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Subject: Patty or Daddy anal, BB, BM, bear , con, dream, interr, reluc, rom, spank, teen2, WM Journal Entry 1: I should be resting peacefully. I shouldn’t have a fuckin care in the world, but I can’t help it. My mind just wonders and I try with every ounce of my being to drown out the bickering of my mother as my father finds his rice pudding to be a bit too soggy. I hear a thud against the wall throwing me back into reality. My stomach tightens as the unspoken silence all of a sudden becomes so loud you can cut it with a knife. Apprehension grows within me and beads of sweat fall from my forehead. What the fuck is going on? My imagination gets the better of me and worst case scenarios play off in my head…I knew I had to do something, but what?. I get up slowly and make my way out of my room towards the kitchen, but it looks like the coast is clear other than my mother cleaning the dishes. I tried to calm myself once I realized the thud was my father slamming the door… I twist and turn trying to do anything to get to sleep, but I can’t get those eyes out of my head! Those fucking eyes…just a flash of his face…his scent so fragrant I can still feel him behind me. I throw my headphones on and fade into the background…anything to get his imagery out of my head. I turn on the music to a slightly lower key as I hold my breath… and breath out languidly, until I can feel everything around me disappear. Oh God! I can feel myself floating as every nerve in my body is once again bound with his weight so close to me. His large rough hands all over my soft brown skin slowly moving to the crook of my necking. I can feel every ounce of my emotions start to rise. Apprehension holds me back, but I know I was meant to be here. I breathe…slowly… gently, as his strong hands grip my neck and the heat from his body engulfs me completely. Even my mind fights every moan I have inside. I feel him looking into me once again and I feel safe as he touches me all over, and I just don’t ever want it to… GOD DAMN IT!!! Why can’t I get him out of my fucking head! I don’t think I could ever adequately describe Patrick, or as everyone calls him, Pat. Not that I’d want to, you know what I’m sayin? He thinks he’s perfect just because everyone swallows and accepts every molecule of his colossal bullshit. He just looks you in the eyes and smiles sarcastically as he flashes those windex blue orbs of his. I hate him and it only makes it easier as I sneer at his pale white skin and his fiery red hair. He’s about 6’5 and 320lbs of man and he uses every bit of it as he slams his opponent down in a kiddy Monday maneuver on the mat for a swift pin. You can see his pride…you can taste his dominance. You can smell every ounce of recognition in his presence as you hear and sense the sheer gratification in his parents cheering on his victory. They can’t seem to see past his beauty and yet seem to encourage his already over inflated self-identity and importance. I’m a sophomore in high school. MacArthur High school to be exact…you know, the land of the cardinal claws!hahaha…That’s what they say at the damn pep rally anyway. I’m kind of a smaller black guy with large light brown eyes and a cute butt…well, I’ve been told. I tell everyone that I’m 5’7, but I’m 5’6 without any shoes on, and I’m about 145lbs…at least I wrestle at that weight. Coach has us weight training every other fuckin week for crying out loud. Maybe I should mention the fact that I’m NOT the outgoing type and I’m a complete introvert. I HATE attention, don’t like people touching me, or getting too close. I despise being in a large group of dudes, but my repugnant father explained to me that if I wanted to do anything in music (Band or Choir), I would have to take wrestling. It’s supposed to, ” Make a man out of me!” It’s just too bad he doesn’t realize what really happens in the wrestling hall. All these dudes walking around here ass naked playing grab ass and dry humping each other. A bunch of sexually deprived teenagers with small dick complexes trying to take each other up on who’s more of a man than the other. THAT WILL NOT BE ME! I might be sensitive, I might be a bit naive, or even a bit of a girly-boy, but I’m better than these hormone induced boys running around here trying to fuck anything that walks! If that makes me a bitch…never mind! It’s too early in the story to talk about that just yet. Of course, my ingenuous behind didn’t even realize what was really going on until it happened to me. I had already suited out for wrestling when another senior Larry, a tall skinny bi-racial