Nis 14

Sapphira’s Sin Ch. 03

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Sapphira rode the elevator up the executive floor with a calm expression on her face as she exchanged pleasantries with the Director of Human Resources and the Director of Finance. Both complimented her on her presentation at the previous board meeting, and indicated their pleasure at the newly appointed CEO. Sapphira made what she thought were noises of agreement. She released a sigh of relief when the elevator doors finally opened and she was free from their cloying conversation about the “new and highly respectable CEO.”

Sapphira stopped short when she entered the boardroom. Their name plates were already out and placed around the table. Normally they were all lined up on the sideboard and the staff picked them up as they went to chose a seat. Sapphira was less than surprised to find that her name plate was conveniently on the left of the CEO’s.

Logically she couldn’t fault his strategic move. It almost appeared as though he had lined them up according to rank in the company with him at the head of the table, and the VP at the other end. The Chief Public Support Officer was to the CEO’s right. The Director’s were littered down the table with their Assistant Director’s directly to their left. But she new better than to trust that this was all conveniently arranged so that he wouldn’t forget their names. He was much too clever for that. Sapphira took her seat with a silent groan, hoping the impossible, that he just wouldn’t show up.

Shortly after everyone had helped themselves to refreshments and taken their seats, Sin came into the room. He sat down and immediately got to work, outlining his plan for the upcoming weeks to ensure that there was no negative impact from his father’s being out of commission. He gave an update on his father’s health and then invited each department head to give an update on where their department was and what their upcoming plans were.

Sapphira watched him in awe as he quickly revealed that he was in fact the best choice for the position. He showed a sharp mind, and a clear understanding of the company goals and the business world at large. Even the VP bowed to Sin’s superior authority.

Sapphira had resolutely turned her head away from Sin, giving almost ludicrous attention to the Director of Marketing in her efforts to ignore Sin. She let out a slight gasp when she felt a cool hand connect with her knee. Those closest to her turned to glance in her direction and she quickly patted her throat to indicate it was dry, before lifting her glass of water to her mouth. When all eyes had turned away, she turned a very dark look on Sin, demanding that he take his hand off her. His eyes touched on her for a second before glancing back down the table, indicating that she should do the same.

Sapphira moved a hand down to her knee to remove his, when he startled her by asking a question that required her to flip through her notes. She did so noting that his hand climbed higher as she was temporarily deprived the use of her hands to free herself from his hold. She went hot all over just thinking about where it was going. Having produced her answer; all eyes turned back to the Director of Marketing as he finished his summary.

Sapphira quickly moved her hand back down to intercept his, but her punitive strength was no match for his and he moved despite the restraining hand on his wrist, finding his way under the edge of her skirt. Sapphira’s breath caught in her throat as she frantically tried to think of a way to stop him. Her eyes fixed on her glass of water. Maybe she should just throw it in his face. Her lips quirked up at the thought.

Sin showed no mercy for her momentary lapse in attention, and slid one finger up her crease, smiling his own secret smile that she was still wet for him. He swirled that same searching finger around her clit before moving it down to her dripping opening.

Sapphira turned angry cold eyes on him, daring him to proceed, knowing he couldn’t be so audacious. Sapphira quickly found out that Sin had no shame. He inserted the lone finger with two of its mates in a slow thrusting motion. Sapphira shifted in her chair, her breath catching in the back of her throat. He knew she loved it. He escort ataşehir also knew this was hardly the time or the place, but couldn’t seem to help himself. From the moment he had thought about touching her this way in the board meeting he was lost to all reason.

He watched Sapphira’s eyes glaze over as she shifted her hips slightly closer to his contact, and spread her thighs just the least bit wider. Sin felt himself swell in response to her uncommonly lusty nature. He pulled his fingers out of her, delighting in the deprived look she turned on him when he pulled his hand away. He brought his fingers up and wiped them on his handkerchief, a move which only Sapphira noticed. She turned away in anger. He couldn’t get his fill of the taste of her earlier, and now he wiped his hands of her.

Sapphira felt a wave of confusion sweep over as she thought of her demeaning behavior. What had he done to her? Sapphira vowed to herself that she wouldn’t let him do that to her again, turn her into someone she didn’t even recognize, and resolutely switched her mind off from feeling his presence and his animal magnetism.

Sapphira jumped slightly as she again felt his hand on her thigh. He was content to leave her alone as long as she welcomed his caresses, but when she turned away he felt he had the right to tease her? His behavior was absolutely outrageous and Sapphira vowed not to let him get away with it again. Before she could even think twice about her actions, Sapphira knocked her glass of water on his lap.

