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Pregnant & Milking It

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Pregnant & Milking ItI have been nursing my son for nearly a year; I am starting to wean him… BUT I just can’t seem to wean my husband, Chris. When I first learned I was pregnant, I shared my fantasy about breast milk with Chris. At first, he wasn’t sure he would like it; but as my breasts grew larger during the pregnancy, he became obsessed by them. A few weeks before giving birth to my son, my breasts started producing a lot of milk. One night at the dinner table, Chris just got this wild grin on his face. I looked at him, asking what he was thinking. He just stared at my huge, swelling breasts. I looked down and I had two large wet spots on my shirt! That was the first time I learned just how much milk my breasts could produce. I am still amazed that I can not only feed my son, but my husband as well! Anyway, that moment when I saw my wet t-shirt, I just grinned also, as I knew that at last my fantasy would come true.I stood and walked over to Chris, slowly removing my wet shirt. My breasts were tender, and sensitive. I had bought onwin giriş a nursing bra that day and just happened to be wearing it. So, I removed the pads and exposed my erect, pink nipples. As I passed my fingers over them slowly, I felt sensations that I had never felt before, they made me so horny. Chris’ eyes never left my breasts; he was completely in awe as I gently squeezed them, milk dripping from each. As the milk dripped onto my belly, Chris moved his mouth close and licked it off. I couldn’t believe it… it was so erotic… I wanted so much more. I touched his face and pulled it up to mine, kissing him gently but passionately, tasting the sweet milk on his tongue. He moved down, kissing my neck, my chest, finally his tongue gently passed over one nipple, then the next. I thought I would scream; it felt so good, like nothing I had ever felt before. Slowly, he licked one nipple, circling his tongue around it. As his mouth covered the nipple on my swelling right breast, I began to moan. He gently sucked my breast onwin yeni giriş and my moans grew louder; I was so wet, so excited. Chris removed my pants and panties, pushing them down to my ankles, his mouth never leaving that right breast. It was more than I could take; I orgasmed before his fingers ever touched my wet pussy. My hands were touching, squeezing Chris so hard; I even pulled a little hair out as I was stroking his head. I had never had an orgasm like that before; it was so intense. As Chris moved his mouth up to mine to kiss me passionately, he whispered to me that my milk was the best he had ever tasted, much better than store-bought. I told him that I was supposed to keep the breasts even during nursing, and that since he had just sucked one breast about dry, it was time for the other. I was becoming tired from standing, so I sat on a chair with my legs spread.Chris kneeled in front of me, his face at perfect level with my breast. As his mouth covered my left breast, his hand went down to touch onwin güvenilirmi my pussy. I was so wet; my juices drenched his fingers immediately. His finger rubbed circles on my clit as he began drinking my milk. My moaning was loud and constant as I came again, and again. I was exhausted and dry, but wanted to taste Chris so badly. I pulled him up and he stood in front of me. Unzipping his jeans, I pushed them and his boxers to the floor, his cock hard and erect, eager for attention. As my tongue touched and licked the tip of his cock, he moaned loudly. He was as horny as I from our first milking. My mouth then slowly took in his cock, all of it down to the base, then slowly back to just the tip. Chris begged me to “go for it,” as he was ready to burst. I tightened my mouth around his cock and sucked it a little faster, going deep and then shallow. My hands squeezed his ass as my mouth moved up and down faster till he came hard and fast in my mouth. His cum was hot and tasted so good as it shot deep in my throat. I sucked every drop, and then I stood up to kiss him passionately.That was just the beginning, since then Chris has to taste my milk almost daily! I love it, but it can’t continue forever. We had talked of having more c***dren, but now, he can hardly wait. Me either!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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