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Subject: Raising Boys 36 Thanks for all your responses to this story. Comments, questions or even criticism are always welcome at hoo Please remember that Nifty needs our donations to continue to provide these wonderful fty/donate.html RAISING BOYS 36 Stewart and Kurt arrived long before we expected them back. I left the hot tub, wrapped a towel around my waist and joined them in the kitchen. Kurt looked sad and Stewart had a grim expression. I knew the visit had not gone well. I grabbed a beer and handed one to Stewart. I offered Kurt something and he took a soda. “I’ve really never been much of a drinker,” he said. “I don’t think I’ll be having any more alcohol for a long time,” he chuckled. I was glad to see he still had a little bit of a sense of humor. “How was Meghan?” I asked. “Her condition is better,” Kurt said. “She is conscious and alert. We didn’t really get to spend much time there. We had only been there about ten minutes when her mother and Reverend Fee came in ordering both of us to leave. He started making a lot of noise so we just decided to leave quietly. ” “Reverend Fee was saying some pretty vile things that Kurt didn’t want his daughter to hear,” Stewart said. That man is ugly and, unfortunately Kurt’s wife is right up h is ass. We think one of the nurses called them when we showed up.” “Fee lives in a glass house,” I said. “Apparently he was never taught the danger of throwing rocks.” “There’s something you should know, Rob,” Kurt said. “I told Stewart as we were leaving the hospital. Mine wasn’t just a simple adultery. My indiscretion was with a male co-worker, not a female. The guy was a young guy who had just gotten married. He felt guilty and confessed it to his wife. She spread it like wildfire and someone ended up calling my wife. I have admitted to my wife that I had a couple of previous indiscretions but that I had never, ever done anything to put her at risk. I’ve done stuff only three times in the fifteen years we’ve been married. None of them were serious. It is like a tension that builds in me to the point I feel like I’ll go crazy if I don’t have sex with a guy.” I hugged Kurt. “Kurt,” I said, “you need to know that we don’t label people or activities in this house. Sure, you fucked up and you got caught. Please know that it could not possibly matter to any of us if you were with a man or a woman. It just isn’t important. We believe in and we practice unconditional love around here.” Rob,” Stewart said, “it really got ugly the minute Fee and Kurt’s wife arrived. Meghan was sleeping when Fee walked in and asked what the faggot and his fag preacher were doing in the room. From there it went downhill. He and the wife threatened us with being forcibly removed. It was ugly, especially when his wife called him a disgusting homo as we left.” “I’m glad you two were able to keep your cool. I think maybe we need to call Michael in the morning to discuss exactly what Kurt’s rights may be.” “I think that’s a great idea,” Stewart said. “Kurt, Michael already has a handle on Fee and knows how dirty he is. Is that an agreeable plan to you?” “Absolutely,” Kurt said. “I think you know how much I trust you, Pastor. Rob, we don’t know each other but I hope to get to know you and your family. I so appreciate the kindness you have already shown to me. I hope I can somehow repay this.” We shared a three-way hug. I went to ask Coach how long until dinner and he said about twenty minutes. I asked Stewart and Kurt if they would like a few in the hot tub before we ate. They were agreeable and Kurt asked if we might have a swimsuit he could borrow. I told him that unless we had a sudden, unexpected visit from the First Lady he would never need a swimsuit around here. We all chuckled and it was the first smile I had seen from this guy. I took clothes from Kurt and Stewart and took them upstairs as they got into the tub. I joined them when I got back downstairs. Jack and Coach left us to check on dinner. I had decided we would have dinner on the patio, knowing these warm days would soon come to an end. I had noticed Kurt checking out Coach and Jack when they left the hot tub. I realized he had suppressed his own nature for so long and how very difficult that must be, As we chatted, he revealed that he had attended Liberty University at his parent’s insistence. That is where he had met his wife. He was never happy at the school but his dad had been a very authoritarian type and his mom was subservient. “Yeah, I would have gone anywhere else, but dad insisted and he was paying the bills,” Kurt said. “It was strictly forbidden for a black student to date a white student, although there were barely enough black kids there to field a basketball team. Dr. Falwell said there were no homosexuals on campus as any activity like that was strictly forbidden.” “Yeah, I bet,” said Stew. “I wouldn’t be surprised if old Falwell wasn’t sucking some dick in the showers himself.” Kurt looked surprised to hear these words come out of Stewart’s mouth, but it seemed to put him immediately at ease. “Hope you won’t be shocked, Kurt,” Stewart said, “but we’ve decided to be honest with each other around here. Flynn and I actually moved in here with Rob and his boys so that another family could live in our house after the storm. His family now has another house, but Flynn and I have been very happy here and have no plans to leave.” He pulled me close and put his arm around me. I think Kurt was pleasantly surprised. I think he was beginning to understand the reality here that he wouldn’t be judged for what he liked in the bedroom or who he really is. If his parents had forced him to attend that right wing school, it wasn’t a stretch to think they probably