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Rental wife

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Rental wifeThis story relates to my wife rittu.We got married in 2004 and after two years of marriage we shifted to delhi and were living in a hotel as we were looking for a house on rent.Getting a house on rent in delhi was very difficult task and the rent was also very huge and we were unable to find the house at desired location.Rittu had a sexy ripe fig and whenever we used to look for the house the landlordswould always feast their eyes on my wife body.She had big boobs and sexy ass pounding out of the saree when she used to walk and our search for the house was not ending .I ofen used to see the classified ads for house rent and one day I saw the ad for house on rent for our desired location.I called the landlord and took an appointment with him and we were scheduled to meet at the rented apartment for 7 pm.Rittu did not wanted to go but the landlord insisted that both husband and wife should be present to get the rented apartment.Rittu got dressed up in black saree with her high heels on and then I told rittu that our money is finishing in staying at hotel as it is proving very expensive and if today we don’t get the house on rent we had to leave delhi to our hometown.Rittu got depressed a little bit as she wanted to live in delhi and anyhow we reached the rented apartment on schedule time.I rang the doorbell and a man of nearly 60 years of age well built and grey hair on his head opened the door and he introduced himself as Mr gupta and the owner of the apartment.I introduced my self and rittu to him and he was looking at rittu from her toe to her boobs and then he told me that this is a fully furnished apartment and then gupta escorted us inside and was showing the living room.He was referring to rittu as bhabi and soon he showed the bedroom and the masterbedroom was indeed well furnished and the bed was also neatly kept.As I was looking at the place gupta was intenionlly standing behind rittu and often used to touch her ass.Rittu did not mind as she thought gupta was just standing behind her just like that.This he was doing at all the 3 bedrooms he showed and then I asked gupta about the rent and he told us the rent would be around 25000 per month and 6 months advance security.We had a budget of only 16000 per month and for one month advance security.I looked at rittu and told her that this apartment is not in our budget and we should leave.Gupta told us to have a seat and he can negotiate about the rent and he told me to think about how much maximum rent I can pay while he would bring a cold drink from the kitchen.He told rittu to accompny him to the kitchen to bring the cold drinks and rittu dutifully accompanied him to the kitchen.At the kitchen he told rittu to look at the modular kitchen and all the gadgets fitted in the kitchen .As rittu opened the shelves of the boards gupta came behind her and started poking his lund from behind rittus ass and rittu could not believe such a old man would do such a thing and she wanted to leave immediately but then something came in rittus mind and she stopped and started opening the fridge to take out a coke,Gupta got an hint and now he started caressing rittus boobs from behind and started shoving her hands inside rittus blouse.Rittu told gupta to behave and go to the living room where I was seated and she would bring the cold drinks.Rittu knew that she can now negotiate with gupta in her own terms.As me and gupta was seated and were negotiating about the rent rittu bought cold drinks for us and soon she winked at mr. gupta and laughed.Gupta tried to hide his feeling in front of me and soon he told that he can settle the rent for 22000.Me and gupta were seated opposite each other and first rittu served me the cold drink and as she was to serve the cold drink to gupta she lifted her saree pallu from türbanlı konya escort her cleavage and her milky boobs were exposed for gupta eyes.Rittu adjusted her pallu and came and sat down on the sofa and now gupta settled the rent for 20000 and I still told gupta that this was too much for me.Rittu now crossed her legs and the the front portion of her silky legs with high heels were totally exposed and gupta was looking at her legs with deep breath.Rittu again winked at gupta and all this was happening right under my nose without my knowledge.Gupta now again settled the amount to 18000 and told me that this is his last offer .As I got up rittu told me that has forgotten her purse in the kitchen and she called gupta to help her find it.Mr gupta willing accompanied rittu to the kitchen.As both reached the kitchen Rittu told gupta to settle the amount for 15000 and soon gupta caught hold of rittu and started kissing her.Gupta entered her tounge inside rittus mouth and riitu too accepted his tounge and both started French kissing and soon rittu parted her lips with gupta and all his salvia was seen on rittus lips.Rittu told gupta that I can come anytime over here and go to the living room and settle the rent amount.Gupta went to the living room and rittu came behind him and Gupta told me that