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Pride”Leenk-un,” He said it slowly, showing his gleaming white teeth as he enunciated, scrunching his large nose as though deciding if it really should be my name or not. It made his trimmed, black beard form a square around his full, reddish-brown lips. “Lincoln, why the second L? You don’t pronounce it do you? English is so wasteful with letters… Lincoln Karsten, a very blonde boy name. Why were you named after a president?” He lifted his eyes from my wrinkled, hand-written resume to meet my gaze momentarily to indicate I should respond. I cleared my throat. “I don’t know, sir. I could ask my father if you like.” He waved a dismissive hand towards me with a smile to indicate he was joking and went back to reading the paper I had painstakingly written with a ruler and my best handwriting. I fidgeted with my new shirt. I had no interview clothes. —My friend Bridget had found this royal blue, barely worn polo from the donation pile at the thrift store on main street. She saved it for me. It fit a little snuggly on my small, but somewhat muscular frame. Rarely, one of our town’s better families threw out stuff they had purchased rather than drive back down into Los Angeles to return it. In my town, you either got your clothes from there or the Walmart if you could afford it. Leaving town took gas and ambition, something most families in our poor little mountain town lacked. —“You’ve played baseball since you were a k**. Are you any good, little president?” He looked up at me with a smirk, again mocking my name somewhat. —I’d never been around Arab people. It was something strange to me. His voice; deep, thoughtful, but also relaxed and completely in power. It was an accent I’d never heard and it had a lulling rhythm to it that made me sleepy. He was easy enough to understand, comfortable with English tones and phrasing. But something about it let me know he was a man used to people complying to whatever he willed. He pronounced my name like it was exotic to the taste, but bitter going down.He was handsome enough but foreign, dark, and I had a hard time reading his expressions. He was a hulk of a man probably brought on through hard work with expensive gym equipment rather than actual sports or labor. His coffee colored face showed flawless skin and a powerful jaw. Large, almost black eyes peered into me from below heavy black eyebrows. A prominent brown nose, though large, added an air of importance to him. It suited him and accentuated his looks. His lips, reddish-brown, were framed by a neatly trimmed black beard and opened to perfect white teeth. For all his expensive trappings and trimmed beard, he still very much had an air of youth to him. He couldn’t have been that much older than I am. “Yes… yes sir. We won north county pennant my Junior and Senior years,” I smiled as my chest puffed out, excited to talk about something where I excelled. I pushed back my blonde hair. My sister had cut it this morning. It was shaved on the sides and had about two inches on top. His was a similar cut, but he had it slicked back with gel. I thought I noticed it thinning slightly on top. I smiled to myself. His office was on the top floor in downtown LA. This wasn’t a place I’d ever been. Glass, steel, corporate, I was far from home. I’d awoken at 5 this morning and my family helped me get ready. Getting this internship would mean a new life for me, far from anything I’d ever known. After my haircut, I’d showered and put on the tight, new-to-me polo shirt tucked into khaki pants a size too small. I’d made a PB&J for the trip and piled into my dad’s old truck. He’d driven me all the way down to Valencia to catch the metrolink. I knew he’d spent the last of his gas money to get me there and I’d spent the ten dollars I had saved from my tips at the local cafe to get train fare into the city. “Do your best, take what you are offered. Be polite and follow orders. This is your chance to get out of here,” he had signed to me before I got on the train. He’s deaf, so is my sister. It runs in my family, but I ended up with perfect hearing. “You are 17?,” he raised an eyebrow at me, a look of disappointment crossed his face. “No sir, that’s my birthdate on there. Today is the 17th, I’m 18. I can start work with you whenever you like,” I quickly inserted. I sat up in my chair, subconsciously trying to look larger, older, important.”Your birthday, your 18th. No party? No wild first night of manhood?” He was smiling with confusion. “No sir, this interview is everything to me, my future. My family made a cake for me last night,” I said with a smile and licked my lip, still tasting the fresh strawberry icing. “And you have a passport?” He asked. “Yes sir, my father takes scrap metal back and forth from Mexico sometimes. I go with him to translate and haul things,” I assured and raised an arm to flex the bicep as proof of my lugging ability. He went through a million other questions, wanted me to prove my ability in sign language. It didn’t seem strange though since the internship came with payment for signed interpretations. He even put me on facetime with some blonde man who signed back and forth with me for a few minutes before giving him a smile and the Ok on my skills. He was very kind and had asked me about my family. He signed that the job would take me far from home and far from my comfort zone. It was going really well. I turned back when the facetime man hung up and he told me all about the internship. I would work as his business assistant and take college classes online. I would do sign language interpretations when he needed it and his company would pay for my schooling. He even offered a place to live including clothes and food. It was the chance of a lifetime. Finally he set down my resume and adjusted his blue, silk tie. Folding his hands in front of him on the desktop, he leaned towards me. “And what of your morals? What should I know about Lincoln?” he asked flatly with a slight insinuation that I was somehow lacking, hiding something disgusting. “I…” I stammered, at a loss. “I don’t do d**gs. I do have a girlfriend. We dated through high school. She was my cheerleader. She’s good though and wants to wait until we can go to college and get married. But… well you know. I did mess around with a few other girls. But, If you give me this chance. I promise I will follow whatever rules or customs your um, your people follow. I’ll try any food, really I’m not picky. Bugs, dogs, whatever. Oh wait, that was offensive. Sorry, I…” “Very well!” he cut me off, seeming amused at my floundering, “And no tattoos, correct?” He raised an eyebrow. “No, sir, never,” I was feeling uncomfortable. “You don’t sound very convincing. Stand up,” It was definitely an order, not an invitation. I got to my feet. He stood too and came around the desk. It was the first time I had seen him on his feet. He was quite impressive. He was nearly my same height, maybe an inch shorter. But he was larger, stronger, and seemed to relish the confident power he exuded as he strode towards me. His expensive blue button-up shirt was filled with a muscular chest and arms. From behind the desk he seemed harmless, up close it was a different story. His strong cologne hit my nose and gave my allergies a stir. He stared me down for a minute and then straightened his back, seeming a little taken aback that there was even a millimeter difference in our heights. “Take your shirt and pants off, have a seat on the table,” he pointed towards an actual table with chairs that was over in the corner framed by the floor to ceiling windows. He turned away from me, pulling what looked like a black medical bag from the floor behind his desk. “I… uh. What?” I stammered and he turned back to me with a look of annoyance. “Clothes,” he said very slowly with a look of disdain. “Clothes, come, off. You, sit, table. I, check, you, for, health, so, I, don’t, hire, a, sick, assistant.” He enunciated each word like he was talking to his dog. I watched him roll up his sleeves and take a stethoscope from his bag. He seemed legit but it still felt odd. I heard my dad’s signs in my head telling me to do my best and take whatever was offered. I don’t think he knew this was going to be part of things. I slipped off the polo, showing my bare, pale chest crowned by small sharp nipples. I had muscles, definition, but no hair to show for it. My khakis came off next. They were tight on me and they pulled my boxers down with them over my proud ass. I stumbled against his desk as I tried to pull them back up. My cock, soft but proud dangled out and I stuffed it back in the waistband. I caught his eyes as I raised my head, he just shrugged. “Your clothes don’t seem to fit. Do you have some reason why things need to be so tight? Who are you showing off for?” He cracked a smile. I folded my polo neatly on the chair where I’d sat and did the same with my pants. I placed my shoes under the chair and stood there in black socks and my old, worn, red flannel boxers. “I uh, they were what I could afford for the interview.” I said feeling humility hover over me like a threatening cloud. I lowered my eyes to look at his tie. It was hard to meet his gaze standing there in his office on display. I felt my cheeks blush. “On the table then,” he instructed. He followed me over to the table where a hot ray of sunshine splashed across me, warming my bare skin in his cold office. I sat up and scooted back. He started to touch me freely, listening to my chest and then my back. His hands squeezed my muscles to check their firmness. My cock started to twitch in my boxers at his touch. It was confused as no one had explored me like this before. I tried to calm it. I’d worked hard to erase the baby fat of my youth. Sports and work had left me with something that impressed the other players in the locker room. I’d felt their eyes on me too, but theirs held jealous, his held interested amusement. I felt a mix of humility and pride as he felt around to confirm this.As he leaned in close, his cheek near my nose, I got another full whiff of his cologne. I hoped I’d get used to it.He had me cough and he took my blood pressure and felt around my throat and looked in my ears and all that stuff doctors do, only he was a businessman. Again, he seemed amused by my body. I’m pretty proud of it. I’m not mega muscle like he seemed to be, but my life is a workout; running, lifting, batting, pitching. I just kept staring ahead as he explored. He flicked at my nipples and squeezed my pecs. I knew he must have had a medical reason, but it made my cock grow full in my boxers. He seemed to ignore this, but I kept a hand in my lap to cover.”You aren’t used to being touched?” he asked though it was more of a statement. “Not by a dude, no,” I admitted honestly. I’d had my pecs squeezed by girls, felt soft hair against my nipples when my girlfriend would go as far as she could and just “nap” with me. It was a different feeling and I was annoyed at how my body reacted to it. I watched the clock on the wall hit 1pm. I’d been there over an hour, that had to be a good sign. I knew he wanted to hire me. I was jumping through all of his little hoops. “Not bad, you obviously don’t smoke and your signs are all nice. Any health concerns?” he asked. “Just a few allergies, nothing much, sir,” I lied and thought of the Epi-pen I kept in my backpack in case I ever met a bee. I hadn’t needed it in years, but my father spent good money replacing it every time it came within a month of expiration. I didn’t want to seem defective. “I’ll need to measure you, the job comes with clothes, proper fitting clothes. I hope your body can handle them,” he mocked my interview clothes as though I had chosen them willingly. He pulled out a measuring tape next and had me stand. He weighed me and commented that I needed to bulk up and he would have to train me hard. He measured my chest, arms, biceps, making little notes on his phone. He went for my hips, waist, legs, inseam, getting dangerously close to my cock. I felt myself get hard again as he brushed my sensitive thigh. I jumped back a little. He looked annoyed by that.”Stand still, why so squirmy?” He barked. “Sorry sir, I’m ticklish there,” I said and covered my growing erection. “Ticklish? Still just a boy, little president,” he laughed and rubbed his hand firmly but slowly up my thigh again. It sent a shiver through my body and I moved my hand to stop him. But then I realized my tent was jutting up near his face. “I, oh God. I’m so sorry! It never does that, I swear!” My face blushed and I stepped back away from him and covered myself. I cursed myself for not having better control. “You are still just a boy,” he confirmed, “You cannot yet control it. It is nothing to be embarrassed about, or is it? I know white boys are on the smaller end of the international spectrum, but it can’t be that small, right?” “I am quite blessed, thank you. I have seen the competition in many locker rooms and I have no fears there,” I beamed proudly but reminded myself not to overdo it. “Of course,” he said with a mocking tone and smiled to himself. He stepped back and held his phone up, “now some pictures for the stylist,” he assured. “Oh uh, do we have to, sir? I feel kinda weird about it,” I hugged my chest awkwardly, feeling a little too on display here. “Am I wasting my time here, Lincoln? Did you want a future here with my business or not, little president? I’m not hiring someone who questions my authority, am I?” he said flatly. “How do you want me to stand, sir?” I straightened up and swallowed my pride. I wasn’t about to go back to my father empty handed, bringing back the burden of my failure to them. He took pictures of me standing tall, arching my back, raising my arms. It was an odd little photo shoot. And then he stopped and swiped thoughtfully through them on his phone. “No, no, it’s these hideous old boxers. They make your body look misshapen. Why would you wear something so unflattering? They need to go, lose them,” he barked. “Uh,” I shifted uncomfortably, looking in all directions like somehow movement would solve this. “I can’t. That’s not… no… sir.”He laughed, “You are worried about getting turned on by being naked in front of a real man.” “No, I’m not gay. I mean there’s nothing wrong with gay people, but I… no sir. I’m not gay,” I was blushing like a tomato farm and suddenly covering myself. I felt a heavy air of shame settle over me like a noose. “This job requires you to do as you’re told. If you can not do that then I suggest you stop wasting my time. This is twice in the same assignment you have questioned me and the job hasn’t even been offered to you,” he said harshly and looked stung at my reluctance to comply with his orders twice now.”I’m not gay,” I said again more to myself than to him and went towards my clothes. This was turning out to not be worth it at all. I was here for a job, a future. He was offering me a porn shoot filled with humiliation. I may be a jock, but I’m not a dumb one. His words stopped me as I reached for my shirt, “Your family sc****s by. I investigated your situation in considering you for this internship. You could send home only half of your paycheck from working for me and they would live like royalty here. Or you could leave now and go back to scr****g alongside them. It’s a hard life, but it is one to which you are accustomed. It’s your choice, little president.” I clicked my tongue against my teeth. Did I hear right? Was he offering to provide for us? Would my dad be able to rest after so many years of working every odd job he could find to eek out a life for us? Wasn’t a little of my pride worth it to make everything better for my family? I sighed and bit my lip. “Fuck,” I whispered to myself. I’d do it for them. I didn’t look back at him. I pushed my boxers to the floor and stepped out of them. My cock, normally about three inches when soft, shriveled a little at the thought of what I was preparing to do. I went back to the sunlight, spread my feet apart and looked right into the lens of his phone. I clasped my hands behind my butt as he snapped away with his phone making little clicking noises. My eyes wandered down to his pants, but they had been pretty filled out before this, so I couldn’t really tell on what level he was enjoying this. “Yes, quite impressive,” he smirked sarcastically at my soft cock. This wasn’t what it normally looked like when out around others. After a win it was stuffed like a horse. When I was in the backseat with whatever girl wanted to thank me for that win, it was at full mast. “It’s… normally,” the words weren’t coming out well, “forget it.” “It’s ok. Don’t worry your little pride. These are just for clothes selection. Backside now,” he said and I turned, put my hands on the table as he snapped away at my proud, hard muscled, white butt. And then my dick turned on me like a cold traitor. It started to rise up against the touch of the expensive smooth wood table. Maybe it was being under the microscope of insane wealth and power this man so confidently possessed. “Your ass is well worked,” he stated. “I… what does that mean?” I turned a head behind me, shifting my weight and bouncing my hard, muscled glutes. “It’s quite large, you must do a heavy squat routine,” He commented and I swear I saw his tongue trace across his lips. “No sir, never in my life. Just a lot of sports and lifting,” I said honestly and turned back to the table with a smirk. “Well,” he said and I heard his voice crack and then regain it’s position, “No need to spread your legs so widely. Your little pink bud is on display.” I quickly brought my knees together, but I thought I heard the click of his phone camera. “That should be good enough for now.” I pushed off the table still thinking about his eyes on my ass. I forgot that my cock was rock hard until I saw his eyes appraise it as I turned towards my clothes. “Not bad, for a white boy. I’m sure you’re quite the prize amongst your mates,” he laughed sarcastically and set his phone down on the desk as I turned back to face him. I turned around at him with flared nostrils and fuming eyes. “Yes… Sir.” I barked a little too harshly, this was a job interview after all. I tempered my tone to him, “Sorry, I mean yes sir, yes I am.” “I hurt your pride with the photos, but I proved that you can take orders. They are necessary for a proper wardrobe which you obviously lack. If you are here to learn how to run a company such as this,” he spread a hand towards the window to remind me how high up we are and how much of his company was below us, “Then you must first learn to follow orders.” “Yes, yes sir,” my face softened a little. I had met his expectations. Someday I would exceed them. “My stylist will have clothes for you tomorrow. You will return by 10 AM. Now go home and be with your family for one last night. Tomorrow your world explodes.” He turned and went to his desk as I put my clothes back on. I was tying my shoes when he came back over and handed me an envelope. “You will pack one SMALL bag and leave the rest behind. I don’t want you lugging around much when you are traveling with me. You will have enough to handle carrying my things. Do you need a ride home?” he asked, “I can send a driver.” “No sir. I can take the train home,” I said. I shoved the fat envelope into my backpack and went back to stand in front of him. I shook his hand and stared him in the chin. I couldn’t look him in the eyes after what we had just experienced, what I had just done. It was a hot 12 block walk back to Union Station from his office. I was in uncomfortable shoes and I really needed a shower. My mind reeled with what had happened. I couldn’t go back there. I had made such an ass of myself and let him control me. That wasn’t me. No one had ever done that to me. I was always the star, the popular k** in our little town. I led the team, coached other k**s. No one ever made me do things I didn’t want to do, things I knew were wrong. I fished my ticket out of my backpack and the envelope fell to the ground. I picked it up and shoved it back in my backpack. I thought it was probably just some papers, a job description, whatever he wanted me to know about the internship and signing job. I settled into the seat on the train which was nearly empty, too early for rush hour commuters. I’d have to call my dad, get him to pick me up at the station. I went for my cellphone to text him that I would be there in an hour. That’s when I decided to look at the envelope. The envelope was his business stationery. It had his name and an address in New York City. “Wow,” I thought to myself. I would be going to New York and maybe London and who knows where else. My heart perked up at that. I hadn’t thought of that when he asked me to undress. “No,” I shook my head. I am not some prostitute. But then I thought, “Well he did just ask me to get naked so he could take pictures for his stylist.” I’d gotten hard on my own. He didn’t ask me to. He also didn’t try to touch me. He didn’t stare at me like some perv. Maybe I really had misread the whole thing. “Stupid Lincoln,” I whispered to myself. I was the one who mentioned the gay thing. I totally embarrassed myself by misreading the situation. I’d promised to go with whatever his cultural norms were and here I was acting like some hick from the sticks the second he asks me to go outside my comfort zone. “Fuck,” I whispered and checked around me to see no one had heard my cursing. And he still wanted to give me a second chance. He’d even offered to take care of my family’s financial situation. He hadn’t asked anything dirty of me. I was so stupid. I slapped the envelope against my forehead and the seal broke. A few bills fell out, hundreds. “Holy Shit!” I exclaimed, this time attracting a disapproving look from an old lady in the other aisle. “Sorry ma’am!” She grunted at me and went back to her novel. I pried open the envelope and tried to discreetly count the bills. There were twenty crisp bills in there. They couldn’t be real. I didn’t even know what a hundred dollar bill looked like. Paired with the five that had fallen into my lap that made $2,500. I looked around again, this time checking for thieves. I stuffed the envelope back down into my backpack so I could look at it more discreetly. Next to the hundreds was a piece of paper. “Happy birthday, Lincoln. Tomorrow your world explodes,” it read. Below it was his signature in thick, black ink that looped in eloquent cursive, “Samir Mohammed Hamad.” ********”No way,” my dad said when I got into his truck and signed all that had happened. “That just doesn’t sound right.” “It is, dad,” I assured him. “He wants me to start right away and…” I didn’t know how to explain it honestly. It really didn’t even make sense to me. So I lied, “He said they are desperate for people who can interpret sign language. Apparently it’s a big deal in the middle east.” I felt a stab at my heart for lying to my father and even worse for doing it so easily. “Well thank God I’m deaf! 45 years later it finally paid off!” he signed with a laugh. I saw a tear form at the corner of his eyes. “I knew you would be ok. I knew you would make me proud. I knew you were the one I wouldn’t have to worry about.” He sniffed back a few tears. I don’t think I’d seen him cry in years.”Aww dad, no don’t cry. We’re going to be ok. I’m going to make sure you don’t have to break your back trying to give us a nice life. This money is for you. We can pay off bills and the rent for the trailer. Maybe we can get a nicer one! He says I will make a lot of money and he can have some sent to you each month.” I was signing a mile a minute as we sat there in the station’s commuter lot.We went and filled my dad’s truck with gas. I don’t think the gauge needle remembered how to go that far. He insisted that we stop somewhere before heading back up into the mountains. “It’s your birthday, Link,” he signed, “You need to buy something for yourself. Some new clothes maybe.” He was so proud of me. We went to a department store in the mall before leaving Valencia. I picked out two new shirts. One was a blue v-neck shirt with white stripes across the chest. It fit me snugly, showed off the pecs I had worked hard on at the school gym this spring. The other was more for business. It was a nice button up with almost the same blue color as the one Mr. Hamad had worn. It certainly wasn’t as expensive. I got a pair of jeans that were the right size and then I picked out two new pairs of flannel boxers. I knew I would torch the old ones when I got home. I’d spent enough but my dad insisted that I also get shoes. I was just going to look to make him happy, but I found a nice pair of blue deck shoes. They would go with the two shirts I had bought. We stopped at the grocery store and stocked up on the way home. I made sure my dad had a lot of steak and good vegetables for meals for the week. My sister would flip out when she saw it all. I was a man now, taking care of my family. It was a pride I hadn’t felt before. It filled my chest and strained my muscles. **********The next morning everyone got up early and went with me to the train station. Dad, my sister, two older brothers, we all piled into dad’s truck to see me off. I started to feel uncomfortable at my sudden rise within the family. I was sure my brothers were brewing resentment. I pushed that thought out of my head though. Making sure they would not have to worry anymore was worth it all. It was worth everything. I took the train back down to Los Angeles. I had on my new shoes and jeans with the button-up shirt. The other shirt and the other pair of new boxers was in my small duffle bag. I had taken a small plastic photo album and my dodgers cap and pajamas. I’d gelled my blonde hair up in spikes. It wouldn’t slick back like Mr. Hamad’s hair. That took training. I was outside his office 15 minutes early and checked in with his secretary. He wasn’t in yet, she told me. I took a seat in the waiting room by the window. Los Angeles laid out before me like a slab of concrete punctuated by a mismatch of architectural hits and misses. I’d never seen it like this. We took a field trip once a year in school. I’d gone to the tarpits, the getty, the zoo. In High School I was on the math team and we once went to a school up in the hills for a competition. It proved we were idiots, but we did get a participation prize and free pizza. And now here I was, staring over it like my kingdom. I wanted to rule it some day. I would work hard here. I would do whatever weird cultural thing he wanted and this would be mine. someday… “You are early, you listened,” a surprised voice said from behind me, interrupting my fantasy. I turned to see Mr Hamad standing over me. He had on a red button-up shirt with a matching silk tie and nice pants. “Yes sir, I am here and waiting and thank you so much for my gift, I…” I started. “Your gift?” he stated with amusement. “You will earn that, little president. You will earn what is given to you, for better or worse.” “Yes, yes sir. I definitely,” I scrambled to my feet. He shoved a black leather workcase into my chest. I grabbed my duffel bag and scrambled behind him to his office. I made a mental note to stop blubbering like an idiot around him. It definitely didn’t build confidence. He didn’t comment on my outfit or ask me to get naked. I guess that was a good sign. He walked me through his filing system and started to explain, impatiently, what his business was about. His secretary came in and set a delivered box on the edge of his desk. “Oh, that will be your laptop, go ahead and set it up.” he said to me, “I needed a break anyways. I’ll be back in 5.” I opened the box to find a shiny new laptop with an apple on it. He had said it was mine. I’d never had anything so nice. I tried my best to walk through the setup before he came back, but I was still finishing the updates. He returned with a blonde man in an impressive suit trailing behind him. “Oh,” Mr. Hamad said as though he’d forgotten he’d hired me. “This is your replacement,” he said to the man with him while pointing a finger towards me. “Oh,. Hi. I’m Lincoln,” I went and offered him my hand. He was fit but slight, his fancy suit made him look a little gay. When he opened his mouth, his tone confirmed his sexuality. “He is adorable! Little Ken doll. He’s awfully young though, but you always did like that,” he said to Mr. Hamad without shaking my hand. He spoke about me like I was a dog who wouldn’t understand. “I’m Caleb,” he said as though I needed to write it down. “Pleased to meet you, Caleb. You were Mr. Hamad’s old assistant?” I asked with a smile. “Old? I’m 25,” his eyes burned into me and I heard Mr. Hamad give a genuine laugh as he went to his desk. “Oh uh… No, I… I meant former. Sorry, former, not old. Definitely not old sir, um Caleb,” I fumbled. “Oh yes,” Mr. Hamad called over, “I forgot to mention that Lincoln tends to blubber on with words. Add that to my list of things to fix about him.” “I was NEVER,” Caleb punctuated the last word and then repeated it, “NEVER Mr. Hamad’s assistant. I was his cub. You will learn the difference. Now I am in charge of his California operations. You will get used to taking orders from me when you are in town.” “Yes sir, I will. Of course, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to,” I started. “You see? He blubbers,” Mr. Hamad called from behind me to interrupt my awkward word stream. “I do,” I said and then stopped myself. That got a laugh and an adoring smile from Caleb who was a good six inches shorter than me. “He’s cute, Samir, keep him close or I might steal him.” Caleb put his hand on my shoulder and let it slide down my right arm. He squeezed my bicep as he spoke. I blushed, hoping Mr. Hamad would rescue me from the gay. But I didn’t move or flinch at his touch. I was determined to not fuck things up like I had done yesterday. “Oh,” Caleb said as he turned to leave and then turned back to me. He raised his hands and signed to me, “I almost forgot, you sign, right?” “Yes, it was my first language,” I signed back excitedly. “I signed with the guy on facetime yesterday during my interview.” I smiled. For some reason, knowing he signed created an instant friendship between us. I felt a big grin spreading across my face. “That was Emerson. You will want to keep him happy. He is key to keeping Samir happy. Don’t forget that when you meet him,” Caleb signed and then leaned up to kiss my cheek. “Thank you. Any tips you have. I can use them,” I signed back and then Caleb left. I went back to setting up the beautiful new laptop Mr. Hamad had given me. He had me sync the calendar to his and it instantly filled with a billion appointments and reminders.”That is one of your jobs, keep me going,” he said and then set me up with email and everything else I would need. By the time we finished my stomach started to growl. I hadn’t packed a sandwich today, but I’d kept twenty dollars of the money he had given me. The rest was for my family. “Lunch, you need lunch,” he said as I was knelt next to his chair helping him adjust a picture on his computer of some property he was purchasing. “We can get lunch at the hotel and drop off your things. We’ll finish the workday there. Come!” He stood and I went for my duffel bag and then his work case but he stopped me and said I needed to get his laptop as well as my own. I loaded his into his work case and then packed up mine in the new carrier that came with it. I was carrying a ton now, but I kept up with him as we made our way to the elevators. “Wow, nice car, sir,” I exclaimed when we got down to the parking garage and he opened the trunk of a shiny new silver mercedes sports coupe.”Would you like me to drive you?” I asked desperate for the chance to feel it move. “No, that’s quite alright. It’s a rental, my cars at home can actually perform.” He said nonchalantly as I loaded his things into the trunk. I packed them nicely and closed the trunk gently before following him. He opened the passenger side door for me and I slid into slick leather seats that held me like an angel’s cloud. “Seatbelt!” he barked, interrupting my pleasure moment, before closing my door. *******His hotel was close to West Hollywood, a towering glass structure that looked brand new. I struggled again with our work bags and my clothes. He seemed amused, but offered no help. We ate in his top floor suite at a circular glass table by the window after he changed into a pair of workout shorts and a t-shirt. I was getting used to seeing LA from high perches. “Caleb is very nice! I’m sure with the training you gave him as your intern that he will be very successful with your operations here,” I complimented before shoving a forkful of salad into my mouth. “No,” he laughed, “Caleb is a failure at business but I needed something to keep him busy and distracted from spending my money.” “Your money, sir? Why would he spend what he does not earn?” “Because, little president, I did not discipline him properly. I gave in to his whining. I let him get away with disrespect and laziness. I was young and… I will not make the same mistake with you,” he said it as though Caleb was more than just an assistant. “Definitely sir! I am ready to learn what you have to teach me. I can take orders well. I was going to join the army if this didn’t work out!” I assured with a smile. It earned a nod from him. *****After lunch, Mr. Hamad left to workout. He had me enter sets of numbers into spreadsheets while he was gone. There was no music or tv on to distract me and so I finished before he returned. I hoped he would be proud. I looked around the hotel suite. There was a bar, a living room, the small dining area where we had just eaten and the. A door which I presumed led to the bedroom. I needed to pee and didn’t see a bathroom. It must be in the bedroom. I started to go in but he had it locked. I danced around trying to distract myself. After what felt like an eternity, a very sweaty man returned to his suite. I bounced as he entered, “please sir, the restroom!” I begged. He looked annoyed and took a sip from his water bottle. “And the work? Show me first,” he stayed by the bar indicating I should bring the computer to him. I brought it to him and opened it. I was crossing my legs and feeling a pain in my stomach. He scrolled through the sheets and pretended to find little mistakes but I saw the smile on his lips. He enjoyed making me wait. “Please please!” I begged but he held up a finger to silence me. Finally, he fished a key from his pocket and let me into the bedroom. The bathroom was on the other side. I ran over and was about to close the door when his strong hand leaned against it. “I have needs as well,” he said and followed me inside. I didn’t have the power to argue so I raced to the toilet and pushed the seat up. I let go of a heavy stream as soon as I got my cock out. My dick was rock hard so I had trouble keeping it pointed in the bowl. I wasn’t sure if that was from my severe need to piss, or from being watched. “Keep it in the bowl, does the little president need a lesson on that as well?” I heard his voice dangerously close behind me. I smelled his sweat as he peeled off his shirt and tossed it to the floor. It was the heavy musk of a grown man of power. In all of my years in high school locker rooms, nothing else compared. It knocked me a bit, but I couldn’t help taking a deep breath.”Oh!” I jumped a little and splashed some on the floor. “I’ll clean it, sorry sir.” “Yes, you will. Now get out, I need to shower before I go meet Caleb for drinks.” He ordered. I finished and tucked myself away. I turned to see his naked backside as he stepped into the glass shower. His body was pure steel, muscles everywhere they should be on a man of his status. I found myself feeling jealous. I had a long way to go to get to his size. I washed my hands and tried to force myself not to watch his silhouette in the foggy glass door. I saw him stretch this way and that, soaping his shadowy body. I was fascinated. I had never seen a muscle mass like that up close or naked. It was a work of art, a work of determination. “Out, Lincoln. Leave or join me,” he called from behind the glass to let me know my admiration, fascination were not unnoticed. I felt like a complete pervert. What was I doing? I wasn’t into guys like that. I had spent hours in the showers and locker rooms with my teammates and I never got turned on like that. It was admiration, I suddenly named as though that excused everything. I just admired him and wanted to learn from him. Isn’t there a level of sexual attraction we hold to all of our idols? Pro baseball players who can knock it out of the park; The rocker whose hit I can’t stop playing on repeat and banging my head to on the school bus; That skater whose videos I watch on youtube and try to practice the tricks he does. If they were in that shower with Mr. Hamad, I couldn’t turn away either.And then I got hard thinking about the four of them in the shower. What was wrong with me? I was turning into a total hornball around this guy. *******I was back in the living room working on the next assignment he had left for me when he came out of the bedroom. He had on a tight black t-shirt and red shorts that hugged his bottom. He slipped on red canvas deck shoes and came over to see what I was working on. “I’m just going down to the bar on the corner to meet Caleb for drinks. You will finish working here and then tidy up in the bathroom. Collect my gym clothes and work clothes into the laundry bag. Housekeeping already came today so for the rest of the day the job is yours. I should be back for dinner. If not, I will have something sent up for you. Do not leave the suite unless you hear the fire alarm. I left clothes for you to change into when you finish work here. Be good, make me money.” He leaned over me with his cheek close to mine, both facing my laptop’s screen. His arm was spread across my back, gripping the armrest on the other side of me. I felt his warmth and my body stirred. His cologne was back in full force, but now it seemed palatable, nice. He rubbed his hand through my hair to mess it up and then left. I tried to finish the work. My mind kept thinking about seeing his naked body. “Admiration, not gay, Admiration, nothing queer about it,” I kept telling myself, but my dick was hard just thinking about it. I pushed away from the table and closed the laptop. Sitting here boned up wasn’t going to get my work done. I knew it had been awhile since I’d jerked off. Maybe that would help. I went to the bathroom and grabbed at my bulging jeans. I leaned against the marble counter and tried to picture a hot girl kneeling in front of me with a willing mouth. I’d shove it into her. Well, that had never actually happened to me, but I saw it once in a porn clip I’d watched at a friend’s house. Fuck yeah you want it,” I said to the imagined girl sucking on me. I had pulled out my meat and was working it in my hands. I was rock hard with the need to release all the tension that had built up over the last few days. I unbuttoned my shirt and stepped out of my pants. I put my clothes on the dry part of the counter. I turned back to lean against the counter, but the imagined girl had disappeared. I was back to reality as my eyes caught his heap of gym clothes on the floor near the shower. On top of it was a black jockstrap with red stripes. I’d never seen one that wasn’t plain white. I wore them for baseball. I don’t know why, but I went to pick it up. His pungent musk hit my nose and watered my eyes as soon as my fingers touched it. I turned it over and looked inside the pouch. It was well worn and the pouch was stretched in the middle as though someone had used it for a sling shot. I brought it closer to my face and pushed my boxers to the floor. I stepped forward wearing only my white socks and took a breath of his scent. I turned towards the mirror, saw my white, muscled frame. I felt a wave of guilt hit me. I had my dick in one hand and my boss’s black jockstrap in the other sniffing it close to my face. My hair was still tousled from where he’d messed it playfully before leaving. I closed my eyes again and stroked my cock. And then I fantasized about my girlfriend. It was nighttime and I had my dad’s truck and drove her way up to the overlook over our small town. There she was, in my head, laid out on the blanket in the back of my dad’s old pickup truck. She was naked and playing with her pussy and I was rock hard and ready to go at her. Just as I was about to slip in though everything went to crazy, I felt a heavy hand rub across my chest and I looked down to see his coffee colored muscles. He pulled me back against his hair, rippled chest. I knew I couldn’t put it in her like I wanted to. Instead he pushed me to the side. I was on my knees and watched as Mr. Hamad, naked and stroking a huge club that dangled between his legs, pushed into her. She was in pain but loving it. Her eyes looked over at me and seemed to say, “Lincoln could never get even close to filling me the way this man does.” I wasn’t hurt by my hijacked fantasy. I was strangely turned on watching him in my head fill and stretch her. Something inside me told me she would never let me near her again now that she had been with him. She was begging for it as he pounded into her. I knew I wouldn’t last long with that scene playing in my head. I leaned back against the cold marble counter of the bathroom and fisted my hard inches until my body tensed, rocked, and sprayed all over my chest and the mirror. I collapsed back against the counter and pushed myself up to sit on it. My hard muscled ass felt warm against the cold marble. I leaned back against the mirror feeling my cum squish against my back form where I had sprayed on it. My chest heaved as I regained my breath. I still held the jockstrap covering my mouth and nose. I breathed it deeply to get my air back, get his scent deep into my lungs. It was the hottest fucking fantasy I’d ever fisted to, ever dreamt of. Watching him take her like I never could was something now burned into my brain. One last breath and I let it slip down to my chest. I was back to reality and feeling strange about my mind’s choice in fantasies. I scrambled off the counter and started wiping the cum with his jockstrap. It would go to the bottom of the laundry bag. I started picking up his other clothes as my cock dangled, softening but still dripping the last bits of cum. I put everything into the laundry bag including my work clothes. He hadn’t told me to, but I assumed they would need to be laundered as well. Maybe he’d want me to use the pay machine on my own? I’d ask him later. And then my eyes caught sight of a pile of rocks covered in coffee-colored skin that appeared next to me. He looked confused and then amused and then slightly angry. I froze with a look of severe shame. Our eyes met in the mirror but then I lowered mine quickly. Maybe he hadn’t seen this. “You always tidy up in the nude? Maybe you like being naked in my presence?” he laughed and brought a hand to my shoulder. “No sir, sorry. I thought you were still out. I was going to catch a quick shower