Tem 28

Pastor Dick Pt. 03

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I was a bit uneasy about accidentally running into Rick after my little trip into the city. I knew I would eventually run into him or he’d drop into the shop asking me over for dinner and a talk, but I actually didn’t see him all week.

Finally Saturday came around and there was Stephen, mowing the grass and all. It got pretty busy for me; I wasn’t able to stand around and watch the gyrating of his hips behind his trimmer. As it was Saturday, I locked the door as soon as I could, only to hear a tapping on the glass late in the afternoon. There was Stephen, his hands against the glass as he peered inside.

“Hey, you! What’s up?” I asked him as he stepped into the shop. I locked the door and pulled down the shade after him.

Stephen was wearing a sleeveless t-shirt with sweat stains under his arms and on his chest. His blond hair dripped with sweat. His arms bulged from the work he had been doing. Fuck he looks good, I thought to myself.

“Just finished up,” he told me, wiping his face with a hunter green bandanna, and then stuffing it into his right back pocket of his shorts. “I don’t have a show or anything going on tonight, soooooo…I was just wondering if you wanted to hang out or something.”

“What about Rick knowing you’re over here with me?”

“Oh, he’s been busy all day with some kind of event-thing. And as a matter of fact, I told him I met you in the city…at the mall…you recognized me from cutting grass here at the church and spoke to me. He seemed cool with it,” Stephen explained.

“Well, okay…but I’m not exactly a mall kind of person,” I responded. “But I guess it doesn’t really matter.”

“I just don’t want him to know I’m stripping. And as long as you don’t say anything everything’s cool. He knows I like older guys…probably just thinks I’ve got the hots for you,” he said, winking at me.

“Do you?”


“Have you got the hots for me?”

“Why do you think I wanna hang out?” he said, getting closer to me and rubbing his hand over my chest. His fingertips pushed into the front of my shirt feeling my chest hair, and he sucked in a breath between his teeth. “Fuck, I want to bury my nose into your chest and nurse on those fuckin’ nips, daddy.”

“Do you need to go and come back, or do you want to stay and get cleaned up here?”

“I’ve got a bag in my truck with a change of clothes…like I’ll need them. Can I use your shower?”

“Yeah, go get your bag,” I told him, unlocking the door and opening it.

Stephen bounded off across the street and I stood outside waiting for his return.

“Cough, cough.”

I turned to see Nadine standing with her arms crossed, flicking ashes onto the pavement.

“Oh, you got some ‘splaining to do here, Jackie boy,” she said laughing.

“Well, Nadine, you’re here late for a Saturday.”

“Big party over at that damn country club. So many updos flipped and roots done, I’m wore the fuck out. And it looks like some kind of event going on here tonight too. Explain,” she joked.

“Well, Nadine, our lawnmower boy likes to go around trees, it seems. He likes older trees. Big older experienced trees,” I told her with a big smile on my face. “No gullies, no wet trenches, just big daddy trees.”

“Damn!” Nadine muttered. “And he’s barking up your tree tonight, I see.”

“He’ll be doing more than barking, Nadine. Lots more. güvenilir bahis Like gnawing at the trunk, if I’m lucky.”

“We’ll talk about details later, trash,” Nadine said, giving me a sly grin. “You know I really hate you right now,” she laughed again. She took a long drag on her cigarette. “I got to go feed my crew at home while you get up to god-knows-what, damn it.” She looked at the dying cig in her hand. She let it fall to the pavement.

“Nadine!” I cried out as she ground it with her shoe into the sidewalk. I pointed at the cigarette disposal I had gotten specifically for her.

“Well, fuck, I forgot.”

“Yeah, yeah.”

“Let ya boy clean it up,” she laughed and winked, pointing to Stephen as he walked back up. “Have fun, boys!” she said walking back to the beauty shop to close it down.

“Who was that?” Stephen asked, as I gestured him back inside.

“That was my insufferable friend Nadine. You’ll meet her again, and who knows, you might even learn to really like her.”

