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Poolside Ch. 04, Pt. 3

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Author’s note: This story is a continuation of “Poolside: Ch. 04, Pt. 2” and was originally intended to be the conclusion to Chapter 4. It originally appeared on Literotica on 09/09/03, but was recently edited to correct several typos and other careless errors.


On Halloween night, as Katrina and I had planned, I was waiting by my phone at midnight. It rang at 12:01. I eagerly picked it up on the second ring!

“Hey, T-Kat! Howya been?”

“Elevator Don! How’re they hangin’? Gettin’ any?”

“Some, but not as much as I’d like! You?”

“Every night!”

“I’m jealous! So, what’s the plan, T-Kat? Are you going through with it?”

“Dope! I always pay off my debts! I just don’t lose very often! I’ve reserved a room for us at a great hotel. Earliest check-in time is 2:00 p.m. When can you get there?”

“I can get easily there by 2:00. What hotel?”

“You don’t need to know! I’ll meet you in Lot D of the Train Station. That’s the long-term parking lot. Find a place to park and I’ll find you. I know your car. I’ll be there by 2:30 at the outside. We’ll take my car to the hotel. That way we’ll look more married! Our reservations are under the names ‘Mr. and Mrs. Dan Jarvis.’ I’m your sweet little wife, Katherine!”

“Dan and Katherine Jarvis? Why all the intrigue, T-Kat? Why don’t I just meet you at the hotel and register under one of our names?”

“Don, I’ve had to lie to a lot of people to pull this off, and I don’t want anybody to EVER find out! Bear with me, huh? I’ve got this all worked out! Trust me!”

“Okay, sure! I’ll be at the parking lot by 2:00. Anything else I need to know?”

“Coupla things. First, this is a nice place, so arrive in a coat and tie. You do own a jacket, and you do know how to tie a necktie, don’t you? Or will I have to do it for you?”

“I can handle that, T-Kat! Although I know I’d enjoy having you do it for me! Anything else?”

“Yeah. The hotel has a big New Year’s party, complete with dinner and dancing. It’s limited to three hundred couples. Want me to make reservations for us to attend? There’s still time for me to do that.”

“Sounds like fun. Just remember what we’re supposed to be doing at the stroke of midnight! Is that the sort of couple you mean?”

“Hah! You really aren’t getting enough! Okay, I’ll make reservations for the party. Unless a problem comes up, we won’t talk again until December 31, right? That’s the deal?”

“Yep! Look for me in the parking lot! I’ll be the one with the tent in his pants!”

“It better be because of me! See ya then! Don’t forget to wear shoes and socks, Don!”

Katrina laughed and then I heard her hang up. Two more months to wait! Would she really show up? What about her boyfriend? Well, I guess he was one of the ones she was lying to.

On December 31 I arrived at the designated parking lot at 1:30. I was both eager and nervous. Would Katrina really show up? If she did, would she still be interested in making love to me?

The lot was nearly full, but I found two adjacent parking places at the end most distant from the station. I took one, leaving the other for Katrina. Then I waited. I kept checking my watch. She hadn’t arrived at 2:20 when some woman drove her car into the space beside me. I glanced over and saw that she had blond, shoulder-length hair, so I knew she wasn’t Katrina.

Now Katrina had no place to park near me! Damn! I began moving my head back and forth as I used the rearview mirror to look for her. After a couple of minutes I realized that the woman next to me hadn’t gotten out of her car, so I glanced over. I saw Katrina grinning at me!

We jumped out of our cars and embraced. Katrina looked up at me and my eyes danced back and forth between hers. “God, it’s good to see you, T-Kat!” I said. “But your hair . . .”

“It’s a wig, silly! I told you I don’t want anybody to know I’m here! If you didn’t recognize me, I’m safe unless I run into somebody else I know!”

Katrina was wearing, in addition to her blond wig, a conservative dark woman’s suit with a knee-length tight skirt. She had a white blouse which was buttoned to her throat, and, given the way her breasts felt when I hugged her, she was even wearing a bra. Her shoes had moderately-high heels. She looked so good that I felt underdressed in my coat and tie! And I DID have a tent in my pants!

“T-Kat, I didn’t know you even OWNED a bra, let alone knew how to wear one! Would you like me to adjust it for you?” I reached up and cupped both her firmly-covered breasts. Katrina’s eyes turned even darker and deeper as she looked at me.

