the joint. He inhaled deeply, then handed the joint to Jesse.

Jesse sucked down the smoke, before handing the joint back to Adam. He coughed, his eyes watering as he let out the smoke, and sank down in the chair.

The weed was potent, and it didn’t take long to hit.

Adam pulled open the balcony door to offer it to Corinne, and she sent the orange flare of her cigarette butt flying into the darkness, and took the proffered joint from him.

“So old school,” she said. She considered him as she took the smoke into her lungs, breaking into a cough as she handed it back. “So. What were you doing, sitting there alone in the dark?” she said. “Jesse said you don’t actually live here.”

“Sometimes I need to get away.”

“From what?”

Adam inhaled, and a few moments later breathed out a stream of smoke as he considered his answer.

“From the noise, I suppose. Life’s been kind, but there are times when a man needs his silence.”

“And his record collection,” said Corinne, taking the joint back from him.

She gave him a look that made Adam pause. There was flirtation in her eyes, matched with a brash physical sexuality. He ran his gaze over her; the tight jeans, the black denim jacket, and the fitting t-shirt, and realised it was a band t-shirt. Either she shared the same dress sense as Jesse, or they’d just been to a concert.

“Was it good?” he asked, nodding towards her t-shirt.

She glanced down and smoothed the t-shirt against her stomach to better display the logo. It pulled the cloth tightly against her breasts, and Adam was envious that Jesse would later get to enwrap them. Her nipples, even soft as they were in the warm night, pressed against the fabric.

She looked back at Adam. “Yeah. Really good.” She glanced back inside, where Jesse was quietly absorbing the weed into his system.

“Is he okay?” she asked.


“I mean… is he a good guy?”

“Why d’you ask?”

“He won’t tell me his last name. That’s a bit weird, isn’t it? For a writer?”

“It’s Clifton,” said Adam without thinking, then realised what he’d done.

Corinne pulled out her phone, her thumb flying over the touch keypad as she Googled ‘Jesse Clifton’. It took her seconds to find his blog.

Adam sighed, and resigned himself to the fallout, as he sucked more smoke into his lungs. He hoped he hadn’t cost the kid his first taste of vagina in what was possibly several years. Not when he was so close.

He glanced back inside, and saw Jesse was lying back in his chair, his eyes closed. Fed and full of weed, he looked out for the count.

“Come on, leave independent escort dubai that,” said Adam, seeing Corinne’s eyes go wide as she read. She’d clearly found the story Jesse had written about their tryst. “Come inside and be nice to the boy. You’ve no idea how much good you could do him.”

Her eyes still glued to her phone, she followed him back inside.

Adam sat in the middle of the four-seater couch from habit, and Corinne dropped down beside him, barely aware of his presence as she scrolled through Jesse’s delirious tale of his night of passion with Adam, some months before.

He watched her expression intently, anticipating this would be the end of Jesse’s impromptu hook-up—but instead of the disgust he’d expected, he saw something more promising. She finished reading and glanced from him to Jesse.

Adam waited in silence for her to speak, quietly calculating the odds on her first words.

“You were so kind to him.”

Not what he’d expected.

He raised an eyebrow. “No more than I would be to—”

“To what?” she interrupted. “Any guy who wants to fuck you?”

Adam chuckled. “It was a one-off. You have to admit, he does have a very pretty face.”

She tilted her head. “And according to him, you have a very nice cock.”

Adam blushed. Christ. The girl had made him blush.

“I’ve had more compliments than complaints.”

Still, her eyes flickered from him to Jesse and back, trying to decode the secret of how they’d come together.

“You’re not normal, are you?” she said to Adam. It wasn’t couched as an insult—more a statement.

“No one’s normal.” The joint was exhausted, and Adam dropped the roach in the saucer he’d fetched for the ash. “Every one of us is a variation. In Jesse’s case, a variation in D minor.”

“Stop talking about me,” said Jesse, his eyes still closed.

Corinne got off the couch and crawled into his lap, and Jesse put his hands on her hips. She kissed the top of his head and he opened his eyes.