“No, you really won’t!” yelled Nadine, locking the door of her shop. She cackled and waved as she walked to her car. After she threw her things into the car, I caught Nadine running back to her cigarette butt and throwing it in the cig disposal.

“And that’s why I love you, Nay!” I shouted to her, sticking my head out the door. She shot me the bird as she got into her car.

I showed Stephen upstairs to my apartment. I told him I wanted to finish up some things in the shop. I showed him to the bathroom and told him to make himself at home.

Downstairs, I finished the daily totals and I turned off the lights. Out in the dusk of the evening, I could see a well-dressed group walking down the other side of the street. They must have come from the Grubers’ house, I thought. They were having a get-together tonight; I had done some flower arrangements for Lottie earlier today. I figured it was a little thing before everyone went off to the country club party. I turned to walk back upstairs, but turned back when I heard a particular voice shouting and laughing.

There were two couples -one I didn’t know, and another consisting of Rick and a strange young woman. They were all laughing loudly at something. Then I saw Rick lean in and kiss the lady he was with on the cheek and give her a tight hug. Their foreheads touched and Rick said something I couldn’t hear before kissing her cheek again.

“Closet queen,” I muttered under my breath as I turned and walked upstairs.

Stephen was lying on the couch naked watching television when I walked in.

“Didn’t bother getting dressed,” he said, running a hand over his golden body.

“Oh, I see that. Just the opposite of what everyone else in doing in town this evening. Seems there’s a big get-together tonight at the country club. I wasn’t invited, but I like being here more.”

“Yeah, my parents are going to that,” Stephen said, jumping up and grabbing me around the waist. He started nuzzling my neck.

“Hey, you know what?” I said pulling away from him.

“You don’t wanna play?” he said sadly, a big frown of disappointment on his face.

“Oh, I definitely do, but let me get a shower and you order a pizza…for later. I know you’ll be hungry.”

I jumped in and out of the shower. I was toweling off when I heard the delivery bell downstairs ringing frantically. Dammit, güvenilir bahis siteleri Nadine was back or that pizza place is really quick tonight, I thought.

I threw on a robe and grabbed my wallet before bounding downstairs. Stephen jumped up and walked over to the top of the stairs.

I didn’t bother turning on the light before I opened the door to see Mildred standing there.


“Sorry, but I accidentally left my key at home. I need to get some stuff to run over to the country club…” she continued to drone on about making dresses and how modern stuff was so cheap.

“Okay, well, Mildred, it might take me a minute to find the spare,” I said walking over to a cabinet and looking around inside.

“Hey, daddy, was it Nadine? I haven’t ordered that pizza yet because I don’t know what you wanted,” said Stephen as he walked down the stairs naked. I pointed at the door where Mildred stood looking shocked. Stephen bolted back upstairs.

“Uhm, that’s okay about the key…I, uh, got to get on. Thanks anyway,” Mildred said as she hurried away.

I locked the door and went back upstairs laughing to myself.

“You’ve been a bad boy,” I told Stephen sternly, as he sat on the couch holding a pillow.

“Yeah, sorry about that. It was dark and I didn’t figure…anyway, I’m sorry.”

“No, it’s fine,” I chuckled. “But you still need to be punished. Come here,” I ordered.

I grabbed him by the scruff of the neck and steered him over to the counter separating the living room and kitchen.

“Grab the edge of the counter with bother hands,” I said gruffly.

He did as he was told. I was behind him and undid my robe. His firm round ass pushed out like two juicy melons. I ran my hands over the soft warm flesh feeling the peach fuzz which covered the two cheeks.

“I’m sorry, daddy,” he said with a soft sensuous whisper.

I gave him a firm smack on one cheek.

“Ah!” he whined. “I’ll be a good boy, daddy. I swear!” I gave him another smack and saw his balls start to tighten up. “But you need to make me a really good boy. Get my attention, daddy,” he goaded me, wiggling his ass slightly.

My cock was getting hard, pointing toward the cleft of his ass cheeks. I stepped closer until my cockhead rested just inside his crevice. I smacked his cheeks again in turn and his ass tightened, squeezing at the head of my dick, almost pulling me in.

