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REDISCOVERING MOMThe fact that I was half certain that just last week, I’d been surveying the landscape around our manor house, admiring the fall foliage, struck me as just a bit odd. It wasn’t fall, and we didn’t have a manor house. It was mid July, and we were in the midst of a heat wave. Moreover, we lived on a postage stamp plot in the suburbs, with so few trees around that there’d have been little enough foliage to admire even if it were October.But then, I knew I wasn’t normal.I’d come to accept that, sometimes, truly impossible things were, for me at least, perfectly straightforward. I had the power to change things. About myself. About others. And about the world around me. The way things looked, and smelled, and the way they felt. It took some effort, and it tired me out, but it wasn’t particularly difficult.Maybe recently I’d made the leaves change color, if only temporarily, just to amuse myself. And then forgotten about it. Stranger things had happened.I’d spent half the summer using that power to seduce most of the women I’d ever fantasized about. I’d been doing so for years, in fact. But especially now that it was summer vacation and I didn’t have anything to worry about but life-guarding, working out, and getting laid, I’d been putting those talents to especially good use.Maybe that was why when I turned on the TV in the Den one early morning and found that whoever had used the TV last had been watching a DVD, my mind went straight to the gutter. It basically never left.There were plenty of perfectly ordinary explanations for why someone might have watched a DVD late last night, after everyone went to bed. But I immediately assumed one of my brothers had snuck downstairs to watch some porn. If we had wireless internet like most every other household these days, there’d have been no need for that. But with just the one family desktop hooked up to the internet, us boys only had so many options.My heart raced. Dad was at work, and everyone else was still asleep.I turned the DVD player on. My finger hovered over that triangular button that would play the disc. Did I even want to know what kind of smut my brothers were into?Maybe. Maybe not. But I certainly didn’t have the willpower to resist my curiosity. My thumb descended, slowly and firmly pushing the button in. Play resumed from where it had been when the machine was turned off.The remote almost fell from my hand.A much younger, and much hotter, version of my mother was sucking a big old monster of a cock. And she was not timid about it either. She was deep-throating, working her tongue like magic, licking the man’s balls while pumping his slab of meat with her fist.A sense of deja vu hit me. Then confusion. What made me think I’d seen my mother giving head before? And if I had, wouldn’t I remember it? Wouldn’t a memory like that be seared into my memory, instead of bubbling up to the surface out of nowhere, and feeling distant and vague even after it came to me?The camera panned out and I realized who the lucky man was.It was her now deceased father, looking a good deal younger himself. Grandpa Dick had apparently been quite handsome and very fit, even in his forties. Or however old he was here. Which was hard to guess. His face was that of a distinguished gentleman, with generous silver streaks in his short reddish beard. But his body would have made even Todd jealous.A dizzying array of emotions overcame me. Disgust. Anger. Sadness. Jealousy.And excitement.Not a moment later, I had my own cock in my hand.I couldn’t believe what I was watching. My mother. Looking good. Committing i****t. Sure, I wished I could see more of her body, but I saw enough.Part of me felt wretched about jerking off to it. That was just about the most odious, despicable reaction I could have had. But I couldn’t help myself. It was fucking hot as hell.Only after I shot my load into a wad of tissues did the question of what to do with the DVD come to me. I could take it, keep it for future viewing pleasure. I could have a very awkward conversation with Mom about it. The one probably implied the latter, since she’d no doubt notice it was missing. If only my parents’ old PC had a DVD burner.Alternatively, I could rewind to the point where I’d found it, turn it back off, and quite simply pretend nothing had ever happened.Of course, I chose the latter.I was panicked, and I wasn’t sure in that moment I was willing to commit myself to a course of action that would, one way or another, result in having to talk to Mom about what I’d seen. That path was fraught with delicious possibilities. And terrifying ones.It was, of course, all I could think