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Parry time pt1

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Parry time pt1″Damn!… Those sons of bitches!” Pissed over his employers’ call notifying him he’d have to work the weekend starting this evening, Chad slammed the phone back atop its cradle, outwardly displaying a rare moment of uncontrolled rage. “I knew this was gonna happen. If there was anyway possible they could screw up our weekend… Shit!… Those sorry bastards!!”He and Toni, having planned this evening’s party more than three months earlier, hoped that by informing everyone of their upcoming little get-together that far in advance would leave little to no chance of anyone or anything interfering or screwing up their intended plans. The only possible scenario of which posed any threat whatsoever of disturbing their orchestrated evening was a completely random oriented replacement scheduling program which, should fate so deem, could slate Chad as the replacement thereby leaving him vulnerable to being recalled on a moments notice. Thus go the rewards and pitfalls of being an employee of the metropolitan fire department.”Sweetie, what’s wrong?” Toni, hearing Chad’s outward manifestation of anger, hurriedly rushed to his aid hoping to defuse and calm her otherwise laidback husband. Having heard the phone ringing earlier but having no idea as to who called or what invoked his outrage, she asked, “Who was that on the phone?””My God Dammed Boss, that’s who!” Slamming his fist to the counter, Chad raised his head heavenward, closing his eyes, disgusted, shaking his head, denying the utter gall of their timing. Too late to call everyone and cancel or reschedule with the start of the party less than two hours away, “Damn those sons of bitches!”Toni, knowing now the origin of his anger, sensing and feeling both the urgency and disappointment in her husband’s voice and actions, moved closer, pressing her soft, comforting body to his, trying to console the man she’d fallen in love with two years earlier at a party not much different than the one they were throwing this evening.Toni, an elementary teacher new to the area (well, taking her teaching position a year and a half before she and Chad’s introduction) had little to no time for a personal life, leaving very little of a chance of meeting a nice guy and starting some sort of a relationship. Thus far, having frequented a few of the local clubs when invited by another of the single teachers she worked with, the only men she’d met were either already married or just looking to get her drunk, take her home, and spend a night between her incredible legs. Wishing no part of either losing proposition after having successfully protected her cherished virginity through both high school and college, she’d practically given up on dating, choosing the security and comfort of her apartment, curling up with a romantic novel, dreaming and fantasizing with the book’s characters, awaiting the day she too would meet Mr. Right.Chad, on the other hand, spent his entire time working and living at the fire department, giving him no chance whatsoever of ever meeting some nice young lady… Well, that is unless he rescued her during an operation while performing his duties, but, an unlikely scenario. It appeared he was slated for a bachelor’s life. He, also not a participant of the nightlife scene but having grown up locally and no where as innocent, upon finishing college attended the academy and joining the force upon completion, hadn’t met or been introduced to anyone he’d even remotely felt anything other than maybe some sort of physical or sexual attraction.Unknowingly, he and Toni were the lucky possessors of an indirect, mutual acquaintance, his friend and co-worker Paul, as well as Toni’s lifelong c***dhood friend, his wife, Teri. The two of them, Paul and Teri, both tired of seeing their closest friends… though both very attractive, nice, with professional careers and quite capable of wooing a qualified partner if presented with the right sort of circumstances… alone without anyone to share their lives and intimate moments, it was then that it occurred to them: why not introduce them to one another. Both very conservative, he not a letch as she despised and she not the usual bimbo everyone tried fixing him up with, who knows, maybe it would work. Why not?Shortly thereafter, both Toni and Chad were invited to a small party at Paul and Teri’s place, each by their respective friend, thus setting up the fated meeting of the couple who’d eventually become husband and wife.Now Toni’s turn to play cupid, or so she’d devised, tonight’s gathering of a few of their closest friends presented an opportunity for her to make introductions between James, a young inspector stationed downtown and an acquaintance of Chad’s to a co-worker and fellow teacher of hers, Ashley. Everything set up with the start of the small, intimate gathering barely an hour and a half away, mayhem presents itself in