pushed him into marriage, recognizing that he might have some tastes they would not approve of. I was fearful that my brother-in-law had been forced into the same type of situation, but his seemed to be working, at least for now. It broke my heart to think of poor Joe being put through something like this. I went in to collect plates, silverware, and napkins for the table and the phone rang. It was Samantha. She said Dr. Goldman’s office had called to schedule Casper’s follow-up appointment. She said Casper had requested I accompany him to the appointment. She apologized for the imposition, but said he would really like it if I might. I assured her I looked forward to any opportunity to see her handsome son. I told her that I was intending to get to the office t introduce Gil to Dr. G. anyway so we could take that opportunity to kill two birds with one appointment. “Gil is here with me,” she said. “We’re having dinner. I’ll give him the phone.” “Hey, buddy,” Gil said. He sounded better than he had in a while. “How’s everything going? I told him things were good for the most part. We discussed Casper’s appointment and he said he would love to go with us. I told him I would call the office and buzz him in the morning. “You and Sam behave yourselves,” I said. “Ummm, that wouldn’t be much fun,” he said. We signed off. I went back t the patio and got into the tub to wait for Coach. I was pleased to find the boys had joined the group. Ren was sitting in Stewart’s lap and Kurt had one of the younger boys on each knee. I was glad to see that Kurt was relaxing a bit and seeming to put the ugliness in his own life away for at least a while. He seemed to enjoy have the boys wiggling all over him and we were all laughing and enjoying each other. The little ones told Kurt all about their teacher and their swim team. Both boys told him about their silver medals and Ren’s gold medals and promised to show them to him later. Kurt and Ren discussed his classes, his participation on the swim team, and his plan to wrestle during the winter season. Kurt said he had wrestled during high school, but that there was not a team at the college he attended. I figured all those college boys running around in tight singlets would have given Miss Falwell the vapors. Kurt seemed to enjoy his work with NASA, although he said he would much have preferred becoming a teacher. Again, his parents had influenced his career choice. He said his wife had never worked but that she volunteered four days a week at the church. Stewart shot me an eye roll on that one. Coach came out to announce that dinner was ready. Everything was on the table. It was an eggplant lasagna and it was delicious. He had outdone himself with the salad. It was truly a delicious dinner and we all enjoyed it. Stewart, Coach and I enjoyed a couple of glasses of a nice red wine with our meal, but Kurt again abstained. After dinner, Stewart surprised us with a strawberry cake from Ed’s Bakery. It was one of my favorites. When he put it on the table I pulled him in and he gave me a nice kiss on the lips. Kurt saw it and just smiled. The boys and Coach invited us to the guest house for a game of Scrabble, but Stewart and I declined. Ren said he was eager to read another chapter in the book Stewart had given him so he declined. Kurt accepted the offer and I wondered if there might be more than a Scrabble going on in the guest house this evening. We bade them good night and took our babies up to their shower, as Ren went to his room for the same purpose. The little ones were very tired so we made their showers fast. Once we had them scrubbed, tucked in, and kissed. We went into Ren’s room. We could hear his shower running and the bathroom door was ajar. When Stewart started to leave, I took his hand. We walked into the bathroom where Ren was standing under the water with a full blown hard on. He was smiling at us both and it was obvious he wanted company. We both dropped our towels and stepped into his shower. I turned his body to face Stewart as I began to kiss and lick his back. Stewart started to kiss my boy. I loved watching this. “Would you like to sleep with us tonight, son?” I asked. “I’d really like that a lot.” He said with a smile. Stewart kissed him again and we toweled my boy off and led him into my bedroom. We guided the boy onto my bed on his knees. Stewart was facing him and I was behind him, stroking his back and his neck. They were kissing deeply until Ren gently pushed Stewart into a reclining position on his back in the middle our bed. I watched as Ren began to lick his very hard cock. Stewart closed his eyes and just enjoyed the feeling of this young wet tongue on his hardness. I saw my boy’s lips spread as he took Stewart’s cock all the way into his mouth. He sucked it in until his lips were against the man’s sandy, thick pubes, then slid his mouth off, licking the very tip, then sliding back down to the pubes. Stewart’s look was bliss as my boy showed him what he had learned. Stewart began to moan each time Ren’s lips would meet his bush and then whimper as he thought the boy was going to leave his cock. Ren never did leave it. He was toying with Stewart and he had complete control. Ren was on his knees now, his beautiful boy hole exposed to my eyes. “Do you like that hard cock, boy,” I asked. “Yes, sir,”, he whispered. “Does it taste good, son?” “Yes, sir.” I started licking my boy’s hole, getting it wet and slick. He was purring even as he sucked Stew’s hard cock. He obvious liked it because he was pushing back on my face, trying to get my tongue inside him even as he focused on pleasing my buddy’s dick. He kept his rhythm on Stewart’s cock even and steady. I could tell how great his mouth must have felt. My own cock was hard but I didn’t