about while at work. Good thing it was cold and cloudy. If it had been a nice day, my distraction could have endangered lives. Thankfully though, the place was so empty, I even managed to jerk off at work. Twice. Both times, picturing my mother committing i****t. But not with her father.From then on, I saw her in a new light.Well, truth be told, I’m not sure it was just my perception that changed.At first, I caught only very fleeting glimpses of an extremely shapely caricature of my mother. That made me think that my subconscious had created a fantasy version of her to go with the fantasies I was having about her.But over the next few days, it seemed like I saw an overweight, unkempt housewife less and less when I looked at Mom and a surreal sex goddess with proportions that were literally humanly impossible more and more often.I was able to ignore that for a time. My interactions with Mom were awkward, sure, and she certainly noticed that. But I doubt she had any idea why. She certainly sounded confused enough when she asked me, again and again, what was wrong.But before long, I was so crippled by my intense desire for her, and my inability to determine whether what I was seeing was even real, that I basically squeaked and ran out of the room whenever I saw her.I couldn’t keep this to myself anymore. All I did with my free time was masterbate to depraved thoughts about the woman who’d given birth to me. For all I knew, I was going insane. I had to tell someone.It might have made more sense to tell a friend. But I decided to broach the subject with Dom and Todd. I figured they were the only ones who could tell me if I was seeing things. If Mom had been replaced by a sexpot with a hip-to-waist ratio that never occurred in nature, with obvious signs of maturity but nonetheless the firm, clear skin and perfect hair of a woman half her age, I couldn’t be the only one who’d noticed.Or so I figured.As it turns out, though, I was.When I told them about the DVD, and about what I’d been seeing ever since, they both laughed. Heartily. Dismissively. Then accused me of trying to put something over on them.But when they saw I wasn’t k**ding, the laughter turned to concern.At first, it was faint concern. But especially when my story hadn’t changed a day later, Dom in particular seemed truly worried about me.On a certain level that seemed like further evidence of my insanity. But as much as I didn’t like admitting it, that was actually perfectly in keeping with his character. Dom could be a huge dick at times. Capable of stunning cruelty, and infinite amusement at the cleverness with which he devised ways to torture his brothers. Todd, on the other hand, had never shown any such tendency.But as incapable of genuine cruelty as my younger brother was, he was also equally incapable of picking up on other people’s feelings. Todd never went out of his way to hurt anyone, yet neither did he go out of his way to comfort them when others had hurt them.Dom might not always care about people’s feelings, but he wasn’t blind to them.I often thought that it was only the flashes of this nobler side of her son that my mother chose to see. That might well have been true. But sometimes I had a hard time admitting to myself that I sometimes only saw the side of Dom that fit into my chosen narrative. It was easier to focus on the special treatment he’d always received from Mom, the way his maturity level sometimes didn’t seem to have progressed in a decade, and forget that in those rare cases where I found myself needing artemisbet yeni giriş help, he was often the first to offer it.It would have been weird if they continued to think I really was just trying to sell a story about a sex tape. We did sometimes play some elaborate jokes on one another. But even Dom, who always went a step further, would have had a hard time faking fears of mounting insanity for this long just for the laugh he’d get in the end. So even though neither of them had caught so much as a glimpse of this mythical, super-sexualized version of Mom, they both seemed a bit more willing to believe at least the first part of my story.But the fact that they believed that part didn’t offer much reassurance, because it only meant they too believed that I was going insane. Dom speculated that I was suffering from hallucinations brought on by an inability to cope with what I’d seen.”Dude, maybe you should just talk to her,” Todd said at one point.I burst out laughing hysterically.Dom put a soothing hand on my shoulder. My laughter subsided. “Actually, I agree with Todd. I know how weird that’s going to be, and I wouldn’t look forward to it either if I were you, but you need help, man. We’re really