before I got changed,” I tried to shrug it off, look like things were innocent. “Well then,” he patted my bottom. “Off with you then,” he said it with a wink that I couldn’t quite figure the meaning of. “Come out for dinner when you’re finished and don’t daly around.” “Yes sir,” I set down the bag of laundry and went to the shower. I cleaned myself up and then found he had set clothes for me on the marble counter. It was a small pair of light blue skimpy briefs. I tried to pull them up and they struggled with my ass and held my cock a little too firmly, but the material was very stretchy and soft. There was no tag to read what it was made of. I turned to look at myself in the mirror. They certainly did a lot more for my ass than the boxers. I strained them to the limit but they had a lot of give. I laughed to myself thinking about what the girls would think of me in this. A little too gay for my taste. I pulled on the small white shorts and blue tank top that matched my briefs. I saw myself when the neck of the tank cleared my eyes. I stood up proudly and smoothed it down over my muscles. It hugged my body and made me look like those guys in the fitness magazines in the coach’s office. I turned and flexed for myself. Mr. Hamad was waiting for me in the living room area. He told me to set the laundry bag out in the hall and he’d call down to the maid service to take them. We ate steak and talked about the job. He said we would only be in LA for another week before he took me home to his country. “Where is that, sir?” I asked when he said its name was Satra. “On the Persian Gulf, a kingdom of powerful lions like myself.” He said. That brought on more questions, but he wasn’t so inclined to talk. I covered the dishes when we finished and set them outside the room. It was getting late and I gave a yawn and stretch when I came back inside and walked back to where he sat on the couch. He took the opportunity and reached up to scratch at my abs. I flinched and laughed. “So ticklish,” he mused to himself. “Let’s get ready for bed.” I took the couch and slept in the clothes he’d laid out for me. He had a small, thin blanket and pillow set out next to it. I had the craziest dreams that night. He was in them, going one by one through the girls I’d messed around with and showing them how “a real man” should take them. My dick was hard all night and I woke up with sticky warmth in my briefs. As the morning sun laid warm rays across my cheek, I awoke and looked out the window. I stretched as I took in the awakening of Los Angeles. The zig-zag of concrete whirred to life below me. My world had indeed exploded.”You’re not trying, boy, struggle Lincoln, fight for yourself. You need to learn to defend yourself,” He had his lips against my ear, encouraging me and occasionally pulling at my earlobes with his thick, Arab lips. It didn’t feel sexual, more like adding humiliation of a man taking another by force. He was playing with me. “Against who, sir? The only one attacking me is you,” I struggled against his hold as he had me pinned back against his chest. I thought of kicking him but that wasn’t ok to do to your boss and he was still my employer. I tried to do the move he showed me, but he was holding me so tightly against his chest. Yet he didn’t seem strained in the least. *********Over the next few days, Mr. Hamad went through the list of everything I was responsible for with him. He was a very organized man and seemed to know exactly how he wanted things with his business and exactly what he expected of me. He was impatient and didn’t like showing me how to do something again. I quickly learned to follow the patterns of his workday and I surprised him by how quickly I caught on to how he wanted things done. I was finishing work in less time than he expected and I was earning his respect.Outside of work was the other Mr. Hamad. He was very chill and didn’t try to crowd my space too much. I had some times to myself to go swim or hit the hotel gym while he finished up business calls. At times he was playful, especially when he had his nightly drink. He would do things to prove his strength with me. I’d never had any problems keeping up in competitions, but he lived for the element of surprise. Sometimes he would pass by me and pull me into a hold. He had shown me a few times some of his wrestling moves. He loved wrestling. The competitive raw nature of using only your body with the intent to fully subdue the opponent. “You don’t need balls, goals, hoops, weapons, or anything other than two bodies,” he explained. “You have nothing else on which to rely than your strength and cunning.” He liked wrestling, and so we wrestled. I wasn’t usually prepared for it and sometimes he would just fake me out. He would pass me slowly, give me an eye, and then laugh and pinch my nipple or clap my shoulder. One time he was pacing slowly behind me, talking on the phone in Arabic using his little headset. I was sitting at the table in his hotel room working on my laptop, entering his data. Suddenly, I felt two hands reach from under my armpits and pull me backwards. The chair flipped over and I was on my feet suddenly. He pinned me back against his chest, his hands pulling my arms painfully back. It was a hot afternoon and we had the sliding doors to the suite open to catch the Pacific breeze. We both had on tank tops and shorts. My smooth back was against his hairy, rippled chest. It was unexpectedly soft for chest hair. I don’t have much, but for some reason I assumed his would be wiry like pubes. His chest was moderately covered with the thick, dark short hairs. He was holding on to me, but didn’t seem too disappointed when I couldn’t move away. I was certainly trying, but that sweat and cologne smell hit me, the same smell I’d jerked off to with his jock on the bathroom floor. It hit my nose again and distracted me from my struggle. “You’re not trying, boy, struggle Lincoln, fight for yourself. You need to learn to defend yourself,” He had his lips against my ear, encouraging me and occasionally pulling at my earlobes with his thick, Arab lips. It didn’t feel sexual, more like humiliation. Like a hazing game some players did with younger teammates or with teammates they saw as lesser. He was playing with me. He was toying with me to find out where I fit on the totem. I wasn’t too far down from him and I wanted to prove it. “Against who, sir? The only one attacking me is you,” I struggled against his hold as he had me pinned back against his chest. Using one hand to rub my tummy gently, again to show that he only really needed one hand to restrain me. I thought of kicking him but that wasn’t ok to do to your boss and he was still my employer. I tried to do the move he showed me, but he was holding me so tightly against his chest. Yet he didn’t seem strained in the least. He pressed into my ass like you would do to a girl you expected to fuck. I swear I felt his bulge harden as he rocked against me a few times and laughed. That laugh is what did it. I decided struggling wasn’t going to get me out of this. If he wanted to toy with me and make me feel less than, well I could give it back to him. I relaxed back against his chest and went limp in his hold. He stopped rocking against me, but I still felt him hard. I reached a hand behind me and squeezed between his legs at the thick snake that went unexpectedly far to the right in his pants. “Does that turn you on… sir?” I used my best gay impression. It worked. He released me and spun me around to face him. I kept a straight face, widened my eyes as big as they would go and stared into his eyes with a slight, inquiring smirk. He froze and the look in his eyes changed from playfulness to hunger. We stared into each other for a minute before I couldn’t hold out any longer. I busted out laughing and backed away from his grip. “Was that good, sir? I got away. I win?” I beamed at him and saw his coffee eyes sink for just a minute. “That is not how men fight,” He seemed disappointed for a minute and then shrugged it off. “If stroking cock is your only survival move, then you really shouldn’t get into a fight outside of West Hollywood.” With that, he went to change and headed off to the gym, giving me another small pile of work to do while he worked out. Sometimes his trainer would walk him back up to the room and they would go into Mr. Hamad’s hotel room in the suite to measure his progress or weigh him or something. All I knew was they spent some time while I finished work and then the guy would leave and Mr. Hamad would head to she shower. I’d gotten into another routine the last few days, a filthy one. He always left his gym clothes in a pile on the bathroom floor crowned with his sweaty jock on top. I knew I shouldn’t do it, but every night when it was my turn in the bathroom, I’d grab it and jerk off to it’s scent. The second to last day before we were to leave for Satra, his home country, Mr. Hamad came back from his workout with his trainer in tow. He introduced me to him as I was finishing up work. His name was Derek and he was huge, maybe 6’5′ with big green eyes and tousled red hair.This man was solid steel and had a slight California tan. He had on a thin, tight, grey tank top that hugged every contour of his physique and green camouflage workout tights that didn’t camouflage his bulge. He gave me a disinterested nod but came to shake my hand. It turned into another competition of strength as he squeezed my hand too hard and I returned his grip. For some reason he didn’t like me. He towered over me and eyed me like yesterday’s trash as he gripped my hand and pumped it harshly. I squeezed his hand back as hard as I could, I’m an alpha too We froze there for a minute staring each other down with a mutual “Nice to meet you, b*o.” I looked past him to Mr. Hamad who gave a smile and a shrug but then pulled Derek away from me with a firm, “That’s enough, boy.” Mr. Hamad’s tone was low and soft, but it made Derek stand up straight and snap his eyes away from me and back towards the voice. He backed away under Mr. Hamad’s hand on his steel shoulder, but soon returned his eyes to stare me down as if to say, “I was here first.” I shrugged it off, I wasn’t sure what we were competing for. I turned my eyes back towards the work I had finished. The two of them retreated to Mr. Hamad’s room and he told me to join them. I followed behind, not sure what was to happen. He told me I had five minutes to get ready for bed and get out. I quickly grabbed my sleep clothes and went into the bathroom, brushing my teeth under the shower head to combine jobs. I came back out in loose, jogging shorts. I skipped the t-shirt to show off my own proud muscles to Derek. I puffed up and flexed as I lumbered across the room. Mr. Hamad and Derek were going through a workout plan. Mr. Hamad was lounged back in a captain’s chair and Derek was knelt beside him going through a folder. Mr. Hamad ignored me, but Derek looked up and I swear I heard him growl as I passed. I gave him an odd look, but headed for the door. “You can watch a little TV, but get to bed early, we have a full day tomorrow,” Mr. Hamad said to me with a hand raised. Derek flashed annoyed green eyes at me and raised a middle finger towards me against his side where Mr. Hamad couldn’t see. “Yes sir,” I paused and looked at him to show I was listening to his instructions. “And Lincoln, sleep well,” he added with a very parental tone that elicited another low growl from Derek. That dude looked fucking crazy. “Thank you sir, you too,” I nodded at Mr. Hamad and gave Derek a little wave. Something about that dude just wasn’t right, but I was excited about having a night on the couch with TV and no work. I closed the door behind me, got my blanket, and laid on the couch. The TV in the small living room had endless channels. I found an action movie my dad took me to see a few summers ago. Every few minutes in the movie something was blowing up. A boat, a building, a hot dog stand, even the park bench where the hero had been sitting blew up. It was awesome! I didn’t watch the ending, I passed out under the warm blanket. *********”Aww fuck please, please put it in me, daddy please,” I woke up to hear pleading from the next room. “Yeah, stretch that white pussy for this big brown cock. Beg for it in your little pink hole,” growled another voice that sounded like Mr. Hamad. What the hell was going on. I sat up and scratched my chest. “Please daddy, please fuck me,” the voice whined in Derek’s low growl. It sounded strange, the words didn’t match the voice. He was begging like a bitch from behind Mr Hamad’s bedroom door. “Beg for it, bitch, beg for the cock,” Mr. Hamad’s voice was deeper than usual, forceful, impatient. I got off the couch and crept towards the bedroom door. I saw light coming from under the door but also from the sides. The door was ajar. I remembered closing it to give Mr. Hamad his privacy while I watched the movie. I hadn’t heard anything going on, but now the door was cracked an inch or so and all of their noise filtered through. I got closer and there was enough room in the crack for me to see the bed. Mr. Hamad was beside it, waving the biggest, darkest cock I’d ever seen. It had to be at least a foot long. It was thick, fat and heavy. It arced up towards his stomach and he would grab it, lower it down and then let it go. It would bounce a few times, so heavy it struggled to raise up. Derek was on his hands and knees in front of him with his head tilted up towards the cock. He had his tongue stretched out as far as it would go, but Mr. Hamad was swinging his cock just out of reach. Derek was whimpering and the sound filled me with disgust. Derek was naked except for the gold tie Mr. Hamad had worn that day tied in a tight knot around his neck. Mr. Hamad held the long side in his hand, yanking Derek hard by the neck. Derek coughed as Mr. Hamad raised it upwards, pulling back on his neck to choke him. It was the strangest scene I ever beheld. Mr. Hamad pulled back hard, choking the man who was gasping for breath with his mouth open wide. He would hold it just enough for the color to drain from Derek’s face and then let it slack a bit so Derek’s head fell forward as he gasped for air. But Derek didn’t move, didn’t fight for himself. His hands were free but he kept them clasped behind his back. “What a freak,” I thought to myself.In between these attacks on his air, Derek would regain his breath and resume begging to suck Mr. Hamad. What made a man his size go down like that? How could he be into this?This huge mass of man was whimpering on the floor in front of Mr. Hamad, begging for his cock. Mr. Hamad swiped it across the beggar’s lips. Derek lapped excitedly at the tip. “You’d better hope that pussy is ready for this meat,” Mr. Hamad told him. He leaned down and put his hands on Derek’s chin, lifting him up by the head and then spitting into his open mouth. “Thank you sir,” Derek simpered. It was pretty disgusting. How could this big tower of manhood be on his hands and knees begging for cock. “Up,” Mr. Hamad ordered and pulled Derek by the leash. He had his hands up on the bed, his chest against a towel someone had laid out against the comforter. Derek arched his back and wiggled his ass. “Please fuck me sir, please fuck me.” “Why would I waste my seed on a dirty whore? You see the boy I have in training.” Mr. Hamad said in a low, calm voice. I stepped back at that. Was he talking about me? I was no one’s whore. I certainly didn’t want his seed. Sure his dirty jock got me off, but that was different. I don’t know how, but my mind sorted it out as being different. Taking a cock is definitely gay. Sniffing a jock is… questionable. “Please sir. I can take you like that little bitch never could. I can take you as deep as you want to go sir. Please fuck me,” he was practically crying now. It was pretty gross, but I started to tent in my shorts. It wasn’t the scene, it was the way Mr. Hamad exerted himself over the trainer. How did he get a guy that size to whine like a bitch?”Shut the fuck up. You talking does nothing for me.” Mr. Hamad ordered and pushed Derek down against the towel on the bed. “Stick that pink hole out for me, spread your legs.” And then Mr. Hamad slicked up his cock and started shoving into him. I didn’t know how this was supposed to go but it looked painful. Derek let out a cry to indicate this wasn’t the normal pace of things. “Please sir, Ow, sir,” he started whining. “The fuck did I tell you?” Mr. Hamad reached down to the floor and grabbed Derek’s sock and shoved it into the whiny mass of muscle’s mouth. He slammed into the man and I heard a muffled scream and saw tears stream down his cheek. Seeing the jock go into his mouth, that was mine. That was for me. I felt an odd jealousy fall over me. I was leaning against the door frame in the shadows, but that caused me to lean forward a little and the door cracked open more.Derek turned and saw me, but Mr. Hamad didn’t notice. Derek let out a muffled scream to try to let him know I was watching, but Mr. Hamad had the sock fully in his mouth and had tied the other sock around Derek’s head and knotted it tightly in the back. It pulled his cheeks in and had wet tear stains on it. He had Derek’s arms pinned behind his back, holding him firmly as he continued to forcefuck him. Derek made eyes at me to fuck off, turn away. Knowing it bothered him to be watched brought a smile across my face as my cock filled out my shorts to full mast. I reached down and gave it a pet, mindlessly enjoying the scene in front of me. “Oh fuck yeah,” Mr. Hamad growled as he slammed in and out of the “whore’s hole” with pleasure. I was cheering him on in my head. I hoped he was making it hurt. “MMMMM!!!” Derek was moaning into the socks and kept eyeing me angrily. I watched as I stole his joy. He wanted this private, between him and Mr. Hamad. I reached into my shorts and stroked my cock, imagining myself conquering this big beefy bitch. He may have been built, but he was definitely not a man. Anyone who could take a cock like that and moan and beg for more was a full on bitch. I knew I would never do that. I would never lower myself like that. I cheered on Mr. Hamad in my head as I watched his firm muscular ass push in and out as he destroyed the thick trainer’s hole. It looked like it hurt like hell. Derek was squirming and screaming into the sock. There were tears down his reddened cheeks and spit coming out of his mouth. All the time his eyes burned at me. Mr. Hamad gave one last slam as his body started to jerk and twist. A deep growl erupted from his chest as he slammed into the man, flinging his sweat down over Derek’s muscled back. “FUCK YEAH, take my seed. Take it while I breed your little pink hole. I own that pussy,” Mr. Hamad growled and it sent me over the edge. I creamed in my shorts, bucking back against the door frame and trying to keep my noise level down. Behind me, the last explosion of the movie sounded on the tv. I lurched forward as my cock fired off in my shorts. My knees gave out as my body twisted and I fell back against the wall and slid down to the floor. I landed with a thud. It was the best fucking cum I’d had in a long time. I looked back up from the shadows and Mr. Hamad was looking out towards the door, but over my head. I scrambled away from his view and I didn’t hear anything. I looked back and saw Mr. Hamad lay down on the bed and kick Derek off. The muscle mass landed on his feet but fell down on his ass. His knees must have been weakened from holding that position too long. “Mmmf,” I heard him whine again. I saw him untie the sock gag from around his head. His red hair was messy and matched his teary face. “Thank you sir,” he said rising up from the floor. “I thought you left. Why are you still here? I’m finished. You should go… and don’t wake the boy,” Mr. Hamad said coldly and I heard him flip on the TV. I crawled away from them and got up on my feet. I went to the little kitchen area and washed my hands and cleaned the cum off my shorts. Derek came out just as I was wiping my hands dry on the towel. He had on his clothes but held his shoes. He didn’t look at me or say a word, but he gave a sniffle when he went to open the door. “You’re awake,” Mr. Hamad’s voice sounded back from the bedroom doorway. I snapped my eyes to him and swallowed hard.”I woke up from some explosion scene in the movie and I got thirsty, needed water,” I reached for a glass and filled it under the tap. “Would you like some, sir?” “No,” he was wearing a small pair of boxers. “Thank you. You’re sleeping ok?” “Yes sir,” I adjusted myself in my jogging shorts. “It’s cold out here. Would you like an extra blanket?” He offered and moved towards me. His dark furry chest heaved a sigh as he closed in on me. I looked in his eyes in the dim light. He looked at me with a little sadness. I got the feeling he didn’t entirely enjoy what he’d just done with Derek. “I’m ok, thank you. Derek left?” I asked with a soft tone. “That is none of your concern,” Mr. Hamad growled and stiffened his back. He didn’t like my question. He turned back towards the bedroom and walked away from me. He paused at the door frame. He turned back towards me, putting his hands on the insides of the doorframe and leaned forward, stretching his arm and chest muscles.He did a few pushups against the door frame. It pushed his hard chest out to regain his pride. His voice softened again, “Let me know if you need anything in the night, Lincoln. If you need the bathroom, come through. I realize you need your own space. You’ll have a little more personal space when we get home.” “Thank you sir. I’m ok sharing your space. I’m used to a lot of people in small quarters. It doesn’t bother me, sir… It’s comforting to hear you snore like my brothers… good night,” I sipped my water and gave a half smile. He nodded to me with a smile and pushed back from the door frame. ************The next morning we had breakfast and Mr. Hamad said we should do a workout outside today. “There is a park close to here. I got you new workout clothes. Shower up and they are on the dresser.” He told me as I was setting our plates outside our suite door.”Settle down. I just need to clean you and get you to bed. You will be back to normal tomorrow and probably not remember any of this,” he said, not sounding sexed up in the least. “Are you going to fuck me?” I asked and looked back to stare into his eyes. “No. I most certainly am not. This is not acceptable talk Lincoln,” He turned me back around and pulled me back against his chest again. His hands took the small washcloth from the ledge and rubbed the cake of soap inside it. “You don’t want me like you wanted Derek? Then why did you tell him you already had another boy?” I inquired knowing I was pushing way beyond acceptable limits today. “I most definitely do not want you like I did Derek. He is a hungry and filthy toy. Someday I will take you, but it won’t be because you are d**gged or desperate to save your job. I wouldn’t take advantage of someone in a helpless state. That’s called ****. When I take you, it will be because you want it and beg me for it.” He washed me with the soapy cloth that felt soft on my skin and made my body tingle with goosebumps. My cock was rock hard under the bubbles but he didn’t touch it. “I’m not gay though,” I said to remind myself. “No, of course not,” he chuckled in his deep, commanding voice and brought the washcloth down to soap up my ass. I squirmed on it and his finger, from behind the rag poked gently at my hole. “No sir, not gay,” I mumbled and fell asleep in his arms. ++++”No, Lincoln, you can’t come with me. I need you here today,” Mr. Hamad said and waved to my work area in his office. “Caleb is late, but that’s normal. You just need to show him some of what you do and make sure he doesn’t buy anything. Just babysit him until his real business manager comes back tomorrow. I have some last minute meetings before our flight tonight.” He was moving around his desk, deciding which files he would take with him. I adjusted my grey tie by the window and looked out over the city knowing it might be the last time I saw Los Angeles for a long while. I wish I had made time to see my family before we left, but I had video signed with my dad and he understood. I had told him all about the bee incident and using the epipen and still feeling sore. He said I should be grateful to be alive and grateful to Mr. Hamad for not firing me. “Lincoln? Are you listening?” I heard his voice right behind me as I was leaned against the window. I felt his warm breath on my neck and my skin tingled where the air had brushed. “Lincoln, little one, are you having an attack still from the bee sting?” “Sorry sir, I just got lost in the view,” I admitted with a bit too much sadness in my tone. I started to turn to his voice. He was still uncomfortably close behind me and I turned directly into him. He stopped me with a hand on my shoulder and then pushed me back to look out at the window as he pressed in behind me. His brawny, warm chest felt good on my still sore back muscles. “Focus, little one. I know you will miss your world here, but we will return when possible,” He put strong hands on either of my shoulders and gave them a squeeze like the massage he gave me in the doctor’s office. I relaxed under his touch and woodsy cologne. I breathed him into me as he roughly worked my sore muscles. I was still a bit groggy from the medication working its way out of my system. He rubbed me with concern. He leaned over me and his cheek brushed against mine as he asked, “Does that feel better? Still sore, little warrior?” I nodded against his bristled cheek and admitted, “A bit, sir… but that feels better.” I closed my eyes for a second and then felt him draw me back against him for a tight hug. His hands rubbed over my abs and I tightened them at his touch, arching my back to show them off to him. His beard prickled my smooth cheeks as he put his chin over my shoulder again, his face next to mine so we could look out over the city together. He leaned me forward then, pressing his thumbs into my lower back to continue the massage. My ass pushed back against him as my face touched the glass. His package pressed in between my cheeks separated only by thin dress pants and the thin, sheer black briefs I’d watched him stuff his snake into this morning when he came out of the shower. I felt his bulge press into me, thick but soft. My hole twitched and my cheeks clenched it in a hug that betrayed my secret interest in him. I didn’t want him like that. I knew I couldn’t, but my body ignored my protests. My face turned back to him, pressing my cheek against the cold window as my eyes turned to look at him. He looked down at me with intent as his hands massaged my back, my ass pushed hard against him. His look, concerned but not sexual. He was intent on making me feel better and I suddenly realized how dirty I was being, pushing up against him. I turned red and he caught me, his expression relaxed into a forgiving smile.”It’s ok, baby blue eyes,” he assured, “You’re still coming down from the medicine.” He understood. I sighed relief.”It’s the first time you are away from your family and the only culture you’ve ever known. I get that, little one, but I’ll be your family until you can see them again. I will take care of you and help you adjust. I will be your father and help you grow into the man you are to become,” Mr. Hamad had something in his voice with that last part. It wasn’t his normal, self-assured imperative tone. He pulled me up away from the window and back into a hug. He started to rub his beard against my cheek in soft, upward lifts. “I know i’ll be ok sir,” I relaxed my back against his chest and he held me up with ease. “I will make you proud and learn everything you can teach me,” I breathed him in and closed my eyes. My skin felt a wave of goosebumps in his warm, protective arms. From the outside, we must have looked like two buff gay queers readying for their honeymoon in Queeristan. But from the inside… deep inside his protective muscled hold… it made sense. Somewhere between friendship and family, he held me and it felt primeval, this was how it was supposed to be, since time began. He held me until the anxiety passed and then he kept on just because it fit. We said nothing to each other, it would have ruined it. “I’m late for group hug? Damnit! Traffic was a bitch,” a sing-song gay voice shattered our silence and I heard an awful scr****g as Mr. Hamad clenched his teeth. Caleb caused him pain, confusion, anxiety. I wanted to hurt Caleb. I had become oddly protective over my mentor, my protector. “Yes, that’s why you leave early,” Mr. Hamad’s tone was angry, annoyed by the intrusion. He tore away from me after pausing to kiss my cheek. The simple gesture let me know I wasn’t painful, not confusing, nor did I bring him anxiety. I wasn’t the cause of his angry tone. I was simple, pleasant, punctual. I win. With that, Mr. Hamad grabbed his case and headed out past Caleb. The two exchanged an awkward kiss with sloppy tongues. Well… it was awkward for me and there seemed to be an air of obligation to it. I wasn’t used to seeing guys do that, but Mr. Hamad was foreign and seemed to have odd relationships with the blonde boys in his life. I mean ours wasn’t exactly the standard boss/intern… but it worked. Caleb had worn a suit today and he actually didn’t look too bad. His blonde hair was gelled up nicely, and floated higher as he gave a loud yawn of perfectly white teeth. I stayed by the window in the last bits of warmth as Mr. Hamad’s aura escaped the room. My heart sank at his absence. He hadn’t left me with another person since we’d been together. He would be back. I smoothed my suit and tucked my shirt back into my pants, willing my hard cock back before I turned around. I just needed to babysit this guy and keep him happy. “Coffee, intern!” Caleb sang to me as he floated in and tossed a leather work case on the desk. A few fashion magazines tumbled out along with a gold cased iPad. I moved to pack them back nicely and saw the bag had not much else inside it save for a pack of gum. I went for the phone and asked the secretary to have coffee sent up. Caleb sat in Mr. Hamad’s oversized leather chair as though it were a familiar spot. He laid back and swiveled around to look out the window. I saw his black leather shoes pop up on the back table. I let him be and went back to last minute data entry since he seemed ok with quiet. The coffee arrived in fancy paper cups and I wondered if he had fallen asleep. I debated disturbing him as it could mean I could get some work done while still following Mr. Hamad’s imperative. “Well, babysitter? Coffee?” an impatient voice sounded from behind the big chair. “Oh yes of course, Mr…” I didn’t know what to call him. “Caleb, just…Caleb. Bring it over. You’re my personal slave for today. I’m assuming you’ve already been informed of that,” He sounded annoyed and fumbled to exert control through his tone. I went to him and walked around the chair to see him playing on his phone. The sunglasses were off and his blue eyes surveyed me appraisingly. “Do you need anything else, sir?” I said, placing the coffee in his outstretched hand. “Caleb, call me Caleb. And no. Just need to wake up,” he said lazily and took a sip at the cup. “Ok, well take your time. I am working on things over here. I can show you whenever you’re ready,” I said and backed away slowly. I really didn’t get his relationship with Mr. Hamad, especially after seeing the caliber of muscle man who begged to be with him. This guy was ok looking, thin, toned and athletic but in a gay way like one of those little russian swimmer dudes you see in the olympics. Not one of the good ones either. I guessed Mr. Hamad was into that. **** He slept for a solid hour or more until Mr. Hamad’s phone rang on his desk. I cursed myself for not telling the secretary to not disturb us. I had just finished the last of the work I needed to do though, so I quickly jumped to answer it. It was Mr. Hamad checking in. He laughed when I said Caleb was asleep and we immediately heard Caleb yell, “Am not!” from behind me. Caleb demanded the phone and I passed it to him and went to packing my computer and filed the papers I had completed. “Yes, daddy, he already showed me what I need to do,” I heard Caleb say in a baby talk voice. “Daddy?” I thought to myself. I shuddered and shook my head. I had gotten somewhat desensitized to the gay world this past week being in West Hollywood, but it still creeped me out hearing a grown man call his… whatever it was, things like that. It wasn’t like that between me and Mr. Hamad, no, not at all. I was determined that it wouldn’t be that way.I was glad Mr. Hamad didn’t try to come on to me like that. I needed this internship or whatever it is. We weren’t like that at all, I reassured myself. Caleb turned to look at me as he was finishing up on the phone, “Yes daddy, he is taking good care of your -ittle -aby cub,” his whiny little boy voice made me cringe inside, but I raised my eyebrows and nodded to be agreeable. I looked at the clock, it was just past noon. Mr. Hamad had promised to be back by 5 since our flight was that evening. We’d checked out of the hotel and everything was packed in the trunk of his rental car. I sighed to myself. Caleb and I decided to go for lunch and that’s when things went from bad to worse. Caleb led me down Santa Monica Boulevard to this string of gay places. He kept trying to hold my hand as we walked but I pulled it away insistently. I was not his to hold. I wanted that clear to every passerby. “You know if I really hit the weights, I could be your twin, or maybe older brother, but not by much. I bet you have a tight little body under that suit,” Caleb said with a laugh after ordering us sandwiches at a small place filled with business guys on their lunchbreak. The place was narrow but long, and the tables were close together. This pair of older guys, maybe 30’s, in suits were seated next to us and the taller one kept looking over at me. He was a thick muscular man with an expensive black suit. He had a thick, black, neatly trimmed beard, thick brown lips and round brown eyes. He looked Arab, like he could be Mr. Hamad’s cousin. I got distracted by the way he eyed me like he knew me from somewhere. “Oh um, yeah totally b*o,” I said to Caleb dismissively and looked back at the man staring me down. He took a sip of his coffee and raised a thick, dark eyebrow at me and gave a nod. I couldn’t take my eyes off him as though his stare simply wouldn’t allow it. He was superior and held me in his gaze. I gave a half smile not wanting to offend him. Then he nodded his head away from our tables in two quick movements with a slight smile. I followed his eyes and saw a sign for the restroom. I shook my head no and turned to see that Caleb had caught on to the situation. “You’re staring at my slave. Do you require his services? He is trained quite well and responds to pain.” Caleb interjected with a deadly serious look and the Arab guy turned to him with an incredulous smile. “Seriously?” his deep voice crept out between his curled up brown lips. “No!” I said, “He’s… No sir, he’s just messing with you really. I’m straight… sir…” “Silence sluthole!” Caleb commanded, still holding a straight face. “Just for that I insist you go extra rough on that ass. He’s taken five men already this morning, but I guess he’s yet to be broken.” “Woah, I just thought he was a cute k**. Thanks anyway, man,” the guy said looking at me with controlled disgust. His lunch partner, a thin white guy in a nice suit shot me the same look. “He’s joking, really… He thinks this is funny… uh but thanks… but… um, no thanks,” I held up my hands and must have been bright red. Caleb held up his phone and snapped a picture of my expression before busting out in laughs. He was really enjoying this and I hated him more. The man adjusted his tie and then reached down to adjust something else. He gave me a smile, the disgust in his eyes had turned to amused adoration. “Don’t let him get to you, cutie. You get used to that stuff around here,” he said and I blushed some more. He reached across the table and stroked the back of my hand with a strong brown finger. I felt the warmth I normally got from Mr. Hamad. I bit my lip and looked up at him. I didn’t pull away. “It’s ok… sir,” I don’t know why I added sir. Something about the man, the expensive suit, the commanding but soft way of speaking, the scent of cologne that wafted invitingly across the table, reminded me of Mr. Hamad’s presence. He kept his eyes on me as I ate my sandwich.”You’re not from around here, eh?” the Arab man said to me a few minutes later. Caleb raised an eyebrow while chewing on a pickle, loving the continued advances the man made towards me. “Up north sir,” I said, shoving a chip into my mouth. “He’s mountain people. First week in the big city,” Caleb interrupted. “Tonight we’re shipping him off to the Middle East, Satra to be exact, so he better get used to lions like you… sir.” “Satra?” the man said and looked at me as though he expected this to be another joke. I nodded, “Yes sir, I am interning with Mr. Hamad, Samir Hamad of the Hamad family.” I volunteered too much information. “My cousin!,” he exclaimed. I perked up, feeling instant comfort with him. “I had heard he was getting a new cub. I’m Nabil! Come! Let me look at you!” He stood and I followed his moves. His height eclipsed me by a few inches. I was looking up a little as he squeezed my biceps, my pecs, patted my abs. He felt strangely free to explore me as though I were the new car his cousin had purchased. “Yes, very nice. too nice for Samir!” he joked, “I heard his former cub was lazy, soft, weak. You are very fit, any lion would be proud to call you his.” “I am not his former cub! And Lincoln is just an intern!” Caleb was red and nearly yelling from behind Nabil.”I apologize,” Nabil said without taking his eyes or hands off of me, “But he does look more like a replacement.” “Let’s go Lincoln, I’m done here,” Caleb poured venom over his words. “Oh,” Nabil turned to eye him for a split second and then decided he wasn’t interesting. He turned back to me and the smile returned to his eyes. He issued half-hearted apologies to Caleb, “Sorry, you are very… um nice as well.” “I said, ‘let’s go!’ Lincoln! Now! Come, Intern!” Caleb stormed towards the door. I scrambled past Nabil but realized we hadn’t paid the check. “Oh the check,” I exclaimed and stopped, turning to the table to pull out my wallet. “No no, this is on me. I have caused you trouble,” Nabil said and reached for his wallet. He pulled a business card and held it towards me. “Tell Samir I say hello and wish his family the best. Tell him I very much approve of his new boy and look forward to seeing you back in the homeland myself.” “Thank you sir,” I said and reached for his business card, but he pushed past me and slipped it into the back pocket of my suit pants and then squeezed the cheek a little too hard as I let out an “Ahhhh” as his ear pressed close to my lips. I straightened up as the now familiar chill of a powerful Arab man handling me spread through me. “Goodbye, sir,” I said and he released me with a soft kiss to the cheek. He swatted my ass as I walked quickly to catch up with Caleb. ******”You were just SO totally into him, weren’t you?” Caleb asked as I stepped out of the cafe. He’d waited for me, sulking against a metal streetlight pole with a rainbow banner. “No,” I said with a snort, “No way dude. I’m not into guys. He’s just Mr. Hamad’s family and all. I wanted to make a good impression. Why do you queers think every dude is just three sips away from sucking cock?,” I spat, suddenly angry with him and exhausted by his constant tantrums. I’d wheeled around, met angry stares, and suddenly realized my comments were not appreciated by the mostly gay passers-by. “Of course you’re not into guys like me, but them… they’re different, right? You get that. I saw how you react to their touch,” Caleb prodded. “What does that mean?” I laughed and looked away from him as a light blush settled in across my cheeks. He started to walk on and I followed him quietly hoping his short attention span would turn quickly to something else. “You know what I mean, Lincoln,” he said putting a hand on my arm as we got near the entrance of Mr. Hamad’s building. He loved squeezing my biceps and I usually encouraged it with a flex when he did it. Who doesn’t enjoy a little adoration. “They’re not like us. It’s why I fell for Samir in the first place. They just have this power over guys like us. Gay or straight, it doesn’t make much of a difference. Blonde boys and dark men, it’s primal. At some point in history or evolution we must have lived under their power. Genetically our bodies never got over it. They growl and we bow,” he looked serious for once. Caleb squeezed my bicep and added, “It’s not about gay or straight. It’s like we’re not even from the same planet as them. They feel it too, this need to protect and dominate us. They need us like we need them.” “I don’t know what you’re talking about. Mr. Hamad is my boss, like a big brother who is teaching me how to be a shark like he is. That’s all it is b*o. Sorry to pop your little jerk off fantasy. It’s just not going to go that way for me. I’m not like… you,” I said as my mind turned his words over. “Keep telling yourself that, cowboy. It might sound a little funny in your head though when you find yourself bent over his desk getting rid like a bronco,” Caleb couldn’t let it go without the last word. I decided to give it to him. I still had a babysitting job to complete. We got back up to the office without incident and my body heaved a sigh of relief as I closed the door behind Caleb. “So what do we do with three hours to kill before Samir comes back? You finished everything, right?” Caleb asked as he stretched out on the couch. “Yeah, I guess. I was going to show you how to enter data and file things to at least pretend like you earn some of your salary,” I started. “Nope, not interested, but I could help you out with something you will definitely want to learn to control,” Caleb looked at me with a smile. “Uh, like what?” I said with hesitation, unlikely to entertain whatever he was going to propose. “Have you been on an airplane before?” He asked but didn’t wait for an answer, “Of course you haven’t. And you ESPECIALLY haven’t been on the kind the Hamad family flies. It’s not normal seats. You’ll be in a little pod with two seats that slide out into short beds. 13 hours, Linc. 13 hours of breathing his air, his power, sweat, cologne. I know what it does to me and I bet it does the same for you, right?” “He smells like a dude, I guess. I don’t go around sniffing people to get off, man,” I tried to sound convincing. He was talking about my secret world with Mr. Hamad as though he were a part of it. A twinge of anger rose in me. Caleb just rolled his eyes. “You’ll want to sleep and maybe you will, for a little bit. But even then you’ll be pressed together in the little pod. And god help you if he’s behind you. He’ll put you by the window, give you a line about seeing the view. güvenilir bahis He’ll be behind you, have you helpless and trapped in his space. I doubt he’ll give you alcohol because you’re only 18 and he is genuinely concerned about your health and growth. But he’ll give you something, a pill.” I thought back to the pill the doctor had given us yesterday saying it would help me sleep on the flight. “It will relax you, lower your guard. He needs a toy to entertain him on the long flight. Sometimes he needs more than one. We rarely went back and forth without him finding some little blonde passenger to fuck in the bathroom a few times he banged the pilot in the cockpit,” Caleb was right beside me now, leaning against the desk while I pretended to organize papers. He leaned into me like he was telling a secret, whispering the filthy details close to my ear. “It’s not his fault, Lincoln. He has needs. So do I,” Caleb whispered to me, “He would have been loyal. He would have kept it all for me, it’s my fault he turned out this way. I never wanted to settle down with just one lion, be sold for life to one cock no matter how magnificent it is. And yeah, Lincoln, you’ve seen it. You know it’s one for the records.” “I don’t look at him that way,” I interjected and pushed my tenting cock under the desktop. “Right. At first he was hurt, tried to reclaim me, tried to please me. But then I caught him getting revenge with one of my friends. I joined them. He took turns sliding into both of us and we all loved it. Soon I’d set him up with all kinds of guys. I loved the look when they saw what he was packing, what he planned to pack inside them. A few backed out or just wanted to suck him, but most adjusted, begged for it. I knew he really just wanted me, and that made it hotter. I could control the monster and send it on my own missions.” Caleb was rubbing a hand over my pecs now and squeezing them. “After all that, he’s still loyal to me. He never knew how to stop loving someone. I know he doesn’t want me anymore, he fucks me out of obligation… but Samir still needs to know I am taken care of so he set me up with this fake job. I need him to let me go… And that’s why I found tight-bodied little you,” Caleb stopped and put my earlobe between his teeth. His right hand rubbed down to my abs. I was rock hard, but I pushed away at his words. “No, I applied for this job. I worked hard for it! It’s my future, my dream. It’s not like that with me and Mr. Hamad, I’m straight.” He grabbed my arm and I allowed him to pull me back. “Ok ok, damn boy,” he smiled, pushed me into the chair. “Why are you telling me all this?” I asked with a tone of angry confusion. I checked the clock to see I still had to be around him for a few more hours. “Because you are about to be trapped in a small pod with him for 13 hours and the scene I walked in on this morning was halfway to fucking. You think you’ll be able to keep your hands off of him that whole time? You’re rock hard right now just talking to me about it,” Caleb reached down towards my cock and I slid back. “You want to be hard the whole time? Embarrass yourself in front of him? You know whatever pill he gives you to sleep is going to make you hump him in your sleep. It’s just a side effect,” he said and leaned back against the desk. He had a mini bulge of his own going on. After only being around Mr. Hamad for awhile, it was hard to be impressed with anyone. “I think I’ll be ok… I’ll just jack off in the bathroom before we leave,” I said, not believing I was actually discussing this with him. “That will only prime the pump,” he laughed. “Let me suck it for you, drain your balls. I can empty the reservoir like no girl you’ve ever had.” “Uh no, b*o. I’m not like that. I’m sure it would shrink when you touched it. I don’t even think it works like that,” I protested though my cock wasn’t going down. “You’d be surprised what skills I have. Just close your eyes, picture a girl, picture Samir if that works better, though he’s never sucked a cock in his life,” Caleb laughed. That little piece of information made my cock thump. Of course he’d never do that. He wasn’t gay at all. He just liked to… well ok he liked to fuck guys, that’s kinda gay. But it wasn’t like Caleb-gay. I thought for a moment as my cock drooled in my briefs. “Show me how you suck him, yeah?” I proposed. Caleb loosened his tie and pulled off his suit coat. He started to undo his belt buckle. “No no,” I protested, “Seriously, I don’t need to see your body down there.” He shrugged and took off his dress shirt hurriedly. He left on his tie, even tightened it back against his neck. “Samir likes to pull on it sometimes when I’m going down on him or from behind when he’s stuffing me,” he knelt down in front of me. I remembered when Mr. Hamad had put his tie around Derek’s neck while he fucked him. I reached forward and took the silky tie in my hand and pulled his head forward. “This how he does it?” I turned my hand to wrap the tie around my palm, bringing his face to me. “Yes, and then this,” he said and then took two of my fingers between his lips and sucked them. I pushed them back against his tongue, reaching for the back of his throat. He gave a little wretch sound but swallowed and smiled. He nodded his head with an “uhhh mmm” sound. His mouth felt weird but then I hadn’t ever had my fingers in someone’s mouth. I didn’t think girls would like this. His eyes blurred a little but he wasn’t fumbling, he knew how this worked. I slid my fingers out and wiped them across his nose. They were wet with his spit, and I painted his cheeks. He looked at me with disappointment. He gripped the arms of the chair for support and I pulled him up closer. I pulled on the tie, bringing his face inches from mine. He pursed his lips like he wanted a kiss. His breath brought the scent of his gum to my nose. He had spit it out, but the spearmint lingered and I studied him with mild repulsion. “You really get off on this, don’t you?” I felt a rough voice come out of my mouth. He lowered his stomach and slid his hard little prick against my thigh. I was glad I hadn’t let him take his pants off. “Yes sir,” he said in that nauseating little whine, “Samir does too.” That last part turned my stomach. It wasn’t the Mr. Hamad I knew. It wasn’t my Arab. “Show me what he likes and don’t sound so faggy,” I said flatly. This was investigation, insight into my mentor. That was all it was, I told myself. I let the tie uncurl and slip from my fingers. Caleb lowered his lips to my neck and started to tickle me with his tongue and soft bite. His hands reached for the buttons of my shirt. He loosened my tie just enough to slide my shirt open. His teeth, tongue, and lips did a little dance down my neck to my smooth, pale chest. “Damn, I knew you were built,” he said as he kissed down to my small, pink nipples. “So fucking beautiful, dude,” he said in less of a whine, trying to imitate the Cali surfer-b*o accent. He bit and sucked at my nipples, sending waves over my chest and a ripple through my stomach. I flexed and tensed my already cut muscles unnecessarily. I don’t know why, but I wanted to look bigger for him. If I wanted to experience what Mr. Hamad saw in him, I needed to bulk up. He kissed down my abs, taking a special interest in my belly button, “I love an outtie, easier to keep clean, no surprises,” he said matter-of-factly to my small protruding button. “Samir will love this too,” he added, always putting a detail about Mr. Hamad to keep me engaged in this with him. He knew my secret. His hands rubbed at my bulge. I was proud of it, but I knew that coming from his usual diet of thick, Arab meat, mine would be somewhat of a disappointment. His teeth worked my belt buckle and he expertly pulled it out and opened it. He bit at the buckle again and slid it out of the loops and then spit it on the floor. The things he knew to do with his mouth made my cock twitch and leak more in my briefs.He worked at the button next, the pants were a little loose there to accommodate my sizeable ass. Mr. Hamad had said they would get tailored next week when we got back to Satra. He said we would get more suits for me and make sure they fit. He had slid his hand into the back to show his disapproval of how loose the waist was. But he stopped when he got to my cheeks since they were tight there. He gave them a squeeze, approving of my muscles. Caleb opened them and bit at the zipper, sliding it down as my cock, poking at the restraining briefs pushed out. He used his hands here to slid my pants down and off. I sat there in my tie, blue briefs, and black socks. He stood and backed away, taking me in. “Damn, your body is bangin’, Linc. I can see why you got the job the first interview,” He smiled. He didn’t look half bad with his shirt off. He was thin but somewhat toned, definitely not flabby like some guys his size. He must have worked hard to keep the balance without getting too big lest someone mistake him for an alpha. “Uh, thanks, I guess?” I stretched out a little, sliding down to move my package towards the edge of the chair. He stepped towards me again and I couldn’t help myself. I sat up on the edge of the chair and reached for his tie. It dangled from his neck, down his smooth, pale chest. We were two white boys getting it on in the head office of a top Arab business. I wondered what the CIA would make of this if they had his business under surveillance. I grabbed him roughly by the tie and dragged him back down to his knees. He coughed as I cut off the air, but smiled hungrily. “You’re getting the hang of this,” he said with a dry throat from below me on the floor. “Yeah, you too,” I said and pulled him back to me. I laid back and he slid off my briefs with his teeth. They didn’t want to go and they caught on my cock, but he was a persistent and experienced little fag. He pulled hard and twisted them around and then down and off. He took them and put his nose right in the crotch, inhaling deeply. “That’s gross,” I laughed, knowing it was something I engaged in nightly. “Sorry… sir,” he said in a masculine but submissive tone, “I honestly haven’t ever explored anyone younger than me, much less whiter. It’s different.” “Then stop wasting time with my briefs,” I said and a spark ignited in his eyes, liking the firm tone I adopted with him. I didn’t know where it was coming from. I honestly had never thought I would be here naked in a shiny tower dominating an older skinny white guy. Oddly enough, I was quickly adapting to the situation. I pulled on his tie again and brought his lips inches from my cock. With my free hand, I grabbed my shaft and pumped it twice as he tried to taste the tip with his tongue. I held firmly on the tie and slowly lowered him to it. It was choking him, but not too much. His lips settled on the tip of my cock and he pressed them together firmly as I tugged on his neck through the tie. He banged his lips against the tip a few times like he wanted me to force it into him. I grabbed his hair like I’d seen Mr. Hamad do. I pulled it down painfully so he had nowhere to go and suddenly he parted his lips, just slightly. It was all I needed and I shoved the tip in. “Mmmmm” he whined around my cock sending vibrations through it. Before he’d started, I was worried about it shrinking up in disgust, now I was worried about how long my cock could resist his expertise. I gripped his hair and put my other hand on the back of his head, pushing him down deeper. His lips slid down my shaft in this forced O shape that felt like a kung fu grip ring around my cock. Behind the lips, the rest of the shaft was getting a warm tongue bath. It was wet and hot in there and he swirled the tongue in slow, deliberate circles around me. He wasn’t even moving now as I just held his head there with half my cock inside him. “Aww fuck, aww dude, uhh oh man,” I was mumbling nonsense at the sensations on my cock. This was nothing like the girls I’d let go down on me. They were sloppy slurpers wanting to get things over with and I wasn’t much better. Their limp little lips would just sit there and they’d bob up and down on it letting my cock rub against their tongues. Not this guy. Caleb was full-on certified triple platinum. I got lost there just holding his head in place while his lips vice gripped my shaft and his tongue danced around me. I let my hands slide and he popped off my cock. “Dude you suck at this,” he laughed. “You have to force it in, talk filthy to me, make me your bitch, b*o.” He coached me. “Samir would never let me get away with just resting my head on his cock. He takes what he wants, fucks my throat, lets me know who is in charge. And I’m taking these damned pants off. Even if you don’t want to touch me, I like being naked. It’s how Samir would want it.” Caleb stood and shucked his pants and slid off a skimpy pair of red briefs. “Ahh oh, ok,” I mumbled groggily. I’d do anything to get my cock back in that mouth. I sat up a little and focused. “Get on that cock… uh… put your fag hole on my… Oh wait. Ok let me try this again,” I fumbled. Caleb sat back on his heels, looking up at me from the floor with spit dripping down his reddened lips to his pecs. He laughed, but looked at me adoringly. “God damnit, Lincoln. You’re so cute and innocent,” he laughed, “Samir must eat that up.” “I’m trying, just shut up and let me try it again, ok?” I sighed, feeling slightly defeated, even my cock was starting to soften. I stood then, decided it was better to do this on my feet like I’d seen Mr. Hamad do with Derek. I stepped towards him and he raised his head, opened his mouth, and looked up at me with blue eyes that mirrored my own. “You want to suck this. You dreamed about it. You wondered what your owner was so curious about, what made him choose me. right?” I said in a slow, deep growl. “Yes sir,” he nodded, his interest piqued. “You want this cock in your throat. You want to be my little fag bitch, right?” I continued. “Yes, please,” he leaned forward, but I grabbed his hand and pulled his head back. I had his neck bent at a sharp angle so he was looking up at me with mouth agape and tongue wiggling in desperation. I grabbed my shaft slapped the hard cock against his tongue a few times, painting it with the tip. And then I pulled his head towards me, shoving into him all the way as fast and deep as I could. He sputtered around it and I started to ram him. “Look up at me, I need to see the begging in those eyes,” I said and his eyes snapped open and stared directly into mine. I started to pick up the pace, throat fucking him with the tip of my cock. His lips went back to the strong grasp on my shaft, massaging it as I slid in and out of him with abandon. “I [pump] am NOT [pump] your [pump] replacement,” I punctuated each word pushing in as deep as I could. My balls were slapping him in the chin. His skin was so smooth. “I’m [pump] not [pump] a lazy [pump] sluthole [pump] I’ll never [pump] be you [pump], Caleb!” I was ramming him and that last bit caught in his eye with a sting. He put his hands on my thighs and stopped sucking on me. He was trying to push away, but I held him there until he jerked his head off. My cock popped out with a “Smack!” “That’s not right Lincoln, fuck you,” he said and turned away. His eyes were red but I wasn’t sure if it was from the face fucking or the words I said. “I was just trying to… Sorry. I got carried away,” I said but still jerked my cock slowly. I was nearly ready to shoot. “Just sit down again. I’ll finish it,” he sniffled and I thought I saw a tear. I struggled between feeling like a total asshole and feeling like I was ready to shoot all over him. I stood there, still stroking slowly, sorting through my conflict. “No, I’m sorry… it’s…” I started, but he cut me off. “JUST SIT DOWN, INTERN!” he barked, regaining his pride slowly. I sat back in the chair and he crawled over to me. His eyes were a little red still, but he was straightening up, soldiering on. “You want that cock again?” I started with the dirty low voice again as he crawled between my legs. But then he rose up quickly and pounced on me with his lips to mine. I didn’t have time to react, his lips wrestled mine. He was used to a much more formidable foe. His tongue slid between my lips and he knelt on the chair with his knees on either side of my thighs. I felt his ass rest against my knees as he leaned into me. His skin felt cold from the air conditioner and I slid my arms around his back to warm him. The kiss wasn’t something I wanted, but I felt it was the least I could do after speaking to him like that. So I let him settle in against my chest as he sweetly sucked my tongue into his mouth. “You’re not too bad at that,” he said with a wicked smile as he pulled away. “First gay kiss?” “I’m not gay,” I whispered half-heartedly through my haze, his lips inches from mine. He was actually pretty good at that. “Do you want to fuck me? I think I’m good to go down there,” Caleb was serious, ready for business. It was a different look on him. “No! Jeez, I thought you only did that with Mr. Hamad,” I said, my cock staying hard and poking between his cheeks. He started to rub up and down against it, sending little shivers through me. “I know, but it might be your only chance. He certainly won’t ever let you near his ass. And there isn’t much of a market to get fucked by a submissive white boy over there. It’s not a concept they know,” Caleb bit his lip, bouncing in slow motion against me. “I don’t want to fuck him either. I’m not,” I started. “Not gay, right we’re still doing that,” he rolled his eyes with a laugh, “Ok then, just let me hot dog it for a few more minutes, this feels good, right?” I nodded and let my hands slide down to hold his hips. He felt so weak in my lap. There was something strangely hot about it. I felt powerful with him. His cock was unimpressively hard and sc****d against my smooth abs. He had his arms wrapped around my neck, occasionally burying his face in my shoulder as he bounced. He kissed my neck and my body buzzed with his sweetness. I felt like I was seeing through his wall for the first time. I got little glimpses of what Mr. Hamad saw in him. Behind that obnoxiously loud gay stereotype he wore, there was a weak and passionate boy. I focused on that because my cock was ready to blow all over him as he expertly rubbed my cock up and over his hole. He tried to sneak it inside him a few times and I inhaled sharply as the tip pushed against the pursed, tight lips. I shook my head no. I knew that was a line I wasn’t to cross. He belonged to Mr. Hamad, that was his to use. Whatever was going on between them I instinctively knew better than to take what belonged to my boss like that. “Fuck Linc, I need it,” he whined against my neck. I slid my hands up his back and pulled him to my chest as he kept up the slow, pressured rhythm. His teeth bit softly against my skin and I knew he’d leave a mark there so I pulled him into me harder, his chest against mine. “Cale?” I whispered to him. “Yeah…” he breathed into my ear. “Don’t leave a mark, kay? Don’t tell him either. I… you’re his ok? I don’t want him upset that we messed around. He might send me home,” I hadn’t thought about it until now. He might not be too thrilled with my babysitting techniques of his 25 year-old “cub.” “He wouldn’t do that, he’d just use it to bring you deeper into knowing you owed him, belonged to him,” Caleb said flatly. “It’s all good though, we should wrap this up before he comes back… can you finish in my mouth?” He slowed his bouncing and reached behind himself to give my cock a few pumps in his firm grip. He didn’t wait for an answer. He leaned up and kissed me quickly before going back to the floor. I wanted to hold him more. It took me over. I started to see his beauty in the way he moved in my lap. If only he could let that shine through whatever crap West Hollywood had pushed on him. He climbed off me and I grabbed his arms one last time and pulled him to lean down and meet my lips. “Cale?” I whispered again as he pulled away. “What? Do you want to come or not?” He said impatiently. “I just… you’re beautiful, ok? Just like this, being sweet and showing me how things work. I see now what he sees in you and know I could never replace that. I wouldn’t want to,” I blubbered on and his look softened. “That sounds sorta gay,” Caleb laughed and slowly pumped my cock in reward. “But thanks, Link. I know you will take good care of him. You have to so that I can move on and so can he. Now shut up and give me that ‘straight boy’ juice.” He went back to how he first started to suck me. The tight O-ring lips followed by the warm tongue bath and gentle throat massage. It was like a carwash with my cock sliding through and in my head I pictured four hispanic guys waiting with towels at the back of his throat. I grabbed the back of his head again and started slamming into him. He moaned and whined on me and stuck his ass up towards the desk behind us, wiggling it to show me what other skills I had missed out on. “Uh I’m gonna blow Cale, I… uhhh,” I pushed into him as far as I could and his mouth took over. He grabbed onto my ass and held me there in his mouth as his tongue flexed around my cock trying to milk it. I started shooting into him, my body flipping around in the chair as I lost control, buried it in him. He was desperate for my seed and even without hands knew how to get every drop of it out of me. “UHhhh FUckkk!” my voice went up an octave and then dropped again within the same phrase. “Take it Cale!” Mid-shot I heard his voice behind me and felt two strong hands come down on my shoulders. My head snapped up as I fired round 3 into Caleb’s throat. “Feed him, baby,” Mr. Hamad stared down at me with an approving nod. My look turned to horror. “Oh Shit, I… UHHH” I was still shooting. “Sorry UHHH Mr. Ham-ahhhh,” Caleb was milking me hard, not even caring that our boss had just showed up early from his meetings. I slapped the arm rest as my body lurched aimlessly in orgasm. “It’s ok, Lincoln,” he assured, squeezing my shoulders in tight massaging circles. “It feels right, doesn’t it?” I nodded with one last, “AHHHH” as Caleb slurped the last of my offering. Mr. Hamad kept his stare on my eyes, which for some reason must have been more interesting than his two blonde boys playing. I kept my eyes on his as he rubbed me and started to work my pecs with equal roughness. “Finish for me, little one, breed his throat,” Mr. Hamad urged me in a quiet low voice, maybe not wanting Caleb to hear. I pumped him roughly a few more times, pulling at his hair as his eyes slid up my chest to beg me for more. I used my other hand to rub at his cheek where my cock puffed it out. I rubbed down against his throat where my tip was somewhere nestled. I felt him breathing desperately through his nose and a little snot blew out and his eyes watered up. I gave his face one last gentle slap and then let him go. I was finished and I slumped back against the chair, fighting to keep my eyes open and on Mr. Hamad as he rubbed me roughly. I didn’t know what time it was and I was confused as to why he seemed totally ok with what he saw. I felt Caleb slid off my cock and then he was standing at my side. Mr. Hamad slid one of his hands behind Caleb and did something to him that made him arch his back and cry out with pleasure. Mr. Hamad’s other hand continued to rub harshly on my left pec, he tweaked my nipple and made it stand at attention. I looked over at Caleb jerking his cock over me and Mr. Hamad standing next to him, rubbing both of his blonde boys. Caleb had his eyes on me, a little of my cum on his lips. He licked it and stuck his tongue out to show me he still had more of me in his mouth. Something about it all suddenly seemed weird. I know, I know. I’d just had a guy blow me and ride my cock against his ass and kiss me and slurp me and only now that it was over did it seem wrong. I tore my eyes off of them and looked down at myself naked, pale, strong. My cock was going back to soft and looked red from all the beating it had taken in this. “What’s wrong, little one?” Mr. Hamad said gripping my pec in his strong, dark hand. I looked down at it and noticed he had dark hair over the back of his hand and on his knuckles. It felt so warm against my skin, felt like the only thing about this situation that was right. He reached over to my other pec and gave it the same treatment, and then we both realized my heart was beating with anxiety. “I… uh… no,” I whispered, “No.” I wiggled out from under his palm and started to get up. He gripped my bicep to stop me, but didn’t force me to stay. I went for my briefs and stepped back into them. “This is not me,” I stammered to myself and anyone who cared to hear. “Not me.” “It’s ok, little…” Mr. Hamad started to say, but then Caleb drowned him out with deep moans as he started to shoot all over the chair. I was over by the desk now and saw from the side that Mr. Hamad was fucking him with two fingers. Caleb was shaking, rocking his head forward in quick sharp movements. “Ahhh fuck daddy,” he yelled, “Fuck your wittle babyhole!” He was lost in the ecstasy of the intimate exchange, unaware the other two participants were over it. I looked at Mr. Hamad who gave me a shrug, torn between figuring out my problem and finishing his obligation to Caleb. I slipped on my briefs and turned away from them. I’d make the solution for him and take myself out of the equation. X plus nothing is just X. Simple. I went for my shirt and pants and hurriedly dressed as Caleb screamed in joy behind me. “Lincoln, little one, please,” Mr. Hamad called and I turned to see him slide his fingers from Caleb’s hole and come towards me. I backed away and put my hands up and he realized what he’d just been digging around in. “Oh, uhh,” he grabbed a tissue from the box on his desk and then grabbed three more for good measure. He wiped his fingers and looked at me. “We have to get ready to go soon. I have a shower down the hall so you can clean up. I have clothes for you for the airport. You can leave that suit, it doesn’t fit you well anyways. My secretary will donate it.” “I… I can’t… I mean, look what I just did… That’s… I’m so sorry,” I buttoned my shirt in awkward horror. “Don’t be stupid,” Caleb’s voice sounded behind Mr. Hamad. “You had fun, we both came, Just something we do.” “You do that… I don’t,” I said softly, more to Mr. Hamad than to Caleb though I stared at my socks. “I know that’s not you, Baby,” he said softly and came in front of me and gripped my biceps firmly. Mr. Hamad’s touch brought that primal magnet out of my chest. “We can talk about this on the plane. Ok, little one? Please don’t quit now. Please don’t walk out on me. Please don’t… ” He didn’t finish, but in my mind I knew he was trying to say please don’t leave me with him, with Caleb, with the world he had fallen into.”It’s ok, little one, you have time for a nap,” Mr. Hamad pulled me into his side as we inched down La Cienega in the back of a chauffeured Mercedes heading for the airport. I still wasn’t feeling right, but anxiety drains my energy. I’d calmed down a bit. He had sent me off to the shower by myself. I scrubbed away the guilty feelings. When I finished, I’d found fresh clothes on the counter, but I didn’t see anyone.The clothes I had on before were gone and there was a fresh pair of mint green briefs, tight and tiny like he liked them. There was also a pair of supersoft green jogger pants and a long-sleeved green t-shirt that matched the briefs. The shirt made my biceps and pecs look impressive. He picked things out for me that hugged in just the right places or I guess his stylist did. I thought back for a minute on the day I’d stood naked in his office protesting as he took pictures for the stylist. At my first yawn in the car, he pulled me over by the waistband of the green jogger pants. I struggled only slightly and his strong arm and warm chest quickly had me closing my eyes against his heartbeat. He put a hand on my hair and stroked it softly as he held me. I felt the anxiety from the Caleb incident fade out of me with each pass of his hand. I buried my nose in his neck, then realized he didn’t have that heavy musk to which I’d grown accustomed. I breathed him in and it was different but familiar. I’d smelled that cologne before, but not on him. “What happened to your cologne?” I asked. “I thought it was time to make a change. I wore the old one for so long because Caleb liked it. You like this one?” he looked over at me, our noses brushed and his beard tickled my chin. I nodded and suddenly remembered I’d smelled that cologne on a Latino guy who came to meet with Mr. Hamad earlier this week. He flirted with me a little and I wasn’t interested, of course, but I couldn’t help sniffing him when I passed to grab a file or make a copy for them. He was a handsome guy though not as built as Mr. Hamad. The cologne, light but insistently male, tied together his image as someone important, someone to obey. He was someone Mr. Hamad saw as an equal. I finally did stop when Mr. Hamad gave me a raised eyebrow and told me to go take a break while he finished things up. The businessman stood and shook my hand then pulled me close and kissed my cheek. I got one final whiff of him and lingered just long enough to feel his hand grip my ass on the side of me out of view for Mr. Hamad. “I do. I might steal some of it,” I joked. He wore the old cologne for Caleb. This new one he had investigated and purchased for me. I felt butterflies flap around inside my stomach. I pretended to fall asleep on his shoulder, just listening to his heartbeat throb in his neck. Out the window, I saw the city I was leaving behind. I’d always dreamed of someday moving down to LA and making something of myself, making my family proud. But now I would leave it behind. I’d turn it all over to Caleb. Los Angeles was all is, Mr. Hamad was mine. ++++++Shortly, we pulled up to the airport and he attempted to lift me out of the backseat of the car, but I flailed and said, “No no, I can walk.” We attracted a few asian tourist onlookers at that, but he set me down on my feet and instructed the driver to give the bags to an airline employee waiting near the door. I rubbed the red of my sleepy eyes as we traipsed through to the security line. We went off to a smaller area where an officer did a quick security wand and let us through. The gate wasn’t too far away either, and we boarded directly onto an empty plane. I followed Mr. Hamad through the door and then he pushed me in front of him down the narrow aisle. This plane was huge and had three rows of cramped seats hugging two narrow aisles.He pushed me all the way through to the back where there was a staircase that wound up to the second level. We went through a bar lounge area that had tvs and comfortable benches. There was a lady there and she opened a door for us back to a narrow hallway. There were three doors on the right and three on the left all spaced about 8-10 feet apart. We went to the last door on the right and it opened to a small cabin. There were two large blue fabric chairs with a sort of protruding pod between them that functioned as a table with a surface that glowed a warm, soft amber. Across from the chairs there was a large flat-screen TV built into the wall. “Hello, Mr. Hamad, good to see you again. I’ll be exclusively yours for the duration of our journey for anything you may need. Would you like a double or single?” a deep voice said in perfect British from behind us. I turned to see Mr. Hamad smiling at a dark man a few inches shorter than him in a grey suit. He looked to be early 20’s and had jet black hair pushed up in neat spikes atop his arab complexioned face. He was in good shape but slender, and I smiled to myself remembering Caleb saying Mr. Hamad only liked light boys. “Single of course, Andir,” Mr. Hamad said with a smile to the man as though he weren’t disappointed in the least at our choice of flight attendants. “Of course, Mr. Hamad, and what name would you prefer for your… companion?,” Andir said and moved to push back curtains on the windows to let in the last bits of the day’s sunlight. I backed up to give him space and felt Mr. Hamad’s chest behind me. “You’ll need only to address me,” Mr. Hamad said. “Of course, sir. I will put that in the notes for your future travels,” Andir said. He may have been a slight man, thin, not built, but his voice showed more power and privilege than his body. I felt Mr. Hamad pull me back into his chest and his strong arm crossed over my chest protectively. A man was bringing in our two smaller bags. He set them inside the doorway and I had been moved to accommodate them. “Thank you,” Mr. Hamad said. The luggage steward bowed and moved away. Andir opened an overhead compartment and pulled out two small blue pillows. He fluffed each and set them in the oversized chairs. He took a small blanket out and put it on the seat by the window. “I will be back after take-off to set-up the beds to the single unit. What may I bring you prior to take-off, sir?” Andir ignored me completely and looked only at Ali. “A Samabir for me, neat please, and a juice box or something with a straw for the boy,” Mr. Hamad said, “Oh and water of course.” “Of course, sir. I will get those and we should be taking off as soon as the steerage below are safely in their pens.” He laughed at his joke about the common people in the regular seats. Andir left us with a small bow and closed the door to the cabin behind him. Mr. Hamad released me and I moved about to survey our tiny room; our holding cell for the next 13 hours. I thought back to all Caleb had said, the things Mr. Hamad would try on me. I looked over at him and he smiled and waved a hand towards the seat by the window. I peered into his large brown eyes and soft brown lips. He didn’t look capable of the things Caleb had said. “Is there some work you want me to complete while we fly, sir?” I said, assuming office speak to hopefully give us some direction on this long flight. “Let’s focus on relaxing. We have a long time together here, and I know it’s your first flight. There are some movies on the TV. I think there are three or four with big explosions. I know explosions are important to you,” he said with a laugh and sat in the seat by the door. “Really sir?” I looked over excitedly as he grabbed the remote and flicked on the giant screen. “You want MotoDeath 3, Race to kill 2, or Blow ‘Em All to Hell 8?” Mr. Hamad fumbled with the names as he scrolled through the adventure list showing he wasn’t a fan of the genre. “Yes, yes, and YES, Please!!” I said with excitement. But then a blue screen came on and a flight safety video popped up over it. Andir came back in and set the water bottles in a holding bin built into the wall. He set a c***d’s apple juice box and Mr. Hamad’s drink on the small plastic pod table between us. He slipped a long card from his back pocket and handed it to Mr. Hamad and they said some things in Arabic to each other. Mr. Hamad pointed to some things on the card as he spoke and Andir nodded. I looked over and saw a few pictures of food on the card. When Andir nodded and left, Mr. Hamad went to one of our bags which had been secured to the wall with some stretchy cords. “I have the pill from the doctor, you will want to take it now. It will relax you for the take-off and help you sleep through the flight,” Mr. Hamad said and handed it to me with one of the water bottles. “I’d rather not, sir,” I said, remembering what Caleb had said. “If it’s ok, I’d like to watch since it’s my first flight, plus we have the movies and… and…” “Lincoln,” Mr. Hamad interrupted to indicate I was blabbering again, “It is your choice what you put in your body. I only want you to be happy and enjoy yourself. You will want the juice box though. The sucking helps the pressure in your ears if they hurt. Knowing your anxious and accident nature I thought we should be prepared.” He returned the pill to a small plastic pouch and slipped it into the side pocket of the larger bag. “Thank you, sir,” I said and buckled my seatbelt as the captain came over the speaker to tell us we were ready to go. The cool thing about flying out of LA is that you go up and out over the Pacific. The land quickly disappears behind you. It is the most beautiful thing in the world to see the islands off the coast appear below you. I’d never realized they were there. We went straight up and then made a turn and headed back towards the land. I saw the giant wheel of the Santa Monica pier, the mountains behind the city with tiny little box houses built up the sides. And then an endless slab of concrete buildings, crammed streets, tiny cars heading home for the night. I craned my neck from my chair to take it all in. And then I felt Mr. Hamad’s hand on my shoulder. He was saying something and I turned to him and yelled, “WHAT SIR? I CAN”T HEAR YOU.” It was like someone had muted the television and I realized suddenly the world had no sound. He pushed the juicebox into my hand with a worried frown. He had unwrapped the little red straw and poked it through the foil opening. That first swallow brought instant pain to my ears as the pressure released. My face contorted in pain and I dropped the box and covered my ears. “Ow, ahh ow ahh,” I chanted as my ears felt like someone had stabbed them with sharpened pencils. Mr. Hamad unbuckled and went for the pill in his bag and handed me the juicebox from the floor of the airplane as I watched the towers of downtown pass us. He put the pill to my lips and pushed it in and then put the straw right behind them. He was knelt in front of me and looked like my pain was hurting him worse. “Drink, little one, sip, baby, sip, baby boy,” he said in a soft, soothing voice with worried eyes like he was trying to feed a c***d. He held the juicebox with one hand and rubbed my back with the other. I felt tears rolling down my cheeks but I wasn’t making that annoying crying noise. It was my eyes watering from the pain. “Come,” he said and undid my seatbelt. He walked me to his chair and sat down and pulled me into his lap. I’m still a little taller than him, but his massive arms held me like I was a small c***d used to this position. He had me sideways and looked up at me, inspecting my ears. “No blood, you’ll be ok, but next time you will listen when I tell you what you need,” he said more matter of factly than scoldingly. I nodded and sniffed back the snot my watering eyes had brought. I held my juicebox and sucked the last of the sweet apple from it. He leaned me back so my butt slid down against the chair space between his legs. My knees were drawn up into my chest and I leaned my head against his shoulder as he held me with one arm and stroked me with the other. The excruciating pain in my ears was ebbing very slowly. I started to feel how fast my heart was beating and my breath came in deep gulps. He lifted my head and wiped my nose with a tissue and then dabbed at my cheeks. “I’m sorry sir,” I choked out after my breathing began to calm. “I always seem to mess things up around you. I’m really not a…””Fuckup?” Mr. Hamad said with a smile. “It is ok, little one. I told you on day one to get ready for your world to explode. Everything is so new to you; flying, high-rises, boys like Caleb, extremely attractive Arab men to whom you don’t understand your magnetic pull. Of course you have trouble getting used to it. I am patient, Lincoln. Just know that when what I tell you doesn’t make sense, eventually it will.” I was about to respond to that when Andir came back to our cabin. I tried to sit up when I saw him, but Mr. Hamad pushed me back down to intimate that there was no need to hide in front of the man charged with keeping us happy. Andir looked at me with sympathy and took a small white towel from his pocket to wipe up where my juice had spilled. “Sir, would you like me to take the boy and clean him up? Does he need any medicine?” Andir said looking past me to Mr. Hamad. “No, I will take him. He will be ok, first flight,” Mr. Hamad lifted me up and I got to my feet. “Yes sir,” Andir said, “I will have the bed ready when you return.” Mr. Hamad led me down the hall to a small bathroom. He stood behind me as I saw my red, tear-streaked face in the mirror. They had a fresh stack of small towels in the basket on the wall. There was a small counter with a sink, a toilet and then a small shower area. He wet the end of a towel and rubbed it over my face and nose. He had his other arm wrapped around me and held me back against his chest. His chin was just over my shoulder and I again noted our height difference. “Does it bother you that I’m bigger than you, sir?” I asked, suddenly feeling the pill had freed my tongue. “You are bigger than me?” he paused and gave me a weird smirk in the mirror, “How so, little one?” “You know… sir. I’m a little taller than you are,” I gave a weak smile behind my red eyes. “Height, yes. Does it make you feel stronger? Does it make you feel as though you have any advantage over me, little one?” Mr. Hamad said and wrapped his arms around my stomach, lifting me up off the floor to remind me how much stronger he was. “No sir, not in the least,” I said truthfully and shivered under his touch. He tensed up to hold me in place as he dried my face with the other side of the towel. I felt his intimidating bulge press against my ass and he seemed to almost be grinding against me in a slow rhythm. I looked down to realize my cock was standing at full attention and bulging out in the crotch of my jogger pants. I watched his eyes travel down to my growing tent in the mirror. “Your little cub dick is excited by this.” I suddenly felt shame take me over. My body was betraying me again. “I… no, sir.” “Well we know you aren’t bigger than me where it counts, are you?,” he said with a laugh referring to his strength and fat Arab meat. I watched my face turn red all over again, and he smiled at me, at the power he had over my body. “Nothing to be ashamed of, little one. You are larger than average for a white boy,” This time he said little with an icy tone. I turned away from him, not wanting to see the smug look on his face. But his hand gripped my jaw and he turned me back to look at him. I saw the deepest look of shame on my face. I bit my lip and watched my eyebrows furrow together, confused by my own feelings. He pushed me forward with a strong hand in the center of my back. He pushed me down so my chest pressed against the counter, and slid his free hand down my side to grip my hip. It was like his normal game of surprise restraining me. He was always making a point of showing his strength, his superiority over me. He pushed forward with his bulge, sending me towards the sink. I looked up at him in the mirror and he winked and ground his bulge against my ass a few times and spanked it a few times with his right hand. “You are bigger than me, little cub?” he asked. “No… no, sir…” I said as my face pushed against the cold mirror. I felt my chest tighten as he pushed me down hard, squeezing the breath from me. My face was sideways so I could see him as he stood over me looking down. “Oh ok. I thought that was important to you,” he said in mock concern with an oddly