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PHOTOGRAPHYYou have one new message.’Amelia lifted her head from her book as her computer let out a small chime. She knew that she should have ignored her computer but revising was just too boring. Marking her page she threw her book onto the bed and quickly opened up her email account. The email had no subject and it was from someone that she had never heard of she should have deleted the message and returned to her revision but her curiosity got the best of her. Opening the email she scrolled down to the message.’I have something that might interest you.’ Reading the sentence under her breath she became momentarily confused before deciding it was a spam email. Shaking her head, she deleted the message and returned to her book.Amelia had just returned from University for the winter break and already she was desperately missing it. University had given her the chance to reinvent herself; at high school she had been a loser, clinging onto anyone who could raise her social standing. Yet at University she was known as a party girl, people actually came to her to see whether she was going out and when she said no they pressured her into it. But ask anyone from her school they had to be reminded twice, before they could even remember her.A year later and Amelia was the girl everyone wanted to be with, and she absolutely loved it! The only drawback to University life was the long breaks between semesters, it meant she had to spend more time than she would have wanted back in her old life. None of her old ‘friends’ had even contacted her and she wasn’t putting any money on that changing.Her parents had decided to go on a skiing holiday so she was left with her older brother and he had barely acknowledged her existence. If he wasn’t in his room watching his massive television then he was working failing that he with his other geeky friends. All of this meant that she was left to her own devices. Continuing to read her book on the meaning behind William Shakespeare’s poetry, she was again interrupted by the chime of her computer. ‘You have one new message.’Forcing herself to ignore it, Amelia carried on reading her book. ‘You have two new messages.”You have three new messages.’Letting out an exasperated groan, she turned around to face her computer screen once more and opened her email account. All the messages were from the same email account. “retribution2008″ She read the senders name aloud hoping that her brain would recognise the user, yet she came up with nothing. Her mouse hovered over the delete button before her curiosity got the better of her. ‘It’s not very nice to delete an email from an old friend’ Reading the sentence again and again, she tried to shake off the feeling that she was being watched. Her eye darted around her room but there was nothing unusual or out of place. As she read it for the tenth time she realised there were other messages, deleting the one she was reading she opened up the second one.’Especially when that friend comes bearing gifts!’ With her heart now pounding she hastily clicked delete and brought up the next message.There was nothing in the email, no writing, no message, absolutely nothing, realising she was holding her breath she let it out, relief washing over her. Letting out a nervous chuckle she deleted the message and sat up from her desk. Deciding that she needed a drink she headed for her door, placing her hand on the handle she pulled it open when the dreaded chime sounded again.’You have one new message.’Amelia turned around, dropped to her knees and pulled out the plug and threw it to the floor turning off her computer in the process. Walking downstairs she poured herself a drink; trying in vain to get the messages from her mind.Thirty minutes later and she found herself back on her computer. Clicking open the message she slowly read it. ‘It’s not nice to leave the room when you have not opened my gift to you!’ Amelia would have let out a shriek but her breath was caught in her throat, how did the person know that she had left the room? ‘You have one new message.”Open the attachment and prepare to be surprised!’ The words shone from the screen as she clicked on her trash folder and opened the old blank message. Sure enough there was an attachment, a photograph. Did she want to download it? She thought desperately, she was worried about what it would show. Yet she knew that if she didn’t open it, she would be pulled back in by the allure. Closing her eyes, she clicked on it, letting it quickly download and fill the screen.Telling herself to open her eyes when she counted down from five, she slowly began counting. Twenty slow seconds later, Amelia dared to open her eyes. The picture showed a young, tall woman wearing a short and very tight, nurse’s outfit. Although it would have been rejected in every hospital worldwide, it was certainly good enough for a student fancy dress night.Slowly her dark brown eyes took in the whole picture and then it dawned on her. The girl was her and with the realisation, that night came flashing back to her. It was the first night she had done a cocktail of every spirit behind the bar, and that was why it had taken her so long to remember the night. She didn’t even have the dress anymore, having torn it and thrown up on it, she decided to throw it away rather than rescue it.Her girlfriend had posted the whole night’s events online, tagging her in each picture, until Amelia had painstakingly gone through them and removed each and every tag.The mystery person had obviously stalked her online and found the picture, quickly all her fears of being watched vanished. Confidently she clicked reply on the email and wrote a message. ‘Well done you can stalk someone online, congratu-fucking –lations you loser.’Laughing out to the empty room she once more picked up her book satisfied that she was now rid of the emailing freak and then the email chimed again.’You have one new message.’Dropping her head into her hands, she let out a frustrated snarl, why the person couldn’t leave her alone she did not know. Clicking open the message she soon regretted her cocky email. ‘Shakespeare once wrote ‘My grief lies onward, and my joy behind.’ Well that is exactly what you are going to experience. Here’s another gift!’ Letting her book fall from her hands she began to tremble. It was a line from sonnet 50, a sonnet she had written an essay on the previous term and somehow the mysterious contact knew it. Now stuck to her chair, afraid to move, she clicked on the attachment and waited for the picture to fill the screen.This time Amelia knew exactly what she was looking at, it was a picture that she had taken on her camera. It showed her in front of a mirror in her university bedroom, she was topless and her proud perky c cup breasts were on full display. The flash of the camera hid her face but she knew it was her, the mole to the left of her left nipple put to bed any doubt she might have had. She knew that she hadn’t put that picture online as it was still on her camera’s memory card. The next hour she spent frantically searching the house from top to bottom looking for her camera, moving the furniture around, stripping her parent’s bed sheets and destroying her brother’s room…yet she found nothing. In a last desperate attempt she called her housemate, who, luckily for her, was still at University. While trying to keep the panic from her voice, she calmly asked her housemate to look around the house and then get back to her when she found it.Seven agonising minutes later, her phone rang. She picked it up and heard her friend’s chuckling voice on the other end.”I’m sorry to say this to you Am, but your cameras down the bottom of the canal.””What! This isn’t funny!” Amelia’s shrill voice hollered down the phone. “Get it out of the water.””Eww no! I’m not going anywhere near there! Don’t you remember our last night together? We got so drunk that you fell over and your camera smashed into bits, you insisted on carrying it home before you decided to chuck it away in the canal.” She waited for Amelia to speak but there was no reply, “anyway I’ve got to go, my dad’s here. Have a good Christmas!” and the phone went dead in Amelia’s hand.It was true, Amelia’s dad had come to pick her up the next day and she had totally forgotten everything about it. She tried to think of who could have managed to get their hands on that camera and the memory card that was lodged inside. ‘You have one new message.”It is such a shame that people throw away such valuable and expensive items! But that’s not where I got these revealing pictures from, you should really have a better anti virus software you might as well have put a welcome mat down. As thanks here are another couple of presents.’Five more emails later and Amelia found herself looking at more pictures of her standing in front of the mirror. It was a stupid mistake she knew but it was the first time that she had done jägerbombs and they had a weird affect on her. She was at a house party on her sixth jägerbomb when she realising she had an essay due in the next day. Leaving the party early, she found herself in front of a blank computer screen trying to concentrate but failing miserably. It was at that moment a couple next door had starting their loud lovemaking session, unable to ignore it, her hand had moved underneath her pyjama bottoms. Catching her camera in the corner of her eye she picked it up and took a picture of her hand hidden inside her cotton bottoms.The dirtiness of the act sent a small shock through her. Before she knew it, she was undressing herself in front of her mirror taking pictures with each passing second. She only finished after she had recorded her hand rubbing against her wet slit as she violently climaxed.With the memory coming back to her, her eyes widened dramatically and her jaw trembled, this person had access to every picture and even that video. Whilst the realisation of what the person now possessed hit her the email chime went once more.’You have one new message.’Taking a breath she opened the message. ‘You have an amazing body! In the long term you are going to make someone a very happy person. However in regard to your immediate future email me back and we can have a little chat!”What do you want?’As she waited for the chime to ring a chat box opened up in her screen instead.’Now I have your full and undivided attention, I thought we should make this a bit more personal!”What do you want?’ She repeated the question again not wanting to talk this sick freak.’No small talk?’ ‘Just tell me what you want”All right it’s down to business then. Now all I want from you is to follow every single instruction I give you. If you don’t, then this goes on the internet. Oh, and friends and family will get a nice video to watch!”What do you want me to do?’ Her brain had frozen but her fingers quickly and nervously moved across her keyboard punching in the question. ‘Well, I want you to seduce your brother.’ And with that the contact signed off leaving Amelia to read and re-read the sentence over and over again.She was only snapped out of her shock by her brother slamming shut the front door, it felt to her that she had been sitting there, glued to her computer screen, for hours but, in reality, only five minutes had passed. As silence once again descended on the house, Amelia began thinking about the sentence. She felt ill just thinking about seducing her brother let alone going through with it. Not wanting to think about her brother she focused on the contacts email address, retribution2008. She was still at school in 2008 and clearly she must have wronged the contact otherwise why focus on her. Walking around the house she found it helped jog her memory as she tried to remember any incident from her school years. It was the third time that she passed her brother sitting on the family computer that a sudden moment of inspiration hit her.”Owen.” Amelia whined as she tapped her brother’s shoulder. “Owen, how come we never talk?”He slowly swivelled around in his large leather chair and stared blankly at her before shrugging his shoulders. “Dunno.””Let’s talk then, come on…” He continued to stare blankly, every so often his eyes flicked to the screen. He clearly didn’t want to talk but he wasn’t rude enough to tell her to go away. “Alright I’ll ask you a question then. How’s thing’s going with your friends?” Amelia had realised that anyone who wanted to get back