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Prefer To Call It Hubby Swapping

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Sunset View was a perfectly named street. On the west side of town, it was a cul-de-sac that ran due west, four houses on each side of the road, and one across the end. The one across the end had become run down after the resident elderly couple went into long-term care, so the family sold it a developer in order to finance the couple’s care.

The developer built two nice single family homes, mirror image of each other, with back gardens facing into the setting sun and extremely private. Both back yards were fenced, with each of the homes having a very limited view into the other’s back yard. Two young couples moved in, both in their mid-twenties. The couples quickly became four-way best friends, and even put a gate in the common fence so as to go from house to house in complete privacy.

One couple, Evelyn and her hubby Adam, became quickly known in the neighborhood as ‘Adam and Eve’, while Josephine and husband Joseph were soon known as JoeJo. Neither of the wives worked, their husbands being successful commercial lawyers in town, working in the same offices.

Coffee morning for the two wives occurred most mornings. They were both tall, around 5’9, Jo with short black curly hair, Eve with short blond curly hair. Eve had the smaller bust, but was still a decent B compared with Jo’s C, but below the bust they were almost like twins – flat tummies, slim waisted, pleasing hips and great long legs. Adam and Joe were both similar to each other, with dark hair, broad shoulders and 6’2 height. There was really only one way to fully tell the two couples apart. JoeJo were that beautiful almost-shiny ebony black. Eve was porcelain white, and Adam was only slightly darker than Eve. He could at least take a bit of sun, whereas Evelyn burned on a cloudy day.

One Monday morning in February, Jo came through the gate and let herself in at Eve’s, calling out she was there. Eve came downstairs tying the belt of a beautiful peach-colored lacy peignoir, having just had a long bath and applying cream to her skin. “Sorry, I’m behind on things this morning, haven’t even had chance to put coffee on. Just felt like being lazy in the tub that’s all.”

“No problem, I don’t think either of us is in a rush. Love the robe.”

“Valentine’s present from Adam, he got extra special attention for it, I can assure you.”

“So that explains a long late morning, and why Adam phoned Joe to say that Joe should take his own car to work this morning as Adam was running late….”

Jo went over to Eve to examine the peignoir, and rubbed the lace. “Very soft for lace.”

Eve undid the robe and performed a pirouette for Jo. “Woo, girl,” exclaimed Jo, “that’s some body you got under there.”

Under the robe, Eve was completely naked. “You’ve seen me naked before haven’t you?”

“Saw you in a bikini once, when it was so cloudy there was no way you could get a tan, but no, ain’t never seen you naked.”

Eve dropped the robe on the floor, struck a pose with her arms stretched out, palms upwards, and sang out “Ta Da”…..

Jo picked up the robe and put it over a chair. “Eve, you’re beautiful” making no pretense as she examined Eve closely. “I see you like the hairless look.”

“Yes, and no. I have to shave it often, so I’m thinking of laser Brazilian treatment, but that can be pricey. Will have to give Adam several special attentions for that.”

“Well, I must admit,” said Jo, “that I think you look beautiful naked. What a pity that your skin burning so easy won’t let you run around the garden naked like that.”

“I can’t run around the garden naked, what would the neighbors think?”

“There’s only two neighbors can see. Joe would be quite happy to see you naked, and if you did do it, I would join you.”

Jo had got very, very close to Eve during this exchange, and suddenly reached out for Eve and embraced her, pulling her in close. Eve didn’t resist, and so both girls found themselves with their noses about an inch apart, and their breathing getting quicker. Without a word, they both leaned forward and kissed. Jo’s knitted dress was rubbing against Eve’s naked breasts, and as Eve clung to Jo, Jo’s hands slid down Eve’s back and rested on her bum, pushing their bellies together. And it wasn’t a quick kiss, either. When they needed air, they still didn’t break the kiss, but gently inhaled through their noses to keep the contact. It was almost as if breaking the kiss might cause embarrassment or an apology. But eventually, they had to break.

Jo leaned back, but didn’t let go the embrace. “Hmm, Mmm, that was good.”

Eve looked embarrassed and cast her eyes down. “Jo, I have to admit I’ve had an urge to kiss you for a long time, just didn’t have the guts. I’ve had a crush on you almost since we met, really I have. Couldn’t pluck up the courage, but I have had fantasies of being naked with you, being your lover, so many times. It’s my favorite scenario when me and the rabbit get together.”