the disguise of an accident, leaving Chad to fill in for the injured fireman.Holding and consoling kaçak iddaa her partner and the love of her life, Toni reached up and tenderly kissed him with her soft, problem-solving lips, using the same manor she always did in dissolving what appeared to be a serious crisis. Smiling, caressing his neck with the gentle expertise of her long sculpted fingernails, thinking carefully for something to say to try and ease his battered spirits while giving a positive spin to the current situation.”I know it’s not exactly what you’d planned, but at least you’ll get to spend a few hours with both me and our friends before having to leave. Besides, for all intents and purposes, the party will practically be over by then.” Damn, how does she do that? When everything appeared to spiral out of control right before his eyes, voila… there she is changing what seemed hopeless only a moment earlier to something he was able to deal with. Returning her smile and kiss, a calm eased his tense, disappointed demeanor, relaxing him in the arms of his beautiful wife.Toni, sensing the change and wishing to loosen up his slowly conforming demeanor even faster, stepped back, tilting her head to one side, cut her huge green eyes upward, and gave him one hell of an ornery, devilish grin. Standing in just a short swimsuit cover held closed by a matching silk sash she was untieing that very moment with the aid of her temptingly toying fingers, eyes affixed on his, teasing him mercilessly, she inquired, “Wanna see my new swimsuit?”Without waiting for an answer, she dropped the sash to the floor and pulled open the intrusive covering, revealing nearly ninety-five percent of her flawless body. Barely wearing anything… or was it wearing barely nothing… modeling the tiniest of bright yellow bikinis, she stood with the small pieces of fabric straining to cover the swells of her full chest as well as her… her…”Shit Toni!” Chad’s head swam with the images of his sexy wife presenting her ample assets in a manor he’d never experienced outside the bedroom… “Jesus! You’re gonna wear that?”More revealing than anything she’d ever worn previously, she’d purchased the skimpy little bikini as a means of showing off to her girlfriends her newly sculpted body she’d worked tirelessly, firming and toning… Oh, and let’s not forget about the beautifully bronzed tan covering her soft, sensuous skin. Blushing suddenly over the concerns of her soul mate, she began closing the robe, second guessing her choices and hoping she hadn’t offended her husband by choosing to wear such a revealing outfit to their party this evening.Chad, quickly aware he’d spoken too soon, saying all the wrong things, smiled, reaching out, pulling back open the silken garment, wowing himself with the incredible wares of his stunning wife. Shaking his head disbelievingly to the fact, he’d somehow been lucky enough to convince this… this… little piece of heaven to shed her wings and marry a mortal, it was his turn to play the devils advocate, wowing and ogling her suggestive curves.”What do you say, we…” Using his finger, tracing the strings supporting the tiny, enticing garment, Chad played the out various possibilities should she relent, forcing an appreciative response within the confinements of his trousers. All rational thoughts rapidly disappearing… his job, the party, their guests due to arrive shortly… No, nothing concerned him at the moment other than the exciting woman standing before him and his growing need to experience her right now. His finger having reached the fabric of her minuscule top, expertly began following the inner edges, teasing, tracing its outline, increasing his growing excitement feeling the firm, soft swells of flesh exposed between the… the…”God, you’re driving me crazy, woman.”Suddenly aware of her increasing vulnerability, Toni slapped playfully at his hands, warning him there wasn’t enough time. “Chad, not now. We’ve got guests coming and still have plenty to do.” Ignoring her warnings set on experiencing this incredible display of… of… God he wanted her, and now… sensual perfection continued his caressing between her persistent denials of his relentless attempts. Reaching out without warning, cupping and squeezing her firm breasts, feeling her erect nipples pressing excited through the thin material into the palm of his hand… “Chad! No! Chad…?”Eyes glazed over in an overpowering lust permanently affixed on her semi-nude body, grinning devilishly, having felt her denial being overwritten by the excitement growing, showing through her bikini, he began slowly advancing, ignoring her warnings to cease as she steadily backed away, defending herself from his ill-fated intentions. The realization she had but one chance of escaping, Toni suddenly turned and bolted for the stairs, screaming and laughing with Chad close on her heels.”Chad! No! No! You stop that this instant!” Pawing, grabbing at her feet and ankles, knowing should he succeed kaçak