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Pavitra – The Sex Queen

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Pavitra – The Sex Queenhttps://xhamster.com/photos/gallery/pavithra-parthiban-10732406Describing about my darling Pavitra pet name Shobha??? She is among the gods greatest creations, for me she is a SEX QUEEN. U will know more about her during the action. We had a big joint family. All my uncles are living at our native. My 2nd uncle was quite close to us as compared to other two. He has 2 sons & 2 daughters. Eldest son & the 2 daughters were married. It was the time when I was in 12th std., when during X-mas my cousin Amit (my uncles younger son who was unmarried ) came to Bombay to show us one photograph of a girl who was in our distance relation. My uncle was planning to fix Amits marriage with that girl ( Shobha ) & he wanted our response on that. Let me tell u friends when I saw that photograph I was stunned, because she was an exceptional beauty. Amit is just 5.5 in height, little on darker side, not well shaped body cause he is quite lazy. Only things he has good is a job where he earns good money & much agriculture land in his name & his soft nature. Therefore I never expected that he would b ever asked for such a beautiful girl. They r the extreme ends in terms of looks. When I saw that photo I kept on looking at it for a long time?. alone in my room. I started questioning that, will I ever get such a beauty as my wife?will I b so lucky ? Shobha was wearing pink colour sari with some flower design & border on it & standing near a small coconut tree with holding its leaf in her hand. She was looking around 5.4 5.5 in height, having a fair complextion, with slightly brown eyes. Lips were red like the rose buds?may b due 2 lipstick, but still very tempting, which I would eat for hours. She had a small dimple on her right chick which was adding 2 her cuteness & innocence. One of my weaknesses long hair, were much long?.till her buts & dark black in colour in which I would love 2 get tied. Her figure was exactly suitable to her height with slightly heavy ass. Boobs were looking average due to the Pallu on them. In all she was a typical INDIAN BEAUTY(SEXQUEEN).Gorgeous, charming, innocent, & what not??? My Dad & Mom also gave green signal for marrying Shobha. After getting the permission from all, Amit was in heaven now. I was also happy because I will b seeing this beauty quite often & she is becoming my Bhabhi?closest one due 2 close relations with Amit. I am quite close 2 my other 3 bhabis(other cousins wives) also due 2 my cool nature & good qualities. But no one can compete Shobha in beauty. On my request Amit kept that photo with us only. Very often I use 2 look at it constantly??.admiring her beauty. That time I was very uneducated about sex, as I was from a typical Indian middleclass family. I liked her just by her looks. There were no other feelings for her. I just had read one sexy story which my friend had given me 2 read & saw some nude photos in the crowd of our class (everyone was jumping on them). I was not sure whether really intercourse takes place or y males r needed, 2 give birth 2 baby, whether penis r really put in girls pussy, etc.. I was totally innocent. Those were the days when my penis started getting erection many times. I use 2 feel ashamed & try 2 hide it from others. Whenever I saw any bikini babes or even the rain songs of the movies or any smooching scene & other such things, my cock started getting erection. I was afraid about this thing but slowly I came 2 know that it happens with my friends also. But still I was not able 2 control my erection & was always in confused state. Very soon Amit took me 2 Shobhas village & the 1st meet with the Sex Queen took place. As it was a surprise visit, Shobha was without make-up & was wearing Punjabi siut with no Dupatta on it. Her face didnt look very cute but her figure was looking that of a SEX BOMB, rather a SEX NUCLEAR-BOMB. Her dress was wet with her swet & the water, which she was carrying on her head in a container. Her figure was clearly visible & I could c her bra through her dress as the dress was skyblue in colour. Her ass was trying 2 tear her dress off. She has really well shaped & quite big boobs, which were not clearly visible in her photo, but now I could c that they were proudly fitting in her bra. Her dress was stuck to her body, revealing all her assets. Soon she came out with a changed dress, with her hair nicely combed. Now she was looking cute???.very beautiful???. even more than what she looked in photo. V chatted for an hour or so & had lunch together. She was very impressed by me?..my nature, my looks & style, my studies, etc?Amit had already told her many things about me & my family. She was quite frank in nature. While talking she asked me about my girl friends & all. I was surprised 2 hear those things from her. I was enjoying all this, as v were coming closer & closer(becoming good friends).Then v left her home with heavy heart (both of us, Amit & me). Next time I met her during their engagement which was in summers, I had