worried about you. Maybe hearing whatever she has to say will help you make some peace with this. Help with the visions. It’s that, or we need to start talking about getting you to a professional.”He didn’t say that they probably would have to anyway, but it was in his face.Maybe he was right.It almost made sense, at least to my extremely inexpert mind. If I was having a psychotic episode induced by the traumatic experience of witnessing my mother commit one of the most depraved acts known to man, it couldn’t hurt to at least hear her side of the story. Even if it wouldn’t help, I supposed I owed it to her.The mere thought of it made my stomach heave though. “I get what you’re saying. But you don’t understand. Lately, being around Mom is so hard for me. She asked me this morning what I thought she should make for dinner, and I almost couldn’t answer.”I was about to confess that I’d very nearly answered by saying, “Your pussy.” But it was bad enough that I’d already admitted to as much as I had.Of course, I realized that my brothers had probably assumed that the visions I was having were affecting me in that way. It was only logical, given what I’d described. But I hadn’t actually told them I was now overcome with lust for Mom. I was clinging to the possibility that they thought I was just traumatized by the whole thing, not turned on by it.Todd stifled a snicker even just at what little I’d confessed. And that further persuaded me I’d made the right call not to tell them what I’d very nearly said to Mom.Dom flashed him a reproachful look. “Okay, I’ll talk to her for you. See if I can’t convince her to have a talk with you. Hopefully, that way, she’ll be less defensive. Having had a chance to get her initial reaction out of the way and all.”I nodded slowly. “That would help a lot, yeah.” I drew a deep breath. My hands started fidgeting more erratically again. “But maybe we could just, you know. Forget about it. I mean, the hallucinations aren’t so bad. It’s more the abject fear of telling Mom that I saw what I saw that’s got me shaking like this.””Don’t be a jack-ass,” Todd said. “Dom’s offering to do the worst of it-“”We,” Dom corrected.Todd looked at him, brow furrowed. “Say what?””We’re offering to do the worst of it for him. You and me both, buddy.”Todd held up his hands in protest. “Now wait just a goddamn-“”Our brother’s suffering here. Man up. Or I’ll have to kick your ass.””Like to see you try,” Todd said. His gaze was steady, but no doubt Dom noticed the way our younger brother’s voice cracked just a bit, or how his upraised fists wavered.These days, Todd probably could take either me or Dom in a fight. He was taller and more athletic, though both Dom and I were densely packed with muscle.But he and I had more than our share of painful memories of when that wasn’t the case.Before Dom could even reply, Todd submitted. “Yeah, okay. Fine.” He turned to me. “But you owe me a few six packs. And not cheap shit.”#They agreed to do it on Saturday. Dad was out of town on business. Natalie was working a double-shift tending bar, and I would be at the pool until eight. But neither Todd, who was also life-guarding but generally worked different shifts, nor Dom, who was interning at an engineering firm, had to work. So it was perfect timing.When I got to work, I grew a bit nervous though. There were dark clouds in the sky. It looked like we were due for a serious thunderstorm. I texted Dom and told him I might be coming home early after all, due to the weather. An hour later, he texted back and said not to worry, they were going to talk to her now.My heart raced for twenty minutes after that before calming down again. I was just starting to freak out all over again as it got to be close to an hour since he said he was going to talk to her when my phone buzzed.Thankfully, it was him. We exchanged a few quick messages. He said Mom had freaked out at first, so it was good they went to her before I did, but after she calmed down, everything went fine, and I shouldn’t be worried about talking to her anymore. He didn’t want to steal her thunder, so he didn’t really say anything about what she had to say, but he assured me that she’d be very conscious of my feelings when the two of us spoke.That was especially relieving because just twenty minutes later, I heard the first thunderclap. And sure enough, within fifteen minutes, my manager told me we were closing the pool until further notice, and that they’d call me if they were going to reopen.I texted Dom to let him know that, and thanking him for taking care of things, since, otherwise, I wouldn’t feel comfortable coming home.This time, I didn’t get a response. So I texted Todd. He didn’t reply