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Permanent Farm Help

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Permanent Farm HelpPermanent Farm Help———-As I entered my office I could see the backs of two heads sitting opposite my dad; they appeared to be in an intense conversation, hands were animatedly waving and gesturing. The door was closed and I could not quite hear what the discussion was. I tossed my daily paperwork down on the desk, picked up my water bottle and took a drink, continuing to look into the other office. Dad seeing me waved for me to come into his office. I stood up, straightened my clothing, brushing the hay off, and opened the door and entered the office.”This is Aiden and Amanda,” dad introduced the two teens. At first glance, the girl’s assets were plainly visible, fairly well poking out of her tight blouse, her large nipples stood up like soldiers at attention. The boy’s facial features, a strong square chin and bright eyes of green seemed unashamedly bold.”They are our newest employees. They will be helping you with the farm activities, which in turn, should reduce the burden on you since the other workers have all returned to their schoolwork during the days.I was a bit taken aback at his statement, typically, it was me that made the hiring decisions for workers, but of course, he was ultimately in charge, and I would have to abide by any decisions he made, regardless. The two seemed unlikely candidates for farm work; neither were dressed for farm work or any sort of hard labor, their clothing was well kept and clean. They appeared to be in their early 20’s perhaps a year separating them in age, only slightly older than I. “Hello,” I greeted them with a smile, shaking their hands, and then standing back alongside dad’s desk, looking at dad for a further explanation, I continued hesitantly. “I have been a bit overrun with work since school has started and the 4 workers that have been here for the summer returned to school. Am I to assume that you two are no longer in school?” Not meaning to be offensive, but my words came off rather harshly.Dad’s eyes almost pierced a hole in me as he continued. “YOU will train them in all manners to keep farm operations going smoothly. They are not experienced but they will learn as they go along, and yes, both graduated last year and are going to save their money to get into college.””Aiden will be working with Uncle Tim and be responsible for the upkeep of the horses and their stalls, including feeding and watering. Amanda will assist you in the horse workouts in the arena and also learn the trails as a guide for group trail rides. Is that Understood?” His eyes did not leave any doubt in my mind that I had no choice in this matter; his word was gospel this time.I nodded with a chagrined look crossing my face, a slight redness rose in my cheeks, acknowledging his words. I quickly stepped out of the office and sat down at my desk, lowering my head, trying to contain the tears that were pooling in my eyes. I heard dad’s words drift to my ears, telling the two that I was an excellent daughter and manager for the farm and that it was not in my character to be so harsh. Several minutes elapsed and the two walked out of the office and stood in front of my desk.”Ok, do you have any questions? I’m not sure what all dad has told you about what you will be expected to do,” I quizatively looked from one to the other, failing to notice their similarities and waited a moment before picking up my clipboard and turned heading to the barn. “Follow me.”As we walked, I gave the standard ‘barnyard’ introduction tour I gave to all visitors and workers alike when they arrived, explaining all the equipment, stall gate operations and so forth. My blouse was partially unbuttoned and my breasts dangling loosely beneath bursa escort it, provided Aiden with an excellent view of my cleavage and an occasional flash of my nipples. He tried not to stare as we walked, stumbling several times on the rough walkway surface in the barn. Amanda paid careful attention to every detail of the layout asking questions as I stopped at various points. While upset at the unexpected help, I approvingly watched her breasts ripple the thin material of her blouse and smiled to myself thinking of how they must look.As we got to the end of the barn near the exit gate, Uncle Tim approached leading the young colt toward the wash stall. He gave a crooked smile to the newcomers as he approached with the colt prancing behind me.”Hey Frolic, this crazy colt got loose and has been wallowing in the manure pile, rolling over and almost burying himself in the poop. He stinks and has to have a wash,” Uncle Tim laughed, nodding his head at the two winking his eyes at them as the colt threw back his head and reared up on his hind feet. “This colt and I go round and round all the time, he is quite a handful, in more ways that one.””Tim, this is Aiden and Amanda, out newest employees.” Again, I failed to note that Uncle