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Road Trip with My Lesbian Girlfriend, Part 1

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Road Trip with My Lesbian Girlfriend, Part 1It all started with a trip I had to make for work. I had a special two day training in Iowa so my company was putting me up in a hotel for Wednesday and Thursday night. My girlfriend, Liz, decided to take Thursday and Friday off of work so she could travel with me. She had an old college friend who lived in the town that my training was in and they coordinated schedules so she had something to do.After work on Wednesday, my girlfriend came over to help me pack. She was laying on the bed, hands in her pants, as I was packing. She always had her hands in her pants or mine when she was over. She was tall and thin with short red hair. She looked athletic but she hadn’t played any sports since college. I knew she stayed slim from all of the sex we had. She was wild. She also rarely wore a bra. She had great looking breasts though they were small. Being a redhead, her areolas were hardly distinguishable from her skin. I loved that.”What are you and Jackie going to do while I’m in training?” I asked.Liz gave out a moan and I looked at her hands. It looked like she stuffed her fingers into her pussy at the mention of Jackie.”Jackie said there was a good mall around.” She moaned again.”This isn’t fair,” I said.”Why not?” Liz asked as she straightened her neck out against the pillow and closed her eyes.I dropped two pairs of slacks into my suitcase and then reached over to pull off Liz’s pants. She never wore underwear so I didn’t even have to worry about that. She wasn’t at all surprised I was taking her pants all. I always said “This isn’t fair” when she was masturbating and I always followed it by pulling her pants off or by sticking my cock in her hand/mouth. This time, I needed to finish packing so I just took her pants down for a better view.Liz had three fingers stuffed into her pussy with one hand and was rubbing her clit with the other. I could hear the soft, sticky sounds that her juices made as she played with herself. Her pussy was nearly hairless except for a small section just above her pubic bone where she had carved an L out. (The L was for my name–Lad–not hers. Or maybe it wasn’t for either…)A few minutes later, I had a hardon from watching Liz play with herself. She was still rubbing clit with one hand and the other was squeezing her nipple. I wanted to play, but we needed to go soon or we wouldn’t get to the hotel until after 10.”Is your bag in your car?” I asked as I zipped up my suitcase.She patted her clit a few times and though it wasn’t hard, it made a loud slapping noise.”Everything I need is in my purse,” she said as she slowly got up, walked over to my dresser, pulled out a pair of athletic shorts, and put them on.Her purse was on my nightstand so I walked over and opened it. The only clothing I could see were two pairs of crotchless panties and a rolled up t-shirt. “This is it?”Liz picked up her pants, walked over to me, and put her fingers into my mouth–the same fingers that had been in her pussy just a few minutes before. They tasted sweet.We loaded up the car and headed out. By the time we hit the highway, it was starting to get dark and Liz took that as a sign to take the athletic shorts off. We were going against most of the traffic so I wasn’t concerned about people catching a glimpse of her. It was awful distracting though. Every once in a while I’d reach over and grab one of her tits and give it a nice squeeze.It got darker and darker out and fewer and fewer cars were on the highway. Liz had been playing with herself for a good half hour when her CD started playing “Save a Horse” by Big & Rich. I’m not a country fan and she isn’t either but she loved that song. As soon as the first chords were played, she said, “I bet I can cum before this song is done.””Yah, I bet,” I said. “You’ve only been playing with yourself all evening.””It’s a short song,” she said. “If I don’t cum, I’ll give you a blow job.””And if you do…?” I asked.”Then I don’t have to do anal for the next two days,” she said.”I thought you liked anal,” I said surprised.”I do but I can’t think of anything else,” she said as she unbuckled her seatbelt. She then took off her shirt and turned sideways in the passenger seat so she was facing me. Her legs were on the seat and her knees were spread wide so I would’ve had a great view if it wasn’t so dark.She began to moan and I could feel 1xbet yeni giriş my cock feeling trapped in my jeans. She had one hand covering her pussy with two fingers just inside of her slit while her palm rubbed her clit. Her other hand was squeezing one tit furiously and then the other. She was squeezing her nipples and stretching them away from her body. I could hear her pussy juices again and I thought I was going to lose. She started to moan louder and louder but not in a totally pleasurable way. It was the same way as when we would be having sex and I would tell her I was about to cum so she would try hard to cum sooner.The song was in the last chorus and Liz was trying her best. She was slapping her clit again and rubbing as fast as she could but the song ended just as she started getting louder. I licked two fingers on my right hand, reached over, and plunged them into her pussy. She let out a loud “Ohhhh” and then another as I pushed my fingers in and pulled them out again and again. The song hadn’t been done for a minute when I felt her tight pussy muscles squeeze on my fingers and Liz gave out a scream of passion.I pulled my fingers out and brought them to my mouth. She reached out and grabbed my arm.”No,” she said as she put her fingers in my mouth instead.She started unbuckling my belt and unzipping my pants. When she got to my boxers, my dick was rock hard.”Get it out,” she said so I used my right hand to get it free. “Now