at her, would have tipobet365 yeni giriş most likely picked Owen’s brain for information to use against her. “Um… yeah they’re all good.” He grunted his response. Amelia couldn’t help but feel it was easier to draw blood from a stone than have a conversation with him. “So anything new in your life?””Well we have been having this discussion…” He started then stopped as if he was saying something she shouldn’t hear.Silently she urged him to speak until he finally continued. “Right, Steve has been saying that because Jeff’s high elf is over thirty thousand years old then he should have bad memory, which would, in theory, affect his spell making.” Taking a deep breath he continued, “and that means, he should roll the die again, to compensate for it. I mean, it is really interesting, because no one else has even thought of it.”He now had a wide smile on his face whilst his sister looked on in confusion. A theory about make believe was not something she would have an opinion on. In fact, she couldn’t quite believe that anyone could have a discussion about it. Deciding to be blunt she ignored his expectant gaze and asked another question. “I heard from the parents that you had met someone new.” This was a lie but it was worth a shot, she wanted this conversation over and if he said no then she could leave him alone and she could return to the real world.”Um… n…no, no I don’t know what they are talking about.” He had avoided looking at her, which was a sure fire way to tell that he was lying.”Come on Owen, you’ve never been good at lying. Has my big brother found himself a girlfriend?” Amelia taunted him as he vigorously shook his head in denial. “What’s her name then?””Sandra.” He whispered.”I’m sorry what was that?” She cupped her ear and moved in towards his face. “Sandra.” His voice was a bit louder this time. He swallowed loudly, as Amelia took a step back; a horrified expression on her face, the last piece of the jigsaw had fallen into place. Sandra and Amelia were inseparable as c***dren all the way until high school. This was where the email address came into play, it was the year 2008 when Amelia decided that Sandra was the reason she wasn’t popular. Desperate to make friends and be cool, she ditched her old friend and started to follow the most popular gang in school.She took every chance she had to taunt and make fun of Sandra, enjoying the laughs she got from her new friends with each jibe. On top of that Amelia revealed all of Sandra’s secrets. It soon got too much for Sandra and she left the school soon after transferring to another local school. That was the last Amelia had seen and thought of her up until moments ago.Regaining her composure she noticed her brother had gone back to his computer paying no attention to his sister. Getting close to Owen, she calmly turned off the computer screen and forced him to look at her.”Tell me everything.” The three words were spat from her mouth as she glared at him.”Well, we met in the shopping centre, she talked to me… and…well, we just met up again and again and again and again… but that was it, she’s left to study in Canada.” “Did she ask about me?” Owen nodded his head.”And she came around to this house?”Again Owen nodded. “She hadn’t watched the lord of the rings, I had to show her ‘the fellowship’ you can’t blame me for that.””You didn’t have to show her anything!” Amelia’s voice was reaching fever pitch, “When you forced me to watch it, I walked out of the fucking cinema after ten minutes!”Owen nervously chuckled. “Funny you should say that, so did she.””You let her walk around the house!””I don’t know what she did, when I finished watching the film she was gone. She sent me a text saying that she was feeling ill and I haven’t seen her since.” He trailed off towards the end. Amelia saw his confused and panicked expression, not wanting him to realise what she was really angry about, she calmed down before speaking.”Look Owen, Sandra was a snake. It was the reason I stopped being friends with her, she was spreading rumours about me just so she could make new friends. I don’t want someone like her to sink her teeth into you, ok?” She turned and left the room not caring whether her explanation made sense. Now she knew who the stalker was; she could turn the tables on them.Taking the stairs two at a time, she launched herself on her computer only to see that she had already got another message from Sandra.’So now you know who I am! Congratu-fucking-lations! But I wouldn’t call shouting at your brother seducing him, he’s not into that believe me I should know! Here’s another present, enjoy!’This time the attachment was a video, almost like de ja vu she watched herself in the computer room shouting at her brother. It was only twenty seconds long but it absolute proved that Sandra had managed to get cameras in every single room. Letting out a scream of anger Amelia proceeded to destroy her room, looking desperately for any sign of a camera. When she finally stopped, her room now upside down, her chime sounded again.’You have one new message.”Doing some spring cleaning? Now you brother is in the living room watching television, this is the perfect chance to get his attention. I think the t shirt you sleep in would do nicely, forget about your underwear though!’Trembling with rage, Amelia screamed at her computer screen. “Fuck off!” Calming herself she suddenly let out a laugh as she realised that she could just block the email then all her problems would be solved.It was at that point that her brother’s phone went off. He had left it in his room all day, as he had no need for it. Amelia froze as she strained her ears wishing that her he hadn’t heard it, after a couple of minutes of silence she walked across to her brother’s room and cracked open the door.Reaching inside she picked up his phone and opened the message, the id was private yet the message told Amelia everything she needed to know. The first line of the message was headlined, ‘something for you to enjoy’ and beneath that was the picture of Amelia naked in front of her mirror. The same picture that Sandra had sent Amelia earlier that day, though the flash hid half her face Owen would know who it was.Deleting the message she moved back into her room, there was still no noise from downstairs save for the dull voices from the television. Sitting back down to her computer screen she was again greeted by a live chat screen.’Well I hope all this fun and games are over because we are onto the serious stuff now!”I don’t have any money.”I never said I wanted your money! I just want you to follow my instructions.”Look I will apologise to you in front of all the people from school.’ She waited for a reply, but none came. ‘Please anyone but my family. Anyone, you can name it.”I don’t think you’ve got any say in the matter. But as you want an explanation, I’m using your brother because then I can see that you actually go through with it. I trusted you once before remember…’ Amelia still didn’t move. Seconds later she heard Owens phone ring again.Jumping to her feet she rushed to his room and deleted the text without looking at it, moving back into her room she slowly stripped off. Her thick warm hoodie dropped to the floor, quickly followed by her baggy trousers, standing in her plain white underwear she briefly toyed with the idea of keeping them on but the email chime still rung in her head.Unclasping her bra Amelia admired her breasts in the mirror, they were not overly large but they were incredibly firm. In fact she often left her bra at home knowing that she didn’t need it. Picking up her over large t shirt she let it fall over her shoulders.The picture of a dolphin on the front was barely noticeable. The shirt was a gift from her grandma, who had accidentally ordered the largest possible size. Not wanting to ask for a receipt and therefore hurt her grandma’s feelings, Amelia wore it to bed, every night, for the last ten years.Over the years she had grown and the shirt had shrunk from the hundreds of washes so that now the bottom of her ass cheeks peeked out whenever she walked. Bending and stretching even with her underwear on was a definite no but she had no option so hooking her fingers in her panties, she rolled them down her legs and kicked them into the corner.Slowly she made her way downstairs pausing outside the living room. Peering inside she saw a cartoon playing, with her brother sitting glued to the screen, chuckling softly every so often. Picking up her courage she edged into the room and took the nearest seat, parallel to her brother.Owen had completely ignored her. Clearly, the programme was more interesting than she had previously thought. Sitting in her seat she was thankful for the energy saving light bulb hanging above, it had been on for over an hour yet it barely lit the room hiding her blushing face.Deciding that her first action was to draw his attention she spread her legs slightly, and bent forwards letting the saggy top reveal more of her chest.”I’m sorry for shouting earlier.” Her soft voice forced him to turn to face her, his smiling face quickly faded, and his mouth gaped, as he watched her stoke her smooth long legs.”Uh…ahem… th… it’s, it’s, its fine.” The words were strangled whilst he continued to stare at her. Leaning back Amelia stretched her arms skyward letting her shirt lift revealing her hidden groin and tight stomach. She closed her eyes but his gurgling told her she was had the desired effect. With the light slowly building she spread her legs further allowing him to see her trimmed brown bush peeking out. As he let out a strangled gasp she dropped her hands hiding herself once more. “You’re such a nice brother to me and I’ve never appreciated it.” She stood and walked over to him before bending over and pecking him on the cheek all the while giving him an unrestricted view down her shirt.Kissing him twice she straightened and went back to her seat where she bent to pick up a magazine revealing her pert ass to his gormless gaze. “I’m off to revise.” Her sing song voice hid her embarrassment as she walked from the room leaving Owen confused and a painfully hard erection.Reaching her room she fell onto her bed. Trying to keep her mind occupied she picked up her book and tried in vain to read it. The words were all hazy as she battled against her mind. The taboo thought of it all was a turn on and her moist pussy was evidence of that. Giving up on her book she subconsciously dropped her hand to her clit and began rubbing it in circular motions.Unbeknownst to her Owen was going through the same thought process. His hard shaft was tightly enclosed in his hand, as he pumped on it gradually getting quicker until a spray of cum shot out, pooling his tatty shirt. Upstairs moments later, Amelia climaxed too, her legs jerking as a picture of her brother’s perplexed, but lustful, stare filled her mind.Feeling dirty, she retreated to the bathroom and spent an hour in the bath listening to the radio hoping the dj’s voices would drown out her own thoughts.It was later that night when Amelia in her large t shirt was lying in bed listening to her mp3. She was starting to drift to sleep when her phone went off, picking it up she opened the message that was sent and her heart dropped.Somehow Sandra had managed to get her phone number, Amelia paused to think how that could have happened, but she realised someone who had hacked into her computer, would know more about her than she probably did.’A great little show but it was far too short! You left your poor brother with a painful erection and that’s not very ladylike. You will finish the job tonight or I will have to send him some pictures to satisfy his needs.’Throwing the covers off, she got out of bed, forcing her mind went into shut down as she left her room and made her way to her brother’s.Pushing open his door she bathed his room in the light from the landing, he looked up at her, wide eyed, with both his hands hidden under his covers. She knew exactly what he was doing and she hoped that he was close to finishing.Standing there, Amelia debated whether to shed her shirt, wondering if it would be enough for her brother to explode. “Are you alright Am?” His worried voice shook her from her thinking, taking a step inside she let the door close; plunging the room into darkness once more.”I couldn’t help but notice that you were tipobet365 giriş feeling a bit on edge when I talked to you earlier, and I’ve come to help you relax before you get