“You and Adam,” she said. “That was hot.”

“Thanks, Adam.” Jesse’s voice dripped sarcasm.

“Is that why you brought me here tonight?” Corinne teased. “Hoping he’d be here?”

Adam put his arms up along the couch back and waited to see how Jesse would talk himself out of this one.

“He doesn’t live here,” said Jesse. “There was a good chance he wouldn’t be here.”

“And a small chance he would?” Corinne teased him ruthlessly.

Jesse pulled her down and kissed her. Adam noted the kid was fully engaged with the girl, his hold on her waist and the way he looked up into her eyes—well, Adam knew how that felt, to enjoy a girl’s warmth, a lithe body under his hands. To be the subject of the heat in her eyes.

“Come on.” Corinne got off Jesse’s lap and dropped down on the couch beside Adam, beckoning for Jesse to join her.

“I can’t move,” Jesse said, but Adam could see the kid’s interest had peaked in his skinny jeans.

Corinne reached across Adam, her arm brushing his chest, her breasts almost pressed against his gut as she patted the couch on the other side of him.

“Come on Jess. Adam’s got another story for you. Don’t you Adam?”

Jesse closed his eyes and groaned.

Corinne turned her face to Adam’s. Her lips were only inches from his. She smiled, and in her smile was a promise. Was she really going to kiss him? Had Jesse’s story of two men enjoying each other, really affected her this deeply?

It seemed it had. She placed a hand behind Adam’s head, her fingers warm against the nape of his neck, and pressed her lips against his with a taste of cherry lip gloss, and a slight saltiness of sweat gleaned from the rock concert.

Her lips were closed, but as Adam got over his surprise, they parted and her tongue pressed into his mouth.

Her kiss was slow and sensual, her fingers stroking the nape of his neck. She pulled back.

“You kiss like a girl.”

He frowned.

“No, it’s a compliment. Jesse does too. It’s one of the things I like about him.”

He gave her a curious look. She was too young to be this commanding. She had the kind of raw power a woman gained later in life, once she knew what she wanted, had explored herself and others, and discovered what men wanted from her. Once she’d discovered how to turn them to a slow burn so they took their time, while her fire built into the roaring furnace that would eventually consume them. Adam knew this with older women, but this girl?

“How old are you?” he asked.


Well, fuck.

Her face was flushed, her pale blue eyes intense. He knew that look.

He glanced pointedly past her at Jesse, not without him, and she nodded. Yes, him too. She hadn’t chosen Adam over Jesse, but she’d added him to her menu for the evening, if he was willing.

Adam decided he was willing.

“Jesse, get your arse over here,” he growled. No way was he going to sit here, making out with the kid’s only brush with oestrogen in some five years, while Jesse pretended to be unconscious.

Jesse groaned. Apparently not lying about being unable to stand, he slid out of his chair and crawled across the carpet towards the couch, aiming for the space on the right of Adam. When he reached the couch, instead of climbing up, he turned around and sat on the floor with his back against it, his eyes closed.

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Ağu 05

Trust Me?

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They had a long-running game that they always played. It was called “Trust Me?”

The rules were simple, really. They took turns, Stan having total control over Jackie for a weekend, followed by his total submission to Jackie on the following weekend. There was to be nothing that one couldn’t do, should he or she desire it. There were no safe words, no refusals allowed. It was to be a sort of affirmation of trust and love each and every week. If one didn’t really like what was transpiring, it was to be discussed later, after the weekend was over. In the meantime, the submissive was there to submit, to provide pleasure to the dominant. Thus far, there had been no complaints either way, as they had been very careful about overstepping boundaries with each other, and constantly sought out pleasure for both the top and the bottom of their game’s equation. This was the way they kept their sex life alive through seven years of marriage. It involved mostly vanilla activities, although their game had escalated a bit over the years to include the use of several marital aids – dildos and vibrators, to be a bit more coarse – and lately, Stan had become interested in light bondage, to Jackie’s glee.

