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Sandi’s Erotic Interludes Ch. 34

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Chapter 34. Jon S. (September 1987).

The first thing I did on returning to the family home from London was look for a flat. My parents assumed I would live at home but I had other ideas and wanted my own space.

I looked at a few flats in town and eventually found a part furnished one which at first seemed ideal. It was just the state of the lounge carpet, which had a copious amount of what seemed to be chewing gum marks and sundry other stains, that put me off. Even the letting agent agreed that the carpet let the place down.

“I’d take the flat like a shot if it wasn’t for the state of the carpet,” I told him. “Couldn’t you persuade the owners to replace it.”

Squatting down, I pointed out the various blotches despoiling the carpet and dropping down likewise the letting agent agreed the carpet needed replacing but doubted the owners would agree to the expense.

I was wearing a figure hugging blue dress and with the hemline inevitably riding up my thighs when squatting I saw the letting agent eyeing my legs.

“I’d be really grateful if you could persuade them,” I smiled sweetly and turning to face him, parted my legs slightly in the process. “Couldn’t you turn on the charm for me?” I pouted.

The letting agent was a quietly spoken, good looking guy in his late thirties, dressed in suit and tie despite the hot late summer weather.

Having extracted his promise to do his best about the carpet, we parted company.

A few days later the letting agent rang, sounding excited as he told me the carpet had been replaced. Could I meet him that evening to see if it met with my approval. Luckily my parents were out for the evening and I could borrow my mother’s car; my father was in the process of buying me a brand new car, partly as a reward for successfully completing my studies but also because I would need one for my new job.

I dressed in the same figure hugging blue dress but this time over some of the sexy lingerie I kept in a locked suitcase. I had made the excuse that it wouldn’t be worthwhile to unpack completely as I’d soon escort ataşehir be moving out again when asked about the locked suitcase. The truth is that I didn’t want my rather prudish mother to see the large collection of sexy underwear Pravin and his brother had given me.

Both brothers had been very generous in giving me presents, mostly money as other gifts might have been difficult to explain to my parents who would have wondered how I could have afforded them. Same with the sexy underwear, although another reason for concealment was the thought of their disapproval. Both parents being straight laced, invariably avoided any mention of sex or sexuality.

The new carpet looked great and kneeling for a closer inspection I told the letting agent so.

“I hoped you’d be pleased with it,” he said.

“I’m very grateful for all your efforts on my behalf,” I told him, sitting on the carpet and stretching my legs out in front. “I’ll definitely take the flat now.”

Jon, for that was his name, looked a little tense as he knelt and asked how grateful I was, on a scale of 1 to 10.

“Oh 10! You’ve been absolutely marvellous to put yourself to so much trouble for me,” I gushed.

Moving closer he babbled about how attractive I was and then putting his hands on my shoulders pushed me backwards full length on the carpet. He was partly on top of me then, his hands running frantically, almost desperately or so it seemed, over my body.

“Yes! I knew you were wearing stockings,” he shouted with an air of triumph, his fingers tracing the outline of a suspender.

I smiled up at the guy who finding he wasn’t repulsed pushed a hand up underneath my dress, saying he’d thought me a sexy attractive girl from the moment we met.

“Thought you might be up for it!” he finished off, his hand on the flesh above my stocking top.

“Let me take my dress off to save it from creasing.”

Jon sat upright on the carpet and watched as I pulled the dress off over my head. As I draped it over the back of a chair Jon told me how much he liked my kadıköy escort bayan choice of underwear. Pravin’s choice actually of course.

“My wife refuses to wear stockings and suspenders so it’s great to see you in them.”

Following my lead Jon took his suit off and hung it up carefully. Then he removed his tie, shirt and finally underpants eliciting a squeal of excitement to break from my lips on seeing his penis. Jon was very well-endowed!

“I’ll award your penis 10 as well,” I told Jon, grabbing his penis as he stood over me.

With Jon straddling me I sat on the carpet licking the tip of his gorgeous penis. Soon transferring my attention to Jon’s balls I licked them all over before sucking them into my mouth, one at a time.

“Oh yes,” he cried. “Suck me off.”

Turning my attention back to his penis I again licked all around the glans prepuce before taking it into my mouth. Jon thrust in and out of my mouth while I licked and sucked, soon tasting drops of pre cum on my tongue. Suddenly torrents of hot cream spurted down my throat and I’m proud to say I managed to swallow every last drop, even licking the final globules of white cream which oozed from Jon’s penis.

“Hmm, that was good!” he cried before kissing me passionately and probably tasting his own semen as his tongue probed my mouth.

“I think I’d better take my stockings off or they’ll be ruined the state you’re in.”

Jon watched with eager eyes while I undid my suspenders and peeled the stockings off. Deciding I might as well take my undies off while I was at it I undid and removed my bra. Jon laughed knowingly as I slipped out of my panties.

“What?” I asked.

“Couldn’t wait to get your knickers off. I knew you were hot for it. You want my cock as much as I want your cunt.”

Well I couldn’t argue with that so settling back down on the carpet I took Jon’s hand and pressed it between my thighs.

“There it is then,” I told him, feeling wanton.

He began fingering me, kissing and licking my nipples for good measure and I was soon escort bostancı purring with pleasure. My hand located his penis and found it already erect again. He was moving then, down to my feet, and after sucking each of my big toes he pushed my legs further apart to study what was on offer.

“Your cunt is beautiful,” he told me eventually, after lengthy scrutiny. “The lips are pouting and winking at me.”

His face moved closer then, and feeling the first flick of his tongue on my cunt I cried, “Yes, yes.”

Jon was brilliant at oral sex and I just lay on the carpet, legs spread really wide as I enjoyed the feel of his tongue. He licked and probed, nibbling and tonguing my clitoris to drive me wild. I writhed and yelled as a wave of orgasms racked my body and coming back down to earth heard myself shout, “Fuck me, fuck me now. Give me that big cock!”

He slid on top of me whispering, “Your cunt tastes delicious.”

His penis was nudging at my entrance and running my hands down Jon’s back I seized his buttocks, pulling at them as his penis slowly penetrated me.

“Oh yes, it feels good!” I cried as he fucked me with steady, but very deep thrusts.

My fingers were digging into Jon’s buttocks as I tried to pull him ever deeper inside myself. Slowing his penis thrusts to almost, but not quite, a standstill Jon grinned down at me and said knowingly, “I thought you were a sexy, sensual girl the moment I clapped eyes on you and I was right. Have you a boyfriend?”

“Not at the moment,” I told him, really loving the feel of his big penis moving very slowly in and out of me.

“But you have had, perhaps lots? You seem very experienced, lot more so than my wife anyway.”

I remained silent, continuing to stroke his slowly undulating backside.

“Go on tell me,” he pestered. “You’re obviously a girl who likes cock so how many have you had before mine?”

“Eight,” I murmured. “But yours is the biggest, I love it!”

Excited by my words Jon resumed his thrusts, fucking me faster and faster until he came, grunting and groaning as he emptied his balls into my depths.

After I moved into the flat Jon became a regular visitor, having sex with me two or three times a week, until just before Christmas when guilt feelings about being unfaithful to his wife kicked in and his visits stopped.

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