Mar 02

Parent Tax

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Double Penetration

“You can go hang out in your room, but keep the door open; no sexy time,” I had told my son Tad when he asked to be alone with his pretty girlfriend Cammie (short for Cameron). Then I made the mistake of getting distracted drinking some beers and playing video games upstairs for a while. I paused the game, and after a pee break, I heard a moan from downstairs. I quickly but stealthily descended the steps.

“Yeah…ohh…” I heard my son groaning as I rounded the stairwell corner.

There was the occasional smacking sound from her lips. Maybe they were kissing, but I didn’t think so. With the hard tiled floor masking my approach, I slowly neared my son’s open bedroom door.


I slowly leaned my head past the door jamb to see that my son’s short blonde girlfriend had her mouth in his lap as she knelt on his bed. I paused in shock. The bed was against the left-hand wall so I was seeing them from the side, but damn, that girl was showing off a fine ass in her black tights as she leaned over. I stared at those enticing buns as she continued to blow him.

“Gonna…” my son moaned.

I quickly stepped into the room. “Ahem!”

“GAH!” My son yelled as he quickly rolled away to the side to cover up, yanking his cock out of his girlfriend’s mouth. “Ohfuuuck…” he moaned and shook, and I realized that he was cumming into his sheets.

“Shit! Um…umm…” Cammie bumbled as she wiped her lips. They had been caught red-handed (red-lipped?), so there really wasn’t anything that they could say to curb my fatherly wrath. The hot blonde’s B-cup breasts pushed out her tight t-shirt, and her nipples were quite prominent. Either it was cold down here or she was turned on, and my son kept his room warm.

“I told you no sexy time!” I admonished Tad as I stepped into the room.

“C’mon Dad,” he whined as he pulled his jeans back up. “We weren’t having sex!”

“It’s right in the name, ‘oral sex’, genius.”

“But we’re eighteen!”

“You’re still living under my roof, with my rules. You want to go get your own place, you go right ahead.”

He harrumphed. He didn’t even have a job yet, so was quite beholden to me. “So what now?” he asked petulantly.

“Now Cameron has to go home, and you’re grounded.”

“For how long?!”

“Until I say otherwise.”

“That’s bullshit!” He stood up and got all up in my face, but I still had an inch of height on him.

“Sit down.”

He took a moment, but did so.

I looked over at Cammie, but she was looking at my midsection. I glanced down…with all the testosterone flowing, as well as the visual stimulation from earlier, my seven incher was tenting out my sweatpants. I almost moved my hands down to cover up, but the look on her face…I had a beer-fueled idea. “There’s an alternative,” I offered.

My son’s face was in his hands. “Yeah?”

“Parent tax.”

He looked up at me. “What?!”

“What’s parent tax?” Cammie asked.

Tad turned to her. “It’s…my parents would steal a french fry, or some of my Hallowe’en candy and say, ‘Parent tax,’ but I’m not a kid anymore, Dad! What, you want her to…to…?”


As one, we turned to Cammie. She suddenly looked shy and vulnerable, but I knew it was a ruse. Her eyes kept flicking to my bulge.

She turned to my son, her boyfriend. “If I do this, we get to keep seeing each other.” She turned back to me, this time looking into my eyes. “Right?” I nodded and she turned back to Tad. “Otherwise we can’t, for maybe weeks.”

My son looked like a hunted animal. “But…that…Cammie…”

“We broke the rules, Tad. Parent tax or grounding,” she informed him.

“You…want to…with him?”

She took his hands in hers. “I don’t want to have to wait for weeks to see you. I’ll be okay…I’ll close my eyes and think of you.”

“Fuck…” Tad turned and buried his face into his pillow.

“C’mon, Cameron.” I beckoned for her to follow. When ankara eryaman escort we got upstairs, I plopped back down onto the couch and took a long pull from my beer.

“Can I have some too?” the pretty blonde asked prettily.

I held out the can, she downed the rest, and then slammed it down on the coffee table. “Okay, pull that thing out, Tad’s Dad.”

Yeah, there’s the real Cammie, I told myself, but I had to be certain. “You sure?” I asked. She nodded. I pulled my sweatpants and underwear down, freeing my above-average stiffy. “You can call me Roger, or Rog.”

She took my erection in hand and moved her head down to it. “I kinda like calling you Tad’s Dad…or Daddy,” she said as she locked her green eyes with mine before taking my entire length into her mouth.

“Oh shiiit…” I moaned. I hadn’t felt a woman’s touch in four years, not since my wife died. I figured I probably wouldn’t last long…damn if this girl wasn’t swirling her tongue along my shaft while it was inside her mouth! Where had an 18-year-old learned these skills? Well, I resolved not to prematurely ejaculate, if this was the only sexy time I was ever going to get from her. I concentrated on the pause screen of my video game…no, that wasn’t working, and I could still hear her huffing and puffing as she licked and sucked my member. So good!