This coming weekend was Stan’s turn to be in control. He had stopped off at his local adult book store, and then Wal-Mart, to make some purchases, but had kept them from Jackie’s view.

Upon his arrival from work on Friday evening, he began the game with the usual ritual question, “Do you trust me?” Jackie could tell, however, that he was more excited than usual, perhaps even a bit apprehensive at what was to occur at his own hands.

Jackie looked deeply into his eyes, and answered with the correct response.

“I trust you completely. Do with me as you wish, m’Lord.”

Stan opened the book store bag he had in hand, rummaged around, and pulled out a black blindfold, which he proceded to place in position over her eyes. He then removed her clothes, very slowly, while teasingly running his fingertips over her flesh as it became exposed to him. When she was naked, he opened his Wal-Mart bag, and took out four dog collars. There were two wide blue nylon ones, almost long enough to be a belt for either of them, which he buckled around Jackie’s thighs, about midway between her knees and her moistening pussy. Then he placed some narrow collars on her wrists, in the same electric blue as the ones on her thighs. Then he removed the double-ended spring clips from the bag, and clipped them to the D-rings on the collars at her wrists. Finally, he clipped the other ends onto the D-rings of the collars on Jackie’s thighs. This caused her to bend forward slightly, her breasts swaying freely, to his delight. He reached over and jiggled them, enjoying their bounce.

Taking the fifth collar, one in spiked black leather that he’d gotten from the fetish section of the book store, Stan buckled it in place around Jackie’s neck. He then attached a leash, again in electric blue, to the D-ring of the leash, and led Jackie to their dining table. Her thighs met the table in front of her, and she stopped with her wrists tied to her thighs. She jumped a bit when Stan began tying her ankles to the legs of the dining room table. When her legs were spread and firmly attached, Stan went to the other end of the table, and yanked it apart as if he were going to place the leaf in the center to expand it for more diners. Jackie gasped at the tension she felt at her tied ankles, but relaxed again as Stan went to her, and gently guided her to lay her torso onto the table top. She found that her breasts fell into the opening for the extra leaf of the table, and gasped yet again as Stan pushed the table back together until it began to press gently on her hanging breasts. Once the ridge of the table touched her breasts, Stan stopped closing the table together. He grabbed the leash, and draped it off the far side of the table, grabbed his book store bag, and crawled under. He tugged on her nipples, saw them harden, and then placed the brand new nipple clips on each of Jackies protruding nubbins, and tightened them until he heard her gasp yet again. There was a chain tying the two clips together, and Stan tied the end of the leash to this chain. Jackie realized that she was more helpless than she’d ever been in her life. If she dared to rise up, the leash would pull on the nipple clips. She couldn’t get away in any case, with her hands tied to her thighs, and her legs to the table legs. She was open and vulnerable.

A thrill went through her entire frame, and she sighed anxiously in her anticipation of what was to come next from her creative husband.

Stan stood back to admire his handiwork, he stripped and stroked his throbbing cock as his plans unfolded before him. She was positively dripping in anxious expectation of what was to come.

He gently swatted her ass cheeks, then increased the pressure, spanking her harder and harder. Jackie was moaning, her london escorts ass burning. Suddenly, Stan stopped.

As she waited helplessly, Stan watched Jackie’s cheeks turn a nice deep red-pink color. He casually stuffed two fingers in her pussy, and Jackie spasmed on them, already cumming unexpectedly. He chuckled, letting her slowly drop from her orgasmic high, and yanked his fingers out of her drenched lips as she moaned again at the seeming violence of his act.

“I have some big plans for you this weekend, my pet,” Stan purred, barely petting her hot ass with his cool hand. “You’re going to beg for things you’ve never had before.”

Jackie moaned, her anxiety rising. He’d never acted this aggressive, before.