some sleep.” Whilst she spoke she had taken the covers off her brother and freed his hands from his cock, replacing them with her own. It wasn’t overly long around seven inches she thought and as thick as three of her fingers, she didn’t know quite why she was thinking about the measurements; but, it took her mind off what she had to do.Amelia felt it flinch in her soft grip noticing there was a clear fluid oozing from the tip her mind immediately wondered exactly what it tasted like. Resisting the temptation to lick the pre cum she tightened her grip as she began to pull on his shaft. She began tugging harder hearing his staggered gasps as more and more fluid oozed from his tip. She smeared the liquid around his cock allowing her to go faster, closing her hands she imagined it was anyone bar her brother but his croaking voice was making it hard.”Oh God Am, faster…” His hands clutched at his bed sheets as he let out a final gasp. “Oh shit I’m cumming… Fuck…” In the darkness neither of them could see let alone avoid the jets of cum. The first two loads landed in Amelia’s hair causing her to jerk back in disgust, the rest pooled on Owens stomach. She ran from his room to the bathroom where she tried desperately to remove his cum from her head.Ten minutes later and she passed his room on the way to hers, she could hear his soft snoring, and unknowingly she let out a soft chuckle. Getting into her bed she fell into an uneasy sleep. She had four more weeks at home, before she could leave, and she was dreading what was going to happen.The next day passed uneventfully, there were no emails or texts from Sandra and it allowed Amelia to get on with her revision and essay writing. She had not seen her brother in the morning as she was still fast asleep and as the hours ticked by she started to dread seeing him when he got back.It was approaching 8pm when she finally heard the door open and a bag drop to the floor, signalling Owen’s arrival. She listened as he busied himself downstairs cooking some dinner before heading into the living room and the television.Though she was on edge, she still hadn’t received any message from Sandra. She tried to reassure herself that perhaps Sandra’s computer had got a virus or maybe she had decided Amelia had had enough. But she knew neither was likely and so she waited.Walking downstairs, she entered the living room and sat once more, parallel to her brother. She tried to imagine what was going through his head. He must have thought that she was attracted to him. There could be no other explanation to her strange behaviour.Opening her mouth to speak, she wondered exactly what she was going to say. She could easily come clean but Owen, angry that she had only come on to him because of the blackmail, could refuse to take part; and besides Sandra would find out. Either way the photos would be online before she could blink.Amelia was almost grateful that her phone went off, though when she read who had sent it she quickly changed her tune. ‘Your brother has had a hard day today and needs you to give him some relief!’ Her brother still in his pale green shirt and black trousers was slumped in the chair his eyes fixed on the television ignoring his sister. She knew what she was meant to do but in the broad daylight there would be no way of getting away from the fact it was her brother.”How was your day at work?” She was still trying to think about how she would go about the task and the broad question gave her added time to think. Continuing to stare at the screen he answered her, “well, you know… same old shit.” When she didn’t reply he slowly tore his gaze from the television and nervously smiled at his sister. “You know last night…”The unfinished sentence hung in the air as Amelia walked towards him and placed her hands on his crotch. Undoing his trousers she pulled them down along with his pants allowing his soft cock to spring free. Breathing heavily she stared blankly, of course she had seen penises before whether it was on her computer screen or on the television she had even given several hand jobs to various people yet this was her brother and that fact made it seem even dirtier. Grabbing his hardening cock, she lightly tugged at it hearing him let out a small grunt as she did. Quickly, it grew to the full length pulsating gently in her hand as she slide her hand further down before lifting back up. With her eyes tightly shut she heard his soft groans filling the room as she relentlessly pumped his shaft. Opening her eyes she saw his dark red tip seem to wink at her as she swapped her hands spitting first allowing her to speed up her movement.Tearing her eyes from his twitching cock she looked up at his face seeing him bit down on his bottom lip before opening his eyes and looking straight into hers. “Oh Shit!!” He croaked as his cum exploded from his cock onto her face, coating her with his spunk, before she even realised what had happened. He didn’t let up as wave after wave landed on her face giving her a coating of his cum before finally he slumped back in the chair shuddering in pleasure. Releasing her hand from his shaft she gingerly got to her feet and wiped his cum from under her eyes before flicking it away. It took her a while for the reality of the situation to sink in, but when it did she ran from the room. Taking the stairs two at a time, she slammed the bathroom door shut and proceeded to wipe her face clean.After three long washes in the shower she was happy that she was clean and went to her bedroom. She had hoped to fall asleep and deal with the consequences of what had happened in the morning but the ringing of her phone dashed those dreams.’That was certainly messy! Use your mouth next time! I think you can start tonight just before your brother gets his beauty sleep!’As Amelia gagged at the thought of what she had to do she heard Owen enter his room, slamming the door before falling on his bed. Getting out of her bed she crept to his room and waited outside the closed door straining her ears in the vain hope that her brother would be snoring. But she was out of luck.It was only a faint hope and with the way things were going for her at the moment she knew it was stupid to even think of anything but obeying