guy, decided to throw me down to the mat and show me some of his skills. Larry was a hot guy by normal standards, if you like that sort. He’s about 6’0 220 lbs. with caramel skin and large puppy brown eyes. And while the girls are always falling at his feet, he only has eyes for his girlfriend. Or at least that’s what I thought. He ain’t my type no way you know. Real men have meat on their bones and don’t give a fuck about a couple of extra pounds or having a 32 in. waist. So I promise you I wasn’t even looking at him like that since he’s always talking about his girlfriend and baby on the way. He was different with me, though, and God only knows why since I usually stay clear of him. He’s not mean or hateful or anything like that. But one time, I was suiting out for class and he was taking his gym clothes off to change into his pants. Only this nigga decided not to wear his draws that day. GOD DAMN he was carrying a fuckin elephant trunk between his legs. Every since that day, I tried to stay away…I know it’s crazy, but that big ass thing scared the holy shit out of me. I shiver just thinking about the person that has to handle that tree trunk. Larry would talk to me from time to time, but all I saw when I looked at him was, ” Dick Zilla,” and I just couldn’t get past it. That didn’t stop him from talking to me, though. Maybe it was because he knew I wasn’t trying to combat his authority. I let him show me some moves one day and truth be told, he was patient as he walked me through how to drop a guy when you’re on all fours. That was until I ended up on my stomach with him tickling me and me laughing like a giddy little girl…I don’t know. He was so big and I was so much smaller than him that I guess I liked the attention being caught up in the moment in all. I just didn’t expect him to grind his junk into my ass though and I was instantly scared. I liked him in a brotherly sort of way, but I didn’t want to disrespect, make him self-conscious, or cause him to be angry with me. I learned years ago not to ever tease a guy sexually, or you could pay the price, but I swear I didn’t! I tried to lay perfectly still by that point, but I was sweating bullets and I just wanted to scream…but I knew better. Pat just happened to be there (go figure) during his senior out and I think he may have noticed the discomfort on my face because before I knew It, Larry was yanked over into a submissive choke hold with all the other guys laughing. So I got up grabbed my shit and called my mom to let her know I needed a ride. I was engrossed in thoughts as I stammered over my own feet. I felt so confused, scared, and sexually awakened, to say the least. Picking myself up, I ran down to the band hall to wait for my mom. Smothered in feelings, all I could do was run to my spot against the wall and curl up in a ball…angry that I trusted him and irritated that I liked the way he touched me. I never knew something like this could be so awful. I used to dream about guys looking at me and going crazy with passion, but I just couldn’t handle him; nor did I want him. Call me crazy, but I’ve always felt light-headed standing next to cute bigger guys. Knowing that they could overpower me or hurt me if they wanted to, but chose not to. Their scent…their arrogance in knowing they’re real men, and instantly smelling the femininity I try so hard to hide. Although I didn’t like him, I loved having his attention and knowing that I had something he wanted. I just couldn’t get over why it felt so natural bursa escort for me to be underneath him receiving him at all cost as if I was put on this earth to subjugate myself to a man. I hated him at that very moment for opening my mind to such bewilderment. Not that I ever got the chance to think about it too much because before I knew it, I heard footsteps coming down the hallway my direction. I was so caught up in my mind that I almost pissed my pants when I realized I wasn’t alone. It was Pat walking towards me in a trance just as he noticed me balled up in my corner toward the Band Hall door. “Well damn, I didn’t see you there. Not too sure I introduced myself before, but I’m Pat and you must be RJ…or Ren right…” I didn’t know what to say considering the fact I felt so lethargic and exposed. Why is he talking to me anyway? Why would he even he want to talk to a guy like me? He saw Larry humping me on the damn mat for crying out loud! I just couldn’t stop all the questions or the embarrassment running through me. I tried to compose myself to speak as best as I could. ” Y…Yeah, that’s me! Thank you again for saving my ass back there.” He reached for my hand and