Stan knelt at her backside and tickled her dripping cunt with a fingertip, and she wriggled as much as she could to increase the sensation. He leaned forward and licked her, from the top of her pussy to her anus. Jackie pulled up at this, and felt the tug at her nipples. Stan had never touched her asshole before, yet now he was licking her there! He repeated the action, and she knew then that it was actually his intention to explore her butt, and she was helpless to do anything other than remain in position and accept it.

It felt so….dirty! Good, in a way, but oh so strange. His tongue was inside her, now, worming around, slithering in and out. Jackie was shuddering in delight and trepidation of what was to come, if he kept this type of activity up. They had never discussed or even considered anal sex before, and yet here was Stan, tongue-fucking her most private portal. She dared not object, as that would end their game on a bad note, but she wasn’t at all sure that she wanted this to continue. She clenched her anus down on his tongue, and Stan chuckled again, while tickling her clit with a fingertip.

Stan stood, and let her cool down a bit, watching as Jackie’s muscles began to relax, her body covered in a light sheen of fear sweat.

Once she had relaxed, he poured a good amount of the warming massage oil over her ass cleft. It felt cold at first, and Jackie let out a hiss of surprize, followed by a loud groan as his hand went straight to her ass and began to rub the quickly warming oil into her skin. He teased her hole with a finger, and she gasped. He changed position again, now licking her clit so gently she could barely feel it, as his finger again sought out her back door. Jackie’s hands were making fists at her thighs. She didn’t want this. She had to have it. Her mind was spinning, her throat was gasping and swallowing air quickly as the sensations continued unabated.

Stan’s finger was sliding into her, now. Her hands opened wide. His tongue was lapping at her pleasure center more avidly. She found herself pushing back onto his digit in spite of herself.

He dug another finger into her, all slippery with oil. Letting it enter hand deep, he twisted his fingers in her clenching ass. She could feel his other fingers rub in the crevice of her split cheeks, and imagined what it must look like, her ass glistening with the lube, glowing after the spanking. Jackie felt beautiful.

Stan stood again, leaving his fingers inside her. He stepped up and placed his cock in her hand. Jackie grabbed it and tried to milk it, but her restraints prevented her. She moaned in frustration as Stan chuckled in his total mastery of her responses.

He leaned in to her ear and whispered, “You will beg for my cock in your ass before this night is done.”

Jackie shook all over at his words, the warmth of his breath at her ear, and the possessively evil tone of Stan’s voice. He had never sounded so masterful with her, before. She knew it would happen, just by hearing his words. She also knew she would try to avoid it if she could. That made the game that much sweeter. He sounded so sure of himself, so positive in his prediction, that Jackie felt overwhelmed by his power over her helpless form. She grasped his cock tighter.

Stan gently pried her fingers off his member, and walked back to her very hot ass. He ever so slowly tugged his fingers from her, and lay his cock on the split between her cheeks. As he began a gentle fucking motion, rubbing up and down the crack of her ass, Jackie’s breath came in shaking sobs. Her head came up, but it tugged on her nipples, and she had to return to her submissive posture or hurt herself. She groaned again, and wiggled her ass from side to side as far as she could, knowing all the while that it would surely further inflame him, would solidify his intent that much more in his mind. Jackie knew her final virginity was to be lost this night, and her heartbeat quickened as she found herself looking forward to her ultimate defloration at the hands of her masterful lover.

Stan reached back into his bag of tricks, and withdrew a thin butt plug. He greased it up with the warming lube, and deftly slipped it into his wife. Then his cock seemed Escort Girl Dubai to find its way into her pussy, and he began to fuck her with long, slow thrusts. He was teasing her. At this point, all she wanted was to be fucked, and fucked hard, but Stan had other plans. He ever so slowly penetrated her, and just as slowly withdrew. He kept this up for at least five minutes, while he tugged and pushed on her butt plug. It seemed like an eternity to the frustrated woman. She was whining, trying to move on his cock, but unable, due to her bindings. Her breasts were swaying in the table’s opening, and the weight of the leash and the chain tugging on her tormented nipples was driving her insane. Stan withdrew completely, and Jackie howled.

