May 23

Peeping Neighbor

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Peeping NeighborI was in my bedroom and as always I was naked. My curtains were open as always because I love to think someone may see me. I went to the window just to look at the beautiful day. I looked at the house across the back and there was a man standing in the window with binoculars. I thought it was Andy the man who lived there but looking closer it looked like a young man because his shirt was off and had a great body. Andy is fat. I decided to give whoever it was a show. I started to rub my pussy, turn around and bend over. I played with my tits. When I walked back to the window the guy had dropped his pants and was stroking a nice size cock, still looking through the binoculars. I waved and stood watching and fingering myself. He stroked harder then I moved out of site. I went downstairs to my kitchen, still naked, and opened the curtains on the sliding doors leading out to the back patio. I looked up at the house and he was still there trying to find me. I stood there until he found me. I moved around the kitchen letting him see me. My curiosity got the best of me. I had to know who he was. I put a shirt on and went outside. I walked to the fence. He watched me and I motioned for him to come out. He did and as he approached me I realized it was the young man I knew as Drew or Andy Jr. The last time I saw Drew he had just learned how to drive which made him 16. He was wearing shorts and no shirt. My pussy twitched. My gosh he was beautiful.I said ” Drew did you enjoy watching me?”He smiled saying “damn Mrs. Smith you are sexier than ever.”Mrs. Smith is not my real name just using it for the story.I said ” thank you and you have grown into a very handsome young man. How old are you now?”He said ” I’m 19 now and in college.”My perversion was taking over and I said ” and how long have you been watching me?”He said ” since I was about 12.””Wow” I said ” and here you are now still watching me. You must really like what you see.”Drew smiled and said ” you don’t know how many times I fantasized about you.”I liked the way this conversation was going, hopefully right into my bed. I finally asked him to come into my house. He said he would love to but he was going out right now and was it alright if he stopped by later that night. I was good with that.When he showed up later I was ready. I wore the skimpiest bikini I had and had on a short robe to answer the door. Once in I dropped my robe and said ” does it look better in person?”He was bug eyed and said ” fuck Mrs. Smith you better believe it. I can’t believe I’m finally here.”I loved him calling me Mrs. it make bahis siteleri it that much more taboo.I said ” well do you have a lot of time or do you need for this to be a quickie? I am fine either way.”He said “no I have plenty of time Mom and Dad don’t even expect me home tonight.”I said ” I’m afraid I can’t let you stay over night but it can be a late night early morning.”He smiled broadly ” that’s more than I could have hoped for.”I sat down on the couch and he joined me not wasting any time his hands were all over me. I had to slow him down. He didn’t know where to go first. I told him to remove my top. Once he did he went right to sucking my nipples. He could not get enough of my nipples and started to nibble them which sent sivers down my back.I said ” bite harder bite harder.” My nipples were so hard and it hurt in an exciting way.I put my hand down his pants and just as I pasted his belt I felt the tip of his cock right there. I slid my hand down his shaft. It was thick and long. He put a hand in my bikini bottom touching my shaved pussy rubbing his hand over it. I was already wet and he quickly slid a finger in my hole. I stroked him and he finger fucked me. I wanted him inside me but he had other plans. He slipped down on the floor pulling my bottoms off and pushing his mouth into my pussy. He slowly licked over my pussy lips up to my clit. I thought I would cum right then. I stopped myself but he was determined and his determined licking brought me to an orgasm. Even as my orgasm subsided he kept licking my pussy bringing back to an even stronger orgasm. When he finally gave me a break I said ” well you sure know what you are doing at least you learned something at college.”He smiled stood up and dropped his pants revealing his magnificent young big strong cock. I took it in my mouth swallowing the whole thing with room to also stroke it.I sucked him sliding my mouth up and down his beautiful cock. I was in heaven. I wanted him to fill my mouth with his sweet young man juice. I was obsessed and wasn’t going to stop until I had it. His cock swelled in my mouth and I went faster eagerly waiting for his sticky white goo to fill my mouth. I worked hard on it and finally got the pay out. He exploded filling my mouth. I swallowed every drop.He was so excited about me swallowing saying ” fuck Mrs. Smith that is so hot that you swallow. I never expected that. That’s fucking awesome.”I opened my mouth showing him his cum on my tongue then swallowing.He said ” damn that is fucking awesome, I can’t believe it, fuck Mrs. Smith you are so fucking hot.”I just smiled canlı bahis looking up at him seductively. He pulled me up pressing his young muscular