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Roger and I ( Part 2 )

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Roger and I ( Part 2 )I paused in the doorway, and struck a seductive pose and smiled then turned and went back into the house. I felt their eyes on my butt as I walked away with an exaggerated wiggle of my hips and smiled to myself.I went into the bathroom and brushed my hair, smiled nervously at myself, and spontaneously removed my panties. I twisted and turned looking at myself in the mirror and just before walking out unbuttoned one more button.I walked out on the deck and Roger and Freddy quit talking. I smiled and asked how their drinks were holding up? I bent down to get their glasses and I knew they had a fairly good view of my breast.I could feel a sexual tension building in the air as I poured the wine. Perhaps it was just in my mind? Roger asked me if I was ready to let Freddy take some photos of me? Sure, why not I said. I laid down on the chaise and smoothed my dress out and nervously smiled.Freddy squatted by me and said may I?, as he placed a hand on my shoulder and pushed me back opening my dress a little more than I wanted. I blushed a little. Freddy smiled and said let’s go slow okay?I just nodded unable to find my voice. Then I caught myself and scolded myself as I thought okay Anna, relax it’s not like he’s undressing you or even implying that. I forced myself to relax.Freddy had me lean on my left side and cup my head with my hand and then bend my right leg at my knee and put my hand on it. This pulled my dress to a point I felt like half of my breast were exposed. My dress slid down my leg and when I went to straighten it out Freddy said no, no, it’s perfect like that. What he didn’t know was I wasn’t wearing any panties and when he stood up and moved away from me he’d surely see that?Now I questioned the wisdom of taking them off as I blushed a bright crimson red. For now he was fussing with my hair and adjusting my dress to cover yet expose enough of my left breast to get the effect he wanted.Honestly I started feeling a little sexy as Roger and Freddy complimented me and said I was a perfect model, and very sexy one at that. I smiled and said well I’m keeping my dress on, so maybe I’m not the perfect model after all.Freddy said you don’t have to take the dress off. These poses are very sensual and very sexy. I smiled and said thank you Freddy as I moved my hand off my knee and covered myself with my dress.Yes Freddy said. She’s a natural Roger, that’s it Anna, now move your hand just a little. He shifted and focused the camera on the shadowed juncture between my legs. I closed my eyes felt my face flush red in embarrassment.I sat up and said I need another drink or something. I’m sorry Roger, I just feel funny about this. Hey it’s not like your nude under you dress. I shot him a look that he immediately understood.I was upset with myself because I felt a little trickle of arousal tickling my vagina as it flowed down between the crack of my butt. I was more ashamed of the fact that if I had moved my hand my glistening wet pussy would have given away my excitement.Freddy surprised me by sitting beside me and saying it’s ok Anna, you don’t have to do this, it’s just that you’re so beautiful and I know my camera has already fallen in love with you.It can wait he said as he stood up. Roger sat beside me and surprised me even more by saying yeah, look it’s all right. I mean this is what I want, not necessarily what you want. He kissed me and said Freddy and I can just hang out and leave you alone about this for today anyway.Can I have a drink please, I’m just really nervous. A part of me wants to do this for you Roger, honest I do. Roger hugged me and whispered in my ear. Listen Anna don’t ask me to explain, but having Freddy take pics of you in the nude really … ok Roger I’ll do it I said.I let out a long deep breath. Ok Freddy I said as I stood up. How do you want me to, um pose?. Just like you were, it was perfect. I laid back down being careful not to let my dress ride up to far.Freddy adjusted his lights, and I swallowed kind of hard as now all the shadows between my legs were gone! I looked at him and he just shrugged and picked up his