Sandra’s orders.Pushing open the door for the second consecutive night, she found herself in his dark room with his shining eyes blinking up at her. She tried to say something but the words were stuck in her throat. Ignoring the silence she walked towards him and ducked her head underneath his bed sheet. Thanks to her brothers aversion to nightwear she found herself staring at his hard cock.The bed sheet over her head was getting hot and made it slightly difficult to breath yet it gave her a place to hide. Taking hold of his cock in her soft hand she again began to move up and down. Amelia thought about just giving him another hand job but she knew that somehow Sandra would find out and so with reluctance Amelia opened her mouth and flicked her tongue out at his tip.The sharp intake of breath from her brother encouraged her to swallow his tip and suck harder. He continued to groan as her hand caressed his shaft. This was her first blow job and she wanted it to be over quickly.The taste wasn’t overly bad Amelia had to admit. Hearing her University friends talk about their own experiences she hadn’t been looking forward to giving head yet know she was doing it she didn’t see what all the fuss was about. Taking more of his cock in her mouth she created a tight vacuum, her mouth slurping as she did.”Aww shit!” He groaned as his sister dropped her hands to his balls and caressed them, rolling them around in her soft hand before raking her fingernails up his throbbing shaft.”Ohhh God… I’m cumming!” His voice stuttered, as Amelia went to release her mouth not wanting to taste his cum however Owen had other ideas. His large hands dropped to where her head stuck out from the covers forcing her to taking in his cock back into her warm mouth. Unable to move her head Amelia could only hope that his climax from earlier today had taken most of his spunk but once more she was out of luck.”Sssshhhiiitttt…” The word escaped from his lips in a sharp gasp as his cock spurted shot after shot into his sister’s waiting mouth. She tried to fight against his hands but he was too strong, leaving her with no option but to swallow his thick, salty load.As she gulped down his offering, her mind began to wonder exactly how many calories each sperm was. Soon his hands dropped to his side and Amelia was allowed to breath. “How many calories are there in sperm?” She couldn’t understand what had made her think about such a thing, it was beyond weird; but then she was underneath her brothers covers with a stomach full of his sperm so what did she know.The smell of his cum underneath the covers grew too much for her to stand. Pulling her head free from the sheets she stood, coughed slightly and then left for the bathroom where she rinsed her mouth out.Returning to her bedroom she heard his gentle snoring coming through his door, rolling into her bed she heard her phone go off again.’Wow what a good sister you are! You did a very nice thing today. Now your brother has his mind clear for a good day at work. Like a good doting sister you will be waiting for him when he returns tomorrow… oh, and I forgot to mention, you will be naked and on your knees, with your mouth open. Have a nice sleep.’Amelia read the message in horror! Dropping the phone to the floor, she curled up in the foetal position underneath her sheets. Her mind tried to work out which would be more shameful. Giving her brother a full frontal image of her body, and then giving him a blow job; or having the pictures and video posted online. She ran the two scenarios through her head, but she knew at any point Sandra could change the choices! Yet, still she wondered and it wasn’t until the early hours of the morning, that she finally got to sleep.When she awoke her brother had left the house and was now two hours from finishing his early shift. She knew that her brother would arrive home at around half past three, as it took him half an hour to travel from work, and the shop in which his friends would usually meet was closed for the day. Getting herself some breakfast, she hoped in vain that it would calm her uneasy stomach. Sitting in the living room still in her oversized bed shirt she waited for a sudden burst of inspiration to hit her. Yet the time steadily ticked by and still Amelia didn’t move. It was only when the key sounded in the door, that she was shocked into action. Shedding her shirt she kneeled on the thick blue carpet of the living room and waited for her brother to find her.Again her mind began to run wild, she was thinking how time seemed to speed up whilst she thought about what she would do and yet now time slowed to a snail’s pace, as she waited for her brother to finish in the kitchen and find her. Ten minutes after entering the house Owen finally made an appearance into the living room. It was force of habit that had made him duck his head in the living room. Usually his parents would be sitting there, he would say hello, then disappear into the computer room. However this time he was met with a totally different view.With a bemused look on his face he walked into the living room and stopped a meter away from her. He tried to speak but his brain was unable to function, in fact there were only two things that were working. His eyes couldn’t help but fixate themselves on her large firm breasts as his cock started to rise and strain against his trousers.Amelia knew that she had to say something. She had noticed the lust in his eyes and the bulge that had appeared in his trousers. Swallowing hard she lifted her stare from his groin to his eyes and muttered “Surprise!””Thank you God!” He spoke under his breath but loud enough for her to hear it. Her hands trembled as they undid his belt, the trousers dropping, only to be caught on his erection. Grabbing his cock she lifted it out of his pants and quickly opened her mouth taking the swollen head inside.”Fuck!!” The single word escaped his mouth as his sister sucked hard on the tip of his cock before taking another inch inside using her tongue tipobet365 güvenilirmi to swirl around his shaft. His groans and moans spurred her on, she wanted this to be over quickly and any sign that he was near climax was gratefully received. She closed her eyes and tried to take in more