body against mine. His cock stabbing at my pussy. This is why I like young men, he was ready to go again after dumping that big load in my mouth.He picked me up and was stabbing his cock at my hole trying to get in. I had to guide him into my hole. He pushed me down on his cock until every inch was inside me. He then walked us over to a wall pressing me against it and working his cock in and out slowly. He said ” you like my cock Mrs. Smith does that feel good. you want me to fuck you harder do you?”” Yes Drew baby fuck me hard ” I said.He slammed me against the wall fucking me harder and harder. I was starting to cum when he pulled out dropping my legs. He turned me around and pushed me to the dinner room table. He pushed my face down on the table and slid his cock against my asshole. Then I felt him spit on my asshole and rub his finger against it. He spit more then pushed his finger in my asshole. His cock was now between my cunt lips as he fingered my asshole. He pulled his finger out and I felt his cock against my asshole pushing it in my hole slowly. He grabbed my tits squeezing them as he fucked my ass hard. After awhile he pulled out and laid on the floor. I knew what he wanted. I stood over him and he told me turn around to face his feet. I turned and squatted down to his hard cock. He held it up straight and I lowered my cunt over his throbbing tool. I slid up and down his big hard pole. He put his thumb in my asshole. I rode his cock slowly. I wanted us to cum together. My orgasm was coming and I could feel his cock throbbing inside me the head was huge. I started to cry out as I climaxed and could feel his hot cum filling my cunt. I screamed my body shaking, waves of orgasm making it hard for me to stay on my feet. I stood up and turned to face him his cum already running down my inner thigh.Drew said ” stand over me and let my cum drip into my mouth.”I spread over his face. His cum dripped from my cunt. Then I squatted down so he could lick me. After I came again while he licked me I got down sticking my tongue in his mouth sharing his cum. We took a break and while talking he said he had one fantasy that I probably wouldn’t want to do.I said ” well you never know til you ask.”He said ” I had this fantasy that you pissed in my mouth.”I looked at him and said “see just ask and I say yes.”He practically jumped off the couch ” really” he said.”Sure I’m into that and you can return the favor by doing it to güvenilir bahis me. Is that OK?”He was so excited he said ” are you joking that would be awesome. Where can we do it?”I said ” I have a large walk in shower. That way there is nothing to cleanup except ourselves.”He ran to my bathroom and I followed him. He laid down on the shower floor and I stood over him. Of course I didn’t have to pee just then so I squatted down and told him to play with my pussy until I could. He ate me while I stroked his cock.Then I got the urge and while he was eating me let loose with a flood of pee.He gulped and swallowed as much as he could. I gave him every last drop and then he licked me clean. Now it was his turn. I squatted down and leaned against the wall of the shower. He groaned and squirted his piss right into my mouth. I swallowed what I could and the rest ran down my tits. I rubbed it all over my body. When he finished he squatted down and licked his own pee from my tits. He was so excited he was stroking his own cock while licking me. I pushed his hand aside and took over stroking him. We stood and he kissed me hard on the mouth his tongue darting right in. I continued to stroke his cock and it was quickly fully hard. He grabbed my legs lifting me again and this time his cock found it’s target first attempt sliding easily inside me. With his strong arms he lifted me up and down on his cock. I had my arms around his neck kissing him wildly. My pussy was throbbing and I tightened my pussy around his cock. He said “ahhhh Mrs.Smith that feels awesome. Oh fuck that is amazing you can do that of fuck Mrs.Smith.”I flexed my pussy muscles as hard as I could which drove him crazy until he couldn’t hold it any longer and I felt his warm sticky cum hitting the walls of my pussy quickly filling my hole again.After he emptied his load he just held me against the shower wall kissing me passionately his cock shrinking inside me. I tightened my muscles again and he moaned “oh god Mrs. Smith you are fucking amazing.”I said “your pretty amazing yourself Drew. Was it worth the wait?”He said “fucking right but I wish we had been doing this years ago. I dumped a lot of cum down the toilet thinking about you.”I said laughing “well that’s flattering.”He held me against the wall as his cock started filling my pussy again.I stopped kissing him and said “really your up again. I think you may have to stay the night just to see if I can wear that monster down.”He said “that’s fine with me I want as much of you as I can get.”Drew stayed the night. We fucked so much we passed out from exhaustion and woke up in the morning with my hand on his hard cock. We started all over until I had to kick him out because I had an appointment. He didn’t leave quietly kissing and groping me even as I pushed him out the door.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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