Oca 14

Satisfying Samantha Ch. 06

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I awoke to the sound of running water. Blinking, adjusting to the change in light, I opened my eyes. Looking around, I realized that I was on a couch.

“Oh, that’s right,” I thought, “I’m at Sam’s house.”

The day was still young and late morning sunshine streamed into the room, illuminating everything with a pale yellow glow. The living room was primarily cream in color and the sunlight through the overhead skylights reflected brightly off of the walls and furniture. I blinked again, struggling to adjust to the brightness of the day.

“Well, hello there, sleepy head,” Sammy cooed.

I stood up from the couch, realizing that I was naked, remembering our earlier romp in the kitchen just a little while ago.

“How long was I out?”

“You mean this time?” Sammy giggled.

“Yeah,” I answered, a little annoyed.

“Only about a half an hour. No biggie, lover.”

Paying attention to the rushing water sound, I looked over to the adjacent sun room, off of the kitchen and living room and noticed Sam. She was stark naked, bent over adjusting the temperature of the in-ground hot tub. Her ass was outstretched, tight as ever, toying with my mind’s eye. I watched in awe as her crack smiled back at me, coaxing me to approach. The olive skin of her figure was something else, giving fantastic contrast to the darkness of her crevice, slicing through her magnificent heart-stopping gluts.

“God, I can’t stop staring at you.”

Turning to meet my gaze, Sammy shot me a look that would stop all clocks. Her green eyes shined with continued lust as her mouth made a kissing formation and she winked at me and smiled a devilish smile. Her bright white teeth reflected intensely with a similar twinkle of her eyes.

“Why don’t you come over here? I think the temperature is a little cool.”

“Oh?” I asked, “Really?”

“Yeah,” she purred seductively.

“You need some help bringing it up a bit?”

“I think so,” Sammy cooed, pushing her ass out towards me, arching her back like a goddamn cat.

“Just the sight of you gets me going,” I mentioned, watching my dick slowly awake and begin to rise. I walked briskly over to Sam’s vulnerable body in prime fuck position, never taking my eyes off of her tight crack.

“I was thinking that a good visit to the whirlpool might do me a bit of good,” Sammy whispered as I knelt down beside her, looking deeply into her brilliant emerald-colored eyes.

“Sure,” I agreed.

“I’ll need some help getting the temperature up. I figure that if I can get you up, the rest of the deal will be automatic.”

“You get me up, the way I look at it, the temperature will be off the charts and then I’ll get up in you.”

“Exactly!” Sammy squealed.

“First, we need to get nice and wet,” I toyed, lightly pushing Sammy towards the water. She eagerly followed and stepped into the foaming water.

“Ooh, it’s nice,” Sammy responded, squatting down to immerse her body completely.

I followed her lead and stepped into the swirling water myself, feeling the warmth of the rushing water against my legs. I sat down, relishing in the enveloping water, feeling the pressure of the jets massaging my back muscles, as I settled into the pre-formed whirlpool seat.

Sammy sat across from me, watching me intently with a heart-stopping smile plastered on her incredible face. Her breasts floated up towards her chin, pushed up against their own weight by the fast moving water.

“My, what nice flotation devices you have,” I snickered.

“Shut up,” Sammy laughed, pushing her breasts down with her hands.

Without her knowing, I was jerking my member loosely below the white foam of the hot tub water, watching her tits bobble to the top of the water line. Sammy smiled at me and looked down at her floating globes.

“Look what you’re doing to me,” I offered, standing up, holding my outstretched elongated dick in my left hand.

“Oooh, nice!” Sammy catcalled, slithering over to meet me in the middle of the pool.

She took hold of my flailing member and held it close to her mouth.

“May I?” she asked inquisitively, her eye lids fluttering quickly.

“Yes, please.” I answered, taking a deep breath.

Immediately, Sam’s mouth covered over me, taking my all of my inches deep into her throat. She began to slowly suck on me, driving my cock well into her hungry mouth, as her tongue eagerly slid over my hardening shaft. I felt her moist firm muscle clench the vein on the underside of my penis, sending an intense pleasurable shock through my dick, and up my spine.

“Ooh, that’s nice,” I breathed, watching Sam’s head begin to bob up and down on me. She paused briefly to look up and check for my reaction. I couldn’t help but close my eyes as I felt her soft, warm mouth slide up and down my length. Her tongue came to rest against the head of my prick as she swirled around the tip, again sending wave after wave of tickling sensation through me.

“You like that?” Sammy whispered, quickly returning to work.

