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Pimped My Wife

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Pimped My WifeNow that I have gotten my wife to fuck other guys, and that she has been servicing a few of my friends on a regular basis for the last two months, an event that happened with my best friend Tony stands out.Tony and I grew up together since the beginning of high school. Tony is as black as black can get. He is also a very smart guy in the communications industry. Tony at one point lost his job due to downsizing.One night soon after he lost his job, he was over at our place, and he and I were double-teaming my wife. This was just one of many times in the last couple of months. Anyway, while he was nailing her pussy and I had my dick down her throat in a steady and slow fuck, Tony began talking about how he was going to pay this months rent and other bills. We were also talking about how great a fuck my wife was and that a woman like her could make a lot of money fucking.This was when the light bulb in my head went off. I said to Tony,” what if you could be her pimp and you could take lets say 25% of her fees as payment for pimping her?”My wife tried to say something at that point but I just stuffed her mouth full of my cock and Tony just smiled from ear to ear and kept on drilling her pussy.Tony kaçak iddaa acknowledged that he could surely find her a great deal of costumers for her services and easily pay his bills with his cut of the fees.We agreed that he could easily get $300 per hour. The guy could fuck her as many times as he could get it up, and do whatever the guy felt like so long as he didn’t hurt her.Tony and I then went to work fucking my wife until he popped his load into her cunt, and I dropped my load down her throat.As the two of us dropped off on either sides of my wife, we both smiled at her and said that she now has a new job.Tony grabbed a tit her hers and said, “Man! You are going to make me a lot of money!”I reminded Tony,” that this is just until you get back on your feet and that this wasn’t going to be a long time event.”The next day, Tony came by in the afternoon to pick her up to take her to her first two costumers of the day. I passed him some condoms and reminded him that they must wear then. No bareback riding with these new guys.Near the end of the night, Tony managed to book a third costumer for the night. When he brought her home at about 9 that night, Tony handed me $675 for my share and showed me his kaçak bahis share.He said that there were already a few more bookings for the next day and that once these guys started talking, it would be a floodgate of customers.Tony then said that he had some good news and some bad news. I told him to tell me the good news first. That news was that my wife made some extra tips for her services. An extra 300 dollars to be Then he told me the bad news. One of the guys that were fucking her with a condom broke with him dropping his load in her cunt. This was not also the only time for the day. The last guy of the night had a cock so big that the condoms did not fit. Tony didn’t want to not fulfill his end of the deal so he let the guy fuck her several times bareback. The guy was to cum outside of her pussy, but of course the guy dumped a couple of loads into her pussy.I asked my wife about this and all she said was that she was glad that she had been fucked several times by the other guys and that Tony also had put a fucking to her because this last guy was hung like a horse. Tony laughed at this point saying that that is the guy’s nickname and that he is 12 inches long.The wife then said, “not just long but wide illegal bahis as well. He really stretched my pussy big time. And man did he fuck the shit out of me!”Tony then said, “your wife was a pro thou. She took all that he could give her and more. Horse had his dick buried balls deep into her pussy all the time. She also sucked his cock pretty well. Horse’s last fucking was her ass in which he stuffed at least half his dick into her ass.”I then laughingly said, “that is why she is walking a bit strange.”Tony then said that he would be by around 11 the next day to pick her up. To have the bitch ready and that he would pass by and pick up the condoms in only XL and XXL sizes.I told him that she would be ready and that I would have her dressed in some nice lingerie and not much more covering her with some sort of raincoat.The next day she was off, and the next, and next, and next. Over the next two weeks it became a revolving door at Tony’s place where the guys were coming to fuck her. She had gone through a couple of dozen guys with many coming back for seconds and even third times.This went on for the next seven months in which both Tony and I made a shit load of cash off her fucking abilities. She was however one well used whore by the end but her ass was still tight. She did however learn a lot of new tricks and skills during this time making her a much better fuck, in the future for me and my friends.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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