either.That was a little strange. Not much more than a half hour ago, Dom had been replying to my messages more or less instantly. But then, from his perspective, his task was done. The two of them could be working out together or something. Wouldn’t be the first time. So I tried not to make too much of it. But it did make me think twice about going home. What if the conversation wasn’t over after all? Did I want to walk in on that?The working out hypothesis was confirmed before I got out of my car. As I pulled up the driveway, I saw them in the garage. Dom was spotting Todd while he benched a truly scary amount of weight. The barbell was slightly bowed.That’s nothing, a voice in the back of my head whispered. If I called upon my otherworldly talents, I could buff up to the point that I could put Todd to shame.”Figured you’d be coming back,” Dom yelled, his voice almost drowned out by the rain.I nodded, pulled my tank top up over my head, waved hi and bye, and ran down the cement walk to the front door.And nearly bumped into Mom as I came in.”Oh! Sorry, Frank,” she said. “Didn’t even hear the door opening.” She looked me up and down. Surveying the damage, no doubt. If I caught a slight grin, it must have been my imagination. “It’s really coming down out there, huh?””Cats and dogs,” I said. “Gonna go change.” And with that, I bounded up the stairs to my room, hoping Mom hadn’t noticed that over the course of that ridiculously brief interaction, I’d gotten an erection.Figuring I wasn’t likely to be headed back to work, I took a quick shower. I was already soaking wet, and I wanted to get rid of the smell of suntan lotion and chlorine.I’d just finished slipping a fresh, dry, set of clothes on when a knock came at my door.”Frank? Honey? Can I come in?” Mom asked.My stomach clenched, and my heart raced.”Sure,” I said, tucking my erection up under my waistband and taking a seat at my desk.The door eased open slowly. Mom stuck her head in, smiled awkwardly, chuckled, then drifted the rest of the way into my room.As was apparently always the case now, she looked good enough to eat. And then some. She wore a pair of blue socks with fuzzy pink trim, pink panties, and a skimpy blue camisole with pink ribbons at artemisbet giriş the center and the corners of the two flimsy panels. It didn’t even reach her hips. In fact, it covered only a little bit more than her areolas.Her luscious black hair was held back by a pink ribbon that matched the ones on her cami, save for two locks falling just to the sides of her beautiful brown eyes. Her lipstick was the exact same shade of pink. As if anyone would fail to notice those ripe beauties anyway. Thick circles of black kohl framed her eyes, contrasting sharply with her porcelain skin. Her thick yet neat brows did so as well. As did her unbelievably long and full eyelashes.My breath caught. For a moment, I simply couldn’t think. Her nose was a touch broad, and her face a bit soft. As was her stomach, especially as she took a seat on the edge of my bed. Crows’ feet were etched into her otherwise flawless skin at the corners of her eyes. If you looked closely enough, you could see just a few stray gray hairs here and there intermingled with her raven tresses. She wasn’t perfect, even in the eyes of a guy who could appreciate her extreme curves. But she was awful damn close.Mom crossed her legs and folded both hands over her upraised knee as she leaned forward. Her posture was intimate but composed. Because, of course, everything was fine. She wasn’t making any advances. Why would anyone even think that? Just a mother and son having a talk about what was bothering him. Perfectly normal.”Is this an okay time?” she asked in a soft voice.”As good as any, I suppose,” I said.There was no need to ask what for.She drew a deep breath. “So I’m sure your brothers told you that we spoke earlier.”I nodded.She suddenly got up from the bed, turned her back to me, and walked over to the mirrored closet. I forced myself not to stare at her glorious ass, certain that she’d notice see me doing so through my reflection in the mirror. It was awfully hard to resist though. It was so big, so round, so out of proportion to her relatively small waist.Mom crossed her arms under her heavy breasts. “I’d almost managed to suppress the memory of it. But, as you know, your father has been slowly cleaning out the attic, making room for all the things we’re taking from Grandma’s place.”It had been months since Grandma Kaitlin’s funeral. I’d almost forgotten about it.Letting Grandma slip from my memory made me feel shitty, but didn’t induce anywhere near as much guilt as the thoughts I was having about my mother more or less every