“Yeah,” I breathed, looking down to meet her upward loving gaze. Our eyes met and immediately I was taken to another world. The intensity erotik film izle that burned in her eyes was something out of a romance novel. I watched in disbelief as she continued to suck on my thickened pole. Her lips parted and again I was inserted to the hilt as my member’s head brushed against the tightness of her throat. She adjusted for this and opened her throat as she pulled me closer. My balls hung in the balance for a split second and then pushed slightly against the firmness of her chin. Sammy grabbed my ass and kneaded my flesh as I placed my hands onto the sides of her head.

“You don’t mind this, do you?” asking her if my hands bothered her.

Sammy paused quietly as my length pulled out of her slurping mouth. “No, not at all.” She replied, “It gets me hot when you touch me.”

“Good, I like holding on to your beautiful face,” I swallowed, returning my attention back to her opening mouth, my member slipped deep into her mouth as I pulled her face towards me, my aching cock sliding fully back into her wet hot mouth. Sammy reached up and stroked my balls, as she held on the base of my dick with her other hand. Her head bobbed tightly now, pulling my cock with her tongue. I moaned with deep, uninhibited pleasure as I watched my shaft pull out of her warm housing, glimmering with fresh saliva.

“Your turn,” I announced, pushing down on Sam’s shoulders, encouraging her to release me entirely.

“Not yet,” Sammy smiled widely, looking up at me, the want in her eyes burning deep in the confines of my soul.

“What’s up?” I asked with surprised interest.

“You’ll see,” Sammy gleamed. “Turn around.”

I obeyed and immediately turned away from her. Without knowing what hit me, I felt Sam’s breath against my ass, followed shortly with a wet lick against my ass crack. She was licking me with a strong purpose. I then felt my ass being stretched open by the force of her soft hands as her nose pushed into the barrens of my ass. Sammy’s wet tongue against my puckered hole felt amazing. I could feel every movement of her tongue’s eager lashing and every single hot breath she exhaled, the air blowing heavenly against my choate; wrapping my hanging nut sack with undefined sensations.

“Pull ’em apart, baby,” Sammy instructed, “I wanna get in there.”

I reached back, pulled my ass cheeks apart and leaned forward a bit, allowing Sam’s head greater access to my clenching asshole. I anticipated her sexy mouth’s return to my bung hole as I braced my body for her slippery work. Her tongue thrashed against my opening and I yelped in pleasure as her wetness worked its way up and down the length of my crack, stopping to focus on my hole. When I felt her tongue tip burrow its way into my small hole, I felt my legs go numb in complete pleasure. The tickling wash traveled quickly up my spine and my knees buckled as I struggled to maintain my balance.

“Easy there,” Sam giggled, “Now you know why I love it up the ass like I do?”

“Uh huh,” was all I could muster in pathetic response.

“Feel good?” Sammy returned working into my asshole, her tongue swirling eagerly around my rim. Her wet hungry tip, forced into my hole, sending my brain into another dimension as her lips worked around the delicate skin of my exit hole. Sammy’s hot breath from her nose engulfed my now wet skin with passion and delight as I relished every sensual motion of her mouth and tongue in and around my ass.

“God, feels so good,” I heaved, feeling the intensity of Sam’s oral probes.

Before allowing myself to reach the point of no return, I wanted nothing more than to offer the same return to Sam, so I pulled away from her.

“Are you sure?” Sammy looked up at me as I turned to face her.

“Yep, your turn,” I grunted, pushing her body down into the water, “But first, we have to get you wet.” I pulled down on her shoulders as I moved down with her squatting figure. We kissed passionately as I held my breath and pulled her head under the water with mine. We held on the underwater kiss for quite some time as our heads twisted and turned, our lips interlocking with one another. When we surfaced, Sammy’s dark hair shined with brilliant wetness as I admired her doused locks.

“I love the way your wet hair shines,” I complimented.

Sammy just smiled as she pulled me close and kissed me again. I held onto the back of her neck as I pulled her closer to me. She followed the direction and wrapped her long legs around me and rubbed her privates against my stiff dick. I felt her velvet folds, stroke against me as she pulled herself up and brushed against me again, teasing me with her pseudo humps. As her labia passed over my staff, Sammy sighed with pleasure, aiding to my impeding interest.

“I want to nail you real bad,” I choked, looking strongly into her pleasure-filled eyes.

“Soon, baby…soon,” Sammy sighed in eagerness.

My dick was at full extension now, throbbing, wanting to be inside her. I grabbed onto her ass and stood up, carrying her to the edge of the pool. I placed her down, against the side of the wall and kissed her deeply. Our tongues fought and slipped around one another’s as my watering mouth stretched film izle widely to accommodate her thrashing tongue.