camera. I blushed when he said ok, try to get in that pose again.I closed my eyes and shifted myself and felt my dress slip down again. I Felt cool air and quickly put my hand down between my legs covering myself. Freddy said, reach up and pull your dress open a little ok?I tucked my dress between my legs and pulled my dress open exposing a little more of my breast than I wanted to. I felt my nipples harden and my face blush. Perfect, perfect Freddy kept repeating as his camera clicked away.Roger kneeled down and put his hand on my thigh. I gave him a weak nervous smile and closed my eyes and quietly whispered no, as I felt his hand slowly pulling my dress up over my thighs.Right there, I heard Freddy say, stop right there, that’s a great shot. Back out of the shot Roger, Freddy began to take over and told Roger to pull my dress off my shoulders. My nipples grew harder as they were exposed to the cool air.I gasped out when Roger bent down and gently sucked on my nipple, then the other. I felt my pussy quiver with excitement and a trickle of fluid began to flow when he lightly bit and sc****d his sharp teeth over my nipples.My face flushed with excitement and I moaned out as Rogers fingers began to tease my soft wet silky pussy lips. My hips arched as his finger delved in between my dripping wet swollen lips and found the entrance to my vagina and teasingly slid his finger inside me.I looked up and saw that Freddy was focusing on my face as I squirmed and moaned on the chaise as Roger began to finger fuck me harder and faster. I couldn’t believe how wet I was getting knowing that Freddy was not only watching Rogers fingers sliding in and out of my hot tight pussy, but he was taking pictures of it all.Freddy got within inches of Rogers fingers as he began to furiously finger fuck me. I knew that Freddy could not only smell my excitement, he could also hear the wet sucking noises of Rogers fingers sliding in and out of my now hot dripping wet cunt. As much as I didn’t want to admit I was overly excited knowing Freddy was taking pictures of my slippery wet hot pussy.I began to moan out yes, yes, oh god yes roger oh fuck I’m so close, I screamed as I looked adiosbet yeni giriş at Freddy and I saw his eyes were locked on my wet tight creamy pussy I exploded in orgasm as I arched my back and bit my lip as I twisted and squirmed as my pussy exploded into orgasmic pleasure around Rogers fingers.I fell back breathing hard when I felt Rogers warm wet tongue flicking and teasing my hard clitoris. I reached down and ran my fingers through his hair as I moaned out in pleasure. I was almost oblivious to Freddy except for the constant clicking of his camera.Roger surprised me when I heard him say here get a real nice close up of her pussy. I felt him holding me open. My glistening wet pussy shining under the hot lights fully exposed to Freddy and his camera. I could feel Freddy’s warm breath on my soaking wet pussy. I looked down in surprise at how close he was to me. I let out an involuntary moan as my pussy gushed hot wet juices down between the crack of my butt.When Freddy stood up I saw the bulge in his jeans and again an involuntary moan escaped my throat. Roger rolled me over and held my butt cheeks open and Freddy once again knelt and began taking pic after pic as Roger caressed my butt cheeks and held me open for Freddy and his camera.I reached under myself and found my clit and began to slowly massage my blood engorged pleasure button. My fingers slid easily over my sopping wet clit. My hips began to undulate as I cried out and moaned in pleasure.Roll over Anna I heard Freddy say. I moaned out and rolled over on my back. My legs falling open as I settled onto the chaise. My fingers moved faster as I watched his face. His eyes intensely focused on my soft wet silken hot pussy.My eyes followed his hand as I saw him touch himself and try to adjust his hardening penis. I moaned out as I watched him stroking his hard thick cock under his jeans. Roger knelt and kissed me our lips crushing together in hot passion.My tongue snaking out to find his, our tongues dancing and exploring each other with unbridled lust. I cried out when he bit the side of my neck and left warm wet kisses as his lips found my