second that I was awake of late.”My father…made me do things.”If she’d been acting under duress, it sure hadn’t shown.She turned back around, paced back towards the bed, but didn’t sit down. “For a while, after he first discovered that tape, your father tried to talk me into bringing charges. But I just couldn’t. I never forgave him, but the last thing I wanted was to relive it all.”But it wasn’t even a tape. It was a DVD. They didn’t have DVDs when Mom and Grandpa were as young as they were in the video.And Mom and Grandpa had been very close up until he passed away a few years ago.Not to mention, Grandma Kaitlin was dad’s mother, not hers. Why would a tape of her and her father be in Grandma Kaitlin’s attic? And why did it feel like it had taken actual work on my part to remember that details? I could almost feel the heavy curtain in my mind, hiding certain memories from me.She came a bit closer, laid a hand gently atop my head. “Sweetie, I know how hard that must have been for you to watch. But please understand that I had no choice.”It all sounded more or less like what the truth should have been. But it simply wasn’t adding up. Not even a little. It was like she was sketching the outlines of the story I’d expect to hear if I hadn’t started poking around at the curtain in my head. And maybe if I hadn’t, that would have been enough.Would I have preferred that?Still, I nodded. I stood up, tears I didn’t know I had the ability to produce on demand rolling down my cheeks.We embraced, long and tight, without speaking another word about it.#As certain as I was that Mom’s story was bullshit, I wasn’t sure whether she herself believed it. And I had no reason to doubt that Dom and Todd had bought it.So you can imagine my surprise when I came downstairs later that afternoon to find that, right there, in the living room, my two brothers were double-teaming the younger, slimmer, absurdly curvaceous version of our mother.Todd sat on the coffee table, holding Mom’s gorgeous black hair up while she knelt before him on all fours and bobbed up and down on his cock. Meanwhile, Dom knelt behind Mom. The hem of her loose sundress was bunched up above her waist, and Dom held her wide hips tight in he hands while he slammed his cock into her.”Oh, shit,” Todd said, looking up. He tapped the back of Mom’s head and she let him slip from her mouth with a soft pop. For his part, Dom rammed it all home one more time then, still deep inside our mother, deep inside the very womb through which he’d entered this world, he turned to look at me.”I’m sorry, honey. We thought you were taking a nap,” Mom said. She made no sign to get up, or to indicate that Dom and Todd should give her room to do so.What the hell kind of answer was that?My cheeks flushed with rage. And indignation. And disgust. I should have been angry, yes. But not that they hadn’t waited for me.Still, the one reaction that trumped all the others was intense arousal. Even the anger and jealousy that they would have been glad to leave me out if I was in fact stuck at work all day or taking a nap or whatever was fading fast. “Forget it. I’m just going to join in, and that’s the last any of us needs to say about it.”Todd laughed and, without giving her a chance to respond, grabbed Mom by the back of the head and guided his cock back inside her mouth. Her exceptionally full lips looked glorious wrapped around her son’s dick.Dom resumed pumping away furiously at our mother’s pussy. Without looking at me, he said, “Almost done. You can take over in a sec.”True to his word, he shortly thereafter pulled out, pushed Mom’s dress farther up her back, and jerked his cum onto her fat ass. The sight of those huge, shapely globes painted in her son’s jizz was almost enough to get me off right there. I didn’t even bother taking my clothes off before dropping to my knees for some sloppy seconds.I eased my hard cock into my mother’s wet snatch, gasping as I pushed past her tight entrance. There was no way a mother of four could be this tight.I lasted all of two minutes before I too pulled out and added my own contribution to the pool of sticky cum on her ass. It was over so fast, I could hardly even have said what it felt like. Good. Damn good. Warm. Moist. That’s about all I remembered.After Mom swallowed every last drop of Todd’s cum, she stood up, blushing, and told us she was just going to clean up and then she’d be back for more.”Sorry, man. You were totally right,” Todd said. “But seriously. You can’t blame us for having been skeptical. I mean, this is pretty unreal. And apparently Brianna had us under a pretty damned good veil. I knew she was powerful, but damn.””What?””Wait, are you being serious?” Dom