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I had a major crush on you during my senior year. I would spend all my time in history watching you walk away from me in those tight skirts you wore and glancing at your chest which looked like they were suffocating under those blouses you wore. I would spend countless lunches after history hiding in my car to relieve myself of the sexual tension you would give me. I always wondered what sex with you would be like, but in all my eighteen and a half years, I never had anyone who gave me the chance. That was until that one day.

I walk into the classroom and spy you there sitting behind the desk. I notice you are wearing a blue blazer jacket over a white frilly blouse. Your blouse appeared to be undone down to the second button. wasn’t buttoned from what looked like the first two buttons down. You are reading over what my history textbook had contained when you confiscated it from me during class. You saw me looking at it intently during the lecture on the war between the states, with my eyes bulging. It was then that you sneaked up and looked over my shoulder to see the beautiful picture of Tera Patrick, naked, hidden inside. You told me to meet you after school to go over my punishment.

Now I stand before the desk as you are looking at the book. I do not notice that one hand is hidden from view. I stand there for five minutes, waiting for some acknowledgment of my presence. You finally look up with a glazed look in your eyes, glasses halfway down your nose, pretty green eyes looking through your auburn hair. You clear you throat quickly.

“So, what was this doing in your history book?” You ask, showing me the picture I had in my possession earlier.

I start to stammer when you rise up. I catch a glimpse of your blouse as it flies open quickly. Turns out the blouse wasn’t buttoned at all. You walk around me towards the door, bostancı escort bayan closing and locking it. You pull down the shade and proceed to turn off all of the lights until only the emergency lighting remain. As you walk towards me, I notice the slight bounce in your step. You sit on the side of your desk, crossing your legs, your skirt riding up a little.

“So, what assets does this hussy have that a sensible woman like me doesn’t?”

As you ask this question, you slowly slip off the blazer. I try not to stare but it’s hard not to. I estimate that you wear at least a double D cup. They look firm, shapely, and toned. Every fiber of my being wants to grab them and start munching on them like I have seen in all of the movies. Yet, I maintain my composure.

“What do you think? Are they bigger than Tera’s? ” you ask as you slip off your blouse.

You start to tease your nipples in front of me. Even with the loose jeans I am wearing, it is hard to hide the sudden bulge that appears seemingly out of nowhere.

“Now, now. I know you have a crush on me. You’ve been looking at my legs since the first day of school. You do all your homework and before today, I’ve never heard a peep out of you. Now it is time to see what you really think of me.”

You start to spread your legs wide and show me your naked pussy. I’ve never seen a pussy in person before, much less one that was shaven. You start to lick your lips as I stand there shocked.

“Let’s see,” you start to say. The first part of your punishment is that you need to sit in that chair and let me play in front of you.”

I sit down, not sure what to expect. You slowly bend over in front of me so I get a good look at your rear as you pull your skirt down. Here I sit, in front of the hottest teacher in school, watching as she gets completely ümraniye escort naked in front of me. You sit on the desk and lean back as one hand continues to pull on your nipples. The other is rubbing your clit slowly as I start to see your fingers glisten.

“I couldn’t wait for you. I had to get started before you got here.”

I see you arch your back as you start to moan. Both of your hands are now rubbing harder. You moan louder until I hear you cum. You raise up and notice the wet spot developing on the crotch of my jeans. You bend over in front of me and start to lick at the spot. It is then I notice the little hoops on your nipples and the black tongue ring inside your mouth.

“Notice my pierced nipples and tongue? I have a secret. I strip up in DC when I am not here. It helps to pay the bills and my hubby is clueless about it. He hasn’t given me a good stiff one in years. I have even had to resort to fucking women so I could get myself off. You’ll be my first cock in six months.”

You lick at my jeans again

“Are you are still a virgin? This tastes like first spunk to me.”

This news seems to excite you. You open my zipper and pull me out before rubbing your tongue ring up and down my shaft.

“I’m going to teach you how a man should treat a hot ass like mine.”

You start to suck me harder as you use your mouth like a vacuum to get me hard. I want to cum, but you grab the base of my dick before it happens.

“You are not going to do it that easily.”

With that, you get off of me and sit on the desk again. You tell me to come forward and start biting your nipples. I start gently until you pull my hair.

“Bite harder.”

You seem to take great pleasure in my uneducated licks. Before long, you push my head down to your vagina and I start to lick. My buddies always told escort kartal me a woman tastes like fish, but your pussy hints more towards the flavor of berries. I start to lick more as you moan louder. I feel your pussy get wetter as you have yet another climax.

You sit me down again and take off my belt. You walk behind me and tie my hands to the chair. You start to rub that beautiful ass into my crotch until I return to the hardness you had me at before. I feel your hand guide my prick into your wetness and rub it a little. You moan about “. . .how wonderful virgin cock feels”.

You slide me in. I see your butt rub against my legs as you ride me. It takes only a few minutes for me to cum inside you.

You jump off and start to lick me again. You taste your own juices mingling with mine. You start that sucking motion again as you start to rub your ass, You get me hard again and turn to ride me a second time. This time, you enter me into your tight ass. It takes a second to get use to the tightness. Then you are riding me, leaning back, your mouth kissing my cheek. You reach around and undo the belt so I can touch your breasts. I do so and you moan louder than before.

You get off of me suddenly and tell me to start pulling myself. As I do, you get on your knees in front of me and stick out your tongue. You lick my balls as I stroke until a shot of cum flies out. You place your mouth over my rod and start to suck harder. I feel you drain me for all that I am worth. I fall backwards into the chair and feel you sit on my lap. You kiss my cheeks and neck.

“You are a very good student,” you tell me as you start to clean me up. “If you want more punishment, you go to this place tonight. I’ll be waiting. “

You hand me a card with an address on it before going behind your desk, put your clothes back on, straighten up and get your things together.

“Oh, by the way. You were the best student to ever fuck me. I mean it.”

You grin as I sneak out the door, wondering how I got so lucky.

I would love to give you details about that night, but that’s another story altogether.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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