Katrina smiled and we shared a long, hot kiss. She rubbed herself against my erection. “Let’s get to the hotel and you can take it off me!” Katrina said. I was relieved that she was also breathing hard. “Here’s a suitcase that matches mine. Let’s transfer your stuff to make us look more married!”

While I was moving my stuff into her suitcase, Katrina got out a roll of black plastic tape. eryaman bayan escort She cut pieces off it and put them on the license plates, changing several of the numbers. “I borrowed this car from a friend. The hotel keeps a record of tag numbers and guests’ names. I don’t want anything we do to ever get back to her!”

When I had everything out of my car and into hers, Katrina got a devilish look in her eyes. “Close your eyes, Don!” I felt her pressing something sticky against my face. When she let me open my eyes, she was holding up a mirror. I now had a full beard and mustache! The color even matched my hair! “Camouflage!” She said. “I don’t want anybody recognizing you, either! I brought extra glue, so you can take it off when nobody’s around!” She kissed me, then giggled. “It tickles a little!” She remarked, then kissed me again, hard.

Katrina gave me the car keys and directed me to the hotel. On the way she slipped a wedding ring onto my finger. “See? It matches mine, Mr. Jarvis!” She held up her hand so that I could see. Suddenly she dropped into a drawl. “Ah truly dew hope ah didun git me-self hitched tew uh dufus wid uh limp stick! Ahm sew ecks-sited ah kin hardly kip mah drawurs on!”

We both laughed for at least a block. I followed Katrina’s directions, and we turned into the hotel’s entrance. They had valet parking, and as soon as a bellhop unloaded our matching suitcases, a unformed young woman drove the car away. Katrina hung on my arm and looked adoringly at her “husband” as we followed our luggage into the lobby. She was deliberately rubbing her left breast against my biceps as we walked.

A cute, dark-haired woman, perhaps twenty-five or so, smiled to us from the reception desk. She was trim and attractive in her hotel uniform, and she looked very professional. “May I help you, sir? Under what name is your reservation?” She politely inquired. Katrina never looked at her but continued gazing fondly up at my face. There was an eager smile on her face. It matched the eager tent in my pants.

I gave her the “Dan Jarvis” name, and the woman behind the desk immediately found the reservation. “I see you’ve already paid in full for four nights and also for tonight’s big bash!” She said as she handed me our electronic room keys and an envelope containing our tickets to the New Year’s Gala. “Complete information about our Gala is in the envelope, Mr. Jarvis. If you have any questions, please just give us a call.” She smiled again and continued. “We’re SO happy you decided to begin your honeymoon with us, and of course we’ve booked you into one of our bridal suites as you requested! You’ll find vintage champagne ready for you in your suite with our compliments. I hope you enjoy your stay!” She smiled at Katrina and me.

Katrina leaned up and gave me a passionate, loving look, then kissed me. “Aren’t they nice, Darling? I know we’ll be SO happy!”

The woman at the desk beamed at us. “I’m certain your marriage is going to be a wonderful one! You’re obviously so very much in love!” Katrina beamed back at her and kissed me again. I now had a huge hard-on that I hoped nobody noticed.

We followed the bellhop with our bags across the lobby and into an empty elevator. As the elevator began to rise, I turned to Katrina and said, just loudly enough so the bellhop could hear, “After all the times you’ve stopped me, Darling, I can’t wait to pop your cherry and make you into a real woman!” The bellhop was standing in front of us and facing the door, and I could see his ears turning red as Katrina slugged me in the stomach. She had a huge grin on her face.

Playing the part of newlyweds, I picked Katrina up and carried her into our suite as the bellhop held the door. He also had a huge grin on his face as he uncorked a bottle of champagne. I was still holding Katrina in my arms. She reached up and pulled my mouth against hers. She kissed me long and hard. “Oh, Dan! When I feel your hand like this between my thighs, I get all . . . drippy! Pay the nice young man and hurry! I feel so . . . warm! I can’t wait any longer! Oh!” I lowered her to her feet and she looked into my face and unbuttoned her jacket and began to unbutton her blouse. She had her bra exposed when she pretended to remember the bellhop’s presence. She looked at him, then back at me. “Oh my! Hurry!” She reached down and rubbed the front of my pants, and then made little moaning sounds as she raced to the bedroom.

Once in the bedroom Katrina immediately called out in a sultry voice, “Darling, I’m ready! Come take me! I feel so . . . wicked!” I gave the bellhop a nice tip and he almost ran from the suite!