“Fuck, yes!” he groaned.

I pulled my cock away and sat on my haunches. I pulled his ass cheeks apart, his tiny hole winking at my gaze. I leaned into his ass and ran my tongue over his hole, causing him to shudder and to moan. His ass smelled of soap and maleness.

“Fuck!” he cried out when I started fucking his hole with my tongue. “Yeah, daddy, use that fucking hole. Use ya boy’s hole,” he cried out with every twist of my tongue into him.

I could feel his ass tightening and relaxing, his balls hard and tight. I wanted to get my cock into his tight ass and slide against his prostate. I wanted to make the precum pour out of his big cock in a sticky stream.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” he muttered softly and continuously as I used his hole and lapped at his nuts. My tongue would swipe against the base of his cock causing him to push his ass backward, allowing me to move up and spear his hole with the tip of my tongue.

I spanked iddaa siteleri his ass cheeks again, and told him to turn around. He stood over me, his long thick cock jutting out trying to stand erect but it was just too big. I leaned in and took the head into my mouth. Stephen closed his eyes and grunted as I began sliding down his cock.

“Oh, shit,” he moaned, arching his back and falling forward as I gagged. His cock hit the back of my throat and I sucked in a big breath through my nose before letting it slid further in. “Fuckin’ shit!” he cried, his hands grabbing the sides of my head. I glanced up, seeing his eyes wide and his mouth in an “o”-shape from the surprise of his cock going deeper into my throat. His body shuddered as I gagged around his cock.

“You liked that?” I said hoarsely pulling off his cock. He just nodded to me and gulped. “You’ve had that done before, right? Somebody deepthroating that big cock?”

“Nah,” he managed to say. “They all would say it was too big.”

“Amateurs,” I laughed. “I need to give some damn lessons to these dudes.”

“Yeah,” he said, stroking his spit-slicked cock. He turned around and stuck his beautiful ass out. “I need you to fuck me. I don’t wanna cum until you’re in my ass.”

I spread his ass and spit on his hole, wiping my cock around his hole before pushing in.

Stephen hung his head, letting out a loud groan as I pushed deep into his ass. I ran my hands over his muscular back and let him get used to the deep thrust I had given him. I grabbed him by the shoulders and began to slowly pump into him.

“Fuck, daddy.”

I grunted in response to him, feeling his ass grabbing at my cock as I fucked him. He started stroking his cock faster. My fucking got harder and faster until I felt his ass clamp down on my cock. His body vibrated as his load shot against the wood on the side of the bar counter.

He moaned between ragged breaths as he shot out volley after volley of cum. I grabbed around his heaving body and felt my load coat his guts. My shallow strokes as I came pushed the creamy load out of his ass, causing it to run down his thick thighs. My body shook as the last drops were deposited inside him. He rested his head against the countertop.

“Damn, daddy,” he said breathlessly, his fingertips running over the cool counter.

We got cleaned up and laid on the couch naked and intertwined. We made out for awhile in the afterglow of sex, until Stephen pulled away.

“I’m starving!” he said. I patted his tight abs.

“Let’s get this boy fed!”

We sat in the kitchen and I watched him devour the pizza. I thought about what had happened with Mildred earlier. I’m sure Rick would be getting an earful from Mildred about the gays, hell, and damnation across the street after church tomorrow. I could see Rick preaching to his girlfriend in the front pew after a night of god-knows-what. I didn’t want to see nor talk to Mildred or Rick. I didn’t want to even look at that church and the crowded streets. I knew there would be a load of shit to deal with soon enough, but I wanted a quiet day outside. I looked at the clock and it wasn’t too late to call Andy out at the old home place.

“You busy tomorrow?” I asked Stephen.

“Nah,” he managed between bites, wiping his fingers on a napkin.

“Whatcha say about riding out to the old farm with me tomorrow? We can have a day in the country.”

“Are there horses? I love horses. I used to take riding lessons,” he said, setting his half-eaten slice down on his plate.

“I think there just might be some around. I’ll find you something to ride.”

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