dare to touch it because escort kocaeli I knew I would spew. I put my thumb in my mouth and got it slick and wet. I then teased Ren’s hole with it. It was thicker than a finger but he was wanting it. When my thumb entered his hole, Ren took his mouth off Stew’s cock and started stroking his slick cock with his hand. The boy’s eyes were focused on the man cock before him and his brain focused on trying to get my digit inside him. He was definitely conflicted. His own hard cock was bouncing but I liked that he was not trying to touch it. The boy was learning the importance of patience. His cock looked as hard as mine and I realized he didn’t want this to end any time soon. I removed my thumb and the boy went back to sucking the man cock in and out of his mouth. Stewart was groaning again. I heard him speaking softly to Ren. “Oh, suck that cock, sweet boy. That feels so good, boy. Your mouth is amazing,” he whispered. Ren started rubbing the man’s hairy nuts in his hands, gently rubbing each, even as he continued to suck his dick. “Oh, son, that’s so good,” Stewart said. “You like sucking that dick, boy?” “Yes, sir,” Ren said, his speech muffled by the dick going in and out of his mouth. “You want my finger, son?” I asked him. “Please, dad,” he said. “Put it in me.” I started licking his hole again and he was sucking Stewart’s cock like crazy. “What do you really want in this hole, son,” I asked. “I want my daddy in me,” he said. I gave him my thumb and I could feel his fuck nut. He gasped loudly so I withdrew. He kept on sucking dick. “You want to taste this boy hole, Stewart?” I asked him “You bet,” Stewart said. We shifted places so that I moved to the head of the bed sitting up with Ren’s head between my hairy thighs as Stewart moved behind the boy, both of them on their knees. Ren started sucking my dick and it was heaven. He weighed and with his light touch, stroked my daddy nuts. He was worshipping his daddy’s cock and I could telo when Stewart gave him a finger by his gasp. I could see Stewart licking his fuzzy hole even as he moved his finger in and out. I could now see that Stewart had his thumb in my boy’s hole. From the sounds Ren was making, Stewart was hitting that fucknut with every stroke. He was sucking my dick with fast strokes now. “You want my nut, boy?” I asked him. “Yes, sir, please,” he said. He went deep on my cock and I started feeding him. He kept my dick deep in his mouth. I held his head completely still. When I released his head, I saw Stewart remove his finger from my boy’s hole. He momentarily looked disappointed, but Stewart quickly flipped the boy onto his back and re-inserted his thumb in to the boyhole, pounding his fucknut. Stewart also took the boy’s hard cock into his mouth and started sucking his seed. Ren was gasping as he had a hard, hard cum. I saw Stewart’s thumb moved the boy as he went down licking some of the cum he had missed from his beautiful blonde boy balls. Ren’s breathing hadn’t quite returned to normal as Stewart raised his legs. I thought for a minute Stewart was going to fuck him and I wouldn’t have been able to stop him. Instead, Stewart put his cock right up against the boy’s pink hole and started stroking. Just a few strokes and he started spewing his seed onto my boy’s starfish. He collapsed beside Ren and I couldn’t resist a close look at my buddy’s seed all over Ren’s hole. His hole was so beautiful. I knew he wanted his cherry taken and I was definitely ready. Ren was soundly sleeping as we covered him and one of lay each side of him. Stew reached over and kissed me. We all slept. I woke up early. I felt great. I quietly crept into the s shower and started shampooing when Stewart joined me. He indicated Ren was still sleeping so we were pretty much silent as we showered. When I got out of the shower, Stewart already had my toothbrush loaded. As we brushed our teeth together, I again had one of those great moments. We smiled at each other as we brushed then we shared a minty kiss. Wearing robes, we headed downstairs to fix breakfast. We had been beaten to the punch. Coach, Jack, Bradley and Kurt were finishing their breakfast. Coach and the boys were about to head out to their early practice. They told us not to worry and that they had made two casseroles. Ours was now in the oven and the cinnamon toast was ready to pop into the oven. Kurt told the other three to take off and that he would do their clean-up. He poured coffee for Stewart and me and we sat as he started rinsing plates and putting utensils into the dishwasher. Today’s Kurt was an entirely different guy than the drunken mess I had seen yesterday. “Those guys are really terrific,” he said. “I hope they make it through the day because we stayed up almost all night just talking. I’d give anything if I’d had my head on as straight as those two kids when I was their age. They’re both really sharp guys who just seem to be able to cut right through all the bullshit. Sorry, Pastor, I slipped,” he chuckled. We all laughed. “Don’t worry about language around here,” Stewart said. “We try to clean it up a little when the small ones are around, but we’re pretty free wheeling when it’s just us big boys.” “You can say that again. I’ve made so many mistakes. I let my parents force me into things I didn’t want. I just acquiesced. I knew I’d never make a good husband or father, but I let them bully and intimidate me into trying to fit into the mold they had prepared for me. I’m done with that, guys. I hope I can manage to have some relationship with Meghan, but if that isn’t possible, I will accept it. She seems pretty invested in her mother’s bullshit, but I can’t let that control the rest of my life. I’m a thirty eight year old guy with, hopefully, a lot of years left. I won’t let