I suppressed my laughter as long as I could, but when I walked into the bedroom and saw Katrina lying fully-dressed, tight skirt around her waist and spread-eagled on the bed, I broke up! I crawled on top of her and held her as we howled with laughter. Then we kissed, gently at first, then much more passionately. I felt Katrina getting wet as I lightly rubbed escort sincan her slit through her black-lace, bikini panties.

“Gotta stop or we’ll do it too soon!” Katrina groaned. She pushed me off her and straightened her skirt. “Let’s check this place out, shall we? The desk chick said something about champagne!”

“Aren’t you in training, T-Kat?”

“Well I’m breaking training tonight! I plan to drink a lot! I’ve never had champagne!”

“First, take off that wig! I want to see the real you!”

Blondes may have more fun, but I felt my heart skip a beat when I saw Katrina once again in her short, dark hair. She was absolutely gorgeous! She pulled my beard off and then rubbed the remnants of the glue off my face. We kissed each other for a couple of minutes. “Now it seems like it’s really you!” She said. I knew exactly how she felt.

Then we explored. The entry room had a cozy little table, suitable for eating our meals. There was a private balcony, but it was too cold to stay outside for more than a few moments. The bedroom was a generous size, with a king-sized bed against a wall facing floor-to-ceiling windows providing a fantastic view. There were mirrors on the ceiling. The adjacent bathroom contained a tub, a huge shower with a padded bench big enough for both of us to sleep on, and a separate whirlpool tub. There were telephones in every room, and televisions in the bedroom and in the entry room. I hoped we wouldn’t need them to entertain us!

There were two crystal champagne glasses and two magnums of expensive champagne on ice in the entry room. I poured two glasses from the one the bellhop had opened. “To a successful, albeit short, marriage!” I toasted.

We each took a sip and then kissed again. Katrina licked her lips, then smiled. “I like it!” She said. She took another sip.

I pulled out my copy of our agreement, and pretended to read it. “Yep, we’ve done step 1, step 2 and step 3. What’s the next one? Oh, here it is! We have to get naked! Darn, I forgot!”

Katrina grinned at me and reached for the undone buttons on her blouse. “Wait! I have a better idea!” I said. “Let’s take turns undressing each other and have a taste of champagne with each item of clothing!”

We quickly agreed that we would consider items equivalent if removing them uncovered the same potions of our bodies, and in that way we were each wearing the same number of clothing items. We also agreed that a “taste” of champagne would be a third of a glass. We began removing clothing from each other, then drinking our tastes of champagne, then kissing. It took us several minutes, and we had each had three glasses before we were done. When I pulled Katrina’s black bikini panties down her legs, I got a real surprise as she finally stood completely naked before me.

“T-Kat! Whatever happened to your shaved pussy! It’s all covered with fur!”

She grinned. “I decided to let it grow out! The last time I shaved was, well, the day before the last day we made love! I’ve had to trim the sides a little so that the hairs don’t stick out of my racing suit, but I’ve let the rest grow wild. “Do you like my new beard, Mr. Jarvis?”

I leaned down and rubbed my face against her furry pussy. Katrina giggled. “I guess you do! But do you want me to shave it?”

I had a sudden thought. “T-Kat, what did your boyfriend think about your growing it out? Wasn’t he used to it bald? You obviously couldn’t tell him you were growing it to surprise me!”

Katrina smiled, but something wasn’t quite right in the look she gave me. “He doesn’t care! ‘A cunt’s a cunt!’ is his credo. I only shaved it in the first place for my roommate. She said it’s easier to go down on a bald pussy. What do you think?”

I ignored the part about her boyfriend. And her roommate. “Most of my experience is with hair-covered pussies, but I love the taste either way! The hair also gives me something to pull on and tickle you with! Yours looks fantastic! Lemme check!”

I leaned in close and pulled and rubbed her pussy. “Your beard is still very short, but it’s so soft, curly, and fuzzy that I love it this way!” I leaned in and kissed her labia, then sucked and kissed her clitoris. Katrina began to moan, then she suddenly pulled me to my feet. She pulled me hard against her. She guided my penis so it pressed against her fur, and we began to rub against each other. Her nipples were hard. I pushed her back onto the bed. Katrina stopped me. “Part 5!’ She gasped. “We’re not supposed to screw until midnight! How can we possibly wait until then?”

“Maybe oral sex is okay!” I pulled myself off of Katrina and found my copy of the agreement. “Yeah, here it is in the fine print! Cunnilingus and fellatio are approved activities until midnight! Thank god!” I grabbed a pillow, put it under her hips, and I began to muff-dive in the sweetest pussy I had ever known.