gentle smile on his lips. “No sir, I just… The pill made me…” I started to say. “And now your ears feel better?” he interrupted and returned to a genuine look of fatherly concern. “They do!” I said as he let me up from the counter and backed away. “Good, our room should be ready unless you need some time alone to take care of your little erection,” he said and moved away from me. The moment was passed for him, the show of strength. I recovered my breath and rose back up to look at him again in the mirror. I was still rock hard, but I covered it with my hands and followed him back to our cabin. We came in to find the chairs had reclined and the seat cushions came out to make two flat long beds, the plastic pod had folded out to make up the space between the seats. Inside that plastic shell it was folded cushions. Extended, it made one long flat rectangle where Andir had put a blanket and several fluffy pillows. The cabin lights had dimmed and there was a tray with two covered plates on the bed. We sat on opposite sides of the bed and watched a the film showing a series of explosions without much of a plot as we finished plates of lamb with rice and cucumber salad. Mr. Hamad pretended to be interested every time I looked over at him with wide eyes and excitement. I wasn’t sure if I really liked the film or the fact that I was watching it with the pill Mr. Hamad gave me racing through my veins. Andir interrupted as the movie was finishing up and cleared the plates. He spoke softly to Mr. Hamad in Arabic and I split my attention between a fiery car rescue scene and whatever they were plotting in low voices. Mr. Hamad shook his head at Andir and said, “No, it’s ok…” and then went back to Arabic as he stretched out across the bed and put a firm hand on the back of my neck, massaging me like a pet. “Yes sir?” I asked, annoyed that I was left out of what seemed to be an intense conversation. “Nothing, sweet one. Watch your… film,” he said as though unsure what to call my selection of movies. Andir left looking disappointed as he whisked away our empty plates. “He seemed upset, did I…” I started. “No, he is used to spending time with us when Caleb accompanies me or when I fly alone. I always request him for my attendant. He doesn’t understand that you are clearly… straight,” Mr. Hamad said with a stifled laugh at the end. “Oh… OH!” I started and turned back to the movie as the credits started to roll and my cheeks blushed with warmth. “Let’s get you ready for bed, little one,” Mr. Hamad said and rubbed my back. I raised up and he patted my butt. We went to brush our teeth and then he found soft music station on the tv and turned off the lights. Another flick of a switch and two small amber lights glowed from either side of the room from unidentifiable sources. I stepped out of my jogger pants and folded them neatly. I stood in front of him in my green briefs and long-sleeve t-shirt. We were used to a certain level of nudity between us. He had me lay down and he spread the big fluffy blanket over the bed with me under it. I poked my head out and watched him step out of his pants and slide off his t-shirt. Unlike me, he simply tossed them on the floor. Someone would come to get them. He stretched and flexed his hard brown muscles wearing skimpy brown briefs that matched his skin tone making him look like an Arab Ken doll that someone at the factory had given an ample bulge. I gulped and his eyes found mine. He smiled at me, “I don’t usually sleep with anything on. But after your excitement earlier, I don’t want to tempt you from sleeping.” I turned away from him, and stared at the window black with night. I felt the bed shift as he knelt behind me, lifted the cover, and slipped underneath. His warm, hulking mass sidled up behind me, but he hugged the pillow instead of me. “Lincoln,” he whispered in that deep Arab tone. “Yes sir?” I said and turned back to him. “If you need me, wake me up. sleep well, little one,” he reached over and ruffled my hair. “Thank you sir, you as well,” I turned back away from him. I sighed relief that this day was over and tried to think about the excitement that awaited me in his country. I reminded myself why I was here and pushed away all the thoughts of what happened with Caleb and Mr. Hamad this afternoon. I fell asleep, and awoke to the morning sun coming through the window. I tasted a nipple in my mouth and u*********sly sucked at it before I realized what I was doing. I opened my eyes to see a brown, furry chest rising and falling with breath. He was still asleep which meant I had time to move away. I started to raise my head, but realized his arm was across my back with his hand on my hair, pushing me into him. I couldn’t risk waking him, so I reached up and lifted his hand off of my head. I slowly wiggled out from under his arm, and brought it back to rest against his chest. I raised up off of him, relieved that he hadn’t moved. But then I caught his eyes, they were open and he gave me a little smile. “You’re awake! Oh. I’m sorry. I don’t know how I got there,” I said, pointing to his chest. I was still pressed against his side, but now propped up on one arm. “You were having a bad dream,” he said and slipped his arm around me again, resting his hand on my lower back, “You talk in your sleep, or at least last night you did. I thought you were talking to me. I woke up and touched your shoulder and you rolled over and against me. I thought maybe you were aroused again, but then I realized you were still asleep and upset. I pulled you into my chest and you settled down.” “What was I saying?” I said realizing I hadn’t actually slept next to someone in a long time. I remembered my brother telling me I talked in my sleep and once I even sang a song. “Bees, not gay, gay bees… oh and then something about peanut butter needs jelly. I said you talked, not that you made sense,” Mr. Hamad laughed. I laughed too and unthinkingly rested my hand against his chest just between his massive furry pecs. Our eyes locked on each other, and then he leaned forward and kissed me right on the lips. It wasn’t one of those sloppy tongue things you do with a girl, and for some reason it didn’t seem wrong. “You sleep like an angel,” He started, “At first you were an angel in distress. But once you felt my heartbeat you slept soundly in my arms. So beautiful, little one.” “Girls are beautiful, guys are…” I started, but his lips interrupted me. They were strong and wrestled my own into submission until I felt his tongue slide through them. I slumped into his chest and his other arm came down over my back and he pushed me up and onto his chest. My cock was rock hard against his incomparably full basket as he held me close to him and let his tongue explore my morning breath. He pushed his briefs up and his bulge poked between my thighs, tickling my skin with the soft material. His hands reached up under my shirt and pushed it up to touch my bare skin. I felt the chill of the air in contrast to his warm touch. I shivered under his strength. I raised up off his lips and let him slip my shirt up and off. His mouth went straight for that spot where my neck meets my shoulders and he licked and kissed it making my chest stretch out as a gasp escaped me. “No, sweet one,” he said and I’d already forgotten whatever statement I’d made that he felt the need to negate. “You are my beautiful cub, strong and sweet, loyal to your lion.” “Yes sir,” I mumbled hungrily as he went back to kissing my neck. I was so hard in my briefs that my cock pushed my butt up and his hands quickly found my cheeks and squeezed them. His hands slipped down my thighs and he pulled my knees up so I was kneeling over him. I raised up, my ass resting on his bulge, my hands resting on his pecs. He smiled up at me and went back to kneading my ass. “You want this, baby boy?” He asked with just a hint of fear in his eyes. I looked down at his imposing physique thoughtfully for a minute. I still wasn’t gay, but maybe just with him. It was different with him. He wasn’t a regular man, he didn’t even seem human. He was like some ancient, mythical warrior whose presence made me feel weak but protected, anxious yet fearless. This wasn’t two little twiggy boys flailing about in rainbow lust. Anyone seeing me out on my own wouldn’t have the faintest hint I could ever fall for a guy. I play sports, I fuck girls, I even shot a gun once. And him… He spoke and people scurried. I’d watched an overly muscled trainer drop to his knees begging to suck him. He put on a simple white t-shirt and all of a sudden it was the hot thing to buy. And here he was, under me, rubbing my ass as I sat on his bulge. I nodded. He leaned up and kissed me again. He brought a hand to my cheek and pulled back to show me his smile. “I don’t know what comes next, sir,” I admitted. “Then let me show you,” he smiled and brought his hands down to my sides. He jumped up and flipped over, pinning me down against the bed. He was over me, resting on his elbows like cages on either side of me. I smiled up at him, partially in shock at how quickly and expertly he’d done that. He leaned down and rubbed his beard against my cheek. It prickled my skin and made me giggle like a little k**. I had muscles of my own and I struggled against him with my hands on his chest to push him off me. But it only brought out the a****l in him and he quickly moved to pin my arms up over my head, my wrists crossed against the pillow. I relaxed back into the bed, surrendering to the inevitable. “You already surrendered?” he whispered to my ear, sounding a bit disappointed, “I thought you’d fight a little more than that. You’re not straight anymore, are you?” “I don’t know,” I whispered back honestly, “I think I am, until you’re around me.” I put my lips to his neck like he had done to me and I heard a soft moan escape him as I nibbled on his skin, brushing my teeth along sensitive areas. “You want to be my little bottom princess?” He was dead serious, and his tone brought a nervous laugh out of me. He moved to my lips again and kissed me before I could protest. “You do. I can taste it on you. You want your daddy inside you, breaking you in for the first time. Don’t you?” He said in his low grating voice. “No sir, ouch!” I turned my lips to his with the sudden panic at the thought he would want to stuff me with that massive meat.”Don’t worry, little one. We have a long ways to go and a lot of preparation before you could handle me. I promise I won’t ever hurt you more than you can enjoy,” he said. He kissed down my chest, biting and sucking on each nipple. He released my hands from above my head as he made his way down my body. I reached down to free my cock from the now overstretched briefs, but he pulled my hands away. “Please sir, it’s so hard,” I begged. He ignored me and kissed at my belly button. It tickled and my abs tensed up and jerked involuntarily as I tried to squirm away. He eased off, then slid his hands under my ass and lifted me up off the bed a little. He looked up at me like Caleb had done when he wanted to suck my cock. It wasn’t the same though. He didn’t seem interested in what I was poking just below his chin. He kissed down below my belly button and then kissed a slow trail down to my briefs. He gave a cursory brush of his beard to my tent and rubbed his nose along the shaft outline. I watched his eyes close as he breathed me. He must have been into my scent like I was to his. My cock was throbbing and I was so ready to shoot inside my briefs. One more brush of his nose and I would have rewarded him with my spurt. He could see it in my eyes and he moved on, kissing below the base of my cock just between my nuts. His hands moved down from my ass to my thighs and he pushed my legs up and over him so my knees were up to my pecs. He held them there easily with one hand and brought his other hand down to rub between the cheeks of my ass. “Your little hole calls for me, sweet one,” his voice sounded from beneath me. I folded my legs up into my chest and held them so I could look down and see the top of his hair. “No, please sir,” I begged. It was an odd mix of emotions having him down there, so close to the one spot a guy doesn’t want anyone to ever get near. I felt dirty, but at the same time this need in me to share my most private spot with him was building like a fire. “You never played around down here,” he observed as his lips kissed my cheeks. His hands went to the waistband of my briefs and he slowly peeled them down my thighs to expose my hole. For some reason I helped him, my hand went and pulled the briefs up and off. He took them from me then and inhaled where my cock had been trapped all morning, leaking several gooey spots. I spread my legs then and secured my knees behind my shoulders making myself into a crab with my hole in the air. I looked up at him, excited to see he was into my underwear like I was his. My cock throbbed against my stomach and leaked a little more. “You like that, baby? See the spots daddy made leak out of your little white cock?” he laughed. “Yes sir,” I nodded and arched my back, flexing my abs to push my cock out proudly. It wasn’t little at all. He turned the briefs out so my pre-cum spots were showing and he brought them to my lips. “Suck it clean, I paid good money for these,” he ordered. Gross as it was, I put my tongue out and lapped at my juice. He pushed them inside my mouth then and I got a full taste of my cream. “Mmfff,” I mumbled as his fingers pressed them deeper past my lips. “I know what my baby likes. I know how much you loved smelling and sucking the sweat from my jock. You wanted to taste what a real man is like, didn’t you?” he was speaking in that soft but grating tone that made my heart thump in my throat. I nodded around his fingers and my briefs in my mouth. My secret was out and he splayed me open with his words without a hint of shame or disgust. “Hold on to those while I show you the second but most important use for your boy hole,” Mr. Hamad slid his fingers out of my mouth and I clenched my lips around the briefs, sucking down the last of my precum even as more dribbled out of my cock to coat my stomach. I had that feeling of being on the edge of cumming, but it just wouldn’t cross over yet. I humped at the air a little but my cock needed something more. “Beautiful little pink hole. I’m surprised I’m the first to discover it. I guess a big strong jock like you,” he said mockingly, “kept it hidden so no one would suspect what a little bottom beggar you really are.” “Mm not gay,” I tried to say around the briefs I was sucking on like a pacifier. “Right, nothing gay about this,” he said with fake sincerity and I felt his lips touch my asshole. “MMMM,” I squirmed from surprise. His tongue touched it next and I jumped again. I felt his warm hand rub over my stomach then and he gave my cock a squeeze at the base and jerked a slow tight grip up to the top, spilling out a copious amount of precum. “Ahhh!” I said, begging him to continue, but he released me and I realized he’d used the momentary diversion to slip his tongue up inside me. I felt it when he started to work his tongue in circles around the ring of my hole. I stopped squirming then as my body was flooded with warm sensations. He licked over a spot that made my cock jump against me. This was the longest I’d ever been on the edge in my life. He pulled his tongue out and peered at me from behind my throbbing cock and balls. He spit at my hole and then rubbed a finger around the ring. He started to work his thick middle finger into the resistant hole. He took his time though and didn’t force it. “Open for me, little flower,” he said to my hole, “Relax for your new owner.” “Mmff, ahh,” I whimpered as he pushed into me. He persisted and it popped inside, flooding me with new sensations his tongue hadn’t produced. I felt a million little nerve endings stand at attention and marvel at his touch. “Eee!” escaped my lips around the briefs stuck in my mouth as the most appropriate reaction to his invasion. His eyes traveled up my body and locked onto mine. “You want me inside you,” he said and I nodded with a “Ess Irr.” He moved up the bed, keeping his finger in my hole, holding it there patiently as my body adjusted. He used his free hand to push down his briefs and I watched his footlong Arab snake flop out half-hard. The tip stared up at me with a painful reminder of what his finger represented. He was beside me, sliding his free arm under me and kissing at my neck as his finger started to move inside me. His cock rested against his stomach and started to thicken up as he worked inside me. With one hand he rubbed my side, pulling me over into his chest. The other worked my hole in slow, persistent circles as his lips played with my sensitive neck. He kissed my earlobe and sucked it between his teeth. “Let your lion in, little cub,” he whispered between nibbles on my ear, “Let daddy take what’s his.” He pushed the first knuckle into me as I laid there like a grateful puppet. I nodded and looked over into his eyes. He bit at the briefs in my mouth and pulled them out. They were soaked with my spit and a few of my tears as my eyes watered at the growing force of his finger in me. He turned his head and spit them out towards the floor. I wasn’t quite finished with them, but I was in no position to argue. “It will take much work before your little pink flower is ready for me,” he observed as our eyes locked and then he leaned into me and put his tongue past my lips. I sucked him hungrily as he kept pushing into me. I wanted to be open for him. “You are mine?” he said without a hint of question. “Yes sir,” I whined in a voice that sounded oddly high for me. “I’m yours.” “I know, little one. I will be yours too. I will show you what your body was meant for. You will take the seed of a real man in your desperate little hole. I will mark you as mine,” he said. It was something I never thought I’d want, but it felt so right. “I’m so close to cumming,” I whined hoping he would finish me off soon. He had his finger inside me to the second knuckle. The black wiry Arab hair on his dark fingers was tickling the ring as he found my prostate and massaged it in small circles. My cock was throbbing to his finger’s rhythm. I felt my body tense and relax in sync as well. “Please sir, I’m so close, I need to,” and then my body started to shake and twist. I bounced my ass on his finger involuntarily which made it drive deep inside to the base. “Ahh AHHHHH,” I started to scream as my cock bounced on its own, shooting sprays of thick white over my chest and face. He drove his tongue back into my mouth to silence me and I Mmm’ed and Ahhh’ed around his kiss. His other hand grabbed my ass and squeezed it tightly as he started to ride his finger in and out of me. It started to hurt, but I couldn’t say anything and my body was on this continual convulsion of pleasure. He moved his lips back to my ear, growling, “Cum for me boy, cum for your master. You will only cum at my touch now. You are mine.” “YES SIR,” I yelled as my body kept shooting off an endless fountain. He bit on my shoulder then, and I fired off my last round with a sharp pain mixed with ecstasy. “Ahh Ow!” I was shocked out of the moment by the pain. “Calm, boy. Daddy’s got you,” he comforted and pulled me back into him as I came down. He kept his finger inside me and I started to breathe with him. I felt so weak and my legs were cramping from holding the crab position while my body violently emptied my nuts. He kept his finger in me even as he helped me untangle my legs. I laid there, covered in my own cum as my Arab boss had his finger in my ass and kissed softly at my neck. This wasn’t how I pictured the day going. I realized his thick, massive cock was laying against my thigh, unfulfilled. “You have to cum now,” I observed. “I will, little cub, but my boy always cums first,” he said as though I hadn’t read the manual. He reached over for my shirt which he’d tossed and used it to wipe the pint of milk I’d shot. With a sleeve of it he wiped at my cheeks and then pushed the globs towards my lips. I sucked hungrily as his finger, covered in the cum shirt pushed into me. His finger gave a few more angry pumps inside me and then he slid it out. I felt so empty when he left. For the first time I understood why guys did this. I need him again, gay or not, my body demanded it. I let out a whimper of, “Nooo,” as the empty feeling spread through me. “That is enough for now. Finish your juice, baby,” he said like a concerned father. I nodded and sucked it clean. He didn’t have me eat all of my cum, that would have probably made me sick. He just fed me enough to remind me of the gift he’d allowed. With my body wiped and exhausted, he rolled me onto my side and I felt his massive scimitar poke between my ass cheeks. He pushed against me from behind, kissing on my neck as his cock rubbed up and down over my hole, along my back. I squeezed my cheeks together to grip him.”You want daddy to fuck your little pink bottom,” he observed and I nodded. His arms slid around me, holding me tightly against him as he sped up. He turned my face to his and kissed me deeply. He started rough humping against me, pushing me against the bed. He broke the kiss and turned me onto my tummy, my face pressed into the pillow. I felt his weight on top of me for a moment and then he balanced himself on his elbows as his cock pressed between my cheeks again. I felt his hot breath on the back of my neck as he humped me wildly, his cock sliding along my back. “Yes sir, please sir, fuck me sir,” I whined under his weight. He kept it up, pumping away and I felt my cock hardening again against the bed. “Ahh fuck, this is too hot, I’m not going to last,” he growled into my ear. He backed up off me and pulled me up by my arm. I struggled up and whirled around to face him as I knelt on the bed in front of him resting my ass back against my heels. I was at the altar of Hamad as his thick meat poked at my lips. He grabbed his cock and pumped it hard. He looked down at me and I raised my eyes to meet his. His finger pulled at my lips, stretching my mouth open. He put the tip of his cock against my lips and stroked it angrily. And then he arched his back and screwed up his eyes and my mouth started to fill with salty Arab cream. “MMM” I struggled to keep up, surprised at the first shot of man into my mouth. His hand came down and held the back of my head. He squeezed it as his body shook and he filled my mouth with his seed. “UHH, fuck, Uhhh, SO! FUCKING! FUCK!” he cursed as his body spasmed over me, my lips dripping with white. He finished in my mouth and I held it, not sure my stomach could hold this much cum. He backed off of me with one last shake and a loud, “Uhh fuck.” He stood over me for a few moments collecting his breath and wiping the sweat off his brow. He stepped back and looked down at me, mouth agape and overfilled. He laughed, “Too much for you?” I nodded and asked. “Ahh I ooo?” “You need help, little one?” he knelt in front of me and smiled, “So fucking cute.” He came at me with his tongue, licked the dripping white off my chin and lips and fed it back into my mouth. His lips covered mine and he sucked some of his cum back, splitting is with me. I thought he had swallowed his half so I swallowed mine. I finished and stuck my tongue out to show him I had finished. He nodded approvingly and came to kiss me again, delivering his half of his load back into my mouth. He’d tricked me. He pushed it down my throat with his tongue and I swallowed him. “All gone,” he said with a chuckle as he broke the kiss, “Good boy.” We sank back down to the bed and he covered us with the blanket, holding me against his chest. My head had returned to the position I’d woken up in, my lips at his brown nipple. He stroked my back as we came down together knowing our relationship was forever changed. “Mr. Hamad?” I asked, suddenly feeling fearful. “Please don’t tell anyone about this. I mean… you know…” “Yes, you’re not gay, I know,” he said with a sleepy, exaggerated yawn. “No, I didn’t mean that. I just…” I started. “I’ll keep it out of the company newsletter, ok?” He said and rubbed his fingers through my hair. “I just don’t want my family to find out about it. They would think I was doing it for the money to take care of them. They wouldn’t care if I was into guys, but I don’t want them thinking I’m some kind of you know sex worker or something,” I said. “Wait, if you’re doing this for free then I am basically throwing my money away on your paycheck,” he laughed. “You know what I mean!” I was getting annoyed at how flippant he was being with my anxiety. “I know, little one… don’t worry,” he said and kissed my hair. A knock at the door broke us out of our warm cocoon. “It must be time to get ready for landing,” Mr. Hamad said. He got up naked, his thick brown muscle dangling between his thighs. He strode over to the door and answered without shame. “Sir, we are landing in Satra in an hour and I thought you might want to shower and eat something,” Andir said from the doorway. I burrowed under the blanket realizing I was naked and filthy. “Yes, is there an open shower for us?” “Of course, sir. I have it set up. It’s this one next door.” Andir said. We showered together for the first time and he washed me from head to toe, even working his finger back inside me to clean me out. It was the first time I’d ever shared a shower with someone where they interacted with me. It’s not the same as at school, those you do on your own. He commented on my body as he cleaned it. I knew I didn’t look anything like Caleb when it came to physique. I was tempted to ask if he liked me better, but I didn’t want Caleb to even enter his mind right now. I felt so relaxed at his touch. We dried off and he let me pick out my own clothes from the limited variety he had put in my carry-on. I chose white briefs, white pants, and a plain white t-shirt because he said it would be incredibly hot when we landed, but shorts weren’t acceptable for boys like me in his country. It was ok for home, but not for being out in the airport or public places. He dressed in a low-cut black v-neck tight shirt and some khaki shorts with red slip-on deck shoes. When we returned, Andir had packed away the room back to how it had looked when we took off from Los Angeles. I would miss our little private world in the sky. We ate a quick breakfast and Mr. Hamad ordered me another juicebox for the landing. He rubbed my back and told me to keep sucking as we slowly descended into the bright desert sun. My ears did better this time and with his warm, soothing touch. We pulled up to a gate and I expected us to go back down the stairs through the economy section, but Mr. Hamad said we wouldn’t mix with them. “It’s a zoo down there,” he said. Instead there was a second door on the top floor of the plane that led to the VIP gates above the airport. Andir carried our bags behind us and followed us out to a waiting black Mercedes. Mr. Hamad put me into the backseat and I watched out the window as our driver took the bags from Andir and secured them in the trunk. Another man came with our larger bags and packed them in the trunk as well. I watched Mr. Hamad kiss Andir and exchange words and smiles with him. I felt a tinge of jealousy until I watched Mr. Hamad take a white envelope from one of the bags and tuck it into Andir’s pocket. Payment, Andir was a worker. I was his boy. I turned back away from them and buckled my seatbelt. Outside the window there was the mountains and a city, but it was different from the peaks back home. This was dry, absolute brown, like a desert I’d read about in high school books. The sun blistered overhead and I watched the wind whip a palm tree mercilessly. And then he was next to me, leaning in to my side with a quick kiss to my cheek. He said something in Arabic to the driver and then pulled me into his side. They chatted back and forth in Arabic as I stared out the window. Mr. Hamad slid his arm around me and held me to his side. It started to hit me that we weren’t in my world anymore. Not that his glitzy rich life in LA was mine, but at least it was my country. The rules would be different here. I needed to learn Arabic, learn the culture, and figure out my place here as more than just his assistant, his accessory. This is where I would come into my own and grow up. A big cartoon cutout of a camel waving hello welcomed us as we pulled out of the airport. He was saying something, but I didn’t read Arabic. Then a second cartoon cartoon camel said it in English. “Satra, Lose your past and find yourself in the ancient kingdom of the future.” I intended to do just that…”So you remember everything from the file I gave you about my family? You studied well, little cub?” Mr. Hamad asked as the black Mercedes glided down a narrow highway across the desert floor towards a series of sparkling white towers. “I think so, sir. You have four older brothers but two of them live far away, right?” I asked. “Names, Lincoln, who lives in my home?” He demanded as he laid his arm across my back and pulled me against him. “Ali is the oldest brother who still lives at home, and he is with Emerson, that deaf, blonde guy I signed with over FaceTime during my interview, right?” I looked over at him but he stared out the window. He nodded and waved one hand for me to continue. “Ok, then Zaid is the brother between you and Ali. I saw a picture of him, he is skinny… Not like Emerson skinny, toned, but not muscular like us, right?” I was trying to look out the window to see what had his interest, but just saw sand and some upcoming low buildings. “Muscular like… US?” Mr. Hamad turned to me with amusement and gave my pecs a gentle squeeze. “Hey, I’m not weak. I lift. And now we can start working out together. You can train me so someday it’ll be a little more even when you try to attack me,” I joked. “I attack you?” he gave a good laugh at that and turned to face me. He kissed my cheek, “And my workout routines for you will keep you just as you are. You’re 18, there is no need to erase your youth with overtraining. Ok back on topic, little cub. Yes Zaid is skinny. He’s always been the smallest. But he is clever. Do not mistake his size for his power. Now go on.” “Oh and Dr. Hamad your father, and Emerson and Ali have two twin sons. I don’t get how they did that though. In the pictures the boys look like a mix of both of them… but um… both fathers are male… right?” I asked. “Science, Lincoln. China can make anything you want for the right price. Two healthy, perfect boys with both of their DNA and without the hearing loss Emerson might have passed on.” “They are Ali and Amir, did I say that right? Oh and the guy who takes care of them, Jai. I think that’s everyone. Plus all the house staff, but you didn’t mention their names. What do I call them?” I asked. “You don’t call anyone. House staff speak to the men of the house. It is respectful and traditional for them to avoid the weaker… the innocents of the house.” He said. “I’m neither of those things… sir,” I reminded him with a smile to sound respectful, but he turned to me with a serious face. “We’re not in Los Angeles anymore, little cub. Amongst my people, you are weaker. You will learn your place here. You may not speak so freely to me. You will not address others here unless they are my family. And even then it is only if they address you. It is how things are done here. Until you are ready to stand on your own as a man, a leader, you only address me,” he put a hand to my cheek to show he was serious. “Won’t that just make me seem weaker?” I looked at him doubtfully. “Allowing me to be your voice says to others that you understand us and come from good breeding. Your blonde hair and light skin may attract sexual glances, but proper manners will show you are of an elevated position. They will take you seriously as an intern and remember you took your time to learn our culture when you are ready to join our level. The impressions you make now will affect your future success or failure.” He said this looking me dead in the eyes. I nodded, understanding, “That’s why you call me a cub? I am learning to be a lion like you.” “Yes… well, something like that,” he laughed to himself and then ruffled my hair. I was tempted to reach up and do the same to his, but I wanted to seem serious. I noticed we were starting to wind up a road into the desert hills above the city. As we climbed, he pointed things out about the city below us. The sports stadium, the world’s 12th largest mall, the zoo, the university, etc… Everything was new and clean and looked well-planned. It was very much the opposite of the chaotic landscape of Los Angeles. “This is our newer house,” he waved a hand after we’d driven up through large gates and armed guards to a neighborhood of five homes on small, separate hills high above the city. “We built this two years ago to support our growing family.” The house was angles of steel with large, sweeping windows that stacked glass boxes up the hillside. It looked like a resort hotel and had a large porte cochere covering a section of the circular driveway. We pulled under it and I saw two large, glass doors that looked like the check-in area of a fancy hotel. “It’s still early, most of them will be at appointments so we will have some time to settle in before they come back,” Mr. Hamad said to me as he opened his door. I followed him inside, the driver would take care of the bags. He entered something on the keypad and the glass doors slid open to reveal a sweeping marble room that was a perfect circle with three points of exit. The room was empty save for a round table in the center with a large splay of exotic flowers. I looked up and three levels above me was a perfect, blue glass dome. I paused to wonder how they cleaned it, but I heard Mr. Hamad clear his throat, “You will have a lot of time to take things in when we are settled. Let’s get to our quarters.” He extended a hand to me and I took it. He pulled me through the doorway to the right and two steps up to a grand sitting room with large, comfortable couches. A barking dog sounded from a distance and I turned but wasn’t sure where it came from. I felt Mr. Hamad pull me again insistently, and I followed. We went through a long hallway, up more stairs, and out to a grassy courtyard. There was a blonde man, thin and small, but with tight muscles. At first I thought it might be Caleb, and my chest tightened. He would be the kind of guy to fly around the world just to fuck with my head. He was on a yoga mat and balanced on one hand as his body twisted up above his head like a circus act. He looked at us from his upside-down position and smiled widely. He neatly unfolded himself so his legs shot straight into the air. He brought his other hand down to the mat. He bounced once and pushed up off the mat. He lept into the air, turned, and landed in a crouch, right-side up. I started to clap like an idiot. It was beautiful movement. He was beautiful, graceful, smiling at me. He came towards me. He made the sign for link, like you would do for a link of chains, and then pointed at me excitedly. He was giving me a nickname, a name sign. I instantly recognized him from my interview the first day I’d met Mr. Hamad. I signed back, “Yes! That’s me! You’re Emerson. Wow you look amazing!” He came for me then and put his arms around me and hugged me excitedly. I don’t know why, but when I put my arms around his waist to hug him back I wanted to pick him up. While I felt submissive and weak in Mr. Hamad’s arms, Emerson’s hug made me feel strong and important. I felt Mr. Hamad’s hand on my shoulder and knew he probably wanted a hug from Emerson of his own.I stepped back and Mr. Hamad lifted him up and kissed his cheek. I looked behind him and two identical 4 year olds were stepping out of a doorway across the courtyard followed by a thin man with black hair and coffee skin. The boys looked at me and then each other. Mr. Hamad moved me gently to the side with a squeeze on my shoulder and went to pick up a boy in each arm. He made goofy faces to each of them and kissed their cheeks while they squealed like k**s do. I felt a hand on my shoulder and I turned back to Emerson who signed, “You’re very strong and tall! I expected Samir to bring back someone more…” he stumbled for words, maybe not wanting to offend me. “Thank you,” I signed back, interrupting, “I want to learn how to be like him, run my own business someday. I’m not here to be like Caleb. He’s a mess.” “He’s my best friend,” Emerson interjected with an alarmed look on his face. “Oh, I’m sorry, I…” I started, but then his face turned to a smile. “It’s ok, he’s a mess, but… he’s our mess,” he pointed between himself and Mr. Hamad. “He was there for me as a k** growing up. He has a lot of good points, he really does.” “I didn’t know that. I’m sorry I offended you,” I looked down at him. He was shorter than me, half my build, yet knowing his place in this family intimidated the hell out of me. “Link,” he signed again with a smile. He put his hands on my pecs for a quick squeeze, and I was tempted to put my arms around him. Our eyes locked for a minute almost like he wanted me to kiss him, but that wouldn’t be right or appropriate here. He pushed off of me and continued signing, “You have enough to worry about here. I am not offended. I will be here for you. Just promise me you will remember why you are here. I forgot totally and then it didn’t matter anymore. My life is good, don’t get me wrong and I have two beautiful boys to take care of plus a husband who loves me. But unless you want to end up like I did, keep focused on why you’re here.” “Ok,” I signed, trying to make sense of all he was trying to tell me. “Don’t misunderstand, Samir is a wonderful man. I see how he looks at you. You would be lucky to have someone like him be your lion. But I know he wants what Ali wanted, someone to be at home and raise his c***dren, someone to come home to after long, stressful workdays. Just promise you won’t open that door too much without really thinking about what you want or why you’re here.” He finished with a serious face. His body sighed and it seemed to clear his thoughts as his lips curled up into a smile. “Oh and welcome!” “Thanks, I… I’m here to learn his business. Plus I’m straight,” I signed. “Yes, Samir said you say that a lot. I was straight when I came here too,” he shrugged with a laugh. I looked back to Mr. Hamad who was on the grass pretending to wrestle with the boys while Jai, their caretaker, looked on anxiously. I imagined he would be severely punished if anything happened to the boys, but Mr. Hamad was careful and gentle with them. Emerson called them over with a wave and introduced me using signs. They both signed to me, thinking I was deaf like their father, asking if I was going to live there and did I know how to use legos and video games. I signed and spoke back eliciting surprise from them. They must not be used to both methods. I guessed Caleb hadn’t interacted with them much. “Well boys, we need to get settled in. We’ll be here for dinner, I promise,” Mr. Hamad said to the twins with a kiss to each one’s cheek. I hugged them each goodbye and then followed Mr. Hamad through another door on the other side of the courtyard. ++++His room, or rather aparment, was one large open room behind it’s own privacy wall at the end of a stone pathway up a hill. There was a keypad and he punched something in without telling me what it was. The thick cement door slid sideways and opened to the large room. There was a huge bed to the left, two couches in the center, and a kitchen with a long bar to the right. “You said you prefered to share my quarters. If that changes, you can take a room in the main house, but it will need to be monitored for security. I am responsible for you here and I need to know what you are up to.” He spoke as though I was a criminal he’d agreed to sponsor. “This will be fine for me, sir… I can work from the kitchen bar here if you need me to do things at home. I am here to learn from you all that you can teach me,” I answered knowing full well that he’d want me with him. “Yes, perhaps it would be best for you to have everything here in one place to keep you focused,” he said flatly as though it made no difference to him. “There is the kitchen, here is the living room, and over there is the bedroom.” He waved his hand around the large room in one sweeping motion. “There is a bathroom and closet just behind that wall,” he said pointing to a continuous wall. He moved towards it and I followed and watched as the wall wasn’t what it appeared. It was an optical illusion from the front doorway, but getting towards the bed revealed a side opening. I followed him through it to a large open bathroom with a private area for the toilet. He showed me the closet and pointed to a small side area of it noting it held clothes for me. I smiled to myself thinking he must have known all along I’d prefer to stay with him. He had set up here for me. Or maybe he didn’t care what I preferred and would have made moving into another room the more uncomfortable option. +++++Our bags arrived and then two covered plates arrived for our lunch. So far I had counted a staff of four since we arrived. It seemed like a different person showed up for each small task. We sat at the kitchen bar and ate the artfully crafted sandwiches that looked ready to photograph as he told me about what we would work on this week at his business. He showed me around the grounds after lunch. His estate had everything one could want including a large pool and extensive outdoor party area, a small movie theater, a gym, and finally a garage with sixteen cars for every need from sports racing to a shuttle van. He let me sit behind the wheel of his prized Bugatti and promised he’d take me out to drive it one day. He leaned over me with his arm across my back pointing out all the features as his eyes glowed excitedly. “This can be yours someday, Lincoln. If you work hard and learn to be smart about business here. Anything you want can happen. There is much money to be made,” he said to me with a smile. He touched a finger to my cheek and then traced it over to my lips. “You want that, little one? You want to be like me someday?” he poked his finger into my mouth and I sucked at it with a nod. +++++Dinner gathered the large family around a circular dining table with 12 chairs. Mr. Hamad had laid out for me dark blue briefs, a blue button-up dress shirt, and black pants with blue socks and dark leather shoes. I admired myself in the mirror and brushed my blonde hair to the side. I came out from the closet and was surprised to see him wearing a nearly identical outfit. The clothes fit me well, but they were snug on him. I was sure it was intentional to show off his muscles and remind me he was the stronger of us. I followed Mr. Hamad into the dining room and saw Emerson sitting with empty chairs on one side of the table. On the other side of him, an older man who looked like he might be Mr. Hamad’s türkçe bahis father rose and smiled at me. He came towards me and pulled me towards him by my