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Rita’s husband

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Rita’s husbandRita’s husbandWhen living in Los Angeles, I met a very nice black girl called Rita and we share good moments at the gym. Rita was married to a black man, but she confessed me she was also bisexual and she loved white women.One afternoon, after our workout at the gym, we went together to the changing room.I slipped out of my gym nylon cat suit and got under the shower; Rita did the same as she stood right next to me. I started to wash my hair with my hands over my head; so she had a good view of my boobs and erect nipples.Then Rita said that I had some nice tits; I smiled and thanked her but could not help myself and looked at hers; I loved the way they looked. My friend added she loved the way I had trimmed my bush over my labia…Suddenly I dropped my soap piece and as I bent over to pick it up, I felt Rita’s hand on between my pussy lips. She shoved two fingers deep inside my cunt and her thumb rubbed my rear entrance, but not going so far… I stood up and looked at her in the eyes; she took my hand and placed it on her pussy, I could feel the wiry hair as my fingers slid over her clit and into her wet pussy, she looked at me and said “I have always wanted to eat your white cunt”….I couldn’t help it. I wanted to feel that black woman between my legs.My loving Victor was at home; so, I asked Rita to go to her place.During the short trip, Rita asked if I had ever had sex pendik escort with a woman before. I lied answering her that I had never been in a bed with another woman. Then she asked me if I had been ever fucked by a black man. Again I lied telling that never had I tried a black cock.Rita explained me that her husband had a terrific huge black dick and her cunt was sore every time he fucked her in a wild, brutal way…Finally she asked me if I had ever surrounded my asshole to a man and I confessed that Victor used to sodomize me very often…By the time we got her home, I felt my pussy was soaking wet through my thong.Rita did not waste time. We came to her bedroom and she pushed me onto the bed.She striped me naked and then took all her clothes off. She climbed between my open thighs and started to kiss my neck and ears. Our bodies rubbed together.Rita whispered in my ear: “You are such a nasty white girl” as she took my nipple in her mouth and sucked hard on it. Her fingers rubbed my clitoris, until three of them slipped into my wet cunt. I went wild with an intense quick orgasm. I screamed as she sucked my nipples and fingered my pussy…Then Rita rolled me over and pushed my ass cheeks wide apart. I felt as if she was ripping me open as her tongue danced over my rectum and her fingers took care of my swollen clit. After my second orgasm, it was my turn to please her. I went to work sucking escort pendik on her clit the way my loving Victor used to suck on mine. Rita was pulling her nipples saying:” Yeah, babe, eat my black cunt, you nasty white bitch…” As she had her first orgasm, a very mighty one, I slipped my finger up into her tight asshole. Rita begged for more and my second finger entered her. She went wild, as I felt something press against my pussy lips: it was a hard cock…I left Rita’s asshole and turned my head over. I barely saw Rita’s husband between my open thighs, as he entered my cunt in one hard thrust, almost ripping me apart…My girlfriend grabbed my hair and made me come back to suck her asshole.Her husband pounded me brutally with his hard huge dick and I had another wild orgasm, the strongest one of my life, as that black cock pounded in and out of me.Rita did not allow me to scream in pleasure; she rolled and pushed my face back into her pussy hard, as I was going wild from the cock inside me as it filled me with seed…Suddenly she came in another wild orgasm and then she released my head from her grip and pushed me up.As I sat up I stared at that magnificent black dick covered in cum and my pussy juice, Rita took her man’s dick and stroked it with one hand; her other hand went to the back of my head and pushed me forward, as she ordered me to lick her husband’s cock clean like a good white pendik escort bayan bitch…Then I licked and sucked his man’s dick as she stroked it in to my mouth, until he unloaded again in to my throat. I tried to swallow all of it but some dripped out and my black girlfriend licked it from my mouth’s corners as she kissed me.After that, we sat there for a while and Rita introduced me to her husband Charles.She told me that she had always wanted to eat my pussy out and her husband wanted to watch her doing it. I told them both it was great and I had loved it.Rita pulled me off the bed and the three of us went to the shower.We washed each other body until I felt Charles slipping a thick finger deep inside my rectum. He said I was so tight there…Rita told me it was time for me to try a huge black dick deep inside my asshole.I answered that her husband’s cock would rip me apart, because it was really so huge and thick; but then Charles said he would be gentle.We came back to the bed and Rita started sucking his man’s cock until it was again hard as a steel bar. I finally let him to sodomize me and it was very painful at first; but later I felt an incredible pleasure growing in my body as that black man fucked my ass.I came back home very late in the evening, finding my lovely Victor had cooked a nice dinner for me.He was very horny that night and he wanted wild sex with me.Victor was amazed to see my pussy lips swollen and my ass cheeks so dark red. I lied telling him that I had slipped at the gym and had hurt my buttocks that way… I could not confess that Charles had spanked me too hard as he sodomized me…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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