Mar 23

Powerless to Temptation

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Powerless to TemptationHi guys, this is my first time writing so go easy or else! Seriously though, let me know what you think. Any feedback is good. Had a lot of fun writing it.So let me bore you quickly with the facts about myself.I’m 22, a student, standing 6 feet tall with an average build. I have a big perky bum that hugs to my clothes and escapes the cover of some of my more tighter boxer shorts. It dangles with a peachy characteristic and looks as though it was made to be caressed. My cock is 6 inches, medium girth and becomes extremely excitable in certain situations. Often when excited, pre cum oozes out and drips onto my body. I’ve always considered myself a straight male. Even fell in love with a girl. Unfortunately this love crumbled as quickly as it was built. I moved on with the notion of finding the next girl. What I found next however, was a surprise of a lifetime that swallowed my sexual energy and spat it out with a thunderous explosion.So let me tell you about what happened. I had a gay friend who lived relatively nearby. We were friends but never close friends. He was fairly cute, had brunette hair a brown glow to his skin and a glimmer to his deep blue eyes. Actually, he was really cute. His name was Nathan and he stood just shorter than me but was a little skinnier. In the times we found ourselves thrust in each other’s company it was due to a mutual friend but we never found it difficult to strike up a conversation. As I knew Nathan longer and longer unusual thoughts began to pop into my head. Thoughts that shouldn’t have been there. I felt guilty when my mind wondered to these temptations. The image of Nathan slowly gliding towards me until he pressed his body gently against mine crept into my mind. A lick of his luscious lips and a small movement towards my firmly shut mouth followed. He flicked his bottom lip softly against my mouth. I reciprocated this motion to him. Slowly we both locked lips and tenderly let go. Our bodies began flowing with the others. It felt so wrong to fantasise about but every time I did my cock rose instantly, pulsating in my shorts.Deeply confused by this new found lust for Nathan, I carried on normally. It was just a phase I thought. This normality continued until 2 weeks ago when something that wasn’t suppose to happen, well you guessed it… Happened. It started with a night out in a local club. I had seen Nathan there and we shared a friendly catch up. My mind recalled the fantasy of his tight body pressed against mine. I stopped this lapse instantly and carried on with my night in the pursuit of some female türbanlı gaziantep escort company. By the end of the night things hadn’t worked out on the women front (shock) and alcohol taken its toll. My good judgement had deserted me and been replaced with a new found confidence, a deadly cocktail as many of you know. In an attempt to prevent my inevitable embarrassing moment I began walking home. I was alone as I had been separated, due to a desperate attempt to find female companionship, from the friends I had ventured out with. To my surprise I saw Nathan a few metres in front walking by himself. My heart skipped a beat and I began to lengthen my strides and join him on the short walk home. As I caught up with him, we greeted each other and began chatting away like usual. Everything seemed normal on the surface, but inside my heart was racing, my mind transfixed on this fantasy. I knew it was silly as despite my lack of soberness I still wasn’t gay. I just wasn’t. It was merely a little fantasy that would remain locked away in my little world. As we approached my house I realised I had given my phone, keys and wallet to a friend in the club in a bid to stop me from losing anything in my merry and slightly vulnerable state. I cursed my stupidity, “Oh for fuck sake!” I sighed. “What? What’s up Dan?” Nathan replied. “I haven’t got anything on me.” I explained revealing my empty pockets. Nathan giggled and reassured me that this was not something to panic about but instead an opportunity to mock my intelligence. “You can sleep on my floor you idiot,” he reassuringly suggested. I found myself taken aback by the speed at which I jumped at this notion. Nathan didn’t flinch when I took him up on the offer and we both began walking to his house. I was relieved he didn’t notice my eagerness. Calm down idiot I thought to myself. I was weary of drunkenly revealing my secret crush. I refocused my efforts and continued with light playful conversation.We arrived at Nathan’s house promptly with it being a minimal walk and entered without fuss. Nobody else was in; fortunately his house mates had arranged to travel home for the weekend leaving a lifeless, empty house. I followed Nathan into his tidy bedroom and sat on his bed nervously, still waiting to see what I was about to do. Not quite knowing of my temptation would overcome my resistance. I reassured myself that I was a straight male, which to a degree kept my mind at easy.