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Sam, James And Their Friend

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Big Tits

I’d not seen Sam for over a week. She had taken a four-day work trip to Milan and when she had got back I was rostered on to a three-day shift. There was no doubt I was missing her and feeling restless that I wasn’t around her.We had been seeing each other and fucking for about two weeks. Two weeks in which there can be no doubt, I was getting the best sex of my life. Sam was confident, forward and unashamed of her sexuality. She knew what she wanted and knew how to get it.I still didn’t know how old she was. I’m guessing late forties or very early fifties. We had met at our local gym and swimming pool where we both used to work out or use the pool. We were both working at getting fitter and getting into shape and we were both enjoying the benefits. There had been some obvious flirting and then a very auspicious moment as she got out of the pool. That had given us both the green light and boosted our confidence. We fucked twice that afternoon.Since then there had been a few sessions together, all energetic and all steamy. We were good together and enjoyed each other’s bodies.Now we had been apart for a week. While she was in Milan, we had sent each other explicit messages, indulged in some phone sex and exchanged some pictures. I sent her a shot of my softening cock and a pool of spunk on my tummy. She sent me one with her legs spread wide but said that she found it difficult to masturbate and hold her phone.She went on, “You know how I like to wank when I want to cum. One hand for my clit and I like a couple of fingers in my pussy. I don’t take any toys with me when I’m on a trip that involves going through an airport scanner or the Eurostar,” She said beylikdüzü escort displaying understandable caution.Saturday was going to be our first day together and we were both getting aroused at the thought. The shift I had just finished had been gruelling and I’d worked over my hours on all three days. I was knackered. I told her.“I’m going to come over and suck your cock,” She told me on the phone. “Or do I need to do something extra, something special to get you up and running?” She was teasing me now.My mind began to race. What more could she be thinking about? Sam was the most sexual woman I had ever met. In our brief time together there was hardly anything we hadn’t done. I wanted to fuck her in her bum but I sensed a little reluctance so I knew not to push my luck. Her talk had got me hard, but she was still a few hours away. While I was in the shower I stayed a bit longer, wanked off and shot a load against the wall. I felt better.I spent the next few hours cleaning my house, running to Sainsbury’s and doing laundry. In no time, the house looked better. After I had aired it out I put the heating on low just to make it more welcoming.At quarter past one I heard my doorbell. A surge of excitement swept through me and my cock began to swell, on its own. I was ready.Sam was outside, but she was not alone. She was with a strikingly attractive Indian lady of a similar age. I held open the door and invited them in. I was instantly glad that I hadn’t stuck to my original plan of answering the door naked and erect. My semi-hard cock was however clearly visible beneath my jeans.I kissed Sam fully on the lips and held her bahcesehir escort bayan close.“James, can I introduce you to Priya? Priya, this is James. I’ve been fucking him for the last couple of weeks.”Sam’s direct talk caused my cock to swell and my erection became even more noticeable. I saw both ladies look me over.I held out my hand in an old fashioned gentlemanly gesture. “James,” I said. “I’m delighted to meet you.”In normal circumstances that we have been a  perfectly chivalrous and acceptable way to greet a lady for the first time.  But my bulging erection made things awkward, but only for me.“Sam has told me a lot about you,” replied Priya. Her dark eyes looking me over, and, so I felt glancing at my obvious hard-on.“Priya is my special friend, the one I told you about,” Said Sam, with an impish look on her face.The penny dropped and everything fell into place. Priya was Sam’s other lover, the lady she met and had sex with. I don’t know why, but it had never occurred to me that Sam’s lover might be Asian. I relaxed and unashamedly looked Priya over. A similar age to Sam, slightly younger than me. She had long black hair and dark almost black eyes. She was wearing a wool sweater and tight leggings. From what I could see. It looked like she had medium-sized breasts and kept herself in good shape. The leggings fitted her perfectly.I moved and stood next to Sam. We held each other. Sam ran her hands over my body including a teasing but obvious stroke of my cock.“How long since you last saw each other?” Priya asked“Eight days,” I replied.“You must be gagging for it?” inquired Priya looking at us both. Any tension in escort bayan beylikdüzü the air vanished and we all three visibly relaxed. We knew we were comfortable with each other.“I was looking forward to seeing Sam myself,” said Priya. “I was hoping for a good session with her. It’s been even longer for me.” “James told me he wanted to watch us,” said Sam.“Well, I’m cool with that,” said Priya. “But first I want to see what you have been getting,” she replied. “Suck his cock, it looks like he needs it urgently.” Priya looked me straight in the eye and stared again at my obvious erection.The way she said it was more than a suggestion, it was confident, assertive, almost a command.  I thought Sam was the most direct, sexually confident and uninhibited woman I had ever met but Priya’s instructions to her were just amazing.Sam began kissing me and I quickly got my tongue in her mouth. I held her close and began running my hands up and down her body. I needed her, now.Sam had my jeans open and quickly released my swollen cock. I was barefoot so it didn’t take long for me to lose my jeans completely. My shirt followed and I was naked in front of Sam and Priya. Sam knelt down in front of me and took my cock in her mouth. Instead of looking at me which she normally did, she looked directly at Priya. She was performing for her.Up and down my length she went stopping occasionally to concentrate on the tip. Sam knew how to give a blow job and was good at it. With her right hand, she alternated between wanking me firmly and feeling my balls. With her left hand, she began to undo her own jeans. I, too, looked directly at Priya and confidently pushed my cock into Sam’s mouth. I enjoyed being a showman too. Sam stopped what she was doing and stood up. She took off her sweater and her jeans. She was wearing a matching set of lingerie including some tiny knickers. It was a testimony to how well she looked after herself that she could confidently wear such an outfit. 

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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