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Revenge is Sweet Chapter Three The Taking of Marg

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Revenge is Sweet Chapter Three The Taking of MargEric came from the bedside and walked over to me taking my hand, helped me out of my seat and kissed me. It was a deep and sensual kiss. I was already smouldering and the kiss just seemed to turn my fire into a furnace. Watching Margaret from where she lay spread-eagled on the bed I wanted to fuck Eric again while she watched. My hand snaked down to his crutch feeling the length that was hardening as we cuddled together. Eric had other ideas and taking my hand took me to the bedside. I watched fascinated as he slid his hand up towards Margaret’s crutch he told her to stop struggling and that he wouldn’t fuck her till she begged him for it. Margaret was shaking her head and Eric told her no more shouting and eased off the mouth tape. I was surprised at how gentle he was with her. Still his hand was slowly working on her pussy I could see the dampness starting. Margaret said in a normal voice he would have to wait till hell freezes over before she would beg him to fuck her and I had to admit even if he got her to orgasm she wouldn’t ask him to fuck her. He told me to come to the other side of the bed and make love to Margaret while he watched. I moved around the bed and sliding my hand up the inside of her thighs reached her panties. Eric withdrew his hand allowing me room to work on Margaret’s clit and I knew just how she liked it. I watched as he withdrew his cock and started to stroke it. Slowly it started to harden and I was mesmerized by his hand movement. He reached down to the side of the bed and pulled a small carrier bag from under it. It had a small red heart on the side of the bag which was totally white. He placed his hand into the bag and pulled out a sex toy. It was purple not massively thick and was similar to my rabbit at home but with a few more lights on it. I knew Margaret had never used one being happy with her own hand or that of another female, so she was in for a shock. I turned on the power and was amazed at the strength of the vibrations it had. It was much stronger than the one I had and the end wriggled faster too. I eased it over the panties that Margaret was wearing and pretty soon her hips were rising to the vibrations of the rabbit. Eric came to my side of the bed and soon had his hands inside my panties. His cock resting in between the crack of my arse over my skirt I was wearing. I could feel his fingers working inside my panties and his length güvenilir bahis being pushed rhythmically up the hollow of my cheeks and wanted him to discard my skirt but he just kept on playing. By now I knew Margaret was really getting excited by the gyrations her hips were making, reaching up with her hips when I eased of the clit tickler just to get more pressure. Eric seemed to read my mind as he loosened the buttons on my skirt’s waste band and it slid to the floor. My panties were soaking already and Margaret was moaning and continuing the fuck movements. “Don’t let her cum; take her right up to the point!”With that he laughed as he continued to kiss my neck and work on me. “I need you now please!”Skilfully he removed my panties then I watched fascinatingly as his spare hand came in front of me with a large sheath knife. I watched helplessly as he ran it over Margaret’s panties, sliding it under one side slitting them straight in two. My hand never stopped working on her and it appeared she was getting more and more turned on whether it was the knife or the fact her granny knickers were now loose I don’t know. He quickly sliced the other side of her nix then eased them away from her groin. Her juices were forming a small river from her pussy as she writhed about under my administrations with the vibros clit tickler.“Go on make love to her,” Eric whispered in my ear as he cut the straps of her bra and pulled it away. Her breasts were floppy and full. I let my head drop first to her mouth and then sliding my mouth down her neck nibbling as I went to her nipples which were like large brown Maltsters, sucking and nipping them both in turn with my teeth. I could feel her excitement.Then I felt Eric’s member slide up between my legs rubbing across my clit as he teased me with it. I couldn’t hold back the moan. Surprisingly neither could Margaret it was as though she felt my excitement also. I turned the vibro around and slowly inserted it into her. Her legs already stretched open allowed me easy access to her soaking wet spot.Her juices lubricating the vibro allowed it to penetrate fully inside her love tunnel. As I sucked at her nipples I could feel her fucking the vibro her orgasm approaching really fast. I pulled out the vibro her pulsating movement didn’t stop straight away, reaching my hand into the wine cooler at the side of the bed I took hold of an ice cube and placed it on her clit. She stopped fucking then. türkçe bahis Her moans seemed to