pulled me up like I was lighter than air. Without delay, I felt even smaller now than I did before as his vigor travelled through me, but I digress and he continued talking. ” No problem man! These guys are gonna try to intimidate you, but you gotta give it back to em. You know what I’m sayin’? What do you think of wrestling so far?” I’m trying to get up the confidence to talk to him, but I just felt like a ten-year-old looking up at a bear of a man! I’m fuckin 5’6, and this dude is towering over me. I managed to croak out, “It’s okay man…I’m still trying to get the gist of some of the moves…particularly from being on all fours.” Why the FUCK did I just say that! I felt even more exposed and idiotic as he moved in a bit closer with his eyes now fixed on mine, ” I’ll bet you are…” I just knew he could see right through me. His bright blue eyes looked into me as if looking for something inside me. I looked down feeling as if my genitals and ass were fully exposed and waiting for his approval as I started trembling, but I tried again, ” I..I didn’t mean…” but as soon I began to speak he cut me off, ” I’m just fuckin with you, dude! You’re so easy,” he said trying not to laugh, but failing miserably! I had to laugh myself. I slowly started to relax around him. Well, as much as a dude can with my ass all in his damn face…hahaha! I just knew he was genuine. I could feel it as he spoke to me with such gusto. At that very moment, I felt myself sniffing him and his hand innocently rested on my shoulder. A touch of gain soap and some of his sweet sweat, but just as I was putting the pieces together, my mom pulled up blowing the horn knocking me back into reality. I told him I would see him some other time and I rushed out still trying to avoid eye contact, not that I could. In fact, I tried to avoid it so much I ran smack into the damn door, and that gave him another bit of a chuckle. FUCK…can this day get any worst! It started that moment and swung through my memory like Tarzan to a vine. I remembered those eyes and his scent in my memory flashes, but the part that puzzled me the most…why I felt so exposed every time he looked into my eyes. I felt as if he were physically touching me, and it felt so unnerving and offensive. The very thought sent me into intense shivers. You see why I try to stay clear of him because he makes me so fucking nervous! And I did too…only I was coming off the wrong way according to my friend Joe. “Why you act like that every time you’re around him…oh shit…bitch you want you some Pat don’t yo…” I cut him off trying to get him to shut the fuck up while Pat was heading our direction, ” BITCH, keep yo fuckin voice down. I don’t even like him like that,” I said trying to persuade myself. Truth be told I didn’t. (Or at least I didn’t know I did at that time) He’s a tall WHITE bear of a pretty boy, and I prefer men of color. But every fuckin time he looked at me, I just felt the need to cover myself…I felt like a twenty-year-old girl with bouncy perky double Ds and a flowing twat. But why!!??? One look from those eyes of his and I felt completely vulnerable and just fell apart. I couldn’t tell him that, though. ” Ain’t no mutha fuckin body looking at Pat Joe,” not that he was convinced as he pressed his lips together and mouthed , ” Bitch, please! Maybe if you got you some of that country dick, you won’t be so hard up all the Got Damn Time! You know cum works wonders on the skin hoe, And if you ever have a toothache…” I cut him off…” Fuck you! Everyone ain’t as fast as you are! That’s why Niko kicked yo ass to the curb, to begin with. You reminded him of a Ford Tempo…cheap and easy!” I dipped and dogged him every chance I could, but as I told you before, even when I tried to run out of the wrestling hall and take a break, he’d stand behind me, and I could feel his presence…his minty breath on my neck and the heat radiating from his body, but when I would turn around, no one was there. It wasn’t too long before Pat noticed I was giving him the cold shoulder. He’d try to talk to me and I’d give him a smart ass remark or I would just boldly act like he wasn’t there. I couldn’t give into him like that. I will not be this person kissing his ass and treating him like he’s God’s gift! I hated the way I felt when he was around me. With other guys, I felt like I was talking to anyone off the street. With him…the way he looks right through me…the way he helps me when I need him. Fuck it, I felt like his God Damn Bitch! Like a fuckin damsel in distress who can’t do anything without a man because her fucking titties are too big and her brain is too small. Speaking of