“I see,” said Jo, letting go of Eve and stepping back. “Put ankara moldovyalı escortlar the coffee on. please.”

Eve turned and went through the process of putting the coffee on, noisily grinding the beans in the top of her plumbed-in coffee-maker, and starting it off. She turned back to apologize to Jo and stopped dead. Jo had pulled off her knitted dress, shed her bra and was just picking up a sexy white thong off the floor. Now they were both naked.

“As you can see, you don’t owe me any apologies. I have had a crush on you for as long as it appears you had one on me. And me and my rabbit think about you all the time.”

At this they both laughed. They hugged and kissed until they heard the coffee pot make it’s last asthmatic gasp. “God,” said Eve, “That sound as it finishes makes me think of Adam, what he will sound like when he is about 80, cumming when I let him have some special attention!” Jo almost choked laughing.

“You know,” said Jo, ” we should do naked coffee time every time it’s just the two of us. With that little gate in the back, we can slip backwards and forwards without ever being seen. Obviously we both fancy the other.”

Eve was looking closely at Jo. “I didn’t know black people actually ‘tanned'” she said ‘but I can see your bikini lines. That really surprises me.”

“Oh yes,” said Jo, “My Mom, who lives in Florida, actually had to have treatment for sun-induced skin cancer, and wears sunscreen all the time now. Being black helps, but it’s no suit of armor.”

Eve had put her mug down, and was looking intently at the floor. “What’s on your mind?” asked Jo.

Eve breathed in deeply. “Can I take you to bed?” she asked.

Nothing was said. Jo didn’t answer. She just stood up, grabbed Eve’s hand and pulled her in the direction of the stairs. Their houses were mirror image, and she knew exactly where the master bedroom was….

“I want to give you some special attention” said Eve, laying on top of Jo. She lifted herself forwards and dangled her boobs in Jo’s face. Jo licked them and tried to grab them with her teeth. Jo held Eve’s breasts to the sides of her face and wiggled them. Eve loved the feeling of Jo’s face between her breasts, Jo’s teeth biting her, Jo’s tongue licking her. After a few minutes of this, Jo rolled the pair of them over so she was on top. Very slowly, very sensually, she started to work her way down Eve’s body. Nowhere was out of bounds. Her tongue probed Eve’s armpits, and licked her ears. She made little butterfly kisses all down Eve’s neck, and eventually, she found a nipple. She bit on it, firmly but not too painfully, and heard Eve’s intake of breath. She crossed slowly over to the other breast, while taking the first nipple between finger and thumb and squeezing it. Eve was moaning, and rolling her head from side to side. Jo let go the nipple and started kissing down Eve’s tummy, licking her belly button and then tracing across her lover’s belly with her tongue. Eventually she found Eve’s hairless mons veneris, and at the base of it, her womanhood. Jo pulled apart her outer lips and started licking and sucking on Eve’s inner labia. The moaning got louder, the head rolling more pronounced. Jo used her thumbs to open up Eve’s clitoral hood and rub her clit while still biting and sucking on her labia.

And then it happened. Eve’s hips humped up into the air, clear of the bed, and Jo almost lost the contact of her mouth on Eve’s body. When they were back on the bed, Jo thrust her tongue as far into Eve’s vagina as it would go. Then, withdrawing her tongue, she inserted two fingers, palm up, and went hunting for Eve’s g-spot. Finding the roughness of it, she rubbed it and wound Eve up all over again.

Eventually, they both descended from orbit and calmed down. Eve let out a nervous laugh – “I don’t even have to put batteries in you, do I? You’re the first girl I’ve ever been with.”

Jo climbed back up the bed until the were face to face and kissed Eve. She smiled down at Eve and said “You have no idea how long I have wanted to do that to you.”

“Hopefully, now you’ve done it once, you’ll consider doing it again? No-one has ever made me cum like that, not even Adam….”

“Oh yes,” said Jo, “and feel free to try it on me anytime.”

“Anytime? How about if I did it front of our hubbies?”

They both giggled at the thought. There was then an awkward silence. Jo propped herself up on one elbow, and looked at Eve. “Joe once told me – and he wasn’t joking – that if you ever came on to him, he would go for it.”

“I see,” said Eve very quietly, “My best friend’s husband wants to fuck me?”

“In all fairness, if Adam came on to me, I’d take him up on it, too.”

“Our best friends want to wife swap?”