hand. He kissed my right cheek and then the left. “Welcome,” he said with a warm smile. His dark eyes sparkled like his son’s, and there was a look in them that seemed to say, “You are important to me.” “This is my father,” Mr. Hamad said to me. “Dr. Hamad.” “It’s nice to meet you sir,” I said, bowed slightly, and shook his hand. Next up was a smaller version of Mr. Hamad who was toned but not nearly as built as his brother. It was Zaid. I recognized him from the pictures in the file. He came towards me wearing a tight, soft pink polo shirt that showed his slim, toned body. He got close and looked up at me and then down, appraising my worth. “I’m surprised, Samir,” he said to Mr. Hamad in the same deep Arab tone of his brother without taking his eyes off of me. “You usually go for the weaker boys. He is more someone I would choose for myself.” He reached for my biceps, squeezed them, and gave an appreciative nod. “Nice to… to meet you, sir,” I stammered trying to stumble through introductions as he continued to appraise me. He moved behind me then and I felt his eyes on my ass. A second later I felt his hand. I jumped to the side and he laughed at me. “That’s quite enough, Zaid,” Mr. Hamad pulled me protectively into his chest. I inhaled his cologne and felt his warm breath on my neck. “Oh, the new baby already needs daddy’s protection? Now it makes sense. Muscle jock on the outside, daddy’s little fag on the in. I thought as much. Still cute though,” I heard him laugh behind me. Mr. Hamad started to say something to him in Arabic. It sounded harsh, but something inside of me snapped. I pushed off from Mr. Hamad’s warm, comforting chest and turned back to Zaid. “I can defend myself, but I was raised to be a polite guest in someone’s home. If you step outside with me, we can see who needs protection.” I felt Mr. Hamad’s arm slide across my chest and he pushed the air out of my lungs as he pulled me forcefully back into his arms. “Settle, boy,” he whispered angrily in my ear and then bit at it softly. It wasn’t a suggestion. I nodded and looked away from Zaid who smiled mockingly as though he had gotten what he wanted from me. He walked away. Zaid sat opposite me and two muscle-bound men who looked to be twins and wore matching blue polo shirts came in and sat on either side of him. They took turns kissing him passionately and he kept checking to see that I was watching. I turned to Emerson who signed to ask what happened. I signed back nothing, I was ok. He signed that Zaid liked to shock, especially when he thought he could get a big reaction. Looking at him, so beautiful and graceful. It made me feel shame that I’d let Zaid get me upset in front of him. I offered him a half smile and he started to return it but got distracted as the twin boys came in begging for their father’s attention with their caretaker in tow. I felt embarrassed as I calmed down. Mr. Hamad kept my hand firmly gripped in his lap under the table. He massaged my hand in his. It felt patronizing, like he needed to calm his out of control boy. I wanted out of there. I wanted my hand back. Then strangely I got lost picturing Emerson pushed against the wall with my cock pounding him from behind. He was so beautiful and made me feel so strong. I was no one’s little fag. I suddenly felt really uncomfortable in Mr. Hamad’s hold. The last to arrive was Ali. His pictures didn’t do him justice. He was the leader of the siblings, the tallest, strongest, and most charming. He entered the room and everyone changed. Zaid straightened up and stopped trying to get my attention. My Mr. Hamad, who everyone called by his first name, Samir, sat up taller and squeezed my hand with traces of anxiety. Perhaps he was worried how his out of control boy would look to his older brother. I thought of my own older brothers and my constant need to prove I could keep up. He had on an expensive suit and carried a leather workcase in one hand. He must have rushed from some meeting, anxious to get home to Emerson and his little family. My heart sank as I took him in. Of course Emerson would have the best of the pack, the strongest of the herd. I had a weird mix of emotions as his dark eyes found me, the newest addition. He offered a warm smile, but quickly passed me by. Every stride flexed the stonework that built his tall frame. He stretched that dress shirt’s every thread as he passed me and went to kiss Emerson. He lifted his c***dren then, one in each arm and they adoringly settled into his chest. He hugged them and danced a few swings before setting them back in their chairs. Next up was my Mr. Hamad who rose as his brother called, “Samir, my brother, welcome home.” Ali enveloped him in a warm hug that shrouded him in the protection of the alpha. Samir straightened up as tall as he could. He fought to meet his brother’s height. They released after kisses to each other’s cheeks. “This is my boy, Lincoln,” he said waving a hand towards me with a beaming smile. “Of course,” Ali towered over me and I quickly rose to my feet. “I have heard all about you. Welcome. I hope this will be a warm home for you. You are welcome in our family,” Ali spoke through a more pronounced accent than his brothers. Mr. Hamad had said he didn’t like spending much time in the English speaking world, but that he was fluent when he needed to be. I extended my hand towards him, but he brought me in for a hug and kissed my forehead. I felt my switch flip again as he covered me in a blanket of muscles, a soft shirt, expensive cologne. My heart gave a little flutter at that. I alternated between jealousy that he had Emerson and jealousy that Emerson had him. I didn’t know which side was winning and either way I wasn’t in the mix. He let me go and we settled in to eat. Mr. Hamad again took my left hand and brought it back to his lap as some servants came and set plates of food in front of us. It seemed like everyone had their own individual things though not much of it was identifiable except for what looked like roasted chicken or duck or some kind of white meat in front of me. Mr. Hamad let go of my hand to begin on his food. He looked over at me with a smile and a raised eyebrow as though he wanted my confirmation that it looked good. I looked away and began to take my hand back from his thigh. I took a few bites of everything on the plate, but honestly I was too preoccupied with my own thoughts, my strange attractions, my repulsion to Zaid, my worry that perhaps his appraisal of my need for Mr. Hamad might have been accurate. Was I his little fag? Was that the role I had slowly crept into? “Eat, Lincoln, everyone else is nearly finished,” he said quietly and put an arm around my back. I started to lean into him like my body wanted, but then I looked at Zaid who smiled that obnoxious grin. I pulled away from him and pushed his arm off of me. I turned back to my food and tried to start forcing it down. I still didn’t know what it was, but I just chewed and swallowed until most of it was gone. I set my fork down and looked over at Emerson taking turns helping his boys as Ali sipped a glass of wine and looked over them appreciatively. I looked at Dr. Hamad playing on his tablet, occasionally scanning the table to ensure his boys were all enjoying themselves. And then I looked at my Mr. Hamad, making conversation with his brothers in between sips of wine. He turned to me with a worried look and reached to brush my blonde hair away from my forehead. I jerked back and looked towards the doorway. “Well I think this little one is ready for bed,” Mr. Hamad said lightly and put his hand on the back of my neck with a fatherly squeeze. “He’s had a very long day, I’m sure,” Dr. Hamad said to permit our leave, “sleep well, little one.” I turned towards him and saw his gentle smile. I nodded and returned it. “Thank you sir. Goodnight, everyone,” I stood and Mr. Hamad rose with me and pushed me quickly towards the door. +++++”He’s wrong about me,” I fumed when Mr. Hamad touched in the code to close the door to his quarters behind us. “I’m not a fag! I don’t want to be that! He’s wrong!” I gathered my breath and finally let my eyes meet his. “I know, sweet boy. He didn’t mean that. Zaid says the most hurtful thing he can think of to a straight boy, especially one he thinks is proud and overconfident. He does it to get in your head. You may be disgusted by him, but his opinion starts to matter to you. It’s a control move. He does it to slowly destroy a man until his opinion is all you care about. He loves the challenge. He wants you desperate for his approval until you find yourself doing things you don’t even like. It’s just his game,” Mr. Hamad insisted. “That’s sick. And what’s your game, sir? What do you want of me?” I backed against the cold, stone wall. He turned and considered me, came closer and leaned into me, pushing me against the wall. His arms slid around my back and a hand pushed up under my shirt, touching my skin. I smelled his cologne again, the one he had bought because I liked it. It reminded me he had allowed me to mark him. His warm bundle of muscles wrapped around me and felt confused, desperate to hold me. “I know it’s a shock to be away from everyone you love, but I’m your family here, Lincoln,” he whispered as he kissed my ear. “I’ll guide you through this if you let me in. I’ll help you find things you love and guide you to make choices you can be proud of. You must learn to not give control over so easily. Now he knows what buttons to push with you. And look, you danced like a puppet for him.” He pushed harder into me, arching my back as he kissed down my neck and buried his lips in between the neck of my shirt. “You must learn control,” he restated as he continued to work my body into a lost frenzy. “No… I didn’t… wait… I’m not a… not gay, ok?” I said half-heartedly. I tried pushing him away, but he held me tighter and my resolve was breaking under the ripples of happy his lips produced on my skin. “Ok, little cub, whatever you want,” he kissed down and popped each button on my shirt with his teeth. I lost my breath when he hit somewhere near my belly button as my body started to melt in his arms. My body bucked a few times in quick involuntary motions. He looked up at me with those perfect white teeth and round soft, brown lips. And then my feet were in the air, he tossed me over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes and carried me across the room. He said something in Arabic and the lights dimmed to black. Another command and soft blue lights glowed from around the bed like a landing strip. Music came over speakers in the corners and a soft thumping beat filled the room. I was staring down towards the floor, my head just above his ass. Plump cheeks muscled and flexed as he moved across the room. I felt guilty for even thinking about his brother. I had all I could handle with this one. He had opened my shirt with his lips and now in the inverted position, it slipped off and onto the floor. He got to the bed and pulled on my legs until I slid back over his shoulders and faced him. He held onto my ass and I wrapped my legs around his waist. He sat down on the bed, bringing me to his lap. His lips found mine and he rested me on his thighs as his tongue explored my mouth. “You are daddy’s little straight boy, yeah?” he laughed as he pulled back from me. But I felt so safe in his arms that I knew he wasn’t making fun of me. I sat there shirtless, straddling his lap and thinking about it as my cheeks blushed. I turned my face to the side and looked down. He put a hand to my cheek and turned my face to look at him again, “You’re 18, you’re not supposed to know what you want just yet. That’s why you need a daddy like me,” he said. “Don’t let labels limit your pleasure. Don’t let other people paint your picture.” I nodded and put my lips an inch from his. I chewed on my lower lip for a second, thinking about what I wanted to do with him. He looked at me expectantly with a sly smile that asked what I would do to him. I pressed my lips to his and then pushed him away and he fell back against the bed. I lowered myself to him and put my hands on his biceps, pushing his arms back over his head. He let me. I leaned down over him and kissed on his neck like he liked to do to me. He moaned and squirmed under me, brought his hands to my back and rubbed down to cup my ass. The dress pants I wore strained to keep up with my movements. I sat up and undid the belt. He pulled at it and slid it out of the loops to help me. He reached for the button and undid it and pushed the pants down as his hands reached back and dug into my briefs. He cupped my ass as I fell back down to his chest and I felt him slide the pants and briefs down my thighs. My cock flopped out, hard and already leaking. It pulsed against his bulge which strained his pants against my thigh. I reached down and rubbed it, his pants were a soft, semi-shiny material. Everything he wore and dressed me in felt so expensive. I worried about the drops my cock was leaking on him. I reached for his zipper as my lips continued working on his neck. He kept his hands on my ass, squeezing and pulling at the cheeks. “Fuck yeah baby, you feel so good. You want daddy inside you?” He growled against my ear as he started kissing and biting on my lobe. I shook my head, brushing my nose against his neck. “No sir, too big,” I whined in a voice that didn’t sound like my own. “Someday, little cub. I will conquer my boy,” he said confidently and poked his finger against my hole. I raised up off of him a little and kicked off my shoes. He sat up slightly to push my pants off and they fell to the floor followed by my briefs. I laid back down against him. I was naked and he was fully clothed with his zipper open and his cock straining the briefs he wore. I rolled off of him and onto my back. He sat up and ripped his shirt open. A few buttons tore and one landed on my chest as he tossed his shirt on the floor and then quickly shucked his pants and shoes. He bared his teeth at me and then winked. His dark tower of muscles over me flexed and turned so I could take him in. My mind flashed back to the image of me buried inside Emerson fucking him against the wall, but then quickly changed to me against the wall with Mr. Hamad doing the same to my ass. I shook off the image and looked up at him as he knelt over me and pushed at the waistband of his briefs to free that massive brown snake. It tumbled out like a firehose ready for a fight. I inhaled sharply and my body honed in on what it needed. He had this way of boxing me in. I was in his world and left everything outside. I could be the biggest, faggiest, neediest boy for him and crave his cock and it didn’t change who I was out there. The only thing that mattered was here, in his bed, making him happy. My struggle cleared up when I saw him over me. Every other image scurried to the darkest corners of my mind. He gripped his thick cock at it’s full length that likely could have passed a ruler’s measure. He wagged it over my chest and for some reason I licked my lips. I leaned up to try to taste it. My tongue wanted its warmth. He pulled it away from me. “You want it, little one?” he asked. I nodded and again tried to get to it. His free hand gripped my blonde hair and he tangled it in his fingers. He held my head back, away from what I wanted. “You forget your manners,” he reminded. I looked up past his cock which was no easy task and saw his lips pressed into a firm line that told me he meant business. “C’mon sir, please let me… you know… please,” I started. He walked back down the bed on his knees, taking his cock farther away from me. He bent down and got in my face, “Please let you what? What do you want, Lincoln?” “I want your cock, sir, please,” I said as I gathered my courage. “Do you even know what to do with it?” he whispered slowly, I got lost in the seductive movements of his soft, brown lips. He leaned in and rubbed the beard of his chin across my smooth cheek. “Do you want to taste me?” he growled against my ear. “Yes sir, please let me suck your cock,” I whimpered, “Please… daddy. Make me your boy.” “Fuck yeah, that’s my baby,” Mr. Hamad raised up off of me to show me his pleasure at my words. “Good baby,” he beamed and then went to kiss me roughly. He rolled over onto his back and put a hand to the back of my head. I got up on my knees as he laid there and I looked down at him as he massaged my neck. He pushed me down to his cock as it laid, fat and full against his stomach. I hadn’t sucked a cock before, but of course I’d seen it done and had it done to me. I put my hand on the shaft and squeezed. It was so thick my fingers barely touched as my hand wrapped around it. I pumped it a few times and watched a drop of precum form at the tip. I leaned in and lapped at it. It tasted as sweet as it had this morning. He pushed on the back of my head impatiently, pushing his cock past my lips. It stretched my lips as he shoved into me, holding my head with one hand and lightly face-fucking me. He didn’t push in too far, just savored the action my lips and tongue gave to the head of his cock. Secure that I would stay on his cock, he let his hand go and turned his attention to the ass I was wiggling in the air behind me. He gripped my thighs and raised me off the bed, slid me over and rested me on his chest so my ass was dangerously close to his face. “My baby’s beautiful pink hole,” I heard him mumble and then felt his hot, wet tongue slide into me. “Ahhh fuck, daddy, fuck yeah,” I tossed my head back off his cock and whined as his tongue worked expertly inside me. “uhhhh!” I felt a hand land on the back of my head, reminding me I had his cock to take care of. I pushed back against his tongue and wiggled in time to the circles he was painting inside me. His cock pushed back into my mouth and this time he drove it deeper. I started to choke and sputter on him as he pushed in too far. “MMMM!” I protested, but he pushed on as my throat started to gag on his massive invasion. I put my hands down against the bed and tried to push up and off his cock, but he held me there with one hand on the back of my head. He was reminding me that his muscles weren’t just for show. Tears filled my eyes as he kept ramming his cock to my throat, pushing in just far enough to make me gag and then easing off as I scrambled to recover. He kept it up over and over again taking me to the edge of losing it and then easing off. He knew how to time it perfectly. This wasn’t his first time breaking in a boy. It distracted me as he worked fingers inside my hole. By the time he let me off to sit up a little and wipe the snot from my nose, I felt two slick fingers inside me. A wave of pleasure hit me and I instantly forgot the mouth assault he’d just put me through. “Ahhhh, daddy, yeah,” I sat back up and started to bounce on his fingers. “Uhh, uhh, uhh, thank you sir,” I mumbled and bounced. And then my eye caught something to the side, a mirror on the wall reflecting back my shame. I saw myself there, blonde jockboy with proud muscles, quintessential Americana. There I was lost in lust straddling my dark Arab master’s chest, bouncing on his fingers while he kissed my ass and poked his massive cock towards my face. I froze for a minute and took the sight in. He raised up to see what I was looking at. He pushed me down his body and then flipped me around to face him but kept his fingers buried in my hole. We looked at each other for a solid minute and then he smiled. “My beautiful baby. See how good you look submitting to Daddy?” He beamed as I nodded. He put this free hand on the back of my neck and brought me in for a kiss. He started ramming his fingers into me as he kissed me and bounced me in his lap. Our cocks pressed together between us as his tongue wrestled mine into submission. His free hand gripped my cock and his together between us as I bounced on his fingers. He was pumping our cocks together and it gave me a sense of just how much bigger and thicker his was. It covered mine on all sides. Instead of shame though, I felt strangely proud that this thick meat had chosen me. I buried my lips into his shoulder and whimpered against him as he expertly worked both sides of my coin. “You like Daddy inside you? You like him pumping your little boy cock?” he growled into my ear. “Yes sir, please fuck me. Fuck your boy,” I kissed at his neck and wrapped my arms around his neck to hold on tight as he bounced me over and over. His fingers weren’t just ramming me now, they were stretching, pulling apart at my hole. He did it just enough to cause a little hit of pain and then another flood of pleasure. He was so damned good at this. My body was pushed to the edge under his expert touch. My cock was leaking precum all over his hand and his own massive meat. I felt it building like thumping in my ear. I fought to keep my eyes open. “I’m going to cum, daddy,” I begged, “Please let me cum.” “Yeah baby, cum for me. Cum for daddy,” he growled in that deep, measured Arab monotone. I started to bounce myself on him, humping at his palm. I felt the spurts building and rising up my shaft, inching up with each thrust. “Fuuuuuccckkkkkk,” I let out one continuous yell as I started to pump hot white all over us. He let go of my cock then and used that hand to steady me and press me against his chest. The only stimulation now was his fingers ramming into me and it was more than enough. I shot in rhythm to his fingerfucks and my body shook against him as I screamed and buried my lips into his neck. “Mff Mff Mff,” I let out as he kept ramming into me. He rubbed over that button inside me that made my whole body convulse and my eyes roll back and my toes curl. I lost complete control of my body then and it was ok. I was his. I finally calmed and my body fell limp against him. He slowly slipped his fingers from my hole and wiped them on a little towel on the side table. I hadn’t noticed it before. It was next to a bottle labeled “Sexglyde.” “Your pussy feels tight but ready, baby boy,” Mr. Hamad said as he laid back against the bed and let me recover my breath against his chest. His arms held me tightly against him. “I don’t have a pussy,” I mumbled sleepily and then added, “sir.” “Whatever this hole is that I’ve been fingerfucking… it’s ready. You want Daddy inside your little boyhole?” He asked, not sounding sleepy in the least. “It’ll hurt,” I whined and bit at his furry nipple to try and distract him. “Life hurts, Lincoln, at least the things worth doing. But I won’t hurt you too much and I promise it will feel good. Just a little, ok baby?” He said gently and rubbed my back. I pushed off of his chest and stared down at him. “Don’t look so scared, baby,” he smiled and brushed the hair out of my eyes. “You want to fuck me?” I asked. He nodded. “Yes, but only if you want it too. Do you still want Daddy inside you?” “Yes sir,” I said without giving it much thought. He leaned up and kissed me, slipped his arms around me and rolled me over. I fell against the bed and his weight came down on me then. He quickly pushed off of me and then backed up. He took my legs and pushed them up, folding my knees against my chest. I held onto my legs, presenting my hole up for him. He reached for the bottle and lubed up his thick shaft. He brought the bottle to my hole and lifted my ass up. He squeezed a long thick stream into my hole, using as much of it as he could. I reached down then. I’d never really felt inside myself. I pushed into the wet hole causing some of the lube to leak out and down my cheek. “That is so fucking hot, baby boy. Poke that pussy for daddy,” he laughed and stroked his cock. “It’s not a…” I started. “It’s whatever I want to call it,” he started. He reached for his briefs on the corner of the bed and shoved them into my mouth. “Now shut up while Daddy fucks that beautiful pink hole.” I nodded and chewed on his sweaty briefs. It was that scent I love. He pumped his cock a few times while I poked my finger around inside myself. I didn’t know how to make it feel awesome like he could. He was impatient though and grabbed my wrist and pushed my hand away. I looked up at him with wide eyes as I sucked on his briefs like a pacifier. I wondered if me ending up with underwear in my mouth would be our thing. He knew how to keep me quiet though. He lined his cock up with my hole and pushed against it. It was so fucking tight that he barely got half the tip in. He had a thick mushroom head and the rim of it wasn’t going in. “Ahhhh,” I winced as he tried too hard to push into me. “Uhhhh!” I felt a sharp pain. “Ok ok, it’s ok, it’s ok,” he rushed down to kiss me as he pushed in too hard. “I’ll just keep it right here until you adjust, damn it feels so fucking good.” We laid there together and he got me to breath as my body adjusted. “Ok,” I said finally, inhaling more slowly now. “Ok, go sir.” He pushed in farther and I felt a pop as the tip got in. The rim of it hit just around my pleasure points and I felt my cock stand at attention and poke against his tummy. I humped up slowly to rub it against him. “Hard again already! Fuck you feel so good,” he laughed and shook his head. He started to slowly push in more and then I felt him tense up. “Oh fuck, I… Oh fuck,” he started to shake over me and pulled me up tight against him. He pumped slowly in me and I felt his hard snake start to fire off inside me. I was filled with warm shots of his juice as they fired up into my gut. “Oh that feels awesome!” I remarked as he mumbled curse-words against my ear. “Fuck baby, mmmmm uhhhhh!” He only had an inch or so of his cock in me. There was so much more to go, but his body couldn’t hold off. My body shook with him as he filled me with his cream. “Fuck, baby yeah baby fuck that pussy, so good,” He yelled and started to push deeper into me as his cock shook and fired inside me. I quickly became aware of the pain as he pushed into me faster than my hole could accommodate. “NO! NO! NO! OWWW!” I started yelling from under him but he was lost in orgasm and his primal instinct enjoyed my struggle. “Please!” I begged, “Please daddy stop!” I started to cry and my fists beat at his chest until he woke up out of his zombiegasm. “Oh, Oh shit, baby,” He froze and held me there. He tried to slowly ease out of me. “There, stop there, please, don’t move,” I cried and tried to breathe. “Ok ok,” he fumbled. “It’s ok baby. Breathe with me.” We did, he held me there until our breathing calmed things. I felt his hard cock start to shrink inside me. It didn’t get smaller, but it got more flexible. We calmed until he was able to slip out of me. “That’s it, baby,” He said and rolled over onto his back, bringing me with him. I settled into his chest as his hands rubbed my back and his warm breath brushed my cheek. “My good boy,” he remarked. “That hole felt too good. I couldn’t last. Something about a new hole with a beautiful boy. Nothing better,” He rubbed me as sleep overcame me.”sleepy boy. You feel better?” He asked. “Yes sir, just too much too soon.” I said. We laid there recovering and napped for an hour or so. We woke up later in the dark room. It was still nighttime and he took me to shower. He cleaned me, holding me up sleepily against his chest. We dried each other and fell asleep naked together under his thick comforter. +++++”Baby,” he said with a kiss to my forehead that awoke me. Once again I had my head on his chest, with his nipple on my lips. “Yes sir?” I stirred but didn’t move from his warm embrace. “School starts today. We have to get you down to workout and then get ready for school.” He said. “School? Like a school school?” I asked realizing we hadn’t discussed my education much. “Yes, your classes start today. You have Arabic language and culture classes. You’ll learn how our culture works and each week you’ll learn how to cook something for me from my culture. They will teach you how to make a nice home too.” He said.I thought back to what Emerson had told me about Mr. Hamad, whom he called Samir, wanting what his brother wanted. Someone to come home to and raise his c***dren is what he had said. Was this part of his preparations for that? Was this me learning how to take care of him and provide the home he wanted? That wasn’t me. That wasn’t what I wanted. But I was too sleepy to argue right now. Right now I needed his arms around me and his heartbeat in my ear. “This will let my baby have me when he needs me,” he said when he strapped the square watch to my wrist. “It’s a camera so I can always see and hear what you’re doing.” He slid his phone to active and then hit an app that instantly popped up a camera view from my wrist. I saw my face staring back at me on his phone. I smiled at myself awkwardly. “Now, if you need me you just hit the side button.” He pointed to the watch face which now displayed the time. On the side was a little button and when I hit it his phone vibrated and a little window popped up saying “Lincoln needs you.” He turned his head and whispered into his phone. It came out through the watch, “Yes, my heart? What do you need?” “Wow, sir. That’s… wow,” I smiled at him feeling a mix of being ready to strike out on my own a little and already missing him. He leaned over and kissed my smile, bringing his face to my cheek to cup it adoringly.”I always keep up with my boy. When you need me, I am here. With this, I can see that my boy is focusing in his classes and no one is bothering him,” he beamed proudly and seemed to sense my slight anxiety. “Thank you, sir,” Something inside me felt special that he cared so much. No one had looked out for me like that before. We were parked in front of a shiny glass three story building where I would take my classes. It was attached to the university, but it was its own private offering for foreigners taking language classes and houseboys learning to take care of Arab men. He told me all about it on the way there and even gave me a brochure though it was in Arabic. It showed blonde boys like me in navy blue uniforms preparing meals, making beds, sitting in classes with Arab instructors. The blonde boys always looked so focused, happy to be learning to serve. I wasn’t sure I would get into the houseboy parts, but he explained that it is about learning the lifestyle of the world’s elite. It wasn’t focused on becoming gay. I’m not gay. He pretended to fix the color of my navy blue polo shirt with the school’s logo on the chest. It was a bit tight and hugged my pecs, so were the blue pants, but it covered me. He gave me one last kiss and I was reassured by the cologne he wore for me as it filled my nose and warmed my chest. We got out and he met me at the sidewalk, pressing a button on his key that made the car chirp securely. Inside the large glass doors he stopped me for a second and brought me in for a last hug. It felt like he was sending me off for good. With his lips close to my ear, he said, “I know you will be frustrated for the first week, it is ok. They know what they’re doing here. It’s all part of becoming successful, learning our ways. Don’t think about the day to day or the menial tasks you’ll be instructed to do. Think about me and making me proud, becoming my boy I can take around the world and mold into success. Ok, little one? Think before you act. You represent me here. You carry my name.” “Yes sir,” I nodded uneasily, unsure of what was to come. He slipped my backpack up my arm and over my shoulder with one last squeeze to my bottom. “Be good and do as you are told. If you need me, for whatever reason, even just to say hi. If you need me, press the button.” He pushed past me then and I followed him to the reception desk. He spoke with the man behind the counter in Arabic and a few seconds later a tall, dark man appeared at my side. He wore an expensive shirt like the one Mr. Hamad had on. He was older, maybe 40, but in awesome shape. He had at least 6-8 inches on my height and his imposing frame made me feel small. He greeted Mr. Hamad warmly as though I weren’t there and then sent him on his way to work. I turned and watched as he left through the glass doors with one last warm, hopeful look at me. I swallowed hard and instantly felt loss as he slipped out into the sunshine. “Don’t waste time, boy. There is much to learn here and I don’t want to hear English,” I heard the man say. “I’m Lincoln, sir,” I said with a smile and offered my hand but he didn’t take it. He came in uncomfortably close and I was hit with the scent of his natural, unshowered body. He had thick fur on his bulging arms and a look of disdain for me. “No, you are boy and I am sir and your English ends now. If you can’t speak to me in Arabic then it is best to keep silent,” he growled. I felt myself shrink into his shadow and felt my heart pounding in my ears. “Yes… sir,” I said and that was not the right answer. He roughly grabbed the back of my neck and pushed me forward towards a door. He started walking and pushed me along impatiently. “Taharruk!” he said several times insistently. I guessed it meant let’s go because he kept pushing me towards a doorway. This wasn’t in the brochure. He shoved me towards the door and then pushed it open for me. I nearly fell through it, but caught myself on the wall. I went through a hallway and then into a little classroom where two equally scared blonde boys sat in desks. We looked at each other, each with faces of “What the fuck?” The man pushed me down into a desk beside them and roughly slipped off my backpack. He barked something at me in the language I didn’t know and then opened my backpack and took out a notebook and a nice pen. He slapped it down in front of me and said something else and then walked away. “What’s going on?” I said to the blonde guy to my right when the man had left. He turned to me and said something in another foreign language I didn’t understand. I guessed I was the only American. “I Anders,” he said, trying English, and offered me his hand lightly. “Lincoln,” I said back, pointing to my chest as though speaking caveman and then shook his hand. I pumped it firmly and he winced. Maybe I needed to feel bigger than I was with the teacher. “You very cute,” he said and nodded with twinkling blue eyes as blush spread over his pale cheeks. “Um thanks,” I muttered and took my hand back. He was ok looking, sickly thin, not beautiful. I imagined the fat, older oaf of a man who must have ended up with him. If he had been anything resembling my Mr. Hamad, this Anders wouldn’t be fawning for my attention. I found supplies in my backpack. Two beautiful wood pencils sharpened for surgery, a brass pen with Mr. Hamad’s name in script, and a black notebook with thick suede covers and a steel spiral. The front cover had my name scripted in gold print. “Lincoln Karsten” It was like someone had gone to a back-to-school sale at a palace. Inside the notebook was a note from Mr. Hamad folded neatly and sealed with a little gold sticker. I was pretty sure it was actual gold with his initials, “S.H.” The note read: “Sweet one. Make me proud. It will be hard, but you can do this. You are smarter than you think, and loved more than you understand.” His handwriting was from another time; beautiful, practiced script. I unfolded it completely, split the seal sticker in half and used it to tape the note to the inside back cover of the notebook. I turned to see Anders checking it out and I closed the notebook quickly and shot him a glare. His lips spread into a thin line with a twinge of guilt in his eyes. This was not for him to see. What Mr. Hamad and I shared wasn’t for anyone else. The instructor returned then and saw us turned towards each other. He barked angrily then and smacked the top of my desk. I jumped a little in my seat and we both faced the front. The next few hours were him barking at us in Arabic. Not much made sense. He showed pictures of a kitchen and pointed things out to us and then had us repeat the words for fridge, stove, microwave, “Thalaja, muqid, mojadisugra,” or something like that. Apparently I was doing better than the other two because he yelled at me less. We went through all kinds of household items and I struggled to take notes. ++++++ When we broke for lunch, the man led us like a chain gang into the university campus. He got us plates of bland salad and had us sit in different groups of Arab students. Anders sat with what looked like the math club, weak little guys with vests and glasses. The other guy sat with what looked like a club of chunky video gamers. My group was some kind of sports team. I was put directly in the middle of their group and though they had impressive muscles, they smelled like they hadn’t yet discovered deodorant. I expected them to be freaked out a little by having me plopped down in their midst, but they looked like they were used to this routine. The guy next to me was a little shorter and not as built as I was, but seemed to be the leader of this pack. They talked to me in Arabic until the instructor, “Sir,” walked away. “That prick is intense,” said the guy next to me in a thick Arab accent with surprisingly good English. “I’m Khalid. Mr. Hamad chose me to lead your practice in the afternoons. I interned with his company the last two semesters. I won’t be like Mr. Bashir, your morning instructor. He’s intense. You play football?” He had on a grey tank top and blue adidas workout pants with a pricy looking pair of gym shoes. The tank showed off his torso which wasn’t exactly built, but his toned, almond skin showed he must have made it to the gym most days. He had thick black hair across his chest that matched the black swoosh of gelled hair on top of his head. He had a thick silver chain around his neck with a little crescent dangling between his pecs. “I’m Lincoln, and no, but I did play baseball back in California,” I offered and picked at the lettuce on my plate. “Yes, I saw that in your file,” Khalid noted as his big brown eyes flashed a smile at me. “Your photo set was most revealing as well!” “I… uh… Oh god,” I laughed nervously as he winked at me showing Mr. Hamad had likely included the full naked shots he took the day he hired me. “Don’t worry, it was just for my eyes,” he nodded to the rest of the group. He put a hand on my shoulder and though he was smaller and weaker than me, the power Mr. Hamad had in his touch flowed through his hand. My new watch interrupted us. Mr. Hamad’s voice in Arabic flowed through it and Khalid grabbed my wrist. He brought it up towards his face and gave a wave, answering Mr. Hamad in Arabic. The two of them laughed. I sat there lost between the exchange. I didn’t know what they were saying, but it attracted the attention of Khalid’s friends at the table and they didn’t look at me respectfully. I looked down at my salad and tried to ignore them. “I can tell he is going to be a very good boy, right, boy?” Khalid said and brought my wrist back in front of me. I saw Mr. Hamad smiling at me from the watch face. “You will, little one. I know you will make me proud,” he said and offered me a hopeful smile. I nodded, feeling like a total ass. I didn’t know what this was all about, but I felt like a pet dog dropped off at the daycamp. “Use your words, little one,” Mr. Hamad said with a suddenly stern look. “My boy will make me proud.” There wasn’t a question in his tone. “Yes… sir,” I said feeling my stomach turn. I looked over at Khalid who had a smile like he’d just won a fight. He had plans for me. He was small enough for me to pummel easily. I could wipe that look off his face and show them I wasn’t the hungry little fag they were describing. But then I looked back at Mr. Hamad from my wrist and I knew this was part of my training. I also knew I really wanted back in his arms tonight to continue what he’d started on last night. I had to trust that this had a purpose. He did want to help me grow. “I will make you proud, sir.” “I know baby boy. I have a meeting now, but I will be there to check your progress in two hours. I promise. Be good for Khalid,” He said and then tapped something to turn off the video. The watch went back to telling the time. 13:30. “Eat your boy food, little one,” Khalid said to me with a smug grin to see how far he could push me. He nudged the salad towards me with a raised eyebrow. “Dude, c’mon. That’s my thing with him. Not with you,” I said tilting my head to the side with pleading smile so I didn’t have to see anyone but him. “Dude?” he said. His look turned serious and he gave my shoulder a squeeze. “Link, my boy, I pretty much own you for the afternoon, and I have a lot to teach you before he comes. Now eat your salad like a good little boy… or do you want to go back to Mr. Bashir, the morning instructor. He’s not nearly as nice, especially when his lunch is interrupted.” I turned back to my salad, keeping my eyes down. I hadn’t realized how quiet the table of guys had gotten. I felt their eyes on me, watching to see if Khalid had power over the much larger blonde guy. And he did. I thought about Mr. Hamad being upset with me if I embarrassed him here. Sometimes you have to sacrifice to get better things later. I knew when I got home he would reward me for letting Khalid be the big dick in front of his friends. I took a few bites of the bland salad and kept my eyes down. Soon the table returned to conversation in Arabic. I felt Khalid’s hand on my back. We were sitting with the wall behind us so no one could see as he worked his hand around the waist of my uniform pants. He groped at my ass and I flinched, but kept eating without looking up. “You want a bite, Lincoln?” he asked in a friendly tone and the smell of salty goodness hit my nose. I looked up and saw him holding a thick potato wedge in front of me. I thought it was a peace offering so I reached for it. “Thanks,” I said, but he pulled it back. “When an Arab man offers food to your face, the correct response is not to reach for it. It is not how things are done here,” he started. I lowered my hand back to the table. “It is not an offer of food. It is an offer to feed you, a sign that he will take care of your needs. Let him provide and show your appreciation like a good little boy,” he said and brought it to my lips. I looked around the table and saw five faces staring at me. The light-skinned muscled guy across from me licked his lips thoughtlessly. “You say please sir. Or if with Mr. Hamad you say ‘yarja baba,’ please daddy. It will show you know your place. You bring him pride by showing you know your place,” Khalid said gently. “You should speak to me as though I am him. It will be good to practice on me.” “Yarja baba,” I whispered. He pressed the potato through my lips and all the way to the back towards my throat. I gagged a little, but started to bite it. He pulled it back with a smile and then forced it in again. I trapped it this time with my teeth and he let go. I turned away from the group and chewed it up. “Now, shukraan baba, thank you, daddy,” he said. “Shukraan baba,” I said as I swallowed. “That’s good. Let’s go now. We are due in the gym in 5 minutes. Leave the trays. Follow me,” Khalid said and stood. I stood next to him and our size difference became apparent once again. He was about Zaid’s height, but he seemed completely unfazed