anyone make those miserable. I thank both of you guys so much for bringing me home with you. I was in a pretty low spot yesterday.” “Of course you were,” Stewart said. “We like to say around here that we are all damaged, but none of us are broken.” Ren bounded down the stairs at that moment, dressed for school. He seemed in an extraordinarily good mood and I think it was because of last night. I knew he had enjoyed it and so had I. I knew that he and Stewart were even closer than before. He went to Stewart for a hug and kiss then to me. I was glad he then went to Michael who hugged him and even gave a kiss on the cheek. I handed him a glass of juice. “How is your daughter?” Ren asked Kurt. “I don’t know anything new this morning,” he said, “but they assured us she’s out of danger and that’s the most important thing.” “I’m glad to hear that. Did you guys enjoy the Scrabble game last night,” he asked innocently. “I sure did,” he said. “Best Scrabble game I ever had,” he said with a smile. I knew that if there had been some sex play in the guest house, it wouldn’t have gone farther than masturbation or hand jobs. I knew that because I knew those boys and I knew Coach. I also knew things could progress quickly in this loving group, so I figured I’d have to give Kurt the spiel about being tested if he was going to be visiting us very long. Stewart had a Bible Study group meeting mid-morning so he suggested he drop the little guys and Kurt and I could drop Ren. I thought that was a great idea and Kurt agreed. We very much enjoyed the spinach and egg casserole with fresh tomatoes and cinnamon buns. We cleared the kitchen in no time and we all took off on our appointed rounds after a round of hugs and kisses. As we were dropping Ren, I saw Michael across the way, dropping off Mikie. The kids walked in together and, after exchanging hugs, I introduced Michael and Kurt. Both guys said the other looked familiar, but neither could place where it was they might have met. I told Michael that there had been another run-in with Reverend Fee and asked if he had any time this morning that we might meet with him. He said he had no appointments this morning and invited us to follow him to his office. We arrived and Michael brought us fresh coffee. I assured Kurt that he could speak freely with Michael about his situation and he would not be judged in any way. Kurt explained that he and a young co-worker had joined a group from their office for drinks on a Friday. He said that is not unusual. They had gone to a little bar called Napoleon’s which offers a wide array of beers. Kurt reiterated that he isn’t much of a drinker and says he had several beers with the co-worker. He said he and the guy ended up at the urinals beside one another after several hours and the co-worker kissed him. Kurt said he was surprised and flattered because the guy is several years younger and very attractive. Kurt said he responded and they ended up getting a room at a nearby motel. Both called their spouses and said they were working late. They were actually at the motel for about 45 minutes as they exchanged oral sex. Kurt said they were both embarrassed afterwards and he went home . He explained that about two weeks later his wife asked him where he had been on that date. He tried to keep up the lie but it didn’t work. The other guy was a newlywed and he felt guilty about doing it as it was his first time to cheat on the wife. He ended up confessing and asking for forgiveness. It took almost no time for news to travel as the two couples went to church together. The next thing he knew, his wife had packed his clothes, left them on the front porch, and had the locks changed on their house while he was at work. She had told him he would never see their daughter again and had started poisoning the daughter against him. He told Michael about Meghan’s accident and his treatment by Reverend Fee and his wife at the hospital. Kurt said he had done this three times previously during the fifteen years he was married. Previous experiences were two guys he had met cruising a local park and one other co-worker. He said all the experiences had been one-time only kinds of things. He claimed he had only had one other partner and that was in college before he was married. He said he had tried anal then but it was painful and he didn’t like it. He said he had never cheated with a woman. I felt Kurt was being honest with the lawyer because he was free even with embarrassing details. Michael asked him several questions, mostly about his wife and daughter. Kurt said his wife had never been employed at the home but she did volunteer at their church several days each week. He said she had insisted on pulling their daughter out of public school and enrolling her at Point of the Cross at the beginning of the school year. He said he honestly felt Meghan’s behavior had gone downhill since enrolling at the school. He said on the occasions she brought friends to the house, the kids seemed generally unpleasant and said they all seemed to have airs of superiority. Kurt said his wife had demanded just over half his salary and he had done that willingly as he felt responsible for supporting his wife and daughter. Kurt also told Michael that he had taken no steps toward filing for a divorce as he had been certain the wife would do so and he had dreaded even telling his parents about all of this. The man admitted that he had bought a bottle after he had been treated so badly at the hospital and had gotten extremely drunk. He said he had not told his parents anything about their separation and he had really dreaded it until today. Kurt added that he woke this morning with entirely different feelings. kocaeli anal yapan escort He said he is coming to grips with