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Rich Men of New York

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The trip on the LIRR into Manhattan always appealed to me, because I enjoyed the smell of men in their freshly pressed suits and cologne. Unlike other men, these men were a peerage and moneyed sort. Each kindling their news as they readied themselves for the impending onslaught of deals and dubious cigar smoked backroom commiserations. Stock market bound, each bore the brunt of it on their foreheads like good men should. I, with my camera lens eyes peered into them with curiosity – the kind that only a woman can seduce. Demigods of days gone by, but were their days to be numbered like so many tics of tape when money slips through the fingers of time? Would the Internet swallow them whole? Was I held in sway to a dying breed? Just then, I got a call on my cell. It was my friend, Patricia.

She said that I had to meet her right away.

I told her I was almost in the city.

She said, “great.”

I said, “I’ll meet you at the coffee house in the station, as usual.

The wheels screeched, halted, and train ride’s end was upon me. I rushed out of the narrow doors and onto the platform clutching my purse, camera, and backpack. You see, I was not one of those women who belonged on the arm of such rich stock. I was observer, bohemian, and bisexual voyeur. All of my success I termed as, “relative.” I was not the competitive sort. The “suit” I threw on every morning could usually be found on the floor of my walk up among dirty undies, empty scotch bottles, and juxtaposing an oddly placed rubber or tube of lube. I was a photographer and very “out” bisexual with a penchant for pictorially dishing about New York’s “other side.” I favored the underground, hot wet kisses with lesbians and an occasional man in between trysts that would get my rent paid on a fairly regular basis.

“Aaaaaahhhh hey!” The woman yelled in a friendly scream. “You bitch! Where have you been all my life?”

“I’ll never leave you wanting again, you whore!”

I then dipped her as if it was the end of our dance and French kissed her for about a minute.

“God damn it, you taste good!”

I gave her a few more pecks, and then we walked over to the coffee house inside the station.

“What the fuck have you been up to?” She walked over to a small table and sat down.

“I’ve been fucking this and that. You know…same fucking shit, different fucking day. I had a guy the other night who wanted to tie me up, so I let him. He was cool, but I told him if he stayed longer, I would cut him up into little pieces and feed him to the dogs in the park, so he split. I got the rest of my rent, though, so it wasn’t a total bust. What about you?”

The waitress came over and gave us our usual cups of Espresso. I smiled up at her, and she smiled back. My attention then drifted back over to my friend. She was always so cool to hang with. I loved our talks even if they were always cut short by her busy life.

“You know it. My ex keeps calling saying he is going to leave Los Angeles and come back to New York, and I hope he fucking stays there, cuz I’m still with Lizzie. God! She’s fucking horny all the damned time. Fucking shit, too! I keep fucking her up the ass with that dildo, and she just wants it like it’s going out of style. She’s wearing me out. You know I love it. What the fuck are you going to do next?”

“I’ve been checking out the rich guys on the fucking LIRR. Like I have any fucking business with them. They’re set. They don’t need my bullshit. You know I’d just fuck their shit up hardcore. As much as I would love to ravish them and leave them to fucking suffer, I just keep looking, but I really want to do a photo shoot. I would love to do a naked spread. Can you fucking picture it? All those like naked rich fucks? Oh my God! It would be a fucking riot! I don’t know. It’s either that or some naked pics of cops or firemen or something. I love a man in uniform. It really doesn’t matter which kind.” I then let out a big breath that made my lips kind of do that buzzing thing. “I’ll just do punks, again.”

“Yeah. I loved that one of Spider. He’s so fucking hot with all his tats. He fucks my shit up.”

“Mine, too. He can fuck me any way he wants for as long as he wants. His cock is so fucking gorgeous, and his Prince Albert just makes that cock look so oooooh…I gotta taste it!”

“Oh shit! I forgot! I have to fucking visit my mom. I’ll see ya later! Kiss kiss. Luv ya, bye!”

I slapped her butt, and she looked back with lowered shades and blew me a kiss. I sat there for a minute and stirred my coffee. I then summoned the waitress over to the table and told her to sit down for a sec. She said she could since the morning rush had ended. I told her she looked good, and she said I could kiss her if I wanted. I then leaned over and gently kissed her neck and moved my head to her mouth, and we kissed a lovely wet one nice and slow. I told her if she got off soon, I would make love to her. She said we could do it now, because no one was in the shop. She put the sign up outside the ankara escort shop and turned away one customer and lowered the metal panel that signaled the coffee shop was closed.