jerk it,” she said.”I thought I was getting a blow job,” I said.”You are,” she said, “but I want to lick my cum off of your dick.”That was fine with me so I rubbed my dick with my right hand until I had transferred all of her pussy juice from my hand.”Mmmmmmm” she said as her face dove down into my crotch. I had to use the seat adjuster to make sure her head had enough room to move up and down without hitting the steering wheel.She licked up and down, sucking here and there. I let out a soft moan and did my best to focus on the road in front of us. “If you cum now, are you going to be ready again when we get to the hotel?” Liz asked between licks and kisses to the head of my cock.”It’s never been a problem before,” I said as I put my hand on her head and guided it down so her lips wrapped around my cock and it was finally in her mouth. She gave out a low moan that drives me wild. I let go of her head and put my hand back on the wheel. I was only going to keep us on the road if I used two hands.She went up and down with her head and I could see she was touching herself with one of her hands. I love the feeling of knowing that sucking my cock makes a woman horny.I tried to focus on the road, so it was a good ten minutes before I started to feel a little flushed and my breathing picked up. Liz was flattening out her tongue and creating a vacuum with her mouth that make it feel just like her pussy was wrapped around my dick. She started to let out small squeaks and I knew she was about to cum again.I felt my load tighten up and I did my best to keep my eyes open as I started to cum in her mouth. I could feel every tastebud of her tongue on my cock as it twitched again and again in her mouth. She was nearly screaming as she was cumming too, and I could see her body shake like it does when we 69.I couldn’t really focus on the end of my orgasm–or the end of hers for that matter–because I was trying to make sure we stayed on the road. But Liz kept her mouth wrapped around my cock for at least a minute more, sucking a little here and there.When we were within ten minutes of our hotel, Liz put her clothes back on but started touching herself again.”You don’t have to do that, you know,” I said. “I’d like a chance to go down on you.””But if I don’t get warmed up now, then I won’t be ready for anal by the time we’re in our room.”Liz reached over with her free hand and started rubbing my cock. My blood started flowing to it the moment she said “anal” and it was getting harder by the second.”You do want to stick it in my ass, don’t you?” Liz said.”Fuck yes,” I sighed.”I like it when I can feel your cock stretch my asshole open,” she said. “I like it when you get deep inside me doggy style and your balls slap against my pussy.” And Liz began to slap her pussy with her hand. “And you know what anal makes me do, don’t you? It makes me squirt. And when I squirt, my whole body shakes 1xbet giriş because it wants your cum. Do you think you can cum in my ass while my body is shaking?”I had a tough time hiding my erection from the chubby but cute brunette behind the desk when I checked in at the hotel. Since the front desk counter was so high, Liz kept reaching over with one hand to rub my cock, making sure that it wasn’t getting soft. She kept rubbing her pussy with her other hand or sliding it over her nipples that were poking out of her shirt.The girl behind the desk just smiled at us when she handed me our room keys and caught Liz groping me. “Have a *great* night,” she said with a wink as we walked away. We didn’t get halfway down the hall before Liz had her tongue in my ear and told me that she thought the girl at the front desk was attractive.We got into the elevator that was taking us up to levels and Liz hopped up, wrapping her legs around my waist, and started sucking my face. I don’t know how, but I could immediately feel her pussy lips exactly on top of my dick. She was grinding and grinding as our tongues batted against each other in a wet ball of passion. When the door opened, I squatted down, picked up my bag, and walked down the hall with Liz still wrapped around me and grinding against me.I asked her to climb off as I got the key into our door, and she started stripping right there in the hallway. After I got the door open, I saw her perky nipples and suddenly felt like I couldn’t wait to get in the room before sucking them. So I pulled her close, wrapped my mouth around her areola, and started sucking on her tit. I lowered one hand to her pussy, and her juices were already running down her leg. I slid my ring and index fingers into her slit with ease and used them to pick her up a bit and carried her into the room just like that, kicking my bag in front of us.I heard the door close on its own as I lowered Liz onto the bed. I stopped sucking on her nipple and started making out as I used both hands to take off my pants and shirt. When I had everything off, Liz turned on the bed so she was on all fours and began sucking my cock.”This is even harder than before,” she said. She slapped it against her cheek a few times and leaned back a little. “I think it may even be longer,” she said with lusty large eyes.She moved her mouth back down onto my cock. I’ve always been between 7 and 8 inches in length, which is fine by me. My cock is also 2 inches wide and that’s where I really take my pride. Liz can try as hard as she wants, but she’ll never get her mouth down to the bottom of my shaft because of the width. Looking down at her sucking my cock gets me so horny. So I leaned forward and reached my hands over her ass cheeks and feel her juicy pussy. It is only a few seconds before my fingers are drenched. I bring my hands upward to her asshole and run my lubed fingers around her hole. Then, I slip one in. I try for another, but it just feels too tight.Just then, Liz backs up and says, “I want it in the ass but I want to be on top.”This drove