the fact that he was never happy married to a woman and is ready to move on with his life, hopeful he can have a relationship with the daughter, but determined to move on regardless. He said that he honestly didn’t care if he never laid eyes on his wife again, something he could never have admitted to anyone, even yesterday. Kurt told Michael all of this without flinching and without shedding a tear. I was growing to really admire this guy. I felt he had been pretty miserable for a long time and I believed him when he said he was ready and willing to move on. Michael determined that no divorce papers had been served on him and recommended he be aggressive with his own actions. He said the stipend Michael was currently paying was about 30 per cent above what would likely be ordered by the court. Michael told him if he is ready, he would have the wife served with papers and lowball alimony. Kurt insisted that he pay the max when it came to child support for his daughter and Michael was agreeable to that. Kurt expressed concern about all the things Reverend Fee and his wife were saying about him, afraid it could injure him professionally. Michael had a very strong feeling much of that was coming from Fee. He asked Kurt if he would be willing to pick up the tab for a private investigator for two or three days. He said it could be very worthwhile to have any evidence that she might be messing around. Kurt approved the cost of the surveillance and Michael said he would go ahead and prepare paperwork to file but would put everything on hold until we heard from the investigator. Kurt thanked Michael profusely. Michael asked if Kurt would be returning to his apartment. “No, I don’t think so,” he said. “I found that place really lonely and unhealthy emotionally. I don’t know where I’ll land but Pastor and Rob have invited me to stay with them for a few days and, if that offer is still good, I think I’ll take them up on it.” I went over and hugged him. That was when I saw the first tear of the day. “You’re welcome to stay as long as you like,” I said. We said our good-byes and headed to our car. “Rob,” Kurt said when we were back in our vehicle, “Jack and Coach and Bradley shared with me last night about what they call your circle of trust. I’m not sure anything sexual will ever happen between me and any of you guys, but I’d really like to get tested. I’m sure I’m clean but I’d like to do it anyway.” “Sounds like a plan,” I said. “Why don’t we just stop by there now?” I asked. He was agreeable so we headed to the office. We headed to Dr. Goldman’s office. After a short wait, Kurt was called back. While I was waiting, Dr. Goldman walked through the waiting room. “Rob,” he said, “how are you?” “I’m good and my boys are good, thanks,” I said. “I’m here to schedule a follow-up for Casper Littlechurch for his skin tear and I would like to bring a friend to meet you if you don’t mind. He is the father of four and he needs a pediatrician for his girls.” “Great!” he said. We can always use new patients with Elliott coming on board in less than two months. Thanks for recommending me.” Kurt returned to the room and I introduced him to Dr. Goldman. We went over to the desk. I was told the doctor would be leaving town again on Friday so we made an appointment for early the following morning. We had taken care of a lot of things. I was craving another cup of coffee so I suggested we go to a little coffee shop nearby. Kurt said he had taken the week off from work. I suggested we might have coffee and then, if he wished, we could visit Meghan. He liked that plan. Things were slow at the coffee shop and we were almost the only customers. We took a table looking out onto the street. “Rob,”, he began, “I don’t mean to sound like a broken record, but I really am grateful for what you and Stewart have done for me. I was honestly feeling yesterday like my life was over. I felt like I had totally failed at everything and I’m not sure what I might have done. That’s pretty scary even to think about. I know the alcohol was a depressant and that may have been a major factor, but I’m not sure what I might have done. Today I feel better than I’ve felt in years. It’s really like I’ve been carrying a weight around for years and it’s now gone. I know there will be rough days, but I can face them. It’s hard to explain.” “I think I can maybe understand,” I said. “I had to expel a toxic influence from my life and the life of my boys some time ago. When I finally threw her ass out of my house, I felt the same way. It’s an amazing feeling, isn’t it?” “It really is,” Kurt said. “I need to be honest with you about something. No more secrets for me. I do know where I saw Michael before. I used to go down to a business here in town. I heard they had a group shower where guys go to jack with other guys. I went there several times when I felt the tension building but I never could get the courage to go in.” “Michael told me about that,” I said. “The late owner was a friend of Stewart’s and I’m handling things for his son. Donald is a great kid. If you’re hanging out with us, you’ll probably meet him when he comes home from Auburn for a weekend. He’s bunking with Jack.” “Oh man,” he said, “they were telling me about Donald last night. Bradley and Jack love the kid and the Coach is fond of him too. I really can’t wait to meet him.” We’ll have another guest this weekend,” I said. “He’s a good old friend and former business partner of mine. Jack and Coach met him last weekend and I think they liked him.” “Oh yeah,” he said. “Jack talked a lot about him last night. I think Jack like him a lot. The most amazing thing for me was that I could tell Coach is nuts about Jack, but all his talk about Rick didn’t seem to make him jealous at all.” “Jack