I sat in my chair inside the shop, and she came over to me and let out a big moan as she slipped out of her dress.

“Oooooh you are so sexy. I want you right now.” I grabbed hold of her and pulled her close to me. I took one of her breasts in my mouth and rolled my tongue around her nipple. I then flicked it with my tongue.

“Mmmmmmm. Oh God! I am so fucking wet. Suck my pussy. Please lick me until I come hard in your mouth.”

I knelt down and placed all of my mouth on her pussy that was dripping wet. I then said, “I want you to lie down, and I am going to suck you until you come all over my face.”

As she lay down, I took off my shirt to reveal my breasts. I then took off my pants, and she could see my pussy. She smiled. I winked at her, and I spread her legs wider and then starting at her asshole licked her up and down her whole opening. I went back and forth about five times up and down her from asshole to clit and then back again.

She was moaning in ecstasy.

“Oh…..God….fuck me, fuck me, you fucking oh my God…oooooh mmmmmmmmmm more…ooooh.”

She kept moaning, and it was turning me into mush between my legs. I was so wet from her moaning that I began moaning, too.

I stopped licking her up and down from her cunt to her asshole and started in on her beautiful clit. I flicked my tongue up and down fast.

“Oh God!”

She kept getting wetter and wetter.

“Oh…..mmmmmm….ooooooohhh mmmmmmmmm Oh God! I’m gonna come! Oooooh.”

After about a minute more, she came. I lifted my head up and kissed her with all of her pussy juice in my mouth and let her taste the wildness of her come.

She had worked there for about a year now, and she knew what I was. She knew what this was, and she understood this was no big thing. I would fuck her now whenever we could, and there would be no attachment. No strings meant we could live as freely as we wished. You see, we were loners and hangers on. We traveled in and out of the City without feeling any need to apologize for our beat existence. We were cool and dangerous. We lived on the edge of a world being galvanized by technology and sex and drugs and music. We were a heartbeat, a moment, a lover and another.

She hadn’t gotten me off, but I knew I could get my fuck fix soon.

I went back to my flat and made a few calls. I tried to get this one guy who had been dealing smack for a while to come up and kick it with me. He was always stoned out of his mind, but he was beautiful. His cock was this long thing that would just get my juices flowing. He was always way mellow to hang with.

While I waited, I tried cooking up this photo shoot idea I had. I wanted to hand pick these like Wall Street types and just fuck the shit out of them while making them infamous art whores. You see, I had become a photographer by accident. While doing the University thing for a couple of years, I managed to procure myself a camera and found I had a bit of talent for taking pictures. I managed to squeeze in a couple of my shots at this bullshit art show last year. I got enough to buy more film and a couple of bottles of booze with the money, but I guess I decided to be some kind of artist or whatever. So, I set out to meet these Wall Street guys and make them a proposition. I would make them famous or infamous or whatever, and they would pay me with sex. I knew it would take me a while to insinuate myself into their lives, though, so first, I was going to get fucked by this druggie.

I heard the faint knock on the door and went to open it. I grabbed hold of him and took him to the floor. I tore off his clothes and began to suck his cock. I spit on it a few times and then licked his cock nice and slow then got faster and faster. I took my hand and moved it up and down, but then I said to him, “I want you to fuck my ass.”

He got up on his knees and rubbed his cock up and down to keep it hard then told me to get on my haunches. He spit on his hand twice and rubbed the saliva on his rock hard cock.

“Stick it in me,” I said.

As he slid his cock inside my ass, I let out a moan. I then started flicking my clit and then rubbed it as he pumped his manhood in and out of me slowly then faster.

“Oooooooooohmmmmmmmmm. Ooooh, Oh my God. Ooooooh, mmmmmmmm. Oh fuck the shit out of my ass bitch!”

He kept pumping my ass good and hard, and he fucked me for another fucking hour.

“Ooooooooh. I love feeling your fucking tool inside me! Oh my God! Yes! Ooooooh fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck the shit out of my fucking ass! Oh, I love it!”

I kept rubbing my clit and sticking my 2 fingers inside my cunt. It was dripping wet, and I was about to come.

“Oooooh fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuuuuuukkkk.” I came as he kept pumping me.

