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Running on the Wrong Side of Town GAY

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Running on the Wrong Side of Town GAY”Hey, what the hell do you think you’re doing, white boy?” he demanded.I replied, “I’m just out for a run and I’ve seem to lost track of the time and which way I was headed. I was going to see if I could get some help.””Well you’re not going to get any help from that house, no one is even home. And I wouldn’t be hanging out here all by yourself if I were you.” He says. “Why don’t you come over here and I’ll help you out, I don’t think you want to tangle with those thugs.” He pointed down the street and I can see the 4 guys that were on the corner getting closer and still calling out to me.”Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you, can’t promise they won’t though. It’s their neighborhood.”I made my assessment and decided to heed his warning as I wasn’t a match for the 4 thugs, although I wasn’t a match for this guy either really. I quickly walked over to his porch and he guided me into his house. “You must be a damn fool running out there in this weather. Don’t sit anywhere let me get you a towel and some dry clothes” he says.”I thought I had more time,” I say.He hands me a towel and says “Here, take those clothes off and dry yourself off” I look at him like what…”I’ll throw them in the dryer for you, here’s something to wear while you wait.” He places clothes on the arm chair and I take off my shirt and wrap the towel around my waist and remove my shorts. He departs with the wet clothes as I stand there drying off. Once I’m done I reach down and notice all he left me was a t-shirt. I leave the towel wrapped around my waist. When he returns he looks at me and explains he didn’t have any clean shorts and throws another towel at me and says sit on that.I finally get a good look at him, about 6′ 5″ over 200 pounds, muscular, looks like he might work out. Not an ugly guy by any means, if I’m to judge. He introduces himself. “I’m Terrence by the way.” He smiles with his hand extended.”Joe, pleasure to meet you,” I shake his hand, which is enormous and powerful. I know he sees me noticing this by the smile on his face.We engage in some small talk. Mostly about running and what I do for a living, etc. I find out this guy has a Masters in psychology and is very well educated.”What makes you think it’s ok to be running through this neighborhood by yourself?” he asks.I explain how I’ve done it in the past, although not this late, but still I’ve never had a problem. “I see,” he says, “and the fact this is an all-black neighborhood never worried you?””No,” I reply, “I don’t believe in the stereotypes and myths of our races, I like to believe we’re all good people and do the right thing by one another.”He laughs, “Well I appreciate your confidence in our culture. I don’t think that group out there on the corner would agree with you, however.”He continues, “As you know I’m a psyche major, also minored in sociology, so let’s talk about these stereotypes or myths as you call them, what ones don’t you believe?”I drew a deep breath, knowing this topic bayburt escort could become potentially unfriendly.”No worries, Joe” he assured me, “I’ve heard it all, however it’ll be good for me to understand how the White Community close to home sees us.” “Ok,” I start, “First off the black community is not uneducated or inferior intellectually. You’re proof of that yourself. Blacks are well employed in this area, so that eliminates the lazy work ethic myth.””True, True. What else you got?””Well there’s the rhythm thing, not all blacks have rhythm. Seen plenty that can’t dance.” I say. Now he’s laughing, “Ain’t that the truth, niggas gotta be keeping it real, right?””And basketball, not all of them can play, right?” “True enough, Joe, anything else?” he asks.”Eh, I don’t know Terrence, I guess I like to think of people as people and prefer to judge them on their own volition. You know?” “I see,” he says, “what about the size of the black man’s dick? Anything on that?”This old one, I think, I don’t want to insult anybody so I say, “Ah, well as you know I’ve played sports and been in the army and I’ve seen my share of men in the showers or whatever. And not as if I was taking a survey or particularly paying attention….I’ll say this: I’ve seen it both ways. However, like I said I’m no authority. Nor do I have the research to base my conclusions on it.” He laughs, I can tell he really enjoys the conversation. Although with it being me on the end of it all I’m not sure I do. In fact, while we were talking I heard some milling about on the porch and the “thugs” from the corner seemed to have ended up there. I looked out there and Terrence dismissed it as “they like to hang here cause it’s safe, and no worries they won’t bother you now, not with me being here”. I took his word for it. “I appreciate your honestly, Joe, I really do,” He says, “I’m feeling you don’t believe in the big dick theory at all, in the spirit of disclosure however, I’d like you to rate mine.”With that he stood up and dropped his shorts to his ankles revealing a very well sized, well formed, black dick. I couldn’t guess what size it was, but it was bigger than mine and it was pretty impressive. The pubes were well trimmed, cut, with some nicely shaped balls, I was struggling not to stare, I don’t know why, except maybe I’ve never seen one so up close before. I felt a bit of twinge as there was some stirring “down there” if you know what I mean. In fact, I looked away hoping it would take my mind off of this large black man standing naked before me with his junk exposed. I was thinking to myself why was he standing there so long. I mean I seen it, no need to continue advertising, right? “Well?”Great, now we have to talk about? I thought. “Um…yup, you’re blessed Terrence, well done.” I say”Bigger than most or smaller?” He asks.”I’d say bigger, but I’m not one to really judge this sort of thing.” I’m hoping he puts his shorts back on.He laughs, “Well I am and bilecik escort I’m about average in the black community. That’s really not