beg me to finish her off but Eric by this time had stopped running his cock along my slit leaving me wanting more too which made it easy for me to ignore her needs. He reached into the bag and pulled out a sort of jelly straps thing with a cock at one end and a round ball at the other. He told me to leave Margaret to cool off a little and put the contraption on. I stepped into it and felt the round ball enter inside my pussy filling me up. Looking down, suddenly I felt like a man must feel. Like my cock wasn’t solid it actually felt like a real cock. He smiled and said, “Go on you know you want to really fuck her!”I have to admit Margaret and I had made love often and I had never thought of wanting a cock till right now. His hand slipped around me taking my cock in it, he helped me straddle Margaret and slide my cock into her wet opening. In my mind, I could feel it going in and when fully in I felt Eric’s hand slide to the jelly straps and press some sort of button. The ball filling my pussy started to buzz its vibrations flooding my pussy with feelings and the faster I fucked my cock into Margaret the more feelings I got. I could see her eyes were wide her body fucking me like her life depended on it and I was just as captured by the feelings. I felt a finger starting to invade my ass. Slowly at first then easing in and out of my asshole this made more feelings. Inside me. I felt the finger removed and Eric’s cock head start to push into me. I had never had anyone fuck my ass but here I was, my cock stuck deep into my friend’s pussy and a cock stretching my asshole giving me pain. Well no that was wrong not exactly pain it was a sort of painful pleasure. I moaned that I wouldn’t be able to stop Margaret cumming because I was well on my way to orgasming myself. Eric just grunted in between moans and told me to tell him when I was going to cum. What with the ball vibrating inside me and the cock fucking me and watching Margaret’s face as she started to orgasm on a cock, my cock, I just shouted,“I’m cumming! Yeeessss I’m cumming Oh Gawd Don’t stop I think I’m peeing!”I had never squirted before and whenever I read about it figured it was just some porno trick but here I was my juices teaming past the buzzing ball inside me and covering Margaret’s body. I could hear Margaret begging me not to stop even though I knew she had already güvenilir bahis siteleri had one orgasm then I realized her arms were wrapped about me and Eric. He must have cut her bindings as he forced himself fully into my asshole and started to shoot his hot seed deep inside. The feeling of his hot jism sent me into raptures and I fucked Margaret for all I was worth. Suddenly she screamed,“Ohhhhh Gawd Yessss Yessssss I’m cumming, I’m cumming too!”Then she grabbed us tightly and sort of dropped back onto the bed. I felt Eric pull out and slip his hand in between us and push the button to stop the vibrations. My cock stopped its vibrations and I pulled out of her we all just rolled along the bed as we didn’t have the strength to do more than that. I felt Eric move and Margaret’s legs close realizing he had cut her free. We laid sprawled in a clump no one moving and I guess we dropped off. The next thing I knew was when Suzie and Jake came into the room.“Someone has been having fun while we were working!” Suzie shouted in her teen style voice.“I hope we are all on track to work as a team?” Jake said, looking at the three of us.I lay there still in both their arms and looked at Margaret wondering what she would say but she just smiled and said,“Yes we used the time to get to know one another better. I think we will make a great team!”Here Jake takes over the narrative againInside I felt my heart beat again as I could see the taped restraints still around Margaret hands and legs and some left on the beds headboard. The three of them looked sweaty and sort of peaceful Margaret with her undergarments lying to one side of her. Her arm under Alice’s head. While Alice’s arm, was wrapped around Eric who was just lying there. A contented smile on his face and a cock that had obviously seen recent action. Which brought my eye to Alice’s pubic area and that surprised me even more because in place of her pussy stood a jelly sort of penis shape that any guy would be proud to have. “Come on then get up we have some plans to make!”Eric smiled saying he needed a shower first and both women nodded.“Okay be as quick as you can!”Eric smiled and asked was the shower cubical big enough for three and I told him it was one of the new type wet rooms with shower heads completely around all the walls. While Suzie went into the living area, her two friends and Eric headed to the wet room and I phoned room service requesting four meals to be brought up in 30 minutes. I could hear the water running and the moans of pleasure coming from the wet room. I have to admit the first time I had used it the pleasure I got from the water squirting on me from all around was really erotic.

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