hard nipple and began to nip and bite down on it until I arched up and held him to my breast as I cried out, yes, yes, oh god yes, uh huh, oh god yes.Roger looked at me with a questioning eye as he looked at my other breast, I closed my eyes and gave a slight nod of my head. I heard a hurried whispered go for it. My pussy exploded and my hips raised right up off the chaise when I felt what had to have been Freddy’s lips engulf my other nipple.A hot chilling bolt of pleasure raced up my spine and with one last quick quiver my pussy burst into orgasmic bliss as I screamed out and held Freddy’s lips to my nipple as he chewed and sucked on it.I lay back gasping as I looked down and sighed out in pleasure at the sight of two men suckling and nibbling away at my aching hard nipples. I squirmed and moaned and found my voice as I cried out over and over in sexual bliss. Roger’s fingers found my dripping wet hot tight pussy and plunged two fingers into me. I whimpered out and arched my back.My hand desperately sought out Roger’s hard jean encased cock.He helped me frantically free his hard thick cock. I moved my head over and quickly engulfed his rock hard thick cock in my mouth. My tongue swirling around and under and flicking the sensitive underside of his fat mushroom shaped cock head.I sucked greedily on his hard thick cock. Wet sloppy sucking noises filled the room as I held his throbbing cock and sucked him in and out of my hot wet mouth. He held my head in his hands and began to thrust his cock deeper in my mouth until my throat opened and his cock slid down into the back of my throat.I made wet gurgling noises as Roger groaned out as I took his cock into my throat and then out until I held just the head and sucked and flicked my tongue along it until he pushed his hard thick cock back down into my throat.Drool ran like shiny little ropes as it dripped down over my lip. My eyes suddenly opened wide in total surprise and I moaned around Rogers cock as I felt two fingers begin to wiggle their way into my slippery wet hot cunt. Oh god I gurgled and moaned as I realized Freddy was finger fucking me! My hips involuntarily bucked up and began to rise and fall to meet each of his thrusts as his fingers invaded my unsuspecting cunt.I looked at roger but his eyes were closed. I softly bit down on him until he looked at me, I nodded towards my pussy and Roger looked and turned back and smiled at me. His look said are you ok? My expression was one of surprise and uncertainty. Can he fuck you he mouthed?, no I shook my head violently , no, no.Roger pulled away from me and leaned down and whispered in my ear, well I’m going to fuck you baby, right here and now. With that roger positioned himself between my legs and I reached down and guided him to my sopping wet pussy.My head flew back and I moaned out loudly as roger plunged his hard thick cock into me in one long deep stroke. I cried out yes, yes, oh god yes, fuck me, uh huh, fuck my pussy roger fuck me uh huh, just like that.My pussy quivered and squeezed down on his hard hot cock as he began to thrust and grind into me. Our hips moved in unison as we fell into a rhythmic pattern. My legs wrapped around his waist and I held onto the back of his neck as he plunged in and out of my hot wet slippery cunt.Yes, yes, oh Roger, oh god yes, fuck me, fuck me, yes, yes, fuck my pussy uh huh fuck me, fuck me just like that, oh god I love your big fat cock. Roger whispered in my ear. Play with Freddy’s cock?, suck it?, I shook my head no. come on Anna , jerk him off at least.I looked over and saw Freddy pumping his cock as he watched Roger’s cock go in and out of my hot wet tight pussy. Oh god I moaned out loud as I felt my pussy spasm and squeeze down on Rogers cock.Just knowing Freddy was playing with his hard throbbing cock, sent a fresh warm trickle of my juices flowing out and around Rogers hard fat cock. Go ahead touch it Roger kept whispering in my ear. Oh god I groaned as I shut my eyes and moaned out as Roger really started pounding my hot wet pussy with long deep strokes. Go ahead baby, you know you want to, it’s ok I promise I won’t get mad, just touch it.I looked adiosbet giriş into Rogers eyes, mine searching his. I pulled him down and whispered I