asked. “You’re not fucking with us, are you? Like as payback for thinking you were the first time?””No, seriously, what the fuck is Todd talking about?” I asked. Except I knew. I wasn’t sure how I knew. But hadn’t I already thought to myself that it felt like a heavy curtain had been d****d over certain parts of my mind? Still, how did Todd know our cousin had done this to us? How was it that a few hours ago, everyone thought I was insane for seeing things that they now took completely for granted?My brothers looked at one another incredulously then back at me. “I figured since you were the first to see through it, you’d be ahead of us in getting your memories back.”They explained to me who we were. It sounded ridiculous. I knew I had special powers that enabled me to live out my wildest fantasies. But the whole family?But it was also entirely too ridiculous to make up. And it resonated on a certain level.Like the first time I’d artemisbet güvenilirmi learned about imaginary numbers. It seemed laughable at first, but it explained too much, was entirely too useful a concept, to dismiss out of hand.Fuck, what was wrong with me? Why hadn’t I freaked out when I saw that horrible tableau unfolding before me? What had made me join in? And how could I be reacting so calmly to it, with a detached intellectual curiosity. Metaphors from math class? Really?Because I’d already gone through all this. Already made my peace with what a sick fuck I was. Had already tortured myself as much as I was ever going to over it. My brothers were right. This was not the first time for any of us. It just felt that way because of Brianna.When Mom came back, Dom immediately went over to her and slipped his hand around her waist. “Frank still doesn’t remember,” he said.Mom looked at me apologetically. “Oh, baby. I just assumed…,” she swallowed the rest of the thought. “Well, honey, the thing is, a little while after you and I talked, it all started coming back to me. I wasn’t sure, and I was kind of afraid that if I said anything, you all would think I was crazy too, the way your brothers had thought that you were. But after a little tequila to calm my nerves, I decided to tell them that I was seeing things too, that it wasn’t just you, and see if maybe that jogged something loose for them or something. And, well, apparently it did. Then, while I hate to sound so cliche, one thing led to another.””Doesn’t matter,” I said. “It’s true, I don’t really remember, not entirely, but something seems to be registering. I’m sure it will all come back to me soon enough.”Todd threw a firm jab at my upper arm. “Always knew you were the slow one.”We all laughed at that. Then Mom slipped away from Dom and came over to me. She pulled my tank-top off. Her soft hands roamed over my body. The body that made the one I was used to seeing look pathetic, though most women found me desirable enough. The one that seemed like it couldn’t have been real, but according to Todd and Dom, in fact was.”Honestly, baby, I thought your memories were back. It never occurred to me that if you woke up and walked in on us, you’d think I was sharing something special with your brothers that I wouldn’t share with you. I just assumed you’d jump right in.”I stared into my mother’s big, brown eyes. Fuck, this new her was breathtaking. Only, it wasn’t new, I had to remind myself. Just new to me. And even then, only because of this “veil” that Brianna had used to hide our memories. Whatever version of her this was, she was gorgeous. Her hair would itself have been enough to make me hard, if I hadn’t already been. “It’s really okay,” I said.Mom stood up on her tiptoes and planted a soft, hesitant kiss on my lips. Then ano–I squeezed her tight and kissed her like the world depended on it. She squeaked as best she could with her lips trapped by mine, but an instant later threw herself into the kiss with enthusiasm that matched my own. I lifted one soft thigh up to my hip and slid my hand up her cool skin. How could her thighs be so full and yet entirely free of dimpling or cellulite?As Mom and I tumbled onto the couch, Todd and Dom traded smart-ass remarks.Or so I assumed.I couldn’t really hear. And didn’t really care. I was just grateful that they gave me a few minutes alone with Mom.But it was only a few minutes. As soon as Mom shuddered her way through a climax, her juices dripping over my sac, they leaped to rejoin the fray. I hadn’t even had the chance to get off again myself. Was barely getting around to exploring all of her glorious curves.Still, I wasn’t going to complain. As I watched Mom settle onto Todd’s lap, facing away from him and leaning forward to suck Dom off, my head started to spin. I threw