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Big Dick

Subject: Queen Mary Bell Boys Queen Mary Bell-boys by badboi666 =============================================================================== If sex with boys isn’t your thing, go away. If, as is much more likely, you’ve come to this site precisely to get your rocks off reading about sex with 14-year-olds then make yourself comfortable – you’re in the right place. Don’t leave, however, without doing this: Donate to Nifty – these buggers may do it for love but they still have to eat. fty/donate.html =============================================================================== Chapter 28 Unlike Slim, who had had no hesitation about telling Sir what he wanted to do with me last week, Hank had been too embarrassed to spell out his requirement. It ‘s not as if being pissed on was all that unusual, especially if we were talking about paying for sex. “I want you to piss on me,” Hank had said. I explained that Sir’s boys were trained to be nice and clean before visiting a client, but that if special needs were to be catered for, then a full bladder could be arranged. By the nature of things, however, a certain amount of time was needed. “I tell you what I can do, Hank,” I said. “I will go away and come back in about half an hour. I will drink a lot of water and when I come back we can play properly.” “I have a better idea,” said Hank, “I’ve plenty of fruit juice in my fridge – why don’t you drink all that while we fool around for a while, then you can see what happen later.” This seemed fair. “OK,” I said, “lead me to it.” “You’re OK with piss then?” “Oh yes, I love it. You can piss on me, or in me if you want, and when my bladder’s full I’ll piss wherever you want.” Hank smiled. “That’ll be worth waiting for.” Hank opened the fridge and inside were several bottles of orange juice and a big bottle of water. I downed two bottles of juice and started on the water. “This’ll take half an hour to work through – what would you like to do while it’s cooking?” “I want to fuck your pretty little ass.” That was fine by me. “How do you want me?” “All in good time, Patrick. Stand up.” I put the water down and stood by the bed. I don’t remember how heavy I was back then – around 7 stone, I suppose, but Hank was able to pick me up without any effort. He turned me upside down and held my by the hips facing him, with my arse – ass, as far as he was concerned – by his face. His cock wasn’t quite in reach of my mouth, but it was tantalisingly close. I put my arms round his waist and my legs either side of his head and waited to see what he would do next. I felt his tongue exploring my crack, displayed open and waiting, right in front of his eyes. This was a new one – I’d been rimmed plenty of times, but never upside down. It was certainly different, and I found it strangely erotic; it must have been the blood rushing to my head. He lapped happily, his tongue getting a little way into me. I decided I could stay in position with only one hand round his waist, so I used the other to stroke his balls and run my fingers the length of his cock. I didn’t want to make him come though, believing that his plan was to fuck me at some point. He put his lips on my arsehole and sucked. This was another new feeling. “That’s so nice,” I said, “you’re making me hot for you.” He started to lick my crack vigorously, but while it might have been great for him it wasn’t doing anything fir me – I wanted something up me, and I didn’t really mind right then whether it was his tongue, his fingers or his cock. “Put your fingers in me,” I murmured, “my ass needs to feel you in there.” He turned to the bed and laid me on it. I was on my back, so I pulled my knees up and got them up by my ears. My arse was now completely open, defenceless, vulnerable. Just the sort of sight a client wants to see, especially an arse as invitingly beautiful as a Mulloy one. I made it wink at him. He was in there in a flash, three fingers stretching me delightfully. I sighed happily. “Mmmm! that’s nice, Hank, you can play in there as long as … ” He had found my prostate and speech was becoming difficult. “Urgh, urgh, urgh” as he rubbed it, then “oooooh! fuck!” as my cock spewed out the cum he’d conjured from me, four good jets up near my chin. “Very nice, Patrick, you’re a big boy, aren’t you,” and Hank bent his lips to scoop up as much of my silvery offering as he could. When he’d swallowed it all I pointed out that there was probably more to be had on my cock. When that was all cleaned off I felt I ought to return the compliment, so I took his cock into my mouth. “Not yet,” he said. This was odd, but as he was paying I stopped sucking and waited for instructions. It was time for another large swig of water. Fifteen minutes ought to do it. “I want to fuck you,” he said after a minute, but I want to do it in the