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Subject: ‘Redd’ & the Wolf. (9) This is a fictional story that follows the ‘Red Riding Hood’ tale. It’s an alternate idea for the story. The main character is not a girl but a Ginger kid named ‘Redd’. Still sent to visit his grandma. He is sent by his single father to take grandma her food and medz. There is some wolf fun in this story too. So there is some animal sex in this story. So of this bothers you, please move on. The rest follows the original tale.. Somewhat.. Hope you like this sexy version…. ‘Redd’ & the Wolf. (9) … Redd lay there with tears in his eyes. He thought he was dead meat as he was attacked by a wild pig. While he was sitting eating a sandwich. The pig which was a good size and had to weight a good 80 to 90 pounds was trying to get at the things in the wagon the wagon of supplies for his grandmother. But as Redd tried to stop the animal, it came at him. Charging to kill. The blunt lower teeth sticking out of its maw as it came at him. Redd tried to stop it, but it was persistent in it’s attack. Soon Redd was knocked down by the beast and it was ready for the final charge. Ready to attack and kill the boy. But that’s when the large burly man killed the beast with an arrow. Striking just right to feld the creature. It made a hard squeal before falling. “Are you alright?” The big man asked “Yes. Yes thank you” Redd crowed “You saved me from it” The huge man gave Redd his hand to lift him up. In one easy pull the boy was back on his feet. He had to grab to the mans thick arm as the pull near flung him from the mans strength. He grabbed at the meaty and furry arm. That was when Redd looked at the man who had saved him. He was huge. A man bigger than his father by several inches and by a goof 40 maybe 50 pounds. The soft brown hair in his meaty forearms was dreamy, an the full beard of a darker brown framed a big full face. He was the most manly man he had ever seen. The huge broad chest pushing at the shirt he had on him. “Thank you sir” Redd said again “You are welcome my boy” said the huge man “But what are you doing out ankara rus escort here on your own?” “And with all this” The man pointed to the wagon full of supplies. Redd collected himself better and said that he was taking this to his grandmother. “This is not the safest place for a boy such as yourself” the big man then said “Too many beasts out here” “I can take care of myself” Redd said to him He said he was not afraid. Denying what had just happened that near made him soil himself. Then he brought of his blade. Waving it up to show he was armed. “I saw that” the man chortle. Reed didn’t like that the man assumed he could not take care if himself. He said he was just taken by surprise by the pig. Then the big man suggested that that was one could only expect out here. Then the man noticed the cut on Redds arm. He knew it would have to be tended to. “Come. We should look at that cut” he said It was when Redd first say his injury. Probably from when he fell. But with all the adrenaline and fear he had not realized he was hurt. “Its okay” the man said “My cabin is not too far from here” “I can put a salve on that” He was cautious of the mans intention as he did not know him. But the huge burly man was attractive. And the way his brawny forearm felt against his skin and he was lifted up felt incredible. It made Redd wonder if the very big man was hairy. And just the thought seemed to excite him. So he found himself looking the mam over again. The shirt was plaid and barely covered his big wide barrel chest. The sleeves had been rolled up to show those thick meaty forearms he though seemed near as think as his own legs. The bird was put but covered the crotch area on his jeans. So redd could not see anything there. But the legs were straining to contain very thick legs. “Wow” he huffed softly “He is a huge bear of a man” Then the man again urged him to come with him. His face was big but his demeanor seemed soft and kind. So Redd decided to follow the big man. Besides, his arm was starting to sting. And when çankaya escort he went back to the wagon the man helped him collect the items that had been knocked over to the ground. As the man leaned down to grab at things in the ground Redd was able to look at the top of the huge mans shirt. The tops buttons were opened and Redd could see through the opening to some chest hairs that peeped out. Redds eyes stared at the sight. The little he saw made his member jump in his pants. “Lets get this to my place” the big man said “We will rebound them to the wagon” “I have stronger rope” The man got up and gave Redd his hand in friendship. “I am Vander” he said “And you are?” “Redd. My name is Redd” he answered as he shook the mans big meaty hand The huge hand dwarfed Redds small one. Seeming double the size as he layed in in the mans palm “Good to meet you Redd” Vander said back “Now lets grab this fellow” The big man quickly wrapped up the pigs legs and plopped the body on large clothe he had in a back pack he had with him. He lifted the pig to it and then tied a strap to the ends. Then he started to pull it. Redd saw with the ease the man commited to his tasks. So effortless. Then Redd followed the delicious bear of a man through the forest. Up the main trail for 10 no utes and then to a clearing of trees and a rougher trail. The wagon had some trouble there. So Vander gave Redd his bow and arrow “Here you pull the beast” the man said “Yes sir” he answered Then the man took back his bow and arrow and wrapped it over his shoulder. Then with just brute strength picked up the small wagon and its contents and carried it As he did this the shirt on his moved up and Redd could see the bear big full buttocks in the jeans that strained over it. Again feeling a heavy tingle in his own pants. “Wow. You are strong” he said to Vander The man just walked and grunted as they stepped through the forest. Redd was alone having trouble pulling the heavy beast that the man had slain for him. But he managed. They were at the cabin in ankara escort another 15 minutes. It was a modest looking thing set off and away from the main trail through the forest. The big man placed the wagon down on the ground. But as he did the wagon that was pressed to his chest pulled at the shirt as it caught. The action popped several buttons off and the shirt was now pull partly opened. And that was when Redd caught sight of the huge hairy chest on the man. And he actually blurted out “oh my God!” “It’s is okay” Vander said “It happens” “I will just have to see it later.” But as the man had helped him so. First saving him and then lifting his weighted wagon up into his huge embrace. To carry it all the way there. He wanted to help the man. Saying he wouldn’t mind threading the buttons back on. “That’s very kind of you” Vander said “I hate to that” “But first let’s tend to that arm” Vander told him to sit down on the chair on the porch. He then went inside to get what he needed for the boy. He came back out and had a jar of dark salve in it. It smelled awful. But he knew it would help his wound. There was some clothe to to wrap his arm with, and a small metal box that the huge man handed to him. He said that was where he kept the needle and thread loops “Give me your arm Redd?” He asked Redd did as the man wanted and let out his arm. The man pulled up another chair and sat before him. He then used a small wooden spatula to scoop out the almost black goo. Then he applied it to the injured arm. It stung even more as he did. “Ouch” Redd chirped “Yes. It will sting for a bit.” The man said “But this will stop any infection. And help it heal” Once Vander finished that he was going to wrap the boys arm. As he leaned back the shirt pulled opened more. Revealing more if that lush and magnificent chest. ‘Wow’ quietly slipped from Redds mouth again. And again his own penis pushed at his pants. The man then wrapped his arm with the clothe. It was breathable the man said. “Give me your shirt Vander” Redd finally said when he was finished. “I will see the buttons back on” And then Vander stood up before him. His huge form just a few feet away. Then he pulled the rest of the shirt opened and slipped it off his body. He then handed Redd the shirt. Reed was totally awestruck by the godlike sight before him…. To be continued

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