“To be honest,” said Jo, “I think ‘wife swap’ sounds very misogynistic, very ‘man in control’. I prefer to think of us being in charge of sex – like that Greek play where the women cut the men off – Lysistrata wasn’t it? – so I prefer to call it ‘hubby swapping’. ankara ukraynalı escortlar And we’d only swap for the hubbies we really wanted, not ones chosen for us.”

Jo lay down again, and Eve turned on her side, and started to suck on Jo’s right breast. At first it was a little tentative, but then she got the confidence to bite – not too hard – and felt Jo’s response. Eve let her hand slide down Jo’s body until she found her pubic bush. The hair was thick but not too long, so was obviously maintained, and running her fingers through it, she found Jo’s lips and the moisture exuding from them. She slid herself down the bed until her mouth was right there. Her hand opened up Jo, and Eve was surprised how pink Jo was inside, exactly the same as herself. She took Jo’s inner lips in her mouth and sucked on them, the first time she had ever been so close to someone else’s vagina. She gradually entered Jo with her fingers and, judging by Jo’s reaction, found the right spot to please her friend. Jo’s movements got quicker and stronger until eventually she let out a cry of pure animal satisfaction and flew into the air.

“Oh, Eve, that was incredible, incredible, and so good…..”

“Well, it’s the first time I have ever done that to someone else, but it won’t be the last!”

Jo laughed. “Well, tomorrow, it’s your turn to cum for me for coffee….”

Somehow, Eve knew exactly how the word was being spelled.

The next morning, Adam and Joe set off in the same car as normal. They were barely out of the cul-de-sac when Eve – stark naked – went through the gate and into Jo’s house. Jo heard the door open and called her upstairs.

Jo was naked on the bed, on her back. Eve dived on to the bed, between Jo’s legs, and started to play with her pussy, looking for Jo’s clit. Again, she was amazed how pink Jo was inside – for some reason she thought Jo would be black inside and out. She loved how big Jo’s clit was, and rubbed it with her thumb. Then she started to suck the inner lips, the labia minora. Jo’s were much larger than her own and really protruded, and that made them very easy to suck and to enjoy. And so , with just a little persistence, it was completely unsurprising that Jo reached a very noisy climax.

They went downstairs for coffee, giggling like schoolgirls, and as they slowly enjoyed the coffee, Eve decided to revisit their conversation of the day before. “Did you mean it that Joe would go all the way with me if I gave him the opportunity?”

“Well, let’s make one thing clear – he was adamant about not having a secretive affair with you. He would fuck you only if I and Adam were there as well….”

“All of us…..? Together….? Watching…..?”

“He didn’t care if Adam and I were watching or screwing each other, but we all had to be there – no secrets.”

“Well, I suppose that makes sense. Actually, last night I asked Adam if he had ever thought about being unfaithful since we got married. His answer was interesting…”

“In what way?”

“He said basically what Joe said. He wouldn’t cheat on me, but if we four were all together and you gave him the come-on, he wouldn’t turn you down. Do you think they have actually talked about this?”

“Wouldn’t surprise me,” said Jo. “He did admit seeing Adam naked at the gym had appealed to the bi side of him in a way.”

“Wow, Really?”

“Well, we saw each other naked and it appealed to our bi sides. Why should they be any different?”

“You have a point, wonder if I could get Adam to make a similar admission.”

Jo took Eve back upstairs and got her to lay diagonally across the king-sized bad. She knelt just above Eve’s head, and started kissing her. Forehead, nose, mouth chin, neck. As she moved slowly down Eve’s body, Eve started to kiss whatever part of Jo’s body came within reach of her lips. Being almost the same height, it meant they could suck each other’s nipples simultaneously which proved quite pleasurable. Then Jo started travelling again. Belly, then across Eve’s naked pubic area, with Eve licking through Jo’s pubic hair in return. They both parted the hood of their lover’s clit and started to lick and bite it. When Jo’s fingers started to penetrate Eve’s pussy, Eve’s fingers returned the favor. Both girls got very wet, and fingers started pushing in deeper and deeper. Jo’s pussy was the first to open up and swallow the hand, which got Eve very hot, and so her body soon followed suit. Their hands were buried deep in the most intimate part of their best friend’s body, working hard on blowing both their mind and body simultaneously. It didn’t take long! They thrashed around for several minutes before they each withdrew, and Jo rolled off on to her back. The sound of their deep breathing filled the room as they waited for the passion, the excitement, the arousal, to gradually subside.

Eve was the first one to voice what they were both thinking, “What would happen next if we did that in front of the guys?”