Tim seemed to know them already. “They are going to be taking up the slack since we lost the schoolgirls. Aiden is to assist you and learn how to handle the feeding and such. Amanda is going to assist in exercising the horses and learning the trails to lead group rides.””Perfect timing, they can both get their hands dirty, or should I say clean, by helping me clean this stupid colt. I still can’t imagine why he was rolling in that pile of horse manure,” he laughed loudly. He handed Aiden the halter reins pointing him towards the sprayers, as he put his arm around Amanda’s waist pulling her next to his side closely and continued into the wash stall.The fine mist of water sprayed everyone as they entered the stall, Aiden still unsure of what to do, walked in ducking his head, as if the water would not get him if he did. Tim, using his free hand, pushed the horse’s rump into the sprayer, and at the same time pulled a now shocked Amanda into it as well completely soaking her with the misting water. I stood well back at the opening gate, with a smile cracked on my face, watching Tim give them the ‘works’.”Here Manda dear, use your hands to keep his ass in the water, if he pushes against you, just lean into this leg with your beautiful body, and push him back. The dirt and smell will all come off when the wash is done anyways. I will get the soap and brushes and we will all go to work on him. Don’t worry about your pretty clothes; I’m sure I’ll be paying for more of them soon anyways,” he sneered as he stared at Amanda’s nipples. They had been visible before, but now, the water spray made her light blue blouse cling to her like tissue paper revealing her breasts and nipples completely.”Tie the reins to that ring boy, while I put these hobbles on him. Then come help your sister soap down this horse.” As soon as I heard the word ‘sister’, I then realized that the two were quite similar in stature and faintly had the same facial feature. I was again puzzled that Uncle Tim had identified them as siblings immediately but continued to watch as the three of them soaped the horse.”Manda, you are the shortest, wash his undersides, especially his balls and cock,” Uncle Tim unabashedly instructed Amanda. “You’ve touched cock and balls before, his are just a much bigger version of what you’ve seen before.” He laughed, pushing her shoulders down and smacking her ass, encouraging her to do as he said. If looks could kill, Uncle Tim would bursa escort bayan be struck down to the ground with the thousands of daggers that erupted from her eyes at his actions and words, but she continued and began soaping the colt’s privates as she was told.In seconds, the colt’s cock was hanging down and bouncing around and the girl fell backward on her ass under the horse trying to get away from the menacing dick. Uncle Tim laughed again and started to grab the girl’s neck to force her back under the horse when I stepped in and took action.”Uncle Tim, STOP THAT,” as I rushed to the girl’s side and lifted her up and hugged her wet body to mine, pulling her away from the horse and my Uncle. “Come on Amanda, you too Aiden, let the dirty old man take care of the horse. That is HIS JOB of course.” I briskly walked out of the stall, holding Amanda and Aiden followed right behind us. “Dad is going to hear about this Tim,” I shouted threateningly to him over my shoulder. She was sobbing and crying like a baby when we got to my office. I handed Aiden a towel, took another, and began to dry her off. Her nipples stood tautly upright under the wet blouse as my fingers innocently ran across them as I toweled her. Even amidst the crying, I sensed her body stiffen at my touch. The softness of the mounds of flesh felt most pleasing.Dad was not in his office or he would have heard me ranting about the treatment of the two. Even if I did not like being told they were to be my help, I could not condone Uncle Tim’s treatment, liking them or not.Aiden sat quietly across from me as I toweled Amanda off. Her crying had subsided but her eyes were swollen and red as she looked up at me. She seemed to relax and smile up at me as I briskly rubbed her hair with the towel.”Thank you for saving me. He has ALWAYS acted like an Asshole,” she vehemently uttered.”What? You mean you know him?” I queried her and Aiden. They both nodded simultaneously.”Unfortunately, we do. He is our father,” came the shocking words.I nodded and hugged her closer and mumbled ‘Basturd’ under my breath. “It will be OK Amanda, Dad has no liking of his useless brother, he felt sorry for him, that is why he is here working for us. If he pulls another stunt like the one today, I’ll cut his fucking balls off and stuff them down his throat for his last meal.””Well, he hasn’t paid mom her alimony, and she doesn’t have a very good job, so we arranged to come work so we could send her money. We all three just could not live in a one-bedroom apartment, which was all she could afford. Your dad agreed to take us on as help, provide us with