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Editor: jellybelly2

One day, Herb heads to the phone to call Ann. He picks it up and dials her phone number hoping she is home. The phone rings a few times and he hears her beautiful voice answer and say “Hello.”

“Hello, how are you?” Herb inquires.

“I’m fine, how are you?” Ann replies.

“Oh I’m doing great, I was wondering if you’d be willing to go out Friday night?” Herb asked.

Ann thinks for a moment and replies, “I would love to.”

Herb says, “Great! We’re going to a small steak house. It’s kind of hard to get into and it’s kind of fancy… think I can get you to dress up nice?”

Ann replies, “Sure no problem.”

Herb once again says “Great. Reservations are at 8:00 so I’ll pick you up at 7:30. Please be ready.”

Then Ann says, “Great. I’ll see you then.”

Several texts are sent between Ann and Herb in the days leading up to their date. The anticipation is starting to grow for both of them as they are both looking forward to spending time with one another. Herb cleans up his car and makes sure it’s ready for their date. Ann begins to look for an outfit and shoes. She digs through her closet and can’t find anything to wear, so she makes a quick trip to the mall and buys something nice to wear for their date. She finds this nice black mini dress and heels to match.

So today’s the day of their date. Both of them have taken the necessary steps to get ready to make this a memorable night. Herb sends Ann a text at 7:00 telling her that he will be there to pick her up in 30 minutes.

She replies “Okay great, I’ll be ready.”

At 7:25, Herb is knocking on her door. With a slight pause, the door opens an Herb is stunned by her beauty. Ann is standing there in her black mini dress in high heels, her makeup is done just so, and her hair looks fabulous. She is normally a beautiful young lady but today Herb is taken aback by her ravenous beauty. Ann looks out the door to see Herb standing there dressed nicely holding two flowers. One long stemmed rose, and a corsage for her to wear on the date.

Herb says, “You look fantastic!”

He hands Ann the rose and she takes it and smells it. “May I pin this on you?” Herb asks.

Ann says “Yes you may. Do you have a pin?”

Herb replies, “Yes, it came with one.”

Herb steps through the door but the door is still open. He takes the corsage and brings it up to one of the straps on her dress. He takes his hand and gently touches her soft silky skin and slides his hand up under one of the straps; making the most contact with her skin. Careful not to prick her with the pin; the corsage is pinned in place.

“Shall we go?” Herb inquires.

Ann says “Yes, I’m ready.”

Herb turns and heads out the door stopping just outside allowing Ann to follow. Ann steps through the door, and turns and locks it. She turns around to see Herb holding out his hand in offering to hold hers. She accepts the offer. They hold hands as they walk towards the car. Herb opens up the car door for her, and she takes her place in the passenger seat. Herb rushes around the car and hops in the driver seat, starts the engine, puts it in reverse, backs out, shifts the car into drive, and then they’re off.

Herb reaches over and places his hand on her bare knee. “I just can’t get over how fabulous you look. You look amazing tonight Ann” Herb says.

She blushes and says “Thank you.”

They carry on a conversation during the drive to the restaurant. They reach their destination, and Herb parks. He says, “Just one moment,” jumps out, runs around the car, opens the car door for her and taking her hand as she steps out. He closes the door and they walk up to the front door of the restaurant. He opens the front door allowing her to enter; letting go of her hand. He follows her in, then steps around and talks with the maitre’d. The restaurant is small; only ten tables with 2 seats each, clearly the restaurant is meant for couples. The restaurant is dimly lit to give the couples some intimacy, with some nice music playing in the background.

Herb and Ann are led to their table and sat down. Ann orders wine and Herb just a glass of water. Right now the restaurant is almost full, and Herb and Ann are sitting in the back with a good view of the restaurant. The kitchen is off on the side, and the only thing back ankara escort by Herb and Ann is the hallway leading to the restroom. The waiter comes around and takes their order. Herb orders the filet mignon, and Ann orders the catch of the day.

A conversation ensues while the company is waiting for the food. The food is brought to the table and it looks excellent, more wine is ordered, and all of the wonderful sustenance is consumed. The couple are making the most of the night, and not at all in a hurry to leave. The restaurant begins to thin out. Herb notices Ann squirming a little in her seat. “The restroom is just down the hall hun, if you need to use it.” he says.

“No I’m fine” Ann replies.

She reaches across the table with a clenched fist. Herb reaches his hand across the table to take what she is offering. A small piece of cloth drops into his hand. He thinks, ‘what is this?’ He brings it a little closer to himself opens his hand just a little. He quickly realizes what it is. It’s Ann’s g-string! His eyebrows raised; he looks back at Ann and smiles. They both look around the room to see if anyone noticed the thinned out crowd was going about their conversations, and not noticing the events in the back of the restaurant.

Then a bare foot touches his knee and starts to slide up his inner thigh. They both look into each others eyes. He finds her foot sliding closer to his crotch. He doesn’t stop her foot so it makes connection with his bulge. She wraps her foot around and around. She feels him starting to grow in his pants just as the waiter comes back.