bathroom. “Is that because you want a ataköy escort pissfuck?” “Yes.” “Good, I haven’t had one for days. I’ll be ready to piss on you in 15 minutes, I think.” Hank was content to wait, so we lay side by side on the bed, gently stroking each other’s cock. It was as good a way of earning one’s living as another. When you do what we six did you don’t spend much time lying stroking the client’s cock, as I was doing then. It’s usually buried inside you somewhere. While that’s nice for the most part, it’s also nice just to spend a few minutes being gentle, especially if you’re having your cock stroked as well. Ten minutes passed. “I think I’m getting near to having to piss,” said Hank, “come on,” and he got up, took me by the hand (how romantic, I thought) and led me into the shower area. I was familiar with the layout which I would discover was the same throughout most of the ship. Only the expensive suites had proper bathrooms. “How long till you’re ready?” he asked. “I could piss now, but I think it’s much better if I’m damn nearly busting, then it goes a lot harder.” Hank grinned, “I like the sound of that. OK, I’ll piss first and you holler when you can’t hold it any longer.” I knelt down with my head and shoulders on the shower floor and my arse enticingly ready to be filled. Hank bent down behind me and gave my arse the kind of attention it craved from his fingers. “Don’t make me cum again – well, not yet anyway. After I’ve pissed,” I said. I felt the tip of Hank’s cock – cut, of course, poor bugger – as it teased my arse lips. I pushed out a bit and he pushed in and … he was all the way in. He wasn’t huge – 7 inches maybe – but it was a lot thicker than most. It would stretch me sideways, and if you’ve ever been pissfucked you’ll know that sideways is important. He fucked me – not hard, but deep – for a couple of minutes, then he pushed right in, put his arms round my chest and held on. A picture of two frogs fucking slipped into my mind … and slipped out again as I felt the hot stream of Yankee piss invade my guts. This is when having a fat cock pissing up your arse is so much better. Your arse can only hold so much piss, and the weakest part of what’s holding it in there is your arse lips. And that’s a bloody good thing, or the piss would burst out into you and you’d have a real job explaining that to the surgeon when he opened you up. “Why, boy, I do declare, your intestines are swimming in piss!” No, when the pressure gets too great it starts leaking out where it went in. If the guy’s fat the piss stays in longer, and when it comes out it doesn’t just trickle – believe me, it doesn’t. A wise whore will always try to face the shower door when being pissfucked. That way the mess stays where it’s best. What was really nice was that Hank had a really full bladder. That meant that he was still filling me up while the piss was flying out of my arse all over his belly, his balls and his legs. He was ooohing with great gusto, so I reckoned he was getting his money’s worth. Needless to say I was thoroughly enjoying it too. While he was still pissing he pulled his cock almost all the way out. I felt hot piss jetting onto bits of my insides that hadn’t been in the direct line of fire before – a new sensation. Then, without any warning, his cock still pouring piss into me, he rammed it in really hard. I cried out, in surprise more than anything else, a gallon of piss flew out of me, hit the wall of the shower and drenched my back. Lovely, I thought, I like this guy. This guy’s cock finally finished pissing. It then started fucking in an arse still full of piss. Each time he pushed in another load of piss pistoned out. After half a dozen thrusts the piss had pretty much gone and Hank got on with the serious business of filling my arse with jizz instead. This he did after a couple more minutes. “Oh God, kid, take it! take it!” I was happy to do so. As soon as his cock had dribbled its last he whipped it out. “You must be ready to piss now,” he muttered. I nodded. “Get up then and piss on me.” He knelt down. “All over.” I stood in front of him and took ‘all over’ to mean just that. I pissed on his head, his face, his chest, his cock. Then he opened his mouth. I obliged, completing the task therein. He swallowed it all, while his hands rubbed the piss with which I’d covered him into his bronzed skin. “Mmmm! that’s great, kid,” he said. “I loved it, Hank,” I said – which was true – “I wish we’d met earlier.” “You’d better shower,” he said, leaving me in the cubicle while he sat on a towel outside. I didn’t take long as I was planning a proper shower when I got back to the cabin, so all I did was wash enough of the smell off so that I could get back without attracting attention. I dried myself and put my clothes back on. Hank, merter escort still wet with piss, held out his hand. “Thank you, Patrick, you are one sexy boy,” and he