can’t I’m sorry, I want to but I just can’t bring myself to do it. It’s ok Roger said, I really mean it I won’t get mad, it’s just a hand job, go ahead Anna you know you want to.I knew I wanted to too, but that didn’t mean I was going to. Roger spoke out loud, I looked in his eyes in surprise as he said, touch his cock Anna, go ahead it’s ok, jerk him off while I fuck you.Roger leaned down and kissed me, a long deep passionate kiss. Then he looked in my eyes and reached up and grabbed my hand, and moved it towards Freddy’s hard throbbing cock. My eyes were big as saucers in surprise. Yet I did nothing to stop him. Nothing at all. Go ahead roger whispered as if we were engaged in some super secret. Go ahead baby, jerk him off. Make him cum, Anna, jerk his cock, like you want to.Freddy broke the spell by moving closer and taking my hand. I watched as I wrapped my fingers around the thick hard shaft of his cock. My fingers slowly instinctively began pumping up and down on his long hard shaft.My pussy gushed with orgasmic pleasure as I closed my eyes and took it all in, as an intense orgasm swept over me like a volcanic explosion. Oh god I cried out, yes, oh god yes, I moaned as my fingers tightened around Freddy’s throbbing cock.Slow Roger, go slow please, real slow, I heard myself say in a far off voice. It was almost hypnotic watching my hand slowly pumping up and down Freddy’s hard fat cock. I licked my lips and I heard roger’s voice saying go ahead, go ahead, suck it, suck his cock.Oh god I moaned out as I reached down and felt Roger’s cock wet with my hot wet juice as it slid in and out of my swollen wet quivering cunt. Roger pulled his cock out and I wrapped my hand around it. Slowly pumping it. My tongue snaking out over my lips.I looked down and watched transfixed as I slowly pumped his hard hot cock. I turned my head as if in a hypnotic trance and watched as my hand squeezed and pumped Freddy’s cock. His cock was a little fatter though shorter, but the difference was enthralling and I couldn’t stop watching my hand slowly pump his fat hard cock. Freddy had a thick veined cock, it was harder than Rogers, fatter, I licked my lips as I stared at his cock as I squeezed and pumped it. Once again I heard a far off voice say, suck it Anna, go ahead take him in your mouth. Blow him baby, suck his cock go ahead do that magic thing you do. It’s ok Anna honest it’s ok if you suck his cock.I looked up into Rogers eyes, mine questioning his, as I reached down and guided his cock back inside me. A quiet soft moan escaped my lips as his cock burrowed it’s way up inside my hot wet pussy.Roger leaned down and kissed me, softly, gently, and said go ahead, Anna, I want you to, I want you to suck his cock for me. Oh god I moaned out. See you want to, don’t you Anna?, I looked up at him and closed my eyes and shook my head slightly up and down, almost ashamed to shake my head yes.Roger kissed me again and whispered go ahead baby, suck his cock for him, suck him until he explodes in your hot little mouth. I could feel Rogers cock swelling with excitement in my pussy. I closed my eyes and turned my head to the side. My tongue flicking out wetting my lips. I felt the soft hard velvety skin of Freddy’s cock brush my lips. I moaned deep in my throat as I tasted the salty – sweet pre-cum leaking from the head of his hard cock.I moaned out as Roger slowly eased his hard thick cock all the way inside me until I felt his soft hairy balls against my pink little butt hole. I reached out and fondled Freddy’s heavy balls as my tongue playfully danced over the head of his throbbing cock.I sucked the head of his cock while I raked my fingernails along his balls. Then I took him deeper into my mouth I looked up into his eyes as I relaxed my throat and felt his cock slip down into it. He squeezed his eyes shut real hard and I felt his cock throb. I quickly pulled my head up.I smiled for the first time and shook my head and took him back in my warm wet mouth. I began to tease his hard throbbing cock with butterfly like flicks of my tongue, I licked along the shaft of his cock with the flat of my tongue. I made a point of my tongue and teased all around the head of his cock, and into his piss slit.Freddy’s knees were shaking