looking up at me. He put a hand to my shoulder and turned me towards the door and then walked ahead. “Mr. Hamad will teach you how to be a business man in your own right. However, Lincoln, you must know that white boys are always below us,” Khalid said as I followed him across a courtyard of intricate blue tile and around a babbling fountain. “You are tall, strong, and,” he paused and turned to me, “Honestly you know you are beautiful. Sun-kissed hair, eyes like the ocean, a body like ancient art… and that ass,” he turned me slightly and gave it a squeeze, “You are truly a gift of nature, Lincoln. There are many here who would do business with you just to afford the time taking you in. I can see why Mr. Hamad chose you. Your spirit is calm, your face is the picture of sweet, naive, American innocence… What was I… saying?” Khalid smiled, lost in his praise of my physique with his hand firmly cupping my ass. I felt him press against my leg with a massive bulge in his workout pants. “That I am below you,” I laughed thinking he must have some dark fantasies about me going on in his head. “Yes,” he continued walking towards a glass door without catching the irony. “You must not allow yourself to be filled up with all of the adoration you will receive. That is how many boys like you get ruined here. They forget that first and foremost your value lies in your submission to us, your devotion to your lion. A loyal cub is worth everything. I have watched boys with half your looks be spoiled by their lions until they are disrespectful brats who must be put away quietly elsewhere.” We went through the glass doors and I followed up three flights of stairs to another hallway. At the end was a private room the size of a standard double garage. The walls were mirrors except for one side which was all glass looking out over the dry mountains. There was a scale, sets of free weights, two treadmills, and a few other cardio machines. One corner had yoga mats and a cabinet. “This should be stocked for us. I expected you to be smaller,” Khalid began as he moved towards the cabinet. “Go ahead and strip, I think these clothes will still work for you.” He pulled out a small pile of clothes and set them on the weight bench. He turned to me and instantly frowned seeing I was still standing there. “Do you need assistance?” he said mockingly. “You can’t workout in your learning uniform. Put these on.” I took a step towards him and looked at the clothes. I held up a small blue jockstrap with an oddly small pouch, a grey tank top that was size small, and blue stretchy shorts that would barely cover my ass. I slid off my shirt and realized he was doing the same. He already looked prepared for a workout. I folded my shirt and then went to take off my shoes. I set the shoes against one wall and put my shirt on top of them. I unbuttoned my pants and slid them off, folding them nicely as well. I turned to him in my blue briefs and saw he was already completely naked. “Woah, fuck,” I said without thinking as I slid my briefs to my ankles. Khalid had the biggest cock I’d ever seen. It was soft but fat and snaked down past a set of huge egg-shaped balls. His cock was two shades darker than the rest of him and thicker than a boa constrictor. It made it look even more foreign against his smaller frame. “You will get used to us, little one,” Khalid laughed and his eyes looked at my soft cock. I covered it with my hands feeling completely insufficient. “No need for shame, Lincoln. No one here expects you to measure up to us. It would be a medical anomaly if you did!” Khalid laughed. He came towards me, swinging the arab club as he picked up the jockstrap and held it to me. “This should work. I got a boy’s size so it stays on you.” He didn’t seem to be joking. I stepped into it and pulled it up my legs. The pouch barely covered my cock and balls, my blonde pubes poked out of the sides. It was tight, but stretchy and I felt somewhat secure. I finished dressing as I watched him wrestle his monster into his own well-stretched red jockstrap. It poked out obscenely like he’d smuggled a Big Mac. I couldn’t take my eyes off of it as I slid up the too small shorts. They cupped my package and had this built in support under it that lifted and displayed it. I paid it little attention though as he sat on the weight bench and tied his shoes. He made no move to put on anything other than the jockstrap. I unthinkingly licked my lips as he turned and squatted on the floor to fold his clothes into a small pile. His dark ass spread in two perfect bubbles as I slipped on the tight tank top that showed off my chest. His ass was smooth with a small patch of hair creeping up the center. I got caught up thinking about how I’d look pumping him full of my thick, white cock in that squatted position. I’d make him bounce on it while I sucked at his smooth, perfect skin. That fat Arab snake would bounce in the stretched jock every time I drove deep inside him. He’d beg me for all of it as I showed him I was most definitely not beneath him. “All right,” he said as he finished and turned back to me. “Let’s start with… Oh!” His eyes traveled down to my crotch. “What?” I said and looked down to see I was fully hard and poking out. My cock had popped out of the jock and was snaking up the side of the shorts against my right thigh. “Oh fuck!” I moved to cover it with my hands and backed away from him. “Fuck? I don’t think your ass or Mr. Hamad would handle that well,” Khalid laughed, “It’s all right Lincoln, let’s just try to get through a workout, ok?” “Yeah, uh sorry. It’s just been awhile since I got off and uh that girl we saw in the cafe was looking at me,” I nodded, keeping my hands over my cock which made no attempt at deflating. “That didn’t happen and I’m sure Mr. Hamad keeps you shooting off like a cannon every few hours,” Khalid laughed, “But anyways, let’s get warmed up.” He walked over to me, swinging the massive soft tool in his red jockstrap. He took me through a few stretches and yoga moves. My cock refused to go soft and every time he touched my arms to put me in the pose he wanted, there was a fresh spot of precum in my shorts. All I could think about was his dark brown globes he kept finding reasons to show me. I wanted so badly to slip in between them. He brought out my need to seed. He pretended not to notice until his hand reached to bend me at the waist into what he called a “warrior” pose. It stretched the crotch of the shorts and all the leaking I’d done formed a big wet spot on them. “Woah, Lincoln, c’mon man. I know I’m hot, but you’re not going to get through this until we drain that little pipe,” he laughed. “Little!?” I scoffed, but then he grabbed his big fluffy package and wagged it at me and I closed my mouth. “Comparatively so. I mean I’m sure back home you’re the big stud. I’m sure the chicks in your high school begged to swing from that, but… well,” He grabbed his bulge and it started to grow. “I… yeah dude,” I suddenly puffed up. “I got by.” “Take the shorts off. They’re already soaked. Don’t make the poor laundry people’s job any harder,” Khalid pushed me back into standing position and he tugged at the waistband of the shorts. “What’s going on there boys?” Mr. Hamad suddenly spoke from the watch on my wrist. “I… uh nothing sir. Just pumping the old iron,” I tried to play it casually, suddenly remembering he could see and hear everything from the vantage of my wrist. “His body, sir. It simply refuses to calm down to get through the workout,” Khalid said. “Shall I show you?” “I think you’d better,” Mr. Hamad said. “Do as he says, boy, shorts off.” “I’m ok sir, really. Maybe if I go jerk off in the bathroom really quick. I just… There was this hot girl… and…” I started. “A girl? No no, and I’m not paying good money for you to rub out your little problems in the bathroom. Follow directions or I’ll have to punish you when I come pick you up. Don’t waste time, Lincoln. I already stepped out of my meeting to see what all the talk was about over there,” Mr. Hamad looked impatiently up at me from the face of my watch. Khalid snapped the watch off my wrist and held it up so Mr. Hamad could get a full view. I peeled the tiny, soaked shorts down my thighs and off. I stood there in a jockstrap that was sopping wet with my precum. “Oh,” They both exclaimed together. “See, sir? I tried to have him go on, but this could get dangerous,” Khalid said and leaned towards me. He pulled down the waist of my jockstrap and my hard cock tumbled out and bounced as it drooled a thick rope of white down towards the mat. Khalid held the watch so Mr. Hamad could get a close up. “Look at this,” Khalid said. He gripped my cock hard and I felt a steady stream of precum leak out of me. “It’s like a river, sir. I’ve never seen anything like it,” Khalid exclaimed and started to milk my cock. “It is a mighty little pink tool,” Mr. Hamad agreed. “Well I don’t want him thinking every time he gets hard there will be someone there to satisfy it.” “Wait! No! Look at him, Mr. Hamad. He’s wearing almost nothing and waving that huge bulge in my face, dude,” I interjected trying to save myself. “So you’re saying a real man’s bulge makes you hard. You can’t stop leaking over it. You’re saying you are a cock hungry little boy for Khalid?” Mr. Hamad said as though he were stating facts in front of a judge. “No, I… That’s not what I… ahh shit,” I said as I gave a shiver. Khalid stroked my cock in his hand and shook his head. “We could ice it, sir,” Khalid suggested, looking up at me with an icy grin. “No, fuck, please no!” I backed away from his hand, but he gripped my cock and pulled me back. “He’s joking, little one. He would never damage my goods,” Mr. Hamad said with annoyance. “Well, Khalid, you are in charge of him for the afternoon. I will be there shortly so do what you think is best. Maybe he has had too much sexual stimulation at home. His body isn’t used to being without a man’s touch this long. Either way. I have to get back to wrap up this meeting. Be a good boy, Lincoln.” “Yes sir I will make sure he is,” Khalid said. The watch went back to telling the time as Mr. Hamad disconnected. Khalid took the watch and set it up on the shelf with the camera eyeing us so Mr. Hamad could check in if he liked. “Please, just let me go and jerk it and I promise I’ll keep it together and we can finish the workout,” I tried to bargain with him. “I don’t think that’s what he said… but perhaps I misheard? Should we bother him again and ask?” Khalid smiled and kept stroking my cock just slowly enough to keep me on the edge. “Ok, uh… then can you speed that up, b*o?” With Mr. Hamad gone, I was a little less anxious and started to feel what my body was doing as he stroked me lazily. Each firm tug sent a little wave through me. “You want that, boy?” Khalid stopped and gave my cock a hard squeeze. Another drizzle of precum leaked out and onto the floor. He gripped his growing bulge with his other hand. “Yes… yeah… c’mon b*o just do it,” My voice had the needy edge of begging to it. “What will you do for me?” Khalid stopped and held my cock in a tight grip. “What? um… What do you want?” I said, my mind so crazy I’d do whatever to get off. Khalid let go of my cock and pushed me down to lay on the weight bench. He came and straddled me, leaned down and slid his hands up my tummy. My body shivered at his warm touch. He slid up my tank top and I raised my arms as he slid it off. “I’m not usually with someone younger than me. I forget what it’s like,” he smiled down at me in a moment of honesty as he raised up off of me. “Like what?” I asked with interest as my cock pulsed behind his ass. “You really are beautiful,” he admitted without shame. Khalid rested on my tummy. I was happy at how light he was and fit so easily in my lap. I raised my legs up to an A shape with my feet on the weight bench so he could lay back against my knees. I pushed him back against my legs and he let me, but then stopped and smiled. “Oh you want to play daddy with me?” He laughed and grabbed his bulge. He plopped it against my stomach a few times and I reached for it. “Is it hard?” I asked, not sure by its always massive size. “Uh let’s check,” Khalid laughed and pulled at the waistband. He let it flop out and secured the waistband under his furry nuts. “A little bit.” He grasped it firmly and smacked it against my stomach. I was mesmerized and my hard cock was poking him between his beautiful ass. I started to hump a few times and it rubbed over his hole. He was light enough to bounce on me and I was glad I’d been working on my situps. My sweaty abs glistened beautifully under the light. His hands rubbed down over my pecs. “Yeah well you’re not going to fuck me, Linky-dink,” he laughed. “What? that’s not a good nickname for me,” I laughed up playfully at him and bit my smile. “No?” he reached behind him and grabbed my cock. “I think it fits.” “You’ll think it’s pretty big when I’m jamming it inside you,” I said feeling horniness take me over. Khalid sat up and drummed his fingers on my chest a few times, thinking. He slid up and brought the cock close to my lips. A strange curiosity took me over in wanting to see how big it could get. He kept sliding closer until the fat, brown tip poked against my chin. I smelled the scent of his sweat and a little piss. He pushed closer. Khalid lifted his cock and pushed forward again. I looked up at his swelling meat as it thickened and wagged over me. His nuts hit against my chin and then bumped up over my lips. They landed right over my nose. He plopped them on either side of it and smacked my forehead with the thick shaft of his cock. I breathed in his heavy musk of sweat and neglected hygiene and my mind raced with want. It was disgusting but it turned me on and made my cock leak onto my stomach. I licked up under his balls, tasting his salty buildup from the day’s activities. I lipped at one nut as his body made an involuntary lurch forward to show he enjoyed it. “Yes, boy,” he groaned from above me and slid back as my lip held on to his right nut. I let it stretch out and then it made a “Pop” against my wet lips as it left a smear of his funk across my chin. He slid back a little and brought the head of his cock just over my eyes. “This is what it looks like, Lincoln,” he lifted up off of me with his feet on the floor, straddling me. “This is what a real man’s cock looks like. Not those little things white boys seem so proud of. You will learn to take it all and serve it.” He played this game with it where he waved it slowly over me as my eyes followed it. Occasionally he’d quickly smack my face with it and then raise it out of reach again. “You want it, little one?” He asked in a low growl that didn’t hold much of a question. “Yes sir,” I admitted with dizzy haze as the thick monster danced around my sky. He brought it down and pointed the thick head of the b**st at my lips. He slid one hand under my head and lifted it up off the weight bench. The other hand gripped his shaft as he pushed into my mouth. My mouth stretched painfully almost like when the dentist wants to work on that last tooth in the back. He had me spread open as his thick meat pushed into me. It was comically large and I had no idea what to do with it. I just laid there, mouth agape, staring up at him blinking my blue eyes as he looked down with a smile. “You have no idea what to do here, do you?” he laughed. “So innocent aren’t you?” “Uh Uhh,” I mumbled and tried to shake my head side to side as much as his impaling cock would let me. “That’s ok, just get it wet and I’ll fuck your mouth. This isn’t exactly amateur size,” he lamented honestly. I nodded around my very stuffed mouth. He slowly started to ease it out and then back in slowly until I started to gag. “Ok,” he said, “That’s our depth measurement.” He put a finger there around his shaft right above my lips. He pulled back out of my mouth and I licked my lips and flexed my jaw. “That’s about a third,” he said. “We’ll need to work that up to at least half.” He sounded so scientific about it. “Do we?” I said questioning its importance. “I think a third is pretty admirable,” I rubbed my sore jaw with my hand. “No. It’s important you learn to keep up with us. You will adjust. Your body will grow to accept what it was made to please,” Khalid nodded assurance. He kept his hand there at the safe spot on his shaft and then poked back at my lips. I parted them and he shoved back in until his fingers hit at my lip just as my throat lurched around the invading tip. “So new,” he said as his body followed it with a loud “Uhhh yeah.” He started working up a good rhythm and I watched as the seemingly endless shaft fed in and out of me. Every time I looked up into his brown eyes they were fixed intently down on me, studying me and fighting to stay open as I made his body start to jerk around over me. I watched his abs tense up and release in quick jolts as he worked into a more urgent rhythm. “Ah fuck that does feel good. Soft little lips there, baby boy,” he encouraged. He reached down and gripped me with his palm on my right cheek and his thumb slung around my chin. He rubbed at my jaw, massaging it as he tried to shove in deeper. I started to sputter around his cock but his hand pushed on my jaw to keep it open. “C’mon, don’t be a pussy, Lincoln,” he encouraged, “I know you can do this.” I nodded and felt his cock inch farther into my throat. “Oh yeah, that’s it, baby, that’s it. You got this,” he said and I watched his eyes flutter as he was overcome with pleasure. “Fuck yeah, take that man meat. Taste what a real man is, Linky-dink,” he mocked me as he shoved in and out of my mouth, fucking my throat raw. I was gasping for air but my nostrils only inhaled his musky Arab funk. It went deep in my nose and burned my throat as it worked down to my lungs which took it in like a d**g. My eyes opened wide as tears built at the corners and ran down my cheeks but I wanted more. “Fuck, baby boy, fuck I’m going to… fuck,” Khalid yelled. He looked down at me with big, desperate, brown eyes and started to empty his balls down my throat. I squirmed under him as his Arab juice poured into me. He started slamming his cock harder as it tensed and shook and filled me to capacity. I sputtered some of it out around his shaft and it leaked down my chin and onto my neck and in my ears. “Fuck yes, take my seed, fuck Lincoln, fuck fuck fuck!” Khalid barked as he bounced on my mouth driving his cock down my desperate throat. Our eyes locked the entire time. I knew he wanted to see what he did to me, how he made me feel. “MMMM” I screamed as I struggled to keep up with his flow. I wanted to push him off of me, but my primal need for his cum kept my arms at my side. “Fuh, Uhk, Yeah,” He punctuated each syllable by jamming more of his cock in me until he finished and held it there, lodged inside my throat. “Uhhh, uhh, yep,” He was bent over, breathing raggedly as he finished. I felt the last bit of his cum slide down to start its journey to my tummy. He heaved a few more times, regaining his breath. “Ok not bad. Not the best, but not bad,” He said after finally calming down. “Next time I won’t be so gentle,” he said and slowly started to disengage his cock. He slid it out and the fat slippery meat slid over my chin and down onto my chest as he backed off. I sat bolt upright and fought for air. There was cum in every passage and I felt lightheaded and disoriented. “It’s ok, little one,” he said and rubbed my chest as he sat in my lap. I put my arms around his back then and slumped forward to rest my chin on his shoulder. His arms slipped around me, “It’s alright, little one. You will get used to us. You’ll be ruined for any other sex, but you’ll get used to us. It’s ok now, breathe.” He rubbed my back gently, comforting me from my lap. I felt his butt slide down my thighs and my hard cock popped up between us. I’d forgotten completely about needing to get off. “Did you want me to suck you now?” he whispered and chewed on my earlobe. “Um… Yeah ok,” I said, not sure it even mattered anymore. He let me go then and pushed me back down against the weight bench. He turned around on me and pushed his ass back right against my face. It was the one part of him that was surprisingly clean. “If you get the urge to lick around back there, I don’t mind. It’s good practice should he ever let you top someone though I don’t think most men here would be into receiving from someone like you,” he said nonchalantly and took my cock into his mouth. I’d had exactly one blow job from a guy and it was Caleb and he was pretty awesome. Khalid was lazy about it. He slapped my cock against his tongue a few times and then just sort of bobbed on it. He’d never worried about pleasing a white guy. I put my hand on his head to try and force feed him like he’d done me, but he smacked it away. “Rude,” I heard him say and I laughed. I was intrigued by his brown hole between his spread cheeks. I put my tongue out and just touched it lightly. He squirmed happily and lipped at my cock. I thought about what Mr. Hamad did to my hole. I wasn’t sure I was ready for it. Imagining Mr. Hamad was not a way to make this last long. Soon I pictured him holding me in his arms and driving his cock inside me. I pictured that screwed up face he makes when he cums and how he bares his teeth at me when he’s filling me up. “AH, Oh Shit. I’m gonna… uhhhh” I started to shoot and Khalid pulled off my cock and pumped it with his hand. My cum flew up and I felt it land on my stomach and parts i couldn’t see. My body tensed and shook and jerked and twisted as he roughly milked me. “FUCCKKK,” I screamed as I came and my body crashed again and again against the weight bench. “Fuck Fuck Fuck” He sat up, muffling my screams with his ass as I coated us with my thick, hot, white juice. He just lazily stroked me, shooting with each tug. I collapsed back against the bench, sweaty and breathless with his ass on my lips. “MMM” I squirmed and he suddenly raised up. “Oh, sorry. I forgot you were down there,” he said with an unimpressed tone. He raised off of me, as I laid there regaining my breath. He walked over to grab a towel and when I opened my eyes he was standing over me looking down with adoring eyes. “You really are beautiful, you know that?” He asked. “Oh thanks,” I whispered as I regained consciousness. “Let’s get you cleaned up before Mr. Hamad comes. I’m sure he will have more activity for you later.” Khalid wiped me with the towel. We went down and showered. He washed me gently with soap that smelled like his cologne. He explored me freely and it didn’t feel out of place. I dressed again in my school uniform. Khalid led me out and waited with me for Mr. Hamad to arrive. “He did very well today,” Khalid said with praise as though I couldn’t speak for myself. “Tomorrow though, we focus on the actual lesson.” He patted my ass. Mr. Hamad laughed and slid my backpack off my shoulders. He opened the door to the sports car for me and I got in as he said to Khalid, “You had an actual lesson?” “Well, maybe,” Khalid laughed with a wink. “Goodbye Lincoln, until tomorrow.” “Shukraan baba,” I said, showing them I had paid attention. “I am not your baba, and it is Mr. Hamad you should thank,” Khalid winked and then kissed Mr. Hamad on the cheek. +++++We got home and Mr. Hamad slid the car into the dim garage and then leaned over and kissed me. “You did well, baby. I am proud of you,” he said and rubbed my hair. He took my backpack and led me in to the house. We walked in through the main house and his phone started to chirp. He fished it out and answered the call, telling me, “Go in there to the kitchen. There will be a servant, tell him you need a snack.” Mr. Hamad clumsily mussed my hair as he walked off with my backpack into a side room. I went into the kitchen and saw a dark back towards me wearing a tight black tank top and tight red workout shorts highlighting an impressive ass. “Hi, um, I’m… I’m supposed to ask you for a snack,” I said to the back thinking it must be a servant on his break. “And I’m your daddy now?” the back said mockingly as it turned towards me with a laugh and I saw it was Zaid. He gave me a smile as he held up the protein shake he was mixing. “Oh… You…” I turned to leave and find Mr. Hamad. I was in no mood to get into an argument when Mr. Hamad had been so good to me today. “Wait,” Zaid said and I froze. “Come on, I’ll make you something, just sit there.” I turned and saw him point to a set of large, leather high chairs ringing the outside of the kitchen island. “No thanks. You would probably poison it anyways,” I said only half joking. “And ruin a beautiful ‘straight’ ass before I’ve tasted it?” He smirked but then softened his look. “C’mon little one, I’m not so bad. You’ll get used to me. Sit, boy.” I pulled up a chair and Zaid went for another tumbler in the cabinet. He put in a protein powder pack and then added some berries from a bowl he had on the counter. He added some ice, water, and yogurt and then dumped it all into the little blender. It whirred to life and I looked around the marble kitchen large enough to cook for a football team. “So, what did you learn at school today? I hope you’re not wasting my family’s money. It’s not cheap and I can’t let them go broke buying wasteful boys from every continent,” Zaid said as he set the glass in front of me. He pulled a silver straw from a drawer and plopped it into my cup. I started to point around the kitchen at things and named them. He corrected my pronunciation and leaned over the counter next to me with his head propped up on his hands. I was just finishing telling him what Khalid had taught me about being offered food from a man when I noticed his face was inches from mine. “You learned all of that today? I am impressed,” his breath rushed to my nose and I smelled the strawberries from his shake. His eyes looked at me like he actually considered I had a brain. He nodded approvingly.I nodded back. He kissed my forehead, “Cute and smart. Maybe you weren’t a wasteful purchase after all.” “I thought you hated me. You were mean to me and embarrassed me in front of everyone,” I said as I turned to him. His hand slid down my back and cupped my ass. He shrugged but offered no excuse. “Why are you here, Lincoln?” he whispered, suddenly serious. “I’m interning and learning the business and culture here. I want to be important and make money like Mr. Hamad,” I said confused. “You think that is what Samir wants for you?” Zaid said with a hint of amusement. “Yeah of course. Mr. Hamad is really great. He knows so much. He is a success and I want to be one too. He made all this happen,” I waved my hand around the room. “If I can learn, make money. I can take care of my family, change their lives.” “Samir made all this?” He scoffed at me with an incredulous look. “He was handed all of this. He mostly just charms clients and processes the deals Ali and I make. Our grandfather was the one who made all this. The ground keeps pumping out oil and we just try to not spend it all too fast. You’re smarter than that, Lincoln. You should have figured it out by now,” Zaid brushed his hand over my head letting his fingers tangle through my hair. “Such beautiful hair and that face… perfection. Why not be a model or something with more purpose than Samir’s lap boy? Such a waste,” Zaid mused to himself. “Zaid. I told you to stay away from him. I don’t need him upset again,” Mr. Hamad’s voice called from behind us. “It’s ok, sir,” I said. “He made me a snack.” I held up the protein shake. Mr. Hamad came and leaned over me from behind. He sipped at it and nudged Zaid away from us with a sharp elbow. “The boy needs more than salad and discipline,” Zaid said as he backed away. He spoke angrily and a little big brotherly. “He’s not Emerson, you know. He has a voice and maybe he can be something if you don’t force him to be a copy of Emerson.” Mr. Hamad and I both looked up at that comment. “What does that mean?” I asked and looked between them searching for clues. “Fuck off, Zaid,” Mr. Hamad said. “And you’re no Ali either,” Zaid spat at his brother with venom. He turned to me and his face softened. “Just take care of yourself, k**. Ok? Make sure whatever you do it is what you want. Don’t get steamrolled by this imitation.” Mr. Hamad grabbed my arm and pulled me off the high seat. He tossed my backpack on his shoulder, wrinkling the expensive suit he wore. He pushed me anxiously back towards the doorway out to one of the courtyards. “Lincoln, are you listening?” Khalid squeezed my shoulder, but I didn’t turn back towards him. “Debate class, Arabic, Stay behind you! got it,” I mumbled and Khalid said something else. It was there, across the courtyard where we were eating lunch on a rare not-killer-heat day. Behind a wall of glass windows I watched him twist and stretch into impossible positions. I wasn’t sure why Ali ever let him leave the safety of the Hamad compound, but there he was. A famous yoga guru was visiting Satra and of course Emerson was invited to participate in his expert level classes. I’m sure Ali was paying big for it. There were two other equally thin Arab men contorting themselves on either side of him. They were mocha bookends to show off his pale, but far-from-vanilla body. It was the end of my first week and I’d worked endlessly to learn as much as I could. Mr. Hamad had said I could start business classes once I had passed to level 3 in Arabic. Mr. Bashir, the language teacher, was astonished how quickly I learned phrases and vocabulary. He actually smiled a few times. He had a gray tooth in front, but his approving grin still made me happy. I live for achievement.I’d always been the best. School, sports, work. My dad raised us to do better than he could. My teachers were always surprised because they saw me as a dumb jock. Arabic was just another subject and it actually made sense to me. I turned my attention back to Emerson. He had his legs up over his head again in inverted position and his shirt slumped down along a strained, impressive little six-pack. He had smooth white skin that looked like something my tongue would enjoy. My cock strained my pants, aching for that muscled little bubble ass he shoved towards the window. “No way, Lincoln. No. Fucking. Way,” Khalid said behind my shoulder as I mindlessly shoved salad past my lips. “What? I’m just looking at the yoga. Maybe I should take the class sometime. It looks fun. I could stand to work on flexibility…” I said around a mouthful. “He is so off limits. Trust me, we’ve all wanted a bite at that apple. He’s never even alone! See that man sipping coffee and wearing a suit in this heat?” Khalid said. I followed his finger to see a hulking pile of brown rocks with a pencil thin beard line across a handsome face watching Emerson intently and checking his phone. He had on an expensive suit and dark sunglasses that had him looking extra intimidating. “Oh,” I sighed. “No, no, no Linky-dink. That is not a good idea. You want to go to war with a family? That’s how to do it. Seriously, off limits. That prince is well secured,” Khalid put a hand on my arm with a gentle squeeze. He kept it there and rubbed my arm to calm my racing heartbeat. “I’m just looking. I just… you know… he likes me. He needs friends. He seems alone. I just want to be his friend,” I fumbled and took my eyes away from the beautiful show he provided. I reluctantly looked over at Khalid. He smiled unconvinced. “Trust me. He’s not alone or lonely. He’s raising k**s and planning charity events with his Lion’s money. He has enough going on without you in the way… Let’s get going. We can be early to the debate class. It’s interesting. You’ll like it. I promised Samir you’d be productive,” Khalid said. He stood and adjusted the prominent bulge in his camo jogger pants. “I don’t feel like debating anyone. Why don’t we hit the gym? I could use a good workout after this,” I stood and pushed my erection to the side in my blue uniform pants. I needed to go work it off with Khalid. I gave one last look to the yoga studio and they were wrapped up. I froze. Emerson was crouched near a blue gym bag sipping a water bottle with one of those rubber sippy spouts. It made him look adorable. I caught Emerson’s bright blue doe eyes and he set his bottle down as a wide grin spread across his soft pink lips. He stood up and waved and signed “How are you?” through the tinted glass. I heard his guardian stand and soon caught his angry glare. Who would dare interact with his prince… “Oh, hello… Samir’s boy, right? I didn’t recognize you. I guess you’re ok,” the guard said and sat back down when I nodded. He didn’t know my name but knew to whom I belonged. I wasn’t sure if that should offend me, but his size clearly intimated that it shouldn’t. I nodded at him with an innocent smile and without correction. “I’m good, Emi! I didn’t know you studied here,” I lied in signs to Emerson across the courtyard. His whole body smiled at that.”I used to. I graduated, just taking yoga. Ali likes me to stay flexible,” he blushed at that. “Maybe you could show me some things!” I signed, looking for excuses to watch his beautiful moves. “I’m sure Mr. Hamad would like that.” I came closer to the window. It must have looked weird to other people for two people to have a conversation with their hands from opposite sides of the glass. “You should call him Samir, everyone calls him Samir. It’s confusing that you don’t. There are many “Mr. Hamads” in our home. I’m a Mr. Hamad too actually. Ali and I married in New York years ago so he could come and go in the US. Here it’s not legal of course, but his family adopted me and gave me their name so I would be safe in the kingdom.” Emerson signed and raised his ring finger to show a gold band. He pressed it against the glass and I saw a very tiny diamond lined script on it that shone, “Ali.” This boy was marked. I felt Khalid pull on my arm, smelled his cologne that buzzed like a neon pawn shop sign, and then felt his lips at my ear, “Let’s go, Lincoln. We will be late.” I turned to see him give a wave and smile to Emerson. I instantly felt like punching him in the face for interfering with my game here. “So go without me,” I growled. “No,” Khalid said, turning to me so Emerson couldn’t see him. “This has gone far enough, boy,” Khalid’s voice was thick and threatening. It was just icy enough to snap me out of my fantasy. I thought of Mr. Hamad… er Samir… maybe I should call him that. I realized maybe Khalid was right. It was time to go. I turned back to Emerson who looked confused and a little upset that we were turned away from him and talking which is actually quite rude. “So sorry!! He just reminded me that we have to go,” I signed, “We have a class to get to… Debate.” I must have looked as bad as I felt because Emerson was picking up on it. “You ok? I mean… Are you happy?” he signed and offered a slight smile. “I am,” I signed with a lie. I couldn’t ever be happy walking away from him, no one could… “See you at dinner.” I forced a smile and Emerson returned it as the guard went inside the studio to fetch his things. I stopped at the doorway and saw him clutch his water bottle as the guard hefted Emerson’s bag over his shoulder, gave him a genuine smile, and nudge him towards the exit. The guard’s adoring eyes indicated that he shared my crush. The boy was indeed well protected. ++++++Debate class. It was nearly full when we got there. I didn’t care anyway. There were 25 or so good-looking arab boys of various sizes, not an ounce of ugly in the whole bunch. They sat around tables making a box inside the room. Everyone was facing each other, quietly awaiting something. I felt 50 eyes on me when we walked in and then they quickly turned to eye Khalid as though asking why he had brought me. He said something in Arabic that I didn’t yet know and a few of them responded with smiles and laughs, maybe scoffs. I looked back at Khalid and he smiled warmly and pushed me towards two empty seats in the giant square of tables. Khalid kept his hand on the center of my back just under my backpack, guiding me like a c***d. I went a few steps and then turned to him with an annoyed look. He gave me a disappointed look and shoved me towards the empty chairs. We took our seats and I took out my notebook and a pencil. The door opened again and I saw Anders from my morning classes. He was guided by an Arab boy who nearly matched his stature, thin and light. Anders was nearly as tall as I am, missing it by just a few inches. But he was underdeveloped, thin, quiet, and missable. He always looked somewhat alarmed, anxious, on edge. Seeing him out of our normal three desk setup, he moved with a cautious grace as though he wanted to melt into the wall. It was actually pretty cute. The boy guiding him did not address anyone. He looked almost as nervous and slight as Anders. I shook my head at the scene. Anders deserved better than that. It was the weak leading the weak. They took the last vacant set of double seats. Anders caught my eye and gave me a hopeful smile and a wave. I returned it with a sad look that made him cock his head sideways in confusion. I wished he could sign. The instructor came in then, an older man with a thick black beard and Santa’s tummy in a red, worn sweater with a black tie poking out from a white button up. He shuffled to the large chair by the window and coughed before unleashing mumbles that sounded like Arabic. I caught “situation,” “Yemen,” and “unpleasant.” I liked puzzles and my brain immediately went to work piecing together what he was talking about. More words: prayer, birthday, men, c***dren, balloon. I was drawing a blank and Khalid looked over me as though he expected me to follow along. A guy in a black polo shirt and neatly trimmed beard, maybe 20 years old, started talking when the instructor finished. He offered me more words: tragedy, death, blame. I took my pencil and started to write down the words I understood. Khalid looked over with amusement. “A balloon killed someone in Yemen?” I whispered to him as another guy started speaking in argumentative tones. He laughed a little too loud and I looked around to see everyone had stopped and was looking at us. Khalid looked around as though they would be glad he interrupted the discussion. In Arabic, he said, “The boy thinks there is a killer balloon terrorizing Yemen.” We now had everyone laughing and my face went red and hot.”Perhaps you should get running, young one, Yemen is not far from here,” the instructor told me in English with a sneer. “And what did you get from the discussion?” the instructor turned to Anders, thinking he spoke English like me. “I am Anders,” he said quietly with a big goofy smile towards me and no clue what was going on. “Pleased to hello.” The room roared again with laughter at that. “Idiot,” one guy said in Arabic. Another said something I couldn’t make out, but it didn’t sound friendly. I turned to Khalid and he just shook his head no… like this had nothing to do with us. “He’s not stupid! He doesn’t speak English! Some of you don’t speak it that well either! Stop laughing at him.” I stood up suddenly angry. It was one thing for them to laugh at me, but my defensive mechanism kicked into gear when I saw a look of confusion and embarrassment on Anders’ face. “Sit down, Lincoln,” Khalid commanded from his chair next to me. He pulled me back down into my seat. A few of the guys eyed me with interest, not used to seeing foreign boys forget their place. “No,” The instructor said, returning to Arabic. He raised a hand to Khalid, “If the cub is wild, let him show it. It is his right to bring dishonor to his lion if he has not been taught his place.” He spoke slow enough for me to understand it. “Forgive me, sir,” I said in Arabic realizing this would reflect on Samir. I continued in English, “I just don’t like seeing someone bullied. We’re all here to learn, right… sir?” “Is that true? What do we think of that?” The instructor asked the class in Arabic. I was getting confused with the changing languages. “No,” A man next to Anders spoke up first and did so in British English, “They, these ‘cubs,’ especially the blonde ones like these two. They come here to peddle their bodies, to sell their holes to the generous elite of Arabia. They prey on those of us fooled by their beauty. And now they demand respect? They are beneath us. It’s a waste to have them in a class like this, teach them the art of argument.” “Fair point!” The instructor turned to me and said in English, “Do you deserve equal respectability? Do you deserve this entire class accommodating your language needs so that you can berate us and not even in our own tongue?” “Again, I apologize a thousand times, sir,” I said in my struggling Arabic now fearing the attention I had drawn. “Leen-un,” Anders looked at me with frustration and hopelessness. He fumbled with my name. “Don’t waste for me to trouble. Please.” He meant he didn’t want me to get in trouble taking up for him. I was sure everyone understood it but they just started laughing like assholes.Maybe it was me. Coming from a deaf family where I had to communicate and defend them, when someone laughed I lost it. Good people don’t need to laugh at others. My dad always raised me to know that everyone has the same value. Everyone deserves dignity. I stood up again, kicked the chair behind me and it made a louder than necessary bang against a metal filing cabinet. Everyone froze and looked at me. “Khalid, take him to the discipline office. Take his little friend too,” the instructor barked. “We will waste no more time on these two.” Khalid stood and nudged me gently towards Anders. I jerked away from his touch and grabbed my backpack. I offered my hand to Anders when we neared him. “We troubled?” Anders whispered to me with fear in his eyes. He reached up to take my hand. His was sweaty and cold. “It’s ok. I’m troubled… I mean… in trouble, not you,” I assured him and gave a big smile. “I’ll make sure they know it’s me not you.” I pulled him up and held his hand as we left. The class went back to whatever they were debating. We weren’t of interest anymore. Khalid grabbed my wrist and tapped the daddy button on my watch when we got outside. Samir’s face appeared a minute later. “What’s wrong, my love? I have been busy today.” He said when his handsome eyes appeared on the watch face. Khalid filled him in on what I’d done. He made it sound worse than it was. “I had to stand up for him,” I interrupted. “They were making fun of his English and one guy pretty much called us prostitutes!” “You must learn to control yourself! You represent my family there, little one. You represent me.” His words were harsh but he didn’t sound like he meant them. “I’m sorry, sir. I didn’t think about that. But it’s not right. They were awful to him. He was nothing but polite and… He’s just a little guy.” I flashed the watch over to Anders so he could see. He gave a hopeful smile with big blue eyes. “And now you have caused problems for HIS owner güvenilir bahis siteleri as well.” Samir emphasized ‘his’ as though he was my owner. “What happens now?” I asked and brought the watch back to face me. I pulled Anders into my side so Samir could see