of his shaft, his wiry hairs tickled her nose whilst her hand came up to caress his hanging balls.Owen looked down and had to fight to hold in his orgasm, seeing his beautiful sister with her lips wrapped around his hard shaft was a sight he wouldn’t forget yet he knew it could get better. Placing his hands on the back of her head he stroked her soft brown hair all the while gently encouraging her to take more his shaft in her mouth.With her eyes still closed she didn’t fight his hands and took in another inch, her finger reached up and measured from her lips the base of his cock and there was still around two inches left.Sucking harder her hand made a fist around his balls kneading them as he grunted and snorted above her. Shoving into her mouth over and over he ignored her muffled protests and buried his shaft into her mouth. “I’m… I’m th… ahhhh” The strangled sound was followed by a load of thick cum invading her mouth.She fought against her gag reflex and tried to relax swallowing shot after shot of his spunk. Her hands were still kneading his balls as his body spasmed softly against her head.A minute passed before he let go of her head. She got to her feet and immediately wished that she hadn’t. His glazed eyes were coming back into focus and a grin was locked on his face as stared down at her naked body.Without saying a word he took hold of her arm and pulled her down to the seat, kneeling in front of her he forced her legs apart. Licking his lips he edged closer. For the first time since this had started Amelia had the choice to leave without having to face any consequence but she didn’t want to. Looking down at his thick hair she ran her hand through it before guiding him towards her aching pussy.She needed relief, the waiting and the taboo nature of what was happening was such a turn on for her that she knew it wouldn’t take much from her brother to finish her off. He was now inches away from her and he seemed to pause causing Amelia to let out a groan of frustration she tried and failed to push his head closer so instead she lifted her pussy to his mouth. Hearing her frustrated grunt Owen stuck his tongue out pushing it through her tight folds into her damp pussy. Falling back into her seat she let out an elongated moan as he continued to attack her pussy, sucking on her clit before pushing his tongue as far as it could go inside her clutching pussy. “Oh… Jesus… ohhhhh…” She hadn’t even realised that she was speaking when the words left her mouth but there was no regret as they only encouraged her brother to be more forceful. His teeth bit gently into her folds before moving up to her clit, he bit down and she felt any chance of holding back her orgasm fall away.”Awwwww….” The growl hissed from her dry mouth and lingered for over a minute as she crushed her brothers head against her pussy holding him there as she jerked about on the seat.Her eyes rolled back in her head as she blinked rapidly, trying to regain her breath, her hand dropped limply to the side and her brother fell back chuckling in amazement as he licked his lips. Kissing her sensitive clit he picked himself up and left the room. Amelia waited until he left before she picked up her shirt threw it over herself and ran to the bathroom. Spending the next hour soaking in the bath she tried and failed to push out the memories of the pleasure her brother had just forced from her. Getting out of the bath she dried herself with the towel before she spotted his toothbrush, her mind immediately pictured him in between her legs, slurping at her wet pussy. Subconsciously she dropped her fingers to her mound and began rubbing her clit viciously, not stopping until she felt her climax wash over her and her knees buckle.Amelia cursed Sandra again and again as she realised that her own fingers were not enough for her anymore. Leaving the bathroom she dashed over to her bedroom and got changed into another tracksuit. She picked up the phone but there was no message, letting out a sigh of relief she put on some music and picked up her revision book. It wasn’t until later that night that her phone finally came to life.’What a performance, I’m hope your brother was good because I taught him! Now he can show you what else he can do with his cock tonight.’ ‘If you didn’t know what I meant by that I was talking about fucking him.’The two texts came within seconds of each other. This time though she sent a message back, she couldn’t do that, it was all getting too much.’I’m not doing that. I’m still a virgin and no way am I’m giving myself to my brother.’ The reply was immediate.’I never thought this was a negotiation. It’s not a request it’s a demand. Now do it!”No I just can’t do it. Never.’ There was a pause before her phone rung again and a video message appeared, opening it up it showed a clear picture of her kneeling in her living room and then her brother appearing. She could just hear her faint voice saying “Surprise” before she pulled down his trousers and proceeded to suck on his cock.’Checkmate!’ Her phone went again and the words flashed on her screen followed by a smiley face.Despite her new found popularity at University she had never gone far with any boy, giving a hand job and showing her breasts was as far as she had gone. She held onto her virginity, wanting her first time to be special, with someone that she would love for the rest of her life and now her fate was in someone else’s hands.Amelia had lost and she was now at the mercy of Sandra, having pictures of her naked was one thing. But having a video of her giving a blow job to her own brother put her in a totally new bracket of blackmail.Not wanting to get undressed in the darkness of his room she left her clothes in a pool in her room and walked, naked towards his. The trip was becoming all too familiar and she had a sinking feeling that it was going to become a regular occurrence. As she slipped into his room she saw that he was wide awake with his hand underneath the sheets once more. It didn’t take any brain power to realise exactly what he was doing.Alone in the dark with her brother she walked over to him. After the previous events it was clear that he was willing to let her have her way with him so without warning she seized the