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Preacher’s Daughter

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Preacher’s DaughterPreacher’s DaughterMy father is the local preacher in the small town that I call home even though the Congregation is small we always seem to have enough money to keep making improvements . My mother was in charge of raising the funds for the church I would help her by making cookies , cakes and brownies things like that . It never occurred to me at the time that it takes a lot more money to remodel or make improvements I mean it’s expensive and I didn’t think selling baked goods could bring in that much money. Now my mother is a very good looking woman with a slim figure and all the men strain their necks when ever she walks down the street . Some say that I look just like her even though I’m only fifteen I have started to develop breasts and my mother just smiles and says’ someday . Someday what? I’m thinking am I gonna die at an early age or grow another arm just what has me worried so I finally asked her what she means by someday ?Well mom said that someday soon you are going to start thinking about boys and will have sexual thoughts and needs which is perfectly normal it happens to all young women as you grow up . What kind of needs are you talking about ? Well Nancy first let me tell you about my needs as I grew up . As you know I grew up with three brothers but what you don’t know is I have seen them naked on many occasions and they went out of their way to see me naked every chance they could . I watched them jerking off whispering my name and shoot their stuff on the sheets or their stomach . Sometimes I would rub my little pussy with some urgency while watching them enjoying themselves . The very thought of them stroking their cocks and saying my name always brought me to the brink of orgasm .It was shortly after that I was in my room rubbing my pussy when Alan slowly opened my door and quietly walked in and closed the door stood and watched me get myself off I didn’t even notice him until I opened my eyes and saw him standing their stroking his cock staring at me laying their with my legs wide open and three fingers still in my slit . I asked him to come closer and when he moved close enough I reached out grabbed his cock held it then I opened my mouth and guided him in . His cock felt so hard and yet so soft at the same time . I knew right then I loved the feel and taste of cock and I wanted a lot more . Alan only lasted a few minutes before he came in my mouth . I wanted more and there are two more brothers just waiting not just to see me naked again but would love me sucking on their cocks I know that I would love a steady supply of cock and I knew that my brothers would not disappoint me . Soon after that first night of me sucking off my brothers they were soon licking my pussy and fucking me in all my holes almost every night . I just stared at my mother not quite sure if I heard her right , my girlfriends güvenilir bahis and I have talked at length about fucking and sucking cock a couple of them have already have and told us how much their boyfriends loved it . However none of their boyfriends have licked any of their pussy’s yet . Mom said perhaps I should demonstrate on you on just what it feels like to have your pussy eaten . Mom I’m not gay I mean I’ve watched my girlfriends eat each other last week at Julie’s sleepover but I thought as much fun as they were having I wasn’t ready to try that . Having your pussy eaten by a woman doesn’t mean your gay Nancy it’s just that a woman knows how to do it properly it will help you in the future when your first boyfriend goes down on you , and it will help you give him some pointers on what makes you feel good . I thought about it for a couple of seconds and it makes a lot of sense and besides my little pussy was starting to drip thinking about what had said so I agreed to let her eat me .I quickly removed my clothes before I chicken out and lay on the bed mom said baby you are gonna love it , she got between my legs and licked the edge of my slit which felt incredible by the way before slowly moving her tongue deep into my hairless cunt . Her technique was amazing plus my cunt is so sensitive anyway that I was soaring in just a couple of minutes my orgasm hit me like a mac truck I started to hump moms face and moan softly at first before the intense feeling overwhelmed me as I then let out a very load cry as I grabbed my tits and started to buck wildly on the bed as mom held my hips and drove her face into my pussy .When I caught my breath mom looked up at me and smiled . As you are probably wondering just how do I raise so much money for your fathers church well I think it’s about time I told you the truth . I have been having crazy sex with the Mayor and the Chief of Police and several other prominent city officials for about ten years now . Your father knows everything he has even video taped these events so that they cannot come back at us . In return for my services they encourage the cities town folks to join our church and contribute as much as possible to help the church grow but most of them never had sex with me the Mayor and Chief we are trying to keep the group small because the more people are involved the easier it would be for someone to slip up and blab about what goes on here. Right now the group is around eleven men so think about it OK . Okay mom I’ll let you know as soon as I’ve made up my mind . Just one more thing mom said if you decide to help me your father would like to be your first to take your virginity . I assure you that he would be very gentle making it as painless as possible where someone else would not be as caring , and you know your father loves you very much . I thought about it for a minute türkçe bahis then asked mom I really don’t want to get pregnant I’m not