Mar 14

Pozed at the bookstore part 3

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Pozed at the bookstore part 3Part 3Wow! I had never been fucked by more the one guy at a time and now I had just received my fourth load of cum up my fuck hole. All bareback. And even though I had been led to believe they had all been tested negative for HIV I was informed after the first load that they were all poz loads. And there were at least a dozen more poz infected cocks that we’re going to breed my negative ass. I had just fucked a poz infected ass that was full of toxic poz cum and had shot what was probably going to be my last negative load. As my softening dick slid out of the poz pit I had just fucked I tried to get up but was roughly grabbed and place back on the fuck bench. Some one took the place of the guy I had just fucked and he in turn mounted the fresh piece of fuck meat. As he straddled him and slid his poz stick up his ass I had a great view of his cum dripping fuck hole. There was a bio hazard tattoo surrounding the poz pit which was dripping cum. “Now you can lick his ass fuck pig”.I didn’t need a second invitation. I love cum and the ass seasoning of a fresh cream pie is my favorite. I dove in licking up all giresun rus escort the cum on the outside before plunging my tongue into that toxic bug infested ass. My cock was already starting to get hard again. “You like that poz fuck slop piggy”? someone asked. “Best tasting cream pie I ever “. I replied. Just then another big cock was rammed deep in my cock pit. “Oh fuck” I gasped, “Fuck me, pump more of that bug infected poz into my cunt”. “Give me another load of faggot death deep in my ass”. He slammed his poz injector fuck stick in hard and almost immediately I felt his cock throbbing and I was getting another poz load deep in my ass. I could feel more of that demon seed running down my balls as his cock spewed burst after burst deep in my bowels. Thank god they all seemed to be cumming so fast. I didn’t think my ass could handle every cock here pounding my ass for twenty minutes apiece. About that time bio hazard tattoo guy let out a deep moan and pumped his satanic venom deep into the ass he was pounding. Once again they told me to straddle the guy on the floor in front of me and giresun rus escort bayan fuck him. My cock was once again hard as a rock as I plunged it into the poz filled fuck hole and once again another cock was thrust into my ass. Since I had already came once I wasn’t able to shoot another load right away and three more guys bred my fuck hole before I released my cum deep into the ass under me. Again I was yanked back onto the fuck bench with my ass exposed. The guy whose ass I had fucked was replaced with a fresh unseeded ass which he straddled and started to fuck as I licked his freshly cum filled fuck hole. My own ass was on fire from all the fucking it was getting and each new poz fucker seemed like he was trying to ram it in harder than the previous guy. As I lapped up the cum from the ass in front of me his balls tightened and he spewed his toxic brew into the bottoms ass. “Okay piggy, get that negative prick into that bug hole”.I straddled the freshly pozed bug hole but my dick was not responding. I had shot 2 loads in a very short period and I needed some time to recover and rus escort giresun told them as much. “We got just the thing to cure that”. The men around me moved back and a figure in a black robe came forward. The robe had a hood that completely hid his face. A cold shiver cursed through my body. He looked like the grim reaper. He was holding what looked like an oxygen mask attached to a long flexible hose that you might see on a vacuum cleaner. “Inhale this” a screechy high pitched voice hissed. “What is it? I can’t do d**gs. If a random d**g test caught me with d**gs in my system I would lose my job. “Better than d**gs and not detectable. I like to call it Devils breath” he hissed in a voice that very much sounded like it could be the Devils. I tried to pull away from the sinister figure but his bony hand was at the back of my head before I could react. The mask was placed over my mouth and nose. “Don’t fight it. Inhale”. The eerie satanic voice hissed. There was a vapor issuing from the mask that was hot and had a strong smell of sulfur that did not quite mask another foul odor. I tried to hold my breath but a fist was slammed into my gut knocking the wind from me. With each gasp for air I filled my lungs with the noxious vapor. The room was swimming but my balls felt that familiar tingle that signaled that they had a load that needed to get out. My cock was also jumping back to life. Someone grabbed my dick and it was guided to that poz infected fuck pit.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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