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Reststop fun

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Reststop funAfter having one good success with a truck driver, I managed to convince Joe that I would like to try it again with perhaps more than one driver. He agreed if on one or two times he could sit by and watch me suck off another man’s cock or possibly even fuck him. I decided to wear a sheer white top and loose skirt, no bra or panties and we headed out for the highway. We took a route that offered more than one turn-off or rest area and it wasn’t too long before we spotted a semi up in front of us.Joe raced ahead a little and we pulled along side the drivers side of the cab and Joe reminded me that there was a turn off coming up in the next few miles so as he pulled up next to the truck and maintained the same speed, I turned a bit in my seat and looked up at the driver. My tits were in view and I knew the guy could see my cleavage quite clearly. He finally looked down to see why we were still next to him and I thought he would lose control right then and there. His eyes lit up and I knew I had his interest.I began to caress my tits for the guy and as he alternated watching me and the road, I undid my top exposing my tits. I then ran my tongue over my lips letting him know I wanted his cock. “Turnoff coming up” Joe said to meI looked at the driver and pointed ahead of his truck and when he looked and saw the turnoff, he looked back down at me and nodded an okay.”He’s gonna turn off” I said to Joe and as he pulled back behind the truck, he followed it off the highway onto the turnoff. There was an area long enough for the truck to pull over and us to stop behind him as well and when we both came to a stop, I climbed out of the car after giving Joe a kiss and headed up to the cab. Opening the door I looked up and saw the guy sitting there,”Suck your cock for free” I said to him and he motioned for me to climb in. I had left my top unbuttoned so that my tits stayed exposed and as soon as I settled down in the seat, the guy reached over and cupped my tits,”Nice set of tits baby” he said as he fondled them. Smiling at him,”Go sarıyer escort ahead and suck on them” I replied and he bent over and began to suck on my tits. After a minute or so,”Bite my fuckin’ nipples” I begged him and he did so, sending a mild pain shooting through me. By now he was ready and as he sat back up,”Let me see that cock honey” I said to him and I watched as he undid his zipper and was able to pull his cock out. It was okay in size so I didn’t say anything, I just leaned over, took it in my hand and after licking it until it was hard, stuck it into my mouth and sucked on it hard and fast. It only took a few minutes before he buckled and shot a load of cum into my mouth. I easily took it and then licked him clean.”Thanks lover” I said to him as I straightened up, buttoned my top and after saying good-bye, climbed out of the cab and went back to the car,”Well” said Joe”How was he?” he asked. I looked at him as he started to move out from behind the truck,”Okay” I replied and as we passed the cab, I looked up and waved at the driver, throwing him a kiss as we went off.”Not too big” I added”But a cock is a cock” I added and back on the highway we went. It didn’t take long before another truck came up, this time we knew there was a rest stop coming up so when Joe pulled along side of this truck, I unbuttoned my top and when the guy looked down, he saw me caressing my full tits and pulling on my nipples. I could see the huge smile on his face and quickly motioned towards the sign for the upcoming rest stop. He quickly agreed and when the time came we both pulled off the road and into the rest area. We pulled over to the far corner spaces and Joe pulled up next to the passenger side of the truck.”My turn to watch” Joe said to me. I looked at him,”I’ll ask” I said and got out and went over to the cab. I pulled open the door and this man looked a whole lot better.”My hubby wants to watch” I said to him,”That okay with you?” I added. Looking down esenyurt escort at my exposed tits,”Only if I can fuck you” he answered back and I readily agreed and motioned for Joe to come along. His cab was really spacious and his sleeping area was nice and big so when I climbed into his cab he started to get out of his seat,”Before you do that” I said to him”Let me suck your fuckin’ cock first” I added and I saw him smile. He sat back down and positioned himself so that I could get to his cock easily and when he took it out, I cried out,”Oh fuck baby” I said to him looking at his massive hard cock.”What a fuckin’ cock” I added and moved over quickly and taking hold oh his huge boner,”Oh fuckin’ god” I said and into my mouth it went. I took as much as I could and really sucked hard and fast on his cock as he soon grabbed hold of my hair and holding my head in place, now started to fuck my mouth in earnest. I gagged more than once as he kept up fucking my mouth”Fuckin’ nice” I managed to hear Joe say behind me,”That’s it man” he said”Fuck that fuckin’ whores mouth good” he added and after another couple of minutes the guy pulled me off his cock and while I gasped for air,”The fuckin’ bitch agreed to let me fuck her” he said to Joe”Go for it man” Joe answered back “Climb in there whore and get on your back” he now ordered me and I crawled inside his sleeping area. I quickly took off my skirt showing my pussy for the man. He climbed in down by my legs and after taking off his pants and shorts, had me spread my legs apart.”Let’s see how you taste whore” he said to me as he moved in and bent down to my cunt. He started licking and sucking on my cunt, driving me into a frenzy of lust,”That’s it baby” I said to him”Suck my fuckin’ cunt” I added and he drove his tongue and fingers into me and drove me even more frantic for his cock. Soon I was so ready,”Fuck me baby” I said to him”Fuck my fuckin’ cunt” I added as he stopped sucking on my cunt, rose up and moved in and taking his cock in his avrupa yakası escort hand, rubbed it against my cunt lips and then shoved it hard into me. I cried out at the sudden pain, but that soon turned to sheer pleasure as the man started fucking me hard and fast. After a few more minutes I was able to look over and saw Joe smile at me, knowing I was thoroughly enjoying this man’s hard cock pounding away at my cunt.”OH FUCK” I cried out”FUCK ME” I added”FUCK MY FUCKIN’ CUNT” I then said as the man drove his cock deep inside me. He now bent down and grabbing my face, turned it at his and started to kiss me. We kissed passionately as he fucked me with a passion that drove me into another world. I didn’t want his fucking to end, but it soon did as he pumped a large load of cum deep into me. He kept his cock in me for another minute or so as I absorbed his cum and cock in my cunt, not wanting him to take it out. “Oh my god” I said softly”What a fuckin’ cock” I added as he pulled out of me. It took a couple of minutes more for me to come back down to earth and get up and pull myself together. When I finished Joe had already gotten out and the man had sat back down in his seat. I moved over to him and kissed him long and hard. When I stopped,”OH baby” I said”That was one fuckin’ good fuck” I added”Thank you so much” I said and then climbed out of the cab. When I got back to the car and got in, Joe looked at me,”Well dear” he said” Did you enjoy yourself?” I looked at him, smiled”Did I ever” I answered back We were about to pull out when I saw another truck driver come out of the rest room and head for his truck. I looked at Joe,”Can I have one more cock?” I asked him and looking over at the driver, he swung the car around until he pulled up next to the driver and I rolled down the window. I had my top unbuttoned and flashed my tits at the man,”Can I interest you in a free blowjob?” I asked him. He took one look at my tits and,”Yeah” he said and I got out, followed him to his truck. We climbed in and he quickly took out his cock and I now blew my third cock of the day. His cock was average size, but still tasted good and I let him fuck my mouth a little until he blew his load of cum in my mouth. I licked his cock clean , let him suck on my tits a little and then kissed him good-bye. Returning to the car I agreed with Joe that the three cocks were enough for one day and off home we went.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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