“That would depend sincan minyon tipli escortlar on what choices we offered them. If they were just there, I think each of us would be set upon by our own husband. But if we had them restrained in some way, you and I could choose which husband we wanted. We could deprive them of choice, and indulge in hubby swapping.”

“I think this has to be planned out properly. It could be embarrassing if we did that and both of us chose the same guy!”

Jo laughed. “That’s true,” she said.

Eve sat up and turned to her friend. “Is it true that black guys have bigger cocks?”

Jo laughed. “Don’t really know, had a couple at Uni that weren’t that big and one white guy who was really enormous. Had a few girls, too.”

Eve looked a bit subdued. “That makes me look like little miss innocent. You yesterday were my first girl. Adam was my first boyfriend and so far the only cock that I’ve had. Mind you, one time I got him really aroused with some special attention and measured him and he was just over 9″.”

“In that case, they’re both about the same size, at least length wise.”

They lay there for a few minutes, then Jo, leapt off the bed. “Come on,” she said, “I’ve got a plan. This is Tuesday, when the guys go to the gym and for a beer. Let’s phone Joe and tell him they should get their own supper while they have the beer as you and I are going shopping and will eat out too. We’ll take my car and leave the shopping in the trunk when we get back. Maybe we should buy a blouse or something we can show them as the proceeds of our trip, and that will keep them off our trail.”

“What trail?”

“The Hubby Swap Conspiracy Trail. Now go home and get dressed, I’ll make the phone call.”

Some time later, the two girls were down on the East Side, and in a shop called “Adult Pleasures”. Jo outlined her plan to Eve. “First we handcuff the guys together, shirtless, so we need two pairs of cuffs. Then we leave them and get ready in a really sexy outfit, then we seduce each other in front of them, and then finally, we each give ‘Special Attention’ as you call it to each other’s hubby. Then we let them free and see what happens….”

They found a couple of pairs of cuffs with fur on them to make them easier to wear for a long period. Then they looked at the lingerie. “My thought,” said Jo, “is that I wear white and you wear black. Half-cup bra, sexy thong and garter belt, and nylons.” They found just what they wanted, and because it was shortly after Valentine’s, it was even on sale.

“And finally we need a double-ended dildo so we can fuck each other right in front of them…..”

“Oh, my God, Jo – you’re terrible.”

“Yes, but fun!”

The dildo was a bright red.

Next stop was Neiman-Marcus. With Jo quite clear in her mind what she wanted for them, they soon got their outfits. White blouse and tailored pants for Jo, same outfit in black for Eve. Finally, dinner at Carrabba’s with red wine, and they were done. The only bags they took out of the car were the Neiman-Marcus ones. During the meal, they decided that they would plan a supper at Eve’s, but with both of them providing food. Fresh bread with anti pasta, a nice Sausage and Lentil soup, and Lasagna as the main course. All food that could be prepared together on Friday, and then heated at Eve’s on the Saturday afternoon while the guys watched college hoops. A couple of bottles of Chianti would round things off. They would skip coffee (in its new format) on Friday to go shopping and then prepare the food, but that still left them Wednesday and Thursday to practice Jo’s plan to totally blow their guys’ minds.

So when they got home that evening, both told the same story. They had bought a new outfit that they would each wear on Saturday for dinner at Adam and Eve’s, and the guys could watch their games together there in the afternoon, so no, we can’t show you the new clothes until Saturday. Being well-domesticated husbands, there were no objections. After all, such events were normally a good meal followed by good friendship and drinking, but little did they know….!

Friday’s cooking went well, and the food was prepared and in the refrigerator for Saturday. The girl’s limited themselves to a modest amount of white wine until the work was done, and so the guys took pity on them as they had been cooking all day, and the four went down to the local Chinese for supper.

Finally, Saturday dawned. After a morning of chores, the guys smartened themselves up with chinos and polo shirts, and after reviewing the schedule of games, it was decided that pre-dinner drinks would be served at 6 and dinner at 6:30, and that was that. At 6 regardless of the state of the game, the TV would be turned off. The guys went into the den to watch the games, the girls set the table, and then prepared to heat up the food. At 5 they went upstairs to get ready. Following their two days of practice, they had decided to dress with the new underwear already on but not visible.

Jo and Eve enjoyed showering together in the big walk-in shower, and equally enjoyed drying each other, although the guys never suspected what they were doing. Beer and Hoops does that to a man! The stockings and garter went on first, then the bra and the thong, and finally the blouse and trousers.

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