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PREREQUISITE TO EATING YOUR OWN CUMAll of my stories are based on events that I’ve actually lived. Some are totally true and others are true up to a point. Usually, at this point, I tell the reader that it’s their challenge to figure out where reality ends and fantasy begins! But this time, I’m not going to leave that up to you, the reader. This time I will tell you up front that the story is all true and that I’ve written it to reflect the best my memory will serve me. So, without further delay… As all of us masturbators on this site know, eating our own cum didn’t come naturally in the beginning. We all probably started that journey, at the same place, by licking a drop or two of precum from the tip of a finger. My first time to taste my own precum was probably six or so years after I started to produce semen during an orgasm. I don’t know why it took me so long to even want to try, it’s just that I never had the thought I guess. But things changed the day I finally got my driver’s license. For months before that day came, I had been thinking about the freedom that would come with that privilege. Not so much that I wouldn’t have to rely on my parents or the city bus to shuttle me around, but about being able to venture into new territory and hone my skills as a masturbator. The very first day, on my first drive without a chaperone, I ended up in the mall parking lot with my cock sticking out from my fly while I stroked it until I came into a tissue. It was HEAVEN! That became a daily ritual and it wasn’t long before I was undoing my belt, unbuttoning my jeans, folding them back and pulling my underwear low enough, by using my thumb, to set my balls free. A seed of desire had sprouted and it was growing fast. By the following weekend I had construed a plan. Sometime around midday on that Saturday, I told my mom I was going to drive to a nearby community, about 15 miles away, and have a burger with a friend that I hadn’t seen since he moved from our town a year earlier. It was a total lie! My real plan was to go buy a porn magazine and find a quiet out-of-the-way spot where I could take my time and read the horny letters while I flipped back and forth to the pictures. Just a little point of clarification: There was no age limit on buying porn magazines back then, but they kept them behind the counter at the local convenience stores, which were relatively new at the time. It just wasn’t something that a k** on a bicycle was often seen doing, especially in stores that were close enough to home that a neighbor or family friend might happen into just as you told the clerk, “I’ll take a Penthouse please!” But a driver’s license…now that opened up all kinds of possibilities. Besides being able to get far enough from your neighborhood, to cut down on the chances of being seen by someone that knew you, having a driver’s license made you feel like an adult and gave you confidence that didn’t come with a bike; even though you still looked like a k** to that old lady behind the counter!Even though my ultimate goal was to buy that magazine and then go somewhere and jackoff, there was one stop I bahçelievler escort made before I left town…the d**gstore. That’s where I went in and grabbed a small jar of Vaseline and a box of tissues. Up until then I had been stroking dry when I was in my car, and was using napkins from McDonalds to clean up with. I knew how much better it felt when using lubrication, because I tried it one day after reading about it in a Penthouse letter. My mom kept a jar of Vaseline on the counter in the bathroom and when I read that I tried it. The letter was right, it felt really good! Even though it REALLY FELT GOOD when precum would get rubbed on my cock, it would dry up or soak into the skin. The Vaseline kept things slippery and even kept the precum from drying up. So with those two items, and a candy bar to act as a distraction, I exited the store. I thought I had it all figured out! Buying Vaseline, tissues and a porn magazine, at the same time, would be a little obvious. I would get those two items at one store and the porn at another. I guess I was just too naive to know that ANYONE would know what a teenager was up to with a box of tissues and jar of lubricant! 😆 There was a small “Gas-N-Go” just outside the city limits of our town, and that’s where I stopped to fill up with gas, grab a pop (once again as a distraction : wink: ), and of course a magazine. My intention was to get a Penthouse. I had been looking at them for years, but had never bought my own and that was part of the thrill! When I was standing at the counter I noticed a magazine called Oui. The picture on the front of it was more seductive than those on the Penthouse and Playboy magazines, so I opted for that; and boy was I glad that I did! As soon as I pulled away from the gas pumps I opened up the magazine to the center section and my cock just about busted through my jeans. The pictures were a lot more revealing than anything in the other two magazines, and there was a section with two girls together and another with a guy and a girl. I was desperate, and my foot got heavier on the accelerator pedal as I searched the countryside for a good “jacking off” spot.About midway to my destination, well at least to where my mom thought I was heading, I spotted an old “overgrown” dirt road running out across some open grazing land. It was following a power line and must have been for maintenance. I slowed down when I saw a cattle-guard and pulled onto the road. My cock was already standing up like a periscope, through the open fly of my jeans, and I lightly stroked it while I eased my way down that bumpy old road. After about a mile or so, the grass was getting taller between the tire tracks and it was a little questionable as to how far it went. It didn’t matter though because the road had led up a little hill and then flattened out; which made my location impossible to be seen from the highway. That became one of my favorite parking places. In fact, eight years later I brought my soon-to-be wife to the same spot, on many occasions, where we…did most everything imaginable; but that’s ayrancı escort another story! I wasted no time in pulling my pants and underwear down to my ankles and opening my door up so I was exposed to the outside. This was a little new; one step further than I had been. Even with only one week under my belt, as a new driver, I had already progressed to pulling my pants and underwear to my ankles while I jacked off. Once I had even opened the door of my car, but my cock was only sticking up out of my fly while I stroked it. But I had, as of yet, to put the two together. I can still remember how it felt that first time with the outside breeze blowing against my bare legs as I settled in to read some articles. 