gave me $25. I felt that this deserved a kiss, even if I did get slightly pissy. Two down. When I got back to the cabin it was just after 1600. There was no-one around so I went for a proper shower. When I got back 15 minutes later Tim was there. “I thought you’d want to hear about Gus,” he said, “so I waited for you.” “Thanks. My client wanted piss but the silly sod never told Sir. That’s why I had a really good shower.” “Lucky you,” said Tim. I agreed. “It was good – he did things no-one’s done to me before. But what about Charlie?” “I envy you,” he said quietly, “your boyfriend is the sexiest boy I know. He loved every moment of it with Gus. Gus fucked him twice, the first time hard and fast like you asked and the second time for a good 15 minutes, and Charlie was so loving all of it. He’s going to wear you out, you know.” I laughed. “Yeah, and when I’m shagged out I’ll set him onto you.” It was Tim’s turn to laugh. “No, I mean it. Charlie’s as keen on sex as we are, and he’s only been at it – what? 10 days?” I nodded. “Well then,” went on Tim, “if you and he really are going to get it on together – and I hope you do, by the way, ‘cos I love you both – you’ll be making sparks every night.” I could hardly wait. “I hope so,” I said, “I really do love him, and it’s completely different from how I love you. I can do both, you know – you’re not pushed out.” “I know, you silly sod,” said Tim, “I feel the same.” I looked him in the eyes, and he looked straight back at me. “Sam?” He nodded. “Does he know?” He nodded again. “And does he … ?” He nodded again. I hugged him. “Oh Tim,” and tears began to flow again. Why do we weep when we’re really, really happy? Looking back on those days now, from nearly 82 years later, it’s astonishing how important those first two Atlantic crossings were in both – all – our lives. Tim and I had left Southampton as twins, devoted to each other and uncaring about anybody else. Before we got back to Southampton less than two weeks later we had each met the man with whom we’d spend the rest of our lives – in Charlie’s and my case for over 80 years. Tim and Sam weren’t together for as long, but – well, that’s another story. We pulled ourselves together. A gentle kiss said it all. Well, almost all. “Tell Sam I’m really pleased,” I said, “and that he’s just right for you. You always liked the biggest cocks going.” The punch I received was welcome – the awkwardness of yesterday was forgotten. It was time to eat, and after the energetic goings-on I was starving. I needed to stoke up for an energetic night too. When we came off duty at 1945 Sir’s six met in our cabin. We quickly relieved ourselves of our clothing. Alan told us about the 2-hour piss session he and Sam had had that afternoon. “It was great,” he said, “because there were two of them there and they both had the biggest bladders imaginable. They had a suite and they’d put some kind of sheet down in the bathroom, which was about twice the size of this cabin. The older one – he was about 50, a fat American called Don – pissed on Sam and me as soon as we got our clothes off, but he managed to stop after about 15 seconds. Then the younger one, Todd, a really sexy slim black guy who can’t have been more than about 18, aimed the biggest cock I’ve ever seen at us.” Sam grinned and continued, “he slapped my face with it and sad ‘open, boy’, so I did and I got the taste of him – spicy, nothing like any cock I’ve tasted before – then he started to piss. ‘Swallow it, boy’, said Don, so I did my best, but a lot of it went down my chest. Then suddenly Todd took his cock out, drenching my face, and Alan had to take it.” “I managed to swallow it for the first gallon, but when it just went on gushing out I couldn’t take any more, and it ran down me. Sam and I worked out afterwards that Todd must have pissed for at least a minute and a half without stopping.” “Then they each started to drink fruit juice,” said Sam, “while we just stayed in the bathroom with piss cooling on us. I said I needed to piss, because we’d been told to have full bladders. ‘Good’, said Don, ‘you’ll piss on Todd’. Todd put his drink down, having swallowed at least a pint, and knelt on the sheet. ‘Get pissin’, kids,’ he said.” I could see that Peter and Charlie were taking all this in with great interest. “Go on, Alan, what happened?” asked Tim. “Well, we did what Don wanted. I was behind Todd and Sam was in front. We aimed our cocks at his head and let go. Todd swallowed Sam’s until he reached forward and aimed Sam’s cock lower down. ‘On my cock,’ he said. I pissed down his back and then Todd moved slightly so I could aim right bahçeşehir escort at his arsehole. Suddenly Don said ‘stop’. It isn’t that easy, but we both managed. ‘Now the difficult bit,’ said Don. ‘Sam’s got the bigger cock, so he’s to piss up Todd’s arse – put it right in’, and Alan – do you know what docking is?’ I didn’t, but he told me. Todd and I pulled our foreskins back, I put my cockhead up against Todd’s, then he rolls his foreskin forward over both our cocks – I tell you, it’s incredibly hot.” “Then what?” from Charlie, of all people. “I piss. Todd’s foreskin balloons out to about the size of an apple then the piss bursts out and splashes over us both. ‘Do it again,’ said Todd, so I did.” “Wait a minute,” said Sam, “you haven’t told them that my cock was up his arse by then and I was pissing for all I was worth.” The picture was an intriguing one. Sam was pissing up Todd’s arse, Alan was docked, and pissing into Todd’s foreskin. “Then I felt Don pissing on my back,” said Alan, “and he kept it up for at least a minute. Then, when my bladder was empty, Todd said ‘hold on, boy,’ and he started pissing into his foreskin balloon.” Sam said, “I couldn’t see any of this, worse luck, because my cock was still up Todd’s arse. Don said to Todd ‘finished?’ and Todd nodded. ‘Fuck him, Sam,’ he said, ‘fuck him hard and fill his gorgeous black ass with white boy jizz,’ so I grabbed Todd by the hips and went at him as hard as I could. I fired the white boy jizz – I take it that’s what Americans call spunk? – right up his gorgeous black ass. I wish I could’ve lasted longer, but I was so horny what with the piss and everything that I shot up him in about a minute.” Silence fell as the six of us contemplated what we had just heard. Two of them had been there; two of us were experienced piss-hounds who wished we had been there; two of us were unused to piss, but from Peter’s and Charlie’s faces it would not be a situation in which they would be unhappy to find themselves at some future time. I made a mental note to advise Sir that all six of us were willing to play piss games … no, not willing, keen. “So what happened then,” asked Tim, “that can’t have taken two hours.” “We all showered, then Don and Alan got into a cuddle, and Todd and I did,” said Sam. “What Sam means is that for the next hour we were paired off sucking and being sucked. I came twice in Don’s mouth and he came all over my chest. He didn’t show any interest in fucking me or being fucked – it was all mouth with Don.” “Todd and I 69ed for a while, just gentle sucking. After a while I moved and we kissed – he was a good kisser – and I whispered that I wanted him to fuck me. ‘I love a big cock,’ I said, ‘and yours is the biggest I’ve seen. Will you fuck me?’ Todd nodded. He turned onto his back and I knelt over him. In it went, very slowly. It was unbelievable. If I’d yawned you’d have seen his cockhead, I swear.” Alan said, “I watched. It was the sexiest slow fuck I’ve ever seen. Todd ploughed him for at least 20 minutes and all the time Sam was mewing like a fucking kitten. At last Todd growled something like ‘I’m jizzing’ and sparks came out of his ears. Well, not quite, just steam.” Sam went on, “I’d come a few minutes earlier, but with bloody nearly a foot up me I was hard again soon after. Todd’s cum shot out like a high-pressure hose, and it felt like at least 7 or 8 hard squirts. ‘Boy these niggers jizz, don’t they, Sam?’ said Don. Todd grinned, ‘you bet, massa.’ I’ve not come across Americans and their black and white stuff before, but these two certainly got on together all right. They’re a funny lot.” I wondered how much of this would reach Sir’s ears tomorrow. Tim, lying next to Sam, reached out to stroke Sam’s soft cock. “I’m very proud of you,” he whispered to it. We all fell about laughing. “Are you telling us about your session, Tim?” said Alan. Tim declined to do so, saying that all the details would be made known at 0915 tomorrow. He can be very annoying sometimes. Charlie whispered in my ear, “it’s worth waiting for, I promise,” and with that we had to be content. It was now 2045. Phil would arrive soon after 2200. No doubt Tim and Sam would sleep together next door, and this time without Tim feeling he was being banished. Alan and Peter – well, their situation was fluid. I had no idea about how they felt for each other beyond the obvious friendship we all had as part of a team, and a special team at that. It wasn’t my business. But with Roger’s bed vacant Alan could sleep there if it suited everybody. “Come on, Charlie,” I said, “time to get ready for bed,” and the two of us went for a shower. =============================================================================== The fun continues in Chapter 29 as the long day continues. The story is, of course, fiction, but the photographs in Queen Mary 2 are real. I saw them while making a transatlantic crossing a few months ago, and the boy I describe as “me” is really cute. I’m sure he had adventures … Drop me a line at net – that is after you’ve dropped a few quid. ===============================================================================

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