bahis in stopping her she’d present little to no resistance due to his overwhelming size and physique… Toni laughing, screaming, franticly ascending the stairs in search of the safety and security only the locked door of her bedroom provided… Chad’s pursuit barely a whisper away yet far enough to warrant some belief in the possibilities of escaping… Scurried atop, making a mad dash covering the short distance with an extreme sense of urgency, slamming closed the door behind her… Too late! Foot wedged prohibiting its complete closure dissipating the faint glimmer of hope still remaining… Applying slight pressure reminding her of both his presence along with the realization should he choose to revert to brute strength, forcing his way in thereby leaving her at the whims and mercies of her would be assailant…Vulnerabilities exposed amid a barrage of threats mixed with an occasional plea promising anything and everything should he relent, letting her go, forced the laughter he’d been able to suppress thus far listening to her various impassionate proposals. “Chad, please? Deal? Do we have a deal?”Listening, awaiting some hint of acceptance, Toni gingerly opened the door while backing away ever so cautiously. Nothing prohibiting his original intentions, eyes still filled with wanton lust roaming shamelessly over her… her… “Chad! We have a deal. You Promised!”Quickly closing the distance between them, Chad pulled her to him, embracing her, running his hands over her soft, warm skin… Toni returned his kiss, pressing her firm body to his increasing the sexual tension with each and every passing second. Breaking their embrace, reaching down, he picked her up effortlessly exclaiming his true intentions. “Guess what? I lied.””OH NO YOU DIDN’T! You pig!” Surprised, mouth open, expressing disbelief of his unexpected revelation, squirming, franticly, attempting escape, Toni felt the sensations of cool silk caressing her bare skin as Chad laid her across the bed, pinning her hands above her head. Towering, hovering over the incredible vision of sensuality, helpless, unable to fend off his lecherous intentions, she began pulling out everything in her arsenal, making various excuses and suggestions. “Wait, wait… I’ve gotta go to the bathroom.” Then it was, “Ok, ok, you win… let go my hands and let me help you.” Un hun, sure! Ignoring her various pleas, having heard them all at one time or another, no intentions whatsoever of honoring their supposed deal… I mean… Why should he?A bronzed goddess laying out contrasting nicely the white silken covering of the bed… long luscious legs, tight abs, full chest, gorgeous face, oh yeah… and that little yellow bikini which started everything in the first place?Blessed with stunning natural beauty to begin with, her recent exercising, toning up what already appeared incredibly desirable, left her husband unable to satisfy his increasing, unquenchable needs. God, he couldn’t get enough of the hot little tease. “I mean, Jesus, look at her! What’s not to lust after?”Legs perfectly sculpted, long, lean, toned, seeming to travel eternally upward. Calves, soft and sensual emitting the perfect feminine curve. Thighs, firm and muscular yet soft, enticing, sculpted by a master lovingly creating a work of art… Hell, they alone capture ones undivided attention, forcing the worship and praise they so deservingly demand.Next on this envious adventure up this Goddess of desire, sexy thirty-six inch hips curving, tapering to a near impossible twenty-three inch waist, greet one’s gaze, admiring the pure sensuality of the flair, supporting her tight little ass and leading to her washboard abs of which she’s extremely proud. Continuing this dizzying journey over the soft, sweet contours of… of… “Oh Sweet Jesus…!” Practically taking one’s breath away, her sensually enticing, rounded thirty-seven inch chest appears to defy the very law of gravity. Swells soft yet firm, redefining the definition of stimulating, exciting, proudly curve upward forcing a mouthwatering desire to quench ones insatiable thirst, suckling, nibbling the sweet, upturned, eternally erect nipples setting high on these heavenly globes. Yeah, they’ll force your undivided attention all right… they’re also capable of leaving one starving, incapable of quenching one’s appetite upon sampling such… such… interested in partaking of these fruits from Eden?Finished? Oh, no… Quite the contraire, monsieur. We’ve yet to behold the face of an angel. Quite easily one of the most stunning women you’ll ever have the privilege of gracing you with her presence, Toni’s captivating appearance has more often than not left an otherwise talented well spoken young gentleman speechless, fumbling for words befitting such incredible beauty. Eyes huge, piercing, emerald green and capable of softly peering into ones soul, melting the hardest of hearts and illegal bahis soothing the raging tempest… Lips full, sensual, encasing an ever present smile, forcing one’s attentiveness when