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I woke up at about 6am my cock was rock hard and throbbing. My bladder full and I was in desperate need of a pee. I jumped out of the warm bed and off to the toilet. As all men would know, it’s almost impossible to piss with a fat but I eventually managed to relieve myself and didn’t spray too much around the toilet lol.

I returned to the bedroom. The room smelt like sex, that musky sensual smell of combined sexual fluids. My thoughts turned to last nights carnal activities and as I played them over again in my mind my hard on returned with a vengeance.

Rachael & I had met yesterday in the legends bar at the footy. We were both pretty happy as we had been celebrating our teams victory with some cold drinks. One thing led to another and 5 hours later we found ourselves in my bed. We fucked 3 times that evening and had managed to get a few hours sleep before I was woken by my bladder.

Rache was still asleep when I slipped back under the covers. Although my mind was now awake and I was feeling extremely horny. I cuddled up to her but she was dead to the world. I ran my hand along her thigh and up toward her pussy. She rolled over onto her back and opened her legs a little. I wasn’t sure now weather I had woken her up or not but she continued to breath deeply so I though that she was still asleep.

I thought I would wake her up with a treat, so I ferreted down under the doona and nuzzled my way down toward her pussy. My cheek brushed her pubic hair which had been shaved into a landing escort ankara strip. A couple of rough tufts’ of cum encrusted pubes scratched my cheek as I worked my way down toward her labia. I took a deep sniff of her scent and my nose was filled with the pungent musky arousing smell of our earlier sex. I pointed my tongue and gently licked her lips which were together covering her vagina. I gently worked them apart with my tongue separating them and revealing her inner lips. I then moved to lay down between her legs so that I could tongue her properly. I started at the soft section just below her pussy and started by licking up in a gentle movement. I flicked the tip of my tongue around as I went as it dove deeply into her canal, then back out as my mouth moved up toward her clit. I teased it with a quick but very light lick just with the tip of my tongue.

Rache moaned and shifted her hips I was sure that she was awake now.

I then traced back down and sucked her left flap, which was now engorged, into my mouth. I rolled it around inside then sucked and licked as I gently pulled back with my head. I let it go and repeated the action with her right flap. It was about this time that she spread her legs wide and wrapped them around my neck. She used her feet to pull me back in toward her honey pot.

I took my queue, pointed my tongue and started to tongue fuck her pussy. I then moved back up to her clit and started working on that. It was hard, ripe and swollen and would no doubt escort etlik enjoying the attention I was about to give it. Using my tongue I spread her lips and zoned in on her bud, I darted around it, rolled it around with my tongue, I kissed it and caressed it all the while knowing that Rache was building toward her climax.

I sucked her hood into my mouth and using a little suction exposed her button to my tongue. I lashed at it in soft but firm strokes then varied them with a different action. Soon, Rache was grinding her pelvis into my mouth, hard. My lips were crushed against her pubic bone and I knew that they would end up a little swollen. I had to be careful that I didn’t hit my teeth into her soft folds of flesh.

I then started to finger her at the same time as working her clit. Her pussy was dripping both from our play last night and from the lubrication now being produced. I then pulled back teasingly and stopped tonguing her clit. But I curled my fingers up inside her and started to rub her g-spot. I increased the tempo and pressure and her pussy was squelching from the hard fingering she was getting. She rolled her pelvis up which gave me a better angle to massage her g-spot.

I lifted the doona cover to get some cool air and I could see that her pussy was gushing with juices running down between her core and over her arse hole.

I then returned to her clit and sucked it hard into my mouth. I concentrated all my energy on that clit and before long escort demetevler Rachael’s body began bucking and riding my face as her climax washed over her. She clamped her legs around my head and held me away from her now sensitive clit.

It was my turn now, so I rolled her over onto her tummy she spread her legs and lifted her bum up for me. My cock was straining and hard as a rock. I pushed between her flaps and was balls deep into her incredibly wet fuck hole. I fucked into her a few times and then she said, baby fuck my arse please.

Now personally, I am a pussy man, but being a gentleman how could I refuse a lady a request like that.

So I withdrew, my cock wet and dripping from our cum and positioned my head at her arse. I gently pushed easing my way inside her. Then after she had relaxed a little I started to hump her, slowly at first then gradually I increased my pace.

My cock was on fire with her tightness.

She then reached down between her legs and inserted 2 fingers into her pussy and started to finger fuck herself. I could feel her knuckles through the membrane separating her pussy from my pounding shaft. My orgasm was fast approaching, so I grabbed her hair with one hand and her hip with the other and rode her hard and fast.

A few more pumps and I was there, my sperm rushing forcefully as it ejaculated from my cock and blasted a hot white load deep into her body. Rachel came again a few seconds later and I could feel her contractions as her arse milked me of any remaining semen.

We collapsed in a sweaty heap and slept for another hour before fucking again.

I never saw Rache again after that day of lust, but I can tell you that was the best fuck of my life and I will remember it always.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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