he is ok with 15000 rent and I was surprised that how gupta had settled the amount on my terms.I told him that I had only one month advance security and I cant pay for six months and again gupta said this cant be done as I had to pay for six months.Rittu now told me that I should relax and she would negotiate with mr gupta.She called gupta to accompny her to the bedroom and soon gupta followed her to the bedroom and I thought rittu might influence guptaji to settle the advance security terms and so I didn’t follow them.As they entered the bedroom they again embraced each other and liplocked with each others tounge and rittu caught hold of gupta lund which was bulging in his pants and rittu was pleading with gupta to settle the terms and give his apartment on rent and gupta meanwhile was not thinking about the rent but rather them fucking my sexy blossom wife.Both rittu and gupta were trying to achieve their goal while caressing each other and as they were tied in each others arm and I suddenly opened the door as gupta forgot to lock the door.I was shocked to see rittu in guptas arms and her hair loose and her lipstick marks smudged on her cheeks with guptas kissing.I asked rittu what all is this and then she told me that gupta had her eyes on her for fucking and that’s why he had settled the amount to 15000 and she was in terms of negotiating the advance security price and in the meanwhile I came.Gupta now anyhow wanted to fuck my wife and he told me that I let him fuck rittu he would not take any advance security from me.This came as really shock to me and I thought how can I let him fuck my wife for a rental apartment and then I thought if I would have taken the apartment and gupta would have visited my wife behind my back to fuck her..I told gupta that I am ready to let him fuck my whore wife but first he had to sign the agreement.Gupta agreed to it and soon I took out the agreement papers and filled guptas name and address for the rented apartment and the terms and condtions for rent agreement and as gupta was about to sign he stopped and told me that he also has to accept his terms and conditions as he can come anytime and would let him fuck my wife.I agressd to it and gupta signed on the dotted line and soon as he signed he came near rittu and caught hold of her in front of me and stared kissing her wildly.Rittu was now looking at me while gupta was kissing her passionately and I told her to go ahead and getting türbanlı konya escort bayan my green signal she too responded gupta with deep kiss.As they were kissing Gupta told me to get some scotch drinks from the living room.I went to the living room and bought a red label scotch with sodas I made drinks for gupta and myself and rittu also told she would also have the drinks.I told gupta that I would sit in the living room while he enjoys with rittu but he told me to sit and watch how he fucks my wife.I sat down on the sofa and gupta and rittu were standing and enjoying their drinks.Now gupta came to rittu and ripped off her saree and she was exposed in black petticoat and blouse and soon he came near rittu and untied the string of her petticoat and rittus petticoat fell on the ground and gupta ripped of her blouse.Gupta was now treating rittu as a real raand while now my wife was exposed in netted bra and panty with high heels and gupta was now admiring my wife silky luscious body.He made another peg for himself and and took a large sip from the glass and then he told rittu to bring her mouth and sip the drink from his mouth and rittu gulped all the drink from guptas mouth and both again started kissing vigoursly with both their tounges fighting with each other.Guptas hands were now exploring all my wifes body sometimes grasping her gaand and then her bare back and then his hands came on bras hook and he unhooked the bra and then threw the bra on my face and now rittu was bared in her milky boobs and gupta was sucking the tits of my wife and squeezing her erect nipples and then sucking the boobs like a c***d hungry for moms milkI also started stoking my cock while watching a man of rittus father age careesing my wife body.Rittu now unbuttoned gupta shirt and he was flat chased and rittu started placing her hand on her chest while gupta was fondling rittus boobs.Rittus tight nipples became erect and hard and she was on verge of excitement and soon she shoved her hands in guptas pant and she was shocked that a man of her father age had a mighty monster cock.Gupta now took off his pant and underwear and soon a hard monster cock of 9 inch was dangling in front of rittu.Rittu again looked at me and then gupta made her kneeled down and place the tip of cock in rittus mouth.Rittu adjusted her mouth wide open to take the tip of that cock and soon gupta started stroking his big cock in her mouth.Rittu was now spitting on guptas cocks while gupta was fucking her mouth and then he took out his cock and made rittu stand up and shoved his hands inside her panty and to guptas surprise rittu chut was totally wet with juices.He now lowered rittus panty and skirted it downwards and soon gupta as same height of rittu with her heels on were facing with