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Part 2 before New Years

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Part 2 before New YearsAfter a good night’s sleep, I woke up to Jessica placing soft kisses down my neck while laying behind my back. As I opened my eyes she said morning my babe and started running her hand down my chest and belly and onto my cock. She massaged my cock and balls as I woke up and turned to her to lay on my back. She had a big smile on her face as she moved over me and lowered her wet puss down on to my cock. She moved her hips back and forth fucking me hard, moaning from pleasure. She soon started moaning louder and started to orgasm while fucking me. After she finished cumming she climbed off and said you not cumming now. I asked why and she said “I’m going to tease you and prolong you cumming for most of the day as we discussed last night. I smiled at her as I replied, ” as mean and hard as it is going to be I’m willing to play along. She gave me another kiss and then we cuddle, holding each other while watching tv for a while. She then stood up saying she needed to pee and as we discussed last night I got up and followed her into the bathroom. She sat down on the toilet and said, ” ok this is going to be a lot more weird than I thought last night.”I then replied saying, a deal is a deal. She first had her legs closed and I then heard her pee starting to hit water in the toilet. She then started opening her legs, my cock grew as I watch her pee flow out her out of her cunt ( well her urethra ). It was super hot watching her piss and after she finished I watched her wipe her puss. She then stood up and after she flushed the toilet, I pulled her into me and our lips met and mouths opened. My hand made its way down to between her legs and started rubbing her puss up and down for a few seconds. Once our lips aparted I told her that was so worth it and I’m definitely going to watching her pee the rest of the day. She smiled and replied saying ok my love and remember everything els we discussed. I said I will most definitely not forget and that I’m looking forward to all of it.We then went downstairs where we made ourselves a big mid morning breakfast, bacon eggs, fried mushrooms kırklareli escort a piece of wors and toast. After breakfast we tidied up and then we made our way to the lounge. Jes sat me down on the couch and then dropped to her knees between my legs. She placed kisses on my inner thighs, up to my groins. My cock grew rock hard and she took it onto her mouth and sucked deep down on my cock. My cock was deep in her throat as she gagged on it. She gagged on my cock a few times before stopping and moving onto my lap while positioning my cock between her pussy lips. She gave me a passionate kiss and once our lips aparted she asked if I enjoyed her sucking my big cock.I replied it felt amazing having you gag on my cock and told her when I fuck her later, I’m really going to give it to her. She said ” I can’t wait, I really am looking forward to it.”We then watch some tv and at just after 1pm Jes and I poured ourselves a double brandy and coke, put some ice in an ice bucket again and then made our way outside to the pool. We were both still naked and we climbed slowly into the pool to cool off. We did a few laps splashing around before sitting next to each other on the step enjoying our drinks, as we discussed what we were going to do for tomorrow as we count down the time into the new year. Our drinks finished and i poured us another while we discussed just to invite 3 couples over and have a braai and a good time here at home as we count down to go into the new year.After sending messages to the 3 couples inviting them to the braai, Jes said she needed to pee. As she stood up to go inside to the bathroom, I asked why she doesn’t rather stand and pee in the garden so I can watch easier. She said ok my babe and I then joined her out of the pool. She stood on the grass and I stood in front of her to her side as she aloud the water works to start. I watched as she stood and pissed in front of her watering the grass. My cock instantly grew hard as I watched my bitch peeing. It was extremely sexy and when she finished, I walked up to her and gave her a big kiss kırşehir escort as my hand made its way between her legs and started rubbing up and down her wet puss. I soon lifted her up and as she wrapped her legs around my waist my cock slipped inside of her puss and I carried her into the pool. Sitting down on the step in the pool, Jes started riding me back and forth as our mouths lock while we kissed. She road me hard and faster and when our lips aparted she started moaning as her puss clinch tighter around my cock as she reached climax and started to orgasm. After she finished orgasmning she climbed off of me and I told that either way I’m going to cum now as I’m fucking horny. She smiled and kneeled down like a bitch on all 4s on the step in the pool. Her ass and puss was just out the water as I looked down at it while moving in behind her and shoving my throbbing hard cock back into her wet sexy cunt. I thrusted hard and rough in and out of her in doggy. She soon started moaning as she reached climax and orgasmed. I fucked her harder as she orgasm and I soon reached the vurge of cumming. I pulled out of her puss and I said to her, “cum suck my cock”. She did as I said, turning around and taking my cock into her mouth and sucked it back and forth. I then exploded shooting my cum into her mouth as I looked down and watched how my sexy whore sucked me dry. After I finished cumming she stood up and I stared at her sexy ass as she walked to spit my cum out into the garden.Jes then poured us a drink and returned to join me in the pool. I gave her a kiss thank you and we then sat on the step and chatted some more before getting out and drying off. Once dry we made ourselves an early dinner and we were finished eating by 5pm. After tidying the kitchen we made our way upstairs and into the bathroom. We hopped in the shower together. As the water rained down over us, we washed each others bodies slowly and thoroughly taking time over our private areas. I soon need to pee while showering and Jessica said to me to go ahead as we had planned. My cock was semi hard escort bayan as I pointed it at her and I then pushed my piss out of my bladder and cock giving my girlfriend a golden shower from the boobs down onto her sexy belly and at the end aiming and pissing onto her puss. It felt so good to do that, a form of showing, that she’s allowing me to be her master. Once done i gave her a big kiss, placing my hands on her ass and pulling my baby into me. Once our lips aparted, we finished washing and then got out and dried each other. I then lead her to the bed and laid her down on her back as I told her to enjoy. I moved down between her legs as I spread them. My mouth reached her puss and I started to muff her. Licking her puss up and down, sticking my tounge into her puss as well as stimulating her enlarged and horny clit. She moaned as her body tensed up and soon she reached climax and started to orgasm. After she finished orgasmning I gave her soft kisses as I moved up her body. Once our lips met, my cock slid inside her wet puss and I pushed it deep into her. I moved slowly but deeply in and out of her puss, while I kissed her with plenty of passion. As our lips aparted she wrapped her legs around my waist and pulled me close to her with her arms. Pushing my cock deep into her puss against her back walls it exploded as we looked each other in the eyes. I held my cock there as Jessica moved me slightly deeper with her legs around my waist as I enjoyed my cum shooting deep into her puss. Once i finished cumming and still looking into Jessica’s eyes, she said,” I love you.” Not to upset her I said I love you too my babe, although that wasn’t altogether true. As I had mixed feelings, I was definitely enjoy the sex and fetishes that her and I were sharing but I had definitely not been faithful to her but then to guess I couldn’t be with the one I do love that Jessica was a very good second to keep near for a while as bad and wrong as it sounds.After a big kiss our lips aparted and I pulled my cock out of her cum filled puss. Jes went to the bathroom to wipe her puss while I switched on the tv and laid on my back waiting for my love to return. Once she did we laid cuddling and discussing further plans for tomorrow as all 3 couples we invited said they were going to join.After a quick discussion we soon fell asleep holding each other and had a good night’s sleep. End of part 2

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