“Oh God!” He said. “Oh yeah baby! Fuck, fuck, fuck! Aaaaaahh.”

He etimesgut escort came hard inside my ass, and I relished every bit of it.

As the sweat poured out of both of us, we lay on the cold floor for a minute, and then we got up and went to my bedroom. I fell asleep for a while as he stroked my hair. We both slept until it got dark and was time for us to do some shit.

I think we woke up around 10 pm the same night. He got up and sat at the edge of the bed. I saw this fucking enormous tat of a needle on his back. I sat up in bed, too and ran my finger down the length of it as he shivered a little, because it tickled.

“Hey…..what’s up? He looked at me as I smiled back at him.

“Want some pot?”

“Sure,” I said.

He lit a joint, took a hit, and passed it to me then blew the smoke in my face and gave me a nice wet kiss.

I loved it. We had this beautiful friendship with benefits. We would fuck whenever we felt like it, and we never expected anything else from one another. It was perfect. I decided to take some pictures of him.

“Lay back on the bed sweetie, and put the joint in your mouth, I said.”

“Sure,” he said.

I got my camera and started taking pictures of him while he masturbated. He kept stroking it for a long time, and he smiled as he did. It was so fucking hot.

“Yeah…ohh just like that,” I said.

We finished after a while, and I told him he could stay if he wanted, and then I headed out to the bar. The cab I hailed only took a short while to get there. I was getting wet just thinking about the proposition I was about to make. I squeezed my legs tight and felt how swollen my cunt lips were. I got out of the cab and smiled as I gave the cabbie my money.

The night was young, and I had yet to approach my sultry subjects. I knew about this bar uptown called, “The Gentleman’s Joint.” I had this dress on I had hidden in the back of my closet for such an occasion. I never went to stuffy affairs, but I knew how to conceal my identity as the crazy, druggie, punk, bi I was if I had to. Men were not the only ones occupying the shoes of the stuffed up stiffs who hung at this place. There were some ladies whose bodies I wouldn’t have minded fucking, either. Tonight was different, though. I was after some red hot rich cock.

I eased myself in and went to the bar. The bartender gave me a nod and a look that acknowledged the effort I had made to associate myself with these people.

“What’ll you have?”

“A Guinness,” I said.

A man came over and sat next to me. He looked at me and smiled. I smiled back. He then leaned over and said,

“What’s a girl like you doing in a place like this?”

I was startled and said, “just relaxing.”

He said, “sure. Do you mind if we get a table over there?”

I said, “yeah. That sounds good.”

We walked over to a table by the window, and he smiled at me. I smiled back.

“You’re beautiful, he said.”

I said, “thank you. You’re not so bad yourself.”

He said I looked exotic as if there was something rare about me.

He said, “let’s get out of here and go to my place.”

I said, “why not.”

We both got up and took a short walk to his apartment. Before entering the building, he gave me a long and warm kiss. I was starting to feel a bit woozy. I was getting swept up in his romance. This was the side of the rich that had been mysterious to me. We walked into the building and approached the elevator. As we climbed higher and higher, he took me in his arms and gave me passionate kisses. I was so wet, and he slid his hand underneath my dress, pulled aside my panties, and felt my pussy juice. He started finger fucking me, but we got to his place before I came, and so we had to exit the elevator first. We stumbled a little before entering his pad.

My jaw dropped open as I saw what lay ahead of me. I had never seen such wealth. I think I knew it existed, but I don’t know if I could have imagined this. There was a painting I thought I had seen in a museum once. There was a grandfather clock that must have been made in Europe. The table off to the left was made of some very fine wood, and above me in the foyer was a chandelier that looked like a cascade of diamonds. Off to the right was a room with a pool in it. It was quiet, too and as I was drinking all of this in, I felt a little chill as he came up from behind me after turning on some lights and then dimming them. His body was warm against mine. He said he would pour us some champagne. As I looked at the pool, he asked, “do you know what is beyond those curtains?” I said, “no.” He went over to the large picture window and pulled aside the curtains to reveal all of Manhattan. I had never seen such a view. You could see everything. The lights were sparkling bright, and I could not think of anything else in that moment. Right then and there, he told me he was going to give me anything I wanted tonight. He was going to make me feel like a queen. I told him I already felt like a queen.