both of us. “I have a big meeting this afternoon, I’ll send Zaid to straighten it out and collect you. They won’t go hard on my boy, but you may have bought Anders a flogging. Disturbing a class is a big infraction. Who is your master, boy?” He looked over to Anders. “Master? I belong Master Al-Harthi, Ibrahim Al-Harthi,” Anders said happily. He obviously missed the part about a possible flogging. “Oh…” Samir started. “How did he afford a cub? They’ll likely give him a few lashes and send him home. His master is lucky Anders even gets to attend there.” “No way. No lashes. I’ll take them. I did this. No way I’m letting him get in trouble for it!” I insisted and held Anders protectively. He melted into my muscles. He pushed into my chest and looked up at me with eyes awakening to the horror that he would receive.”Whips?” He said weakly. “Please no. I… No please.” A few tears rolled down his cheeks. “Don’t worry. If they try it they’ll have to get through me first,” I assured him and rubbed his back. “I don’t want you whipped. They will not mark my boy. We give too much in donations,” Samir said. He looked over at Anders with pity. “Damnit, Lincoln. You got him into this and your foolishness will only make it worse. You will not interfere. Keep your mouth shut and wait for Zaid. You will do as you’re told, do you understand?” “Yes sir,” I said and tried to look contrite. “You will learn, little one,” he sighed. “Be good. Listen to Zaid and do what he tells you. He is good at smoothing things over. I’ll see you at home.” My watch went dark again. “I promise I’ll protect you,” I assured Anders with a hug. We followed Khalid and Anders’ guide across another courtyard and into a glass building. +++++They had me and Anders waiting in a little white room with one of those mirrors where you know people are looking in on you from the adjacent room. We sat side by side in our matching blue uniforms at the table, occasionally catching each other’s’ eyes in the mirror. “Is your… guy nice to you?” I asked him, finally breaking the silence. “Guy Nice?” he asked, not understanding. “Master Al-Harthi?” “You call him master?” I asked slowly and made motions to help explain my words. “He come to here for learn me the Arabic so I have work businessing get money,” He picked over each word trying to make sense. “You like him?” I asked with confusion, again making signs to help explain my question. Anders thought for a minute and blushed. “He… He care for me.” He looked uncomfortably at me in the mirror and then lowered his eyes to the table. Just then the door opened and Zaid peeked in. He turned behind him and called, “Our property’s in here.” He pushed the door open and gave me an annoyed look. “I straightened it out. Let’s get going home.” “Wait, what about my friend?,” I started, but a short, dark, chunky man had joined Zaid at the door. I felt Anders rise at my side. “Sorry, master,” Anders said in his clunky Arabic. “Your ‘friend’ is of no concern to me. Believe it or not I have work to do today and it is more…” Zaid started impatiently but I cut him off. “Please, I can’t leave until I know he is safe,” I squeezed Anders’ hand and got an odd look from his master. “He deserves whatever he gets,” his master said harshly. “He is lucky to be here and I’m not sure why he would disturb a class like that. It is inexcusable.” “There, you see? inexcusable, not to be excused, mustn’t be so naughty. Now let’s go,” Zaid reached for me, but I held my ground. “Whatever his punishment, I will take it. He doesn’t deserve it. He did nothing wrong,” I said firmly. “Please ‘Leen-un’ no troubled for me,” Anders said in a soft voice as his face hovered near my shoulder. It only made me want to protect him more. “Lincoln, is it?” Anders’ master asked me with an oddly disarming smile. I nodded. “Lincoln, little one, you belong to an influential family. You don’t have as much to learn as he does. Please do not risk yourself or do foolish things for this one. He is not worth it. He will either be punished here or at home. Maybe both. He must learn how things are done here if he wants to stay and work here. He must learn his place at the bottom of our society.””But sir,” I tried to make my voice sound controlled and respectful. “It was I who caused the problem. He only got in trouble because of me. Please don’t let them punish him.” “Lincoln, we must go. If his master wants things done a certain way it is not for us to interfere,” Zaid urged and walked towards me. He put his hand on my shoulder and tried to push me towards the door. He didn’t have his younger brother’s strength though. I was determined to stay. “Leave me here then. Please, I have to explain things. I can walk home if I have to,” I insisted without raising my voice. I looked Zaid in the eyes to show him I meant business. “Go, ‘Leen-un’. I ok. I learn,” Anders whispered to me though he didn’t let go of my hand. I squeezed it tightly. “You see?” Anders’ master said to me. “Don’t cause trouble for yourself on behalf of this boy. He is beneath you. He doesn’t have your strength or prestige. He must learn to be silent and stay out of the way. He is more trouble than he’s worth, and I see why his old master gave him to me. Let him learn his lesson or I’ll put him out on the streets or sell him. I also must get back to work. Let us dispose of this quickly.” Something about his master ticked me off. He was trying to not offend me, likely more of an effort to not offend the Hamad family which apparently had great power here. He spoke of Anders as though he was some kind of rabid a****l. “You would sell him?” I said through gritted teeth. I heard Anders let out a soft whimper behind my shoulder and realized I was squeezing his hand too hard. I eased my grip and rubbed the back of his hand with my thumb. His soft little fingers relaxed in my palm. “I won’t get much. He’s nearly 23 anyway, getting past his prime. He is wild and uncontrolled and it lowers my respectability. He costs me time, respect, and money. It was enough trouble trying to get him into this program. Now I will have to beg them to let him stay.” His master coughed and looked to Zaid as though he would confirm his devaluation of Anders. “How much do you want for him? I have money!” I said and everyone’s eyes turned to me with surprise. “Really Lincoln, this is too much. Samir will never approve,” Zaid laughed like I had said something funny. “I’m serious, I’m not leaving without him. I can use my earnings from work. I’ll let Samir know,” I said and started to tap at my watch to alert Samir. Zaid grabbed my wrist, “No.” His face crept into a smile. “He is busy in meetings today. Let’s surprise him, shall we?” I was learning that when Zaid smiled like that it meant he had trouble to stir up, but this time it was working in my favor. I squeezed Anders’ hand to let him know things were going to be ok. I felt him press his lips to my shoulder, his little thank you. Zaid turned to Anders’ master and started to charm him in Arabic. It was unnecessary as the man already seemed quite taken with the power of the Hamad family. Zaid must have quoted a high price because he suddenly got very happy and started making little bowing nods with his head. I caught the phrase, “Most generous, good sir.” The man didn’t even say goodbye to Anders. He gave a polite nod to me and quickly left the room. “Well, you wanted a pet and now you have one. I’ll fix things with the headmaster and then we will get you two home in time for my meeting. The dog,” he nodded his head in the direction of where Anders’ master had exited, “will send the boy’s things to our house.” Zaid left and I turned to look at the sniffly blonde boy with big blue doe eyes. “It’s going to be ok. You can come live with us,” I said and made motions for him to understand. He fell into my chest and tears rolled down his cheek. “Thank you,” he whimpered against me. My muscles felt bigger, prouder when I slid my arms around him. I lifted him off his feet and kissed his hair like Samir did to me. +++++I found him a pair of shorts and one of my tank tops from the closet. They were too big on him, but the shorts had ties to make them stay on his waist. He looked adorable in my clothes and came out to kneel on the couch next to where I was stretched out while we waited for Samir to come home. “Thank you, ‘Leen-un,'” he said, still mangling my name. “Leen-kun,” I said looking up at him with a gentle smile. “Leen-kun, LEEN-kun!, Leen-KUN!” he repeated a few times with a laugh. He looked like a puppy let out of his cage in an endless meadow. I reached up and ruffled his hair and pulled him down onto my chest. He finally felt warm and gave a yawn with his head on my chest. I slid my arms around his slight frame and soon he fell asleep. +++++I must have fallen asleep too because when I awoke Samir was standing over me looking confused. He pushed back Anders’ hair to get a look at the boy on my chest. “Zaid said you brought home a surprise for me,” he whispered softly, not wanting to wake the napping nordic boy. “What were you planning to do with him?” “I… I couldn’t let them beat him. His master was so uncaring. You… I couldn’t… He needed me… I don’t know…” I tried to explain myself but couldn’t even really understand it myself. “You’re kind, Lincoln. You lead with your heart, and it’s often bigger than your brain,” he understood and I sighed relief. He wasn’t angry, and seemed slightly intrigued. “Can we keep him?” I asked. “Zaid made some kind of arrangement. He has nowhere else to go.” “I guess we’ll have to keep him until we find him a better place. But our little apartment is just big enough for the two of us. Where is he from?” Samir brushed a finger down Anders’ cheek. He knelt beside us on the floor and kissed my forehead as I yawned. “I don’t know for certain. Some kind of European something or other I think. I don’t know his language and I haven’t heard him speak it really,” I said. I leaned forward and Samir’s lips met my own. It was starting to dawn on me what I’d committed him to. “Well, let’s get him some clothes that fit. He looks adorable in your things, but he’ll need some things of his own.” Samir reached under his armpits and lifted him up and off of me. I saw Anders open his eyes and look a little shocked that a bulky Arab was holding him. “Ahh, where ‘Leen-KUN’ please?” He fumbled as usual, looking around until his eyes found me. I waved a sleepy hand towards him and sat up. I stretched and pushed back my messy hair as Samir set the boy on his feet. He seemed delighted at Anders’ small frame. “It’s ok, little one. You are safe here,” Samir said. “Thank you, sir… name please?” Anders said with an oversized grin. “Mr. Hamad,” Samir said. “Where are you from?” “Tromsø, Norge,” Anders said proudly as though that would mean something to us. “Europe?” I asked Samir. “Yeah I think that’s Norway,” Samir answered with a somewhat guessing nod. “Norway! Norway!” Anders nodded with a crazed smile. “There we have it,” I spread my hands in delight. “My baby has a baby,” Samir put a hand on Anders’ shoulder and leaned in to kiss his forehead. Anders blushed and gave me a questioning look as though asking if Samir’s touch was acceptable to me. I nodded to them both and Anders sighed relief. +++++At dinner I introduced Anders to everyone. He was fascinated watching me sign back and forth with Emerson. Everything seemed to interest him. He cleaned his plate like he hadn’t eaten a real meal before. Dr. Hamad encouraged him to have a second helping saying he needed to bulk up a bit. Anders was grateful and watching him smile let me know I had done the right thing in helping him get free of what must have been an awkward or awful home. Zaid seemed disinterested in the whole situation, but I caught his eye once as Anders was scr****g the last bit of meat off his plate like a man rescued from the brink of starvation. Zaid’s eyes turned down at the sides in emotional twist. It was like he finally understood what it meant to do something for someone else’s interest. We got back to Samir’s apartment on the edge of the estate and realized we had made no plans for where Anders would sleep or live. “We have many rooms. I’ll call a servant to make up a room for him. We can watch a show while it’s readied,” Samir said and went for his cell phone. Anders and I sat on the edge of the bed where we could see the TV while Samir spoke in harsh Arabic commands. His eye caught a paper shopping bag by the door. He lifted it and brought it over to us as I tried to figure out the remote. Anders just sat looking at me happily. My heart jumped a little every time our eyes met. He was so grateful. Samir set the bag on the bed next to us and steadied the phone between his dark, handsome cheek and his muscled shoulder. He pulled out one pair of blue silky briefs and then a t-shirt. He set them in Anders’ lap and then reached down to the bottom of the pile and pulled out a pair of red and black flannel pajama pants. He handed it to Anders and then nodded towards the bathroom while he continued speaking on the phone. Anders padded over towards the bathroom and Samir followed him, that bubbled butt flexing with every step he took behind the small blonde boy who was nearly his same age. I quietly followed behind them and paused at the doorway of the bathroom. They didn’t turn to look at me. Anders smiled those big blue eyes up at Samir who was now in full on argument with whomever he was speaking on the phone. Samir balanced the phone on his shoulder again and reached to help Anders slip out of my tank top. Anders raised his arms and Samir slipped it off and then set it on the counter. Next came my shorts off of Anders. Samir had to undo the drawstring on the waistband and the shorts fell to the floor. Anders’ limp little cock hung down over average balls with a light dusting of trimmed, pale blonde pubes. It was covered in skin all the way past the tip. Samir turned again and gripped the phone in one hand. With his other hand, he gave a few soft rubs over Anders’ back. Anders blushed and looked over at me with that questioning look again. He wanted me to be ok with this. I gave a nod and felt my cock stir in my shorts. Samir gently pushed him out of the way and went to turn on the shower. He put a hand under the water until it ran warm and then gestured for Anders to go in. I watched him bounce happily over there and his thickening cock waved at me as he turned towards the water. I walked over towards Samir who was leaning back against the marble counter. He was gesturing with one hand as though the person on the phone could see it. When I came into his chest, he put the semi-wet hand on my cheek and leaned forward to kiss me. He sniffed me and made a sour face like I stank. I pointed towards the shower with a questioning look and he nodded. I slipped off my shirt and set it on the counter. Samir was already fumbling with the button on my shorts. They slid to the ground when he figured it out. I stepped out of them and watched as Anders eyed me from under the hot water. His cheeks were deep red now and his cock was rock hard, arcing up to his stomach hungrily. Anders turned away from me and then looked back at me over his shoulder. His hands went to his ass cheeks. He grabbed them and pulled them apart a little and leaned forward towards the wall. I saw his little hole appear and I licked my lips. I shucked my briefs, not even looking at Samir. I strode over towards the shower and Anders gave me a smile and waved me in. The water was hot and felt good on my muscles. Anders grabbed a bar of soap and traced it over my chest. I stopped him, grabbed the soap from his grip and turned him to face the wall. I got up right behind him, my cock poking between his ass cheeks. My body wanted inside him. I rubbed the soap over his smooth chest. My nose was just over his hair and he smelled like cheap shampoo and a hint of cologne. I gave his hair a quick kiss and he shivered in my arms. “Is it ok that I touch you?” I leaned in and whispered in his ear. Anders turned to me and nodded. “Yes please. You hot. a lot of hot! Please to ‘toush’ to me!” He smiled and rubbed his nose against my shoulder. His hands reached back and rubbed my strong thighs. He squeezed them and my cock jumped and thumped against his back. “You like this?” I asked as I rubbed soap over his smooth flat tummy. He didn’t have much muscle mass, but not an ounce of fat either. He was light, aerodynamic. I rubbed the soap down and found he was rock hard. His cock wasn’t impressive, but a good effort for his body size. “Yes sir,” Anders shivered at my touch. He leaned back against my chest and I steadied him with one arm. I felt so big holding him. I felt like a warrior and knew I would do whatever it took to keep him safe and happy here. “You know you are safe here in my arms. And Samir won’t let anything bad happen to you either. I need you to know that. You don’t have to worry anymore,” I made promises as I kissed his neck and made him shiver again. “Please to repeat?” He said, not understanding my long rambling breathless phrases. “I protect you,” I said and put my arms around him tightly, making him gasp a little for air. “Anders safe here with us.” “Thank you ‘leen-KUN.” He punctuated the wrong syllable of my name but it didn’t matter. I started to hump against his back, rubbing my cock between his ass cheeks. His skin felt electric with warmth as my shaft slid along it. I could have finished just from that, but Samir tapped on the shower. “Hurry up you two. Get clean and come on out. I left something for you both on the counter here.” He was wearing a small pair of red fleece shorts with a thick white drawstring. I saw Anders drool over his broad, strong chest. I didn’t feel jealous. I belonged to Samir and now Anders belonged with us. I wasn’t sure of his place, but it wasn’t time for that yet. I just wanted to enjoy the ride, especially the ride I was going to give to his ass. We finished up with the soap. I made sure his hole was ready for me. I’d decided I wanted to seed him like Samir did to me. He seemed like he would want it and Samir seemed like he would be ok with it. I turned off the water, got out first and motioned for him to stay put. He shivered when the cool air of the room drafted through. I ran and grabbed the two towels Samir had left for us on the counter and I jumped back in the shower, nearly slipping on the wet stone floor. I wrapped the first towel around him like Samir always did for me. I rubbed it over his pale skin and he just kept with that same smile he had worn since I told him he was coming home with me. I dried him and then dried myself. We found two pairs of skimpy white briefs made out of this super soft material. They were both size super small but also very stretchy. Anders’ fit perfectly. He never did calm his erection, but it laid against his thigh; up and to the right. My pair barely covered my raging hard-on and it poked straight out. We padded out to find Samir in his red fleece shorts stretched out on the couch. He’d turned it so it was facing the bed that was lit with soft light from above and a series of white candles. He was sipping a tumbler of some liquor and had his feet propped up on an ottoman. “Come here boys,” Samir said from the couch. He eyed us with interest as we made our way to him. He sipped at his drink and touched a button on a remote control. Soft rhythmic music began to play from various parts of the room. Anders went right to him, fascinated by the hulking mass of dark muscles whose family secured him. He started to kneel in front of Samir, but Samir just laughed and reached for him. He pulled Anders into his lap and ran his fingers through the blonde hair that nearly matched mine. I felt a hint of jealousy stir in me. I wasn’t sure what triggered it. Was it Anders taking his place in my lion’s arms or Samir showing me up with how he handled the new boy. I looked down at my white briefs and it hit me that maybe Samir had dressed us alike so he could have two of us to worship him. “What’s wrong, little one?” Samir said and I looked up to see him eyeing me. He read my expression. “Come, baby boy,” he set his drink down on a side table and then patted the couch next to him. I sat down and his right arm enveloped me and pulled me into his side. He slid his hand across my chest and held me against him. He leaned into me and kissed my forehead and then did the same to Anders. With his lips on Anders, Samir slid his hand down to cup my ass. He squeezed it with familiarity. He knew it belonged to him. “I want to watch you take him,” Samir said as he turned to me. “I want to see how you would do with a cub of your own. Do you want that, little one?” I nodded, “Yes sir.” “And you?” he turned to Anders who gave him a confused smile. “You want Lincoln inside you?” Samir spoke slowly and used his hand to poke at Anders’ ass. “Yes please to ‘leen-KUN.'” Anders nodded happily. Samir nodded towards the bed and I understood. I gave him a quick kiss on the lips and then got to my feet. I offered a hand to Anders and he climbed off of Samir’s lap, leaving a tented bulge in his wake. I pulled Anders over towards the bed. I paused beside it and brought him in for a kiss. I slid my arms around his waist and pulled him into my chest. I kept my lips on his and sat down on the bed, bringing him on top of me. He straddled me on his knees and followed me as I laid back on the bed. His lips parted for my tongue and I wrestled his into submission. He shivered at my touch and made little whimpering noises around my invading tongue. He sucked at it and my cock pressed against his as our covered bulges rubbed together. I let a hand slip down to his ass and I squeezed it and then slid my hand into the waistband. His skin was soft and smooth and I pushed a finger down to his hole. He wiggled at it when I pressed against his little bud. He pushed off of my lips and whined softly, “Fuck me, ‘leen-KUN’ please to fuck.” “You want that?” I smiled up at him. He bit his lip and nodded. He wanted to please me. I leaned up and gave him a quick peck on the lips and then put a hand on the back of his head and pushed him down near my raging tent. I wanted to fuck that mouth, feel my cock sliding past those soft pink lips. Anders kissed down my stomach, blessing each of my chiseled abs with his lips. “I want you please,” Anders said. His tone was different. He had lost the goofy awkwardness of being lost in a world that didn’t speak his language. He was comfortable in the language of movement, touch, desire. He stared those blue eyes up at me as his lips hovered over my bulge. He kissed softly at my briefs and then bared his teeth. He used them to peel back the waistband until my hard proud cock flopped up and hit my belly button. He traced his tongue up the shaft and then sucked the tip in past his lips. “Oh fuck!” I was hit by an instant wave of warmth. He knew what he was doing. It was different from how Caleb had sucked me. Anders truly wanted to please me. His eyes, filled with desire, fixed on mine and shed all pretense of innocence. He began to suck me all the way to the back of his throat and then worked expertly to make my body throb under his touch. “Uhhhh!” This wasn’t going as I’d planned. I wanted to pound him, show him who his lion really was, but he already knew this road better than I. He worked me to the edge in mere minutes and I had to push him away. My body bounced and slapped against the bed as my face screwed up. “Don’t… touch… wait… fffffuck,” I mumbled. I sat up back against the headboard. “Just… a minute…” I was breathing to calm myself. I looked over at Samir who was amused at the situation. “Don’t be upset, little cub. I felt the same the first time I touched you,” he assured. “You will learn to control yourself a little better with time.” I nodded and looked back at Anders who waited patiently, sitting back on his heels as he knelt in front of me. “You fuck to me please?” he said. I nodded. Anders turned away from me and crawled backwards to bring his ass towards my lap. I reached for it with both hands and squeezed his cheeks. His little hole looked so tight. I put my finger to it and he squirmed and oohed. “It looks so tight,” I remarked. Samir got off the couch and swaggered over towards us. “That’s how yours looks. Just go slow and loosen him up a bit. You know what I do with you,” Samir said casually. He gave Anders’ ass a gentle rub. Anders wiggled at his touch and bit his lip excitedly. Samir laughed and went back to the couch. “I find me, yes?” Anders turned and gave me a questioning smile. I wasn’t sure what he was saying, but it was his body so I just nodded. He got off the bed and looked around with a mission in his eyes, “You have thing, sir?” he asked and pointed back at his hole. “Juicey please?” “You want juice in there?” I asked trying to think if we still had a bottle of pomegranate in the little fridge. Samir busted out with laughter, “Babe, he wants lube.” He laughed uncontrollably as I went for the little drawer next to the bed where Samir kept the tube of stuff he used on me. I got off the bed and snapped the little cap off the end. Anders nodded excitedly and reached a finger towards me. I squeezed out a generous line of clear gel across his index finger and set the tube back on the table. “You lie please,” Anders said and put his little hand into the center of my chest. I brought both my hands over his to cover it and he leaned forward and kissed me. “Beautiful Lincoln,” he said when he pulled back. He shoved me gently on the chest and I sat back on the bed with my feet on the floor. Anders sank to his knees in front of me and leaned forward to take my cock down his throat again. “AHHHH fuck fuck fuck,” I bucked against the bed. He was so fucking good at that and my hard tip dug into the back of his throat. My eyes screwed up but I caught his finger behind his ass, working it in there to loosen himself for me. This was a full service boy and I was eager to dominate. I put my hand on the back of his head, working his hair into my fingers. I gripped him by the hair and started to pull his head and then push it back down on my cock. It was totally unnecessary but he moaned when i did it, loving the feeling of being used for my pleasure. “Oh baby that’s so… oh baby,” I leaned down and whispered encouragement to him as I throat fucked him. He kept at it like a champ, working my shaft with his lips and tongue as he fingered his hole. I tightened my grip on his hair, pulling at it as waves of pleasure shot through me. I looked up at Samir and he had his eyes locked on mine with a big smile. “You feel good, baby?” he asked. I nodded and slammed Anders down on me. “You’re about to cum. I know my boy,” Samir warned and I realized I was close to the edge. Anders pulled off my cock and I let go of his hair. He backed up a little and looked up at me with those big blue eyes. Gone was the little confused smile. He knew how this went. He looked at me with desire and rammed his fingers deep inside him. He got up off his knees and kept fucking himself as he walked towards me. “Good, sir. Is good for you,” he said and walked closer then straddled my legs. “Please to fuck me, Lincoln. I needs them,” Anders looked down at me with pleading. I nodded and stroked my cock. I reached for the tube, but he grabbed it quickly with his free hand. He used his teeth to pop the cap and then squirted a large dollop on the tip of my cock as it poked towards the ceiling. He set it back on the table and then gripped my cock tightly to spread it over the head and shaft. He gave his ass a few hard jabs and then pulled his fingers out. Anders knelt on the bed, knees on either side of me. He hovered over my lap, lowering his body until my cock poked at his hole. It felt squishy, warm, ready. He steadied himself with his arms around my neck and leaned in to kiss me. He slowly pushed down until the tip of my cock popped inside him with a thump. It had me in a tight grip and I had to focus to not just explode upon entry. “Fuck,” Anders whispered to me with a pained look in his eye. “I hurt you?” I asked with a sudden burst of concern for my newly acquired prize. “Big, not small like Master Al-Harthi, big big Lincoln,” he said with a wince. “Is ok keep to fuck please.” “My baby,” I whispered to him and leaned up to kiss him as he slowly slid me deeper into his hole. I put my hands on his hips and gripped him like Samir did to me. I wanted to push him down, but if he was hurting from the tip I wasn’t sure I should force anything. I just held him steady as he fought to get more of me in him. “Thick,” he mumbled appraisingly and dropped his lips to my shoulder to nibble on me. He’d found another pleasure point and my body tensed up in ecstasy. “Ahh,” I moaned as he started to slide down my shaft with greater ease. I slid my hands down to cup his ass. I started lifting him up off of me and then letting him sink back down. He clung to me with his arms around my neck. He was so light, so fragile, so easy to hold. It occurred to me that this is how Samir saw me, or was it. Was I this light to him? I buried my lips in his chest as my cock worked every angle of his tight pink hole. “Fucckkkk” I hissed against his nipple as he slid down deeper onto me. I knew I wasn’t going to last forever. I was fighting it like crazy, but my cock kept driving inside him and I kept hearing him whimper and moan and beg for more of it. “Peez Leen-KUN pleez to fuck hard hard master sir,” he mumbled nonsense as I drove into him. Anders’ hard little cock made a valiant effort as it bumped against my abs. After seeing Khalid’s and Samir’s cocks I realized I had lost all sense of proportion, but Anders’ cock felt like a little alien finger stroking my chest. I laughed against his chest at the thought. He was a born bottom. “Fucks to me LEEN-KUN,” he yelled down at me as he slid down to take almost all of my cock inside him. I wasn’t sure what he meant until I felt his hole tense and tighten its grip on my cock and then his warm cum started to shoot up my chest. I’d fucked the cum out of him. It built a deep sense of pride in me and distracted me from trying not to cum. His pulsing hole squeezed my cock and started to milk it as I felt the cum rising in my shaft. “AHHHH FUCK I’m CUMMING baby,” I yelled and he leaned his head down to bring his lips to mine. I screamed around his tongue as he slid it past my lips and I started to fill his hole with my cum. Shot after shot buried deep inside him as my body jerked beneath him. I held on to him as his tongue explored my mouth. I sucked on it like I did with Samir. It didn’t matter who tongued whom. I was already seeding my baby deeply as his body collapsed against me. I raised and dropped his ass on my cock as my body filled him with my juice. “Shit, fuck, Yah FUck, damnit, fuck, fuck, f-cuck!!” I yelled as my body involuntarily jerked and spasmed against him. I laid back against the bed and brought him with me and started to drive my cock in and out of him quickly. He fell against my chest and cried soft moans of joy as I fucked up into his little pink hole. “Yes Lincoln, please lincoln to fuck fill me juice. please master,” he begged as I kept driving into him, sending shot after shot deep in his hole. I drove all the way inside him and then held it there as I finished. He did some trick with his hole where he squeezed it in rhythm trying to milk more out of me. We collapsed together, spent and sleepy. I was buried inside him and I felt my cum leak out around my shaft. Anders buried his head into my shoulder and kissed softly at it. “Thank you, thank you mister Lincoln,” he said sleepily. “Fucks to you, baby,” I laughed, imitating his little accent. “Fucks to me, sir,” he said sleepily, not catching my joking tone. “My turn?” I heard Samir say and suddenly remembered he was there watching us. He’d risen from the couch and came over to the bed. He knelt on the bed beside us, Anders on my chest. He slid his shorts down and that massive brown snake fell out of them and landed against my shoulder. “Ho!” Anders exclaimed in reaction to seeing a real Arab cock, “Fuck So… No wow!” “Yep,” I acknowledged with a defeated sigh, “It’s big.” I started to tell Anders not to worry, I’d handle it. He was so small, so fragile. But he had already lifted off of me to take it in his mouth. “mmmhmmm” he mumbled with Samir’s huge cock in his throat. He made weird swallowing noises around it. “AH fuck, that’s… fuck! good! fuck!” Samir said and I looked up to see his eyes roll back. It was a look I hadn’t seen on him before, but then I’d already experienced the Anders treatment. “Ahhhh fuck damn he’s… fuck that’s good.” A ping of jealousy stirred in me again. I still couldn’t pin it down. Was I jealous of Anders for sucking on my lion better than I had or was I jealous of my lion for throatfucking my boy better than I could. Samir grabbed his hair roughly and something inside me felt relieved that he wasn’t as gentle with Anders as he was with me. Samir looked down, not at the boy bringing him pleasure, but to me. And then Samir said, “Babe, can you open that hole up for me? I want to fuck him.” He said it as though I hadn’t just reamed the shit out of him with my proud cock. I felt my dick shrivel inside Ander’s hole. “Yes… sir,” I said and slid out of Anders. He crawled away from me, out of my arms and followed Samir who walked backwards on his knees on the bed. I grabbed the tube of grease and smeared it on my fingers. I worked two fingers inside Anders’ squishy hole and my cum leaked out of him around my fingers. He was moaning around Samir’s cock. He’d likely already forgotten how I fucked him. He seemed desperate for the Arab master, the lion’s cock. “mmmm” Anders moaned as Samir throatfucked him deep and fast. He made gagging sounds as Samir drove too deep. I hadn’t heard those sounds before. I worked three fingers inside Anders and moved them around to stretch him. If my fingers hurt him, he didn’t protest in the least. He wanted my lion in him. “Fuck yeah baby boy. Bout to stretch that Nordic baby pussy,” Samir growled as he shoved most of his cock down Anders’ throat. “I think he’s good,” I said to Samir who gave me an approving nod. “Thanks baby,” he said and leaned down over Anders to kiss me. His tongue felt so thick and warm in my mouth. I realized I hadn’t kissed him enough today and suddenly I wished it was me who was ready and open for his cock. Samir pulled out of Anders and I let my fingers slip from his hole. Anders turned around on the bed to face me, presenting his hole for the lion. Samir walked forward on his knees and positioned his cock at Anders’ hole. “Come here, baby,” he said to me. I got up on my knees and went over to Samir as my cock leaked a little pre-cum. I felt it drip against my thigh and realized I was hard again watching his thick Arab meat about to permanently mark his new property. Samir put an arm around my shoulders and pulled me against him. He grabbed my hand and put it on his shaft. I gripped it. It was so hard and thick that my fingers didn’t touch around its circumference. “Fuck,” I whispered to myself. I pumped the shaft, slimy with Anders’ spit and the lube I’d used on his ass. I lined his cock up and he started to push against the boy’s hole. “Ahhhh Fuck no ahhh! Owwie!!,” Anders squealed as Samir’s cock popped inside him. Samir leaned down and kissed me again, ignoring the boy’s cries. I looked down to see Anders, for all his protestations, was pushing back against Samir. My lion wasn’t even trying to push into him more. “You are hurt?” I asked Anders, but he shook his head no. “Please to fuck please!” he begged and pushed back against Samir’s cock more. “Yeah baby,” Samir said and started to push into him. Anders was willing but I kept hearing him suck hard on his lip and whimper softly. I stood on my knees proudly next to my lion as he rubbed my arm and kissed my hair. I was getting hard again and I pulled away from Samir and went around to Anders’ head. I laid down against the bed and put a finger under his chin. His eyes had tears, but he smiled at me. Samir was starting to ride him gently from behind. “You are ok?” I whispered to Anders. He nodded. “You don’t have to take him if you don’t want to,” I said, maybe trying to stop it before his memory of my cock inside him was obliterated by the fat Arab snake currently plowing his hole. “I good, yes to fuck me please,” Anders whined and then lowered his head and started to suck my cock again. “Aww fuck,” I whined as Anders’ throat found my cock again and started to milk it. It instantly raged to full thickness and he started to bob on me. I looked up to see Samir happily plowing Anders from behind. I laid back against the pillows and closed my eyes as I tangled my fingers in Anders’ soft hair. He was going full blast on my cock again and this time I could hold out longer. I felt him lurch forward twice a second and knew Samir was fucking him good. He pushed down on my cock to match the rhythm. “Fuck fuck fuck,” I mumbled as I slid in and out of his soft lips and expert throat. I felt bad for the little guy, getting it from both ends. But he mumbled happily and when I looked up, he was watching my with those big blue eyes again.I looked back up at Samir who was nearing that face he made when he was on the edge. “You ready, habibi?” he said down to me, and I knew he was close to finishing. “Yes sir,” I said, feeling myself about to fill Anders again with my seed. “Uhhhhh,” I heard Samir groan as he lurched forward and started to pound Anders with urgency. Anders lurched forward and took my cock all the way to the base. He buried his nose in my pubes and looked up at me with the most beautiful look of contentment. I felt a sense of pride in my boy. “Fuck yeah baby,” I encouraged and pet his cheek with my hand. I felt my shaft expanding his cheeks and rubbed at the bulge. “Oh fuck yeah,” I growled in unison with Samir as I started to shoot inside him. I swear I heard it hit the back of his throat as Samir started to unload in his other end. “mmmmm!” he moaned around my cock and I started to feel his cum shoot against my thigh in warm hard volleys. The three of us came together, filling and painting each other with pints of seed. Samir’s went deep in Anders’ ass as mine filled his mouth and his splattered against my legs. “Uhh” “Fuck” “MMM” we came together in a noisy pile of flesh. I bucked against the bed as Samir slammed him forward with deep thrusts. It was the hottest thing I’d ever seen. I fought to keep my eyes open but it was too much for me. My eyes snapped shut as cartoon stars danced through my brain. “Huhhh!,” “Fuckkkk,” “MmmmHuhhh,” we moaned together as our bodies tensed and twisted. Anders fell forward against me burying my full shaft inside him as Samir came crashing down on top of him. We rolled over on our sides and Anders hit the comforter with Samir close behind him. The three of us were locked together in sweaty, cum-filled ecstasy and we humped together in rhythm with loud declarations of expletives. We collapsed together and I felt Samir’s warm hands grab for me with Anders between us. Anders was twisted up like one of Emerson’s complicated yoga moves, but he held on with my cock in his throat. He’d swallowed everything my body had released. As we came down, we laid there together. Samir caressed his boys approvingly as I passed out against the pillows. Anders was between my legs, rubbing my ass and kissing my tummy. We laid together drifting in and out of sleep until Samir said it was time to get cleaned up. We limped off the bed and Samir went to text housekeeping to clean up the mess. He followed us, swinging that dripping dark meat between his legs. I paused inside the bathroom as Anders went for the shower. Samir padded in and I gripped his cock and milked out the last drops of his juice. I brought my hand to my lips and licked it clean. As good as fucking Anders had been, nothing compared to my lion. “Thank you, sir,” I said to him. He ruffled my hair with a smile and then leaned in to kiss me. Anders had turned on the shower and sleepily walked into the cold stream. I heard him yelp as it hit him. “You liked him better than me?” I asked Samir with worried eyes. “I like anyone better than you, habibi,” he laughed. I wasn’t asking for a joke though and his face quickly straightened up when he read my sad eyes. “Joke, my baby. Of course there’s no one I want to be inside of more than you. I just thought it was shameful he hadn’t been taken by a real Arab. We have a reputation to think of, little one. You know I love my baby more than anyone,” he said and pushed me against the wall. His muscles enveloped mine as his lips connected with me. He pushed his tongue through my lips and I sucked him into me in a deep kiss. “I love you,” I said when he pulled back. “I love you more each day, my little prince,” he assured. He pulled away from me and pointed to the shower. He smacked my ass as I walked away. We all piled into the shower and Samir washed his two sleepy cubs. He had matching pajamas for us when we got out, both crisp white shorts and thermal shirts. My muscular frame filled mine out, but Anders was a little more free in his. We got under the covers and Samir pressed his naked form against me from my side. He held on to me as Anders nuzzled into my chest. I slipped my arms around him as he fell asleep against my heartbeat. I didn’t know what we would do with him, but as he fell asleep in my arms as my lion breathed heavily against my ear, I knew we would figure it out. I swore I would protect him. My heart was pounding in my ears as I watched Anders through the window. I knew we couldn’t keep him here forever, Samir was set on just the two of us. “Habibi, my boy. You can barely protect yourself. This is for the best,” Samir came up behind me and gave my stomach a gentle rub. He had read my mind. I turned to see him considering me with those deep eyes that searched me. “Baby blue eyes, always so worried about everyone else,” He straightened up, and reached for my cheek. I pushed away from him, but he caught me. He slid an arm around me and pulled me back against his chest with a serious look. I inhaled his cologne, a sharp wave of spicy amber, and instantly remembered to whom I belonged. I groaned with the annoying realization that he was right. I had nothing to offer Anders, nothing of my own.”I know it is important to you that he is taken care of. But you are mine to take care of. Anders needs a lion of his own, and Khalid already seems quite taken with him,” Samir waved a hand towards the window where Anders and Khalid were twined together on a lounger by the pool. Khalid was on his back against a bright orange towel. His chiseled bronze chest shimmered in the morning sun with a thin line of black hair tracing down to disappear beneath a pair of white swim shorts covering his healthy bulge. Anders did look happy tucked into Khalid’s side. His delicate fair skin, slathered with sunblock, clearly defined where he ended and his new Lion began. Khalid rubbed his back gently and sipped a glass of something dark and icy. Anders stared up at him adoringly and clung