“I have an idea,” Sammy whispered, moving towards one of the jets forcing water into the bubbling hot tub.

“What’s that?”

“While I loosen my ass up with this water jet, you frig me senseless, okay?”

“Certainly,” my eyes widened with disbelief. I wondered what else this woman could possibly do to perk my interest. She seemed to have calculated sexual use for just about any object. Every single experience seemed to get better and more interesting with Sammy. So far, we had fucked at least a half-dozen times and each fuck fest entailed something new and unexpected. I could only imagine what came next, but relished in each present moment at the same time.

“Have you done this before?” I asked.

“Nope, but I’m sure it’ll feel good,” Sammy responded matter-of-factly.

I watched eagerly as Sam backed herself against the wall where one of the jets was spewing water. She aligned her back side with the flow of water and pulled her hands around to spread her ass cheeks apart. She was kneeling in the shallow water, as she adjusted herself to be in line with the water stream. As she kneeled and spread her tight ass in front of me, the rush of water was causing her to loose balance.

“You’ll have to hold on to me to make this work,” Sammy instructed.

“Sure.” I knelt in front of her, took a strong hold of her hips and held her in place. Sammy aligned her backside again to the rushing water and eagerly held her ass globes open to accept the water into her hole. I pinned my knees up against hers, to help with holding her in place as she wanted.

“Ooh, right there. That’s perfect!” Sammy exclaimed.

“How does it feel?”

“A bit weird…kinda like a soft enema, but I like it,” Sammy replied.

I wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled close to her, planting a sloppy kiss on her pouting mouth. Bracing against her, there was no where for her body to go as she continued to pull her cheeks apart to accept the stream of water. With my other hand I encircled one of her breasts, feeling the firm suppleness of her form in my hand. Her tits were like firm Jell-O, bouncing carefree in front of me as I moved around it, massaging her softly.

“Ooh, that feels good,” Sammy cooed, looking back at me, “Do you like touching me?”


“I love the way you touch me. Now, I’m ready. Work me up, baby.”

Needing no further instruction, I moved my hand down between her legs and felt for her awaiting pussy. I rubbed her outer lips, enjoying the wet skin of her folds as I returned to kissing her open mouth. I swirled my hand around her mound for some time, amazed by the natural firmness of her privates. While listening to her breathing, she coached me with her sighs and subtle groans.

“That’s it…God, you know how to use your hands,” Sammy breathed.

Her raspy voice encouraged me to continue, as I pushed my fingers against her firm clit now, toying with her pulsating organ. Her breathing had turned into pants now, as I followed through with my instructions. When Sammy’s breathing began to get shallow and quicken in pace, I pulled away from kissing her and looked right into her eyes. They shined with extreme pleasure as her eyelids closed slowly in passion. I stared back into her limitless depths and awaited my next set of instructions.

“I love it when you look at me that way,” Sammy breathed, her eyes burning with desire back into mine. Her green eyes blazed with brilliant color, as her pupils dilated and pulsed in time with her panting.

“Which way is that?” I asked out of curiosity.

“Like you’re going to tear into me like a fucking piece of meat,” Sammy sneered.

“Ooh, I like it when you talk to me like that.”

“Do you?”

“Yeah,” I sighed.

“Good. I want you to look at me while you bring me off, okay?”

“Yeah, definitely,” I agreed.

“Start off slow and then I’ll let you know when you can really frig me hard, baby.”


I inserted two fingers into her warm pussy. Her vaginal walls stretched and slipped against my eager digits as I stroked into her depths. Her eyes locked on mine as I retracted my hand, pulling my fingers slowly out of her slippery entrance.

“That’s it,” Sammy cooed, as I continued.

“Feel good?”

“Feels really good,” Sammy hissed.

I placed my fingers back into position and pushed my way back inside of Sammy’s tight folds. Swirling them around this time, I watched as her eye lids fluttered and her eyes lost slight focus. She never broke our gaze though, as her intense focus returned quickly and her stare burned back into my eyes with her building passion.

I pulled my digits back again, relishing the softness and slipperiness of her tight slit. Then, pushing back into her, I felt her walls shimmy a bit as they flexed to accommodate my probing fingers. Repeating this pattern a few more times, Sammy’s breathing rate increased and I could feel her impending building.

“I can’t wait to get you off!” I barked.

“Talk to me, baby. Tell me about it.”

Her seks filmi izle eyes burned with fire now, as her gaze smoldered into my watching eyes. I loved looking at her, watching her every reaction to my motions. I wanted to please her badly as I continued to stroke eagerly into her tight cavern. My fingers danced against her ribbed walls, sending her reeling with each insertion and retraction. It was like heaven to watch her excitement grow.

