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Alina Henessy

Subject: Palmer Palmer When I was 13 I started babysitting for the Palmer’s across the street. They were a young couple in their 20s with two small children and new to the neighborhood. Mrs. Palmer, or Rita, a brunette, short hair about 5’2″ with a petite body. Her breasts always seemed too large for her body or maybe it was her bras that held them up. Mr. Palmer, or Mick, was a few years older than Rita, and very fit. It was easy to see that he worked out at the gym often. Their two kids were adorable and I really liked babysitting for them. The oldest was a girl and the youngest a boy and they were 18 months apart in age. I was their sitter for almost 3 years until they moved away to a larger community. After so many years of trying Mick finally received a teaching job at the state university. It was an opportunity too good for them to pass by. I was sorry to see them move and they always said if you ever interested in checking out the college when it is time that I could stay with them. One year later I was applying to colleges and applied to our State college as well as a few better known out of state colleges. I was accepted to a few different colleges but for some reason chose to attend our state college. Probably because the financial commitment was the least and the most reasonable for my family. So there I was, in the fall of my 18th year and a freshman in college. After a few months when I got myself adjusted, made friends, and figured out how college actually worked I called Rita and Mick to let them know where I was. Rita was ecstatic that I called. She invited me over to dinner the next friday night. When I got to their house on friday night I was in for a big surprise. The two kids were larger, cuter than ever and very happy to see me. Just like I was happy to see them. After a few minutes I asked where Mick was. It is then that Rita told me that shortly after they left our neighborhood they separated and were working out a divorce and child support. I was flabbergasted because they seemed like such a loving couple. Obviously I did not know everything about them. Rita filled me in about the kids and what she had been doing for the past two years. She seemed like she had adjusted well as a single mom and had a nice career going. Obviously child care was a problem for her now as a single mom. Toward the end of the evening she asked if I would be willing to babysit once in a while for her. I jumped at the opportunity to spend time with the kids again and to help her out. The first time she asked me to babysit was exactly 2 weeks later. When I arrived Rita was going out for the evening with a friend. When the friend’s car pulled up Rita said she would be back no later than 1 and if I was okay with that. I had no problem the kids would have been asleep by 9 or 9:30. She was out the door before I even saw the friend. Rita came in around 12:30 a little tipsy, her blouse a little askew and her lipstick smeared. I thought she must have had a good time, or someone had a good time with her. We quickly exchanged pleasantries and she asked if I could come back in 2 weeks and look after the kids overnight. Quickly I checked my schedule and said that I could. Uber was called and I was on my way home. Two weeks came and went fast. I arrived late afternoon when my last class was over. Rita said that her bursa escort friend asked her to dinner party at another community 45 miles from ours. They knew it would be best to stay overnight for there would certainly be alcohol flying. “No problem Rita, have fun and send me a text when you are on your way home in the morning.” After she left the kids were up to their usual tricks and tried to convince me that their behavior was normal. I knew them long enough and I knew Rita’s parenting methods so I knew the main course for dinner would not be ice cream. After a taxing evening, I forgot how rambunctious the kids were, and reading two books to them they finally fell asleep. After a long day at school and spending 6 hours with the kids I was exhausted. I went to Rita’s room and laid on the bed. Rita told me to sleep in her bed and not on the sofa. The room was exquisitely decorated, looked very feminine, and smelled so very nice. I was quickly falling asleep and decided that I should get changed and under the covers and read the missed messages on my phone. In the bathroom while I was brushing my teeth, I opened the medicine cabinet, like everyone else does in someone else’s bathroom, and saw a tube of vaginal lubrication. Mmmm, that struck me as odd. Never expected to see it there. My curiosity peaked. I am no virgin having sarted sexual relations first with my best friend when I was 14 and then lost my viriginity to guy at 17. I got into bed and under the covers and could smell Rita all over them. It was intoxicating. Then to follow up on my curiosity I looked inside the bedside drawer. I was expecting some hand lotion, some books and magazines, maybe other extraneous items. What I did not expect to find is what Ii did find… erotic toys. There was a collection of vibrators, nipple clamps and a strapon. My impression of Rita changed quickly. Just when I thought she was prim and proper and maybe she was, she certainly had the toys to lust after. After looking inside I closed the drawer and pulled out my phone but my mind wandered. I was getting somewhat excited and reached down to the top of my panties and absently-minded started to rub my pubic area. I could not get those toys out of my mind. I leaned over and looked in again and pulled a 7 inch vibrator out. It felt cool in my hands and had a wonderful smell to it. The small could only have come from one place and that had to be from Rita. Before I knew I was smelling it closely and started to lick it and put in my mouth. If it was Rita’s smell and taste on it I wanted more of it. My mind was working overtime. I got up and looked into the closet and there was the dirty clothes hamper. Afraid but excited I looked inside and saw a very cute pair of white panties on top. I reached in and picked them up and brought them to my face. I breathed in deeply and smelled the most wonderful thing in my life. The smell was very close to what was on the vibrator, but stronger, almost like they were worn earlier in the day. Back in bed I pulled my sleep shirt up, removed my panties, and started caressing my breasts and tweaking my nipples. I took Rita’s soiled panties and brought them to my face and smelled them deeply and started sucking on the crotch. My right hand went between my legs and felt my wetness. Rita’s vibrator was now in my right escort bayan hand and I put in on its lowest level and held it against my