“Do you want to share the bed?” Nathan politely asked. “You sure?” I tentatively responded türbanlı gaziantep escort bayan this time trying to prevent my excited outburst. “Ye, no worries. It’s a double and I can’t be bothered to get the extra bedding out for the floor.” Nathan’s calmness comforted me. If the tone was any different, alarm bells would be ringing aloud in my head. But despite the apparent proximity of our sleeping arrangements, I felt comfortable knowing it was only a friendly gesture. Nothing more, nothing less.We both clambered into bed with only our boxer shorts remaining. Playful conversation followed with a little teasing aimed in both directions. As we began to relax I felt like it was the opportune time to bring up his sexuality. Fully aware of his orientation I asked some questions about what it’s like to be gay. I had hoped it would remove my inner guilt of having fantasies about Nathan. I found myself asking more and more questions and eventually asked Nathan how he could tell if someone’s gay. He giggled, a commonly inquiry I had assumed. “I have the best gaydar! I just know! I can tell when someone can’t wait to bend me over!” We both laughed as his boasting was followed by a playful raise of the eyebrows. In my mind I wondered If he knew what I was thinking. Part of me wanted him to know about my fantasy just to see what he would do. Would he really act on it?We lay there facing one another, I felt relaxed. “So have you ever thought about guys?” He asked. I tried to play it cool and calmly denied it. Nathan then teased, “Bet you have!” I was nervous but managed to deny it again in a nonchalant manner. My heart was racing, my cock began to stiffen. “I could easily seduce a straight guy!” I shook my head adamantly to disagree. Nathan’s cockiness was growing, ironically something of mine was too.He looked at me as if he was searching into the depths of my eyes. I lay still, managing a timid smile back. “So you’re saying if I moved my hand down here it doesn’t feel nice?” His hand followed a trail down my torso towards now throbbing cock. To hide my excitement I quickly laid belly down so his hand could not continue its descent. “Get off,” I was embarrassed but Nathan giggled playfully. “Fine! But since you’re laid like that I’ll give you a massage. It’ll show you us gay guys know what we’re doing.” I couldn’t resist his offer and reluctantly accepted. At this point my cock was pressed firmly against the bed, a small movement of my hips gave a rush of excitement.Nathan began the massage gently, starting türbanlı escort gaziantep with my neck. He delicately probed me as my body responded with groans of approval. I was loving every minute of it and I think he knew too. “Good?” He asked, already knowing the answer. I managed to mumbled a positive response in my tranquil state. I didn’t want to talk. I wanted to take in all the senses I was experiencing. I began biting my lip to disguise satisfied moans escaping my grasp and slowly moved my body to the rhythm of Nathan’s soft strokes. His hands drifted downward towards my red box shorts. Without a moments hesitation he slowly pulled them away from my body, “Going to do the Glute’s now, if that’s alright mate?” My silence said it all. Not for a single moment did I resist. Why would I? Everything was perfect. He knew he had me then and there. I had succumbed to the relentless onslaught of sensual touches. My body couldn’t resist the ongoing bombardment any longer. I was trapped in a web of seduction with no escape. I didn’t want to escape, it was heavenly.I felt his fingers rub smoothly across my bum. I arched my back to move towards his magical fingertips, pressing his fingers deeper into my shapely bum. He approached my arsehole and paused. I almost came with anticipation, I couldn’t take it much longer but my body remained rigid. With one hand he lifted my supple left cheek and with the other glided a thumb along my arse crack. Unwittingly. I exhaled a moan of pleasure. He continued his stroke down to my tight balls gliding his fingers along sensitive areas. His hand moved further and further along until it cupped my overflowing balls using his fingernails as the point of contact. I moaned again, this time deeper. I heard a small chuckle.How could I resist this. Every bone in my body wanted him. The idea of leaving this room unfulfilled disgusted me. I wanted him to keep going. He did just that.Slowly Nathan reached down between the bed and my body and wedged a hand between the two. My lips parted as I gasped with pure excited. He delicately placed my throbbing member so it aligned between my thighs, on fully show for him to observe. “That’s weird,” a small delay ensued. I turned my head slightly to acknowledge him. “For a straight guy you seem to be enjoying this massage a lot.” His comment was a reference to my rock hard cock. I paused not knowing what to say, powerless to his aura. He leaned forward, his mouth almost touching my ear. As he did so I felt a bulge in pressed expectantly against my body. Saliva accumulated in my mouth. The thought of him pushing his solid dick into the back of my throat made my cock twitch with ecstasy. He whispered softly in my ear, “Then again, I do have the best gaydar.” There was a seductive edge that followed his words. It was followed by the softest of kisses on my left cheek. I opened my eyes and gazed at him. He stared back and winked. I wasn’t going to forget this night. And I never did…

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