each other and his hard monster cock was lurking at rittus chut.Rittu wanted to take that cock inside her chut but fearing how she will handle such big cock inside her chut.Gupta tightly embraced rittu with her arms and his cock was now rubbing rittus chut.Rittu was trying to free herself from guptas arms as she did not wanted to take that big cock inside her chut as she knew her chut would be teared and swollen by that monster cock.Rittu was helplessly looking at me and I also could not do anythingh.Gupta now took off riitus pantys and picked rittu with both his hands and placed her chut on the tip of his cock while gupta was standing and rittu was pleading with gupta to leave her but then as the tip of cock entered rittu chut lips and gupta was not penetrating his cock and told rittu to relax and rittu got comforted from guptas words and soon the cock and chut were tingling with each other.Gupta was taking aal the load of my wife weight with his hands on türbanlı escort konya her thighs and his cock trying to enter the chut lips.Rittu was now passionately kissing gupta with her tounge and gupta was also slurping rittu saliva in his mouth.Soon gutpa now started penetrating rittus chut and rittu chut was very hot and was slowly giving way to.guptas cock.As gupta pentarted a little bit in rittus chut he gave a deep jerk and penetrated deep inside rittus chut.Rittu shouted in deep scremed like a virgin chut fucked for the first time and she was now crying loudly but gupta did not listen and was fucking rittu harder and harder.Soon rittus chut lips adjusted to gupta cock and became wide and soon she also started stroking vigoursly.It was realy strange to see a old man fucking with such a stamina and that too standing and rittu was thusrting her chut on gupta monster cock.Gupta now made rittu lie down on the bed and coming on top of her he told rittu to spread her legs wide open.Rittu like a true raand spread her legs with her heel and gupta started entering her vagina and rittu now moaned in pleasure.Gupta was now deep thrusting my wife and with each stroke was tearing my wife pussy.Rittu knew now there was no escape and she too was responding to guptas stroke .Gupta cock now deep entered my wife chut opening the mouth of her bacchadani and rittu with her hands around gupta sholder was fucking like a bitch.She had 2 orgasms while fucking gupta and soon gupta told that he was cumming and soon gupta exploded all his cum in my wifes chut.Rittu cold feel the sperms entering her mouth of bacchadani and she moaned in deep pleasure.Both gupta and rittu were sweating and his cock still in my wife chut and both lied there for 20 mims.Rittu chut was swollen and paining like anything and she wanted to go for shower but then gupta told her that he is not satisfied yet and and made her lie down on one side and from the back of rittu he picked one leg of rittu to make her chut wider and then with his hard cock again started entering rittus chut.Rittu chut was now used to gupta hard monster cock and soon her chut lips paved way for gupta cock and his dick easily entered rittus chut.Rittu now lowered her legs and gupta was fucking my wife from behind and also pressing her milky boobs.Rittu was now on the verge of having the orgasms and made gupta lied on the bed and soon she came on top of gupta cock and started fucking him vigoursly while gupta was lying and rittu was riding his cock and soon both of them started fucking each other vigoursly and both of them came together and now rittu was looking at me as she took guptas cum inside her chut.Guptas cock was still inside rittus chut as if that cock didn’t wanted to leave that tight pussy and I was wondering whether I had given my wifes chut for rental rather than living in the apartment.I came near rittu and told her to go the shower and get dressed .As rittu went to the shower gupta followed her behind and then closing the door again started fucking her in shower and soon I could hear the loud moaning sound in the bathroom as if gupta was again tearing rittus chut.I opened the bathroom door and saw rittu against the wall under the shower and gupta was fucking her ass from behind.Rittu was begging guptaji to spare her ass bit he was not listening and started fucking rittus virgin ass and with a deep jerk he teared the walls of rittus ass and started pumping rittus ass vigoursly.Rittu was in deep pain and she was getting fucked in chut and ass with me helplessly watching them on.After 30 mins rittu came from the shower and she could not walk properly and she told me that gupta had fucked in her ass hole and she was now in desperate need for rest .Rittu was now regularly fucked by guptas cock and gupta also used to brings his friends and get rittu fucked by them.Rittu now became a real prostitute as gupta used to pimp my wife to diffent clients in various five star hotelswhile I used to watch them fucking together and soon rittu became pregnant with guptas c***d and later on gupta gave the ownership of apartment in rittus name for the sake of rittu and his c***d.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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