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Riding Horses

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Riding HorsesMy best friend, Sandie, and I decided that since we were bot turning fifty that we should do something fun, just the two of us. We had been best friends since college. Our husbands thought we were crazy, and maybe we were. They were going to play in a golf tournament for a week. So Sandie and I decided to take our horses to this huge ranch and ride out and camp, all alone, up in the mountains. We trailered the horses and got to the ranch and set off on our way. We rode most of the day, to make sure we got far enough away so no one would bother us. We set up camp near a spring surrounded by trees. We cooked dinner and went to sleep. The next day we rode and explored and came back to camp early to drink and relax, which is what this was all about. We drank a lot and decided to skinny dip in the spring. We were laying on our backs in shallow water letting the sun shine on our naked bodies when I started to think that we were not alone. I opened my eyes to see these four men sitting on horses across the way from us. I sat up forgetting that I was naked as did Sandie. “Oh good, they are not dead.” One of the men said. We were still buzzed from the drinking and plenty horny from the drinking and riding. The men asked if they could join us and we looked at each other and thought why not. These men were young, I am guessing early thirties and they were all over six foot tall. They were huge! They undressed and got in the cool water. They canlı bahis were black as coal and very well built. They may have been NFL football players for all we knew. They were very well powerfully built and good looking, polite, black men. We laid there like no big deal. When they started to play and splash around, Sandie and I joined in. These men were huge compared to Sandie and I. Sandie and I were petite, just under five foot tall and these men towered over us. We all got up on a huge rock to sun and talk. That is when Sandie and I noticed the huge cocks and balls these men had. I had seen plenty of good looking black men in my life but had never ever thought about being with one till right now and I had always thought the big dick thing was just a myth. But just looking at these guys made Sandie and I both dripping wet. Sandie got up and brought mixed drinks back for every one. We were having a great time talking and flirting. Soon enough the subject of sex came up. Ends up these men have never been with white women before and we had never been with black men. Some how they talked Sandie and I into strutting around in front of them naked, which we did. I wished I had done some trimming. But then we had the guys do the same. These guys were amazing and their cocks were getting hard. One of the guys swung his cock close to Sandie’s face, “you better watch where you swing that thing!” Sandies said. the man swung it even closer and Sandie bahis siteleri grabbed it and took it in her mouth. That was it! Sandie had this cock in her mouth and was giving this guy a BJ he would never forget. One of the other guys knelt down next her and started to play with her pussy. The other two guys went to me and started in on me, which I guess this was all bound to happen. I was so buzzed,horny, and ready to be fucked that I opened my legs. These two good looking guys fondling me. I could not believe how big their cock got when they got hard. And when I fondled those huge balls, they were so very heavy, they must have been full of cum. I took a cock in my mouth and one man had a finger up my cunt, I think his finger was bigger than my husbands cock. When they felt like they had me primed one of the men laid me on my back and got on top and slid his massive cock into me. I took it, but it took a few minutes for my cunt to loosen up. Then he started to pound me. He had his massive arms on either side of my head right at my shoulders, I guess to keep me from bouncing away. I held onto those massive arms as he pummeled my cunt, it felt amazing! I could feel his cock swelling as he fucked. I quickly reached an orgasim and as I started to moan and clinch down on his cock, he buried that monster and let lose a his own orgasim flooding my womb with his warm spunk. I could his cock pulsing and throbbing inside me as he drained his balls. güvenilir bahis This just intensified my own orgasim. When we both came down he pulled out from me much to my disappointment, but then another man mounted me right away as I had forgotten about there being others around. This felt just as amazing but he did not last as long before he filled my womb with more spunk. After he pulled out of me, I sat up and looked down at my cunt. There was a puddled of spunk that had leaked from it and my bush was soaked. I looked over at Sandie and she was just a messy. The men asked if they could stay the night and we were more than happy about that. We mixed more drinks and after some time everybody was ready to go again. I got to fuck the guys who fucked Sandie and she fuck the men who had fucked me. This round lasted a little longer and was more satisfying. Afterwards we were all laying around enjoying the afterglow and for some reason I leaned over and started to play with the cum leaking from Sandies cunt. I got it on my fingers, then I stuck my face in her snatch and started to eat her out licking the cum from her. We ended up in a sixty nine and both orgasiming together. This got them men all revved up and they started to fuck us some more. We ended up fucking those men all night and most of the week. Sandie and I still spent time with each other but we spent a lot of time getting that BBC also. When we finally got home my husband thought I was dripping wet from missing him so much. I could not tell him that it was just all the cum leaking from those four guys. Now my husbands cock does not feel the same anymore. I can’t wait to take another trip with Sandie!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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