He stepped back to watch as she twisted in her bonds. He reached under the table, and unclipped her nipples. The blood rushing in to her crushed sensitive points had her writhing in a pleasurable agony with no orgasm in sight. As she wriggled, Stan slipped a finger in alongside the little butt plug, and Jackie was trembling as she moaned in need. He slowly unplugged her ass, and replaced it with a slightly larger toy. Jackie gasped as it seated itself within her clasping sphincter, her cheeks clenching as it popped through her tight portal.

He then bent and untied her legs. Gripping the leash, Stan guided Jackie to stand on her shaking legs, and made her walk around the table with the butt plug imbedded in her ass, the slippery globes of her ass sliding over each other with the lube. He made her stand as he retrieved a towel to put on the ottoman in the living room, and then he walked his victim to lie in position over the piece of furniture.

He knelt at her head, and brushed his cock over her lips.

“You have three minutes to make me cum in your mouth. No hands, now,” he laughed at his joke, since her hands were still attached to her thighs.

She gulped him in and began pumping her head up and down on his organ. Stan almost lost it in her mouth, but managed to hold off for the entire three minutes as she desperately tried to bring him off.

She could taste the cinnamon in the warming lubricant on his cock. Her mouth watered at the taste, and it was a relief after all the heavy breathing she’d been doing earlier that had dried her mouth out.

“Too bad, love. Your time is up. Couldn’t do it, huh? I suppose that a punishment is in order. First, though, I think we could use some refreshment.”

Suddenly, the plug in her ass began to vibrate, and Jackie hissed and clenched her cheeks together at the unexpected tingling effects of the toy. Stan laughed as he walked to the kitchen, telling her to stay there and keep warm.

He soon returned with a bottle of sparkling Spumanti, a single glass, and a long straw. He poured himself a glass, then set the bottle on the floor in front of his wife, with the straw poking at her lips. Jackie greedily sucked at it, and the effervescent liquid filled and expanded in her belly. She gave a very unladylike burp, and the both laughed.

Soon Jackie felt a warm relaxing feeling flowing all through her body. She knew she was supposed to get slightly drunk, that it would help her to relax and accept Stan’s cock in her virginal ass, so she took deep draughts of the wine, laid there and enjoyed the feelings of lost control.

After taking the bottle away, Stan slapped the soles of her exposed feet very loud, simultaneously. Jackie shrieked in surprize, and lurched forward, pushing the ottman across the carpetted floor nearly a foot. He laughed, then, and began to tickle her feet. Jackie’s legs were thrashing about, her ass clenching and releasing the invading plug in her bottom as it continued its vibrations. Her ass was pumping back and forth like she was being fucked as she struggled against the torturous giggling bubbling up inside her.

He flipped her onto her back, on the floor next to the foot stool, and his attack went to her arm pits, her belly, and her ribs, as she laughed frantically and writhed on her back before him. He thrilled to her bouncing breasts, her helpless thrashing merely opening up new avenues for his digital torture. Stan stopped then. He unclipped her hands from her thighs, and clipped them onto the D-ring on the collar at her neck. This opened her up for even more tickling torture, and he entertained himself with that for a few more minutes. Finally, he sat back onto his heels, watching her breath come in gasps, and finally her breathing returned to normal, with the vibrator still jiggling in her ass all the while. He lifted her feet to his shoulders, and gripped the plug in her bottom. He turned it, twisted it, plunged it in and out, and finally removed it.

When the toy left her, Jackie felt curiously empty, yet relaxed. She found herself wanting it back in there in spite of herself. Stan leaned down and began to lightly lick at her pussy again, which was raised up high and proud independent escort dubai before him. He let her legs fall to the floor. She pushed herself up to his lips, and came with a small scream of pleasure as he sucked and licked at her clit.