the epitome of antifeminism, I AM NOT HIS MUTHER FUCKING BITCH! My trick ass history teacher asked me to come in and retake a take to take a 70 since I failed the damn thing. I never really did understand why that fuckin subject really mattered anyway. But I guessed it wouldn’t have been such a bad thing except for the fact that It was fucking cold outside and I needed to find a way to call my mom to pick me up. So I flew through the test…ignored my teacher letting on to how much better I would do If I paid more attention in her class. If her class was half as appealing as a glass of milk, I’d pay more attention. Too bad I’m lactose intolerant. I ran to the other side of the building to call my mom in the wrestling gym and waited outside with my big warm coat. Don’t ask me why I decided not to run back to the band hall, but I just felt like I didn’t want to be bothered since the choir was preparing for a Christmas concert. Regardless, no Joe…no, Larry…and no fucking Pat!! Just peace, quiet, and a chance to process all the thoughts racing through me. So as usual, I clung onto the rail and leaned back looking at football field…just enjoying nature. I throw on my headphones and decided to listen to some tunes, trying to drown out every mystifying thought in my head. Lara Fabian came on singing ” Urgent Desire,” and I just knew I was losing my mind. So I tried to think of my coming up Christmas vacation, but spending extra time with my cantankerous parents never did interest me. I thought of things that made me happy. My aunt Vicky…the mountains back home in NY…anything to get my mind off Pat. I promise you, I tried everything other than standing on my fucking head doing kegel exercises. I failed miserably as I smelled a whiff of sweat in the distance, and I could almost feel him behind me. I instantly started to relax knowing I didn’t need to be strong anymore. So I let go and closed my eyes to give into the feeling. I’m running up the mountain back home naked as the water caresses my body. Coming back, I breathe deeply…I flash back to him chasing me and scolding me for being so careless about not covering my body outside. Here, he’s a perfect gentleman but when he catches up with me, I slip and fall. I see his anger, and I knew bursa escort bayan I was wrong, but I just wanted to be free where nothing mattered. I pulled him and he fell onto of me, with his sex poked into my side. He kissed me, and it was as if everything disappeared around us. I spread my legs…I needed him, and I needed him to know that. I needed him to use me and make me his. I didn’t say a word when he penetrated me making me feel so full, further solidifying my place beneath him. I wrapped my legs around him and held on for dear life. He looked into me as my emotions started to rise. He pumped me as if it were his duty to impregnate me with his very essence. I took him as I was meant to, and I became myself, receiving every thrust and every moan. He took me harder and held me as if he were trying to protect me…all I could do was cry…it felt so damn real. I can feel his rough warm hands on my face and the heat of his body as he pulls me closer to him. I wanted to belong to him at the very moment. A thick sultry tenderness came over me and I felt his seed shooting inside me…GOD DAMN IT, GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY GOD DAMN HEAD! I started to flash to how I’ve been treating Pat. How could I be so awful to him knowing all he wanted to do was be my friend. I’ve gotta find a way… ” GET YO FUCKIN HANDS OF ME!! ” I panicked as I felt someone grab me around my waist just to turn and almost trip onto the ground, but a pair of hands caught me and helped me back to my feet. ” I couldn’t resist…you were wide open man…” Pat said as I tried to catch my breath. ” You scared the fuck out of me…have you lost what’s left of your God Damned mind! Don’t fucking do that shit again dude,” I said still trying to get myself together. ” Dude…really?” He looked at me with a fire that I couldn’t understand, but I knew I’d obviously pissed him off. He started to walk toward me and I began to pull back defensively, knowing I may have pushed just a bit too far. ” Who the fuck you calling dude Renny…” I froze as my back hit the wall, but that didn’t stop him to coming closer. I didn’t even realize he called me Renny… No one’s ever called me that before. I tried to shake my head back into reality but I knew I was going to get it. I can’t do anything with him looking at me like that. ” Don’t look at me like that…” trying to hold what’s left of my shriveling dilapidated man card. ” Why…what are you gonna