sheets and threw them back.His hands had dropped from his cock as he watched her take hold of his shaft and envelope it with her warm mouth. As she began to lather his cock wanting it wet for the next stage, she wondered whether she would need any lube as well; but her question was quickly answered.With Amelia bent over Owen had taken hold of her leg and forced her up on to the bed before pulling her over him. Now that they were in the sixty nine position Owen attacked her pussy, licking around the folds before concentrating on the centre.Amelia let out a muffled moan as she felt him take her clit in between his tongue and press it against his top teeth. Keeping it there he rolled her sensitive nub along the rough edges of teeth sending bolts of pain and pleasure running through her. Taking as much of his shaft into her mouth she began to suck hard trying to avoid the feelings from in between her legs but when he pressed his thumb against her tight asshole she couldn’t take it. “Ugh fuck… yes!” She had let his cock drop from her mouth as a small orgasm rushed over her. Though his face was now coated in her juices he still didn’t mind as he continued to attack her centre, his tongue delving inside her, wanting to taste more. Her legs were now limp on either side of his head as her mouth opened to take in his swollen cock once more. Spitting on his cock she massaged the saliva in, feeling his shaft become slick with his precum and her spit.She rolled off him and onto the floor where she shuffled down before straddling him again, her long leg reached over his groin as she settled onto the bed feeling his cock nestle between her pussy lips. It twitched twice as if it was desperate to force its way inside. Taking hold of the shaft she heard him make a gurgling sound as she pushed it towards her damp entrance. Trying not to think about what she was doing she felt his tip push against her opening and she forced herself further down. Thanks to the oral work of the siblings his cock easily penetrated her opening, his head popping through as she let out a loud gasp.Owen tensed up, though the feeling of her tight pussy was intense, he stay rock still not wanting to speak, in case he said the wrong thing and not wanting to move in case it only made things worse.Whilst he tensed his cock twitched violently inside her. “Shit!” The curse word somehow made her feel a little bit better as she took deep breaths, before letting his cock travel further inside her.Soon she felt him hit a barrier, she could feel his eyes burning into her but she waited, she knew that this was the final stage of her humiliation. Giving herself entirely to her brother over some stupid pictures; but, as the tip of his cock pressed harder, twitching against her barrier, she couldn’t care less. The moment just felt right.She bit her bottom lip before pushing hard against his cock and feeling her barrier give way. Immediately his cock filled her up, she felt her thighs rest against his hips as she panted wildly. She desperately wanted to scream, but instead; her brother had lifted himself up, taking her in his arms and kissing her hard. He rolled her over so that he was on top, his lips not leaving hers as his hands stroked along her chest. She opened her eyes and saw him staring back at her, love filling his gaze, as she pulled her mouth from his and let out a small whimper.The initial pain was now quickly fading and Amelia was now starting to enjoy the full feeling in between her legs, and his rough hair rubbing against her swollen clit. She gave him a quick kiss before grinding her hips against his giving him the signal that she was ready for him.He gladly took the hint and slowly pulled his cock from her before sinking inside once more. He took it slowly, pulling more of his shaft from her before pushing it back in, revelling in her quiet moans in his ear each time he bottomed out. Gradually he built up speed, making sure that his shaft didn’t leave her body; he thrust into her, feeling her breasts jiggle against him. He let out a pent up groan knowing that he wasn’t going to last long, and it annoyed him; but, judging from the short gasps from his sister, she wasn’t far from her own climax.Amelia wrapped her long legs around her brother keeping his thrusts short and sharp as she gyrated against him, feeling her orgasm quickly start to take over. Letting her head fall back into the pillow she let out a sharp scream. “Yessss umph…” Her cry cut off by her brother’s mouth, he kissed her hard, as he forced his tongue to duel with hers letting the contractions of her pussy push him over. He let out a muffled yell into her mouth as he flooded her cunt with his sperm, letting it seep out either side of his cock as he shot another load.Minutes after his climax had left him; Amelia still had her legs wrapped around him not wanting to let go. She still had her lips locked onto his; though rather than the lust filled kiss from their orgasm, this was more sensual, she felt a love for her brother that she had never felt before, and it set something off inside of her. Finally she untangled herself from him, turning onto her side she felt him move behind her, putting a protective hand around her stomach pulling her into him. She had never felt happier. As she fell into a deep sleep she perversely thanked Sandra for bringing them together.Owen on the other hand was still wide awake congratulating himself on his brilliance.He couldn’t believe how easy it had been to get his sister to fuck him. He had found the pictures on her camera months ago and it had taken all of his scheming to find a way to use them against her. Everything he had said to her had been a lie, but he consoled himself with the old saying ‘the end justifies the means,’ in fact that was so good he typed it into his phone and sent it to his sisters phone hearing it ring in her room. Turning off ‘Sandra’s’ phone he pushed it underneath his mattress and nestled his face in his sisters soft hair. Letting his hand stroke her firm stomach, he breathed in her ear “I love you” hearing her softly say it back to him he fell into a deep sleep, knowing that his crap life was going to change for the better.

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