🙄 I also remember how good it felt with my hand sliding up and down on my lubricated cock and how it turned-me-on to see it hard and sticking up across the pages of my new Oui magazine. It was probably about that time that I started getting the feeling that we all know too well, the feeling of desire; the desire to push the risk to the next level! I will never forget the excitement that came over me when that thought of “what to do next” flashed through my mind. I will also never forget the amount of precum that came oozing out along with that thought. Cautiously, after looking all around to make sure I was still alone on that hill, I swung my legs up and over the threshold of the doorway and stood up with my pants bunched around my ankles. I was still shielded by the car and the open door, but it felt exhilarating to be standing outside with my entire lower body exposed. Now this wasn’t the first time to be outside with my pants around my ankles. In fact, I had been doing that since I was about twelve; but it was always at the end of our house, shielded by the fence. This was different! My cock was sticking out, like the 4th of July flag pole on our house, and the entire world could see it…well at least the birds and critters could!More precum leaked from my cock and I spread it over the head of my cock while trying to look back inside of the car at the picture of that huge cock lying on the girl’s leg next to her pussy. But it was awkward trying to bend over and stroke at the same time. Besides, I wanted the pictures closer to my eyes so I could see ALL of the detail. Reaching in, I grabbed the magazine and then waddled my way to the back end of the car and laid my copy of the most recent Oui on the lid of the trunk. That was better! Now I was not only able to see the pictures better, but I was further from the safety of the open door, and that raised the “risk thrill.” But it seems like once the desire to venture into new territory began, it was hard to stop. Before I knew it, I had pulled my tee-shirt off and tossed it on top of the car. A couple of more minutes of stroking and I found myself waddling back over to the car door so I could grab my little jar and my box of tissue. But by the time I shuffled back to the rear of the car, the testosterone was rising within me, which in turn was making me braver. Looking around again, like balgat escort it really mattered at this point, I checked once again to make sure I didn’t have an audience. (The voyeurism fetish would come later!) Of course, no one else had chosen to drive down some old rickety road that probably led to nowhere! Once I was convinced that it was safe, I pushed my shoes off my feet, kicked my legs free of my pants and underwear, and reached down and pulled my socks off. There I was…standing completely naked…out in the open! I turned and faced with my cock pointing towards the open pasture and inhaled with a breath of accomplishment. I don’t remember much about giving a lot of thought to the actions that followed, in fact, I probably didn’t, they just happened! I found myself crawling up on the trunk lid of my car and lying back against the glass with my legs extended and spread. I do remember that my level of “hardness” was unlike anything I had ever experienced before. That’s when it happened! It was a chain of events, with no hesitation between each link of the chain. Precum bubbled up out of the little mouth on the end of my cock and “ever – so – slowly” started to make its way down the glans of my penis. Saliva immediately started to thicken in my mouth as I watched that precum, seemingly in slow motion, approach the flared out edge of my cock-head. Just as that first bead began to create a string towards the metal trunk lid, two of my fingers swooped in and brought it directly to my mouth where I sucked my fingers dry while savoring the taste. I liked it! It not only tasted pretty good, but the electrically charged sensation that shot through my core and upper legs was like pure joy. I immediately milked my cock for more precum and began to carry as much as I could to my mouth. Needless to say, my other hand was going berserk on my swollen shaft. I was still young and only beginning to learn the nuances of edging and the control necessary to do so. It didn’t take long before I was blowing an epic load all over the trunk lid of my car!From that day I never looked back when it came to slurping up my own precum. Soon after that first time of licking my precum, I began to get the desire to wipe up a finger load of my cum and put it in my mouth, or even to touch my tongue to it. But it was years later before I actually took that step. There was a sort of “force field” that existed and took a long time to break down, even after I began to “cum-swap” with my lovers. I could take as much of my own cum as they could feed me, either by using their tongues or their fingers, but for me to use my own fingers…it just wasn’t happening. Only after I read about a technique to help get you past that barrier did I actually break through. Now it’s no big deal! Well…I mean it’s no big hurdle for me to overcome. It is, however, always a VERY BIG DEAL when it comes to the amount of excitement that still builds within me when the desire to “lick up” a load comes over me; whether it’s from my fingers, from inside of a pussy or one of many other regions!If you have the desire to eat your own cum but just can’t seem to get past the unseen and mysterious barrier that pops up as soon as you’ve squirted your load, then I invite you to send me a private message and I’ll hook you up with a detailed step-by-step technique that will help you break through that wall and begin to enjoy one of nature’s delicacies.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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