and his balls drew up tight and he groaned out over and overHe tired to pull away but I held him to me and sucked harder on his cock. I looked up into his eyes letting him know it was ok to cum in my mouth. Oh god he groaned out and I felt his cock swell and throb and I sucked harder and faster on his cock until I felt him tense and he groaned out as jets of hot thick gooey sperm began to splash into the back of my throat.I pumped and sucked his cock as I swallowed as quickly as his sperm filled my mouth twice, three times, I gulped and swallowed and sucked and licked and milked every last drop of sperm from his cock as he groaned and sighed as his scalding hot sperm poured down my throat into my warm waiting tummy.Another heart stopping orgasm shattered my body as Roger began to grind and pump his hard thick cock in and out of my clutching, spastic wet slippery pussy. I looked up and smiled and whimpered uh huh, yes, Roger that’s it uh huh fuck me, yes. Yes oh god yes fuck me with your big hard cock.Oh god yes fuck my pussy, uh huh fuck me, fuck me, oh god yes fuck me, fuck me, fuck me I moaned through another orgasm that rocketed through my body sending little needles of pleasure up from my quivering wet pussy and spreading like a warm fire into my breast sending me off into orgasmic bliss.Roger surprised me by pulling out and straddling me and smiling down at me and saying feel like working your magic again, I grinned and said yes, and took his hard throbbing cock into my warm wet mouth.I cradled his balls as my tongue lightly danced and teased the head of his hard cock. I made loud slurping noises as I pursed my lips tightly around his cock and sucked up and down on the shaft of his cock. My tongue flicked and swirled around his cock as I sucked him deep into my tight wet mouth. I let my tongue bathe the thick bulging vein along the shaft of his cock. I relaxed adiosbet güvenilirmi and felt his cock slide down my throat.I let out a gasping gurgling sound around his rock hard cock and looked up at Roger with a panicky look on my face as I closed my eyes I moaned around his cock. I stared up wide eyed at Roger as I felt Freddy’s tongue on my pussy.Ungh ungh I gurgled around Rogers cock my panic turning into pleasure as Freddy’s tongue found my clit and began making soft slow circles around and around my sensitive clit until my hips rose up to meet his tongue.Roger looked at me with a funny look then looked back. When he turned around he leaned down and asked me if I was ok, I shook my head yes, both excited and yet apprehensive. I asked Roger if it was ok what Freddy was doing?Roger whispered what’s he doing, I said you know, Roger said uh huh but what’s he doing?, oh god I moaned out he’s eating my pussy. Do you like it?, he asked, yes, I nodded my head and closed my eyes as a wave of pleasure swept over me as Freddy’s tongue probed the walls of my silky hot wet pussy.He held me open as his tongue swept up and along my pussy lips, sucking first one then the other into his warm wet mouth. Oh god I whimpered and moaned as my hips rose up and twisted as his tongue found my clit and flicked like a butterfly over my sensitive little nub of pleasure.Roger was whispering into my ear god you’re so beautiful. I love watching your face as he eats your hot little pussy. Does it feel good he asked, I closed my eyes and shook my head yes. Tell me Roger said, tell me what he’s doing.Uhg I moaned he’s, he’s, oh god I moaned out he’s eating my pussy Roger. Do you love it baby he asked? Yes, yes, oh god I love it. Uh huh oh god yes, uh huh, oh, oh yes I cried out as I felt another orgasm washing over me… Until next time…Mrs. XNow I truly went into a panic as I felt the bed shift and Freddy positioned himself to enter me. I looked at Roger panic written all over my face. Roger bent down and kissed me long and slowly, he whispered into my ear, I’m ok with this if you are, I’m serious he said, go ahead, let him fuck you Anna.I swallowed hard and closed my eyes, I whispered I’m not sure I can, oh god, I bit my lower lip as I felt Freddy’s cock brush up against my sopping wet pussy. I heard Freddy’s voice for the first time as he said it’s ok if you don’t want to, but I want to fuck you so bad Anna, you