finished my SSC exams. In between güvenilir bahis v had spoken 5-6 times on phone. And till now Shobha & me were very good friends. Some times I was working as a messenger between Amit & Shobha, as at our native they r not allowed 2 meet frequently. During the engagement she introduced me 2 her friends who were also nice. I came 2 know that they knew everything about me. They shared some naughty jokes with me & started teasing me. Then Shobha stood on my side & gave them same naughty replies. They all were doing this using double meaning sentences, which I was not getting properly. Many times Shobha use 2 hold my hand in her hand & I was sitting beside her on congested sofa. All this was creating some sensations in me & again my cock started erecting. I got totally confused. I was unable 2 hide my erection cause my one hand was in Shobhas hand. It was so shameful for me. Some how I went out of that room & was relaxed???..Afterwards I came 2 know that Shobha & her friends were aware of that erection???..In this manner engagement was over. During 11th i.e. junior college I discovered the secrets of sex. I saw some porn movies & magazines. This created a lust for sexy & nude females. That was the time when I started masturbating following a scene in a porn movie. Now my mind started thinking about the prospective opportunities of seeing nude females. I just became crazy behind it. Still I was not mad after sex but just girls & there various assets, aspecially those melons & dense long hair. After 8 months both the families — of Amit & Shobhas, came 2 Bombay for shopping for the marriage. ( so late because there was not appropriate Muhurt for marriage) .This time Shobha didnt came that close(physically) to me, not even naughty jokes or teasing—-just few??.may be because all the elder people were around always. But I was trying my best 2 touch her & feel her body & her curves. .(she could notice this change in me?.she told me later)I was taking special care of her at our flat. I was trying 2 be more physical with her, for which my Mom got angry some times. While shopping I took the clothes of her choice for me & also my sis. did the same, as she also loved her very much. After two days they went back. Shobha went by giving me a naughty smile, which I liked alott. Then came the marriage(in summers vacations of my 11th std.)in which v chatted allot. Again her friends teased me the same way, but now I was accompanied with my friend who is smart in such dealings.And v enjoyed the whole duration of marriage ceremony – 2 days. Me & my friend Shrikant tried 2 get more physical 2 those lovely girls & v got good response, but not with Shobha.. All this was quietly noticed by Shobha — she told later. Slowly I got emotionally attached with Shobha & her family. I was very much respected in her family being a boy from Bombay, talented & having cool nature. After coming 2 our native(marriage was at Shobhas village) I was busy in taking care of the new couple & the 2 friends of Shobha & her aunty who accompanied her (to her sasural). Now it was my turn 2 tease the new couple, because now I was aware of all the things(honeymoon, sex, etc..) Myself & my other cousins teased them allot. For next 2 days this went on but Shobha couldnt reply much instead her friends were taking care of it(who had came along with her). Myself & Shrikant were enjoying touching those 2 sexy girls quite often. All these days we were in heaven enjoying with those girls. After few days all went 2 their respective homes & I came back 2 Bombay. Days went on. Due 2 my HSC year I was not allowed 2 leave Bombay. During Diwali Amit & Shobha Bhabhi visited our home at Bombay. I could c that Bhabhi was not looking normal. She was not talking that properly with Amit, I could hear them quarrelling in the bedroom at night. But I was not allowed 2 leave my studies, so didnt get time 2 talk 2 her properly. I could c that she wants 2 talk 2 me. So somehow I managed it.Then I asked her the problem, but she said nothing. Just said that dont forget that v r good friends & its a duty of a friend 2 help the other & she started weeping. I just tried to console her by putting my hand on her head; in response she leaned over my shoulders. For next 2-3 minutes she remained in that position without talking anything. That was a great feeling. I promised her that I will help her in any matter, not to worry. I will b always there to support her. She said I will ask u whenever I need it. We couldnt talk much cause my sis. interrupted us. During their stay we went 2 various places in Bombay, as Shobha was new 2 Bombay & very much excited about it also. Till the last day of their stay the distance between Amit & Shobha reduced a little, due 2 my efforts. They invited us 2 their flat at Nasik & went back. Now I was continiously thinking that how can I go 2 Nasik ? but it was not possible before exams. In the meantime phone conversation went on. Next year(FY of degree college) v purchased PC & then I came türkçe bahis 2 know about those lovely sexy sites & then there was no end 2 it.Pics & stories became very usual for me. Meanwhile I was