Stan straddled her head, ordered her to open wide as he let his balls drop into her lips. She sucked them in, and it was Stan’s turn to gasp and feel a little vulnerable as her tongue laved his sack as she sucked on him there. He leaned forward and began to tease & tickle her pussy again. His fingers barely touched her. They were trailing along the edges of her lips, and she felt herself getting very wet again. His light touching went down to her ass, and she inhaled sharply as his finger penetrated her there. He added more lube, and two more fingers slid in effortlessly. Next, Stan took the very long, thin toy he’d bought, and slid it into her ass. Jackie’s back arched as it went in deeper than his fingers, and Stan kept it moving very slowly. He felt her moaning on his balls when he turned on the vibe unit in the toy, and he jiggled it, waving it from side to side, in and out, within her clenching butt.

Jackie’s hands were at her throat, snapped in place with the collar. She found that she could grasp his cock while she sucked on his balls, and she did so, wondering what it would feel like in the place of the toy churning up her insides at the moment. She began to believe that it would fit, and fit comfortably. Her hands squeezed him tightly as she lay open for his fun and games.

Stan raised himself up, shuddering as his balls slipped almost painfuly out of his wife’s sucking lips. Leaving the probe in her oily ass, he rolled her over onto her belly. He unclasped the clips holding her hands to her collar, and ordered her to stand. Jackie stood up slowly on shaking legs. She reached back and held onto the toy protruding from between her cheeks to hold it in place, and Stan chuckled at the sight.

“I think you’re warming up to my little idea, aren’t you, love?”

She stood, her torso cocked to one side as she held onto the probe in her ass. Her breasts were flushed, their points standing up at attention. Her thighs glistened with dripping moisture from her center. Her pussy lips were puffy and wet. Her entire body shuddered for a moment before she spoke.

“M’Lord, I think I’m ready for whatever you had in mind.” Her lips bowed up into a sexy little smile, and Stan just had to remove the blindfold so he could see into her eyes.

“Leave it in there,” he told her. “Go to the bedroom and wait for me.”

Blinking madly at the sudden light, Jackie managed to stagger out of the living room, and up the stairs to their bedroom, holding the anal toy inside herself all the while as it vibrated within her.

When Stan walked into the bedroom with the second bottle of Spumanti, he found Jackie on her knees, rocking on the anal probe as she rubbed her clit. She was facing the doorway, and he had to stop and take in the sight of her self pleasure before he could move on into the room.

Jackie reached for the bottle and took a long swig before handing it back to Stan with her scented hand, still rising and falling on that plastic vibe all the while.

“My god you’re beautiful,” Stan gasped as he leaned in to suckle at her breasts.

Soon Jackie found herself on her back, in the missionary position. Her legs were draped on Stan’s shoulders. The toy was on the bedstand. His cock was trailing precum up and down her very lubricated ass crack.

He pressed the head in so slowly, Jackie felt every atom of it as it spread her wide and pushed its way in. Their eyes were locked on each other as his cock paused on its path.

“More,” she pleaded.

He leaned in, giving her a taste of his thick shaft, and paused again. Then he pulled back a little before pressing his way in deeper.

It wasn’t long before she was begging him for that ass fuck, just as he had predicted he would a few hours ago. Stan was filling her desires by filling her asshole with his entirety. Shortly after that, he was slamming in very hard, at her insistance. She thrilled to the feel of his balls when he bottomed out in her bottom.

He felt that familiar tingling that signalled his impending orgasm, and he did nothing to slow himself, this time. He rammed himself home. His hands found her tits and held them tightly as his seed spurted into her bowels. Jackie was loving the way she could feel his cock flexing as it shot off. She felt it in a whole new way, now, and somehow it seemed even more intense than when he was in her pussy.

He held himself inside her as long as he could, and they both shuddered when his limp member slipped out of her clasping hole.

The weekend was full of anal pleasures for Jackie, and when Monday came, she was happy to be able to walk after all the cocl she’d taken over the last few days. She was sore!

She looked at him on Monday morning over her coffee cup with a huge smile as she said, “You just wait until Friday night, buster! This weekend your ass will be MINE!”

Stan laughed a little uncomfortably as he looked into his wife’s twinkling eyes and responded, “As you wish, m’Lady.”

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