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Prof. Davis Drives It Home

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Another in my series of short stories.

Prof. Davis Drives it Home

“She’s exhausted.” Kyla said from the passenger seat of the rental car.

“Yeah,” I responded. “She’s out already. Poor thing. She was up all night. Every time that she drifted off, someone came in and woke her up to check on her. She’ll probably sleep all of the way home.”

“I feel so bad but it wasn’t really anyone’s fault, “Kyla explained. “It was just one of those things that happen.”

I guess it’s time to let you into our conversation.

I’m Professor Davis and I help with the cheer squad at the Junior College where I teach. I don’t coach them; I’m more of the equipment manager. Recently, I’ve had to get involved with a bit more than just the equipment bags though. These girls are college cheerleaders and they fully know what they’re doing. However, they can be very demanding. It all started with a spanking, and it just keeps getting more and more crazy each day.

Today I found myself driving Shawna home with Kyla as an escort. Shawna is a flyer on the college cheer squad. Last night at practice in preparation for today’s game, Shawna got hurt. One of the base girls lost her grip on Shawna’s left shoe as they were posting her up into the stunt. The girls holding her right shoe held firm so Shawna lost her balance when her left foot came free. This resulted in the base girls collapsing to the ground in a heap. Now this would usually give the flyer something softer than the track to land upon. In this case, however, tiny little Shawna became, well…literally a flyer.

Shawna was catapulted a good five to six feet backwards, flailing her arms in the air. Her right arm landed weird and her forearm snapped in half. It was a disgusting sound to hear. Luckily for the observers around, the bone didn’t penetrate through the skin, but you could clearly see that it had broken.

The rest of the night was spent in the emergency room where she was poked and prodded all night long. This morning it was determined as a better choice to just take her home for the required surgery. She was splinted and wrapped tight and we rented a car to drive back to town. The cheer coach would stay with the team and I would drive Shawna home. When it was suggested that Kyla go along, you should have seen the smile she sent my way. I was going to have to be careful.

So that brings us back to Kyla’s comment about Shawna being asleep in the back seat. I had just agreed that she escort ankara was probably out for the trip.

Kyla was wearing her cheer warm-up suit. She leaned over and glanced back to check on Shawna who was sprawled out across the back seat. Then she looked back to me and smiled.

“Blowjob, then?” she whispered with an evil grin.

“Shhhh!” I reprimanded her, though I had to take my hand from the wheel to adjust my suddenly thickening cock in my shorts.

A soft snore came from the back of the car.

“See, she’s asleep!” Kyla whispered. “C’mon, I can see that you want it.”

I reached over and adjusted the rearview mirror to see Shawna. She looked like she was deep asleep. I squeezed my cock again but still shook my head in the negative. It just wasn’t worth it.

“Fine then,” Kyla said in a huff. “I’ll just take care of myself.”

This girl has no modesty whatsoever. In seconds she had her left leg out of her warmups and had slid her jacket and shirt up and over her breasts. She started tweaking and pinching her nipples lightly. My cock was now threatening to bust through the fabric of my athletic shorts.

In short time, Kyla moved her right hand between her legs and started rubbing. She looked over at me and gave me a heavy-lidded smile. She slid her fingers inside of her pussy lips and went deep, sucking in her breath as she did so. She pulled her fingers out and showed me how wet they were. She reached over and rubbed her slick juice all around her left nipple. When she pulled it away it left a long string of her pussy juice in the air for a second.

“Eyes on the road,” she warned. I had to force myself back to focusing on driving, even though the roads were pretty deserted at this point.

Kyla rubbed and tweaked, pinched and pulled for about fifteen minutes until she finally got serious. Soon she used her left hand on her throbbing clit and her right hand to pinch her right nipple.

She was softly moaning with an increased intensity. Finally she growled, “Hurry…squeeze my titty! Now!”

I had completely forgotten our friend in the backseat as I awkwardly reached over with my right hand to squeeze her left nipple.

Kyla groaned, “That’s it. That’s it! Harder!” Then she came hard, shaking in her seat. Her thighs were spread wide as she could one second, and then she scooted downward and clamped them shut in the next. She leaned forward a bit and pressed her hand harder down on her clit and shook escort etlik all over.

When she finally relaxed, she looked over at me with a lop-sided grin. Her top slid back down over her breasts as she leaned over toward me.

“Blowjob now?” she asked.

“Hell, yeah!” I added.