clitoris. The feeling was wonderful but I wanted more. That vibrator found its way inside me and I moved it in and out slowly, in and out in and out of my sopping wet hole. I had one very quick orgasm and was working up to a second. I felt like someone was watching me for a few seconds then I felt the bed next to me sag and I heard a voice “Do you need a hand with that?” My eyes shot open and pulled the vibrator from me and saw that it was Rita. “Rita what are you doing here?” “Shhhhh”, she hushed and moved down and removed her panties from my mouth and kissed me lightly and then more vigorously. I moaned into her mouth. As my mouth opened Rita’s tongue moved in for the kill. Our tongues were dueling and my arms went around her pulling her closer. Rita moved her right hand to my breasts and started to caress my left breast and then the right one. Oh I wanted her. I moved a bit and started to caress her breasts through her top. Quickly she took her silk blouse off and I saw that she was wearing a black demi bra. Her breasts were fantastic. She stood up and removed her slacks, bra and panties. She reached down and pulled my sleep shirt off and over my head. Rita got in bed and climbed on top of me. Our lips met and separated so our tongues could explore. We kissed for a long while. I could feel her hard nipples in my chest and I could feel her wetness on my thigh. Rita started moving her pussy on my leg. It was like she was marking me as hers. Slowly she moved down from my lips to my neck to my breasts. She tentatively licked my nipples and then latched on and started to suckle on my breasts. I love the feeling of holding her head against me as she licked, kissed and sucked on my teets. She moved further down to my stomach, to my belly button and further down. I could hear her inhale my aroma as she observed my vagina. “Your smell is intoxicating”, she said. Then she started licking my lower lips, sucking on my clitoris and I became increasingly excited. Just before I orgasmed she put a finger against my anus, pushed lightly on it until that finger was first knuckle deep. Her tongue went deep into my vagina. I exploded my girl juice onto her face. The orgasm was intense. I must have passed out because I heard Rita say “Georgia is everything okay” with a big smile on her face. I pulled her up and kissed her. I tasted my nectar from her lips. I wanted to taste hers directly from the source, not from her soiled panties or off of her vibrator. As we laid side by side, cuddled and kissed for a while I knew it was time. I moved and got on top of Rita. I continued kissing her and probing her mouth with my tongue. I was grinding my engorged clitoris against her mons. We were both soaked between our legs. My tongue reluctantly left her mouth and kissed her ears where I told her “I want to taste you with my tongue. I want to eat your cunt until you have multiple orgasms on my face.” She murmured with enjoyment. I went down lower and licked her nipples and twirled my tongue first around the left one and then the right. When I wasn’t licking one I was pulling on the other. This only made her squeal and made her bottom move like she wanted more. I wanted more. bursa escort After spending a long time enjoying her breasts I licked a path to her right hip, to her navel and to her left hip. From there I kissed down the inside of her left leg to her knee to her foot. Taking her left foot in my hands I kissed her toes and inserted her big toe, which was painted dark red, into my mouth and sucked on it. Then I did the other 4 toes all at once. From there I moved up and kissed her lips quickly, but just as quickly moved to her right hip. From there I kissed path down the inside of her thigh and stopped to sniff her aroma. I continued kissing down to her right foot. Sucked her toes briefly. I looked at Rita and saw a beautiful sight. There she was on her bed, naked, her nipples very erect, her breathing fast, and her legs spread. And I was between those legs on my knees. My eyes were drawing to the area between her legs. She was neatly trimmed, her clitoris was engorged and her lips open and wet. The light from the room showed how wet she was. From there I inched down and moved my face to cunt. “Rita, do you want me to eat you?” “Yes, I need it” My tongue reached out and flickered on her clitoris. There was a moan. I licked between her lips and tasted her nectars. The nectars that I could very easily get used to. I sucked on her lips. I took her engorged clitoris in my mouth and twirled my tongue around it. She was moaning in pleasure and her hands were on my head. I moved down a bit and started to lick her asshole. The juices from her pussy that were leaking from her were collecting in that location and sucked them up. I moved back up and took her hands and moved them to her breasts. “Rita, play with your breasts and nipples while I feast on you”. She was a willing participant and I love watching a woman manipulate her breasts because it tells me how she likes them handled. She could cup from underneath and pull up on them and her hands would move to where she was only pulling on her elongated nipples. As I watched her my tongue moved faster and faster on her clitoris. First I had two fingers in her and then three. I knew it was not long before she exploded. Then she did. She was so loud that I thought she was going to wake up the kids. So I grabbed her soiled panties that I was previously using and put them in her mouth to quiet her down. I think she became louder. It was one, two, and three very intense orgasms. Her pussy juices had coated my chin and were dripping down my neck. Definitely the sheets below her were wet. After she calmed down she reached down to pull my fingers out from inside her. Being the vixen that she was, she took my fingers and licked her juices from each of them. I moved up, held her and kissed her. Our eyes closed and we fell asleep in each other’s arms. There we were, two naked women, satiated, exhausted, holding each other. We slept that way for hours. In the morning Rita told me that her trip to the party was a bust. Her friend that she was going with, who happened to also be a woman, was in a bitchy mood. They had an argument on the way there and Rita said that she was being disrespectful at the dinner. So instead of staying for the after dinner drinks and conversation they decided to head back home. It was a long quiet ride. When Rita got home she thought everyone was asleep but as she got closer to the bedroom she could hear me masturbating. Rita said that she either heard or watched me for at least 5 minutes. She got increasingly excited by my movements before she decided to make a move. I am glad she did.

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