“Is there anything else I can get you?” he inquires.

Herb quickly removes her panties from view and tucks them into his pocket. “Um, just the check.”

Ann never misses a stroke with her foot. The check is brought, and Herb tries to shoo her foot away. He reaches back and takes his wallet out, takes his money from it, and places it with the bill. “I have to use the restroom before we leave.” Herb says “I’ll be right back.” He stands up, and Ann notices his bulge in his pants. He turns and walks off to the restroom.

Herb opens up the restroom door, turns the light on, steps in, and gets pushed from behind. It’s a small push but still caught him off guard. He is pushed inside and he hears the door closing, and spins around to find Ann standing there in the men’s restroom with him. The restroom is a single use bathroom, and very clean. She locks the door.

“What are you doing?” he asks.

“What do you think I’m going to do?” she says coyly as she approaches.

She backs him up against the wall; looking up at him into his eyes as she wraps her arms around him. He kindly returns the favor looking down at her; embracing her. He leans in for a kiss, allowing her to finish the rest of the way. Their lips touch, and they go into a deep kiss; Herb is feeling really loved by Ann. He loves the feeling. They kiss and embrace for several minutes. He grabs the back of her head pulling her hair just slightly. He stops kissing her mouth, and starts kissing her neck down to her chest.

He reaches back and unzips the dress, and the straps come off her shoulders. They fall down revealing her erect nipples. He begins to lick them and suck on them; still embracing her, holding her tight against his face buried in her breast. His tongue swirls around the nipples, and the coarseness of his tongue is very stimulating for Ann. Then he reaches around, and grabs her ass while still sucking on her nipples. Lightly biting her nipple, he stops and moves back up her neck; kissing along the way, then moves up to her earlobe.

He whispers into her ear “I want to fuck you right here. Right now.”

She whispers back, “okay.”

He reaches both hands up and under her armpits. Lifting her up; he carries her over to the counter sink area, setting her down on the counter. Her legs closed, and him standing in front of her, he places his hands on her knees. He begins to spread her legs open, looking down and up her dress; he can see a nicely shaved pussy. He kneels down, starts kissing her leg and moving up ever so softly and slightly, she can feel his breath as he moves closer and closer to her. 1 inch away from making contact… she sees his tongue leave his mouth and slide across her clit; pausing there just for a moment, and then nothing. etimesgut escort She only feels his breath on her pussy. Seconds pass, then another lick. Another second passes, just his breath on her pussy, then another lick.

Then he swiftly dives in, his tongue slips right in; darting in and out. He flips his tongue all around. He stops licking and starts sucking on her lips; first the right one, then the left. Then back to her hole, in and out. He loves the way she tastes, and could lick her until she cums. He moves up to her clit and starts sucking on that. He takes his right hand and moves it to her pussy.

He slips two fingers inside and starts banging her while he’s sucking on her clit. His two fingers are soaked with her pussy juices, working her over. He’s trying to get her to squirt in his mouth. Working her g spot with his two fingers, Ann yells, “fuck me, Herb!” He gives two long hard sucks of her clit. He stops banging her, pulls her clit with his mouth and keeps sucking as he backs away. Her clit slips out of his mouth; and his lips make a popping sound.

He reaches down and picks her ass up off the counter and pulls it to the edge. He unzips his pants, reaches in, and pulls out his hard cock. Stepping closer to Ann, he takes his right hand and grabs the base of his dick, lines it up with her pussy, and starts rubbing his head all over her; mixing his precum with her juices.

Herb takes his cock and starts to push it inside her. The head of his penis enters, then another inch… still pushing; allowing their juices to slowly cover his shaft. He pushes it all inside, then pulls it back out. Herb then takes his cock in his hand and slaps her clit with his dick four times. Then slides it back into her. Now Herb starts fucking Ann. Slowly it starts out, looking into her eyes. Then the motion starts to pick up faster, and faster. “Damn baby you feel so damn tight, I’m about to cum already.” Herb says to Ann.

Still he continues to pound her. In and out of her pussy, over and over. She starts to moan, rocking her hips into him. “You close baby?” Herb asks. “I can’t go much longer.”

“Yes, I’m close” Ann says.

Herb grabs her legs and throws them onto his shoulders, using them as leverage so he can fuck her harder and deeper. Herb says to her, “I’m going to cum inside of you babe.”

She’s really moaning now, “Yes, yes!”

Herb says, “I’mmmm, cumming…” His body tightens up as he cums deep inside of her pussy.

She says “Yes, yes I am too!” moaning and squealing.

Herb gives a few last pumps to make sure she is done. He leans forward and kisses her on her soft lips. He stands back up and takes his cock out of her, and he watches his cum drip out of her. He reaches over and grabs a handful of paper towels and offers them to her to clean up, and she does so.