Katrina had several loud and athletic orgasms in a matter of minutes. Except for her pubic hair, I’d elvankent escort bayan been there before, and I knew exactly what she liked best. When I finally moved up her body and kissed her, the look on her face was exactly what I remembered from our last night together.

After a long pussy-juice kiss and some more champagne, Katrina returned the favor. When she pushed me over the edge, she held the crown of my penis in her mouth and sucked as I ejaculated. My climax was so powerful I almost blacked out! Katrina sucked and licked until I was completely soft. “I think I like your cum better than the champagne!” She said. “Maybe if I call the desk they’ll send up a bottle!”

We continued to drink champagne and to enjoy oral sex, including, of course, sixty-nine. At 6:00, when Katrina got up to use the bathroom, she was so dizzy she was unable to stand. We decided we’d had enough champagne! By the time it was time to dress for dinner, we had both sobered up by cuddling and kissing in bed. We were also both exceedingly aroused by our sexual appetizers!

The buffet was scheduled to begin serving at 8:30, so we got cleaned up and began dressing about an hour earlier. The information with the tickets indicated that the dress for the evening was informal if we so desired, so I decided to be comfortable in an open-collared dress shirt and slacks. Katrina grinned and said she had a special dress to wear. “Stay naked while I try it on! I want to be able to gauge your reaction!”

“Special” was an understatement! Wearing only her blond wig, Katrina stepped into a tiny mound of thin, shiny, clingy, black material. She twisted and wiggled delightfully as she pulled the skirt of the dress up her legs. She adjusted the skin-tight skirt so that it rode low on her hips, barely above the top her pubic triangle, several inches below her navel. In an incredibly erotic gesture, she pushed some errant pubic hairs back under the top of the skirt.

The bottom of the skirt ended a couple of inches above her knees. When she turned her back toward me, I could see the open dimple at the top of the crack between her cheeks. The whole thing was perhaps thirteen inches long, top to bottom. That was just the beginning of its appeal!

There were two-inch-wide slits, one on each side of the skirt, running from top to bottom, revealing a lot of skin on Katrina’s hips. Holding the skirt together at the top were four thin strings, each about the diameter of a shoelace. Only the top string went completely around her hips; the other three on each side simply held the two halves of the skirt together. The lowest string was about four inches from the top of the skirt, leaving two nine-inch long hanging panels, one in front, one in the rear. The “skirt” appeared to be nothing more than two strips of cloth, one covering her lower abdomen, the other covering her buttocks. It was so tight that the side strings pressed into her skin, forming little rectangular areas of flesh that dimpled out. There was clearly no way to wear panties under this skirt! She lifted the front panel as high as the strings would allow, and the curly forest of her dark pubic hair was uncovered.

There were two strips of material attached to the top front of the skirt about seven or eight inches apart. Katrina pulled them up and tied them loosely behind her neck. The two strips formed the entire top of the dress. At the bottom they were strings. They widened as they went up, then narrowed to strings again, each forming a pouch around one of her breasts. Each pouch covered most of a breast, but offered it no support. The bottom of each pouch was held against her body by the bottom of the strip which was loosely fastened to the top of the skirt. There was no tension on the strips until her breasts moved. Down her front she was completely bare from her neck to the top of her skirt.

As Katrina breathed, the ribbon-pouches concealing her breasts did little to disguise them. It was obvious that her left breast was slightly larger than her right, and the size and shape of each was completely revealed. Her nipples tented the thin material.

Katrina stepped into matching high-heels, and asked, “You like?” She looked at my throbbing, red-tipped erection and said, “Ah! You like!”

I had to swallow several times before I could speak. “T-Kat! That dress just screams sex! It says ‘I want to fuck!’ even when you’re standing still!”

“Well, I don’t plan to stand still, so maybe I’d better practice getting around in these shoes. Tell me how I look then!” She was standing directly in front of me and I could already smell her arousal, thick, sweet, and pungent.

Katrina moved slowly around the room and practiced walking, sitting down, and getting up again. I had to grab a towel to wipe off the pre-cum that was dripping from my throbbing erection. Katrina giggled, deep in her throat. “Our agreement said we were supposed to tease each other until midnight. How am I doing?”

From the rear, Katrina appeared to be naked except for a thin band of material clinging to her buttocks, ending above her knees. The sides of her hips were bare. As she walked, the rounded twin globes of her muscular behind were clearly defined as they rippled underneath the thin, clingy cloth.

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