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Part four: the next level

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Part four: the next levelAfter their last experience http://xhamster.com/user/didyoucheckyourpants/posts/145583.html each wanted to take things to the next level. When they were apart, they could only think about was each other.That Monday at school, M kept replaying the events of the weekend over and over in his head while humping his fully engorged cock against the inside of his jeans. Whenever he thought about the rush of his friend’s warm love liquid past his lips, his heart would race. He got to really understand J’s body language and got really horny watching J cum—he took great pleasure in hearing J pant and moan, and loved watching his face at the moment of release. They went to different schools now, so they didn’t see each other during the day. Across town, J was also planning his next move, he had so many fantasies to try out and he kept working the stories over and over in his head. As he did this, his giant cock would poke out the top of his waist band. When he was sure no one was looking, he’d occasionally lick a finger and rub the tip of his cock. He loved working up big loads and would try to save them for a few days. He took great pride in his ability to shoot for volume and distance and knew that his best friend loved and appreciated this. Their time apart made them horny, so when they had encounters—no matter how brief—they made the most of it.M got home from school that day and realized he had probably only spent 5 minutes thinking about something other than J’s cock all day. He was so hard for so long, that when he pulled down his pants he had a large wet spot of pre-cum. He went straight to work on his cock and was really getting into sucking his own cum of his undies. So much so that he never heard J enter the house. J heard M moaning his name and snuck down the hallway. M was on the bed, fully naked, his underwear in his mouth and he was already working a nice lather of precum all over his hard cock. “OH, J I want you in my mouth so bad. Please can I suck it? PLEAASEE?”. J stripped naked and moved into position. He pulled the underwear off of M’s face. For a second, M was startled but was kind of already half expecting to open his eyes and see J standing there anyway. To his delight, his wish came true…He looked up with a horny devilish smile and saw J dangling his huge veiny cock and heavy balls right over his face. M kept working himself as J gently rubbed his balls all over his, forehead, and nose. J grabbed the base and slapped it all over his friend’s face, making M moan and purr. M began gently pendik escort suckling on his friend’s balls just as J began gently sawing the underside of cock across M’s willing, but pursed lips. From balls to frenulum, J kept up this back and forth motion for maybe a minute while M slurped and gently kissed the whole underside until M screamed out, “OhhHHh FUCK…cummMMing…. mmmm…I’M CUMMING” M’s load launched carelessly all over the place and this got J excited. Within seconds, J was cumming too. Jet after jet of warm cum erupted all over M’s lips as he kissed the tip in a futile effort to control J’s spasms. J shuddered and his knees buckled as he released a dozen or so thick gooey shots all over M’s face and the pillow. As he finished himself off, J rubbed it all over M’s face and he fucking loved it. And this was the way things went, M could either extract a load from J in under 3 minutes, or he could take his time, performing while help his friend to slow, drippy release.Sometimes, M would pretend he was sleeping and open his mouth real wide like an inflatable fuck doll. He’d let J gently hump his mouth and have his way with him. J knew how to keep it going too–if he was getting M off too, he knew that he could pretty much do whatever he wanted and cum all over him.Sometimes, J would stop by the boardwalk where M worked and they would sneak away to one of the defunct ticket booths. Saying not a word, Jay would drop his pants, M would drop to his knees and work his friend over within minutes. Both were getting exactly what they wanted and this added to the excitement.One of M’s favorite things to do was to attack J with a handjob when he wasn’t expecting it. He’d plan it all out and have a nice gob of Vaseline in his hand then follow J up the stairs or into the garage and slip his hand in from behind and under his shorts. He loved jerking J from behind—the way his back arched, the closeness, how J squirmed when he came, and the feminine way J would coo and present his ear for gentle biting. J would pretend to fight him off for a bit but would eventually always give in and let M do whatever he wanted. Handjob attacks gave way to blowjob attacks which were always fun. Sometimes, it would happen in nearly public places where they were sure to get caught, but M would say things like “If you don’t want to get caught, you have to give me what I want.” He would suck the head sloppily while stroking and wringing the shaft with one hand and working J’s balls with the other. This never took more than a few minutes and always ended escort pendik with M’s slutty face and mouth