She didn’t have to work hard to produce the look of shocked dismay that followed as he rose swiftly from his seat when the cold hit his lap. “Oh my God,” she issued in mock horror. “I am so sorry,” she apologized swiftly and profusely. “How clumsy of me,” she indicated, swiping at him with a handkerchief one of the other staff members had provided.

Sin’s eyes darkened with rage as he took in the unholy glee dancing in Sapphira’s eyes. She had done it deliberately, the little minx, but he wasn’t about to let her get away with it.

Sin laughed ruefully, and indicated that the meeting would have to reconvene the following morning in light of his predicament. The other executive staff members laughed and murmured appropriately apologetic phrases and stood to leave the room. Sin lightly trapped Sapphira’s wrist before she could move to leave. “I would like a word with you, if you please,” he politely enquired for the sake of the others, but Sapphira could feel the band of steel behind his light clasp and knew she couldn’t escape if she wanted to.

She fixed a coolly polite smile on her face, and issued the only response she could, “Yes, alright,” she agreed, taking her seat.

Sin waited until all the other staff had exited the room before turning on Sapphira. “Clearly that display of anger was because I didn’t give you what you wanted,” he snapped angrily, dragging her up from the chair and pushing her onto the table.

“Stop it,” she denied him, not liking his anger, or the ways in which it was manifesting itself.

“Don’t play hard to get now. You were a pushover this past weekend,” he insulted. “What kind of a woman sleeps with a stranger,” he asked rhetorically. The answer, a whore, hung between them. Sapphira shrank back from his rage.

“Don’t worry,” he consoled, “I will fulfill all your desires now,” Sin promised, pushing her skirt up around her waist, bending down to taste her. Sapphira jerked up off the table as his mouth again met her already sensitive flesh. Sapphira couldn’t help spreading her legs further and allowing his all knowing mouth to complete its task. She arched her back further off the table when Sin circled his tongue around her clit, almost like a small child playing ring around the rosies. His tongue chased tiny circles around her clit until she thought she would die from the pleasure.

Sin pushed a finger deep into her, swiftly pushing her over the edge. He lifted his head to watch her lost in her pleasure. Her face contorted with passion, her body arching and lifting. Sin bent down to lick and nibble on the inside of her thigh as she began to come down from her high. The second the last shudder kadıköy escort bayan chased through her body, Sin lifted her off the table and position her face down bent over it. “Brace yourself with your hands,” he demanded, reaching down to free himself, eager to possess her.

Sapphira didn’t need a second invitation, and leaned low over the table, bracing herself on her elbows. Sin leaned over her, sliding in her moist depths without a hint of remorse for his rough treatment of her. Sin fastened his mouth on her throat, nibbling and sucking at the sensitive crease where her throat met her clavicle. Sapphira arched her head back to give him freer access, but he wanted more, always more.

Sin fixed a hand under Sapphira’s right thigh, lifting it and propping it up on the table, opening her lush folds further for his marauding penis. He pushed deeper and harder, listening to her cries of pleasure as she continued to move against him. He reached down and spread her ass cheeks further to allow even more room to thrust deeper.

Sin impaled her on his length, enjoying the sound of his name on her lips as she begged him for release, but he wasn’t in the mood for mercy. If she wanted it this time, then she was going to have to take it. She knew who he was this time. She knew his demands. If she gave herself to him now, he would never let her go. He pulled out of her.

Sapphira collapsed on the table, not knowing why he had stopped, but needing him to reconnect, figuring that he was only shedding clothes or switching positions, she lay there, gasping. Sin rubbed his hands over Sapphira’s smooth ass, reveling in the beautiful unmarred beauty of it, so cute and pink, bearing just the faintest print of his hands from where he had gripped her.

“Get up,” he demanded. Sapphira found a small reserve of energy somewhere and pushed herself into a semi-sitting position, still leaning heavily on the table in her unfulfilled state.

“Come here,” he instructed. Sapphira wasted no time in moving towards her source of pleasure.

“Listen very carefully,” Sin instructed. “I will not take anything else from you that you are not ready to give or admit; so if you want this, then you will have to work for it yourself this time. The first time you didn’t know who I was, the second time I demanded your surrender, this time I demand your complete participation.”

Sapphira listened intently, understanding that he wanted her to take the initiative as an indication that she wanted this to go on. That if she gave in this once, there would be no going back, no saying no.

“Yes,” she whispered seductively in his ear, working her way down his body one kiss at a time. “But, if your position here becomes permanent then this all ends.”

Sin heard her words but was unable to respond as her mouth closed around his penis. His eyes were busy devouring the top of her head, watching her move smoothly up and down his glistening length.