do about it? ” I gulped and attempted to look past his eyes and not let him bother me, but I just couldn’t. He could see what I’ve been trying to hide, and I just felt so defeated. ” You got a big mouth on you for a little bitch…” he said speaking softly as he walked toward me grabbing me as I tried to push him away. NO THIS MUTHA FUCKER DIDN’T JUST CALL ME A FUCKIN BITCH! ” I got cho fuckin bi…” I didn’t even get the chance to scream at him before feeling one hand on my hip while the other hand eased its way around my neck and his lips met mine. I was so angry at him I wanted to cry, but I let him kiss me. Instinctively, I knew not to combat him…I knew I couldn’t take him on his level. I yielded passively, opening my mouth to accept his advances as I started to tremble. I immediately felt weak and full of emotions as his eyes bore deep into me with nothing left to hide. As he kissed me with a passion I’d never felt before, I just melted into his scent…his minty breath…his sweat-stained clothes freshly washed in Gain. I started to let go and savor the moment until I felt his hand grab my ass, and I just panicked. (No one’s ever touched me like that before except the guy I was assaulted by some years ago). I used every ounce of energy I had left in me and forced myself off of him by pushing on his chest…his huge chest. Unfortunately not fast enough for him to smack my face. I was swiftly aware of my own building anger, but I was engulfed in fear…I knew I was wrong for pushing him the way I did. I also knew better than to challenge him. ” Don’t you fuckin ever lead me on like that again…” He said with a furry in his eyes that terrified me even more. I looked into his eyes, and I just started to tear up knowing he didn’t understand me or why I reacted the way I did. I could cut his rage with a knife and smell the testosterone and adrenaline radiating through him vigorously. I should have let him knowing I wanted him more than ever now. How could I make him understand? ” I’m sorry Dadd…” I didn’t even get a chance to finish as I ripped myself from his grasp trying to get to my mom waiting downstairs in the car once she blew the horn. I don’t think that drive could have gone any slower. I rushed my mother off and did everything I could to get her to just shut up and leave me the fuck alone. I got to the house and ran to my room and closed the door. I couldn’t believe he kissed me…then that nigga slapped me!!! The fuck he did! I wanted to kill him for hitting me, but I just couldn’t get over his desire to consume me, and I melted again. I wanted him more than anything, and I hated him for it. I hated him for making me feel so weak and helpless to control my emotions around him. I second guessed everything I did around him. Fuck that nigga…FUCK HIM! Talking about avoidance, I dodged that nigga like the plague. If I knew I needed to go to wrestling, I’d go to one of my favorite science teachers and work on some extra credit since I knew I would get credit and still be in school. I just couldn’t deal with him or I would end up dead or pregnant, and I don’t believe in terminating pregnancies…so fuck him. Only, we had a wrestling meet that I couldn’t miss right before the holiday…Good Lord, what am I going to do… With my stomach in knots, I reluctantly walked toward the wrestling hall as if I were on my way to the guillotine. Coach made little side remarks about my never showing up to class because I was out, ” sick…” I just wanted to die, but thankfully Pat was nowhere to be found. So I changed my clothes after weighing in for the meet on Saturday. Got with Joe, who kept looking at me like he knew what I’d done, but I just needed to get through the class, so I ignored him. We wrestled and trained trying out different moves, and I thought I was in the clear so I started to take a small sigh of relief when Pat walked in from the changing room fully suited out. God Damn him! He eased his ass over to Joe knowing he looked good because of his fresh haircut. A WHITE BOY WITH A GANGSTER LEAN!!! COME ON NOW!! He tapped Joe who of course gave himself away with a look on his face that he texted Pat to let him know I was at school. Joe took a seat with a smug look on his face and watched us wrestle. Fuckin Bitch! As I write this sentence, my stomach turns! I’ve never wanted to train with him because he’s so fucking rough and huge. How do I say this so you’ll understand what I’m thinking? It’s hard to stand up to a guy when you know you’re not his equal. When you know you were meant to be his help me. FUCK!!!! Ren…get it together!! He’s a dude like every other dude up in here. I got