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SEARCHING FOR HELPFirst of all i want to ask for forgiveness for my englishMy story is not been real yet but i really want to live it…In searching for cock to suck i would be very happy to meet a couple with a bi husband…after some talking and arranging the meet from here i will meet with him in a local coffee where we will talk many things to come closer but also some more details of how we both like the sex games between us…the result will be that i will visit his home while his wife be out for shopping… he ofering me a drink and he is putting a porn video on his dvd player…soon i’m watching that his cock is getting bigger in his jean and i’m asking him if he like me to help him…he is asking me to sit beside him and to hep him unzip his jean… i’m getting on my knees infront of him and i’m unzipping his pants… sadenly a big snake is popping out of his underwear.. its big and jussy but mostly its wet on it head… that is something that i dream onwin giriş off many times… a perfect cock must have also a perfect cockhead..with no other word i start licking the cockhead with my tongue and the same time my right hand is teasing his big, full of cum, balls… i’m liking it for 5 minutes or more before i wil put it all in my mouth and start to suck his hard and full erected cock…he starts to making noises as he get hornyer from second to second…sudnely the door opens and his wife showd up with her shopping bugs on her hands…i’m hearing her to saying…”you mother fucker… you start without me?”… that moment i understant that he plans all that part of the game and that makes me hornyer than before…with no other words his wife is under me and gets my hard cock in her mouth…i can’t explain what are my feelings in this moment…after some nice blowjobs she stands up and coming to help me with her husbands cock…we cahnging onwin yeni giriş roles as we getting from the head to the balls of his perfect cock…then she is taking me from the hand and she is leading me in their bed… she is lying on her back and she is putting my in her pussy as she opens her pussylips with her hands.. i’m on my knees while my tongue is licking her clitoris as hard as she ask me to do it… in a few minutes i’m feeling a tongue upon my asshole licking it softly and gently and sometimes fucking me also…. her husband is behind me preparing my hole for something that i really didn;t expect…she is asking her husband… “is he ready yet?”he says… “i think, yes, he is”…”then give it to him”, she says…and i’m feeling his hard cockhead in the door of my already opened hot house…he is very gently as he is pussing milimeter by milimeter his hard cock into my hungry asshole… in the same time he is putting also a onwin güvenilirmi cream on his cock so he will be more glissy for my asshole…after some seconds finally i’m feeling his balls banging mine from behind….with my right hand i’m grabbing his balls and i’m draging him to be deeper and eeper everytime…he says to his wife… “the the mother fucker, is so hot and horny!!!” and the same time his wife screams like a dog as she cums in my mouth….when she get cum finally, she is coming above me and he put my cock into her full of her cream hot pussy and i start to fuck her as her husband continue to fuck me…i can;t describe how horny i am at this point but i know that i will cum very soon, so i’m telling her that and let her know about it…she screams as she cums also for the second time, wrap her legs on my back, so i can;t get out of her pussy, and then i start cum inside her like a horse screaming while her husband cums his load inside my asshole…we staying in that position for about 5 minutes like the dogs staying when they fucking… we can;t move or we just don;t want to move from there?who cares?we just had a perfect time… and i wish that we will have it again…soon…veeery soon…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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