to his side.I knew Anders was impressed by Khalid’s ample cock. I’d seen how his eyes doubled in size when we changed together after our last workout. His jaw dropped halfway to the floor and he looked over at me to make sure I was seeing the same thing. I had just shrugged and nodded knowing I couldn’t compare. It was all he wanted to discuss the whole ride home. I half expected him to start a fanclub for it, maybe print up some t-shirts or build a monument. He was hooked from first sight and that night when we played together I knew I no longer held his interest. He knew I was owned by Samir and our three-sided arrangement wouldn’t last. I definitely didn’t enjoy seeing Samir slide inside him. My hole twitched with jealousy. “Anders agrees and is eager to start again here with Khalid. They seem quite taken with each other,” Samir looked at me sternly. “You would ruin that for him?” “No, but I promised him he would be safe. I have to make sure he is taken care of.” I looked down at his chin and bit my lip. “I know, little one. You have a good heart. It is what I love most about my boy… But you would go with him? Leave your protector? Leave the man who knows and adores every little inch of your handsome body?” Samir leaned in and kissed soft pecks down my neck. He paused at my pressure points and sucked each one expertly. It sent a rush of heat through me, weakened my resolve. I trembled and leaned into his lips. “No, but…” I whispered and closed my eyes against him. His hand went down to my ass and pushed under my jogging shorts to cup my cheek. He squeezed it firmly and rubbed a finger over my hole. “My little pink princess is leaving his lion?” he asked in a low, seductive growl. My cock pulsed against his thigh. “No, sir,” I whimpered under his control. “I just…” “My boy’s little pink hole will be filled by another?” he kissed his way back up my neck and planted his lips on my earlobe. He chewed it softly as my body melted into his chest and vibrated like a tuning fork. “Uhhh,” I moaned and caught my breath, “Never, sir… uhhhh!” “Then that is settled,” Samir stated in his business voice devoid of any erotic tones. He gently nudged me back and I fell against the bed with my cock pushing my shorts to full sundial. It was like being slapped out of a dream. “Wait! Uh… weren’t we gonna…” I gave a questioning smile. I raised up off the bed a little and pointed at my raging erection. “Really, Lincoln,” Samir frowned at me. “We have an important event tonight. My mentor and most respected friend is in town. We can’t just spend all day in bed.” “Oh… I… of course… sorry, sir,” I bit my lip and looked down feeling like a scolded dog. A second later I felt him land next to me on the bed. “Well I suppose if you need some time to worship your master, we can accommodate that,” He propped himself up on one arm and winked his big brown eyes at me with those full dark lips pressed into an eager smile. He leaned into me and kissed down my neck while a hand slid around my back. I let my head fall back and moaned as he hit just the right spots. He played me like a flute as my cock pushed to full mast in my shorts, not that he cared much about that. I felt a hand slide into the back of my shorts and a rough finger slid over my hole as my eyes fluttered to stay open. “Fuck please,” I hissed as he teased my hole with his dry finger. He wouldn’t go in dry. He did get off on domination, but also on the way he could make a tall hunky blonde boy crumple into a lust-filled bottom. His lips found mine then and his teeth sc****d against my lower lip playfully as his beard tickled my cheek. “Yarja baba!” I whined against him, “please, daddy.” He brought the finger that had teased my hole up to my lips and pushed it through. I sucked on it eagerly. He pushed it to the back of my mouth and I gagged on it, slobbering down the back of his hand. He pumped it a few times, our eyes locking to let me know he was in control, gauging my needs. Sufficiently wet, he took back his finger and wiped my spit off the back of his hand onto my cheeks. He laughed gently at my wet cheeked scowl and then kissed my nose. “Shorts,” he whispered to me and I quickly pushed the shorts and briefs down my thighs and then off. My cock thumped out against my shirt and I brought my knees up into my chest so he could get to my hole. He kissed me deeply as he began to work his finger up inside me. We’d had a lot of practice so it wasn’t all that unfamiliar to his intrusion. I started to squirm on him while he pushed around inside me, opening me up and touching all the spots that made my body move without control. “Fuck! that… fuck!,” I whined as he buried his nose into my neck and lipped at my shirt collar. “Dirty little mouth this morning,” he laughed and started to pump his finger in and out of me. “Sorry, sir, I… fuck!” I arched my back, gasping for air as my cock thumped and pulsed against my stomach. “Please fuck me, please.” I turned and buried my face in his thick, black hair. My nose hit the scent of almond mixed with his cologne. I lipped at his hair, pulling at it playfully. “Easy, princess. I’m already losing it up there,” he joked and started to push a second finger into me. “No sir, it suits you,” I said with the pure honesty that comes with losing control of your body to a pleasure expert. “Maybe my cub needs something to do with that beautiful mouth?” I felt his smile spread against my neck as his beard tickled my skin. “Yes sir, please,” I whined. He raised up to look me in the eyes as his two fingers gently strummed my hole. “You know you’re my world, right?” He said with a little uncertainty in his eyes. “And you are mine,” I assured and watched his cheeks fill out with hope. “You’re all I need, sir.” I admitted. He sc****d his chin against mine and then buried his lips into my cheek and blew a raspberry playfully to lighten the intense heat between us. Samir pulled away from me then and let his fingers slip out of me leaving a trail of desperate need in their wake. He wiped them on a fresh hand towel from the bedside table and then slid off his shirt and tossed it across the room. I scrambled up to all fours and put my lips against the waistband of his jogging shorts. I looked up at him with needy eyes and he leaned down to kiss my hair. I slid his shorts down and was hit on the nose with his thick brown snake. It smelled fresh from the shower with just a hint of piss at the tip. I licked at it, tasting my lion. Without warning, he pushed his cock into me and gripped my hair in his fist. I felt the fat tip touch the back of my throat and gagged on it as his thick shaft stretched my jaw. He slid in and out a few times with force and I fought to breathe through my nose as he used me for his pleasure. I looked up at him with pleading eyes and saw him smile down at me. “Too much for my baby cub?” he laughed. I tried to nod or grunt in agreement, but he had too firm a grasp on me. He slid in and out, pumping my skull with force as I began to adjust to it. I wiggled my ass behind me to try and tempt him away from my mouth. Looking up, though, I saw his eyes close and his face screw up like he wanted to cum. I knew that look and it filled me with disappointment that this was ending soon.”NOOO!” I tried to scream around the thick meat filling my mouth. I wanted that nut inside my other end. “MMMMM!” was all I managed. His eyes opened and he looked down at me with confusion, but then nodded knowingly. “Oh yes, I almost forgot your hole needs its lion’s gift,” he laughed and let go of the clump of my hair he had been holding. He slid out of me and I fell forward against the comforter gasping for air. And then I popped my head up towards something my eye had caught in the window above our bed. The window framed a small alcove off the pool area shielded by a wall of Italian Cypress. Khalid was there sitting in a chair with his shorts pushed down and his bronze skin glistening with sweat. Anders was naked between his legs squatted down with his pale ass clenched tightly. Khalid had his fingers twined through Anders’ blonde hair roughly pushing him up and down his thick brown cock. I crawled up the pillows to get a better look, inadvertently positioning my hole in the air for Samir. I didn’t awaken to that fact until I felt his tip pressing into me. “My baby wants it from behind today?” he chuckled from behind me oblivious to what was going on in his backyard. It took Samir a few minutes of slowly pushing into me before he realized what I was watching. I guess he truly did only think of me when we were together. By that time Khalid had pulled Anders up and had him squatting in his lap over the massive dark meat. Watching Anders’ face, pure ecstasy as he slid down Khalid’s pole. Something of it hit me right in the gut. I knew he would never again be satisfied by my larger than average white boy cock. Anders turned towards the window to confirm this fact to me with eyes contorted awkwardly with that blissful mix of pleasure and pain. Khalid had his heart and his hole. Our eyes locked and he tried to put out a smile towards me, but he was getting stuffed too hard and it came out like a severe “O.” I realized I was giving him the same look as my own lion was ramming into me. Anders and I mirrored each other through the window in an awkward dance as he slid up and down on Khalid and Samir started taking out his frustrations at my lack of focus on my stretched hole. He leaned over me and bit softly on the back of my neck, chewing his cub’s scruff as he filled his baby’s hole. I felt his hot breath escape around my neck and it sent chills through me. I felt pride at bringing him pleasure as he gave me what I craved. I tore my eyes from Anders to bite down on a corner of pillow that rubbed against my lips. “Uh Uh Uh,” I whined as he forced his way deep inside me finding all the little spots that lit up my runway. “You see, little cub?” Samir surprised me from behind as he growled into my ear. “Anders enjoys what he was created for. Like you, he needs to be filled by a real man. Your place is here. He is quite settled on his lion,” He gripped my hair and turned me to face him as he leaned farther and kissed me hard. “Samir,” I started. “Yes, my love,” he said as he sped up his invasion on my well conquered land. “So am I, sir. Thank you for giving me what I need.” I whispered as his lips hovered over mine. “Fuck,” he growled deeply and started to unload inside me. I felt his thick weapon go still inside me and then it started to pulse and fill me. It was so big and powerful that it actually lifted me off the covers each time he shot out another volley. “Fuck,” He held me tightly with my back against his chest. He started clawing and squeezing my nipples, twisting them as my body started to join him. My cock started shooting out cum all over the covers and hitting up to my arms and chest. I laid there against his brawny arms, suspended over the bed spasming helplessly as he filled my hole and I coated his bed. “Fuck,” we cried together, our new favorite word for this all familiar feeling. His teeth bit into my shoulder as he sucked on it and kept jerking and pumping cum into me. I forgot entirely about the scene outside the window as he slid all the way into me and dumped the last of his cargo off at the port of his needy cub. He slumped forward and pressed me down into the sticky mess of our love. He turned my face to kiss him deeply as his weight rested uncomfortably on me. His tongue wrestled mine into submission as he came down and the last bits of his joy leaked into my slurpy hole. I felt his cum running out of me around his shaft as he pumped it lazily. It ran down my thighs and dripped onto the already ruined bed. He rolled over onto his back and brought me with him as we were still locked together with his massive tool lodged deep inside me. He spooned me there against the bed, kissing my neck and making butterfly kisses with his eyelashes against my cheek. He rubbed his prickly beard against my cheek and then settled in for a quick nap as he hugged me tightly. I squirmed a little in his grip and then settled in with my face against the pillow. I felt his warm breath against my ear and then he started to snore in a blissful nap. His methodical snore lulled me into a dreamy nap. I dreamed we were in one of the video games he liked to play, soldiers side by side fighting zombies in a war torn abandoned resort town. I never got to shoot any of them though. Much like when we played the game together, he was quicker on the draw and seemed to anticipate where they would pop up. And just like when we played together, he would toy with me. He’d point out one and say, “Get it baby!” but then before I could get it he would take it out and claim it was too close to me. ++++”Are you sure this is what you want me to wear?” I tugged at the thin, skin-tight black t-shirt. It was this semi-see through material that showed the white of my skin which had gotten paler since Samir insisted I be slathered in sunscreen every day on every exposed piece of flesh. It was tucked into equally tight khaki pants that made my ass look pretty awesome. He was normally more conservative with my clothing. “Yes, of course,” Samir said, popping his head into the bathroom to look me over with an approving nod. “They shouldn’t be that tight though… You’ve been lifting more. I thought I noticed earlier, but now I’m sure of it.””Yes sir! Khalid and I have been challenging each other! He’s stronger than he looks,” I flexed my arms excitedly for him in the mirror expecting a smile of admiration. “I’ll talk to him about that. It wasn’t the plan for you,” he grunted and went back to the main room. I gave myself one last series of flexes in the mirror. The pants gave me a nice big bulge in the front and I squeezed it a few times to pump it up. Kick-ass me looked pretty hot. “You look fine, stop primping, princess,” Samir had poked his head back inside just in time to catch me fluffing. He didn’t miss the opportunity to knock me down a notch. I ran my fingers through the top of my blonde hair to push it back. Samir had me on weekly haircuts to keep it shaved down on the sides and just long enough on top for him to get a firm hold on me when I was sucking his cock. He liked to pull on it and then shove me down until I gagged on him. It was a good look on me and gave him something to hold on to. I turned to exit just as he was coming back into the bathroom. He took it as me needing a hug. He pulled me into him, kissed me, and squeezed my ass. “Let’s go, little cub. I don’t want to be late,” He said and pushed me out towards the front door. We spent the drive over with Samir filling me in on Kamal’s success. He had been Samir’s mentor through college and a business internship. He was in his early 40’s and had amassed a fortune in oil and land investments. He was here to look at infrastructure improvements in Satra and Samir hoped he would partner with him on a few possibly lucrative projects. “He is self-made, Lincoln. No family money. He earned it all from his hard work. He is a genius in our field.” Samir had explained. I feigned interest as I watched the city fly by us in a colorful blur as we headed to the collection of hotels along the waterfront. “You will be good, obedient, and most importantly quiet. Keep your eyes down and look only at me unless he requires your attention. You will not speak unless directed. If you have any needs you look only to me and wiggle your nose twice. Understood?” Samir had his hand on my thigh as he drove the sports car unnecessarily fast up a wide, flat boulevard. He squeezed me and moves his hand up near my bulge which made my cock stir and my hole twitch in anticipation. “Yes… Sir,” I gulped and looked down at his hand. I put my hand over his and he lifted up and intertwined our fingers together. He squeezed my hand assuringly. “You’re a good boy, Lincoln. I know you will make me proud.” ++++”Kamal, old friend,” Samir began and then pushed me in front of the man he had just kissed in standard Arab greeting. “This is Lincoln, my obedient cub.” Samir squeezed my shoulder and then thrust me forward into Kamal’s waiting arms. The older man pulled me into his substantial chest. “Salaam, Habibi,” His soft brown lips were uncomfortably close, a few inches above mine. When he spoke, his lips were just the right height to fill my nose with the wine he had just sipped. I looked down at his tight, green polo shirt stuffed with muscles as I tried to figure out what I should do in this greeting. His large, round eyes studied me. I only made quick glances up at them and felt the weight of his authority push me back down. His thick, camel nose gave me a subtle sniff. He towered over me with the calm strength of a lion who knows there is no challenger to his throne. I felt his hand in the center of my back as his brawny arms drew me deeper into his spicy, amber cologne. He kissed my cheek and then the other, leaving a trail of burn from his prickly black beard. He leaned down and rubbed his nose against mine as his warmth spread through me with a shiver. I tried to gently pull away from him, but he held me firmly and spoke over my shoulder to Samir in Arabic as he cupped the back of my head and roughly worked his fingers through my hair. “He is very beautiful, Samir! It is obvious that those blue eyes sparkle only for you. Mine will be joining us shortly. He takes too long to get ready. He isn’t as fair or blonde as yours, but he is a good boy. Has it been that long since you’ve visited?” I was proud of myself for understanding all of that. “You are most kind, Kamal. Though I am sure your cub is much more handsome and assuredly more obedient under your instruction,” Samir responded in Arabic with that cultural conversation style of downtalking your own things so the other would praise them. I was getting used to it, but still I felt like a used lamp in mid-haggle.I was so focused on decoding their Arabic that I hadn’t noticed my cock pressing into his thigh until we shifted a little to the right. My bulge rubbed against his pants and he released me slightly and looked down. He gave me a smile with his lips curled up on the left side and then clicked his tongue appreciatively with a wink. He squeezed my ass one last time and then eased off of me. “Yes,” Kamal said to Samir as he allowed me to pull away from him. “He is quite perfect.” He looked at me with dark eyes that had the same spark I saw in Samir when he was ready to plow me full force. I turned away and tried to conceal my tent. Samir had taken a seat in a deep, oversized grey chair. He reached for me and pulled me down into his lap. He put one arm around me and rested his other hand in my lap, stroking my tent playfully. “My good boy,” he whispered and bit softly on my earlobe. Kamal sat opposite us in a matching chair and a servant came out with a tray of glasses. He poured glasses from a red wine bottle for the men and then poured similarly colored juice into the remaining two. He bowed gracefully to leave and Kamal nodded. Behind him slinked in a tall, athletic white guy. He was maybe a few years older and a few inches taller than me. He had a deep bronze tan and light brown, sun-streaked hair over a handsome face with sea-green eyes. He wore a tight green shirt to match his lion. His broad chest veered down to a narrow waist as his shirt disappeared into a pair of khaki jogger pants that hugged an ample, bubbled butt. He paused behind the servant and flashed an unnaturally white smile at Kamal before lowering his head. His lion beckoned for him to come and he strode cautiously over to the man’s side. “Say hello, Bren,” Kamal said with his eyes on Samir. “Sir,” Bren said with a subdued nod to Samir who pushed me to the side and stood. I felt jealousy seep through my chest as Samir walked to Bren and kissed his cheeks. He didn’t linger on him like Kamal had done to me, nor did he squeeze his healthy ass. I got to my feet anyways since I guess I was up next in this. But then he said something that felt like a knife. “As I suspected, Kamal. You always find the most beautiful the world can offer. This one does not disappoint,” Samir cooed. It may have been just Arab politeness, but it stung none-the-less. I coughed and they turned to look at me. Samir accurately gauged my look and his smile pressed into a remorseful line. “Bren, say hello to Lincoln,” Kamal interjected with a look to me that said he too could read my jealousy. “Hi, mate. Nice to meet ya then,” Bren relaxed and came toward me with a smile. He’d dropped the subdued formality used with his master. I was on his level. He offered me his hand and I gripped it as hard as I could though he didn’t seem to notice.”You’re British?” I asked, feeling disarmed by his strange English. “Nah from ‘straya cunt, You?” He exclaimed “Woah, what’s straya?… cunt?” I said with a nervous laugh. “Australia, dude,” Bren said in a mock American accent and shook a hang ten sign with his right hand as he clicked his tongue. “Oh. I’m from California,” I said with a louder than necessary tone. “Ah the other surfers’ paradise!” he beamed with charisma and clapped a heavy hand on my shoulder. “I guess so,” I said and shifted uncomfortably. “Bren, show Lincoln the view while Samir and I catch up. It will be some time before we eat,” Kamal said from behind us. I looked over at Samir who nodded approval as he sipped his drink. He gave me a wink and I turned to nod at Bren. “Yes sir,” Bren said, resuming his respectful quiet, and guided me towards the patio of the hotel suite. It was a warm night with a salty wind coming off the bay. We were on the top floor of the hotel with a sweeping view of the city and water. “Striking, nah! It goes all around,” Bren said and pointed to the patio that circled around the top of the building. I nodded, taking in the view. He started walking around the side and I followed. “Not allowed to talk?” he said as we paused on the other side to see the hills lit up with homes. Ours was up there somewhere. He reached up and grabbed hold of the steel beam that supported the roof covering. He lifted himself up and pumped out a few pull-ups to show off his arms, then added, “What a beauty!” to the view below us. He smiled down at me and nodded up to the right as though I should join him. It was a little too close to the edge, but I didn’t want him thinking I couldn’t keep up. I reached up and jumped until my fingers caught the top of the beam. I dangled for just a second before I pulled myself up and wrapped my palms firmly around the top. I focused my eyes upward to the dark sky and the round crescent that glowed like Samir watching over me. I pulled myself up easily enough, but then I had the stupid notion to look down. “Ah shit, fuck that’s fuck,” I gasped as I looked down and saw a stream of taxis 40 floors below us waiting for their fares. “Is ok, little cub, daddy will catch for you,” Bren laughed and did an ugly impression of his master’s tone. “Dude don’t make me laugh. I… fuck that’s a long drop!” I laughed and felt a gust of wind blow me back towards the building. I felt my stomach turn and wanted nothing more than for Samir to catch me. Bren was swinging like a monkey, baring his teeth at me with a wide smile. He pulled his knees up into his chest like he was about to cannonball off the side. He pumped himself a few times on the beam and then dropped into perfect stance next to me. “Help, mate?” he asked but I shook my head. “I got this,” I said, not sure how I would get down. I dangled there for a minute, thinking. Bren took the opportunity to poke his head up from between my legs and he grabbed me firmly by my waist. I let go of the beam and he steadied me on his shoulders with his hair against my crotch like we were about to play chicken fight at the neighborhood pool. He turned towards the building and raised me up off of him and then set me on my feet. “I said I had it,” I said with a little ice in my throat. “You… had it,” he laughed, ignoring my wounded pride. He walked on, “We have some time. Kamal likes to prattle on… half a spliff with me?” I had no idea what he meant, but I nodded like I did. “Yeah totally!” I sounded a little too excited. Bren reached under a deck chair and slid out a small leather pouch. He pulled out a joint and some matches. I had friends who smoked back in high school. I knew Samir wouldn’t be ok with this, but I couldn’t exactly back out now. “You won’t get in trouble? He seems kinda strict,” Bren asked in a slight mocking tone that left me little option to back out. “No way, we do it all the time,” I lied knowing Samir liked a clean cub. He lit up and took in a deep breath, holding it in with a look like he smelled something awful. He passed it over to me. I’d never actually done it, but I’d seen it enough times to know how this went. We passed it back and forth a few times as the blanket of city lights spread out before us. I only coughed a few times. I knew Samir would be upset with me, but I didn’t want that to ruin my time. “I haven’t felt this in awhile,” I said as I passed the last bit of it back to him. “What’s that then?” Bren asked in a rasp as he sucked in. “Just chilling with another guy like me. I didn’t realize how much my life changed here,” I said without giving value to whether that was good or bad. “Yeah nah, just takes ya over, these blokes. bloody Oath I was set to play football on scholarship before I met Kamal. Haven’t looked back since though,” Bren laughed offered the last hit back to me but I shook my head. We sat there quietly, probably both thinking about how these men had overtaken our lives, desires, destinies. Not that I’d trade it for my boring little life back in the quiet mountain town above LA. I wouldn’t, honest. My body got a quick chill and I thought about heading back inside to bask in Samir’s glow. “I want to show you something!” Bren jumped up and flicked the end of the joint into a large decorative clay pot. I got to my feet, the cement felt suddenly bouncy as I followed him with unsteady legs. “Hey look what I can do,” I said with a sudden jolt of excitement. “What?” Bren turned to me, looking for whatever trick I had proposed. “Nah it’s over, you missed it!” I said realizing I didn’t have anything to show him. “Idiot,” Bren laughed and shook his head at me with a friendly smile. He pushed open a glass door and then put his hand on my back to guide me through it into a dark, chilled room. My feet touched tile as Bren moved around me hit a button on the wall. The room came to life with a trail of pairs of pink and blue lights that lit up across the ceiling like a landing strip. He hit another button and soft beat music started to play. The lights gave sight to a large round tub with a crescent shaped pool that hugged one side of it. He hit another button and dancing white lights came on from underneath the water and pulsed to the rhythm of the music. “Sex room!” I said with an odd laugh. My head was feeling like it could float away. “Yeah nah… that’s just one setting though! There’s a cartoon setting too if you want k**’s music and the laser mermaid to swim around the pool side,” he laughed. “No, nope nuh uh,” I shook my head. “Don’t be a soft cock, Link. The hash wasn’t that strong,” Bren laughed. He peeled off his shirt and tossed it towards a built in shelf unit on the side. The top shelves were lined with blue towels and his shirt landed on the empty shelf below them. “GOAL!!” He yelled with raised arms. He kicked off his shoes and pushed his pants to the floor. His body was smooth, tanned muscle. With the shirt off, I could see his perfectly square chest with a spray of five stars in an odd cross pattern. His abs, like the rest of him, were cut from steel and disappeared into a small pair of light green briefs. He hooked his thumbs into the sides and slid them down exposing a small, stubby cock nestled amongst a trimmed brown bush of pubes. It was the only part of him that didn’t live up to expectation. I couldn’t hold back the smile that crept across my face I was feeling like Bren had everything. I guess my grin gave my feelings away though because he looked at me weird. “b*o, round here for us, cock sizye doesn’t matter. Never measures up to them. They only want in your freckle anyhow! Let off it and be yourself,” he shrugged and tossed his briefs to join his shoes near the wall. Bren hit another switch on the wall and the tub started to bubble with jets. He leaned down and then went into a handstand, stretching his legs towards the ceiling as his soft cock dangled down over his pubes. He walked on his hands backwards towards the hot tub. When his ass hit the side of it, he bent his legs back and pushed off with his hands. He landed in the water right-side up in a pretty impressive trick. For some reason I clapped. Whatever was in that stuff we smoked, it was taking the driver’s seat in my head with full force now. “C’mon then! They won’t mind,” Bren encouraged as he sat down in the water and splayed his arms behind his head along the edges of the hot tub. “Start the show, Lincoln,” he laughed. I slid off my shirt and Bren started making stripper music sounds and laughing. I played along and started to dance as a slight blush set in across my cheeks. I got all the way down to my briefs when Bren came forward in the hot tub to get a closer look with a big smile. I started to do some made up stripper moves but then I stumbled and just shucked the briefs. I came up to the side of the hot tub. I put a leg over and the water was super hot. “Ahh woah!” I yelped and pulled my foot back. “That’s hot hot.” “Lemme show you the trick,” Bren reached for my hand. I looked at him with uncertainty but he nodded his head impatiently. I gripped his offered handshake and he put his other hand on my elbow and then forcefully yanked me over the side and into the boiling water. I landed with a splash against his chest and we both started laughing crazily. “AHHH!” I punched his chest hard as the water seethed over me. If it hurt him, he didn’t let on. He just pulled me against his chest and flipped me over on my back. We wrestled around for a few minutes with laughs and fists until he was satisfied that he could take me. “There’s my boy,” I heard a voice behind me and turned my head to see Kamal at the open doorway. Samir was behind him and he gave me a shocked look as he saw my naked ass in the air as Bren pinned me against his chest. I straightened up as Bren released me and I sat next to him in the hot tub as I looked at Samir. I should have been worried or realized that this probably wasn’t how he wanted to find me at his most respected mentor’s home. But in my freshly smoked state I just waved at him excitedly and told him to join us. “Why are you naked?” he asked cautiously, judging that Kamal was not at all shocked to find us like this. “I dunno, sir. Why are YOU, naked?” I laughed at my joke stupidly and no one joined me. “I’m not… wait… Lincoln, did you?” Samir came over to me and leaned down as though he were going to kiss me. I pushed my puckered lips up to his face but instead he put his nose there and sniffed. “You’re high?!” He was pissed. I just kept my lips there and pumped them like a guppy waiting for a snack. “Please sir,” I said with a mock to Bren’s accent, “Please Kiss!” I laughed. Samir was not amused, but he stroked my cheek gently. “You will be punished when we get home,” he whispered into my ear after he leaned down to kiss my guppy lips. “Oh. I apologize sir. Completely my fault. He said you guys smoked up all the time.” Bren said in his subdued formal tone. “Bren!” Kamal barked. “You should have gotten permission from his owner before sharing with him. Not all lions are as permissive with their cubs.” “Sorry, sir,” Bren lowered his eyes and put on an expression like a scolded dog. “It’s ok, really,” Samir said but kept eyes on me that said otherwise. “Well a hot soak does sound nice,” Kamal said and I looked over to see him sliding off his shirt. He had a thick chest covered in dark hair. I felt my cock twitch under the water as Samir pet my hair. “Yeah, sure,” Samir said and stood to peel off his tight t-shirt. I watched as the two Arabs slid out of their clothes and turned to see Bren keep his eyes lowered as he waved his hands slowly through the water. “We busted,” I whispered to him and then laughed. “Yup,” he said with a slight edge to his voice like he thought he could get us out of it. The two men stood before us with equally ample cocks dangling between their legs. Samir crawled in and settled next to me. He lifted me up and floated me over to his lap. I laid back against his chest as he rubbed my abs. I started laughing as he hit my ticklish points and I felt his lips against my neck. “What did you give him?” Kamal laughed, “He’s down for the count.” “Some of the good hash from Amsterdam,” Bren responded quietly, looking to Kamal with bright eyes, as if waiting for some kind of approval. Kamal’s presence completely changed him from rugged alpha to someone eager to please, obedient. He was like the star athlete who does everything for his coach.”Good, it’s pure from the organic place,” Kamal said and then took pity on his cub. He reached for him and pulled Bren into his lap. He put his arms around him and kissed his cheek. Bren perked up instantly and smiled into Kamal’s kind eyes. “Sorry sir,” he said again. I watched this as I felt Samir’s finger push up against my hole. I squirmed on it. “How will I punish my wayward cub?” Kamal lipped at Bren’s chin and looked at him adoringly. “And what do you have to say for yourself?” Samir looked at me with stern eyes, expecting Bren’s repentant response from me. He slid his finger out of me and used two fingers to give a rough smack right on my hole. I yelped. It stings worse than you’d think. “I want cheetos. Do we have cheetos in this country?” I chewed my lip as I felt my stomach rumble. Samir’s disapproval exploded into laughter, “You better be glad you’re so fucking cute in this state. But I will redden that tight ass when we get home.” “So that’s a yes or a no on the cheetos? Is that not a thing here? I don’t think we finished with that topic and I’m concerned by your lack of urgency,” I said firmly. Samir responded by pushing me off of him and pinning me back against the side of the hot tub. He leaned in and kissed me, shoving his tongue into my waiting mouth. His chest pressed against mine as his arm slid under my back to steady me. His cock floated between my thighs and I felt it harden. He pulled his lips back from mine and growled at me in a low voice. “Yes to fuck for me please?” I did my best impression of Anders’ nordic accent and was rewarded with another laugh from Samir. “Not here and not while you’re all fucked up,” he said and leaned in to nibble on my cheek as he rubbed me with protective arms. “You won’t enjoy it either, but it will teach you not to break the rules. You’re too young for alcohol or d**gs. Your body isn’t finished developing yet. Lots of things can go wrong,” he whispered into my ear with a worried look. “I’m sorry, sir,” I said and lowered my eyes to his chest, understanding why he kept such tight control on me. “You will be when we get home,” he said softly and then kissed my cheek again. He gave one firm smack to my ass and then grabbed it forcefully.”Is your boy all right then?” Kamal called from behind me. I turned to see Bren tucked in under his arm looking quiet. “I think he will be. He’s just out of it like he was when he had a bad reaction to bee sting medication,” Samir said and I remembered fumbling around his naked body in the tub as he cleaned me when I was out of it from medication for the bee attack I’d endured. I was so fascinated by him then and even more so now. “Do you mind if I have a look? I’ve nursed Bren back a few times when he was doing more serious stuff and hiding it from me. It took heavy discipline to get him down to just marijuana. He was a wild cub for the longest time,” Kamal said matter-of-factly and gave a pat to Bren’s hair. “Sure,” Samir nodded, reluctant to let me go, and kissed my cheek. Samir cupped my ass and pushed me gently in Kamal’s direction. I moved unsteadily through the water to Kamal as he sat patiently, calm and relaxed and looking at me with a gentle affection. He grabbed my chin with a soft touch and moved my face this way and that, looking at my eyes.”Spell your name, pretty blonde boy.” He commanded a doctor’s affect. I chuckled a little, for no apparent reason, but complied.”L-I-N-C-O-L-N.” “Okay, good,” Kamal said. “Now spell it backwards.” I stared back into his deep, brown eyes. “L,” I began unsteadily. Everyone laughed. Kamal impulsively hugged me to his hair-covered chest, his fingers twined into my hair, and I felt my dick go rock hard. Not sure about etiquette, I arched my ass back slightly so that my erection didn’t press against him. “Poor little stoned boy. You’re fine, but perhaps no more hash for you tonight.”Bren was laughing, but looked a little guilt-ridden. “He said you two do it all the time!” Samir laughed. “No, we do not! Lincoln has never had d**gs.” Kamal looked at me, his face close to mine. I felt like a kitten being held by a bear. “Is that true, pretty blond boy? Did you lie to Bren?” I nodded. The kindness in Kamal’s eyes stayed there, but his tone grew stern. “Speak up boy.” “Yeah, I lied. I’m sorry.”Kamal let me go, and parked me solidly at his side. He had one boy under each arm. Bren felt vindicated, and breathed a sigh of relief. “Not so fast, habibi,” Kamal said. “You still should have asked permission of Samir. Apologize to him, properly.””Sorry, Sir,” Bren said, sounding genuinely remorseful. “It’s all right. My cub should not have deceived you.” Samir pulled himself up from the hot tub and sat on the edge, just his feet in the water. He breathed deeply as the cold air hit his body. His cock, totally soft, looked plump and full on top of his heavy balls. Kamal wasn’t satisfied. “Properly, little cub. Go to him and apologize as a cub does to a man.”Sheepishly, Bren waded through the water. He reached Samir, who loomed over him. “I’m sorry that I didn’t ask, Sir.” He kneeled in the water and put his forehead on Samir’s knee, and left it there. Samir put his hand on the back of Bren’s neck, and pulled him up. They looked into each other’s eyes, Samir’s hand firmly gripping Bren by the back of his hair, and I could feel a strange charge pass between them. Bren lowered his eyes, and caught sight of Samir’s ample cock. He trembled for a moment with excitement. Samir said nothing, but I felt sure that he was doing this in part for me, to teach me a lesson about the order of things.”Bren, why don’t you bring in a joint for Samir. I seem to recall he likes the Amsterdam hash. It’s the least we could do for your bad behavior,” Kamal said as he pulled me into his lap with a gentle, “Come, little one.” “Yes sir, if it pleases you,” Bren said and looked up at Samir with big eyes. “Sure, why not,” Samir laughed and looked over at me as Kamal steadied me on his thigh with an arm around me. Bren got out of the hot tub and traipsed through the open door to the patio without putting clothes on. His stubby little cock bounced a little as he passed me. Kamal put a hand to my cheek and turned me to face him. He had kind brown eyes and studied me intently. “He’s a strong boy, not as built as Bren, but then you always liked them a little smaller if I recall Caleb.” “Your nose,” I said and reached to touch his face. It was firm, not as wide as Samir’s but it fit his face and his squarer features. “Yes, little one?” he said with an amused smirk. “It’s smaller than Samir’s,” I remarked. “I love his nose. It fits just between my nuts when he has his tongue inside me. I like how it tickles them as he dives in and out of me. He’s the best, so amazing.” I felt myself babbling on but couldn’t stop. “His eyes look ok,” Kamal said to Samir and then he turned back to me, “Go on, little cub.” “He knows just how to make me feel so… perfect. Like it’s natural to have a guy’s tongue in my hole. Do you do that to Bren?” I asked boldly. “Yes I do. He likes it very much as I’m sure you do with Samir’s ample size,” Kamal said as his grin widened. “Oh Lincoln!,” Samir said behind me with embarrassment, “Do you want me to take him back? He tends to babble on inappropriately.” “No, he’s fine. He’s enjoying his buzz,” Kamal laughed. He steadied me with one arm behind me and a hand cupping my ass. His other arm was across my lap with his hand on my thigh. “He’s getting pretty hard over here talking about you. It is obvious his heart beats only for his lion,” Kamal laughed again as I traced a finger around his nose. “He is a hungry little hole,” Samir laughed. Bren came back through the door with the leather pouch where he kept his stash. He sat down beside Samir on the edge of the hot tub, dangling his feet into the water as Samir did. He lifted the joint to Samir’s mouth, and then proceeded to light it for him. They sat side by side, passing the joint back and forth while the conversation continued.They were an incredible contrast, I couldn’t help but stare thoughtfully as Kamal rubbed me and spoke. Bren was a muscled paragon of Australian manhood, but next to Samir he seemed only half a man. He was tan, but Samir was darker. He was handsome and smooth and muscled, but Samir was hairy and powerful. And while Samir’s dick lay proud, brown and heavy over his enormous balls, Bren’s little acorn jutted out over his much smaller balls like a bit of comic relief. Samir took a pull and then passed the joint back to him. As he handed back the joint, Samir put an arm around him and left it there, just like Kamal had one arm around me. The effect was nearly instant. Samir left his arm there, and within a few seconds Bren’s little acorn had sprouted into full wood. It was rock hard and jutted up six inches, a normal sized dick I would have said back in the day. Smaller than mine, but I was big. Yet even fully hard, Bren was smaller than Samir totally soft. Kamal saw the boner and laughed. “Ugh, look at you! Horny little devil. First you d**g his cub, and now you try to poke him with your little Australian prick?” Samir looked to Bren’s crotch and his face showed a deeply confused expression. The pot was beginning to take effect. He blinked at Bren’s dick, like he wasn’t sure what he was seeing, and then laughed.”I forgot how small they are, these white boys! My cub is a bull compared to this.””A bull, eh?” Kamal said, skeptical. “Show him, Lincoln. You shouldn’t stay in the hot water too long anyway.”I froze a little. “Um – I’m ok – ” I trailed off, and could feel myself blush. I’d been happy to show it off to Bren, but the weed made every feeling more intense. Suddenly, I felt strangely self-conscious.Kamal looked to Samir. “His modesty and sincerity – what a change from the last one! That outshines even the fact that he is far more beautiful than Caleb. Samir, you have grown up and learned judgment,” Kamal said, with total sincerity. Samir beamed. Now it was his turn to bask in a mentor’s approval.Kamal affectionately patted my head. “Here,

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