quite ready to be a mother just yet . I know dear besides of you being on birth control we would insist that anyone who fucks you would have to wear a condom no exceptions . If you decide to join us I would be with you until you felt comfortable , so what do you say? I’m in mom I’m ready to lose my cherry to daddy . I am so happy to hear you say that and I know your father will be too. While I waited for my father to get home I took a shower shaved my pussy to be free of any hair curled my hair put on my best short skirt and no panties a tight fitting shirt and no bra , mom said your father will not be able to contain his excitement when he sees you baby. Daddy got home fifteen minutes later and when he saw me standing there my tits poking out from my tight shirt a huge smile grew on his face as well a tent rising up in his pants . I stared back at him then raised my skirt to show him my freshly shaven cunt he just stared at me for only a few seconds before walking over to me then dropped to his knees slid his hands around my butt and pulled his face deep into my yet to be fucked cunt . His tongue went deep into me lapping me like he was a dog getting a drink form a bowl . I moved my hands to his head and guided him to were I wanted his tongue to go a slight adjustment to my clit sent me over the edge . I loved the feeling of having an orgasm my newly eaten cunt gushed my girly fluid into daddy’s mouth . Using my fingers couldn’t even compare to a mans experienced tongue I was hooked the feeling is just to hard to put into words I only knew that I wanted my cunt eaten as often as possible . I continued to force daddy’s face as deep in me as he would go , turns out a second more powerful orgasm was only a minutes away . My legs grew weak and I found it difficult to stand so mom suggested that we take it to their bedroom , so dad picked me up carried me to their bed lay me down then removed my clothes then removed his shirt and pants his beautiful cock sprang out in front of him I reached for it wrapping my hand around this hard and yet soft cock . My mind was going crazy I wanted it in my mouth ass and pussy all at the same time .Dad helped me make up my mind when he looked me in the eye and said baby I would love to take your virginity as soon as you are ready . I knew at that moment that this is what I have been wanting for a long time a real mans cock deep into my tight virgin cunt . So I said dad would you please fuck me gently at first then when I’m ready I’d love it if you would fuck me like a bad girl deserves to be fucked . Oh Nancy my sweet girl I’ will be so gentle it will be so good for you I would never want to hurt my little girl . That’s right Nancy mom said there is no one better to take your güvenilir bahis siteleri cherry than your father . Dad slowly rubbed his cock up and down my fuck slot then eased it in going only up to my hymen bumping it a couple of times before I grabbed his ass cheeks and lunged my hips forward while pulling his hips forward driving him as deep as possible smashing that pesky piece of skin that would allow me to become a woman . I wrapped my legs around dad to hold him in place until the initial pain faded after about a minute he pulled back a little before pushing all the way back in . He asked me how it felt I smiled and said that it feels wonderful can you go a little faster please . Baby I can go as fast and as deep as you want . A smile crossed my moms face when she said Nancy you are a woman now and soon you will have many men fucking you as much as you want as often as you want . I looked at mom and asked her how many men has she fucked . Dad smiled and said your mother was fucking long before he ever met her . He continued to pump his cock into me with long steady strokes It felt better than I ever could have imagined and I never wanted it to end . Mom moved up to my face and kissed me deeply sucking my tongue and groping my tit so many sensations were going on at the same time just about had my senses on overload . Dad looked at me and said that he is ready to cum and that he is going to pull out before he fills my young hungry cunt. Mom said Nancy would you like to taste your fathers cum straight from the source it very creamy and thick . Yes I would like that very much , mom looks up at my dad and said you heard her you wants to taste your cum so you had better fill your daughters mouth . Your right dear here it comes dad slides out of me moves to my mouth aims his cock at my open mouth and sends several ropes of man cum right in I closed my mouth around dads cock while he empty’s his load . Dads breathing hard now eyes closed while I concentrate on getting every drop he has . Mom whispers in my ear saying that it’s nice to share so I open my mouth and share dads cum with my mother . We swapped the fluid back and forth several times before we both swallowed some . It was the best thing I have ever had done kissing my mom eating dads cum getting fucked for the first time it is the the best times of my young life . I asked my dad when he would be ready to fuck me again when he said that he would need to rest for awhile but there was no reason that you and your mother couldn’t eat each others pussy while I watch . Although I have never eaten another pussy I remember how it felt earlier when mom licked me I knew that it would be a snap for me to eat my mother . Dad was going to get a show that he will remember for the rest of his life . What I lacked in experience I made up in enthusiasm which delighted my parents . Dad said that when you join your mother in her fund raising efforts that he could see the money start pouring in . I doubled my efforts eating my mother which delighted her as I thought on whom I would like to fuck first or who would eat my pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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