Sapphira never missed a beat using one hand to massage his balls and the other to pleasure herself. Her bouncing head moved in perfect time with her thrusting fingers and she soon became lost in the rhythm.

Sin locked his hands in her hair, desperate to control her pace before she pushed him over the edge. Sapphira immediately stilled as he took over the motion. Sin’s thrusts proved to be shallow and slow, causing Sapphira considerable displeasure as she realized the upcoming orgasm for both of them would take longer than she had originally anticipated. She moaned pulling her face away from him.

Sin released her, concern written all over his face.

Sapphira sighed her frustration as soon as she was able, looking up at him with flashing eyes. “Don’t play with me. If you’re going to fuck my face, then fuck it, but we are still on the clock and I have work to do.”

Her words were inflammatory in the extreme. He had been trying not to cum down her throat or use her roughly and she was demanding that he do just that. He needed no further invitation as he buried his hands in her hair a second time. This time, however, his thrusts were deep and quick. Sapphira relaxed in his hold, not fighting his rough treatment, escort bostancı as she had brought it on herself.

Sin thrust deeper and deeper into her throat, enjoying the pleasure of her tight hot mouth. Each stroke brought him closer to a pleasure so exquisite it was almost painful. His hands tightened incrementally as he felt an orgasm rip through him. He pulled back slightly as he felt his cum empty down her throat.

Sapphira continued to swallow as quickly as she could. It wasn’t an unpleasant experience, just one she wasn’t very comfortable or familiar with. She tightened her mouth around his hot length as his breathing evened out, moving slowly up and down his length.

Sin dragged Sapphira’s mouth away as his breathing returned to a semi-normal state. She made him so hard he could take her right here on the boardroom table. He could spend the rest of the day fucking her brains out, but he wanted her desperate for his next possession and it served his purposes to wait.

Sin helped Sapphira to her feet and then did the hardest thing he’d done all day, he reached to fasten his pants. Sapphira’s mouth dropped open as she watched him putting away her source of pleasure.

“What are you doing,” she asked numbly. Maybe she was missing something.

“I’m going back to work,” he replied just as glibly. “As you mentioned earlier, we both have work to do.”

Sapphira felt her temper start to boil. She had mentioned work prior to his orgasm. So it was okay for him to take his orgasm, but to give no regard to her obvious aroused state?

Fine. If he wanted to play it that way, she could play it cool. Frosty cool.

Sin saw the anger chase across her face. She was not at all happy at having to wait. Good.

“Would you like to have dinner tonight?” he offered, ignoring the daggers her eyes were spitting at him.

“No,” she replied, still very much angry.

“If I’d known denying you orgasms would make you petulant, I would have given you what you wanted,” he threw at her, just moments before toppling her onto the boardroom table. He had her legs parted and his face buried between them so quickly she barely had time to take it all in.

Sin made short work of sucking on her clitoris. He knew that Sapphira was particularly sensitive to direct clitoral stimulation so he wasted no time in manipulating her into a quick hard orgasm.

Sapphira felt wave upon wave of pleasure dancing across her body, and she resented it, knowing there would be no penetration to follow. She was sick by how quickly her body had come to be addicted to his.

She wrestled her way back into an upright position as soon as she was able, and continued to glare menacingly at Sin.

“If you had bothered to ask, I would have told you that I refused dinner because it wouldn’t do for us to be seen in public together,” she threw at him. Furious that he had called her petulant and furious that he was using orgasms as a means of controlling and rewarding her.

“CEOs and their CFOs go out to dinner all the time. Last I heard, it wasn’t a social blunder to take key staff members out for a nice meal to discuss work.”

“Just the same, I’d rather not,” she declined. Sapphira finally managed to motivate herself sufficiently to start adjusting her clothes into some sort of order. She hastily smoothed out her skirt and hair before starting towards the door.

Sin let the silence last for as long as it took for her to get to the door before throwing one last inflaming tidbit her way. “Even if we don’t go to dinner, I’ll stop by your office later for dessert.”

Sapphira opened her mouth to give him a piece of her mind, but was cut off before she could get a word out. “And don’t even think of denying me. You already gave permanent permission when you took my penis into your mouth 20 minutes ago.”

Sapphira went hot all over thinking of having his hot thick flesh in her mouth. Her mouth started salivating thinking of having him there again. She bristled with renewed anger, but said nothing. She turned on her heel and walked out of the boardroom, silently vowing to keep people with her at all times, people who wouldn’t leave just because he told them to. But where would she find someone like that?

As always, I hope you enjoyed this latest installation and stay tuned. More to come. As always your feedback is welcome. After all this time, I feel like I need it. The writing seemed to change. Do you like it?

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