Just then, a knock on the restroom door throws them back into reality. They look at each other and laugh. He offers her g string back to her. She takes them and slips them back on, and quickly fixes her dress. Herb tucks everything back in and zips up. Quickly, he cleans up his mess that they made. They both head for the door; giving one look at each other and a laugh. Herb opens the door, reaches back, grabs her hand, and pulls her along as they leave the restroom. Some old guy is standing there with a befuddled look on his face as they pass.

Herb pulls Ann all along the way through the restaurant, and leaves whatever money is left as the tip. They hit the door and it’s not long before they are sitting in his car just giggling and laughing. They start to settle down, and he starts to head home to drop her off. Several minutes into the trip, all is quiet.

Ann reaches over and places her hand on Herb’s inner thigh. Ann’s hand slides up his thigh. Herb reaches down and grabs her wrist stopping her hand from sliding forward. Herb says “What are you doing?”

“I want to go again” Ann says.

“You know if I go again, you will be fucked hard and fast!” “Your pussy better be ready for a solid fucking!” Herb replies.

He lets go of her wrist. She thinks for a moment, and then she continues to slide her hand up his thigh. She reaches down to his cock and starts rubbing from outside of his dress slacks. She reaches her other hand over and starts to rub the back of his head. All Herb can do ankara etimesgut escort is drive and take the pleasure of being rubbed. She stops and undoes his button to his pants. Ann then slides her hand down and inside. She starts to rub his cock and balls.

He is still damp from fucking her earlier, but she just uses it as lube to stroke his cock. She feels him slowly starting to grow in her hand. Stroking his cock hard with her tiny hand, she continues until they reach the driveway. As he stops the car, Herb says, “Baby, I’m going to fuck you so hard!” “Take your fucking g string off, now!” He commands.

Still in the car she does so. He parks the car, and she realizes they are at his house. He exits the car and walks around to open the door to let her out. She steps out, and he picks her up, and throws her over his shoulder. He slaps her ass as he carries her to the front door. He struggles to find the keys and unlock the door, but he gets it done, and opens the door with her still on his shoulder. Herb carries her inside, and he kicks the door closed.

He lowers her down allowing her to stand, then pushes her up against the wall looking her fiercely in the eyes. He puts his face against hers. He reaches down between her legs, and slips three fingers inside of her pussy. He starts banging her, holding her against the wall. In and out the fingers go. He takes his left hand up to her throat, and chokes her slightly. “You awoke the beast from within me, this is your last chance. Do you want to continue?” he asks.

Still being banged and choked she replies, “Yes fuck me!” Herb growls like an animal. He bites her neck, and the pain and pleasure shoots throughout her body.

He stops choking her and takes his fingers out of her. He reaches down to the base of the dress and rips it off of her; up over her head. Ann just standing there, in just her high heels now, Herb takes a good look at her sexy naked body. He dives in; pushing her back up against the wall. He reaches down to find her hands. He locks their hands together and raises them above her head. He goes to kiss her but stops short just teasing her. He lowers his head to her bare breast. He starts kissing them while still holding her hands above her head.

Licking and sucking on her nipples; his tongue slides across them over and over. She can feel every taste bud slide over her sensitive nipples. He starts to work his way up her chest, leaving her nipples behind. Now kissing her neck and throat, he let’s go of her hands, undoes his pants, and pulls his underwear down to his knees.

He picks her up, and she wraps her legs around him. Herb reaches around and underneath her to put his cock inside her. The head hits her pussy and with one solid push, he’s inside Ann. Keeping her pinned against the wall, he starts fucking her again. He pounds her good. She feels every inch enter her and leave her over and over. She starts to moan, which turns him on making him fuck her harder. Herb says “I want to fuck you doggy.”

“Okay,” she replies.

He lets her down and his cock slips out of her. She takes a few steps and kneels down; putting her ass up in the air to be fucked from behind. She feels Herb come up behind her and places his hands on her ass cheeks and spreads them apart. Then his cock hits her pussy and slides right in. He really pounds her in this position.

He squeezes her love handles; pulling her back into him with every thrust forward. Deeper and deeper he goes. Ann is truly getting fucked so hard from behind. ‘Look at that sweet ass up in the air getting pounded!’ Herb thinks to himself. She can’t take anymore and yells “I’m cumming, baby!”

Herb slips his thumb into her ass when she says that. Her ass opens to take it and he pushes it in deep. That sensation is enough to drive him to the edge, along with her moaning and cumming. He feels his cock going in and out of her through his thumb from being inside her ass. He cums also; groaning and moaning. She pushes back a few times to make sure he is finished. She then collapses onto the floor. His thumb and his penis leave her.

He leans down and kisses her, and they both are panting. He kisses her body all over. Then he stands up, sweeps his arm under her legs and the other one around her back. Picking her up, he carries her into his bedroom and places her in bed and removes her shoes. He finishes undressing himself and gets into bed with her. He wraps his arm around her; holding her. She places her head on his chest. He holds her tight; kissing her head, then says, “I love you baby, you’re the best.”

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