speaking, lulling, drawing, begging to feel their soft magical touch trailing their sweet, unforgettable kisses over one’s aching, unquenchable desires… Cheeks high, nose slightly upturned, slender, graceful… Dark brown hair, flipping and curling, cascading over her shoulders, descending down her near perfect back… framing her gorgeous face with elegance and mystique, the proud southern belle, unashamed of flaunting such enticing southern charms is easily quite capable of tempting even the strongest of wills. Throw in the added bonus of utter worship and loyalty to the only man ever to sample such incredible delights and… “Yeah, what was your reason for his honoring their agreement? I rest my case.”Toni, still attempting reasoning with her would-be assailant, held immobile under his continual ignoring of her impassioned pleas… Chad began tenderly kissing momentarily silencing her protests… Trailing ever so lightly, nibbling, sucking gently the soft sensitive skin mating her neck and shoulders. Toni’s pleas dissipating, graduating to soft whimpers, approving moans… Sucking, teasing her with the use of his talented tongue… “Oh No… mmmm… Chad… you’re not playing fair… mmmmm…. not there… unnnn… Oh, God, that feels so good…” For all intents and purposes, this battle was over.Chad, sensing his victory but still unwilling to release his captive audience just yet, refused to remove her final shreds of clothing as he kissed his way down her body, covering every inch of bare and covered flesh with gentle, arousing, wet kisses. Toni, going insane, needing to feel the warmth of his talented mouth covering, sucking her sensitive nipples, begged his mercy to quench her increasing passions. “Please… Oh please baby…”Chad, unable to deny her anything, relented to her request, releasing her hands and untied the strings keeping him from sampling her incredible treasures. Removing her top, freeing those… “Oh Dear God!”…This is what drove him insane with unbridled passion ever since she’d achieved her desired results. Tanning her alluring body completely… Well not exactly completely. Yeah… Lying on her stomach there wasn’t an inkling of untouched skin which hadn’t been perfectly bronzed, kissed by the sun’s golden rays… However… Lying on her back? Oh Shit!… Mimicking the tiny bikini she so provocatively modeled were the exact triangular patterns exposing the enticing swells of her breasts, showing off the true creamy white color of her naturally God given skin, barely containing her cat-eyed shaped areolas and exposing the excited, erect state of her nipples. Also, hiding at the present beneath the minimal confines of her bikini bottom? Only a few centimeters below the start of her alluring tan line, evenly centered amid the creamy presentation, lay a dark, thinly manicured strip of hair leading downward as if guiding one to the palace of pleasure hiding, protected between her luscious long legs. With that small exception matching the color of the dark brown waves outlining her sensuous face, everything else was bare as the day she was born: soft, smooth, inviting the lone lucky participant to a flawless canvas of soft sensuous delights.Passions raging out of control, both momentarily unconcerned over the quickly approaching start of their party, intent on experiencing the immediate needs of their bodies, Chad holding Toni around the sides of her chest lowered his lips, flicking his tongue over the straining excitement of her nipples. Unwilling to settle for merely a tease, the brunette arched her back, raising her full breasts, guiding his attention downward over the firm mounds of flesh insisting his attention be directed at pleasing her excited sensitive nipples with his warm, wet, pleasure delivering mouth.”Oh God yes!… That’s it… Oh yeah.” Holding his head glued to her presently accepting ravishment, Toni caressed and toyed his hair encouraging his continued satisfying actions. Chad, not wishing to seem partial willing to evenly distribute his pleasuring techniques moved eagerly between her succulent breasts, repeating his persistent, talented actions while caressing her soft smooth skin with his strong but tender touch. “Mmmmm…. Oh yes… Yeah, that’s it baby… Mmmmmm…”Chad’s hands caressing up and down the sides of her torso, gently, ever so softly, playing her body as if a master fine tuning his instrument, continued their distractions as he slowly kissed his way over her extremely flat and rock hard tummy. Finding her sexy navel, darting his tongue into the sensitive crater, partially sensually teasing, part tickling and toying, it along with his expert hands continually drove her insane with lustful desire. She, caressing, teasing the fully erect nubs giving away her heightened state of arousal… Well, that and the fact she was writhing in passionate ecstasy under his continual assaults, Toni pulling and tweaking her nipples continued forcing her pleasure level yet higher by the second.

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