getting plastered with liquid love. One time, while they were at a group camping trip M got J all worked up while they were alone in the locker room. Just when J moaned “M…M…om gonna cum”, M pulled up J’s pants, leaving him teetering on the edge with a head full of steam. J got super horny and started jerking M off begging for him to finish while dry humping his leg, “PLEEassse….M….make ME cUM!” J got very aggressive, and held M tight while he came, M giggled and played hard to get kissing and sucking all over his neck and chest while watching J try to force out a ruined orgasm. “Not yet,” he said playfully and ran back to the tent they shared while J chased him. They knew they wanted to play but also knew they had to be quiet. M stuffed J’s cum soaked panties into his mouth and went to work on J’s cum soaked dick. It was intoxicating, but he spent an hour or so extracting all the cum from J’s balls while J twitched and panted.J loved these oral games, but it was clear that M enjoyed it much more. J had been eager to take things to the next level, but M always got the mouthful he deserved and he earned every drop. They were coming up on a 3 day weekend, when they knew M’s parents would be out of town. They talked a lot about what they wanted to do with each other but this time, it was J that had a plan…he started by picking out several ladies panties from the store (M had already revealed his fantasies about lacy underthings with tiny bows). On Friday after school, J shaved everything. He stood looking in the mirror and feeling himself, it felt GOOD. He began working shaving cream all over his cock and balls and edged for a while but was saving it up for his best friend He showered and then borrowed a little of his sister’s perfume putting it on his ass and balls. It burned for a bit, but this subsided by the time he pulled on a pair of lacy pink panties…the one with several black bows along the belt line. The rest of the panties and bras, he wrapped up and put his backpack and headed over to M’s house.M’s parents had already left, J walked in and M leaped out from behind the door. “BLOWJOB ATTACK!” he exclaimed loudly and began savagely trying to tear off J’s clothes. Something was different this time, J was fighting harder, and M wasn’t able to easily overcome him. J really had to work to keep M off of him…he was strong. “Wait, wait, wait,” J said as M realized the tone. “Whatsa matter, you don’t want me give you blowjob?” pendik escort bayan M said in a playful girlie voice. J said, “I’ll let you do whatever you want to me tonight, but tomorrow, I call the shots, OK?” “Deal!” M proclaimed, “now get upstairs and let me work you over real good. I want this one to last all night” Last all night it did, but this wasn’t one blowjob…it was several, M basically ate J alive that night.They were so horny, they spilled into the room and M immediately dropped to his knees, unzipping J’s jeans slowly while smashing face against the rough zipper. As M pulled down J’s pants slowly, he revealed the panties and could now see J’s giant cock and balls spilling out all over. He got a whiff of the perfume just as he nibbled the bows at the beltline and gently spread J’s legs apart. M turned around so that his forehead was by J’s ass and his balls were now gently smashing lace panties and ladies perfume all over his face. J loved this feeling, standing there bowlegged while his friend played with his balls and rubbed them all over his face felt amazin. M leaned his head back on the bed and J straddled his face. M poked and probed his tongue around the leg openings and just then, realized that J was shaven. M was so uncontrollably horny that he tore the panties off of J and let him ride all over his face from ass to balls. M got up and then laid his friend down on the bed gently. He put some pillows behind J’s head and then propped up his knees a bit so he could really savor the perfume and shaven splendor. M slid his arms under J’s legs and began to devour him. “Are you comfortable?” M asked. “Unh-huh” J said with a smile. “Feel good?” M asked. “Yeah, you make me feel so good, M.” M went to work and J came within minutes. As he did, M pulled back shooting it all over his face like a complete slut while cumming all over his himself. He gave J maybe 30 seconds to relax and went right back to work. J was so horny, he was now rubbing his cum all over M’s face with his hand and M was moaning like a greedy, slutty girl. M started cumming again and stuffed J’s cock deep down into his throat. “I want this one in my mouth, and don’t spill a fucking drop” This made J so excited he began to cum again as well, M looked up into J’s eyes as J pulsed load after load into his willing mouth. As promised, not a drop was spilled. M spit this load into his hand and was using it as lube, while sucking J’s cock dry. They each came again several more times until M was, quite literally, covered in cum. They cleaned up in the shower and came back to bed. That night, M held J’s manhood in his mouth while they both drifted off to sleep. Wanna know what happens next? I’ll tell you soon. Please leave comments and let me know if this turns you on.

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