is a beautiful old soul with a hot ass young body,” I said. “He and I agree very much that it’s really all about love. I love Jack. Coach loves Jack. The love I have for Jack in no way diminishes the love Coach has. If anything, it is enhanced. Stewart feels the same way. Coach does too. There’s just no room for jealousy. We’re trying to teach our boys the same way. Love is love is love. Love is love whether that means a physical expression of love or an emotional expression.” “I like that,” he said. “I’ve never heard it expressed like that, but I can sure buy it.” When we left the coffee shop, I called Sam and told her about the early morning appointment for the following day. She said that would work. She said she would bring him to school and I could get him as I dropped Ren off. We agreed that would work. I then called Gil to tell him about the appointment. He was out of the office but I left a message and told him to give me a call to confirm. We then headed for the hospital to see Meghan. When we got to her room, she was in the bed. There was a handsome young man who looked a few years older than she lying on the bed with her. Both were covered by a sheet and it was obvious the boy had his hand in Meghan’s crotch. It seemed pretty obvious the boy had been fingering Kurt’s daughter and he made no effort to hide it when we walked in. She made no effort to introduce her friend and when Kurt introduced himself and reached out for a handshake, the guy had no response except an ugly scowl. He continued to move his hand under the sheet. Meghan seemed to enjoy humiliating her father in this way. Kurt introduced me to his daughter. She was cold. When Kurt tried to hug her she pushed him away. She shut down any efforts at having a conversation. Kurt asked her if she knew how long she would be hospitalized. “None of your business,” she answered. “So this is your homo dad?” the boy asked with a chuckle. We ignored him as he continued to finger the young girl. “Honey, if you don’t want to talk to me, we’ll leave,” he said. “If you change your mind, please call me. If there’s anything you need, just call.” She glared at him. She was about as cold a little bitch as I had ever seen. Kurt took this much better than I would have. He was calm and seemed resolute. I was feeling like he really must have put up with some pretty bad behavior. He said the snarling boy looked familiar and he thought he was from POC but he wasn’t sure. We walked down the hall and he pushed the button to summon an elevator. When the elevator doors opened, before we could get on, Reverend Fee and a woman I assumed was Kurt’s wife were stepping out. “What are you doing here, homo?” she asked. I was stunned. Kurt didn’t answer. “Yeah, what are you doing here?” Reverend Fee asked. “Your wife told you to stay away.” “Do you really think you’re going to intimidate me, you hypocritical asshole?” Kurt asked him. Fee looked stunned now. “I’m going to tell you something, Sir. Meghan is my daughter and I’ll see her whenever I choose to see her.” We started to walk away. Kurt turned back to the couple. “You better remember something, reverend,” Kurt said. “This ain’t your circus and these ain’t your monkeys, motherfucker!” The rev and the wife looked stunned. I wasn’t sure that I understood what his words meant, but I sure did like the way he delivered them. We got in the car and neither of us could stop laughing at the expressions on the faces of Fee and Paula. We headed back to the house. Alejandro was replacing a couple of shrubs and working shirtless. Kurt didn’t miss that. He had met our handsome friend, but I was sure he had never seen him half naked. I took Kurt downstairs and introduced him to Jack and Derrick. Both those guys were working without shirts and their bodies covered in sheet rock dust. Both still looked hot as hell, even covered in the white dust. I decided to make another pot of coffee, but was interrupted by the phone. I answered and it was Joe. He, Susan and little Marc were fine. He said the baby was growing faster than he could have imagined and I could tell by the sound of his voice that he was loving being a dad. I told him about our boys and about their gold and silver medals. He said he would love to get over and see them swim. He said he was looking at trying to get over for a visit in a couple of weeks. He said Susan had a meeting in Charleston and he would be alone with Marc. I encouraged him and told him there would certainly be a place for him and his baby boy. He sounded good and that always pleased me. As soon as we hung up, Gil returned my call. He said tomorrow morning would be great to meet Dr. G. and we agreed to meet up at school when we dropped off our kids. While I had finished my calls, Kurt had poured us a cup of coffee. We sat down at the breakfast counter to enjoy our coffee. He seemed so much more relaxed. I knew I wouldn’t have been so calm after a morning encounter with that fuck weasel Fee. Kurt was relatively certain he knew who the boy was who had his finger in Meghan’s snatch. He was quite sure the boy was Fee’s son. He said he had never met the boy but he had spoken several times at church. He thought the boy’s name was Chase but he wasn’t sure. I had heard a few things about Chase Fee. If what I had heard was true, he was a regular chip off the old block. “You know, Rob,” he said, “a lot of puzzle pieces are falling into place for me. I was in denial for a long time. I think that my wife had something going on. It’s the logical answer after seeing her with Fee this morning. izmit yabancı escort The thought of her screwing another guy never bothered me. As a matter of fact, it excited me. I would sometimes masturbate when I fantasized about her being with another man. Although I