Oca 10

Practicing for a Play

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“Hey, it’s you isn’t it?”

I stopped and turned towards the female voice that had called out. I thought I recognised your dark curls and beautiful eyes and hoped it really was you. I casually glanced over your whole body and liked what I saw but what I didn’t know was why you had called out to me.

Strange things happen when grabbing coffee in Berwick!

You were there behind me in the queue. I waited and collected my drink and then went and stood outside the door hoping you’d join me.

Shortly after you joined me and without saying anything walked and turned into the little alleyway between Serendipity and the phone shop. We took several paces walking in silence until we went around the corner so no-one could see us from the high street or from behind the shops. I turned to you and placed my hand on your shoulder, I leant in and…

Felt your hand stroke across the front of my trousers. “Eager much,” you say.

I push you against the wall and run my hands up your body and kiss you. “Always…” I reply.

“Follow me…”

We walk up through the alleyway onto Crawfords Alley, turn right onto Chapel Street and right again onto Church street. I lead you up a small row of houses until we eryaman escort resimleri arrive at St. Aidan’s hall. I swiftly remove the key from the safe box, open the door and usher you inside. I lock the door from the inside so no-one else can follow us in.

“I’m here practicing for a new play at the Maltings and have the hall booked for the next several hours”.

You wander forward up the corridor and into the main hall where there’s a table, chair and inflatable mattress!

“The mattress is for the play but as you’re here it might be more than a scenery marker!”

You look me in the eyes, smile and proceed to undress. As you remove your coat I can see faint glimpses of skin beneath. I have a suspicion your turning up in Costa was a bit more planned than I thought. With your coat on the floor and you standing in a t-shirt, bra, panties and trackies you kneel and beckon me over.

As I stand before you, your nimble fingers make short work of my belt and trouser buttons, lowering them to the ground. You reach inside my boxers and touch. As my knees crumble I fall to the ground and then reach and kiss you. I run my hands down your sides and under your t-shirt. I touch and feel and bring my etimesgut escort bayan hands around to your front to your amazing breasts. You lift your arms and I pull your t-shirt over your head, peppering everything I can reach with kisses, touches and licks.

On our knees we move over to the mattress whilst being liplocked. I quickly shuck the rest of my clothing and lay you down on your back.

I work my way down your body kissing as I discover until I reach your panties which I slowly remove down your legs.

You reach again for me so I rotate myself so you can reach me whilst I slowly explore you. Touching lightly, blowing air, tickling the nub at the apex I feel you wrap you hand around me and start to pump. I insert my thumb into you and use my fingers to gently tap around your lips in time with you pumping me. I feel a lick, a drop of moisture and then being enveloped into your warm wet mouth. I lower my mouth and lick and suck, all the whilst pumping my thumb and then some fingers inside you. I curl my fingers and stroke your inside walls. I feel you start to spasm and then blurt out. Gonna cum… That excites you that your pulsing gets stronger and very sincan escort gently add a finger to your arse, rocking my hand back and forth I push you to your limits and go limp. You pull on me and give one last suck as I begin to squirt.

We lay there for a couple of minutes catching our breath and I rotated back up and kissed you intensely. I cleaned you up of my cum and then we snuggled for a while.

Act Two!

We are lying on our sides on the mattress and you carefully slide your leg over mine, swiftly you push me onto my back and slide the rest of the way onto me. You reach back and arrange my fully re-hardened cock in line with you and sink down. You lift, slide, rock, slide back and repeat. Very slowly… Even more slowly. I arch my back and hold my self inside you as you continue to impale and slide yourself on me. Suddenly I lean up, grab your arms and pull you to my chest. Your breasts flatten against me and your nipples grow into hard pebbles. You lean back and I gently take one into my mouth and nip and suck and lick. My hand takes your other breast and repeats the process pulling it in time as I pull the other with my teeth.

Our public bones grind together and then you move slightly so a different part of you is rubbing on me. You start to canter whilst I hold onto your nipples and we ride each other. Your breath starts to pant in short sharp gasps, I plunge as deep as I can and hold still as you collapse jelly like and continue to quake around me.

We lie back down and cuddle.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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