room and board, plus send money to mom.””I’ll make sure that does not continue to happen,” my voice chilled with resolve. “Come on you two, let’s go to the house and get you settled in. Aiden, you can share Steven’s room, it is very big, and we girls will make room for Amanda.”Once again, when Steven got home from school, we re-arranged the upper bedroom, adding another bed and dresser tables for Amanda, and Steven was ecstatic that he was going to have another guy staying with us reducing the female to male numbers.At dinner, we were all seated and had began to eat, when I told dad that Uncle Tim had not been paying his wife her alimony. He nodded acknowledging me and said he and Tim had already discussed this, and there would be a change in the arrangements. I gloated at Uncle Tim, whose face had gone blank.After the dinner dishes were cleared and kitchen cleaned, Ashley and Steven both had homework to complete and Aiden sat with Dad watching TV. Uncle Tim had left as soon as dessert was finished and gone to his bungalow.I excused, asking if I may go up to bed escort bursa and sleep, kissing dad on the cheek and headed up the stairwell. I should not have been tired but my routine for retiring after dinner seemed to take over. I heard Amanda ask if she could go to bed as well, and she followed me up the stairs. I stripped my clothing off and stood naked as Amanda reached the top of the stairs. She paused and let her eyes rove up and down before stepping into the room completely. I turned, unabashedly towards her and picked up my robe from the bed.”I’m going to take a quick shower Amanda before bed.” Then noting her disheveled appearance, “Ah, you can join me if you want to. Do you have a robe?” I went to my dresser, opened it, found a second robe, and tossed it to her.Still naked, I watched her slowly undress at the side of her new bed. I licked my lips seeing her pale skin revealed as her clothes dropped and hit the floor. Her breasts were small and rounded with pinkish nipples the size of quarters, and her body was smooth and her asscheeks were plump and delicious looking. She blushed as she pulled the robe around her noticing my obvious stare at her body. I pulled my own robe on and took her hand and we headed downstairs to the shower together.Dad did not notice us passing thru the back of the living room silently, but Aiden’s eyes followed our robed figures as we disappeared into the bathroom. Closing the door behind us, I turned on the water getting it warm, and stripped off the robe, tossing it on the counter. Amanda hesitated but did the same. Now, I was accustomed to seeing the bathroom doorknob slowly moving and the door opening after I entered to shower, knowing that my brother Steven would be peering at the mirror, which essentially framed the glass shower door in its reflection and anyone in the shower of course.Taking a washcloth and soaping it up, I turned facing Amanda and started to soap her body with her backside to the glass door. I think she was a bit shocked at first as she gasped and covered her chest with her hands, but soon dropped them, took a cloth of her own and started soaping me as well. I pulled her close to me and soaped her back with my arms around her, our breasts flattened seductively against each other.My hands roved all along the contours of the girl’s body, soaping and rinsing. As I reached her crotch and started washing her innermost private area, her legs seemed to go weak in the knees and she sank down sitting on the tile bench along the shower sides. I soaped her thoroughly and rinsed her well. I knelt down and began a soft assault on her womanhood with my tongue, licking and lapping at the sweet clean slit between her legs. I felt her hands running thru my hair, clutching and moaning as I mouthed her clitoris, my tongue tickling her little nubbin with vigor as my fingers parted her labia, exposing her coral pink insides. I slipped two fingers inside her gently, feeling her knees open wider at my touch as I buried my face in her crotch. I tasted her juices mingled with the shower as I worked my lips on hers, sucking the labia into my mouth. She shuddered with delight as the orgasm overtook her, her knees closed tightly against my head and ears, she humped her pussy against my face, as she came in my mouth, and I swallowed her nectar, letting it coat my tongue and mouth as she did. As I pulled away, I saw both my brother Steven and Aiden, standing in the doorway, pants opened and both their cocks out and in their hands, jacking off as fast as they could watching the two of us in the shower. I saw spurts of their cum shot from their dicks and sprayed all over the carpeting. Steven realized that I could see them plainly, and he quickly pulled Aiden from the doorway and closed the door. I smiled to myself, happy that Amanda and I had had a wonderful session in the shower, and that our brothers seemed to have bonded and ejaculated together as well.

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