As ankara etimesgut escort I stood there mesmerized, he came up to me and kissed me again. This time, he pulled down the zipper on the back of my dress and slid it down my body. I moaned in ecstasy. He pulled away from me and noticed my tattoo.

“What is that?”

I said, “it’s a daisy.” I had it done years ago. Do you like it?

He took his finger and slid it up and down my breast then put his mouth on one of them and began to suck it. He sucked it lightly and then pulled on it a couple of times with his teeth biting my nipple gently each time. His hand made its way down to my pussy, and I felt his fingers dip inside of me, and I let out a moan. I was so wet, and I told him. He then moved slightly away from me and took off his clothes. He then eased his way into the pool and told me to join him. My body was tingling, and I knew I was going to come more than once tonight.

He swam over to the steps, and I jumped in. We swam toward each other and ended in a long embrace and very wet kiss.

I said I’d never felt this way before.

He said, “I know.”

We both climbed out of the pool, dried ourselves off and made our way to his bedroom. As I lay down on the bed, I could feel my body telling me that I was lost in his grip. He had a hold on me in a way I was unfamiliar with. I felt completely his and that there was no one else in the world. It was as if I was falling in love with him.

He told me to turn over.

I turned over and spread my legs and felt his tongue on my asshole.

As he licked and plunged his tongue into my ass, I moaned and sucked in as if my pleasure was overtaking me, and it was. He would repeat this over and over until my pussy was throbbing and my wetness was gushing out of me. He then told me to turn over again.

I then felt his mouth on top of my pulsing cunt. Ooooooohhhh mmmmmmm oooooohhhh. As he flicked his tongue on top of my clit, I could feel the swollen clit and lips get hotter and hotter, and I knew I was about to come. He then took his hand, and with his two fingers squeezed my pussy lips together, and as he did, I came in large waves over and over.

“Aaaaaaaaahhh fuuuuuuuckkk!.”

It was his turn now.

I said, “roll over.”

He did, and I plunged my tongue into his asshole. I then licked and intermittently plunged my tongue into and out of his ass. He moaned and had to get up on his haunches, because his cock was so rock hard, he couldn’t lie flat and have his erection at the same time.

I kept licking his ass and plunging my tongue in and out of it, because it tasted like fucking hot sex.

I told him to roll over, and I then grabbed hold of his cock and rubbed it in a twisting motion over and over. I then started sucking his gorgeous cock, which was a nice 7 inches and thick.

“Your cock is so beautiful,” I said.

“Thank you. I love the way you’re sucking it.”

I started sucking the tip of his penis. I licked all around the tip and swallowed whole. I sucked and rubbed and twisted until he came, and I swallowed every bit of that delicious come.

We both lay next to each other for a while and then went to sleep.

During the night, we woke up two more times. The first time we both awoke, I climbed on top of him and fucked him good. I let him fuck my pussy, because I was on birth control. We fucked this second time for about an hour then went back to bed again. The next time we woke, I tied him to the bed and spread some whipped cream all over his cock. After sucking the whipped cream off it, I swallowed each of his balls whole and sucked and licked them good in my mouth being careful not to suck too hard or soft. He seemed to like this the best. I loved sucking balls, because I always felt like they were some rare delicacy I was indulging myself in. Our night’s pleasure seemed to be endless, but morning did come. It was Sunday, now, though so we stayed indoors and just had fun. We walked around all day naked and fucked another few times. I kept thinking that this was something I should have done a long time ago. He was a great guy as far as I could tell. He never made me think about things that I needn’t worry about like who he was, what he did, or how he got to be so fucking rich. All this was irrelevant. I was ok with it, of course. I had no intention of “outing” him. To what end? To bilk him for his money? I lived my life the way I did, and I had no reason to want more. This project was a simple one. I was going to have some fun with the rich, and that was it. Pure pleasure with no strings attached.

I told him what I had in mind, and he laughed at first. I said that I didn’t think it was too practical since all you guys have to like keep a low profile or something.

He said, “yeah, but we have ways of hiding shit, too.”

I said, “really?” How does that work?

He said, “first of all, when and how do you plan to pull this off? Do you have some rich men in mind?”

I said, “well, you’re the first person I thought I’d approach, so besides you, I don’t know any rich men.”

“I might be able to introduce you to some rich guys,” he said. “I want to know what you are looking for and what kind of pay you had in mind.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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