confused about Shobhas frankness with me, which lead to some naughty thoughts in my mind about her. And my mind started fantasizing about Shobha bhabhi, like many other females in various stories. I thought that she might be dreaming about me in a same way. Because as I told u if physically compared then Amit was not at all suitable for that carved & curved, silky body. Initially it was difficult for me 2 think of her in this way?.but later I started masturbating, thinking of her many times. Meanwhile v were meeting but along with family members. Also she gave birth 2 a k**. But still my attempts 2 touch her smooth & silky body were the same. And she never mind my physical play with her body. Many times I had a glimpse of those melons while she was feeding her baby, this also she never mind. This way v had come very close to each other. V use to share important matters with each other. Shobha shared all her experience at her new home(sasural). One day v all were together at our native and except me, Bhabhi & her k**, all others had gone for marriage ceremony. I could sense that there is some problem with Shobha Bhabhi. She was quite depressed & looking sad. Therefore when all others went for marriage, I went to talk to her. I tried to give a very personal & emotional touch to my talk. Slowly she started talking but became senti. & started weeping. Luckily her k** was sleeping, so there was no disturbance for us. I took her face in my hand, wiped her tears.To my surprise she kept her head on my shoulder, hugged me tightly & started weeping even more than b4. Fragrance & warmness of her body excited me & I also tightened my grip on her and moved my hands all over her back & her head, trying to console her. This time I could feel her spongy-soft boobs pressing hard against my chest. This hug brought life in my cock & it started growing in my pant. I was on the 9th sky, had forgot her weeping. After some time she cooled down & moved back. I thought, I missed the opportunity. She started telling about her problems from Amit, from her mother in law, etc.. She got very emotional & told me even very secret things of her. Importantly she told me that she is not getting the pleasure she wants from Amit. He behaves as if she is just a responsibility for him, no friendly talks, no enjoyment. Day by day he is running more after money & many more things. She even said that she is not able 2 enjoy sex with him. She wants it regularly & for long sessions, but Amit is not ready for all these & also not has much strength. She was becoming very frank while telling this. She told that this is the main reason for quarrelling & poor relation between them. That day v chatted a lot & now I was a person most close to her. I could sense a golden opportunity, but was afraid 2 take initiative. But had decided that soon I will take that risk, as Shobhas intentions were also looking the same way. I was not that lucky 2 meet Shobha bhabhi alone very soon. It took nearly 5 months more 2 get that opportunity. Till then I had planned many things for this prospective occasion, thanks to all you story writers at Desibaba & Desipapa. When I was in S.Y. B.com. during Diwali vacations Amit invited me 2 his home & my parents also permitted me 2 go. Friends then started my heavenly days?SEX SEX & SEX?????for 8 days continiously, with just 1 day break. Continued to PART-2 Hello friends, here I write 8 DAYS IN SEX HEAVEN, Part 2. Readers who have not read the ist part should go through 1st part 1st, 2 know the background of this heavenly experience. I reached to Amits home one fine evening. It was around 4 oclock & my bro(cousin) was not at home. So bhabhi opened the door & got very excited looking at me.It was surprise for her, she didnt know that I was coming. I had told Amit not 2 tell her. She literally hugged me in that joy as she was just 2222222222222 happy. Wow ! that was just what I was dreaming of. We were in that tight embrace for half a minute. I could feel soft & sponginess of her breasts on my chest. I enjoyed the fragrance of her silky-dense hair & moved my hand all over them, on her back. Without asking for water or anything we sat on a sofa & went on talking till the baby wake up – after around one & half hour. Let me tell u friends she was looking very gorgeous. Her face was little dull but the important assets were quite well shaped. Especially her boobs were looking 22222 inviting. I was getting thirsty for her milk. My mind had started dreaming about the real fun, & my cock was loosing its control. But it was a time for Amit 2 come back. Soon Amit also came from office. Mean while I could only masturbate thinking of Shobha bhabhi. That day v chatted allot till the late night. But I was thinking only about making my desires true. Next day morning all of us woke up late. Immediately Amit güvenilir bahis siteleri went 2 office. After getting fresh I started watching TV, while playing with small k** & bhabhi sat on the other chair preparing for lunch??as it was around 12 oclock. I was thinking of the real fun only & nothing else. So I switched 2 Mtv, where some English songs were