me wild so I pulled her up to my mouth to kiss her when we heard a *knock, knock* on the door.I scrambled, looking around for where I threw my pants and Liz ran to the door to look into the peephole to see who it was. Before I knew it, she was opening the door. I grabbed the comforter on the bed and pulled it over my cock.”Hi,” Liz said enthusiastically.It was the chubby brunette from the front desk. She saw Liz naked and her eyes got really big. Then she saw me and smiled.”My shift just ended,” the front desk girl said, “and you two looked like you were about to have some fun…” She trailed off.Liz looked at me and mouth the words “Oh my god” before turning back to the girl.”Come on in,” Liz said. “I’m Liz and this is Laddie.”I smiled and waved with one hand, still holding the comforter over my cock. I was still a little uncertain about the timing of everything.”Well, I see I’m a little overdressed,” the front desk girl said, “so…” and she started taking her clothes off. She first removed her company vest and then unbuttoned her white blouse to reveal a large bra and a fairly flat stomach.By this time, Liz had walked over to the bed and kneeled on it to watch as the girl undressed for us. She had to be about 19 or 20 with skin almost as light as Liz’s.When the front desk girl unhooked 1xbet güvenilirmi her bra in the back, I thought it was going to come shooting off like a rubber band. She may have looked a little chubby before, but it was because she had such a large bust. I stared at her large tits as they hung from her frame–her large light brown areolas with nipples as big as a small stack of dimes.She then shimmied her skirt off and she wasn’t wearing any underwear so I could see a well trimmed triangle of hair over her pussy. Her legs looked strong and lean, and she had large round hips.I looked up again at her breasts and my cock twitched. I wanted her.”Come here,” I said as I dropped the comforter and sat next to Liz.”My name is Kari,” she said as she walked slowly up to me. When she was directly in front of me, I reached up and grabbed her right breast. Liz then reached and grabbed the other.”I was about to fuck her in the ass,” I said. “I’d really like to do that right now.”Liz turned to me, “But what is she going to do?”I smiled. I crawled up to the top of the bed and told Liz to spread herself before me. I reached down and touched her pussy and it was still sopping wet.”Come on here,” I said to Kari and she climbed onto the bed. I looked at Liz and said, “You think you can eat her out?” I knew she could. Liz told me that she’d had a couple lesbian experiences back in her college days and she was always telling me when she saw a pretty girl, and after she’d said Kari was attractive earlier, I knew she’d love the chance.”Of course,” Liz said as she reached for Kari to straddle her face.I stopped looking at Liz and Kari for a moment as I lined up my cock with Liz’s tight asshole. When Liz felt the tip of my cock against her hole, she immediately reached down with one hand to grab my cock and direct it in. In a few moments, the head of my cock was in and Liz was giving out a muffled moan. I looked up and saw that Kari was already starting to grind against Liz’s face. I began to rock my hips back and forth, inching my way into Liz’s ass. Liz was using one hand to rub her pussy and the other was reaching behind Kari grabbing her ass. Liz’s mouth had suctioned onto Kari’s clit and Kari’s eyes had locked onto mine. She grabbed my hands and pulled them to her massive tits. I had never held tits that big before. Two handfuls wasn’t enough. I just squeezed and pulled and tested her nipples with a soft pull.”Careful,” Kari said. “They’re sensitive.””Okay,” I said, and I leaned forward to suck on one of her nipples. She gave out a soft moan. Then another and another. I leaned back and saw the Liz was going to town on Kari’s pussy. I took this as my chance to bury my cock in Liz’s ass.The deeper I got, the quicker I noticed Liz’s hand moved across her clit. I started to feel my balls clench up and I knew I was getting close. Kari’s breathing was starting to change and her moans were getting longer and longer.Just as I really started feeling the pressure building, I heard muffled screams coming from Liz. I looked down at her pussy and it was starting to spray my crotch and lower abdomen with cum. Her ass clamped down hard on my cock and pulsated, begging me to cum.I arched my back and Kari grabbed my hands again and had me squeeze her breasts as she was about to cum. The second my hands were wrapped around her large mounds of flesh, my cock throbbed and unloaded inside of Liz’s ass. She was still clamped down on my cock which made every twitch of my dick feel even better than the last.Kari then let out some high pitched chirping noises and nearly fell forward into me, begging for Liz to stop. Liz did stop and the three of us were in a sweaty mess of flesh and lust.”This may sound weird,” Kari said as she was still gasping for air, “but can I eat his cum out of your ass?”I took that as my cue to get out of the way. Kari then fell next to Liz with her head near Liz’s pussy.”Lemme see what I can do,” Liz said as she got on top of Kari in a 69 position.My mouth was super dry, so I grabbed my jeans and pulled a few singles out. There had to be a vending machine out in the hall but I didn’t want to miss the show. I waited two full minutes for Liz to get my cum out of her ass and into Kari’s mouth, but it never came so I said I was gonna grab some bottled waters, put my pants on, and went in the hall to find the vending machines.It didn’t take long for me to get to the vending machines, but my singles were a little wrinkly so it may have been nearly five minutes before I returned to the room. When I did, Kari was now on top of Liz in the 69. I opened one of the waters and just watched…

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