this…I…umm…Got this? The coach blew the whistle and we started. He sprawled and played my ass out so quick I didn’t even have time to tap out. Whistle number 2, and I sprawled with him to yank him into a kiddy Monday, but I couldn’t pin him. I tried, but one look in those eyes and I let up for him to counteract my move, and once again, I was on my back. (Apparently, where I belonged.) The training match was over, but something inside me broke. I’m serious…He left me laying there while he went to whisper some shit in Joe’s ear. To top it off, they looked directly in my face as they laughed. Not just any laugh, though, a guffaw! I WAS HOT…how could they dog me out and make light of my feelings like that. Even my friend threw me under the bus. I tried to hide my emotions, as I ran to put on my clothes and get ready to go home. Pat and Joe did the same but made a point to create a scene. Pat walked behind Joe, grabbed him on his hips, and ground his groin into his ass as Joe laughed and carried on. I just need to get escort bursa out…I was so fuckin angry I thought I was going to loose it, so I threw on my clothes and started to walk out of the door when Pat asked me if I needed a ride home, and replied with, “I got it!” I’m not too sure if I rolled my eyes or what but I do recall him replying with,” You ain’t gotta be such a God damn bitch all the fuckin time!” I immediately replied, ” Mutha fucker what the fuck did you just say to me?” I was boiling at that point as Joe grabbed me and yanked me back to reality, but I was two steps from fucking his ass up, so I just grabbed my shit and left. I went to my usual spot and tried to cool off, but I just couldn’t. I tried to man up, but the tears just started falling down. I was so confused…why was I so angry with him? Why did I…I heard footsteps…SHIT! Then it dawned on me that I was in the same spot that I first met him. Before I even got a chance to encounter him, I ran outside the back way and went back to the wrestling hall since I knew that no one was probably there at that time. With the lights out, I tried to relax and catch my breath, but I knew I’d gone too far. In my thoughts, I replayed the incident over and over trying to think of how I could have pushed him over the edge, but I didn’t realize that someone was behind me until I felt that heat on my back…” What the fuck…” I said trying to figure out who the hell was behind me. A hand reached out and pushed me onto the wrestling mat in the gym as he reaches for my neck. ” You got one mo fuckin time to call me a mutha fucker…hear? ” Said Pat, as he looked at me deep into my eyes with an indignation I’d never seen before. I could feel my emotions going into overload as tears started falling from my eyes once again. I struggled to catch my breath. God help me…He was so angry at me. I never knew he could be so crude. I tried to say something…anything to get the Pat I knew back.” Patty, I’m sorr…” I tried to say before feeling his rough full lips on mine. I…was so confused, but I went with it and repeated, ” I’m so sorry.” He was so rough at first, but I could see something in his eyes. I knew I had to let go. So I let myself go and opened my legs so he could lay between my legs, and I wrapped my legs around his waist. I could feel the tears start to come as he lifted himself off of me total off my pants and take the lubricant he had in his fucking pocket!!!! ” After today, I know why you’re acting like a stuck up bitch…you need me. And stop looking at me like you don’t need it, you got pussy alright!” I didn’t argue with him because deep inside I knew I needed him. I just laid there as he lubed up his thick ass dick…I started to back away when I saw it, but he held me down as he told me to push out. I had to show him I wanted him, so I did. Resistance was futile, and so was he until he finally popped it inside. I screamed, but he kissed me and told me to relax…I tried and I tried. ” Patty I can’t do this…it hurts so fucking bad…” He tried to comfort me ” Relax, and I promise it will feel better, just stay still…stop running from me!” After a while, he started to rock some and the pain started to subside. He saw the tears in my eyes. ” Do you want me to stop?” I looked at him, and I knew It was time to pay for what I’d done to him. ” Please don’t stop…” I said as he started to stroke himself inside me slowly. I was still in pain, but I knew that I couldn’t let this moment pass again. He kissed me and almost brought me to a fucking orgasm with his tongue. I just looked into his eyes as he took me. He spoke softly… ” Why you act like you ain’t got pussy…this is what you was