going on. The sexy models were making the atmosphere hot for me. Such songs r not allowed at my home but I was doing this purposely 2 c bhabhis reaction. But she said nothing & kept on doing her work along with chatting with me & having glimpses at the TV. Meanwhile those erotic thoughts had already awaken my cock. Which I was trying 2 hide by folding my legs. I asked her if u dont like I will change the channel but she said as ur choice. I kept the baby in the swing. Then I surfed through the channels & stopped at Star movies, where some movie was going on with 15 rating. (that time star movies were rated – PG, 12, 15,etc.). it seemed 2 b a romantic movie, so I started watching it. Then came a nice smooching scene which I was looking with wide open eyes & was not listening 2 bhabhi. Knowing that she sat beside me & asked me 2 help her in cutting vegetable. I started helping her but my senses were lost, seeing top hook of her maxi(nighty) open & I cut my finger due 2 that. Shobha immediately hold my hand & started sucking my finger. I was confused but she said cool down, this happens quite often in this age. I was shocked listening 2 this & took out my finger. Then she started the topic of girl friends & slowly turned towards sex(quite smartly?.I said that I have good friends but not yet experienced sex. Then she asked me, do u remember ur promise of helping me in any matter ? I said, yes I will help u for anything, u just say, because I love u so much???????means as a bhabhi. Then she said, I know that & thats y I want u 2 help me in fulfilling my dreams & desires. I said, what dreams ? she said, u really want me 2 tell u??. I think u r that smart 2 know what I mean, arent u ? I said what r u talking about ? please b clear. Then she said, u naughty boy, I know u r aware of what I mean, but for u, I will tell u, or wait???. I will show u??? what I mean! She went off 2 wash her hands & asked me also 2 wash my hands. And then she sat besides me again giving me a naughty smile. I could c a shine on her face. And all three of her nighty hooks were open now. Shobha bhabhi looked in my eyes & took my hand in her hands & started sucking my fingers, as if she will eat them. Now I was assured that my dreams r going 2 b fulfilled while fulfilling Shobhas dreams. I was not believing that my dream princess is in thirst of me. But I asked her, bhabhi r u sure, what u want from me ? She said, yes my love, both of us need this desperately, I know. Immediately I took her cute face in my hands & went 2222222 close 2 her, could smell her body fragrance. I felt a 1000 degree current when I touched her lips with my lips. Oh god ! what a feeling that was. V started sucking each others lips vigorously. It was 1st smooch of my life. I took her hair clip apart & there were the most beautiful hair of the world in front of me. Though v were busy in smooching I could c her long hair from side. They had a fall like Niagara. I am mad for them. I started 2 move my right hand in them, the silky feeling of them added 2 my erection. By now my cock was trying 2 tore my undies & shorts. I was feeling the maximum length of it, which I never had before. I was enjoying sucking her lips & her tongue & tasting her saliva. She was making sexy sounds while smooching, which was driving me crazy.This went on for nearly 5 min???then she started licking my earlobes & biting them???it gave me pain but it was nothing in front of her enjoyment??I wanted 2 satisfy her desire at any cost because now she was the love of my life?????both of us got up & again v started smooching?????????.PPPPPPPPPCCCCCCCCHHHH HHHHHHH??? PPPPPPPPPCCCCCCCCCCCCCCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH?? ???now my manhood was totally awake. It had came out a little from my undies, as it was of frenchy pattern & had made a big tent of my shorts. It was pressed hard against bhabhis waist just above her pussy, trying 2 drill in her body. V were hugging desperately, as if want to enter in each others body. Both of us had gone wild. Shobha was holding me so tight, like a snake wanting 2 hurt its prey by crushing it. Her spongy boobs were pushing hard in my chest???that was a moment of life. Meanwhile she started unbuttoning my shirt???I was playing with her hair ???.. then she moved 2 my broad chest & started sucking, biting & pinching my nipples???.this was 22222222 arousing??..she was not allowing me 2 move ??.i could only play with her long hair???.then her hand gave me a shock of life???she suddenly took my cock in hand from out of the pants only & gave it a squeeze???AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH H????..i shouted & pulled her hair with pressure?????EEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS SSSSSSaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii gggggggggggaaaaaaa???.she shouted???..then she pull off my shorts & started caressing my organ???my mushroom-head was peeping out of my undies????she said this bludy is teasing me since long, now I will teach him sex manners??.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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