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SARAH MEETS “BIG JIM”Back in 1990 wife Sarah and I occasionally frequented one of our local North London pubs especially as daughter Christina had a part time job tending bar there. One of our favourite nights was Wednesday Quiz Nights and along with son Rick our team consisted of Big Jim Reid, a local green grocer who sadly lost his wife to breast cancer a few years previously. We,d come close to winning a few times mainly due to my knowledge of oldies music and American sports which the compilers used for questions most of the time. One particular Wednesday everything worked out well and for once we won, not a lot, but it felt good to beat the usual eggheads so we were happy. Once we,d celebrated with a few more drinks than usual we invited Jim back to our house. Christina soon went off to bed as she had sixth form classes the following morning and son Rick was due on early in his part time job with a local supermarket so only Sarah, Big a****ls and I were left now. We,d been drinking beers except güvenilir bahis my wife who prefers Bloody Marys, but now Jim and I were drinking bourbon and coke and all three of us were feeling merry And very Horny! “Would you like to see so,e of Joe,s filthy videos?” Sarah surprised me with her question to Jim. “Er sure. If you don,t mind!” he glanced nervously at me then Sarah. Sarah got up and slipped a tape simply marked Number 16 into the vcr and pressed play. The tape began with the credits. The tape featured two couples in their forties, the males not all that handsome, but not ugly either, one female a platinum bleached blonde, the other a red head. They then proceeded to remove all their clothing till they were as nature created them, well except for a bit of help with surgeons for the brassy blonde who,d obviously enhanced her tits to stand out rather than sag. Both men were uncircumsised and quite large in the cock department with little excess flesh so they obviously kept their bodies türkçe bahis fit. The females had both shaved their cunts as had the males, seemed odd to not even see pubic hair around all genitals yet they exuded sex. Soon both couples were kissing passionately and then the blonde began to suck the Male with the most body hair off while the other Male slurped the red heads cunt. Eventually both couples were fucking madly, their bodies emitting loud squelching sounds as their bodies slapped together and when the males climaxed the females enjoyed the semen blasting over their faces, most going in their mouths. By now I was as stiff as the bed post and reckoned Jim was the same. Unashamed I,d lowered my trousers and boxers to my knees and was openly rubbing my cock while Sarah seemed uncomfortable. Suddenly she blurted “hey Big Jim. Let,s see you cock!” “Okay” he answered, stood, unzipped his trousers and revealed no underwear beneath, his mighty cock even longer than Clyde who at that time was the güvenilir bahis siteleri biggest cock Sarah had experienced and he was a full foot in length though not so thick as Jim. “Always wondered why they called you Big Jim” she sighed. He Was big at six foot seven inches tall! Sarah who Loved sucking cocks could hardly wait to get that monster in her mouth, but if course there was no way she could get All of it in. It seemed amazing that she could eventually take his entire length in her stretched pussy thanks to Clyde,s cock and as Jim screwed her from behind she sucked my average cockroach it felt like Jim was actually Fucking my cock with my wife,s.mouth and when Jim spurted deep in Sarah’s womb it seemed to trigger my ejaculation so she gagged on my cock for the first time in years, excess semen dribbling out and onto the carpet. When I fucked Sarah after Jim her pussy Didn,t seem as tight as usual so I “accidentally” slipped up her arse which was still rather tight and spurted a heavy load there. Sarah was so horny that even after Jim left she sucked me off and swallowed every spirtbthen had me eat her pussy till she could stand no more. So that was the first time Sarah,s pussy and mouth met, but not the last! TBC

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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