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PART ONE…Having fun with a good friend on public

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PART ONE…Having fun with a good friend on publicHi my cute furry xhamsters!! I am Anne also known as Anna or low key Micha…Shhh!!! So I was with one of my Bff/Bf/boy toy Alex, we were on a casual trip/adventure to L.A for the day. Well me and Alex had just finished a lil bottle of alchy, well he had a surprise he had brought some nose candy*(shhh..Again) I told him my experience with this shit it makes me dumb and horny and some what ratchet…lol.. Plus I was dressed supper cute as always with a lil skirt and a cute shirt… Alex wanted to party and told me he wanted to see what I meant by this, he told me that I am safe to do what ever cause he was there with me.. AWW, I thought. So, he folds up a $20 and pours a cool amount onto it and then hands me a rolled $20 and I go at it niffing till I had to more air left. Alex was impressed, he did probably about half what I took which was still a good amount…lol..So about 20 min. into our journey I complain how bored I am, and ask if he wasn’t to play a game. We play a few lame k**s games like 20 guesses… So both of us agree the games are lame, Alex suggested we play Truth or Dare, sure I agree being a pro at this game, but I didn’t tell him it will be a surprise…lol…GAME BEGINS: Alex starts and ask me, I choose truth. Do you really get daring and horny on this stuff? I told him the truth hell yeah! ok my turn I tell him he picks dare, thinking of a good one that will open the game up quickly: switch me spots(I sat window he sat isle), that’s an easy one he laughed. I didn’t say dare my dare is, I paused then told him…I dare you to whip out your dick at bornova escort the next red light and flash the cars stopped next to us. He became a little scared and then bus approached a red, I bump him so?? He reached and out came his cock and his balls, he leaned towards, no one had looked, only I and even though I wasn’t single, I complimented him with not to bad Alex. He though I was impressed with his dare but shhh.. he still doesn’t know what I was commenting about!!Now the game has began and Alex want revenge, he asks me t-or-d>? dare I answered he laughed low key, lets move towards the back of the bus. cool, so we moved to the very back bench since that was the only spot with room for 2. And he continued I dare you to flash the driver your panties, how can I do that, Alex told me the how the driver kept looking in his mirror checking me out. Next time you see he looks at you thru his him flash him, I agreed and we waited. a min or two had passed. the driver came to a red light and was looking at me a few seconds I waved he nodded, the light turn green I missed it yet another red light I saw him looking at me so I went thru with my dare I open my legs and lifted the front of my skirt up, the driver did a double take, and actually leaned to the side and looked behind at me as I was still flashing him I soon stopped once I seen he saw. That was a good round I said and Alex Agreed, next round he asked I said sure lets go, truth Alex choose, I think then ask him, is it true your scared about were this game might go? Alex tells me yes, cause it is cool when I female flashes for bornova escort bayan sure when its a hottie no one care or is gonna call the cops but if I do the same shit I can go to jail as a sex offender. Ok, I told him that I understand and agree with him, I tell him new rule only I can do dumb sexy one, and you do silly dumb one I tell him, deal, Alex and I shake on it. We play on I choose truth, did you see my junk and is it true you liked it? ok no fare u can only asks one question and the answer is yes I saw both your dick and nut sac. NEXT I said. Alex tells me our transfers in about 3 miles like 10-15 min away. Alex choose dare, immediately I dared him to flirt and try to get this senior ladies number. Alex politely began to chat up this old lady I could hear but, I then saw him pull his cell out and type her number in. I began to laugh so hard and loud people were looking he came back I asked how he wouldn’t say. I choose dare, Alex said similar dare as last but instead of the driver you next men who board the bus at the next stop. Stopping at the next stop 3 men walked on, I had my legs crossed wide and who ever looked can see my panties maybe a lil camel toe from sitting so long. 2 men prob gay paid and sat together a lady then a third man in his late forties. This older man saw me liked and walked passed open seat sat a row ahead of us on the isle, he kept looking at me. Alex choose dare I dared him to tell this guy off for me, Alex proceeded to tell him if he had any problems and why he kept looking over here the man turned and kept to himself. We were about to escort bornova transfer I told Alex I want one good dare to leave the bus with. Oooo…I know Alex dares me to tell the same weird man who Alex just told off sorry, my friends a little mad, and offer him a pussy peek for $10, I got to see his reaction Alex said. Ok, excuse me mister, he turn towards me I wanna say sorry about my friend he flips easily, but I desperately need $20 dollars and will show you my bare pussy if you can help me with $20. The stranger replied sure how about I shoot you an extra $10 if I can snap a pic with my cell real fast. I tell him to come sit next to me to take it glancing at me I nod a sorry look at the man. Alex whispers on the dl nice you got 3x the cash, that’s sweet. The older stranger pulls out his phone puts in photo mode and tells when ever I’m ready, I pull up one leg with a foot on the ground and ne on the seat I pull my panties aside and open my legs briefly. The flash goes off and the man stays true to his word and pulls a $20,$5 and five ones hands them to me. He stayed sitting there and began asking me questions like were do I stay and if I am seeing any one I told him sorry can not answer those questions maybe next time, I hope there is he replied. Our stops right here Alex reminds me as he pushed the stop button. Thanks for the cash again, I said to him as we got off, before we got to the door the driver asks if we were transferring Alex said yup a few times. Here the driver held four transfers and wish us a splendid day.so far me and Alex’s day has been out of control blame the booze the narcs. or my wild side??? who knew but we had so much more fun especially once we arrived in down town L.A. To prevent reader loosing interest ill write a blog for every part of our wild reckless trip. Please read on and every one better leave a comment Naughty or nice comments are welcome…k…Mwah love ya readers.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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