fantasized about it, I never really, really believe it would happen. I was raised to believe that women were above all that and not really sexual beings. I’m not sure I’ll ever get it up again thinking about her fucking that skinny ass troll Fee. He’s just nasty and gross. I wish if my wife were going to fuck someone, she’d at least have found someone hot.” We both laughed. We decided we really should give Michael a call about this morning. Kurt called him and told him about the hospital visit. He also told him he really thought there was a strong possibility Fee and his wife might be involved. Michael said he would pass that along to the investigator and would contact Kurt with any news. “How does such a physically unattractive man like Fee get reasonably good-looking women,” Kurt asked. “That’s a question for the ages,” I said. “I think they use their supposed faith and their speaking skills along with a lot of guilt, shaming, and phony submission theology. I’ve seen some gross fat fucks get some hot women. The guy who built my house was an old troll who married a hot young wife. A lot of that was about the money, but after he got religion in prison she stayed with him. I have to wonder if we aren’t all looking for a shepherd and many of us are so desperate, that we’ll follow anyone.” “Paula � that’s my wife � she just never seemed interested in sex. I wasn’t either, so that worked out okay,” he said. “It was always more of a duty for me to make love to her. When we first married, we’d do it a couple of times a week but, to be honest, I couldn’t tell you the last time I fucked my wife.” “Kurt, buddy,” I said, “I’m sure there are married couples out there who have good or even great sex lives. If I’ve known them, they sure weren’t talking about it. My wife was frigid � I hate that word, but I think it’s accurate. She was so shutdown as a result of her mother that she could never enjoy sex. She never even got close to an orgasm. I think I really tried but I eventually gave up.” “I understand that,” he said. “I should never have married. I went along with what my parents wanted and I fucked up.” “Hell, Kurt,” I said, “it wasn’t just parents, there was incredible societal pressure to marry and procreate. I have a brother-in-law who is married and has a new son. There is almost no doubt in my mind, he was never interested in sex with females. But he seems to be at least maintaining.” “I hope he can do it,” he said. “If I’d had some acceptable options or outlets, I know I would have been a better husband and father. Your friend Coach seems to really have it together. He seems to really love his wife and daughters and he also loves Jack and he’s nuts about your older son. The fact that he loves them doesn’t seem to diminish his love for his family.” “I think Coach is an exceptional man,” I said. “Maybe we all have that capacity for love inside us and it is just never realized. He’s also a very sexy man.” “He really is,” Kurt said. “I’ll be honest with you. When we finished our Scrabble game last night he and the boys invited me into bed with them. I had a feeling they were being nice and I appreciated that. I just didn’t feel I was ready and I had the feeling they really don’t have sex with people they barely know. I think they are all great guys but it just wasn’t right for me to join them. When we know each other better, I’d love to be with any of them, it just didn’t feel right to me last night. Am I crazy?” “I don’t think you’re crazy at all,” I said. “I think you are a very perceptive guy. You’re also a very sexy guy. I know that coach and those boys will be glad to welcome you officially and I think it will likely be sooner than later. I’m thinking I might like to soak up a little of this sunshine. How about you?” “I can’t think of anything I’d like better than catching some rays with a handsome ginger friend,” he said. Let’s do it. We walked outside and dropped our clothes on the patio. Both of us grabbed towels and walked down to the pool. We took a couple of chaises and stretched out. As we walked, I realized Kurt was a little taller than I had originally thought. He easily hit 6’2″. His skin was very white but looked flawless. He wasn’t muscled but there was no excess fat either. His chest had a lot of dark black hair and he had a nice treasure trail, leading to a thick bush, but nothing like Alejandro’s. He had a nice dusting of hair on his butt which got heavier on his legs. I guessed he probably hit the gym a couple of times a week but he was far from a gym bunny. He had a respectable cut cock. I had the feeling he might be a grower as it looked about four inches in a flaccid state. He had a lot of girth so there was certainly room for growth. I thought his thick mustache very sexy and he had very dark blue eyes. I strongly felt the boys in the guest house would be welcoming this daddy into their beds very soon. It was a very relaxing morning. Kurt and I didn’t talk much. We didn’t feel the need to. I think we had both realized a connection had been made. I think he was feeling freer than he had at perhaps anytime in his life. I had been dozing when I heard a soft splash in the pool. I looked up to see Kurt in the water. “Sorry, bud,” he said. “I didn’t mean to wake you. I needed to cool down.” He climbed up the ladder and onto the pool deck. I could see what he was talking about. He was very hard as he walked back to his chaise. “You do know that is a contagious condition, don’t you?” I asked. He smiled. I flipped over to expose my own hard cock. He lay back down on his chaise. We both started touching ourselves as we watched one another. He smiled at me and I smiled back. I began an intentional stroking of my dick. He copied my motion. I think he was uncertain as to the rules. He