I lifted my hips as Kyla reached over and slid my athletic shorts to my knees. In seconds, all I could see was her head bobbing up and down, but it’s what I felt that was the best feeling in the world. Kyla milked, licked, and sucked my cock into a rod of hot steel. I was so hard I thought I would burst.

I didn’t warn her because I was caught up in the moment. I just suddenly shot off. I shot my load into her mouth and throat and she held it in. I could actually feel her swallow since her neck was resting on my right thigh.

“Mmmmmmm,” I moaned.

“Mmmmmmm,” we heard coming from the back seat.

Kyla froze with my cock still in her hot little mouth.

“Kyla,” we heard Shawna say from the backseat. “Did he just cum in your mouth? That is soooo sexy.”

Kyla lifted her head from my cock and rose up. She looked at me as she settled back into her seat. She had to wipe her hand across her mouth to clean up my juice.

“Hey,” she said softly to Shawna, “you feeling better?”

“No!” Shawna said frustrated. “I feel like crap. My arm is throbbing, and now because of you two, I’m horny!”

We both laughed nervously at that. Kyla said, “Shawna, ummmm. About what just happened…”

“It’s a little too late for excuses now, don’t ya think?” Shawna asked. “Besides, I can smell your pussy from back here. Hell, the windows are starting to steam up!”

“Shawna,” I began. “Umm, this isn’t what you’re thinking.”

“I’m thinking I want some of that cock,” Shawna replied. “That’s what I’m thinking right now, Professor Davis. Have you guys fucked?”

“No, of course not!” I said quickly. “Shawna, listen I could get into a lot of trouble here and…”

Shawna interrupted me, “Can we fuck too? Can we stop somewhere and do it really quick?”

I adjusted the rear view mirror so I could see Shawna. Her eyes were wide open and she was splayed out all over the back seat. Her left hand was rubbing furiously between the legs of her cheer warm-ups. Her right arm was wrapped in thick bandages.

“Kyla,” Shawna moaned. “Make him do it…I really need it.”

Kyla leaned over and pulled Shawna’s hand away from where escort demetevler she was trying to push it down into her pants to touch herself.

“Shawna, just go back to sleep,” Kyla told her.

“I will sleep. I just need to cum first,” she mumbled. “You know how it is. Kyla make him stop somewhere and fuck me.”

Kyla looked over at me and shrugged. “You might as well pull over and fuck her.”

“What?” I exclaimed.

“It’ll probably help her sleep,” she said in an almost motherly tone.

“Are you fucking kidding me?” I asked in disbelief. “I can’t!”

Kyla shushed me. “Just pull over and I’ll drive for awhile.”

“I’m getting naked!” Shawna called from the back seat. “You’d better hurry and pull over.”

Damn it. Yes, pull over. Pull into a gas station. Get some coffee. Put both girls in the back and just drive your ass home before you get pulled over, fired, and find yourself in the local paper.

Five minutes later, we’ve pulled off about a hundred yards on a dirt road. I’m scrunched down as low as I can go in the backseat with Shawna’s tits bouncing in my face.

“Suck em!” Shawna orders me. She’s got both arms around me and resting on the back seat as she slowly slides herself down on my hard cock.

“Holy fuck!” She moans as she settles herself down with my cock impaled inside of her.

I can faintly smell the antispectic or whatever it was they put on her arm under the bandages as she balances herself against me.

“I think we’re safe here for a bit,” Kyla says from the driver’s seat. “I’ll take off if someone’s coming.”

“No…need….” Shawna moans as she rocks herself on my cock. “It will be me coming in a minute.”

Shawna is rocking on me like she’s riding a horse. Each time she rocks backward, she rises up just enough for the base of my cock to rub hard against her clit. Each time she rocks forward, she sinks down low again.

“How’s your arm?” I ask. “Are you hurting it?”

“Nooo, unngh!” She moans. “Doesn’t…hurt….at…all….”

She gives me a rapid-fire thrust back and forth and she freezes up as she comes. Her whole little body spasms on top of mine as she has an intense orgasm. She collapses against me and then slowly eases off of me, sliding over into the seat.

“Thanks,” she murmurs. “I can sleep now.”

I sit there in amazement. My shorts are at my ankles and my cock is still hard and sticking straight up. It’s still coated with Shawna’s juice.

Kyla turns and meets my eyes. I nod.

A few seconds later, she’s crawled over the backseat and is reaching down between us to guide my cock into her pussy.

The car smells like a whorehouse on Saturday night.

Oh well.

It’s a rental.

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