why I wanted to show you it though.” Still naked with his gorgeous (did I just think that) black dick and balls hanging a foot from me. “See Joe, I’m kinda into my own myth busting theories.”As disinterested and aloof as I could muster, I reply, “And what would they be, Terrence?””Well for starters how about all whites, whether male or female, get sexually aroused while in the presence of the black man’s superior black cock?” “I, uh…I wouldn’t know that to be true” is all I could manage.”It’s ok, Joe, I’m not being entirely fair as I didn’t tell you about my study. Now if you’ll kindly take off the towel and allow me to see if I’m correct.”I hesitated and looked up at him as he was still standing there like an Adonis. And egotistical Black Adonis with his cock and balls proudly on display. Feeling my cock getting harder while he stared down at me wasn’t helping.”After all,” he says, “I’ve shown you mine, let’s see yours. Don’t be ashamed now. Take off the damn towel!”Ok, that came out a little harshly, I thought. Not wanting to argue and being his guest, I let out a Geez and pulled the towel back showing him my semi hard dick that was getting harder after his outburst.”I knew it, I can spot you black cock loving white boys a mile away. Don’t be embarrassed, you are not alone. However, you may have learned something about yourself.” He smiled.”C’mon, Terence” I try to play it off, “This is because I’m sitting here naked with a towel on and shit. I’m not gay.””Sure, you’re not gay,” he responds, “Just the sight of black cock makes you hard. I can respect that, but let’s continue the experiment. Get on your knees!”I start to stammer and he interrupts me by slapping me in the face, “Don’t let my kindness fool you, bitch. I said get on your knees.”My face must have been like what???? Because he repeats himself, get on your knees now”…and ‘Yes , SIR’ is the only response I want to hear or I send you out of here to deal with them thugs on the porch.” I slowly slip off the couch on to my knees, now I’m looking up directly at his cock hanging right in my face. I try to keep my head down keeping it out of my line of sight. “The study isn’t going to work if you don’t look at it open your eye’s” he says. I look up, I really didn’t want to get slapped or worse yet, sent out on the porch. It was still there, now inches in front of me. I could feel my dick getting harder and my face began to flush getting redder, more from the embarrassment than the sharp slap to the face he had given me.He was smiling, “Open your mouth, bitch and stick out your tongue.” I did as I was told while he grabbed his dick and began to rub the head up and down, side to side on my tongue. “Damn, boy, look at you drool!” he exclaims and begins running it up and down my mouth hitting the roof of my mouth with the tip of his dick. “That’s escort bayan it, boy, get it nice and wet.”He held the back of my head and began to tilt it forward, gently pushing his dick further into my mouth quietly telling me to relax and take his big cock into my throat. He finally pushes it too far and I gag, not a lot, but enough so that he stops. Pulling his dick out of my mouth and pressing it to his belly he pushes my face down to his balls.”That’s it, boy, lick your daddy’s balls, suck on them really good.”I couldn’t believe this was happening and somehow, perhaps being grateful for not having his dick in my throat choking me out, I licked and sucked on his balls like it was my only purpose in life. He seemed to enjoy it because he was soon pushing his now rock hard cock back on my mouth, smacking it into my lips until I opened up and stuck my tongue out again. He beat it on my tongue a few times and slowly ran it back into my mouth methodically pushing it in and out. Directing me to suck it on the way in and suck it on the way out. He slowly went deeper and deeper giving me a break after several strokes to lick and suck his balls some more.After the third break of him forcing me to worship his massive black balls, he re-entered my mouth only this time he was quicker. Terrence grabbed me by the ears and begin to fuck my mouth with no regard for my comfort. He rammed his cock in and out while I tried to keep up and not gag. “Here it comes, bitch, Black Daddy gonna reward you for your efforts!” He exclaimed.With that he shoved his big member into my mouth, I could feel his load spurt through its shaft down my throat. After his first shot he pulled out enough for me to feel his cum hitting the roof of my mouth. I held my mouth open until he pulled out completely and rubbed his black dick all over my face.”Swallow that shit, bitch” he demanded. I swallow it (as if I had a choice) and was trying to wrap my head around what just happened. I had a strange feeling about this whole thing and the shame of it all started to set in. My thoughts got interrupted, “Bitch, it’s customary to thank your Black Daddy after he lets you blow him…” he lets his statement hang there.”Uh, thank you Black Daddy” I say staring at the floor. “You’ll learn, cocksucker, now clean this shit up,” I reach for the towel, “With your tongue, bitch.”I lick his cock and balls to the best of my ability, when I finished, he says “There, hey, your clothes are probably dry by now.” He comes back with my clothes and tells me to get dress and he’ll give me a ride home.As we walk out on to the porch I noticed the “thugs” were still there, Terrence stopped and shook hands and one armed hugged one of them saying something in his ear. I didn’t say much on the way to my apartment, but Terrence continued to assure me I did a good job and I’d get better with practice. I couldn’t help but hope I’d never have to do it again however, when we pulled into my driveway he pulled his dick out of his short’s pant leg, “You can give it a kiss good night, boy.”I just wanted this night to end so I leaned over between his legs and kissed the large black head of his cock.”Damn, bitch, I knew you wanted to do that one more time. Have a good night, I’ll be in touch.” He assured me.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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