just don’t know, but it’s up to you.I looked down at his cock throbbing up and down and barely touching my scalding hot pussy. I looked over at roger, oh god I thought, what do I do? I knew if he put his cock in me I’d let him fuck me. I looked at roger with pleading eyes, I nodded yes and closed my eyes. I felt Roger’s lips on mine and I trembled with anticipation, not sure what I should do. Roger whispered I love you and it’s ok, go for it, let him fuck you, I love you Anna, I want this too. I kissed Roger and whispered I love you so much Roger, but I’m scared, and don’t know what to do?. Roger whispered it’s ok, it’s ok to let him fuck you if that’s what you want. Oh god I whispered, don’t hate me if I do, you have to promise me you won‘t hate me. Roger kissed me and said I promise, and then he rolled away. I looked up at Freddy, and he smiled down at me and raised his eyebrows.I closed my eyes and reached down and touched his cock. It was so hard and thick I held it momentarily in my hand then shifted my hips and guided him to me. I closed my eyes and gasped out when I felt the head of his cock pushing my hot slippery wet pussy lips apart.I moaned and sighed out as I felt the thickness of his cock as he pushed himself deeper into me. My mouth came open in a silent moan, as his thick cock pushed my hot wet pussy open as he slid deeper into me.I felt a slight burn at the thickness of his cock as he pushed himself up into my vaginal sheath. I let out a long slow deep moan and squirmed and rolled my hips in pleasurable pain as my pussy adjusted to his thickness.Uh huh, I whispered, yes, yes, uh huh, quiet little whimpering moans escaped my lips as Freddy started to fuck me with twisting deep strokes that stretched the walls of my pussy as it accommodated to the thickness of his hard throbbing cock.I whispered quiet yeses, and uh huh’s as he fucked my dripping wet hot tight pussy. Freddy leaned down and kissed me. I opened my eyes in surprise but kissed him back. When his tongue probed my lips I parted them and kissed him back with equal passion.I began to moan louder and louder, as he began to fuck me with short hard deep penetrating thrust. Oh god yes, I whimpered, as his cock bored it’s way into my tight little pussy. Oh god I groaned as he pumped his cock in and out of my dripping wet cunt in short quick jabbing thrust. Yes , yes, I finally screamed out, no longer able to hold back the pleasure his hard thick cock was giving me.Yes, yes, I cried out, oh god yes, fuck me, uh huh, yes, yes fuck my pussy, oh god yes fuck me so hard, uh huh fuck me, fuck me, oh god, oh god, yes, yes, I moaned out as his thick cock pierced my dripping wet hot pussy.Freddy went rigid, and tensed up as I groaned out and he began to pound and pummel my pussy with hard deep and lightening fast strokes that had me shaking underneath him and my pussy was clutching and squeezing his fat thick cock as I felt that familiar tingling toe curling sensation that signaled my orgasm was about to burst deep inside me.Yes, yes, I cried out oh god yes, uh huh cum in me oh god yes, fuck me, fuck me, that’s it uh huh fuck my tight little cunt with your big fat cock, oh god yes, cum in me, cum in me, yes, yes, oh god yes fuck me, fuck me, fuck me I screamed out as I felt his cock throb and swell stretching my pussy just that little bit more that sent me rocketing over the edge.Freddy roared and groaned out as I felt his cock swell and then hot jets of sperm began to splash off the walls of my quivering spastic dripping wet hot pussy. Yes, yes I screamed out cum in me Freddy, uh huh oh god yes, cum in my pussy, uh huh oh god yes, yes, it’s so good, so good, I screamed out over and over as he blasted his scalding hot sperm deep inside my dripping wet orgasmic cunt. I fell back exhausted and gasping for air as Freddy rolled off me and laid on his back breathing hard through his nose. I reached over and fondly squeezed his cock. Roger crawled over to me his cock as hard as a rock, I smiled and said, that thing might have to wait a minute, and started laughing as he hugged me and whispered I love you Anna….Until next time…Mrs. X

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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