didn’t realize we really had none. I spread my legs and started rubbing my hairy hole. He smiled and did the same. I took my finger away from my hole and started pinching my nipple. He followed suit. The only hesitation he had shown was when I went for my hole. He had said he had no experience with that, so I decided to test that. I swung my legs off the chaise and faced him, with my feet on the pool deck and my legs spread. He did the same. He looked a little embarrassed, knowing I was staring intently at his hole. I moved my index finger back to my hole after putting it in my mouth. He mirrored my actions, looking a little hesitant as his hand moved to his hole. I smiled at him and he returned my smile. “Come over here,” I sad quietly as I moved over to make room for him. He was actually trembling a little as he joined me. I guided him into a position where he was lying beside me, my arm around him. Neither of us was touching our cocks. “Do you like this?” I asked him. “I love it,” he answered. “I do too,” I said. It’s nice being naked with a buddy.” “I’ve never touched one with a skin,” he said. “I’ve always wanted to look at one and touch it but I never had the chanced.” “Do you like mine?” I asked. He nodded. “Consider it yours, my friend,” I told him. “You mean it?” he asked. “Of course I mean it.” I lay still as he tentatively reached his hand toward my crotch. He maintained eye contact as if this were some joke and I would slap his hand. “Relax,” buddy,” I said. “It’s yours to play with or do as you please.” He emitted a soft moan. He reached and touched it. It felt great. His hand was very soft and part of the thrill was knowing I was able to grant this guy a fantasy he had held for a long time. His touch was tentative as he gently moved my foreskin back and forth, alternately exposing and hiding my hard, pink cockhead. He looked up at me again. I smiled at him, and patted his shoulder. “That feels good, buddy,” I said, smiling at him. He was very gentle, as if he was afraid it might break. I told him it wouldn’t and he gave me his best smile yet. He could hardly take his eyes off my cock, watching the skin sliding back and forth. I had made some pre-cum now and my cock was getting slick. He noticed it and smiled. He scooped some of it and put his finger close to his mouth. He didn’t taste it until I nodded, letting him know it was okay. He tasted it and let out a soft moan. “Share?” I asked. He smiled again and scooped some more of the sticky nectar and offered it to me on his finger. I guided his finger into my mouth and engulfed it. He gasped as I sucked hard on his finger. I put my hand on the back of his neck and pulled his face close to my own. He was trembling. “Relax, buddy, just relax,” I whispered. I pulled him in and kissed him. He tasted good and minty. His mustache felt very sexy. I broke the kiss but he came back immediately for more. I gave it to him. He was a very enthusiastic kisser. It was like he was getting something he had been craving for far too long. When he pulled away, he started to lick my hairy chest as he stroked it. He started to suck on one of my nipples and it felt amazing. I put my hand over his as he rubbed my chest. He was a very hungry man. His hand went lower and I felt his fingers in my treasure trail then in my pubes. It was almost like he couldn’t decide which package to open � like a kid on Christmas morning. I motioned for him to lie down beside me again and I put my arm around him. He was calm again. “What do you want to do, Kurt?” I asked. “Everything,” he said. “I want to do everything.” “Be patient, little buddy,” I said. “There’s no rush now. Take your time and enjoy. What is the thing you’d like to do most?” I asked. I want to taste your uncut cock,” he said. He looked surprised that he could get the words out of his mouth. “It’s yours,” I said. “Just be warned that I’m pretty close and you may get it pretty fast. I don’t want you doing anything you really might not want.” “I want it all,” he said. He slid down and began to lick my pubes, my nuts and my cock. He licked the foreskin and put his tongue inside it, completely fascinated. What he was doing felt great. I was enjoying having a man worship my uncut cock. I just lay back and did nothing, enjoying the sensations. He would occasionally be licking my furry nuts and would start to go down lower. I would spread my legs, but he would chicken out and head north. He wasn’t ready for that yet and it was fine. I was loving what he was doing. I started to pinch my nipples, sensing a slow buildup in my nut sack. I was ready to grab my cock and start beating it but I resisted the urge and gave him free rein. He must have sensed where I was because he started some serious dick sucking. He was very good at this as his head moved rapidly up and down, taking me to the hilt and then pulling off to the very tip before plunging back down. He gave a nice lick, every time he reach the head. He may not be experienced in much, but this kid was a seriously good cocksucker. I knew I was there. “Oh, fuck, Kurt, “I moaned, as I punched my dick into his throat and fed him my creamy spunk. I held his head absolutely still for a couple of minutes and he didn’t fight me. My cock was in his throat, but he didn’t fight me at all. I laid him beside me, both of us on our backs. I was looking forward to returning the blowjob, but when I put my hand in his crotch, there was a sticky mess. I looked at him and smiled. He smiled back and blushed. “Sorry, I couldn’t wait,” he chuckled. “We don’t want to waste it, do we?” I asked, as I scooped his load from his tummy and we ate every drop I could find. I kissed him. My new friend and I dozed in the hot sun.

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