“Talk to me, darling,” Sammy whispered, her breathing erratic now.

“You feel so fucking wet, Sammy.”

“God, yeah,” Sammy breathed, sighing in response.

“You like my fingers working inside your tight little box?”

“Yeah…ooh, yeah!”

“I’m going to fuck you with my fingers until you collapse,” I announced.

“Oh, yes…all right!” Sammy’s jaw was clenching now.

I slipped another finger into her, feeling her lips part and hold onto my upright digits with inner strength. Her slippery flesh formed tightly around my fingers, holding my in place while I moved in and out of her. I picked up the pace of the rhythm now and began working her to a frenzied state. Knowing full well the power of my words over her, I began to speak to her more readily now, while maintaining a solid stroke motion of her swallowing cunt.

“You like that? You like my fingers fucking you?”

“Yeah, baby.”

“Does it feel good?”

“Uh huh!”

“Are you gonna wanna fuck me when I get you off?”


“Your box is so goddamn tight.”

“I love this!” Sammy cried, staring at me with incredible intensity now.

“I’m going to get you off so hard, you’ll be begging for more.”

“Ooh, yeah!”

“How’s the water in your ass?”

“It’s nice…oh…yeah…real nice!”

“Better than my fingers, bitch?”

“Fuck, no,” Sammy wailed.

“You want me to stick another finger in you?”


“Tell me, baby. Tell me you want it.”

“Stick another finger…in me…fuck!”

I could feel Sammy’s body heave against me now, as if she didn’t know which way to push her privates: against the continual flow of water or against my fingering motion. It was like heaven to watch her move, but torture at the same time. God, my cock ached now. I wanted to plant it in her so badly.

I forced another finger into her well-oiled entry and felt her walls stretch against me even more as her pussy opened further to accommodate my additional finger.

“You like that, honey?”

“Yeah,” Sammy sighed.

“You like my three fingers deep inside you?”

“Fuck yeah!” Sammy howled.

“Your pussy feels good, baby. I can feel you gripping me like a fist.”

“Oohh, yeah!”

“God, you’re tight. I can feel your walls flexing against my fingers.”

“Feels so good,” Sammy sighed.

“Good. You’re pussy’s so tight and wet.”


“You want me to play with you clit?”

“Yes!” Sammy hissed now, begging to flare with fired passion.

“Tell me. I wanna hear you say it!”

“Play with my clit, baby!”

I removed my hold around her waist and dove immediately up into her outer folds as my fingers worked in and out of her slit now, pushing into her and seductively pulling out of her with increasing vigor. My free hand circled over her mound, searching eagerly for her engorged clit. Finding it quickly, I rubbed it relentlessly as my hand slammed in and out of her tightening love box.


“Uh huh!”

“You want me to finger you faster?” I teased.


“Harder too?”

“God, yes!” Sammy hollered.

Without asking, I forced my pinky finger into her and buried my fingers up inside of her to the second knuckle. Sammy’s pussy pulsated against my digits now as I stroked her walls, flexing my fingers, giving way to her narrowing hold against my fingers now. I knew that she was getting close.

“Are you gonna cum for me?”

“Yeah, fuck yeah!” Sammy glared. Her pelvis began to gyrate against my fast moving hand now as I continued to plunge my hold in and out of her at what seemed like record time.

“Ooh, that’s it! Fuck me!”

My hand circled her clit now at a feverish rate, while my fingers stroked relentlessly in and out of her ever-tightening velvet hold. Sam’s body quivered slightly as I moved, her breathing was out of control as she gasped for air with my continued strokes and stimulation.

“Fuck!” Sammy growled.

I rubbed her clit a few more times while my fingers hammered in and out of her like a steam piston. Her body arched back as she bucked her hips against my probes. Her shaking became erratic as if she were possessed by a demon as I continued with my quick frigging. Her legs fluxed in wild spasms.

“Don’t…stop…don’t you stop…ahhh…fuck!” Sammy screamed, her body twitching violently against me.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!….aw, fuck yeah!” Sammy’s orgasm took her and carried her off to another world as her pelvis rocked against my numb hand now. Her pussy walls shook like I’ve never felt them move as she heaved wildly against my fingers and grabbed hold of my thrusting arm, pushing hard against my ramming fingers. Her body rocked and shook, as her climax thundered as Sammy’s vagina pulsed, grasping against my invading fingers. Her walls twitched and pulled as her hole narrowed tightly, squeezing my fingers tightly inside her pulsating wet box.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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