I closed my eyes and thought about mowing my lawn, or grocery shopping. Aw jeez, she was licking it like a lollipop now! Then she deepthroated me again. I could take no more. “I’m gonna cum,” I warned her.

She pulled off and I was a little disappointed, but then she opened her mouth wide and pointed my dick right between her lips as she jacked my shaft and gazed up into my eyes.

“FUUCK!” I cried out as I came. Burst after burst of my cum splashed into her mouth, and then she took my penis back inside to finish me off, followed by a nice little suck to clear my urethra. “Holy shit…” I marveled as I looked down at her pretty face.

She pulled off and smacked her lips. “There was so much!” she commented in amazement. “And tasty, too.”

“Oh! Heh…yeah, I eat a lot of pineapple. I heard it’s good for your prostate.”

She grinned. “Thanks for the Penis Colada, Daddy!”

I laughed. Then I realized that my son’s girlfriend was kneeling in front of my softening cock, her belly full of my cum. What the fuck had I just done?!

Cammie tilted her head. “Oh, there’s your conscience…and we were having such fun.” She got to her feet. “I’mma head home…bye, Daddy!”

“Um, bye?” I lamely called after her as she went. I heard the front door close and she was gone.

Tad just stayed in his room the rest of the night. I really didn’t know what he’d be like if I went to talk to him…actually, no, I realized, he’d be a petulant child, pretty much like when anything bad happened in his life. He blamed others for his own problems, which would be me this time. I’d talk to him tomorrow.

I slept well, probably for the first time in a long while.

Strangely enough, Tad somehow seemed chipper the next morning. It was the weekend, so he left to hang out with Cammie and I had the house all to myself…luxurious! I had an underwear day playing video games on the couch for hours until I heard the key rattling in the lock. I rushed into my room and quickly got dressed.

All three of us had pizza that night and watched a movie on the ‘flix. Cammie, the little minx, kept winking at me when Tad wasn’t looking. I winked back. Then they went back down to his room. I stealthily poked my head in a couple times, but they seemed to be behaving, or at least only going as far as kissing, and maybe some light groping. I was feeling kinda jealous.

I was brushing my teeth for bed when I heard her yell out BYE and then the front door closed. I was a bit put out that she didn’t come say goodbye in person, but I had pretty much coerced escort sınırsız çankaya her into sucking me off the previous night…maybe I was reading too much into her winks. After peeing, I went and locked the front door, and then headed to bed.

Cammie was waiting for me, laying back on my bed in just her bra and panties.

I stopped and stared. “Umm…”

“I have to be honest with you, Daddy,” she said coquettishly, “Tad and I were bad last night. I snuck back in after I left…” She lowered her voice to a hiss, “…and we FUCKED.”

“What?!” I turned as if to rush downstairs to confront my son, but…half-naked woman…I turned back to her.

She licked her red lips and glanced down at my crotch. “So I figured…parent tax?”

I didn’t need to look down…I could feel that my cock was rock hard. In just her underwear, I could see her tantalizingly deep C-cup cleavage above Cammie’s bra, her smooth flat tummy, rounded hips, and gorgeous legs. She was a walking wet dream.

“For…for real?” I stammered. Was Tad going to jump out of the closet with his phone taking an incriminating video? No, I realized, Cammie was eighteen, so quite legal.

“Mm hm,” she nodded. “Now bring that big cock over here.”

Big? Did that mean that I was bigger than Tad? Pleased, I pulled off my clothes and climbed onto the bed next to her. While I was in my forties and played a lot of video games, I wasn’t a couch potato. Normally I’d go for a long walk during the day, or do some push-ups or sit-ups before bed to keep fit, so my ‘dad bod’ only had a little extra poundage. Plus, Cammie seemed to have daddy issues, so that worked out nicely for me.

I brought my face close to hers. Did she want to kiss? I liked kissing.

“Lay back,” she directed me without kissing.

I did so, only a little disappointed, but then she took my member into her mouth again. I moaned under her oral onslaught…she was so good at that! “Fucking hell…”

She blew me for only a minute or so. “Don’t want you cumming too soon this time,” she said as she pulled off her panties and clambered onto my lap. She grabbed my shaft and angled the head up into her vaginal cleft, which was visibly wet.

“Condom?” I asked.

She pushed down and the head of my dick slipped into her warm tightness. “Umm! We don’t need one of those, right?” she asked back.

I needed to get deeper inside her, so I shook my head, figuring that she was on the pill or something.

“Hnng…” she moaned as she bore down and half of my length slipped inside. Then she pulled up and slammed all the way down. “NNGHK! Fuuuck…” She held herself there, fully embedded. “Never felt so full before…”

As I mentioned before, Cammy was a short girl, maybe 5’3″. Though she was turned on, I was surprised that she had taken my entire 7 inches without pain. I had had a couple short girlfriends when I was younger, and occasionally the tip would painfully poke their cervix.