made fo. You actin all hard in shit!” When he said that I just held on to the back of his neck and he dug his full weight into my body. All I could do was hold on as I melted away with him hitting something inside me that made me squeal. ” Patty don’t cum inside me…please?” I don’t know why I said that, but he replied. ” Why? I don’t wanna cum on you, I wanna cum in yo pussy like a real man’s supposed to.” I just sighed…Deep down, I knew I felt the same way, but I just couldn’t tell him that. I took every inch of him inside me, and I wanted more…I wanted him to put his entire body into me, so I could be his. He stabbed me harder and harder, as he breathed harder and harder and I knew he was getting close. I held on tighter as he took me like the bitch I had become…the bitch I always was. He pulled my shoulders down to catch all of him as he came deep inside me. He looked so angry as he took his natural born place. He kissed me again telling me I belonged to him. I held him tighter…” I’m sorry Patty…I don’t know why I acted like I did.” A smile crossed his face and he replied, ” Oh so it’s Patty now and not Daddy?” I tried to take my eyes from his in embarrassment. ” Look at me when I talk to you…” He stated with a grin on his face. I started to look at him, and croaked, ” Daddy, I’m so sorry. ” He looked at me seriously and replied, ” Every bitch need a real man behind them…Literally and figuratively! ” I looked at him straight in his eyes and said, ” Fuck you!” ” Fuck me… my babies are in you now…” He replied as he tickled me…” Okay Okay Okay…I’m sorry!” “It’s cool…I’ma man, I can handle you as long as you’re given it up! ” I bit his lip for talking shit. ” Can you take me home please, I forgot to call my mom. ” He replied, ” Oh, you mean when you were busy cursing me the fuck out! I told you I would take you home. Or do you have it? ” I started feeling guilty again. ” I was wrong for disrespecting you. I was just so…” He finished, ” Jealous! It’s alright baby…I’m not mad at you. Let’s get you home.” He started to pull off me, but I kissed him again, and I started to feel his dick getting hard again. ” See you’re gonna fuck around and get nailed again!” I laughed, and tried to get up, but once he pulled out, there was blood on his jeans and on the mat. ” God Damn…Joe wasn’t lying when he said you were a Virgin was he? ” I shied away feeling someone embarrassed. ” Do me a favor and turn around while I grab some tissue.” He ran and grabbed some industrial paper from the bathroom and some solutions to clean up the mat. ” Turn on all fours for me and arch your back.” I felt so exposed having my bloody ass in the air for him to examine and wipe, but that he did. He wanted to make sure I wasn’t torn back there. Well, that’s what He said until I felt a slick finger slide inside me and him touching that same spot. ” Daddy…please…you’re gonna make me cum…No daddy…” I stopped fighting him and started jacking myself and came more than I had in my entire life. ” God Damn, you had a build up didn’t you?” I didn’t know how to respond, so I just didn’t until I felt his tongue on my hole and I started to freak. ” Pat no…I was just bleeding…” SMACK… my ass was caught off guard with that one, and it hurt like hell. ” I told you about calling my Pat…When we’re alone, I’m daddy, do I make myself clear? ” I replied timidly, ” Yes daddy, but I don’t want you to get sick, please don’t…” SMACK…” OUCH…FUCK…” I yelled in response to the slap on my ass. ” Don’t tell me what to do to you, you hear…it’s just a little blood, but you’re okay…nothing to be scared about.” I was so self-conscious, but I felt so…so beautiful that he wanted me that way. I just wasn’t used to that. ” Daddy…I need to get home before my mother kills me.” He reluctantly stopped eating my ass…” Alright shit…cover up that pussy before I make you take another load!” I started to become comfortable with him speaking that way to me. ” Yes, Daddy…” I pulled up my pants to see him putting his hard penis back in his jeans…I looked at him, and I could see the hunger…the need. I never knew I could feel so sexy, knowing he wanted me. I went up to him and kissed him again breathing in his sweaty gain scent. I just wanted him to consume me, but I knew I had to get my ass home. He held me as I inhaled him, and I just wanted to go to sleep on his massive chest…God damn, I had to pull myself away from him. All of a sudden I was so excited knowing what could happen…knowing I belonged to him made me smile a little. We’ll just half to see what happens…only time will tell. More to ail

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