my hands out to the sides, using the cushions of the couch to steady myself. I wasn’t even standing, and I’d still felt like I was about to topple over. It seemed that Mom’s orgasm, and the sexual energy I’d sapped from her in the process without even realizing I was doing it, had ripped a few new tears in Brie’s veil.It still seemed only half-real. I couldn’t believe we were really supernatural sexual demons. Or gods and goddesses. Whatever we were. Beings with incredible powers, powers that were fueled by sexual energy we drained from our lovers in the throes of ecstasy. It was like some pathetic deranged person’s warped fantasy.But it was a damned nice fantasy. If that made me pathetic, so be it.I tapped Dom on the shoulder and told him to make room. He huffed and looked like he was going to protest, but after a few seconds, finally pulled his thick slab of meat out of our mother’s mouth. I shuffled over, taking his place. Running my fingers through Mom’s silky hair, I smiled down at her and said, “You don’t mind, right?”By way of an answer, she engulfed me immediately.Good lord, Mom knew how to give head. Her tongue was surprisingly nimble, her lips pillowy and soft, and her mouth delightfully warm.Suddenly, I remembered that as good as Mom was, my cousin was much better. There was only so much a woman could do physically to improve upon Mom’s technique. But Brianna didn’t limit herself to physical stimulation. Neither did my mother, for that matter. But none of us had the raw supernatural power that Brianna did.All the same, while this might not have been the best blowjob I’d ever experienced, it was close enough that I didn’t last a minute.The four of us went at it more or less non-stop, except for a brief break to nibble at frozen pizza, for the next several hours.No one said anything about it, but apparently we’d all tacitly agreed that I deserved the most attention. Or maybe I wanted it the most, and Mom either didn’t care or felt the same way about me. I don’t know. But one way or another, hardly a few minutes went by where I wasn’t inside one of my mother’s orifices. In contrast, a good part of the time, either Dom or Todd stood back, watching and waiting for another turn at one of Mom’s holes. Of course, more than once, Mom decided to go airtight. The woman just couldn’t get enough cock. And damn if that was just about the hottest thing I ever saw.At first, I’d worried that it would uncomfortable, or even painful, for her. But just as the three of us were able to keep fucking no matter how many loads of cum our balls pumped out, there seemed to be no such thing as too much for Mom. Or, at least, her limits were unlike any mortal woman’s, even if she obviously did have some.When our sister got home, we were still in the living room, fucking each other’s brains out. Todd was in Mom’s mouth and I was in her ass. Dom was standing off to the side, sweating like a pig, and drinking a glass of ice water.Natalie shrieked. I thought in horror. But it was in excitement. She tore her clothes off faster than I thought humanly possible, snatched the water out of Dom’s hand, placed it on the coffee table, and ordered her brother to sit down on the couch so she could ride him.Todd abandoned us, a soft pop announcing his departure from our mother’s mouth.Twisting her head around to look back at me, Mom said, “And then there were two.”Which suited me just fucking fine.I pulled Mom up from all fours and laid on my back atop the coffee table. Then my mother mounted me. I stared up at her, still more or less numb to it all. All that really registered was that the sexiest woman I’d ever laid eyes on, who just so happened to be my mother, was bouncing atop me. Her huge breasts jiggled like crazy even though they were trapped in the tight grip of my hands.The five of us kept at it for a few more hours after that, even though no living person could possibly manage that level of exertion for that long. As more and more memories returned, I called upon my powers more and more, spicing things up.We all did.By the time we were done, each of the women had been DP’d several times. They even fooled around with each other while the three guys watched, jerking ourselves furiously.We alternated partners frequently, but both Todd and Dom tended to favor Natalie, while I favored Mom. Maybe they were a little bored with her, having spent several hours fucking her already before Nat got home.I’ll admit it was nice to take a break and fuck my sister every now and then too. But, for me, it was more or less only in the same way that it was nice to have some sorbet between courses to cleanse the palate.

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