“Okay…” she raised up a bit and then pushed down again. “Umm…”

She was incredibly tight. I didn’t know what Tad had between his legs, but it seemed that he did not take after me. I reached up and unfastened Cammie’s bra, letting those C-cup beauties out to play. Well, if she wasn’t going to kiss me…

“Ooh!” she moaned as I took one of her substantial nipples into my mouth. “Tad likes those too, Daddy. Did his Mom have big ones?”

I disengaged from her nipple and gave her a frown; discussing my wife was off limits.

She moved faster upon me. “Sorry…I’ll make up for that. Um…y’wanna kiss me?”

Hell yeah I did! I pulled her down and we lip-locked, our tongues tangling up together as she continued to ride me. Suddenly I felt my orgasm rising, and I grabbed her hips to hold her still.

“Oh, almost came, huh?” she teased me. “Let me just…” She pushed down slooowly, making me moan, until she bottomed out again. “Daaamn, çankaya eve gelen escort bayan I can feel you pressing soo deep,” she whined as she closed her eyes. “Never felt anything like it.” She started to undulate her hips, and I felt the tip of my cock rubbing against what must have been her cervix. “Shit…what is…ohh…” She continued sashaying her hips. “Fuck…”

As long as she wasn’t going up and down, I was able to keep from cumming, but her face flipped between wonder and confusion as she ground upon me. Then her eyes snapped open. “Ooo-OOOOH!” Somehow she pressed down even harder upon me, and then she fell forward into my pillow and screamed. “HHHHGHH!”

All of a sudden her pussy clamped down on my cock and I had no chance. “Ohhshiiittt!” I hugged her tight as her vagina pulled my orgasm from my loins, urged it up my shaft, and then sucked that ejaculatory tidal wave into her teenage reproductive system, filling it to bursting. With the head pressed right up against her cervix, there was no chance that some of my boys weren’t being injected straight into her baby chamber. “Hunnggh! Erhhh!” I grunted.

Cammie was still screaming into my pillow. I was doing my best not to sing my orgasmic exultation to the heavenly choir above, as Tad would no doubt rush upstairs to kick my ass for inseminating his girlfriend.

Then she collapsed upon me, though I could still feel her body shake with afterorgasms, causing her insides to pull the last drops of cum from me.

“Holy shit,” I breathed.

“Huhh…yuhh…” she moaned.

We must have both fallen asleep after that, as I partially woke when she finally rolled off of me, but then sleep took me again. When I finally woke in the morning, she was gone.

Every couple nights, Cammie would slip back into my bed after pretending to leave, telling me about how naughty she and my son had been to have sex again the previous night. The crazy chick managed to keep this going without getting caught for over a month.

On that day, instead of heading down to see Tad, she tossed a small plastic wand at me as I sat on the couch. I examined it…those things hadn’t changed all that much in nearly 20 years, except for the helpful pregnant/non pregnant key off to the side which told me what the two lines meant.


She sat down next to me as I paused my game. “A few weeks ago, before this all started, when I asked Tad why he didn’t have any siblings, he said that you had an operation.”

“His mother had a tubal ligation,” I informed the girl, my head feeling stuffed with cotton, the whole situation unreal. “You weren’t on the pill?”

She shook her head. “He said…oh fuck, he said, ‘*they* had an operation.’ I just assumed he meant you.”

“Well, we know what happens when we assume,” I commented blandly.

She grabbed the test and shook it at me like a wand. “Yeah, ‘u’ and ‘me’ make a baby, you ass.”

“You WHAT?!”

We turned to the stairs. Tad stood there, his eyes wide as he stared at the test in Cammie’s hands. “You fucked my Dad? And now you’re preggers?! You fucking slut!”

I got to my feet. “Hey, you can’t talk to your new mother like that.”

Tad stared at me in horror. “My…what?”

I got to one knee and took her hand. “Cammie, will you marry me?”

She stared down at me. “Are you crazy? You…well…actually, yeah!”

I looked back over at Tad. His eyes were bugging out. “What…why…?”

I got back to my feet. “Relax, Tad, we’re just kidding.” Turned half away from him during the proposal, only Cammie had caught the wink I had given her.

He dropped to the floor as if the wind had been knocked out of him. “Oh, thank Christ!”

“Although…” Cammie said as she considered, “my parents are totally going to kick me out for getting pregnant, just like they did my sister, so I’ll need somewhere to live, and it’s your baby, after all.” She snuggled up to me. “There’s only two bedrooms, and it sounds like Tad doesn’t want me anymore, so if I move into your room, it’ll be like marrying you.”

I dropped back to one knee. “Well, y’wanna cohabitate with me, then?”

“I do!”

Tad got to his feet and stomped back down to his bedroom as my new girlfriend and I snickered.

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